Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tasting a woman for the first time can be a heady experience, being tasted by another woman is just as sensual.

We've had a very pleasant evening; the dinner and movie were splendid. We are relaxing back at your apartment with a nice wine and our guest for the evening, actually a new friend to me, you introduced us tonight for the first time. She is an attractive blonde small, yet well built; her blue eyes are emphasized with the soft blue of her dress.

I smile as you are chatting with her now; you always have a nice warm way of treating people, and she is not immune.

Stretching slightly in my spot on the sofa I realize my shoes are tiresome and kick them off tucking my legs under my bottom. You refill our glasses and lean back beside me, your hand strokes back of my head rubbing the nape of my neck slightly, I can feel a tightening in my stomach as your touch always has a wicked way of totally distracting me and you know it.

I can see a small smile on your lips of amusement not just because of the amusing story she is telling, and silently promise to pay you back later for your sweet teasing now.

I am feeling very mellow; wine has a way of doing that to me. And I idly watch as she smoothes out her skirt shifting her legs and wonder if she will be here much longer as I want you to myself now. I contain myself though and my eyes wander over her and notice she has taken her shoes off also. When she reaches forward to pick up her glass her eyes meet mine in a frankly sexy appraising me look and I am a bit disconcerted as I am not sure what it meant. Flushing I look away and try to focus back on you, but something is not quite right. The room seems a bit warm and I nervously sip my wine and try to regain my composure.

I wonder if you noticed and what you thought about her, I can't help noticing her looking at me. While you talked of mundane things and your hand is on my neck with her eyes watching my restless movements, a nervous flutter is rising within me and I reach for the box of truffles to offer around to keep busy. She reaches to take one and brushes my fingers with hers and it is like electric. I nearly drop the box in my shock and decide I need some air to shake this odd feeling.

Murmuring excuses I stand and walk out of the room and down the hall, looking into the bathroom mirror, fixing non-existent stray wisps of hair with trembling fingers. Breathing deeply and attributing my strange mood to the 3 glasses of wine tonight, I stepped into the hall and back to the living room where I see she is just getting up asking for the restroom and I am relieved as I wanted a moment alone with you.

You ask me if I am ok and I tell you that I am just getting tired I think... you brush my cheek with a warm finger, dropping it down to my lips where I kiss your finger just taking it a bit into my mouth and sucking slightly on it... your rapid intake of breath is what I like to hear and I apply a bit more pressure to your finger. You tip my face to yours and soon warm lips I love so are covering mine and I am lost in a long kiss. Any rational thoughts I had soon flee in the face of this kiss and only a small chuckle behind us brings a close to it. You are unabashed as she comes back to her seat, I am blushing again as I know my desire filled eyes are telling where my thoughts were. She has an amused expression even as I spill my wine over myself and we are jumping up, soda water applied to a cloth and somehow it is she that is rubbing the stain while you hold my blouse out from my skin. The stain is not really coming out and I stand bemused as you start to unbutton it, suddenly I am reminded that is not just you here and I pull the edges back together but a soft touch stops me and her hands are on me easing my blouse apart and off my shoulders

I start to protest but your lips come down to mine and I can't say anything when I feel her cool fingers slipping along the tops of my breasts and come around to cup my breasts tracing the out line of my hardening nipples under the lacey bra. Your hands release the catch and I am soon exposed to her touch. Stopping our kiss to whisper that you love me and want me to enjoy this. You hold me back against your chest, speaking in my ear how reminding me that we had talked about this ever happening and how much you wanted to see me made love too by a woman.

I am not sure if this is what I want totally but trust causes me to accept her caresses and when her mouth on my nipple causes me to nearly fall you sit back with me on your lap watching as she lifts each breast and tastes my nipples, licking and tasting, then her fingers are in their place as she is now leaving a wake of kisses up my neck to the edge of my lips and as I look in her eyes she kisses me first gently then her tongue is touching mine and I close my eyes to the plundering kiss, you lay me back and watch now, I can feel your hardness under me it is adding more excitement to this as I know of your enjoyment also.

Her hands are sliding down my stomach and the catch on my skirt is released and I am now in my panties, stockings are next, and a soft moan catches in my throat as her fingers stroke the inside of my thigh and your hands are now touching my breasts taking over from her attentions while she pays attention to the heat rising from between my legs...

I can feel my wetness and her questing fingers soon slide my panties off and I can't stop the gasp, as now she is between my legs, her tongue slowly licking circles on my inner thighs and I willingly open myself up to her... no longer can I resist, my restless movements tell her that I am so ready for more and she sets to work on my sensitive spot.

You hold me still as her tongue is driving me wild, licking and sucking my clit, her finger slips inside me, she puts a second one in and slowly strokes them in and out of me while sucking on my clit this nearly sends me over the edge. She pulls back and lets her fingers work before returning with her hot lips and tongue to my exquisite torture.

I hear your whispered loving wishes and I am awash on a sea of passion. No longer can I resist, all I know is my body and the slow build up of complete surrender to this and I cry out as I go over the edge, you kiss me at that moment and hold my shaking body close.

My body is still quivering from the effects of her attentions when she kisses me, the taste of my juices still on her lips. I return her kiss, we hold each other close for a moment and finally breaking apart aware that you have a very large problem and had been quite neglected.

I am on my knees freeing your stiff cock as she kisses you. I touch the tip delicately with my tongue and hear you groan as I slowly take your cock in my wet mouth. Her hand slides down and I share your cock with her showing the way you love to be handled.

You are kissing her breasts, taking her small nipples in your mouth and tonguing them. I see her arched back enjoying the sensations and cant help leaving your cock for a bit while I slide my hands up to caress her breasts... I am fascinated with the feel and she turns to me giving full access, I knew what I liked done to me and took my time kissing sucking, teasing each breast before once again returning to your rock hard cock.

Savoring the taste of your precum I work you over taking it as far as I can, drawing every bit of it inside my mouth, my hands massaging your balls, feeling your tension as you are sliding your hands in my hair holding my head still for a moment as you have other plans for now.

We stand up and move towards the bedroom our hands still running over each other, none willing to give up any contact, till we shrug off any remaining clothes and fall together on the bed, it is hard to tell who's hands are where now.

Stroking, soft sighs and murmured directions take over. I slip my hand down and stroke her soft pussy, hesitating just a moment before allowing my finger too press inwards and feel the wet softness within, gently I stroke and explore her pussy till I can't resist and catching your eyes I slowly lower my mouth and with the tip of my tongue taste a woman for the first time.

You are now kneeling with your cock in her mouth and I can feel her trembling as I nibble on her clit then sliding my tongue inside her. Her sweet juices are bathing my tongue and I devour every bit, she is twisting and begging me to take her and I am happy to set my mouth even closer and work her clit over and over.

You pull your cock from her mouth and come behind me plunging it inside my hot aching pussy completely, stroking me from behind driving me crazy with the feel of your cock rocking me and I use the motion to continue my devotion to her soaking pussy we work our bodies together.

I can feel my tension building and she is totally lost in the feeling she was about to cum I could feel how close she was and took care to pay extra attention to the nub that now was swollen and hard till she screams and comes with wild abandonment.

Her cries drive you to stroking even faster and I feel my tension building to a peak and as your cock slides quickly in and out taking me hard, you can't hold back any longer and the feel of your cock shooting hot juices inside me is everything I need to send me over the edge of pure ecstasy.

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