The Problems With Catgirls
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Humor, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Size, School,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Co-ed roomates have fun together.

Hello my name is Ben Thornson. I'm a 28 years old single male with a very big problem. What's my problem? Well to be honest, it's a 120 pound sexy cat girl named Mai.

We meet back in college, Mai was moving in at the same time I was and we found out we were going to share a dorm room. At first we laid down ground rules but later on we found that we had a lot in common. She always seemed to be looking at me if she was tying to decide if she wanted me for food or for someone to love. Every time I saw her look at me like that it gave me the shivers. She would always cuddle up with me on cold nights then jokingly accuse me of being a pervert because I slept in the nude. But she would always rub my cock every morning when she snuck into bed. I never once touched her though.

I know what you're thinking, 'what a loser'. Here's this hot, lovable woman that wants you but you're not going to touch her. Well Mai has the body of a super model; 5' 8" 38C-26-28 with long legs and raven black hair. And I'm just your average 5' 10", 160 pound computer geek.

We were always helping each other with homework, where one was weak the other was strong and vise-versa it I was always trying to keep the place clean and tidy incase one of us ever had a date. But Mai never dated even though our mail box was filled with love letters to her. All that ever happened was she threw them out not interested.

One day, as she was tossing the latest batch of them, I asked why she didn't date.

"Because I have someone I think is very nice and is extremely sweet and caring." She said while blushing

"Someone I know?" I asked puzzled.

Her directness both shocked and surprised me. She slowly got up, locked the door and gave me that look that seemed to say she was going to eat me. I started to slowly back into the furthest corner of the couch. She started slowly removing her silk clothing, only leaving on her blood red, silk lingerie. She then put on a matching pair of cat ears as well as a cat tail, both the same blood red. She then started to slowly climb up on to the couch and make her way towards me. I knew that if I would make a dash for it she would tackle me. So I just laid there in fear, hoping that by 'playing possum' she would leave me alone. She then moved closer, pressing herself softly against my body and wrapped her arms around my neck then whispered in my ear. "It's you my sweet pervert that I love so dearly. You've been so kind, sweet and helpful. When we first meet you helped me by moving my stuff in because you were already moved in. Then you helped me with all my computer homework, did my tech support for free and then when I would leave my used panties and bras laying around you just picked them up and put them in the hamper. You still do, no matter how many time I call you a perverted panty licker. Even when I say it's ok you can lick my panties, you never do. You just put them in the hamper. I've heard you talking in your sleep about me and I know that you love me for me, not my body. And I've been so shy about telling you I love you Ben. I really love you and I want you to do to me what you write about on your computer stories." She purred, continuing to rub her self against me.

I never thought she would have read my files. Then I remembered that her computer had died after it had taken a power surge from a thunderstorm I hadn't been able to save it and she didn't have the funds to buy another. I had taken her hard drive out and put it in my computer so she could still access her files. It was at that point I realized that I really did care a great deal about her.

Before I knew it she had removed my shirt and started on my slacks. Oh God, was I ever hard! She just teased me a great deal, making sure I was as horny for her as she was for me, if not more so. I then got up and removed my boxers, showing her my eight inch cock. Licking her lips, she then took it in her mouth and gave me the best blow job I had ever had. I've had sex before but Mai really made it a wonderful experience, the best I ever had. She was sucking and licking my cock so good and for so long with out me coming in her mouth when she sat up we saw that my cock had grown two inches and was now ten inches long and two inches in girth leaving me rock hard and throbbing wanting to come deep in side my sweet dear Mai.

I then picked up the sexy little catgirl and carried her to my bed. I laid her down softly then started to kiss all of her naked skin while she was still in her lingerie and slowly, I started to remove the lingerie, piece by piece, kissing the skin it had covered. I left her panties for last. Because she was so wet, I had a hard time getting them off of her. But once they were free I slid between her legs and started to eat her cunt like there was no tomorrow. While doing that I lovingly played with her breasts, keeping an ear open just incase she wanted me to stop.

She placed her hands on my head, pushing me deeper to her sweet cunt. I licked and drank her juices all up. Then I decided to give my lover a real treat, something I read about online. I slowly removed my mouth from her dripping, wet cunt, glancing down to see there was a puddle of Mai's love juice on my bed. I was so happy I could please her like this. Then I placed my hand at her cunt and started so slowly insert first one finger then two and I placed my mouth over her clit and start to rub her g-spot with my fingers as I sucked and licked her clit.

I lost count of how many orgasms she had during the half an hour I spent between her legs, all I knew was I was feeling claws digging in to my back and her moaning "Don't you even think of stopping you fucking bastard! I love what you're doing! Please don't stop!" Then finally Mai had a huge orgasm and collapsed.

I slowly slid out of position from between her legs and laid down beside her wrapped my arms around her and held her close so she would be safe and warm. Five minutes later she came around and started to kiss me all over. Reaching down, she wrapped her hand around my cock and squeezed it a bit. "Oh my God Ben, you're still hard!

"No, I don't cum unless I'm inside a lady. Mai you are one very sexy lady. You're the type you can take home to mother and have fun with in bed or where ever you like. You're also the type of person that my mother warned me about."

She blushed and then, then grabbed and brought my hard ten inch cock to her dripping wet cunt. I could feel her love juices dripping on to and coating my hard cock. Then she started to lower herself onto it before I could say anything about a condom.

"I love it bareback with a guy as sweet as you." She purred. Then she shoved her self down on my cock. "Oh fucking god! It feels like it's in my womb! I've never had a cock this deep inside of me. I love it. Now fuck me like you would fuck your cat girl in your stories."

Hearing that I was a little shocked. She had read my fantasies of being with a catgirl and making her very happy and feel loved because she didn't know love or what it was since she was sold off to pay a debt. Mai then kissed me hard on my lips and that brought me back to what I was doing.

With that I rolled us over and started to fuck her as fast and hard as I could while sucking on her lovely 38C breast and licked her nipples.

"Oh, yes make me feel like I have breast milk to feed my lover as we fuck!" She moaned.

From the noises we were making I would hate to be one of our neighbors I'm almost willing to bet that they thought we were raping each other that night. But I kept fucking her then I started to tickle her side, making her giggle like crazy. Then her orgasms started again followed very quickly by my own. "Oh take all of my hot cum you sexy sweet little kitten. Oh fuck you're so good." I growled as I shot into her. I spent what felt like the next hour cumming deep in side of her. Afterwards fell asleep in each other's arms. When we awoke we found that I was still rock hard and still inside her cunt.

"Oh I love you." Mai said, wrapping her arms around me. In doing that felt the dried blood on my back. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to claw your back so much." She said with tear-filled eyes.

I kissed away her tears. "It's ok. I love you my sweet catgirl. You just told all the other ladies, by scratching me up that this guy is taken so back off. HE'S MINE!!!!"

That made her laugh then she rolled on top of me. "Now, I really want you to use your catgirl good. Please me and show me just how much you love me."

"What do you think I've been doing?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

I was expecting "To see if your food or toy." But instead she said happily. "That was all just foreplay. Now that my fire is starting to die down I need you to finish the job."

The rest of the weekend was spent in bed as well as doing homework, eating and showing together only to end up fucking in the shower with the hot water cascading over us as we fucked.

Then the next week I got hit with a ton of tech support everything from loading software to upgrading whole computer systems. I saved all the cash I got from doing the jobs all and by the end of the month I had enough saved up from the tech support work and my job working at Starbuck's (needs reworded to be fixed, not sure what you are talking about to change it?). (It's been telling us how a college student was able to get such an expensive gift for his girl friend.) But I was able to get her a lovely diamond choker collar and have it put in a blood red, satin box...

Just then Mai walked though the door and put her hands over my eyes. (did she do this at home or the store? Not sure to give suggestions to correct it) (Home is where it takes place.)

"Guess who?"

"Mai." Was my answer. I then handed her the box.

When she opened it she said. "Yes, I will marry you." This was her way of telling me she's not going to let me go and she was going to be at my side till I pop the question to her. There are times I wish I put a password on my fantasy stories. But I love how she's opened my eyes to the world and didn't let me miss a great thing. Then she came in and whispered in my ear. "Now let's get some food and then after dinner we'll have dessert. Your favorite, sex."

Those words made me wrap my arms around my cat girl and kiss her, hard, on the lips. "You'll always be my cat girl."

So what are the problems with cat girls?

1. When they are horny and they can go all weekend.

2. They have sharp claws and use them to mark what's theirs when it comes to sex.

3. They can get very frisky and playful.

4. When you see a catgirl dressed in lingerie that could kill sitting on a big, silk pillow looking at you like you're a steak dinner then you'll know why these are problems.

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