Doing Research
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - an author is trying to write in an unkown field for her. she recieves some help from an amzing couple who lure her into their sessions.

{The girl was writhing on the bed while her mistress pounded away at her body with a wood paddle for the un-authorized behaviour of her submissive}

"I can't do this," I told my self, 'this story is totally incoherent'

'But I have to finish it before my deadline, oh how am I supposed to write a BDSM story when I really don't believe in this stuff.

It was completely foolish of me to accept this story in the first place.'

Ok, I'll give it one more try,

{'Oh mistress, I am sorry, please mistress ahhhh' the girl plead with her top, but to no avail.

'Why didn't you consider this before embarrassing me at the party, you are going to lay there quietly till I decide you've learned your lesson'}

'This isn't working, I can't write a story that I am not feeling. I need to really feel and understand this to be able to write about it and most importantly be able to enjoy it. Because that's why I am writing erotic stories, to simply enjoy them.'

Dear readers please don't be confused; the parts above simply reflect my state when I had a new story to write. A fan wrote to me requesting a story about a lesbian BDSM couple, now to tell you the truth I agreed without thinking. I haven't considered the fact that I might not be able to do that. So, I found myself stuck between an unfinished story and my desire to learn more about the topic.

I decided to contact this fan again for some information, but was met with much more. It turned out that the fan was actually a lesbian couple, with BDSM experiences. Well, lucky me I thought, and asked them to narrate a typical scenario of their sessions to me so that I can use it as a material to build upon.

They said that the reason they contacted me was to help them, as they can't put down their lives together into words so it was useless of me to ask them to narrate. Back to nowhere again, I gave up all hope of this story but after a week or so another email came from this couple.

They said that after giving the subject a lot of thinking they were offering me to come and attend one of their sessions in person. This way, I was going to obtain all the material I needed first hand. The thought came to my liking and didn't think it over enough, again.

They happened to live in a town 90 minutes away from mine, so I packed my bags to spend the next weekend at their place. I arrived at 7 pm on Friday and set my mind to accept and memorize what ever goes on till Sunday night when I leave this place.

I stopped my car in front of what looked like a small house, double checked the address then walked to the front door. Just before I raise my hand and ring the bell, the door opened to reveal an extremely beautiful young woman dressed in a pink house dress, later I found out it was Chelsea the sub, who greeted me with a hug and welcomed me in.

I dropped my bag of necessities in the hallway and followed her in, she led me to what looked like an entertainment room where were we sat down.

'I am so glad to finally meet you' she said.

'Likewise' I answered, looking around the room. Which by the way was standard with a TV, stereo and furniture, although I noticed some bolts in the ceiling and on the floor with no apparent use.

'How was your trip, I hope you are not too tired as Tammy is preparing us a grand dinner' she said smiling and all cheers.

' The trip was ok, and I am eager to what ever is going to happen'

Now after saying that, it sure sounds dumb but what was I supposed to say. From my background info about BDSM I thought Chelsea was somewhat like a slave but here she is sitting and chatting with me as if we were just two ladies at a social event.

While I was contemplating on my stupid comebacks, another lady Tammy as I presumed appeared from a corner and declared that dinner is ready. Chelsea and I followed her to the dining room where Chelsea introduced me to Tammy.

'Tammy meet Lauren, Lauren this is my love and mistress Tammy.' She said and we sort of shook hands and hugged.

'I am glad you could come by and visit us Lauren' Tammy said as she signalled me to take a seat.

Their table was set for three, with the chairs aligned next to each other. I was aiming for the one on the right when Chelsea quickly sat in it, then Tammy softly pushed me onto the one in the middle.

'Now we eat as much as we can then we move onto business.' Chelsea added as she filled my plate with food and snickered childishly.

I had nothing to say, so I started digging into the delicious food prepared by Tammy when I felt a hand sliding on my right thigh. I immediately looked Chelsea in the eye and she cheerfully smiled at me, next, I felt Tammy's hand on my left thigh. I got tense and dropped my fork; unfortunately it fell under the table. Tammy quietly signalled Chelsea who dropped onto her knees to fetch the fork.

'You've come all this way to get to know BDSM, but first you must be tested' Tammy added in a superior tone.

'What! I only came here to learn that's all, if you have other intentions then I am out of here, ' I said angrily and started to get up from my chair. However, my legs won't move, oh god they've tied my legs to the chair. I sat down in awe,

'Ankles done!' Chelsea reappeared from underneath declaring her victory.

'Very good, now do her hands.' Tammy ordered while stepping out of her chair.

With that the soft and cheerful Chelsea took each of my wrists and bound it to the arms of the chair. Leaving me completely immobile, I started to freak out again.

'Please let me go, I am not into this kind of things' I sobbed

tammy simply ignored me and left the room while Chelsea sat on her chair watching as I tried to get out of my bondage.

'Then why did you come today, I am strongly positive it wasn't for a story. You could have gotten the information from million other places than risking your life by coming to some people you don't know' Chelsea retorted strongly at me.

Well I have to admit that her words are hundred percent correct. In fact I could've simply apologized for not writing the story, that's all.

I've had to visit them in person, it isn't for the story I am here it is for me.

Meanwhile Tammy has returned, she and Chelsea picked me up along with the chair and carried us back to the entertainment room. Then she opened a drawer and brought out a pair of scissors. I didn't get the use of them until she approached me and began cutting through my satin blouse. She was humming away while working the poor thing into shreds and tossing them away, then she moved to my slacks but this time she made sure that the cold metal scissors touched my skin making me moan and grow goose bumps all over my flesh.

Her work ceased when I was left in bra, panties and garters. Then she and Chelsea fell onto a loveseat and started making out together, I was watching them kissing with tongues lapping at their partner. Which got me hot, wet and my face was heating up and probably blushing.

Their scene progressed and in no time Tammy removed Chelsea's dress and left her naked to reveal her amazing tits and shaven pussy with the wonderful tone body in between.

Next she ordered her to bring a set of toys, which Chelsea rushed to seek, and came back in a few minutes with a vibrator, clit teaser and a butterfly. She ordered her to spread her legs wide open and insert the vibrator in her pussy. Chelsea happily obliged her mistress and started to pleasure herself with the vibrator.

Tammy got off the love seat and headed towards me, then whispered in my ear

'How do you like things so far, would you rather be in Chelsea's position right now. Pleasure yourself at your mistress's demand'

'No way, I don't need you or any other mistress to tell me how and when I can pleasure myself.' I growled back at her, my anger rising by the second from this treatment.

'Very well then, Chelsea is getting her reward then I will give you your deserved punishment for your un-cooperation' she threatened me.

She sat on the loveseat again but this time she aimed the clit teaser on Chelsea's clit and fired it away, Chelsea asked her permission to come shortly after that. Which Tammy granted while looking me in the eye.

After Chelsea's orgasm subsided and she regained er composure, Tammy picked up the scissors and attacked my remaining clothing. My bra went off first then my panties were ripped off my body afterwards.

'Chelsea untie her off the chair then lead her to our playroom, be careful she mustn't escape now.' Tammy ordered then disappeared out of our sight.

Chelsea began working on me first she frees my wrists but was fast with re-binding then with some handcuffs, then she shackled my ankles and let them loose from the chair.

'Get up now, we are going to play' she sad with the usual friendliness of her attitude although now it wasn't totally appropriate.

'Chelsea what exactly play means' I asked trying to asses the situation.

'Now you are fooling little Chelsea, aren't you?' she answered picking on what I asked of her. 'If I tell you, mistress won't be happy with her Chelsea, so I can't.'

Somehow this exchange soothed me, I began to understand the kind of relation Chelsea and Tammy had or in other words the relation every sub and top should have. Complete trust and joy in pleasing one another. This assured me that Tammy wouldn't hurt me badly, as she is not a psycho sadistic freak who destroys its victims. I knew some degree of pain would be involved but yet I wasn't alarmed that much.

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