The Night Of The Wolf
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Before the still and before the eve the night of the wolf will come.

The tree splintered into hundreds of small pieces as his clenched fist struck it, growling a loud low growl in frustration, as Master Jaldran watched him, his head shaking in despair as this youngster allowed his frustration and anger to overcome his senses once more.

'No listen and breath' Master Jaldran said, the sound of his own frustration echoing in his voice, as he gave his young companion a hard stare, 'Breath and, listen yourself' his companion shouted back at Master Jaldran, his face a mask of anger and frustration 'We are wolf and should take the fight to the enemy, not be hiding in the woods and sniffing out mystical chosen women'.

Master Jaldran folded his arms and began to laugh, his huge humanoid wolf like frame shaking as he did, 'You dare mock me Master' his companion screamed at him, his voice startling some resting wildlife into fleeing the booming voice as he trembled with rage.

A visible change formed on his younger companions face as his own wolf like features were formed into a snarl and he tensed to attack 'Think before you make such a mistake Caris' Master Jaldran said, this caused his young charge to stop for a moment and then without warning leap to strike his mentor.

With simple step forward Master Jaldran caught the smaller Caris and flipped him over slamming him down hard into the forests wet ground, the sound causing the last remaining wildlife to flee into the brushes, trees and air.

Before Caris could recover his composure Master Jaldran was on top of him, pressing his weight on the youngsters body and pressing his claws to his fallen companions throat 'now what Caris, just like that two becomes one and they have almost won, we aided man along time ago and received this curse upon us and until we are strong again, we will find the chosen on the night of wolf and survive', Caris struggled slightly under his masters weight but knew, death was but a heartbeat away.

'Yes Master' he said with the sound of defeat in his voice, his body slumping to the ground as all the tension and fight was drained from him, with no effort Master Jaldran rose to his feet and pulled Caris from the ground and patted his shoulder 'You will learn young one, you carry the blood of our ancestors'.

The pride seemed to return to the younger man at the words of his master and he stood straight and proud, his voice strong and firm 'Yes Master, we will, Master Jaldran smiled warm smile full of pride to Caris and stepped back 'Now Young Caris, your senses are what will help you find the chosen one and we shall be three'

With his words still hanging in the air, his young charge closed his eyes and dropped into a crouch on all fours, his senses stretching out trying to learn what his master was teaching him.

The sun was setting slowly and the last dying rays of light gave way to the darkness of night, 'Master' Young Caris asked as they both sat in front of a blazing fire to fight off the chill of the cold night, his Master looked up at Caris broken from his contemplation 'Yes young Wolf' he said, his voice untroubled by the interruption.

Caris looked around nervously, not seeming to want to lock eyes with his master, his courage seemingly not so strong in social senses as it was in the rage of battle, Master Jaldran looked at him, making the young wolf take his eye and not break it, but remained silent long enough to allow Caris to regain his strength to speak, 'Master, when will I be allowed to seek a chosen one', Master Jaldran smiled and laughed a warm friendly laugh.

Some anger began to form on Caris face, until he realised his Masters intent was not to anger him, 'So the young pups, Hormones are rising for more than just a fight now' he said, making Caris visibly embarrassed as he lost his nerve once more and turned his gaze from his master and stumbled over the words he tried to speak 'No, no Master, I just want to help our people, I, I' his voice lost all composure and he looked into the flames and knocked dirt into the fire with his hand.

'You will serve your people soon enough Young Caris, I am not the young wolf I used to be' Master Jaldran said and he could see Caris raise his head to look at him, he knew Caris refused to accept the fact that even his mentor was growing old after fighting so many battles, With a raising of his hand he gestured away any of the complaints he knew Caris would make and returned to his contemplation of before.

The flames drew his attention as his mind slipped into the past, so much time had passed and so much death had been attributed to this war that had raged between his people and an enemy that he had fought for far too long,

The rift between them once healed as the both races were almost wiped into the pages of history, such an end would have befallen both peoples, if they had not come to a pact of peace that bloody day, but with one enemy unconquered the blood lust had not been sated and the enemy found new worlds to conquer, leaving his people in peace, as the enemy discovered the humans ripe for conquest.

And for their own pride or honour his people chose to rise against there ancient enemies once more breaking the pact and aiding the humans, cursing themselves to have to seek the chosen one on the night of the wolf to continue to survive.

Soon he would have to let Caris learn the skills other than war, that he would require but this world offered little aid or comfort to his people, so caution was needed, as soon the night of the wolf would be upon them and they would come in the dark to find their chosen one, but their enemy would also come with murderous intent, to try and prevent the joining and another generation of his people being born.

Caris awoke with the with an itch on his arm, he rolled over to look up at the sky, it was still dark and would not be daylight for at least another hour, he stretched, his long human arms cracking as he tried to shake off the early morning stiffness he always seem to feel sleeping in his human form, but it was something Master Jaldran insisted on and for all of his thoughts on many things Caris respected him with honour.

Sitting up, he twisted his neck to see his back and pondered what the itching feeling was that had awoken him, he could feel nothing so assumed it must have been a bug of some kind, looking around he saw Master Jaldran was still sleeping under an old wool blanket, his weathered human face showing the same signs of ageing that humans did.

He watched the old man for a few minutes studying his movements and facial features as he slept peacefully, he knew his master had been in many battles and fought them to a standstill along with his father, Caris yearned for the feeling of battle, wanted to see his enemies blood before him and take the pride back for his people once more.

The thoughts of glory quickly passed from his mind as his senses suddenly filled with the sweetest smell, his body shifted and changed as he shifted into his natural humanoid wolf form, he stood to his full 7 foot height, his white fur shining in the moonlight as the night began to lose it's battle for supremacy once more to the coming sunlight.

The smell flooded his brain and his nose sniffed wildly at the air, trying to locate it, looking to his sleeping master once more, he considered waking him, but the smell seemed to take control of his brain and he crouched low into a stalking stance and followed it through the forest.

All around him the animals of the wood were awoken by his movement and watched him with curiosity and a little suspicion, few ran even though his visage was terrifying, he seemed like little more than a lost puppy as he stalked some unknown prey through the undergrowth of the forest floor his nose twitching as it searched.

Following the scent as he could smell it becoming stronger, his pace quickened and another scent mixed with the sweet smell of before, this one stronger and not so sweet, what was it he thought to him as his mind tried to associate the smells with memories, but none could find the answer he sought, so he continued stalking across the ground as the first flickers of day began to erode the darkness of night.

As he moved closer, the two smells now burning in his nose and left a strange taste in his throat, suddenly his ears perked up and he could hear a noise that sounded like pain, his muscles tensed and he rose up and with several short jumps that took him bounding headlong towards the sound.

The woods began to give way to more open ground, somewhere else the humans had destroyed to create the space they seemed to crave, destroying the realm of the beasts and turning it into the realm of man, the sound of pain filled his ears once more, but this time there was a confusing feel to it, not entirely pain but filled with the most primordial sound of pleasure.

The confusion gripping his brain now, Caris dug his claws into the soft earth as he stopped at the edge of woods, beyond the ground he stood on he could see two humans, one male and one female, the woman squealed out with a strange cry, as the man was pressed against her, as she was held against a tree, her legs wrapped around the mans body as he seemed to be moving his pelvis in a thrusting movement against her.

Caris began to rise to attack the man, to protect this woman from the attack that was being made against her, but then he felt his own loins begin to stir at the image and the scents that filled his nose and mind, he crouched back down and watched as the man gripped the woman's hips and pushed hard against her, his body striking hers and creating a slapping sound.

The woman placed one leg on the ground and then another, her arms moving from his neck, she moved to lay on her hands and knees like the wolfs of the forest would to create life, this deepened the confusion in the mind of Caris as the man moved behind her and eased himself into the woman, his hands gripping her hips once more as he began to push himself against her.

She was now panting and moaning in soft sounds, her head lowered to the ground as she spoke in a low whispers between the rising sounds of her groans, the man's breathing harder now as he pushed against her, his breath sounding deeper as he made quieter sounds than the woman but seemed lost in some kind of passion also.

The heat rising from the groin of Caris, was becoming like an itch, he felt excitement like he had never felt before, his left leg twitched as he continued to watch the man and woman in the throes of pleasure, is this what the joining meant, nothing more than an act man performed, this was what his people had given up their life's for, so that they could mimic man to create new life.

He felt the anger as this thought burned within him and his body tormented him with frustration with the heat rising within him, and not he did not know what or how to stop it, he felt like he was about to explode, his mind burned in agony as he prepared to rise from where his crouched and, and... and do what he thought to himself as he heard the woman let out a scream of pleasure as the man gasped and made one last deep thrust into her and then he seemed to lose his strength as he leaned down against the woman's back placing his lips on the back of her neck.

Caris turned low in his crouching position and quietly with the skill of a hunter stalked away from the couple towards where he knew his Master was sleeping, his mind filled with more questions than answers, but feeling he had learned something but he did just not know what?.

Master Jaldran awoke to find young Caris had gone off on one of his usual morning stalking sessions, he shook his head laughing at the thought of the young wolf stalking some hapless rabbit through the woods and then scaring the life out of it before letting it run away, he knew his charge wanted to fight so much, to try and make a difference, his father had been the same, but his father was gone, Master Jaldran felt his eyes fill for a moment before he shook his head and composed himself 'Your getting old' he said to himself as he heard Caris approaching.

Waiting for him to appear, Master Jaldran watched as Caris looking flustered appeared through the trees and stopped as he saw his Master awake 'Good morning to you young Caris' Master Jaldran said as he noticed his charges eyes darting around. 'Is something bothering you Caris?' he asked trying to gauge the reaction to his question.

The young wolf was becoming better at hiding things from his Master and Jaldran saw him compose himself quickly as he prepared to answer, but if he did answer, Master Jaldran did not hear as he felt the sensation of the calling filling him, his senses going wild as he sprang to his feet, his human form changing to his natural white furred self as he did.

Caris opened his mouth as if to ask a question but he stopped as Master Jaldran began to sniff the air and look around, his body taking on the movements of a hunter and warrior of his people, his senses had guided him here, but the night of the wolf was so close now and now he could sense her, the chosen one was near and soon they would strike a blow against the enemy.

He paused a moment to drink in her sweet scent, then turned to Caris, his mind slowly allowing him to take control 'the spirits have guided us here young Caris, now we must find her, and before the night of the wolf', With the scent still lingering and washing over his own senses, he kneeled down and gave a moment of silent remembrance to those fallen in this war.

The sun was almost set and the land was again covered in darkness as Master Jaldran stood staring into blackness that would shield him from prying eyes as he sought to find her.

'Stay here' Master Jaldran said to Caris, holding his hand up to ward off any protest, 'No Caris, I need to scout the area and find her, and if she is here Then we do not know if they are here also'

Caris whimpered in an almost pathetic 'yes Master' and it almost broke Jaldran's heart hearing it from such a proud warrior as Caris, but his pride would have to suffer for now, it was nearly time of the wolf and the continued survival of their people, he clamped a hand on the shoulder of Caris and squeezed it hard 'Your time will come my young friend' with a final toothy smile Master Jaldran disappeared into the darkness leaving Caris alone.

Moving with practiced speed and grace, Master Jaldran covered the ground quickly her scent firmly within his grasp as he leapt over a log and landed softly on his feet, stopping to look up at the moon, he twisted to his left and accelerated once more over the forest floor and soon could hear the sound of life just beyond a river.

It did not take Caris long to lose his patience and he began pacing their makeshift encampment, his mind full of thoughts 'Why could I not go, I need to go, it is not fair', then his senses were overcome with the scent of the previous morning, the humans again, he thought to himself as he dropped into a crouching position claws digging into the ground for support, not feeling comfortable he began to edge towards the smell, moving on all fours slowly his body shifting with the precise movements he was taught.

Looking down both sides of the river Master Jaldran knew a human settlement lay beyond, seeing no life here he leaned back and leapt across the river, landing on his feet and moving forward quickly still following her delectable scent and the sound of life that he knew must be her home.

Caris was now moving quicker, the scent growing stronger, his confidence greater in the darkness as he stalked the humans from this morning, his mind filled with the memory of their love making and his groin felt warm with excitement, this time there was no excited sounds coming from her, stopping near a large group of bushes Caris kneeled to conceal himself and saw her again, she stood up to her waist in the water of a small lake, her long hair hanging down wet from the water, the upper half of her body exposed to the night and his eyes.

Master Jaldran edged closer to the village and could now see the activity of life, several poorly clothed peasants were swaying drunkenly on the street, but these men did not concern him, he must find her, but patience was important here, he could not just enter the village even in his human guise, too many questions could be asked and as he knew strangers often drew too much unwanted attention.

Moving cautiously forward Caris, could feel the strange sensation overcoming him, he felt it this morning and now the image of this half clothed human and her scent drove him crazy, he stared up at the moon to try and distract himself from her, Master Jaldran had warned him, that they should avoid humans at all costs, the enemy had too much influence over them.

Watching and waiting the village had a sense of peace over it, that not even the two drunken men could seem to break, the scent of the chosen one burned even more deeply now and he knew their was no doubt that she was here. Half lost in his thoughts and the power of the lust that seemed to gnaw at his very soul, Caris stumbled into the open, his gaze moving from the moon to the human in the river, she heard his feet as they dragged across the ground and both their eyes locked and then she screamed in terror.

Letting his body relax where he hid, he could see her come into view, as his eyes locked onto her, her scent and the power of the calling took hold of him, she was not what some humans would consider an attractive woman, her hair was straggly and appeared unwashed, her skin blemished and red, but to Master Jaldran she was the most beautiful creature in existence.

Her scream filled his head and ears and Caris reared back in a terrifying image of horror to the woman, he was more taken back by her reaction, but as he towered over he did not fully realise how terrifying he looked.

A noise to his left drew his attention from her, shifting his neck he clamped his vision on the man he had seen with her earlier that day, the man this time was dressed in clothing of a nobleman and carried a sword at his hip, The words of Master Jaldran flooded into the mind of Caris as the uncertainty of the moment rushed through his head...

The pause gave the man time to draw the sword from its scabbard and Caris raised his hand as the sword came down at his head, the blade cutting deeply into the flesh on his palm, he roared in pain and drew his arm back and backhanded the human across the face, the blow made a loud smacking sound and the man was lifted off his feet and flung through the air by the strength behind it.

Caris roared at his fallen opponent, his mind now filled with the bloodlust of combat as he felt the wound in his hand sting, he turned back to the woman and felt a sharp pain as she smashed him across the nose with a rock she must have grabbed from the ground.

Caris roared in pain and he felt his senses go crazy as the pain burned his nose and face, his lunged forward stopping inches from the woman's and bellowed an almighty roar of anger that echoed into the night and filled the woman's face.

The force of his lungs expelling alone, caused her hair to be forced back from her face, as his spittle exploded against her skin, the blood seemed to vanish in an instance from her face and she stood white faced and pale before him as Caris turned and fled into the woods.

The roar tore into Master Jaldran's ears and he knew straight away that Caris must be in trouble, he took one last longing look at the chosen one, and leapt back into the woods his legs taking great strides as his ears tried to locate the sound and his nose pin point his smell. 'I am sorry Master' were the only words that Caris could bring himself to say, as she stood before Master Jaldran, his head hung low in shame at what he had caused, With a firm hand on his shoulder Master Jaldran tried to comfort him 'it is ok Caris, you are young, perhaps I should have thought more of your training' he said squeezing the young ones shoulder tighter.

'I have found her and tomorrow night is the time of the wolf, our time and the spirits will help me show her that she is so precious to us' Jaldran moved his arm and looked around into the darkness, he knew as did Caris that once the news spread of the monsters in the woods then they would come, he turned back to Caris 'Tomorrow night, after dark, you will wait on the edge of the village and I will sneak back in and with the spirits blessings we will be away quickly', the words were marked with an air of optimism.

The time between the two seemed to flow quickly as they found a quiet place to sleep for the night, with the first rays of day light they were up and Master Jaldran taught Caris more of the ways of their people, constantly expecting attack from all sides, but the time was peaceful and one more the sunset on the day and Master Jaldran could feel the energies of this special night converging as he sat down with Caris to share a meal.

They ate in silence, Caris obviously nervous and not wanting to disturb his Masters preparation, he did not enjoy his food this night as his stomach twisted and turned in knots at the anticipation of the events to come. Master Jaldran spoke softly breaking the silence 'You have been a good student to me Caris' he said a twinge of emotion sounding in his voice.

Caris stared at him, trying to understand why his Master now spoke like this after so much trouble had been caused by his stupidity, 'No Master, I have caused trouble and put our destiny in danger' the confidence still shaken in his voice.

Master Jaldran laughed softly and smiled at Caris 'You are young, as believe it or not, I was young once too, so do not be so hard on yourself' he paused, his face suddenly becoming seriously 'Caris, you must promise me, that if they come tonight then you will run'

The young wolfs face turned to an image of shock that his Master would tell him to run, to flee like a coward 'No' he snapped back at Jaldran 'you have taught me honour and I will not flee like a coward Master' His masters voice roared back at him suddenly 'You will do as you are told, for if we fail tonight then we must survive you young FOOL'

The look of anger and determination on his Masters face forced all arguments from his throat and he nodded his head in affirmation, his shoulders slumped in defeat as his Master rose to his feet and gestured for him to follow 'The time is now young one, blessed the spirits watch over us' he said as they both walked into the darkness of the night and towards destiny.

Caris watched from the edge of the river, as Master Jaldran moved quietly into the village, it seemed quiet tonight, perhaps too quiet, but his words were brushed aside by his Master as nothing more than over caution, his strong keen eyes observed as Jaldran disappeared behind a wooden hut that by it's smell stored grain.

Shifting uncomfortably where he crouched, Caris watched the village his eyes drawn to every shadow and movement but nothing, perhaps his stupid error had not alerted them to his Master and him 'Blessed be' he spoke to himself more from hearing Master Jaldran than his own spiritual beliefs.

Slipping past the grain store, Jaldran stopped to let his senses seek her out once more, his senses removing all other smells around hers until nothing distracted him from her and he moved towards a small wooden dwelling where he knew she must reside.

Caris saw movement from the edge of the village, his squinted to see what it was, but the darkness seemed to rob his normally strong eyes tonight, then the red glow of the eyes of his enemy came into focus and he heard a sound behind him.

Master Jaldran reached the dwelling and moved around the outside to locate where her scent was strongest, his senses suddenly recoiled in horror as the chosen one's scent was suddenly covered by the smell of death and corruption and he realised he was too late.

Caris turned towards the sound and a pain tore through his shoulder as a steel crossbow bolt hit him, he growled in pain as 3 men dressed in the armour of Soldiers stepped into view, 2 held swords in hand and one an empty crossbow, Caris knew they were human minions of his ancient enemy and flexed his claws to fight.

'Caris' Master Jaldran thought to himself, he was all alone, a moment of panic gripped him at the thought of his charge in danger and the promise he had made to his the young wolfs father, the panic quickly forced down he turned back to the centre of the village as he saw a face from his past standing before him flanked by two others.

The man with the crossbow was dead before he even fully realised Caris had moved, the young wolfs claws cutting through his breast plate and opening his stomach wide, the other two Soldiers charged forward swords held high ready to strike.

The hated image of Kaldros Charn stood before Master Jaldran, he held a silver sword in his right hand and his red eyes burned with hatred as he smiled revealing his white fangs in the semi darkness 'You have become old and sloppy Jaldran and tonight you die like the rest of your race' with a signal of his hand, the two other red eyed warriors stepped forward swords ready to strike.

Caris ducked the first sword strike and swept his arm up to parry the second, these men were experienced warriors but they had never fought someone as fast as this wolf and the second one died as Caris cut upwards with his clawed hand catching the man under the chin forcing his head back and his body to fall limp to the ground.

The two creatures came at Master Jaldran, they tried to spread out to encircle him from either side, but the shuffle in their steps showed they were young and inexperienced, perhaps there was a hope tonight Jaldran thought to himself, as he lunged to his left closing the distance quickly between himself and the first opponent, his huge hand going around the warriors face and neck gripping tightly and with a twist of his wrist Jaldran lifted him off his feet and threw him dead into other warrior who tried to circle around him, both creatures falling to the ground as Master Jaldran leapt in the air and came crashing down on the second warriors neck

Caris faced the last knight and snarled a viscous look forming on his face, he could sense the fear in the armoured man now, and saw his hands shaking while he tried to grip his sword for courage, Caris feigned to step forward and the man dropped his weapon and broke fleeing.

Master Jaldran stood and turned to face his bitter enemy 'You bring children to kill us now Kaldros Charn' he said, a hint of bitterness sounding in his voice, without a reply or a moments hesitation Kaldros Charn moved forward, his silver bladed sword flashing in the light of the moon as it swept up towards the neck of Master Jaldran.

Moving back Jaldran let his left leg step back, to balance himself as the sword flashed past his neck, another swing forced him further back as Charn pressed his attack.

Sidestepping another strike and lashed out with his right hand, his claws aimed at the throat of Kaldros Charn, who with a quick upwards movement blocked the strike with his own sword.

Jaldran felt the touch of silver burn against his skin, a weakness of his people, which had spawned so many legends of were creatures on this world, he lunged forward and gripped the wrist of his opponent and moved the sword away as they both stared with equal hatred into each others eyes. 'It ends tonight Jaldran' Kaldros Charn spat the words into the face of Jaldran as they both now struggled with each other locked in a grapple neither willing to willing to give an inch.

'No you die tonight, for even if you kill me, his son still lives' Jaldran spat back in retort to Charn's taunt as he leaned in closer and bit down into Kaldros Charn's shoulder tearing away at the flesh.

Charn screamed in agony and with strength born from this, he ripped his arms free of Jaldran's grapple and pulled away forcing the wolf to release his bite, Taken back from the sudden strength of Kaldros Chan, Jaldran was forced to try and regain his footing on the wet ground.

Charn's head came forward as he brought in down on the bridge of Jaldran's nose, knowing how to exploit his enemies weakness Charn followed his head butt with a thrusting punch across the stunned Jaldran's nose forcing his already heightened senses to scream in agony.

He shook his head trying to clear the pain, as he stumbled away barely avoiding a straight sword thrust aimed at his neck, swinging wildly to create some separation from Charn, his claws found nothing but air and then the agony of Kaldros Charn's silver blade sword found him piercing his chest as his world suddenly filled with agony beyond any he had ever felt.

Caris stood over the two bodies of the dead Soldiers and the words of his Master ran through his head as he remembered his promise to run, looking back at the village again, he turned to leave and felt his eyes burning with rage, 'No' he growled to himself and sprang across the river towards the village, moving quicker as his arms and feet found solid ground.

He burst on to the open ground of the village and saw the warrior standing over his master who now kneeled in front of him, with a roar of challenge Caris charged towards the man his claws gleaming in the moonlight.

'No Caris' Master Jaldran said weakly, as he felt the blade twist in his chest and saw the triumphant look on the face of Kaldros Charn 'His son comes to the slaughter' Charn said as he raised his foot and pushed placed it on the chest of Jaldran, his grip on the blade held strong as he started to pull it free.

The agony of the blade made Jaldran's vision begin to swim, as it became almost impossible to focus on anything, his promise to his friend on that day came back to him, his body jerked as he felt the blade pulled fully from him now and his eyes could barely focus on Charn and the approaching snarling sound of Caris.

Suddenly his vision cleared and he felt his arms begin to move as if life itself had returned to his dying body, 'CHARN', he roared as he lifted his head to look up at the gloating face of Kaldros Charn 'IT ENDS TODAY', he roared with all the strength within his body and rose to his feet, Charn's face filled with horror as Jaldran towered over him and fell upon him, his vicious teeth and claws tearing and rending Charn's flesh spilling his life essences to the ground until they both fell.

Caris saw his Master rise up and savagely bite and tear into this man, and hope began to fill Caris that his Master was not so badly injured until he saw both men fall from their wounds.

Racing to his fallen Master, he could see the wound that had caused him to fall and tried to press his hands against it to staunch the flow of blood as it poured out on to his white matted fur.

'Master, I am sorry, I am so sorry' Caris said as he cradled Jaldran's head fighting back tears. 'Caris, you are the last now, find the chosen one, but beware our enemies' Master Jaldran said weakly his voice becoming weaker as the blood flowed from him until he was gone.

Letting his head fall back, the tears filled the eyes of Caris and he let a mournful howl loose into the sky to mark his Masters passing.

Standing on the roof top, he looked down at the humans as they moved back and forth in full celebration of this night of the wolf

He had been drawn here tonight and now he would seek the chosen one. Because for too many lifetimes now, his enemy had thwarted him and he had remained the last.

But not on this Night, no on this night of the wolf he would find her and One would be two again, but it was not night of the wolf to the humans, no they called it Halloween.

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