The Bet
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, CrossDressing, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ch.1-Wifey wins bet and hubby must comply. Ch.2-Wifey won the bet and dresses hubby up. Ch.3-Wifey won the bet and pretty hubby takes her strapon. Ch.4-Wifey won and hubby has more crossdressing strapon fun.

"Oh, don't be such a baby. You lost the bet, so you have to pay up. Simple as that."

"Yeah, but I didn't think you'd want anything like this. I'd feel weird."

"What's weird about it? Women do it all the time. People go to costume parties and dress up for Halloween all the time, don't they? Besides, the bet was that anything goes for the winner, remember? I can only imagine what you dreamed up for me, baby. But I won the bet and you're not allowed to back out now."

"Oh, man. But what if a neighbor comes over or a friend stops by? They'll see me. I couldn't stand that; I'd never live it down."

"Quit whining. We'll take precautions, close the curtains, make sure you're hidden and all that. Besides, nobody just drops by without calling first anyway, so what are you worried about?"

"Yeah, but why this? Can't I just lick you for awhile, or be your sex slave or something?"

"Of course you can, buttercup, anytime you want, you know that," she said coyly.

"Yeah, yeah, but why this?"

"Because it makes me hot. You want me to be all hot and wet for you don't you, baby?" Lilla purred as she snuggled up to me, snaked a leg around mine and twirled my hair with a finger.

"Yeah, but of all things. And what about my hair, it'll take weeks to grow back."

"Don't worry about it. Sheesh, it's winter. Nobody sees you except me."

"It'll hurt," I pouted.

"Oh, no, you don't. You want me to get Brazilians, but you can't do it because it might hurt? Uh uh, buddy boy, you're not getting out of it with that crap."

Out of excuses, I relented. "Alright, alright. Whatever."

Lilla clapped her hands under her chin and bounced on her toes. "Goodie! Let's go."

She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. "This is gonna be fun fun fun, you'll see. Well, not the first part, for you, exactly, but the rest. God, I got so wet plannin' this and thinkin' about what we're gonna do. I'm getting turned on now just talkin' about it."

"Wee yahoo," I said without enthusiasm as we entered the bedroom.

"Okay, you strip while I get the clippers. I have to get your hair shorter so the wax'll grip it right," Lilla gleefully chirped.

I undressed and waited while Lilla set things up. Towels, applicators, wax, some lotions and potions. "Okay, baby, I'm reaaady. Are youuu?" she teased.

Humming sweetly, Lilla threw the switch and clipped my hair to an eighth of an inch; legs, underarms, groin, and what little chest hair I had. She stepped back, looked at me as if I were her project, head tilted to the side, brow furrowed, then took my arm in her hand.

"Hey! What're you doin'?" I cried out in alarm as I pulled my arm away.

"I want a smooooth lover this weekend, baby. You're gonna be my smooth little love bug and I'm gonna slide my slippery little body all over you, all over my smoooooth little lover boy. Hmm, baby?" she enticed.

I held my arm out, thought, "Shit, what the hell have I agreed to." Lilla had always been more sexually creative than me and usually initiated the more adventuresome escapades: Blowjobs driving home through our neighborhood, furtive quickies in public places, handjobs and footjobs in restaurants, toys, costumes and role playing, making up sex scenarios and fantasies and telling them to each other in bed.

I thought about these things and how awesome Lilla is as I stood on unfolded newspaper in the middle of the bathroom, clipped hair at my feet, about to be completely shorn of body hair. I was boxed in this time. I could always renege on the bet, but it wouldn't be worth it. Not at all. Not with Lilla and her creed of trust and word of honor.

"There. That's done," Lilla said with a brushing clap of her hands. "Okie dokie, spodiokie, come on over here, pumpkin," she said perkily as she led me to the bed, a large beach towel spread out for me to lay on. Lilla rubbed this cream and that on me saying this one would let the wax come off easier and that one would desensitize my skin.

"Don't worry, sweetie, you'll hardly feel a thing," she assured me as she scooped up a gob of heated wax with the applicator and spread a patch on my leg. "Okay, honey bunny, just hold your skin taught right there while I... ," rrrip.

"Ow, ow, shit that hurt! You said I'd barely feel it," I shrieked.

"Hmm, the cream should have at least done something," Lilla said with a puzzled look on her face as she picked up the tube. "Oh dear, looks like I put on the wrong one. Sorry honey, my bad." I groaned. "Tell you what, snookums, we'll do tequila shots, instead. You get a head start," Lilla said over her shoulder as she skipped out the door.

With the help of a takillya buzz I endured the waxing. We even got the giggles when at one point I yelled out, "Kelly Clarkson!" then other celebrities each time Lilla pulled the trigger. It also helped that she kept me distracted and assuaged by massaging, nibbling and sucking my cock. She wouldn't let me come, though, no matter how much I begged.

Lilla got me denuded, cleaned off, and showered. Back in the bedroom she was standing naked, gazing at me. She rubbed her hands over me. "God, this is so hot. I'm so wet, baby, feel me, feel how wet I am," she gushed as she pulled my hand to her smooth pussy while groping me.

"Mmm, yeah, right there, baby," she whispered and held herself up, griping my shoulders as I worked two fingers in her and swirled my thumb on her sweetness. We kissed, our tongues increasingly desperate.

Lilla dropped to her knees and took me in her velvet mouth, making me moan. Her tongue swirled around the head once, twice, she plunged deep, back up. She looked up at me, eyes blazing, gave a small nod.

I ran my fingers along the side of her head through her gorgeous shoulder length red hair. I curled my fingers, gripped her hair in my hands, and fucked her mouth, hard.

Lilla kept her mouth soft as I thrust deeply, her nose against me, then back out, again and again. I held her to me and sat on the edge of the bed, my hands held her hair, thrust my hips as I could, moved her head down and up while she made small sounds. I grabbed the hair at the back of her head with one hand, reached down and fondled and twisted her nipples, making her groan. I fucked her mouth and kneaded her pussy with my foot. I played with her nipples and stroked her pussy with my foot until she came, moaning around my cock. With a grunt I came deep in her mouth.

I kept Lilla on me, her tongue and hands busy, until I hardened. I pulled out and flung her petite body against the edge of the mattress, pushed her torso down on the bed, and stabbed into her from behind, heard a sharp outcry.

"Yeah, baby, do it, fuck me hard, make me come," Lilla rasped as I pinned her hips against the mattress edge, again and again, over and over, her outstretched hands clutching the bedspread. My sweat was dripping on her back when she finally cried out, went limp while I rode on. I hammered into her for some time more and finally came with a guttural roar.

I collapsed on her back, my cock slowly disengaging, hugged her. Lilla reached back with one hand to cradle and rub my neck, said in a soft voice, "Muy caliente, bambino, muchas gracias."

"De nada, mi amor. I wasn't too hard on you, was I, baby?"

"No baby, when I'm in the mood, I love you to use me hard. I wouldn't like it all the time, but sometimes, ooh la la!" Lilla said as she squirmed out from under me. "Come up here, sweets, and lay on your back."

I lay down and she took me in her sultry mouth. I held her hair aside and watched her use her mouth on me, enraptured by her passion and skill. Lilla worked me until I was hard. She straddled me, looked into my eyes as she took me inside, a small smile as she descended. Lilla lay on my chest, kissed me, snuggled her head against my shoulder and sighed, my arms around her. In this way, we slowly ground to a lovely finale.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you, too, babydoll. Let's get some sleep, okay? Tomorrow's gonna be a big day."

"Uh oh," I thought as I turned the light out.

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