Coming Home
Chapter 1: I Become a Secret Agent

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Historical,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: I Become a Secret Agent - This is a historical drama about a serving Submarine Commander who was asked to enter Germany to steal enemy code books during the last war. Not only did he meet Hitler and his fellow villains but made it safely back to the UK. But he was not out of danger then. The Germans enlisted the help of the IRA and did their best to kill him

It was almost sunset, on a drizzly day, as I conned HMS Tenacious past Fort Blockhouse, patiently followed the escorting destroyer into Portsmouth harbour. The destroyer had been waiting at the appointed rendezvous just off the Isle of Wight. As we surfaced and exchanged the identification signals, I got the brief message by semaphore "Follow Mama"

The casing party was fallen wearing their white sweaters and life belts, waiting for the order to prepare for berthing. The lashings had already been released from the cables in the cable lockers in preparation for going alongside... I told the signalman to signal our thanks to the destroyer, as she left us to take up her berth in Portsmouth harbour.

I was intrigued as to the reason that I had been recalled from patrol after only fourteen days. I still had a full load of torpedoes. But this was wartime, and I knew anything could happen. The signalman piped the salute as we came level with the signal tower on Fort Blockhouse, flying the Admiral Submarines flag. As the 'still' was sounded by our signalman, and the casing party came to attention. We saluted until we got the "carry on". Then my attention was immediately focused on making the 90 degree port turn into Dolphin Creek, as well as the need to change the engines over to run on the main motors.

"Stop starboard, in starboard engine clutch" I ordered down the voice pipe.

Within seconds the starboard engine spluttered to a stop, and the control room soon reported that the clutch was in and we could now run on the starboard motor.

This was followed by a similar order for the port engine to change immediately afterwards. Once I had power from the port motor, we were soon alongside our allotted berth A brief glance showed me that their was a sizeable welcoming party waiting for me on the jetty, including the Capt Submarines. I was curious, and slightly concerned at the size of the waiting group, which usually indicated something special was brewing. Once we were secured I told Bill my first lieutenant.

"Refuel as soon as possible, full battery charge, and replenish provisions as soon as we get orders. But do not pipe leave until I know why, and how long we will be here."

"Right Sir" He replied saluting as I climbed over the bridge rail, and climbing down on to the casing. The casing party came to attention as I made my way ashore, and I saluted the senior officers waiting for me on the quayside.

"Welcome home Tony." Captain Submarines said shaking hands.

He did not introduce any of the other people with him, some of whom were unknown to me.

"It's a bit chilly here we will go to my office where we can make the introductions and talk privately."

I looked at the Commander, an old friend of mine who was Staff officer Operations. He looked at me and just shrugged his shoulders, not giving me a clue as to all the secrecy. I followed the party along the quay to his office; I was very intrigued by the presence of a slim attractive sexy blonde female that walked silently with us. She was about 5'4" slim with short page boy cut dirty blonde hair covered with a beret of the type usually favoured by the French. She wore a fawn rubber mackintosh, high heels and a lot of make-up. I could smell wafts of her very exotic cheap perfume as we walked. She walked silently with her hands in her pockets, and a large black shoulder bag slung over her right shoulder.

As we walked, I sensed from time to time that she was looking intently at me. But each time I turned to look at her, she immediately looked away. We got into the office, and drinks were served, and to my amazement everyone except Captain S/M, the young lady, and a civilian who introduced himself as Mr. Broughton from the admiralty, were asked to leave the room.

Immediately the civilian started to talk.

"Commander Nash first of all may I introduce Anne- Marie to you. The lady just nodded in acknowledgement of my smile. We have studied your past history, and your service record for a very special operation. As a holder of the Victoria Cross, and taking into account your German parentage, and background you are the ideal man, for a very dangerous mission we would ask you to consider. You of course, have a perfect right to refuse if you wish. God knows man, you have done your bit in this war and you deserve a break."

"Your perfect knowledge of German, and your past record as a signals expert, is just what we need. In short, we want you to defect to Germany with Anne-Marie here as your wife. She is a trusted double agent, and you will be working with her as your boss. This is a lot to ask of you, and you will be reviled in the press here in the UK, and in America. That is sure to happen, your defection will soon become public knowledge, as the Germans love that sort of propaganda, and Lord Haw Haw will exploit it for all he is worth. But we need you to get hold of the German naval codes, and you can only do that if the Nazis trust you implicitly. The U Boats are sinking our merchant ships faster than we can build them, and getting those codes back to us will be vital in winning the U Boat war. Your fluency in German, and your signals experience is vital. The main thing is that we need to get a copy of them without their knowledge. If they suspect we have a copy they will change the codes and the whole exercise will be pointless."

I hesitated for a few moments, as I absorbed what I had just heard, the whole idea had come right out of the blue, and various thoughts and problems ran through my head. For the first time Anne-Marie spoke in strong French accent.

"Of course if you don't have the balls to do the job you are useless Commander"

I reacted angrily. "There is more than a question of balls, Madame I have a ship to worry about, and other things to consider."

Mr. Broughton spoke up with anger in his voice. "You should learn to keep your mouth shut mademoiselle. You have had time to consider the scheme, but the Commander has just been told of the task ahead. He has just returned from an arduous patrol, he is entitled to have a few moments to consider the options."

I said. "Sir', would it be possible to work with someone else, rather than the lady here? "

I am sorry Tony, but Anne-Marie is a good operator, in fact she is the best, and the only option. It takes great skill to do what she is being asked to do as a double agent. But as you have noted she has an unfortunate habit of being a bit headstrong."

"A deadly fault in a secret agent, I would have thought sir." I replied sarcastically.

The whole idea was buzzing around in my head. I was happy with Tenacious, she was a good boat with a good crew, but I also knew that hundreds of seaman was dying every day, bringing vital supplies to our shores, and if I could do anything to save their lives I would do that.

"Yes sir. I will do it if there is no other way."

"You are not married or engaged or anything are you Commander." "No sir" I replied.

"Good, because you two have to be husband and wife in every way." Mr. Broughton responded.

"You do not seem happy with that idea Commander?" Anne-Marie asked.

"We have not got off to a good start Mademoiselle, and on this short acquaintance it would seem we may have significant marital problems." I replied.

"We are booked in at the Keppels Head for the next week as Commander and Mrs. Nash she replied, and tomorrow we marry for real at the Portsmouth registry office. You see the Germans know a lot about what happens over here, especially in the Portsmouth area, and we take nothing to chance. When we leave this office we go hand in hand, as a betrothed couple."

Captain S/M shook my hand. Sardonically he said "Congratulations on your sudden marriage. In a way Tony, I was hoping that you would refuse. However, your number one has done his Perishers course and he can take command of Tenacious for now. The crew will be told that you are being seconded to the Admiralty for a short term assignment."

"Bill will do a good job sir he is ready for command. But I need to have some handover time" I replied.

"Time is something we are short of." He replied.

After an initial briefing taking about two hours, we arrived at the Keppels Head hand in hand. To my amazement some of my ships company were already there drinking. It gave me a chance to introduce Anne-Marie as my prospective wife to the ships company, who seemed puzzled at why it had been kept such a secret. "My fianc? has been working away for some time on secret war work, and it was essential we did not advertise our relationship, now the situation has changed, so now we can get hitched properly. I am afraid also that it means I am leaving you." I told them.

Eventually we got to our room, and there were my civilian clothes waiting for me, plus Anne-Marie's toilet gear and wardrobe.

We had agreed not to bicker or fight with each other after our clash, and attempt to become better acquainted. She had apologized, using the excuse that they had been planning the whole operation for about three weeks and the success or failure of the whole operation hung on my acceptance.

"I am sorry. You had me very worried for a few moments Tony." She said. "If you had refused we had no alternative person available."

She went for a shower while I packed up my uniform into a suitcase for collection, and storage, as from now I had to dress as a civilian. Then to my surprise, she came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped round her waist, her breasts bare as she moved over and sat on my lap.

"Darling from tomorrow we are to be man and wife, and we have to play the part in every way. We have a week to get to know each other intimately. If the Gestapo get hold of us, we have to be word perfect in our personal knowledge of each other, our likes and dislikes, and especially intimate things such as how we like to make love. It is important that we are perfectly honest with one another."

As she spoke she pulled me head down and started kissing me. I was startled at the turn of events, but following her lead I wrapped my arms round her without even thinking about it. As I felt her body cling on to me. I heard a loud moan of satisfaction escape from my own lips.

We collapsed on to the bed and within minutes I groaned, as I felt for the first time the wonderful sensations of Anne- Marie's body. This was part of the job, which I had not really considered as part of the job up until now. Obviously, I thought this job has its compensations.

Anne-Marie clung on to me tightly as I felt my cock ploughing deeply into her. I was holding her tightly against my body. We paused for a second as she reached down and yanked the towel away, which was still round her lower torso. I gasped as I saw and felt the whole of her naked body against mine for the very first time. I knew that I was about to make love to one of the most desirable women in my lifetime's experience, My cock was now planted deep inside her, and with that thought raging through my head. I began to pump away, thrusting and pushing as deeply as I could into my new wife to be.

It only took a few thrusts for Anne-Marie to reach her first orgasm. I felt her muscles clamp down on my cock, as if she was milking it. It was a fantastic feeling, as I thrust in and out at an increasing tempo and the sensation was all too much for me to hold back for long. I looked at the wild woman below me; she was riding my cock with enthusiasm and experience. I couldn't believe it, the feelings were surging through my body like nothing I had ever experienced for a long time, when I felt my body tremble for the first, but not the last time that night, I came in long pulsating thrusts into that lovely body writhing below me.

For me that was a night to treasure, and to remember. When we eventually slept we did not hear the bombs that fell in the distance, which made an important yet vital change to our wedding plans. It was almost ten o clock when I awoke, to the sound of the shower in the adjoining bathroom. Today was our wedding day, but just as I was coming to grips with the idea then I became aware of the banging on the bedroom door.

The landlord called out "Commander there is a telephone call for you in the lobby."

I grabbed my dressing gown, and went down stairs where Mr. Broughton told me that we could not marry today, as the Registrars office had been bombed the previous night.

"You will just have to live in sin for the present Commander, until and unless we can find an alternative. We are exploring the idea of you going to Winchester. We will let you know."

One of the problems we faced was that we were fairly sure that we were being watched. Portsmouth as a Naval Base was almost certain to have enemy agents or sympathisers in the area, such as the IRA, and the Germans would be watching Anne-Marie closely. Briefing would have to be done in a variety of ways, using a wide range of subterfuge methods. The easiest way was to use the ships handover procedure, as the excuse for several clandestine meetings.

Apparently this operation had started as an idea some weeks before, when Anne-Marie had been asked by the Germans to get close to a senior naval officer and pump him for information. When she had passed this request on to her controller in London, some bright spark, aware of my parentage and early life suggested, that I might be the ideal person for this project, as I was half German in origin, and it would be believable, if she could convince me to defect to NAZI Germany, and it was a good way to get me into Germany as an agent. From that point apparently the idea had grown.

I personally doubted that the Germans would trust me completely. But with so many of our seamen being lot at sea. It was a risk that had to be taken.

I had been born in Berlin to a German mother and a British father, my father had been a diplomat in the British Embassy in Berlin, and I had spent most of my early life in Berlin. My family had moved to England in 1928, just before I had gone to Oxford, and from their to Dartmouth the Royal Naval College, and my subsequent career in the Royal Navy.

Obviously, I was bilingual and could easily pass as a natural German. Anne-Marie had, as a result of the hatching plot, planted the idea in the minds of her German controller that her fianc? (me) had expressed strong Nazi sympathies, and was fed up with the war, and she was sure she could persuade him to defect. From that position, the Admiralty had been approached officially, and the whole scheme had escalated.

One factor in my favour, was the fact that prior to the war, I had visited Germany frequently to visit my grandparents and friends. There was an element of truth in the fact that I did have many friends and family who as far as I knew were still alive in the Berlin area.

I quickly learned that Anne-Marie was a very professional person, stubborn, and even a hard person; yet beneath all this hard exterior, their was a very loveable personality, waiting to get out. I had no doubt that she would be prepared to die for any person she cared for deeply enough. We spent many hours that week turning me into an agent, and a believable husband and lover. I was told that I would be allowed to pass certain classified secret information on to the Germans, to make my cover more believable. Anne-Marie in turn, left no stone unturned as she pumped me for information on my background, and history, and sought every bit of information a wife should have about a husband. In return she told me about her past Anne-Marie was born of a Belgian mother and a French father. They lived in a small town on the Belgian coast not far from Zeebrugge. They were a relatively wealthy family, and well known and respected in the area. In 1938 she had met a young German man named Wolfram who was on holiday. They had fallen in love and despite her parents dislike, and distrust of Germans, they had married. The wedding in Zeebrugge had been a typical German drunken affair. That night she retired to bed awaiting her husband who she was sure would join her shortly for their honeymoon. She had taken great care of her toilet, and was wearing a lovely silk nightgown a present from her mother. It was past 1.oclock in the morning when he had arrived.

He had that night taken her virginity in brutal and drunken fashion. Leaving her dazed, and bruised. After he had finished, and before staggering away to get more beer he had invited his best man to avail himself of his French whore as he called her. In all she was raped four times that night by Wolframs friends. The next morning, Wolfram had been very apologetic, and eventually because she was so deeply in love with him when he was sober, she decided to stay with him. But the desire for revenge, burned somewhere deep inside her. She could never completely forgive him, and she stayed with him to give him a chance to redeem himself. She ensured that in the few months before war was declared she never conceived. It was in August, when Wolfram was recalled to Germany to join his SS unit. She was obliged to go with him, and they lived in the family home at the village of Rickelrath near Wegburg.

His family were lovely respectable people, and when eventually his sister Ursula, sensing her unhappiness, eventually discovered how her brother had treated his new wife on their wedding night. She told the whole family, the family were shocked. At first they did not believe her, but apparently unknown to Anne-Marie, he had previously been accused of similar rape offences against local single girls. His father blamed the SS doctrine, and training for his behaviour. He hated the Nazi doctrine and was convinced that they would bring disaster to Germany. Shortly after the fall of France she was informed that her husband had been killed by the resistance in a partisan ambush.

She was both shocked yet in a way, she felt a sense of relief and after a short period of mourning she was considering returning to her parent's home in Belgium. However, the Germans firmly believing that she must be seeking revenge for the death of her newly wed husband, and knowing that she spoke both French, Flemish and German reasonably well, invited her to join them as a secret agent working with the Gestapo. They wanted her to return to Belgium and join the resistance, to betray the underground fighters. Anne Marie felt that it would be better to go along with them. To refuse could bring her great danger. She agreed that she was seeking revenge and was the right person for the job.

She was seeking revenge alright, but nor for her husbands death, but for the invasion of her country and France. Thinking quickly, she decided this could be a good way to throw a spanner in the works of the German regime, and if she was cunning enough, to get a measure of revenge on Germany, and the Nazi party. From there, it was easy to convince her controllers that she could quite easily become a double agent. She defected to England, and offered her services, and during the next fifteen months soon proved her worth with the aid of the British Secret Service...

Now Anne-Marie seemed to have got over her past marital bad experiences, and carried out her marital obligations with me, with zest and enthusiasm. She told me one night that I had been partially responsible for this; she found me a completely satisfying, and a very considerate lover. The image we portrayed as a married couple, was not false, but was certainly on my part certainly genuine. I had developed a deep affection for Anne-Marie, inevitably the week ended, and the honeymoon was over. The time had come to depart into enemy territory. We knew we were going into terrible danger, and we were also warned that our mission must remain a secret, especially from the resistance. The Germans had successfully planted traitors in the resistance movement in the past. I was also fully aware that if I were captured I would be executed as a spy.

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