A Planned Seduction
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Were her suspicions true, or was a deadly game being played.

Janet Simpson stormed into the den, placed her hands on her hips and shrieked, "Goddamnit George, are you going to take the garbage out or not?"

George Simpson slowly lowered his newspaper, looked at his wife coldly and replied in an even voice. "I told you that I would take the fucking garbage out when I finished the paper."

Janet turned back to the kitchen, "Fuck you, let it rot!," she snapped.

George sat there, feeling his blood pressure soar. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. Their relationship had been going downhill for months now. It seemed as if his wife was doing her damned best to wreck their marriage.

He got up, moved to the bar, and poured himself a small tumbler of scotch, neat. Returning to his chair, he sank back and reflected, "What the fuck is going on?" he asked himself again. Taking a sip, his mind went back in time. "Shit," he thought, "I used to adore the very ground she walked on. Now I shudder when she comes in the room."

His mind went back in time...

He first met Janet in college, he a senior majoring in business, and she a sophomore in the school of education. One look at her and he knew that he had found his life mate. In his mind she was the personification of femininity. She stood about 5'3" and had a figure that, to his mind, was perfect. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes and the sweetest lips he had ever seen. Getting to know her, he was entranced with her personality, sweet, kind and intelligent. He pursued her with a passion and it wasn't long before they were a steady couple. Their friends knew that if you saw George, Janet would be with him.

George felt a small smile come to his lips as he recalled their first date. They had spent the entire evening yakking, they seemed to connect, as if they had known each other forever. George knew that he didn't want to blow this. When the evening ended and he drove her to her dorm, he just took her hand to say goodnight. Janet leaned forward and kissed him on his cheek, asking softly, "Call me, George?"

He blushed and stammered, "Of course, you betcha, you betcha, I sure will." And he did.

At the end of their third date, Janet, as they said goodnight, leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Call me, George?" she asked again. Again George smiled and replied, "You betcha," They both laughed.

George was driving her to the dorm at the end of their fourth date, when Janet turned to him and suggested, "George, the lake should be beautiful tonight, let's drive over there."

George parked and they saw that they were alone in the parking area. Janet reached for him. Putting her arms around his neck, she purred, "George, let's neck." They kissed passionately, tongues dancing with abandon. He placed a tentative hand on her breast and she pressed it firmly into her. It wasn't long before her blouse was unbuttoned and bra undone.

As he gently fondled her breast and played with the turgid nipples, Janet whispered in his ear, "George, I'm a virgin and I would like to remain a virgin for a little while longer." The statement had a question in it and George recognized that.

"I understand, Jan. We won't do anything that you don't want. I will respect that."

Janet accepted the sincerity in his voice and relaxed as he lowered his head onto her breast. He sucked gently on her nipple, then bit it gently. His hand drifted to the button on her jeans. She helped him open her zipper and gasped as his hand slid under her panties and cupped her mound. She was aroused, her pussy moist with her fluids. George let his middle finger slip between her nether lips, pass over the entrance to her vagina and travel up until it felt the nub of her clitoris. She suddenly tensed and held him tightly.

"My God, my God," she murmured. "You made me come," she said in wonder. "That's the first time anyone has made me come," That statement almost elicited an inappropriate question from George, but he quickly swallowed and kept quiet. Now was certainly not the time to question her about past lovers.

Janet turned to him with a wide grin on her face. Placing her hand on the zipper of his slacks, she exclaimed, "Wow, George, I think you're excited too. Did I do that?" She gently squeezed his erection and he gasped as he felt himself losing control. He came under her hand, unable to stop. She felt the contractions in his cock and continued to squeeze gently until he finished. They sat quietly, holding each other closely.

It took a year for them to consummate the relationship. George really did not pursue her virginity with any great vigor. He knew that she wanted to wait and he respected her wish. That didn't mean that they were totally chaste. They had explored each other's bodies with enthusiasm, petting, fondling and even experimenting with oral sex, albeit clumsily

They had moved in together as soon as George graduated. He had gotten a job in the area as a marketing intern and had rented an apartment. The pay was not huge, but he saw potential in the position. Janet continued with her studies and graduated two years later with a degree in Education. They immediately married and the twins were born almost a year later, a boy and a girl.

They were ecstatic. They had planned to have two children and here they were. in one fell swoop, so to speak. Janet wanted to stay home with the children and George concurred. He also felt that it was important that she be a stay-at-home mother, at least for awhile. Things were tight financially, but they managed. George had been given more responsibility and promoted as he had shown his worth.

Janet was extremely eager that they purchase a house and had convinced George, now that the twins were over a year old, that now would be the time for her to seek a teaching position. With the added income, a house was more than possible. Day care was available for the twins.

Marge, her friend from college and married to a teacher, had informed her that her husband's suburban school district had openings. Armed with her credentials, she interviewed and was accepted as a teacher in the middle school for the fall term. While George wasn't totally thrilled about her going to work so soon, he recognized her desire for a house and didn't put up too much of an fuss. The added income swiftly qualified them for a mortgage and they started to look for a home in Janet's school district.

Marge was a great help again, convincing them to look in her neighborhood. It wasn't long before they found something that Janet fell in love with, and was, coincidentally, three houses down the street from Marge and Phil Brock.

The two couples soon become very close friends. Marge and Phil had a boy about a year older than the twins, and a little girl only a few months younger. Dinners were exchanged frequently and many summer vacations were spent together. While George did not really consider Phil a close buddy and confident, he recognized that Janet felt very close to both of them and, of course, went along.

Years went by and George grew with the company until he occupied a management position, enjoying the salary that came with it. Janet had also stayed with the school district, had chaired her department and had just been appointed assistant principal of the middle school. Of course, that promotion was helped along by Phil Brock, who had been transferred from the high school and had been appointed principal of that middle school.

The children came into George's thoughts and he realized that the kids were now 22 years old and on their own. "My God, where have the years gone. We should be enjoying our lives now with less responsibility, plenty of money and the time to enjoy life and each other. Why had it all suddenly turned to shit?"

It had all come to a head at that Christmas Eve Party at the Brock's house.

The place was packed with neighbors and colleagues from the school. The liquor flowed, as usual, and George soon felt no pain. The whole damned evening seemed a blur. He knew that he had danced with Jan, and then with Marge and, he was sure, with a few of the other women. He remembered Marge cornering him under the mistletoe for a quick peck. Things got a little blurry after that. He could swear that he saw Janet in a hot embrace with some guy, but that was also a blur. He did remember being pissed at her, but was it for that incident? He couldn't remember.

The shit really hit the fan the following morning. George and Janet had staggered home, shed their outer clothes in the living room and wobbled to bed. Who knew what time that was. Later the following morning, Jan called out up him that she was going to take some stuff to the cleaners on Monday and told him that she would include the sport coat he had worn to the party. He had mumbled an ok as he slowly made his way into the bathroom.

Suddenly the door burst open and he saw Janet standing there with eyes blazing. "Who's are these, you prick? Who's panties are these?" she repeated, waving a lavender pair of bikini panties in his face.

George stood there stupidly, his mouth agape. "Huh?" he stammered. "What are you talking about," he asked hoarsely, the pounding in his head getting louder.

"You son of a bitch, I just knew that you were cheating and here's the proof. You didn't even bother getting rid of the evidence, Here, smell your girlfriend again," she screamed as she thrust the panties into his face.

George recoiled and slapped her hand away from his face. "What the fuck are you talking about? Are you crazy? What do I know about panties?"

Janet lowered her voice and hissed at him. "They were in your pocket, lover boy. You forgot to get rid of them. You just stuffed them in the pocket of your sport coat before you fucked her."

George looked at her in total amazement. Who the hell was this woman? He had never seen Janet in such a rage. Reason took hold and he said softly to her, "Janet, I have never seen those things before in my life and I honestly have no idea how they got into my pocket. I can't believe that you think that I cheated on you. That has never happened and it never will."

Janet's eyes softened for a brief moment and then turned hard again. "You're a lying bastard, George Simpson and I'll get even with you. You think that you can fuck around with impunity, you're going to find out that you're not the only one that can attract a lover."

Still clutching the panties in her fist, Janet turned and stalked out of the bathroom, leaving a stunned George standing there, looking after her blankly.

To say that the following days were chilly in the Simpson household would be an extreme understatement. Janet would not utter a word to him other than what was absolutely necessary. George attempted, time and time again, to reason with her, to no avail. She refused to listen to him. She had made her mind up that he had cheated or was cheating and no conversation would convince her otherwise.

What George couldn't, for the life of him, understand was why she was so convinced. It couldn't just be those damn panties. He honestly didn't have the foggiest idea how they came to be in his pocket. How could she be so convinced of his infidelity based on such flimsy evidence? Where had the trust gone? Why, all of a sudden, did she turn into such a jealous shrew?

George paused in thought. Was he missing something here? He suddenly realized, perhaps belatedly, that Janet's behavior and attitude had changed gradually since the beginning of fall when she assumed her new position as assistant principal. The change was subtle and gradual, so gradual that he missed it. It started at the begining of the school year, he now realized, Janet seemed a bit preoccupied, a little thoughtful, like she had things on her mind.

Little by little, now that he thought about it, she had become irritable and impatient with him. Small things set her off. By the end of the year, she had become an almost different person. At first he had put it down to the stress of her new position. She had more responsibility now, more to deal with. But it had to be more than that. Very gradually a coolness had developed between the two of them. Gone were the little gestures of affection. What had happened to that sweet and patient temperament?

He also realized that sex with Janet had become a more than an infrequent event. With a bit of a shock he recognized that they hadn't made love in well over a month, or was it two? It was always something - the proverbial headache, I think I'm getting my period, I may be coming down with a cold, etc., etc., He had not made the lack of physical intimacy an issue. Considering the growing schism, he realized with more than a little concern, that he really had had no great desire to make love to her.

It was on New Year's Eve day that Janet approached him. She came into the den, or rather stood in the doorway. "George, I had your suit cleaned, we're going to the Salter's for their annual New Year's Eve party tonight. Be ready by 8:00." With that statement, she turned and strode away.

George sat and looked after her. Those were the first words from her all day. He really didn't think that they would be going anywhere tonight, let alone a party. He shook his head sadly, but knew that he would go. He was just too tired to argue. If she wanted to party tonight, then fine. He was a bit puzzled; he really thought that she would be in no mood for another party, considering what had happened at the last one. "Well," he thought. "At least it's within walking distance. I won't have to worry about driving tonight."

Promptly at 8:00 pm, they strolled down the street to Harry and Susan Salter's house. It was large structure. The Salter's had added on and had done quite a bit of remodeling. They had also spent a bundle constructing a huge complex of rooms in the basement, including a TV lounge, a billiard room, a sauna and general recreation area. There certainly was enough room in their house for a party of this size.

It looked like the whole neighborhood was there, People were milling about throughout the house, from the kitchen, family room and, of course, the basement. Janet left his side as soon as they entered the house and George had no idea where she disappeared to. He had made a conscious decision to strictly limit his intake of alcohol, tonight he wanted a clear head. He was soon involved in conversation with a few of the men, sipping from a glass of scotch. This would last him the entire night, he vowed. Time slipped by and he was startled to hear everyone start the countdown to the new year. He looked around for Janet, but she was nowhere in sight. The scene of all of the couples kissing the new year in saddened him. He truly, at that time, felt alone. He just didn't know what more he could do to save his marriage.

George had had enough, he just wanted to go home and crawl into bed. The whole scene here depressed him. He started his search for Janet, with no success. She was not downstairs in the basement nor was she on the first floor. Puzzled, he looked about, uncertain as to where she could have gone. Perhaps she had gone upstairs to the bathroom. He walked up the stairs and found the hall bathroom occupied. He then went into the master suite, seeking the master bathroom. Entering the room he stopped and just stared in disbelief.

There before him, on the bed, was Janet locked in a passionate kiss with a very drunken Harry Salter. Her breasts were half exposed and Harry had his hand up her skirt and there was no doubt where his fingers were.

"You fucking slut," George grated. His face had turned pale and his fingers tightening into fists. His anger was such that he was actually trembling, trying to control himself.

Janet turned from Harry, looked at George and smiled. "Upset George?" she said coldly. "You bastard, now you know how it feels. Don't like it much, do you?"

George turned on his heel and walked down the stairs and out of the house. He slowly made his way back to his home, entered the front door and made his way to their bedroom. He methodically removed all of his toiletries from the master bathroom and placed them in the guest bath. He then removed his clothing from the master closet and placed them in the guest bedroom. He vowed, he would never sleep in the same room with her again. The entire operation did not take him more than 15 minutes.

He undressed and made himself ready for bed when he heard the front door open and Janet enter. She climbed the stairs and entered the master bedroom. It was seconds later that she strode to the guest room and burst through the door.

"You fucking coward," she hissed. "Just ran away, like the coward that you are. Didn't like it, did you? It hurts when you find your spouse fucking around on you, doesn't it?. I knew that you'd come looking for me at midnight. How did you like the view?"

"You staged it, didn't you?" gasped George. "You set out to purposely hurt me. To humiliate me. You have totally lost your mind, you really need the services of a psychiatrist."

He walked up to her slowly, placed his hand on her chest and firmly pushed her into the hallway, whispering, "Get away from me. If you are scheming for a divorce, you've gotten your wish. I will not contest it. Go see your lawyer. I will accept any settlement you wish. I have had enough of you. I've reached the end of my rope." George then closed the door firmly in her face and locked it.

Phil Brock sat in his office, a small, satisfied smile on his lips. "It's coming together, just as I knew it would," he thought. " I knew that it would take time, slowly, slowly. It couldn't be obvious. Just a tiny hint, then later another tiny hint, slowly, slowly."

Phil knew by last spring that he had gotten the job that he wanted. He had applied, been interviewed and offered the position of principal of the middle school, a position he had coveted since discovering that Fran Higgins, the previous principal, was retiring. He had the credentials and the experience. He felt pretty certain that the job was his. This was a nice step up the ladder with additional responsibility and a nice increase in pay.

There was another reason that he wanted the position. What no one ever knew was that for years he had lusted after Janet Simpson. He couldn't count the number of times he had masturbated while imagining her nude before him, how many times had he screwed his wife, pretending that she was Janet Simpson. It had almost become an obsession.

It was when he had gotten the position he wanted that he had started to plan the seduction of Janet Simpson. He knew that he had to be extremely careful. Janet was no fool, she was a savvy and highly intelligent woman. His first step was to convince her to apply for the position of assistant principal. She was hesitant when he first broached the subject to her. He had convinced her that she certainly had the skills and experience for it and he would welcome her on his administrative team. She was flattered and did apply. Guaranteeing her appointment was a given, no one would contest his decision concerning her appointment. Step one was complete. They would be working together on a daily basis.

Step two would commence when she began work at the beginning of the fall semester. But he had to be careful, very, very careful. Just tiny hints at first.

Sitting, having a sandwich at lunch with Janet in the faculty dining room, he casually commented, " I had to drive downtown to the admin building yesterday and I thought that I saw George going into Ciro's for lunch with a real looker. Wow, he sure gets attractive clients, lucky dog."

Janet looked at him with a puzzled expression. "I don't think you saw George, Phil. He told me last night that they had sent out for sandwiches, they were so rushed getting a contract ironed out."

"Oh, I could very well have been mistaken, Jan. I guess it was just someone who looked like him. My attention was more on that model on his arm," laughed Phil.

The following week Phil knew that George Simpson had been called back to the office one evening for an emergency of some kind. He was out of the house until 11;00. His wife Marge had spoken to Janet on the phone that evening and she had conveniently given this information to Phil.

The following day, again during a quick lunch they were having, Phil, almost as an aside, commented to Janet, "You know that guy that I saw that looked like George? Talk about coincidence, but I was coming back from the high school ball game, and I swear that I saw that guy coming out of the downtown Hilton. It was kind of dark, so I couldn't really get a good look, but you can tell George that he has a double wandering around," Phil then quickly changed the subject, but he did note a line of worry in Janet's face.

It took months but he could detect a definite change in Janet. Her carefree, sunny and open disposition seemed to be on the wane. She was often a bit moody and introspective. Little worry lines seemed to appear between her eyes. He didn't push it, he had to be very careful. It was in December when he was able to introduce the next phase.

It was a couple of weeks or so before the Christmas break when Janet came into Phil Brock's office. "Phil, do you have a minute?" she asked.

"Of course, Jan. I always have time for you, please sit down."

Janet appeared nervous and unsettled. She was holding a hanky which she was twisting unconsciously. Looking up at Phil, she softly said, "Phil, I'm pretty sure that George has been cheating. I really don't know what to do. I'm afraid to confront him for I really have no proof. I really need some advice. "

"Careful, careful," he thought to himself. "Slowly, slowly," he told himself as he moved from his desk and pulled a chair next to Janet. Taking her hand in his, he said softly, "I know, Jan. I suspected it for some time, but I really didn't know if I should even bring that up with you."

"What am I going to do, Phil.? I love him, I don't want to lose him, but I can't put up with this," she said tearfully.

Stroking her hand, Phil looked at her earnestly, "Nothing, do nothing right now, Janet. There is no proof and you do need to get some proof before you do anything. If you confront George now, he'll just deny, deny, deny. Let me help you, Jan. I know someone who can be of help. Let me work on this for awhile. Leave everything to me."

"How can I go on like this, Phil? It's tearing me apart, George knows that I suspect. Things are really strained between us," whispered Janet.

Phil gripped her hand as he looked intently into her eyes. "You have to back up a little, Jan. Don't provoke a confrontation. Try to act normal. Don't let things get out of hand at home. Ok?"

Janet nodded silently. "What are you going to do, Phil? What do you intend?"

"Just leave things to me. It may take a little while. I think that we will be able to get the proof you need, but you have to act as normal as possible at home. Can you do that, can you hold on?"

Janet nodded again. "Thank you, Phil. Thank goodness for your friendship. I'll do as you say, even though it will be difficult as hell."

Phil cautioned her, "Not a word to anyone, Jan. Not even Marge. I, of course, trust her, but this is a very delicate situation. It's just between the two of us. Rest assured, things will work out, one way or another."

With that, Phil ushered Janet out of his office. Closing the door behind her, he leaned against the wall and laughed softly. "Oh, yes," he thought, "Oh, yes. I will be fucking her before too much longer."

Moving quickly to his desk, picked up his phone and punched in a number. "Teddy? This is Phil Brock. I've got another little photo doctoring job for you."

"Hiya Phil," chuckled Teddy DelGado. Teddy was one of the best photo technicians in the east. He could take photographs, work with them digitally and show you a realistic recreation of Abe Lincoln having dinner with Harry Truman, and you would have to believe it, it looked that real.

"Got another hot one ready to bite, Phil? " Teddy continued. "The last one I did for you was about, what? three years ago? You never told me how that worked out."

"Worked out fine, Teddy. You know that you do great work, and you charge like you're the best too," grumbled Phil.

Teddy laughed, "You want the best, you gotta pay, Phil. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys, you know that. Ok, whatya got?"

"Same shit, Teddy. I'll get you shots of a guy, as many and as varied as I can. I know your instructions. Also, shots of some naked broad. You put them together, just like before. "

"Ok, Phil. No problem, only this time I can't get right on it for you. I'm up to my neck in a huge project. I won't be able to get your stuff done until the first of the year. Can you wait that long?"

Phil thought for a moment, "Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. In the meantime, I'll get the base photos to you as soon as I can."

They finished their conversation and Phil sat back and pondered his next moves. First, he needed shots of George Simpson, preferably nude or semi nude. That should be no problem. He knew that George went to the fitness center at the club every other day, where he worked out and then took a shower. He would just happen to be there. He should be able to get a few shots of him. Thank goodness for his camera cell phone.

Now, for the naked broad. The last time he used a hooker, but since the Chief of Police had made a concerted effort to clean the area up, a hooker was not a probability. Yet, he needed shots of a naked, reasonably good looking woman. This might be a problem.

Phil's eyes widened suddenly as an idea popped into his mind, and then he broke out in laughter. "Beautiful," he thought. "Just beautiful. Marge is going to help me get Janet into bed, and she'll never know it."

Phil Brock left school early that day. He knew that Marge wouldn't be home until later. Walking into his bedroom he placed the camera on a book in the case opposite the bed. He used a wide angle lens and made sure that he loaded the camera with a new card. He then set up the timer so that a shot would be taken every 30 seconds. He would start the timer when appropriate. He stepped back and chuckled,

"Shit, I am so fucking brilliant."

Phil made himself a drink, sat in his chair and turned the news on the TV. It wasn't too much later that his wife walked into the house.

"Marge, glad you're back. Don't bother with dinner, I'm taking you out. You deserve a nice meal, cooked by someone else, for a change,".

Marge stopped and looked at him in amazement. "You're kidding, right? What's the occasion?"

"No occasion, honey. I just want to show my appreciation for everything that you do for me," oozed Phil, smiling.

Phil made sure that Marge consumed more than a couple of glasses of fairly potent red wine that evening and was sure that she was feeling very mellow by the time they returned home. Phil helped her up the stairs into the bedroom.

He stood behind her and slowly massaged her breasts through her blouse as she leaned back against him. It didn't take long for him to divest her of her top and skirt. He fumbled at the clasp of her bra and let it fall to the floor with the rest of her clothing. Cupping her full breasts, he cruelly pinched her nipples and smiled as she winced.

"You sumbitch, you love hurting me," slurred Marge. "Fuckin prevert, you can't get your rocks off without causing me pain,"

Phil angrily increased the pressure on her nipples. "Shut the fuck up, Marge," he muttered. "You know you love it."

He suddenly ripped the flimsy panties from her and shoved her onto the bed. Turning from her he strode to the case and started the timer.

Returning to the bed, he looked down at her as he quickly removed his clothing. She was sprawled on her back, legs askew, her crotch staring up at him lewdly. Her pubic hair was dense and matted and he frowned in disgust. He had repeatedly told her to either shave or at least trim her bush.

"Ok," he thought. "Gotta keep the camera in mind. Gotta get into lots of positions," he said to himself as he lowered his body on her and buried his erection into her vagina.

New Year's Day saw Janet sitting alone in her kitchen. George had left early for who knew where. She had heard him leave the house early in the morning, but didn't leave her room until she was sure he was gone. She really couldn't face him. Her emotions were running rampant. A mixture of anger, hurt, jealousy, fear and shame flooded her mind.

"Perhaps George is right," she thought. "I could probably use the services of a good shrink, or at least a good divorce lawyer." It appeared fairly certain to her that her marriage was about over, and, for the life of her, she just couldn't come up with a reason for that. Why would George do this to them? She teared up again, shook her head and poured herself another cup of coffee.

The next morning Janet was called into Phil Brock's office. As she entered Phil noticed what everyone had been commenting about; Janet Simpson's appearance. She was drawn and pale. It was apparent that she had lost weight and her clothing seemed just a bit too large for her. It was time to end the game.

"Janet, good to see you. Please, have a seat. We have a small problem concerning our trip to the university. The graduating students, whom we want to interview for the positions we have open, will be unavailable at the time we had planned. We'll have to leave this Friday and get as much done as we can on Friday and Saturday. We'll be able to return on Sunday, so we won't miss too many school days. If you drive up on Friday morning, you can have everything set up by the time I get there in the early afternoon. It's only a two hour drive, so you shouldn't have any problem."

Janet nodded silently. Phil looked at her anxiously. "Jan, you have to hold on. Look, I promise, by the time this trip is over, everything will be over. I think that all of our suspicions will be confirmed."

Janet's eyes widened. "What are you saying, Phil? "

Phil smiled at her reassuringly, "My investigator phoned yesterday and told me that he will have everything to me on Friday morning. I will bring everything with me when I drive up, and no, Jan, I don't yet know what he has. We'll know soon enough."

Janet sighed and rose. "I guess I should be relieved, I can't maintain this pose much longer. I will truly be glad when all of this is over. Thanks again, Phil. I really do appreciate all of the support you have given me."

Phil glanced at his desk drawer as Janet left. He knew that the "evidence" he needed for the last step was locked away quite safely. it would be shown to Jan Friday night.

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