Eve Of The Hunt
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including MaleDom,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Before the still of the night comes the eve of the hunt

The sky was turning the dark shade of night, as the storm clouds began to gather in the early evening sky, the wind chilled those out on the streets on This Halloween night.

He stood before the mirror, his bare chest exposed and with nothing more than his boxer shorts to cover the rest of him, his eyes looking at his own reflection, studying his own image, his hands passing through his dark spiky hair, his handsome reflection smiled back at him from the mirror.

He had a good feeling about tonight, but first he needed to unwind, before he could prowl the streets, All hallows eve was always a special night, lost on many but not him.

His attention was drawn from the mirror by the buzzing sound of his door bell, walking quickly to the intercom, he pushed the button and the television screen light up to reveal the image of a tall bleach blonde haired woman, she wore a dark red dress and stood patiently waiting for him to answer the intercom.

His eyes drank her image in, as he breathed out a sound of satisfaction, the appetizer he thought to himself, letting his hand move to the intercom and pushing the release button for the door.

'Come on up, it is open' he said moving back towards where his black suit hung on a wooden hanger, next to it a silk shirt the colour of crimson.

Quickly dressing in blue shirt and dark blue trousers, he listened as the penthouse elevator could be heard rising through the floors to his apartment.

He heard the door to his apartment open and could hear her high heels on the marble floor, breathing in; he could smell her perfume, a sweet heady smell that would intoxicate the senses given a chance 'Make your self comfortable' he said gesturing towards the drinks cabinet.

She did not respond but he could hear her heels tapping against the marble as she moved to the drinks cabinet, the sound of a glass being placed on a table followed then by the sound of pouring liquid.

His hands touched the crimson silk shirt in front of him, his attention more drawn to that than the Bleach blonde with the red dress behind him; he closed his eyes and his mind filled with satisfaction as his fingers barely touched the shirts material.

He suddenly turned to face her, his first impression was that she was not unattractive, Her hair could perhaps not suffer so badly against the artificial colour she had used to create the blonde image that so many men craved, but he had not specified what he really wanted.

She looked relaxed as his eyes stripped away the image she gave so gladly to those willing to pay for it, he felt his mind begin to form plans for this interesting distraction.

He smiled, glad that she was not some scared rabbit but a determined spirit, so much nicer that way, moving towards her she smiled a welcoming smile and without a word he slipped past her to the drinks cabinet.

Kneeling on one knee, his back to her, his hands opened a small cupboard and pulled a wooden case from it, standing slowly feeling her confident demeanour still shining brightly.

Placing the case on the table, he moved to the other side and opened it, her view prevented from seeing what was inside his hands touched several things in the box for a few seconds until he moved like a cat slowly but with purpose back to the side of the table she stood on.

'Kneel in front of me' he said, his voice commanding and full, she nodded in affirmation and slowly lowered to her knees and he watched her as she looked up at him.

Reaching out with his left hand, he placed it on her chin and slowly lowered her face, so that it faced downwards towards the floor 'Do not look at me, unless I tell you that you can' he said, his voice sharper this time.

She nodded once more to confirm she understood and then she felt his other hand grab the back of her hair and pull it back, her neck snapped back and she found herself looking at the ceiling 'yes sir' he said looking down at her face.

She whimpered under the strain of his grip placed on the back of her neck as she tried to relieve the pain of her hair being yanked back 'Yes sir' she said trying to compose herself.

He released his grip on her hair and gripped her chin with his other hand forcing it downwards, this forced her to resume staring at the marble floor, she could hear him move away from her and then the sound of a drink being poured into a glass at the bar.

His almost silent footsteps were hard to trace as she felt him approach her once more, listening but he moved with the grace of a cat and her senses could not find him.

Suddenly she could hear him as he stepped next to her, she still not dare lift her head from the position he had forced her into.

She jumped slightly as she felt him take hold of her arms and placed them behind her back, one crossed over the other, so her long fingers almost touched her own elbows her muscles straining against his strength.

She felt the touch of leather being bound around her arms tightly and she whimpered slightly with each pulling of the material on her soft skin, soon she Could not move her arms and only balanced on her knees with no hope of saving herself if she were to fall forward.

She could feel his hands against the material of the dress she wore, they moved up her back and against her neck, she had served clients before with a domination fetish but this felt different somehow, there was a danger somehow, but she was receiving a good reward for her work and this man was a good client of the agency that employed her.

She felt him take hold of the material that covered her neck and pull it tightly against her, now she could feel it testing the muscles in her neck, the soft material causing a strange sensation.

She felt the straps of her dress being untied and opened, the material loosening and falling to reveal her soft skin around her shoulders and back before it was falling to reveal her whole back.

His hands moved against her flesh, his touch was not ungentle this time and it felt good, she sighed a small sign of pleasure, it came naturally to her not feeling forced like it did sometimes with others.

His thumbs massaged the small of her back and she felt her head begin to roll back unable to control the muscles in her neck as this mans touch was becoming overwhelming to her senses.

His hand touched the back of her head and eased it downwards once more and the floor filled her vision as she began to feel the build up of moisture between her legs, this mans touch turning her on.

His hands continued to touch and caress her back for a few more minutes, each moment making her become more aroused, her breaths coming in short intakes and low exhales, his hand touching her neck once more and she felt him grip it tightly.

Her body froze at his powerful touch, feeling now like a kitten trapped in it's mothers jaws and then being carried away from whatever mischief it could find, she felt herself being pushed forward and her head touched the marble floor, it felt cold but comforting against her skin as the heat rose in her face, she was now made to rest prone, her back curved slightly and her behind raised resting now on only her knees and the tops of her feet.

She could feel her dress being moved slowly down her back now, the material teasingly soft against her skin, but as it did her mind and body were uneasy with the position she was now in, it slid past her hips and fell past her rear and dropped to rest against the soles of her feet and the marble floor.

His powerful hands gripped her cheeks now and she could feel their warmth against her bare behind, his fingers dug into her flesh, not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough that she knew they were there and the blood rose to the surface against her skin to meet his touch.

Her head pressed firmly against the ground, her mind and body unwilling to allow it to move, even though she desperately wanted to see what he was doing to her, rather than just feel it, but as quickly as he had started to caress the flesh of her body, he stood once more and his footsteps could be heard moving across the marble floor.

Straining softly against the leather that bound her arms, she felt there was no give in the way it was tied around her arms and she wiggled her fingers slightly against each elbow to try and allow the blood to flow through her hands and arms more easily.

Starting to find some comfort, her world was suddenly startled into conciousness as she felt the hard wooden touch of a paddle against the aroused and awakened skin around her behind.

Her head snapped back more in shock than in pain and she felt him grab her neck and with some strength force it back to the marble floor 'I told you as I command slave' his voice growled at her as she could feel the cold marble pressing against her skin and his voice make her tremble slightly.

'Yes sir' she gasped out in response as she felt the paddle connect with her skin once more, this time harder and with an edge of aggression to it, she pulled against the restraints on her wrists but they would not give and she only succeeded in causing a burning pain in her arms.

One, twice, three more times the paddle struck her, with each blow the intensity and power of the strike increased as did her gasps of pain, she could feel now because her skin burned with pain, but she felt her underwear sticking to her as she became increasingly excited by his brutal touch.

After the third strike, she felt him grab the back of her hair and pull her head back, this time with more force than the first time her head held tight as almost in a death grip, her neck strained and she felt a cold leather strap being pulled around her neck.

Gasping against the pain from her hair being pulled and the uncertainty of the strap around her throat, she realised as he began to close the strap closed that it was a collar made from toughened leather and now it was closed tightly around her throat.

Trying to relax and not panic, her head was pressed back down to the marble floor once more and she felt her neck pulled slightly and the sound of a chain being pulled back as she realised it was attached to the collar. She could feel the chain draped against her back, it pressed down on her spine and hanging across her behind and touching her wet underwear as it dropped loosely to the floor.

His hands gripped the sides of her underwear and they were being slid down her legs, she could feel the release of pressure as they were pulled from between her legs.

The chain pressed against where her underwear had been moments before, the cold metal a different sensation, but one that made her squeeze her eyes closed unsure whether to feel pleasure or fear to what this man would do next.

She did not have wait long as the chain was pressed hard against her opening, it sent a cold shiver of pleasure through her as it pressed hard against her Clitoris, she fought to stop her head coming up again and pressed it harder to the floor to do so.

The chain was slowly moved away and his hand touched her where the chain had been moments before, his touch felt warm against what she had felt before and he felt her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger, her eyes pressed tighter now as she felt herself building towards a release.

Her eyes suddenly bulged as he grabbed the chain that was attached to the collar at her neck, pulling it back, she gasped as it began to choke her.

The burning sensation in her throat made her eyes begin to water against the perceived pain, his fingers now moving faster in a rubbing motion against her clitoris as they slid easily into her ample wetness.

The two sensations were making her mind go crazy, on one hand she felt the fear and pain of being choked, but oh on the other she felt his powerful touch against her and she was so close to release.

She tried to raise her head to relief some of the pressure on her throat, but as she did, his hand grabbed her neck and forced it back down, the collar pulling tighter to show his displeasure, but his hand rubbing faster as if some reverse reward.

Her legs began to shake and her back arched as she struggled against his hand on her neck, the muscles in her legs began to tighten and her shaking began to become harder and then the orgasm took her.

She felt a sensation similar to blacking out for a moment and she moaned like a wild animal for what this man had just done to her, she had not climaxed this way for a long time, if ever this strongly and he was not stopping

His hand continued to touch her and she felt another climax pass through her spreading from the point of his touch to encompass her entire body, She trembled all over and could feel some discomfort as his touch became harder and she knew her body was protesting against the feeling 'No more, please stop sir' she mumbled to the marble floor barely audible through her gasps and shortness of breath.

If he had heard her, then he made no motion to listen to her pleas as his two fingers continued rub against her clitoris in a circular motion, the moment started to become a blur as the pleasure and discomfort seemed to blur into one feeling, so hard to describe even in normal circumstances but now impossible of any coherent thought she would be capable of.

Slowly she regained her senses as she felt the mixed feelings beginning to form again into what she knew was a powerful orgasm, she moaned weakly into the marble floor, but with each passing seconds she felt the power of the approaching orgasm grow as did the strength and volume of her voice until she screamed into the floor still unable to move her head against his grip on her neck.

His hand moved away from her clitoris and she heard him stand once more, drawing short breaths against the cold marble, the pounding of her heart within her eyes made the sound of his feet against the floor barely audible as he moved away from her.

Shaking slightly, she felt her body beginning to calm as her mind began to draw coherent thought again, what was to come next she thought as she heard him coming back across the room, he began to rub one of her ankles with his left hand, and she felt the blood flow quicker and her heart begin to increase in rhythm.

She moaned as she felt the paddle strike her backside, the feeling heightened by the orgasms she had experienced by his hand moments before.

The paddle hit her again and again each strike building in force and she could feel her behind beginning to burn bright red and sore, his other hand continuing to massage her ankles moving from one to the other.

As she began to feel the rhythm of the paddle, it suddenly stopped and she felt cold metal clamp around her ankles, its touch sent another shiver through her body and she could feel her legs clamped tightly in place, she heard the sound of another chain and felt it touch her back softly.

He gripped her wrists at her back and she felt a set of manacles lock around her wrists, this caused the leather bindings to cut tighter into her already bruised skin and she felt a chain that connected the wrist and ankle restraints pull tighter causing her to be force to arch backwards to relieve some of the pressure now on her back, as the restraints forced her to be pulled into a half kneeling and half sitting position.

Her head forced to look upward at the ceiling, she found herself drawn into the dark crimson colour of the paint, it almost hypnotic effect leaving her barely aware of him until she felt his hands caress her bare breasts, they moved over her, exploring softly, his finger tips brushing her nipples causing her to breath a soft gentle sigh of contentment.

Both hands now moving upwards and brushing her skin up to her neck and then back down again, his thumbs moving in slow circular movements around her hard nipples, taking both nipples in each hand and then crushing them between thumb and forefinger causing her to whimper softly at the cruel touch as he moved his hands away to let her shiver.

Even before the crushing sensation against her nipples passed, she felt the sting of what sounded like a riding crop strike the top of her breast, instantly she felt the skin begin to mark with the swoosh of the crop sounding in her ears.

Another swishing of air and she felt the crop strike her once more, she screamed out a sound of half pleasure and half pain, never having been this far before and wondering to herself could she take what else this man had to offer.

The crop continued to strike, alternating against each breast in slow deliberate strokes, her body becoming accustomed to the pain and her brain becoming clouded with the confusion as it turned to pleasure.

She felt another powerful strike which caused her to scream out in genuine pain this time and she almost began to beg him to stop, but before she could speak she heard him moving away from her and the sound of a door opening somewhere within the apartment.

The pain in her body slowly began to subside and she panted against the exertion of her restraints and the rush her body created to make the pain feel better.

He suddenly appeared back in her view, now standing in front of her with a full length antique mirror resting on a stand, he placed it before her and she could fully see the position she was in, her breasts marked with red marks where the crop had struck her.

She could not fully comprehend the shock of it, as her eyes were drawn to him in the mirror and he moved behind her, her eyes trying to desperately follow him as he moved back to the case on the bar table.

He lifted the lid and she saw the bright red lacquered wood and she heard him stretching something behind the boxes lid.

Closing the lid he stepped back into view and she saw he now carried a long black braided leather whip, he had one end wrapped around his hand, while he held the other end stretching the leather out to it's full length before her eyes.

Her mind recoiled in horror at what was to come, she tried to speak but before she could, her eyes locked with his in the reflection in the mirror and she was struck dumb by his gaze, just as he brought the whip back and it cracked in the air and struck her back.

She screamed, her head forcing itself back as far as it would go, the sound seemingly lost in the ceiling of the room, she struggled against her bonds, but as before she knew it was a futile gesture.

She felt the whip strike her body again and then crack back to him, she started to fight back sobs of pain and terror, her head trying to fall forward but being held by her restraints, with her eyes locked firmly on both their reflections within the mirror before her.

The reflection of the mirror showed him wrapping the whip around his hand once more, and she could feel the trickle of blood beginning to form on her back from the whips bite, he moved towards her and knelt behind her.

She could feel something cold against her back and she froze still, as she realised the cold touch of a blade pressed against her skin, the fear rising within her again but also she felt this mans control of her turning her on,

Never before had she been used, no Dominated like this and she found even through all the pain, she could not help but to enjoy it, the cold touch of the steel made soft lines against her back, hard enough for her to feel it, but still not hard enough to cut flesh.

The knife came to rest at her small of her back and he moved the blade to form strange marks in white lines on her skin, she felt the knife come up and thought he had surely cut her, but no the weapon cut into her leather that held her wrists and she felt the manacles released by his free hand.

The manacles fell to the marble floor, and she sat upright, relieving the tension in her back, the wonder of release poured over her senses, her body sore, but oh she felt so alive for this first time spent with him, she saw his hands as they reached down and released the ankle bonds.

He caressed her cheeky with a warm hand and pulled her to her feet, she felt her heart beat faster as he leaned in closer to her, his face mere inches from hers,

He let her go, once she appeared steady on her feet and gestured towards the bathroom, his appetite feeling relieved but not satisfied, no he would find his fulfilment tonight as the energies of all Hallows eve filled the streets of London.

She looked disappointed before she turned and walked into the bathroom, No my sweet, he thought to himself, 'The thrill is within the hunt' and tonight the hunt would be so sweet.

He could hear the shower water running, as he walked to the case on the bar, opening it once more, he took a bundle of folded money and placed it on the counter, he let his hand run across the surface of the counter and then considered seeking his satisfaction with her, but the thought quickly faded as he knew it would cause too many questions and he could buy her silence with money, but not everyone's.

Walking to the mirror once more, he looked into the eyes of his reflection, he blinked once and closed his eyes and when they opened he saw his true image.

His bright red eyes burned in the mirror and he smiled to himself revealing a set of sharp fangs, he felt better now he had cast off his human visage and could see his true self, but tonight he would need that other visage and it would aid him perfectly.

'Yes the hunt would be so perfect on this all Hallows Eve'

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