Courtesy Discount
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman works her magic to receive a nice discount and finds true happiness instead

Megan had grown tired of just keeping up the house and decided to take a chance buying and selling cars also. Being quite the looker, Megan had a way with people and was always a good saleswoman. At 31 years of age she seemed fairly conservative because of her husband but had always repressed a need to let go sexually. Paul her husband was a top notch mechanic and at 45 did not show any real sexual interest in Megan at all.

Sometimes Meg would sit brushing her long light brown hair, naked in front of her mirror and turn herself on sexually. Her shape was slim, tall and fit with ample breast and an ass to die for. Her eyes dark and loving would make men melt as she talked. She started to feel as though she needed to masturbate and that's when everything started to change for her. She would picture strange men using her for their own pleasure and this would bring her to strong orgasms.

Masturbation would relieve the urges for awhile but then it always seemed easier for her to do this next time. Before long it became part of her daily rituals and she always made time for it.

She bought her first car at auction and Paul agreed to do the mechanical work for her. He handed her a list of what was needed and she began looking for places to purchase her parts. The first few junk yards were just that and she went on until she found one that she felt she could walk into. The owners name was Mark and he seemed to be a nicer man then expected. He was black, over weight and about 60, wearing overalls.

He put her at ease and had some of the parts she needed. While he went looking for the parts, she looked over his place and smiled when she saw nude pictures of women on his walls. When he returned she looked at him as though nothing happened and he sat her parts on the counter. Smiling he looks to her and says, "These are the parts I have but my friend Earl next door sells new parts and I'm sure he can fill the rest of this order for you." Meg smiles and replies, "I guess that would be just fine."

Mark carries her parts to the truck and then walks next door to introduce her to Earl. Meg shakes hands with Earl when Mark introduces them, and then Earl says nicely, "So you need a place to buy parts? With just a little paper work I'll set you up an account so you can avoid sales tax and pay the account balance on Fridays." This was just too easy and Meg happily agrees to the same terms for both places.

While Earl and Mark discuss business Meg can see herself in a broken mirror and she realizes that she probably looks a little nicer than these places normally see. She looks over Earl who must be about 55 and sees that he looks a lot like Mark but is about a foot taller and heavier. The guys both walk out with her and carry her purchase when Earl smiles and says, "I certainly hope you are the one who comes to pick up parts." Mark also grins and agrees with Earl saying, "I know I will certainly give you a better discount than any guy." This causes them all to laugh and Meg sees the guys eyeing her legs as she gets into her truck.

As she drives away Meg feels the urge and touches herself on the way home. At home she masturbates and strives to picture Paul, her husband.

That evening Paul gives Meg a new list and the next day she is once again at Earl's place. Meg approaches the counter and is pleased to see Earl working and waits for him to get off the phone. She is surprised when he looks her up and down and says, "I hoped you would dress up for us again." Meg is taken back and does not know what to say. Earl continues, "I'm sorry but we don't get very many beautiful women in here."

Meg smiles then and says playfully, "I'll keep that in mind next time." Earl wanders off to get parts and Meg has to look at herself in the mirror. She has to agree that her jeans and tee shirt don't flatter her at all. Still looking at herself, Earl startles her by saying, "I think a short skirt would really show off those legs." Meg smiles and replies, "I have to agree but you'd better appreciate it."

They both laugh and Earl walks her to her truck. When she is in the truck, Earl tells her, "Tomorrow is Friday and I was serious about the discount for looking pretty. Dress nice and we'll settle up then. Meg smiles and heads for home thinking about what she should wear tomorrow.

At home she goes through her closet trying on things before dividing her closet into two halves, yes and no. The next morning Meg finds herself nervous as she dresses and decides on a skirt and blouse with heels. She changes her bra three times until she finds one that looks ok through the blouse. The bra is somewhat frilly and she feels she is being a little risqué.

She walks into Earl's and he steps out to great her, taking her hand and saying, "Damn!" Turning for him, Meg blushes and says meekly, "I hoped you'd like it." Still holding her hand, he replies, "You are stunning! The only way it could get better would be to show more of you." Meg basque in the glow of the moment and says, "I need to settle up my account." Earl smiles and hands her, her statement. Meg reads and looks up to Earl smiling and says, "Thank you for the extra discount. You are so nice."

After she pays her bill Earl leads her out the back door and down the trail towards Marks. Mark whistles his approval and once again she pays her bill while the guys openly talk about her. Before she leaves Mark ask if she would like to have a drink with them later but she declines.

On her way home she can not help but think of Earl walking behind her on their way back, admiring her from the rear. Her hand works its way down and she has to touch herself.

It is a couple of days before Meg finds herself in need of parts and she decides to shorten her skirt before going. Meg finds her fanciest panties and is excited as she dresses. This is the shortest skirt for her and she is still completely covered. Unconsciously, she finds herself pinching her nipple as she looks at herself in the mirror. She decides on a loose silk top and leaves it open to show her ample cleavage.

When Mark sees her, he quits talking to the other customer and walks up to her and just looks her over. Meg smiles hugely and tells him, "I need some parts." Mark is looking at her legs when he replies blankly, "I think you've already got all the right parts." They all laugh and he has someone else help the other guy so that he can help Meg.

He invites her outside with him and she leans against another car while he lays on the ground and pulls off her parts. When he finishes and stands up, he wipes his hands while saying, "I love those panties." Meg feels scared for a second but replies, "I really didn't think anyone would see them." Mark smiles as they walk and says calmly, "I won't lie to you. If I can see up your skirt, I will and I want to. I may be old but I'm not dead."

Meg really thinks about this as she follows him back to the building and soon finds herself in the back room being introduced to the rest of the guys. As she looks around, she sees the place is filthy and so are all of the guys but they all say, "Hi" and stare at her body. Meg can feel the tingle between her legs and tries to dismiss it as bugs.

She walks on the path to Earl's and she can feel Mark's eyes glued to her ass. Her movement seems almost exaggerated as she tries to walk sexy for him. When Earl sees her, he says, "You have got to let us buy you lunch today." Meg wants to say no but Earl is washing his hands and getting ready to go.

Surprised, Meg walks between the men and right past the cars. She can see a little place across the street and they all walk towards it. It is small, dark and more of a bar then a grill. They sit at the bar with her between them and order what turns out to be a very tasty lunch. As they talk, Meg finds herself thinking that these guys are really pretty normal. After lunch Meg gives in and the guys buy her a gin and tonic.

When the alcohol started to kick in a little, Meg finally says, "I'm not really sure what to wear anymore. It would help if you guys could tell me a little more of what you like and don't like." The guys both chuckle and Mark agrees to go first saying, "Remember what I said before about not lying, well I like short skirts that show all of a woman's leg.

Earl agrees and adds, "I like to know that a woman may not be wearing panties." Mark happily shakes his head and adds, "How about short shorts or loose shorts." Earl jumps in and says, "You mean the kind that are so thin you can almost see through them." Meg feels left out of this conversation as the guys talk to each other and the bartender jumps in saying, "How about short dresses with long slits." The guys are all in agreement and Meg does not notice that the bartender has given her another drink. Earl excitedly says, "How about thin shirts. I just love to see nipples on a gorgeous woman."

Mark seems to come back to Earth and looks to Meg and says laughing, "I think we all can agree that we want to see it all and the more we see, the more we want to see." The guys quietly agree and Meg gets a chance to speak saying, "I'll see what I can do but I don't have many clothes that meet your strict standards." The guys laugh and she continues, "What you want is for me to dress and act as sexy as possible. You want to see everything I am willing to show." She turns to Earl, who is looking down her shirt and she waits for his eyes to meet hers before saying, "I guess I need to go shopping."

At home, Meg finds herself masturbating to visions of black men.

Meg enhances her wardrobe and when she needs parts again, has to have a mixed drink before she can get dressed. Since it will be hot today she finds herself in a pair of pink thin shorts with a pink g-string and a short thin pink t-shirt. Looking at herself, she can see the g-string through the shorts and her ass cheeks if she leans forward at all. The t-shirt shows just the hint of nipple but the top barely covers her boobs. With her pink tennis shoes on, she knows she could stop traffic.

Earl is pleased to see her and walks around the corner with an obvious hard-on bulging in his overalls. The other employees come to the counter to see and Earl asks, "What's the decoration on the back of your underwear?" Turning around she pulls the top of her shorts down to let them see the decoration when Earl says, "Just a little more." Meg does not think about it but just pulls the shorts down a little further.

She hears someone behind her say, "That's the finest one I've ever seen." Meg pulls them up and turns around to see everyone smiling. Earl's eyes are glued to her top as she ask, "Can you please get me this part?" Smiling Earl raises his eyes to hers and says, "Come on back and you can help me get it." They walk down a long narrow isle towards a ladder and Earl points towards the top shelf and says, "It's the box on top."

Meg climbs the ladder and reaches for the top shelf and can barely reach the box. When she looks down, she sees Earl smiling up at her naked chest and she says, "This one?" He replies, "No, the other one." She smiles at him before reaching back up to expose herself for him again. She does this several times before coming back down the ladder and asking, "Is my part really up there?"

Laughing, Earl apologizes and says, "I'm sorry but I saw a chance to see your tits and I just couldn't help myself. Earl leads her back to his office and tells her to have a seat while he gets her part and walks away.

Meg sits in this dirty office for only a second before standing to look at the pictures on the wall. His walls are covered in pictures of naked women. The pictures are all different and in many different posses. When he returns, she is staring at a picture of a woman, fully dressed lying on her back with the large end of a ball bat stuck deeply into herself.

Earl lets her stare and then says calmly, "That's Diane. Her turn-on's are; professional ball players, money and more money. Her turn-off's are; sweaty men, poor people and splinters." They both laugh and she asks, "Is this your private collection?" Earl walks in and says, "These are all my girlfriends. They don't ask for anything and they're all just as tight as my hand." While laughing Megan says, "Does your girlfriend mind this shrine?" Earl looks down and says, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm not much of a ladies man."

Walking past Earl, Meg places her hand on his chest and says, "I think you're quite sweet and if you would have asked to see my breast, I would have just shown you." This leaves Earl standing there and watching her walk away. When she has taken a few steps, she turns and lifts her shirt for him while smiling seductively.

Meg walks the trail to Mark's place and finds him working in back. She watches him before he sees her and his reaction only takes a few seconds before she knows he likes what he sees. Looking her over he asks, "Will you raise your arms and turn for me?" Meg laughs and says, "How about if I just lift my shirt and show you?" Mark doesn't need to reply and soon he has two large white boobs in front of him for his viewing pleasure.

He shifts his hard cock while saying, "I hope you need something today." Meg just smiles and says, "I wanted to say hi and do something to brighten your day without asking for anything." Mark is stunned as he says, "This day was so bright I think I'm blind."

Later, as Meg masturbates she thinks of the looks she received today and of the cocks made hard because of her dress and demeanor.

Dedicated to the search for the drop dead gorgeous woman, who will do anything to please a man.

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