The Good Years
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kenny learns to cope with his emotional problems. In the process, he brings all the loose strands together, weaving a better life for himself and those he touches.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Rags To Riches   DomSub   Group Sex   Anal Sex  


As soon as we crossed over the bridge into Kansas, at Kansas City, I started feeling better. By better, I mean I felt peaceful about returning. Prior to that, I would have been content to take things one day at a time, just like I had been doing since I'd left to go on my little five month long Odyssey.

Joyce was asleep when we crossed over into Kansas. I would have woken her, to let her know we were in Kansas, but she didn't feel the same as I did about the state. We had spent the day talking all about her plans for our future. She and I saw different visions, but I allowed her to tell me all about hers.

Joyce wanted us to both go off somewhere to attend college together. It was part of her 'new start' program for us. She'd have the babies, then after, in the fall, we'd find a school we could both attend together.

I'd asked her about who would be taking care of the babies, but she hadn't planned all the details yet, that's what she told me.

I asked her about what was going to happen with her job at the company. Joyce pretty much ran our entire shipping and warehousing program, for the entire country. She was the person who kept everything integrated, and running smoothly. My father depended on her to do that for him. I asked her about that, and again, she informed me these were just details that she'd attend to.

Joyce was the most determined person I'd ever met, and I found myself believing her when she told me she'd find ways to make everything work for us.

Driving on towards Ridgeline, I decided that I'd be well served to rely on Joyce's willingness to handle the details of our day to day existence. She was better suited to dealing with the little frustrations that kept cropping up for me. To repay her for this, I decided that I'd do my best to make sure she got the best I had in me to give her.

Just being around Joyce again was comforting to me. She was a resource to me. She was the extension of me I needed to help get things done. My strengths were more in the area of conception, getting the idea to make something good happen. Joyce's strengths were to take all the loose ends and bring them together in the best possible way. She told me that she always knew she needed someone to point her in a good direction. She said that is what I'd been doing for her, ever since the first day I'd hired her away from the accounting department.

I didn't tell her that my picking her had just been a happy coincidence. I'd picked her mainly because I knew Shirley wouldn't be jealous, because of the way Joyce looked. I didn't say anything, because I knew it made her feel good, thinking that I had recognized, right from the beginning, how well she and I would work together. It had worked out very well though, and, as I drove towards home again, I was determined to make sure it continued to work well, for both of us.

I loved Joyce, and it was a love that kept evolving and changing, growing, as we spent more time together. Maybe it was simply appreciation, because she was able to make me more than I would have been without her. I didn't think it was only that though. Sex with Joyce was as good as any I'd ever experienced. Joyce never held anything back. When she gave herself to you, it was her whole self. She didn't know any other way.

It was almost four in the morning, on a cold February night, when I pulled my car into my garage. I woke Joyce up just enough to get her to help me bring her into the bedroom. I helped her undress, watching as she crawled under the covers, falling instantly asleep again.

I couldn't sleep myself. I felt energized, in spite of the fact that I'd been driving since early the previous morning. I was home, and more than that, I felt like I was really back.

One of the reasons why I wasn't sleepy, was because I had so many thoughts running through my mind. I felt more like I used to feel, before the first trouble with Mama, and before the problems that had caused me to flee.

I wasn't well again, suddenly cured, but I was back in a frame of mind to participate in the process of living again. I was ready to re-enter the fray. Someone had been using my office while I'd been gone. All of my trading records and statements had been put in a cardboard box, and left beside my desk. On my desk, there were a bunch of papers and computer printouts detailing the shipping, sales and deliveries for the vending machine business.

I was curious enough that I went through the sales and delivery figures for the last quarter of the previous year. I was impressed with our growth. My being gone certainly hadn't had any negative effect on the vending business. Maybe I should have been a little disappointed at finding out that was the case, but I wasn't.

I stacked up all of Joyce's papers, as neatly as I could, then went through the contents of my box, reviewing the statements from my broker, and the status of my account balances in various trusts.

I saw where Frank had transferred my trading balance to another broker, then, after a month, he'd invested the money into a high yield money market account. In all the time I'd been gone, the funds taken out and transferred to the various group home accounts had amounted to far less than the income from the interest on the funds in my trading accounts. Right before the end of the year, Frank had made a large distribution into a new charitable trust he had created. I made a note to call him, to thank him for taking care of cleaning up the mess I'd left him to deal with.

Still, the earnings from the money market account were far less than I would have made if I was back at home attending to my business. Since I'd been gone though, I hadn't once looked at where any of the grain market was moving. It had taken me many months to feel comfortable with the rhythm of those markets, and by ignoring them for all these months, I might have lost that sense of comfort and familiarity that had made my trading decisions almost automatic for me.

I decided that I'd just ease myself slowly back into it. There was no hurry, no urgency for me to make new money to support the group home program. I started regretting the fact that my going off like I had, would necessitate a delay in opening up the two new extensions I'd been planning on building by the coming summer. Again, instead of feeling upset or stressed about it, I reminded myself that it was simply a delay. The homes would get built, the children would have a better place to live.

Joyce came out of the bedroom at a little past nine in the morning. She found me working in the office. I was trying to balance my personal checkbook. While I'd been gone, Frank had continued depositing funds into my personal account. This was the interest and earnings from the trust accounts that Uncle Bunny had left me. I was concerned about this, because I hadn't bothered keeping track of the funds I'd removed from the trusts with several large cash advances I'd taken on my Visa cards. I'd have to ask Frank how to replace those funds, plus, I'd need to get all of my earnings together to give to the accounting people in Frank's office to file my various tax returns. I usually had everything together for them by the first of the year.

"What are you doing, Kenny? Didn't you go to sleep yet?"

"I was just going over some of these statements. I don't know how to reconcile my checkbook, because none of the money I took out on my trip is showing up on my personal account statements. I need to get things together for my taxes too."

"Frank's doing all that for you, Kenny. He has duplicates sent to his office, on all your accounts. That's one of the few good things that came out of you being gone. Frank's installed a new system for the whole family now. Mama says it's saving us a lot of time too. We check over the monthly statements, and if we don't see any problems, we can just ignore them. Frank's people handle all the rest of it. Even mine is being taken care of now. It makes it a lot better too, having everything in one place, in case they need to cross check something."

"How are you feeling this morning? I was worried that long drive would tire you out."

"I feel good. While I was asleep, I thought of a way we could both go to college together, even with the babies. Brenda. She told me she wasn't going to go to college. She could come with us, to cook, and to watch the children for us, while we were in our classes."

"That's a terrible idea. First, it's not fair to Brenda, even if she would agree to do it. Second, have you forgotten how worried you were about Brenda taking me away from you? Third, we still have other responsibilities here, ones that we have to be here to deal with. Your job, and all the group home business things. We're already half a year behind on opening the two new extensions for this year."

"Kenny, before you get all excited about the problems having Brenda with us would cause, or about how it wouldn't be fair to her, let's just talk to her, and find out what she thinks. I've been thinking about that other thing too, about me worrying about you leaving me for one of those other girls. Now that you told me you're going to marry me, I'm not so worried about that happening. We both know Brenda. I'd trust her to watch the babies for us. We're going to be pretty busy, so it would be nice to come home to a good home cooked meal. As far as your third thing, about my job, tell me why I need to be here to do it, or why either of us needs to be here to keep the group homes running? Another thing, we're not behind at all with opening the three new extensions."

"Why do you say we're not behind? We were going to open them this summer. Did you say three?"

"Mama and I decided we're going to open an extension for little kids, boys and girls both. Mama's already bought the land for all three of them, and she and Hans are working with three contractors. I've got Sandy interviewing candidates for the three executive director positions, but she says we should find a fourth one to replace her, so she could spend her time supervising all the group home directors."

"Joyce, I think it would be a big mistake doing this thing with Brenda. You know the effect she has on me. It's bound to cause us some problems. You know how she is too. We all might say we wouldn't do anything, but, something would eventually happen."

"If I was right there, I wouldn't mind if we all did things together. What I don't want to happen is you deciding you love her more than me, or you and her doing things behind my back."

"I still don't think we can do everything we need to do, and still have time to go to college. College is a full time job, all by itself."

"Mama says you need to go to school. She says the longer you wait, the less likely it is that you'll go. Your father feels the same way. I'd go with you, to make sure you didn't meet someone else. Your father wants me to get a better education too."

"Mama and I have a deal. I need to do certain things first."

"She said that was before you ran off like you did. Kenny, we were all so worried about you. Mama was the most worried. When you get like you do, someone needs to be there with you, to make sure you'll be taken care of."

"I managed fine this last time, Joyce. I ate, I slept, I took care of myself. I'm starting to understand this better now. I can shut things down when they get too much for me to handle. After I rest for awhile, I can start opening up again. That's how I can deal with this."

"If you keep having to do this, and it takes you five or six months to get better, who's going to run the company when you take over for your dad?"

"I guess he either needs to find someone else to do it, or else find someone to be my understudy, in case it happens to me again."

"That's me, Kenny, I'm going to be your understudy. That's another reason why we both have to go to college. I wouldn't know how to run a company now."

"You can go, and I'll stay home and watch the babies. I don't feel like going to school yet."

I remembered what I'd been thinking earlier, about my decision to let Joyce run the day to day details. This was more than that though. This wasn't deciding where to go for dinner, this was deciding the whole direction of my life. If I'd been managing to do it better myself, I'd have a stronger argument to make against these decisions she was announcing.

"You have to give Brenda her money, before we ask her to go with us. That's the only fair thing to do, to make sure she's doing it because she really wants to."

"I don't have three million dollars that I can just get at, not without tapping out most of the trust money in the little trusts that Uncle Bunny left me. If I did that, we wouldn't have any money to live on for ourselves."

"I talked to your father. He has discretionary powers over making distributions to you. He said he'd let you have that money."

"You talked to my Dad about me giving Brenda three million dollars?"

"I talked to him about everything, college, Brenda, you needing me there with you. He agrees with me about most of it."

"Did you tell him that you plan on the three of us sharing the same bed?"

"I didn't come out and tell him that, but I think he knows already, because of that time we did it at the office, and because of you talking about your group with him. He doesn't have any problems with us taking Brenda with us, or with me being gone from the business. I told him I'd continue doing whatever I could from school. We'd still have the summer to work."

"Do you have plans for Emily and Shirley too?"

"I do, but not what you're hoping for. Emily is going away to college, and Shirley is going to college over in Bolling in the fall. Both of them work for the girl's extension, as big sisters now. They help out the group home parents in the evenings. Sometimes, they take the girls out to do fun things, like you used to do with the boys."

"So, you've got this all figured out now? You're going to be running my life from now on?"

"I'm going to be helping you, so you can take care of the things you do best. Are you going to give Brenda her money?"

"Are you talking about me giving it to her, right away? She didn't even finish high school yet. She'd probably quit school, and go on a three month shopping trip. How about if I just put the money in an account for her, and she can have it later, when she's all grown up?"

"Kenny, Mama thinks you should give her the money too. She'd give it to her herself, but she thinks it would be better if you gave it to her. It would be like you were setting Brenda free. If she wants to stay with us after that, it wouldn't just be so she could stay close to your money. We'd find out if she really does love you like she says."

"Let me tell you what I'd be worried about with Brenda, before you go making all these plans. I like fucking her. I like it a lot. I don't think I'd ever want to marry her, but I might want to make her pregnant too. Maybe not now, because you're already having twins, but I might change my mind later. I don't think you'd be happy if I decided to do that."

"I don't want to talk about her getting pregnant. If that happens, it would have to wait until after we both finished our schooling. We don't even know if Brenda would be willing to do this to her body." Joyce moved her hands over her swollen belly, indicating all the changes taking place with her.

"If we did go to college, where could we go? It would have to be someplace where we could both get in. Did you have good enough grades to get into a four year university? It isn't like some little community college, where they let anyone in."

"I was second in my class, Kenny. I scored over fourteen hundred on my SAT's. What did you score on yours?"

"I don't remember exactly. I know it was pretty high though."

"Twelve thirty, Kenny. Mama showed me your scores. If they'll let you in, I'm sure I'll have no problems either. Does this mean you'll go?"

"I'll go to K.U., but I'm not going out of state. We'll get an apartment or something in Lawrence, then we'll come home on the weekends. I think we should let Gerta and Mama spend some time with the babies too. Not all the time, but maybe for a few hours, when we're home for weekends. If Brenda says yes, which I doubt she'll do, you and I are getting married before we leave for school. I don't want you ever doubting who it was I chose. I don't want anyone confused about that. If we get married soon, we'll just hire someone later, to take a whole second set of wedding pictures, after your braces come off. This is only in case Brenda decides she'd like to come with us."

We went to the bedroom right after that. Joyce was right about there being lots of ways to fuck a pregnant woman. I fell asleep after we got done, and slept until about three o'clock the next morning. I woke up feeling pretty good about things. I crawled out of bed, trying not to disturb Joyce when I did so. It was Wednesday, February eleventh. I spent three hours organizing all of my records and accounts. I went into a spare room off the entry way, trying to decide if it would be large enough to put in an office for Joyce. There wasn't enough room for both of us to share one office between us.

I called Gerta at seven o'clock, and told her that I wanted to convert some things over at my house. She was happy to hear from me, and we spoke for about thirty minutes. Very gently, she managed to scold me for not keeping in touch with anyone while I was gone. I tried to explain to her that I was operating on automatic pilot for most of that time, but she told me I could have called from time to time, at least. It was no good trying to give her any excuses. In her mind, there was never a good enough excuse for my not doing what she wanted. She treated Hans the same way. She told me she'd send some people over, in a few days, to look at what I needed done to my house.

At eight, I called my Dad. He and I talked for a long time. It was probably the longest conversation we'd ever had together. We talked about the problem I'd had with Darrin. Dad told me he'd investigated the whole thing, even going to Chicago, to see the trade slips that each pit trader had executed. He told me it was a legitimate out trade, and that in the haste and confusion that went on inside the trading area, things like that were bound to occur, especially when prices were really jumping around. He told me about all the volume of trading that had occurred in the fifteen minutes that surrounded the point of my first purchase, and the subsequent sale. I finally stopped him by telling him that I was over it.

"You should call Darrin and apologize, Kenny. He's been very bothered by what you said to him. He didn't mind you pulling your accounts, but he didn't want you thinking he'd ever deliberately stick you with a bad trade, so that he could avoid taking any loss he deserved."

"I'll call him and apologize, if you think that's what I should do. Did you tell Joyce that you'd give me three million dollars from my trust, so I could give it to Brenda?"

"I told her I could do that, if you requested it of me. Is this for the money that Bunny was going to leave her?"

"No, it's so Joyce can be sure that Brenda really wants to baby sit and cook for us. It's apparently all the rage now. You find someone, then you give them a few million dollars. Later, if you ask them to do something for you, you'll know if they really want to do it, or not, because they'll have enough money to just tell you to go to hell, if they don't want to."

"Kenny, you don't have to do it."

"I know I don't. In a way though, it would be better if I did go ahead and do it. Uncle Bunny really loved Brenda. He wouldn't want her needing to worry about money. Maybe having some of her own would change her. If you could transfer it over to Frank for me, I'll give it to her. Speaking of Frank, are you comfortable with him getting duplicate statements on all of our accounts?"

"I'm comfortable, but then, I always go over everything, whenever any of my statements come in. I know Frank carries some type of insurance policy that protects against employee theft or embezzlement. I think we have sufficient safeguards in place. Don't you trust Frank?"

"No, I do trust him. It just seemed like it needed us to be putting a lot of faith in him, and his people. Joyce said it made things a lot easier for them to be able to check everything though."

"I believe the main advantage to us is that it frees up a lot of our time. This is time we could put to use more profitably, attending to our other endeavors."

"Joyce mentioned that she ran her idea by you. The one she has of having Brenda go away with us when we start college. Do you have any questions, or any advice you want to give me about any of that?"

"I don't have any, no. I'm sure your mother would have some advice for you, if you were foolish enough to invite her to offer it."

"I think I'll let Joyce discuss those kinds of things with her. Between the two of them, they seem to have my life pretty well planned out for me already."

"I do have one thing I'd like to tell you, Kenny. I guess it would fall under the general heading of advice. If you ever decide that you need to choose one of them over the other one, you'd be better off, in almost every way, if you decided to choose Joyce."

"Better off how? Are you speaking about it being better for me personally, or for the company?"

"Better for both, I'd imagine. I'm not just saying that because of her pregnancy either. While you were gone, Joyce spent as much time taking care of your business as she did taking care of her own. She never let up in doing anything she could to keep things going until you returned. Loyalty, such as that which she has demonstrated, is a rare commodity. She isn't a fair weather friend."

"Which is one of the reasons why I'm going to marry her. There are a lot of other reasons too though. She does grow on you."

"She does. She reminds me quite a bit of your mother. There are similarities in many different ways. I've never regretted my decision to marry your mother, even though we've experienced some periods of disquiet."

"Do you think I'd be making a mistake, if I agreed to do what she's suggesting we do with Brenda?"

"She's the one who's suggesting it?"

"It's all her idea, not mine. When we were coming back from Florida, she seemed like she was worried about something like that happening, even after I told her I'd decided to marry her, and forget about those other girls."

"Women seldom tell you, from the very beginning, what it is they really want to do. I've found that it's best if you wait until they get tired of hoping you'll be able to figure it out for yourself. Your mother told me the names you've decided on for the children. She said you were the one that suggested to name them in this way?"

"You mean Bunny and Little Bertie? We talked a long time ago, and she said I could only name my kids that if I was having mixed twins. You don't think I should?"

"I think, if you can stand doing so, it would be something your mother would cherish forever. At this stage, not doing so would present a problem for you."

"I want to do it. It seems almost like everything has come together just so I could do it."

"I'll transfer that money over to Frank's office for you. Have you thought about the best way to give it to her?"

"I'm just going to hand her the check and tell her it's from Uncle Bunny. I already told Joyce that she'll probably go shopping for two or three months, as soon as the check clears."

"Just handing over that kind of money to her, it seems like it might be a dangerous thing to me. What if she goes off the deep end, and just runs right through it all?"

"One of my new resolutions is, that I'm not going to worry about everything that could possibly happen. Brenda will be happy to finally get her hands on a big chunk of money. It's what she's wanted from the day I first met her, and she probably had wanted it for years before that. At the very worst, she'll just spend it on clothes, cars, houses, and jewelry. If she spends it all, she'll have caught up with her mother, at least as far as having been rich once goes. That's the only kind of deep end I can see her going off."

"Let's both hope you're right. Please call Darrin soon, if only to let him know that you're back, and feeling like your old self again."

"You know, you're right, I am feeling like my old self. It's only been since I got back here too. I'll call him today, and I'll apologize. Do you think I should offer to give him back that seven thousand dollars?"

"No, I already took care of that. I knew you'd want me to do it, after I had first assured myself that the out trade was a legitimate one."

"I'll pay you back for it."

"No need, I had Frank pay him from one of your trading accounts."

After I got off the phone with my Dad, I decided I felt like going over to see Mama, and Hans and Gerta. I left a note for Joyce, on top of my office desk.

Mama was gone when I got there, but Gerta made me a big breakfast while Hans filled me in on what I'd missed by being gone. When he was done, Gerta gave me her report on the troubles Mama had when I was off licking my mental wounds. She'd been in a three week depression, a bad one, where nothing anyone did could bring her out of it. Joyce used to go in her bedroom every night, just to talk to her. Mama wouldn't respond at all, during any of these visits.

When Joyce told her she thought she might be pregnant, Mama had snapped right out of it. She had grown weak though, from not eating, and it took her several days before she felt strong enough to take Joyce to the doctor's, to see if her suspicions were accurate.

"Did Joyce talk to you about any of her plans for after the babies get born, Kenny?" Gerta looked at me, trying to tell if I knew what she meant.

"She said she wants us to go to college together, and that she wants us to hire a nanny or something."

"She told you a nanny?"

"No, she said someone to cook and watch out for the kids while we're in our classes. I told her I could stay home and watch them while she goes. I have other things I could do at home while I'm babysitting them."

"Kenny, she didn't say who she could get to do this babysitting and cooking?" Hans was looking at me now, he had an almost pleading look, because he wanted to talk about what Brenda and I would be doing.

"I think she has an aunt that's a widow, I know she lives somewhere up close to Lawrence. I think all her kids are grown now. We might ask her." I could see how frustrating this was to Hans. Gerta must have told him he couldn't be the first one to tell me, in case Joyce hadn't told me yet. "When will Mama be back from this meeting of hers. I needed to ask her some questions about Brenda. Joyce had this crazy idea that I should give Brenda that money that Uncle Bunny set up for her."

"She's meeting with some architect, about those homes you're going to build. She has some changes she wanted to suggest to him. She said she'd be back for lunch. Joyce thinks you should give Brenda money?"

"That's what she told me. She said it would keep Brenda from wanting to hang around us all the time. I told her it would be a lot cheaper to just get some kind of restraining order against her. That's a lot of money that Joyce is asking me to give away."

"Bunny's money though, Kenny. You have enough already, with what he left for you."

"Bite your tongue, Gerta. You're talking about three million. I could do a lot with three million." I was having fun with her, because I knew she and Mama had discussed this same thing many times. Mama would give Brenda the money if I wouldn't. It would just get me into trouble with Joyce if I tried to get out of doing it. It was fun watching how Gerta was trying to be so subtle in pointing out the correct way for me to proceed. I think that was why Hans sometimes pretended not to understand her instructions.

"It would be something good for you to do. For Bunny."

"It would be something good I could do for Brenda. Hey, Hans, how grateful do you think Brenda would be? I'm thinking she'd be all over me, for giving her that three million dollars. Maybe I should take her for a ride in the limo when I tell her. That way, she could let me know how grateful she was. You wouldn't try to peek at us, would you?"

"Never!" Gerta and I both looked and him and started laughing. Gerta had tumbled to what I was doing, as soon as I started talking to Hans about maybe giving Brenda the money. Of all the people that I considered family, I really believed that Gerta understood me better than anyone else. She'd seen me when I was having problems dealing with things, and she never tried to push me about anything. Even Joyce didn't understand that about me yet. Gerta seemed like she had known about it from the very beginning.

"Joyce said we should ask Brenda to cook for us, and to watch the babies while we're in school. Do you think Brenda would want to do something like that? I'm betting she'd decide not to if she had money of her own."

"Brenda would do anything you asked her to, Kenny. You'd have to ask her though. I don't think she'd do it if Joyce asked her." I could see that Gerta was serious when she said that.

"Brenda almost never did anything I asked her to, right from the beginning. You're wrong if you believe this time would be any different."

"Before, when she was so young, but she's not so young anymore. She knows what she wants now. She had many talks with your Mama while you were gone. Your Mama told me that she is convinced that Brenda has changed."

"Sure, she's convinced, because that's what she loves to believe. With her, it's always been like that, no matter what Brenda ever did."

"Maybe, but your Mama understands Brenda, because she understands Georgia too. She knows that Brenda needs someone strong in her life."

"All of you women, you always have these ideas about what all us men need, or what other women need. Mostly, you're wrong."

"Your Mama and I, we both agree that you need more than just Joyce. Hans agrees too, right, Hans?"

"Yes, I agree too. There will be more trouble, if it is just you and Joyce."

"I know there will be more trouble if all of you keep trying to make me do what you think is best. Talking about it is one thing. Trying to make it happen, pushing me to do things, that's more than I'm able to permit."

"This is just talking, Shatzie. We're not doing anything. You have to permit talking. Hans and I both have spoken about this many times. We tell you what we think. I do this with Bertie, and I did it with Bunny as well. It never hurt to hear what someone else thinks."

"You're right, Gerta. It never hurts, unless it makes you feel like people are pressuring you to do something you don't want to do. When I lived at the orphanage, I had to put up with it. I was able to hide myself, inside my mind, to take some kind of refuge in there. In some ways, it was like what Mama does. Out here though, I can't keep going back to that. I need to be able to make up my own mind, without a lot of outside pressure. Even from the people I love the most. If I can't do that, then the same thing is going to happen to me again."

"This is true? That's why you left?" Gerta looked so sad when she asked me that.

"It isn't anyone's fault, Gerta. It's just how I am. Something happened to me when I was at that orphanage. I changed myself so I could cope with how things were there. I've been working on being less overwhelmed by it, but I've still got problems. I can't afford to have people push me to do things. It's worse if they are people I really care about, because then, I feel worse about disappointing them."

"You never disappoint me, Kenny. Never. I'd never do anything, not if I knew I could hurt you. I didn't know about pressure hurting you. Did you tell your Mama this?"

"I've never really talked to her about it. I don't even really understand everything myself. I just began thinking about the type of situations that always seem to cause me problems. This is what I've come up with so far. I may not be right about this. It's just what I'm thinking right now. I want to avoid having pressure put on me, and being upset, at least as much as I can."

Just then, Joyce came into the house and we all heard her yelling my name as she came through the downstairs area.

"In here, Joyce. In the kitchen." I yelled it loud enough for me to be heard. Joyce came through the swinging door.

"There you are. I woke up, and then I saw your note. Where's Mama?"

"She's meeting someone. How come you came over here? You could have just called."

"I was hungry too. There's no food in the house. I need to pee, so don't go anywhere til I get back." She left, and Gerta was busy fixing her a bowl of oatmeal, and some German pastry thing she must have gotten from the deli in Bolling. When I saw her pulling that out, I went to get myself another glass of milk, pointing at my plate, to let Gerta know I wanted some of the pastry too.

"I'll be so glad when I only have to pee four or five times a day again. I swear my life is measured from toilet trip to toilet trip now." Joyce had come back into the kitchen and she immediately grabbed half my pastry off of my plate. When she was done, she brought the bowl of oatmeal over to herself. She took about half a cube of butter, dropping it in her bowl. When she had watched it melt sufficiently, she started pouring half the sugar bowl on her oatmeal, and only after doing that, did she add in the milk.

All three of us just stared at her, wondering if she really planned on eating it. We need not have worried, because she wolfed the whole thing down in about a minute. When she was done with her cereal, she reached for her own pastry, then cut it in half. When I reached to take back the half of mine that she'd taken off my plate, she brought the butter knife down on the back of my hand. It stung. I sat there and watched her eat both halves of the pastry.

She was putting her finger down, trapping tiny pastry crumbs on it, and bringing that to her mouth. She looked like she could stand to eat something more. Maybe something like a side of beef, or a big pot of spaghetti. Gerta turned and brought a large chunk of salami out of the fridge. She got a sharp knife and put them both down in front of a smiling Joyce. She used the knife to peel away the white coating around the salami, and then she bit into the end, the part where the skin had been peeled back. It was about half a pound of heavy German salami, and she polished it off in a couple of minutes time. She sat there, licking her lips and looking around for something else. This time, Gerta didn't budge from where she stood.

Joyce tried to stare her down, but Gerta wasn't having any of that. Finally, she stood up.

"Can we go shopping for some food, Kenny? Somebody emptied out everything at your house." She looked accusingly over at Gerta when she said it.

"You are eating too much, Joyce. It isn't healthy for your babies. The doctor told you that you need to cut back, and eat healthier foods. You're gaining too much weight." Gerta was putting her most commanding voice in this pronouncement of hers.

"You didn't tell me that, Joyce. You said everything was just like it was supposed to be. You don't want to be fooling around with something as important as this is."

"I get hungry, so I eat. No matter how much I eat, they still want more." I went around behind her and lifted up her large maternity top. I looked at her ass, it had really grown a lot since her pregnancy started.

I pointed at her ass. "These don't need any more, no matter what they've been telling you." She started crying. I hadn't even said anything that bad to her. I had been making a joke. From the look Gerta was shooting at me, you'd have thought I'd punched Joyce in the stomach or something. "I didn't mean anything by it. I was joking. Quit crying."

"You think I'm fat and ugly."

"No I don't. I never said that. I'm worried about you not doing what your doctor said, that's all. You aren't fat, and you sure aren't ugly. Would I do what I did last night, to an ugly woman?" I saw Hans starting to grin when I said that. "You should have seen her last night, Hans. She was even hungrier then. It's a good thing I hadn't seen how she eats salami before last night." Joyce stopped crying while she slapped my arm. I could tell that it had pleased her that I admitted that we had fooled around together the night before.

I told Gerta that we'd be back for lunch, then I told her to be sure to make something that would be healthy for my babies.

"What about me?"

"Make it healthy for my babies, but delicious for my woman. Make it small though, so her doctor will be happy too. Come on, honey, we're walking home. We'll walk back here for lunch too."

We walked home. It was normally a twenty minute walk for me, but with Joyce, it took us almost an hour. I could see the exercise had tired her out too much, so I called over to ask Hans to come pick us up at noon, in the limo. We sat on the sofa, with Joyce leaning in on me, and my arm over her shoulder. She asked me to massage her back and neck, and I lifted up her top and started giving her a little back rub.

"Did you ask your father about giving you the money to give to Brenda?"

"He's sending it over to Frank. I'll get a check and give it to her in a few days. I don't want you asking her about the other thing, not until after her graduation. You need to let her decide, on her own, if she wants to do it or not."

"We need to apply to K. U., Kenny, then we need to find ourselves a nice place to live, close to the campus."

"We can do all of that without involving Brenda. This is important, Joyce, too important to take advantage of her. You're asking her to make a big commitment to us. Let her have some time to enjoy being rich and carefree."

I called Darrin St. Julien and apologized to him for my outburst and tantrum the last time we spoke. I told him I was satisfied that he was right and I was wrong. Neither of us mentioned me bringing my trading business back to his brokerage. If he had inquired, I would have been happy to bring my trading accounts back there. I guess he thought it was better to avoid any chance of a repeat of that earlier incident. I didn't really blame him for that.

I picked up the check the following Monday. It was a lot of money. I didn't mind giving it to her, but, like my Dad, I wondered if giving it to her before she was even out of high school was the right thing for me to be doing.

Joyce asked me if she could be there to see me give Brenda the money. She wanted to watch Brenda's reaction. We drove over to Brenda's house together that afternoon. I had put the money in an envelope. When we rang the door bell, Georgia answered.

"Hi, we came over to see Brenda. Is she here yet?"

"No, but she'll be home soon. Come in Kenny. You too, Joyce. I heard you were back, Kenny, is everything okay with you now?"

"It's pretty good. I'm going to have to find an easier way of dealing with being upset."

"Did I hear it right, you two are getting married?"

"Probably. It just depends on whether or not Joyce can stop eating long enough for us to fit a wedding ceremony in."

"He's kidding. We're getting married before the babies come. We don't know yet when we're going to do it."

I heard Brenda's Buick pull up in the driveway. Her door opened and closed and she came running into the house. She had seen my car parked out front.

"Kenny! I got your letter. Hi Joyce. I'm glad you came back, Kenny. Isn't it exciting about Joyce and the babies?"

"Yes, I'm back, and yes, it's exciting about Joyce and the babies. I brought you something, Brenda." I handed her the envelope.

She took the envelope from me. "Is this from your trip, Kenny?"

"No, this is from Uncle Bunny. He wanted you to have it." Even before Brenda opened the envelope, her mother was standing by her side. Brenda reached in and slowly drew out the check and stared at it. It was a bank check, just like a Cashier's check. All Brenda had to do was deposit it at her bank and she could start drawing on the funds immediately. Georgia was even more excited than Brenda, and Brenda was pretty excited.

"You're really giving me this?"

"No, it's really from Uncle Bunny. He wanted to give it to you. All I'm doing is delivering it for him."

"What about my money, Kenny? He wanted me to have the money too." Georgia had a hard look on her face. She must have known what I was going to tell her. She just wasn't able to not ask the question.

"That wasn't anything I wanted to deal with. Brenda's money was."

"Richard gets money and now Brenda, but I get nothing?"

"Uncle Bunny and Mama did DNA testing on Brenda and Richard. Uncle Bunny knew she wasn't his. He never blamed her for that. When he died, he still loved Brenda."

"I did more for him than any of the rest of you did."

"I guess that's true. You never did what you said you did though, and that's one of the reasons he changed his will. You could have had it all, Georgia, but now you have nothing."

"You're wrong. Richard might not want to share with me, but my daughter will."

"You're wrong about that, Mama. I'm not spending any of my money. Kenny, can you invest this for me? Do whatever you did before that made so much money. I want my money to make more money for me. Richard's already spent half of his money. I want to stay rich. This is your money, Kenny. I know you're the one who's giving it to me. Thank you."

I told Brenda to take the check down to Frank's office and to endorse it. I'd call Frank and have him establish a trading account for me to trade Brenda's money. In one way I was surprised, but after thinking about it, I really shouldn't have been. As much as Brenda wanted to get rich, she wanted to stay rich even more.

"Mama predicted Brenda would do something like that. Did you know she's giving Mrs. Connor her money too? She wanted to wait until after you gave Brenda hers. Did she surprise you when she asked you to help her invest the money?"

"Yes, but not really that much. Brenda wants to stay rich. I'll bet Richard and Georgia will be trying to borrow money off Brenda in a few years. I bet she'll give it to them too."

Joyce and I tried to make gentle love, but there was just something that made both of us press for more direct contact. I was worried that we'd go too far while carried away. I hoped we didn't harm our babies in any way.

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