Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lonely man finds a second chance at love one Christmas. Can fate strike twice?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism  


It was cold, bitterly cold as the snow fell sporadically, lightly dusting the street in a white blanket.

At least the holidays won't suck for everyone, Tyler thought cynically.

His eyes wandered away from the road to the strip malls he was passing. Christmas used to be his favorite time of the year. He would watch the people busily preparing for the holiday, or just spending time with their families, and it always brightened his mood. As his eyes took in the sight that used to bring so much pleasure, Ty was saddened by how apathetic he felt toward the jovial atmosphere.

"Who cares?" he said aloud, his eyes briefly returning to the road, before moving back to the stores flashing by. The last year had been very difficult for him. Despite support from his family and friends, Ty felt himself sliding into a chasm that seemed bottomless.

With a loud sigh, he looked again at the families scurrying about happily, enjoying the light layer of snow. The scene reminded him of Christmas for the first time all season.

"Shit!" he screamed suddenly, as his eyes moved back to the road in front of him. Traffic had come to a sudden stop and there was no time to react.

Tyler slammed on the brakes and turned the wheel hard to the left in desperation, trying to avoid the semi that had stopped directly in front of him. His car spun, turning almost completely sideways, before gaining some traction. At the last second, he managed to veer into the turn lane, and then watched helplessly as he passed within inches of the stopped truck.

After sliding another fifty feet, the car finally came to rest in the left-turn lane, almost as if he planned it all along. Ignoring the alarmed stares of the drivers beside him, Tyler pulled his shaking hands from the steering wheel and looked at them in wonder.

"I should have died," he said quietly, shocked at how loud his voice sounded in the eerie silence. His hands returned to the wheel, but were shaking so badly that he decided to pull over and give himself a second to recover.

Looking around, his eyes settled on a familiar sight. Years earlier, Tyler lived nearby and would occasionally stop at Johnny's on the way home. In addition to being a relaxed place to hang out, they featured live entertainment. He used to love winding down there after a tough day at work.

He waited until there was a large gap in the traffic, then did a U-turn and pulled into the parking lot. The non-descript building looked more like a house than a place to go for a good time. Tyler stepped out of the car and was surprised to find that his legs were still wobbly. He took a moment to steady himself before walking to the front door.

As he entered, he was greeted by a wave of blaring dance music. There were two pool tables in back, where several young men were playing. He turned the corner to the right and managed a smile for the first time, as he caught a glimpse of the entertainment. She appeared to be in her early twenties, about five foot six with long brown hair and the most amazing ass he had seen in as long as he could remember. The woman was wearing a mesh top and a white thong with thigh-high stockings.

Tyler looked around, surprised that she was the only dancer in the room. Normally, he would have expected to see two or three girls working the bar. Then again, since there were only six other men in the room, it was possible that any other dancers might have gone home early.

He walked to the bar, where he asked a pleasant looking blonde for an import, but she told him they were out. Annoyed, he said to just give him whatever they had on tap. As he stood, impatiently waiting, he felt something brush the back of his head and realized it was the dancer saying hi as she walked toward the back of the room. It caused him to smile again, this time with a little more enthusiasm, both from the contact and the scent of her perfume. He glanced to his left, but only caught a glimpse of her before she stepped out of sight.

The bartender handed him a beer, which he accepted, trying to do so without indicating his displeasure. He walked over to the tables against the wall, not wanting to sit with the men at the bar. Tyler took several deep gulps, trying to calm his frayed nerves. When a new song came on, he glance around, surprised that the woman hadn't returned to the front. He glanced to the back of the room and realized that she was talking with the men playing pool.

Swell, he though, aggravated. I come to a strip bar and still get ignored. He quickly finished the first beer and thought about leaving, but decided he needed one more to calm his nerves. When he returned to his seat, Closer by Nine Inch Nails began blaring from the jukebox. Tyler chuckled to himself, well aware of the explicit lyrics. Just then, the dancer appeared, walking to the makeshift stage against the front wall. It had a pole mounted to the small riser that ended about a foot short of the low ceiling. The haphazard appearance added to the impression he already had formed about not expecting much from the show.

Tyler watched with mild interest as she began her routine to the beat of the slow, driving, primal song. Despite his mood, he was anxious to find a way to escape the negative feelings he'd had for the last few weeks. He leaned against the wall, deciding to give her a chance to atone for the slight.

The woman began with the typical bumping and grinding most dancers used, but caught his attention when she grabbed the top of the pole with one hand and began spinning herself like a ballroom dancer. She ran her hands down her body, bringing them between her legs, then grabbed the pole and climbed. Reaching the top, she flipped upside down, using her strong thighs to stay aloft. She caressed her smooth, tanned skin, while the music pulsated and her dancing became more and more erotic.

I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed

Tyler's breath quickened and he felt a stirring in his groin while he watched her amazing performance. How anyone could be so sexy while performing for a nearly empty room was beyond him.

She put her foot on a table, spreading her legs tantalizingly, again running her hands over her panties, staring at Tyler like it was all for him. He watched her move with a grace that was beyond most exotic dancers he had seen, while never losing the eroticism that seemed to emanate naturally from her.

Without warning, she dropped to the floor, quickly spinning to her knees. She looked over her shoulder, flashed a devilish grin, and slapped her ass with an open hand. Rolling over again, she spread her legs, running her fingertips up her thighs before grabbing the pole with one hand. Using it for leverage, she arched her back, her head just above the ground. She slowly brought one leg straight up until it reached the pole high above her, her toe pointed like a ballerina.

Suddenly the song ended and Tyler realized that he was leaning forward in his chair, anxiously waiting to see what she'd do next. He applauded enthusiastically, along with the few men present, then impatiently waited for her to make her rounds. After visiting each of the men at the bar, she made her way over to his table.

"Hi, did you like the dance?" she asked in a soft, sultry voice.

"It was amazing," he stammered, feeling foolish and cursing himself for acting like a love struck teenager. "So, are you a dancer... a professional dancer, I mean," he quickly added.

"No," she said, smiling at the compliment. "Not unless you count me dancing in my room. I always wanted to be, but this is as close as I'm ever going to get." She regarded him with a sly smile. "Would you like a private dance?"

Tyler couldn't suppress a grin. "I thought you'd never ask."

She offered her hand and said, "I'm Faith".

A flash of pain in Tyler's eyes was the only sign that her words struck a nerve, but the look was immediately replaced by one of open admiration. He took her hand and introduced himself.

Faith walked him to a more private area in the back of the other room. They talked for a moment while the song on the jukebox ended. The lighting was better there and he was able to look closely at her for the first time.

He noticed that she wore very little make-up, but still looked beautiful. Her lips were full and sensual. She had brown eyes that peeked out through oval lids, giving her the look of someone always on the verge of smiling, a mischievous smile that belied a quirky sense of humor. Her hair, dyed red in the front, gave her an untamed appearance that fit her dancing perfectly.

But what caught his attention the most was her chest. Through the mesh shirt, he could see a red shape that stretched from between her breasts to the middle of her stomach.

"Is that a drawing or a tattoo?" Tyler asked in fascination.

"A tattoo," Faith answered with a satisfied smile. "It's a phoenix; I designed it myself. Do you like it?"

"Yes," he said, staring brazenly at the tattoo. "It's beautiful."

She regarded him cautiously. "It's kind of a spiritual thing."

Tyler couldn't take his eyes off of the design. He had never seen one like it, nor one in the particular spot she had it placed. It was beautifully crafted and made him wonder about the story behind it. He smiled wryly as he realized the tattoo was distracting him from a much more interesting sight.

The sound of the jukebox starting again jolted him from his reverie. He heartily approved of her choice, Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On. Faith immediately began swaying to the sensual beat. Tyler resisted the urge to look at her body, finding her eyes mesmerizing. She stared back at him lustfully as she slipped the strap of her top off her shoulder, while moving toward him. Her head dipped close to his lap before dragging up his body, her hair brushing against him tantalizingly, until her lips hovered beside his cheek.

Tyler could feel the warmth from her face as she brushed lightly against his cheek, causing his penis to begin twitching. He'd had lap dances before, many that caused an erection, but never one that created this kind of immediate reaction. She purred into his ear, raising goose bumps on his neck, then lifted her head over his, letting her hair spill into his face. Her perfume threatened to overwhelm his senses.

He sighed aloud, bringing a knowing smile to Faith's lips. She had him and knew it. Standing slowly, she turned away and shrugged the straps off her shoulders, letting the garment slide down. Her skin looked smooth and soft, making him wish he could touch it, just for a second. The top bunched when it reached her hips. With a seductive shake, it dropped to the floor and she slowly reached down to retrieve it, giving him a perfect view of her ass and her mound pushing against the thong.

He struggled to maintain his calm, sliding his hands under his legs to avoid giving in to the temptation to touch this amazing creature. Faith stood back up and set the top on the table beside them, and then turned to face him, her hands covering her breasts. Her hips moved as she massaged them teasingly, refusing to let him see more. His breath quickened and he shifted, trying to relieve the pressure of his rapidly growing prick trapped against the seam of his pants.

Faith gave him her naughtiest look, as her hips swayed and her knees bent. She moved her hands down slowly, letting her small, firm breasts slide into view. Tyler felt a lump in his throat as he saw her light brown nipples for the first time.

She saw him staring and moved closer, pressing his face between her breasts. Normally she wouldn't be so bold, but something told her that this man wouldn't do anything she would object to. His warm breath washing over her skin made her feel weak in the knees.

What is going on? she wondered. Faith enjoyed teasing men, but she rarely let one get to her like this. There was something about him; something sad, vulnerable and tender that touched her.

Shaking her head to gain control over her emotions, Faith redoubled her efforts to arouse him. She dipped her head low toward his lap and could clearly see his erection straining against his slacks. Turning her head, she dragged her face against his clothes as she moved upward, putting her hands on his legs for balance. She nuzzled against his cheek, delighting in the slightly rough feeling of his unshaven face.

She put her foot on his shoulder, giving him a view of the inside of her thigh, leading up to the crotch of her panties. The material stretched and molded itself into the shape of her mound. Tyler forced himself to look into her eyes, a part of him uncomfortable with ogling her in such an obvious way. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her hand move across the cloth, her finger teasing the opening of her sex, while he watched her smile.

"It's all right, you're allowed to look," she teased, amused by his shyness.

Tyler returned her gaze intently. "I'm looking exactly where I want to," he said firmly. He saw surprise register in her eyes, then it was replaced with the look she wore earlier. 'It must be how she looks at all the guys to make them feel special, ' he thought.

She turned again and moved her back against his chest, leaning her head against his shoulder. Her left arm curled up and around his head, while she ground against his cock, which was now completely erect. His head spun as he tried not to embarrass himself. Just when he was afraid he couldn't hold out any longer, the song ended and she stopped moving, lingering against him for a few moments before stepping away.

"So I guess you enjoyed that," she said mockingly, the twinkle in her eye letting him know she intended no insult.

Tyler blushed, "I'm just glad the song ended when it did or you might have found out how much I enjoyed it."

Faith leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, her breasts brushing against his arm. "Always glad to have a fan," she teased.

"Forever, milady," he said flamboyantly. He reached into his pocket and grabbed his wallet to fish out the money for the dance. As he handed it to her, Tyler gave her a strange look.

"Can I ask you something personal?" he asked. Her expression was a little guarded, but she nodded. "Faith isn't your real name, right?"

She laughed warmly. "Yeah, it really is my name. I know, almost all dancers use stage names. I did when I first started, but I grew up around here. The first time a guy I went to school with came in, that was ruined. After that I just started using it because people like it as much as any of the fake ones."

Again, she noticed something in Tyler's expression that disturbed her, but she couldn't get a read on it. Whatever it was disappeared quickly. She decided to change the subject before the mood was ruined.

"Care for an encore?" she cooed. She was surprised to see his expression darken.

"Honestly, I'd love to, but I need to get going."

He smiled, but it looked strained to her. Faith tried to change the subject, not wanting to see him look so sad. "So a rain-check then?"

"I'd like that." This time his smile looked genuine. Impulsively, he leaned forward and gave her a quick hug. "Thank you. I really needed that."

She hugged him back, then watched him walk toward the front door. As she turned to reclaim her shirt, she tried to understand why she suddenly felt unhappy to have to go back to work.

Tyler pulled his car in front of the red brick house. He turned off the ignition, but paused before opening the door, his eyes fixed on the steering wheel. Despite wanting to be there, it was still so difficult.

He walked slowly to the door and rang the bell. There was loud barking from inside, followed by footsteps. The door opened and an older man's face appeared. He looked kind, but his appearance was marred by wrinkles and dark circles under his eyes. It looked like the weight of the world was on his shoulders.

"Hey Ty," he said wearily.

"Hi Dad," Tyler responded, stepping in the door to embrace him. He was jarred by a weight crashing into his leg. Looking down, he smiled. "Hi Fia," he said affectionately, patting the dog hard on the ribs, then scratching behind her ear.

He walked into the living room as his father closed the door behind him. Glancing at the wall, he felt a heaviness on his heart as he saw his favorite picture. Desperate not to relive those emotions yet again, he turned to his father.

"Anything interesting happen today?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

The old man shrugged. "Not really. I've been pretty tired so we've stayed around the house," he said, gesturing toward the dog, who had already found a warm spot by a heating duct and was curled up for a nap.

Ty frowned. "Dad, this has got to stop. You can't stay cooped up here forever. Why don't you go out with friends from work? It's not like you don't have enough of them."

His father looked at him sharply, his exhausted appearance quickly replaced by one of concern mixed with annoyance. "Look who's talking. When's the last time you did something other than come home from work and sit by yourself?"

Tyler met his father's stern glare. "Well, now that you mention it, I stopped at a bar tonight. I met a nice girl and we talked." Looking at his father's skeptical expression, Ty was ashamed of himself.

"Fine, I don't have a life. Is that what you wanted to hear? I almost had an accident on the way here and stopped off at a bar to get a drink and calm my nerves. I paid a stripper to dance for me."

His dad gave him a wry smile. "Was she talented?"

Tyler laughed at the double entendre. "Yes, she was very beautiful, sexy and a marvelous dancer. Honestly, we had a nice chat. It's the best I've felt in a while." He paused, weighing the possible consequences of his next words. "You know the strangest part? Her name was Faith."

His father stared at him for several seconds with an expression of pain. He looked away, wiping his eye with the back of his hand. "Maybe you should talk to her again."

Tyler nodded absently while the two men sat quietly, absorbed in their own thoughts.

"Just go inside already!" Tyler scolded himself angrily.

He had been sitting outside Johnny's for a half hour, but hadn't gathered the courage to get out of his car. He looked again at the door, then tightened his hands around the steering wheel in frustration. Sighing, he reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys. He started the car and reached for the gearshift.

As he pulled the lever into reverse, a flash of movement caught his eye. He turned his head in time to see the door to the bar open and a small figure step out into the snow.

"Faith," he mumbled, instantly recognizing her. Without thinking, Tyler shifted the car back into park and watched, longingly. He noted how differently she appeared from the previous week. She was wearing jeans and a turtleneck sweater, topped by a light jacket. It seemed odd, since the temperature was supposed to reach single digits. She had a scarf draped over her shoulders, that she quickly pulled across her face.

Tyler watched as she hurried to her car, opened the door and slid inside. He faced forward again, watching his knuckles turn white as he gripped the wheel, trying to decide what to do.

The sound of a car door slamming startled him, shaking him from his thoughts. He looked over his shoulder and saw Faith walking to the front of her car, and then pulling up the hood. The desire to help immediately outweighed his indecision, so Tyler stepped out of his car and walked toward her, the cold wind stinging his cheeks.

"Hey," he said, trying to alert Faith to his presence without scaring her. "Is there anything I can do?"

She looked up, obviously annoyed. "If you can make this damn thing work, you're welcome to try." She paused, then her eyes widened, "Oh, it's you... Tyler, right?"

Ty smiled, pleased that she recognized him and surprised that she remembered his name. He knew she had to have dozens of guys flirt with her every week.

"Yeah, I stopped by for a drink." He thought for a moment, then added, "I kind of hoped you'd be dancing tonight."

Faith grinned warmly. "Well, I was, but there's nobody here tonight. Everyone but me has something better to do on Christmas Eve. They let me go early, but my car isn't cooperating. Do you think you can help?"

He shrugged nervously. "I'll try. Cars aren't really my thing. I usually call Triple-A." He looked under the hood, but didn't see anything obvious. Faith tried starting it again, but the car wasn't turning over at all.

"Let's head back inside," Tyler said, his face beginning to feel numb. Faith nodded and they hurried back into the bar.

The atmosphere was far less intrusive than the last time Tyler had been there. The music was quiet and the lights turned down, giving the room a surreal quality that made him feel like he should be whispering. He sat at the bar and ordered a beer while Faith went in the back to make a phone call. As he was finishing the first one off, she joined him.

"So is someone coming to fix it?" Tyler asked.

"No, I just called a cab. Johnny's cousin is going to come by soon anyway. He always fixes it for me. If he doesn't have time or can't get it running, I'll worry about it in a couple days."

Ty looked at her in surprise. "What are you going to do in the meantime?"

Faith shrugged. "I don't have anywhere to be so it doesn't matter."

"Nowhere to be? What about tomorrow?"

She looked away. "My parents moved to Arizona a couple of years ago. I'm not seeing anyone right now and all my friends will be with their families. I was just going to sit around the apartment and relax." Faith looked back up and gave him a warm smile. "Don't worry. I'm looking forward to a peaceful day, curled up on my couch, watching TV."

Tyler felt sorrow for her situation, but tried not to show it. He could tell without asking that she would be offended at such a reaction. Besides, who was he to be feeling sorry for anyone that was miserable on Christmas?

"So how long until the cab gets here?" he asked, trying to maintain a neutral tone.

"Actually, they said it will be a while. They're busy, plus a lot of their drivers have the night off."

Tyler smiled, hoping she wouldn't notice how pleased he was that she would have to stay with him. "Would you mind me buying you a drink?" he asked.

"Mind," she said, looking amused, "I was hoping the night wouldn't be a total loss."

"Well," said Ty, delighted by her reaction, "I'd love to ask you for a dance, but I think it might be a little unfair to ask you to change again."

Faith looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. "The drink will be fine, thank you."

He ordered two beers and they walked to a table away from the bar where they sat facing each other. Tyler tried to appear casual, hoping she wouldn't realize just how nervous he was. With her hair pulled back, wearing the maroon sweater and jeans, he thought she looked even sexier than when she had danced for him the previous week.

"So," she said abruptly, startling him. "What brings you out here tonight?"

He grinned sheepishly, "I already told you, I was hoping you'd be dancing."

Faith smiled, appearing genuinely moved. "You came here to see me? Awww, thank you. At least I feel a little better about tonight."

"Well, I'm glad I could at least keep you company. While I have you here, I wanted to ask you something." He watched as she turned her head, indicating he should continue. "You told me your tattoo was 'spiritual.' I was wondering what you meant by that... if it's not too personal."

Faith studied him intently for a moment. Finally she cleared her throat and spoke. "I've had a lot of bad breaks since I got out of high school. I made some serious mistakes and paid dearly for them."

She took a drink, then continued. "Well, I was twenty and had just about done every stupid thing a kid could do. My parents moved away, but I stayed to be near my friends. After a year on my own, I was alone, broke and didn't know how to get out of it. I was close to giving up. I thought about running away and living with my parents again." She looked down at her drink. "It would have been like admitting I couldn't make it on my own.

"One weekend, I was sitting for two kids whose parents were friends with mine. They wanted me to read to them and I grabbed a mythology book they liked. It had a story about the Phoenix and something about it clicked in my head. I'd made mistakes and thought that I had damaged my life because I couldn't take them back. I thought life was a straight line, and if you screwed up, you would be stuck with less than you hoped for from then on.

"After I read the story, I thought about it for days. Finally, I decided that I could put the bad things behind me and start over again. You know, rising from the ashes," she said, with a wink.

"Things started turning around for me and from then on, I stopped worrying about the past and looked at ways to fix the present. I got this job and finally got out of debt. After reading some self-help books one of the girls recommended, I managed to start saving money. The first thing I did when I was out of debt was the tattoo. It might seem silly, but it's a reminder of how close I came to not living my life the way I wanted."

"That's really cool," Tyler said, impressed at the level of insight she displayed. He sat back and had another sip of his beer, finding himself more fascinated with her by the moment.

"So what's your story?" she asked with a grin. "Why are you hanging out here on Christmas eve instead of in front of a warm fire with some lucky lady in your arms?"

She immediately regretted the jocular tone she used when she saw the reaction on his face.

"Well, it's not such a great story, unfortunately. I had been dating a woman for close to a year. Despite the advice from my friends and family, I thought she was the one. Turns out they saw her a lot more clearly than I did." He took a long drink, then nervously ran a hand through his hair.

"Her idea of faithful and mine didn't exactly see eye to eye. I didn't find out until after I bought her an engagement ring and she had agreed to marry me. Once I found out the truth, I confronted her and told her to never bother me again." He smiled ruefully. "Of course, she didn't feel compelled to return the ring. Go figure."

"I'm so sorry," Faith said sympathetically, touching his hand with her own. "There are a lot of people who just don't appreciate what they've got."

"Thanks," Tyler answered, resisting the urge to pull his hand away. "That's nice of you to say." He finished off the remainder of the bottle. "That was four months ago. It was a really bad time," he paused and looked away, "and it hasn't gotten much better." He shook his head. "Wow, that definitely calls for another drink. Can I get you a refill?"

Faith nodded and studied him carefully as he walked toward the bar. What is it about this guy? she wondered. She had met plenty of good-looking guys and heard more than a few sob stories, but it seemed like everything Tyler said managed to touch her. There was just something about him that made her want to know more. She watched him walk back with their drinks, pleased with how attentive he seemed.

After over a year at her job, plus a lifetime of dealing with guys hitting on her, Faith knew all the normal signs. However, Tyler looked at her with affection and desire, but not the kind of unbridled lust she saw from many men. She sensed a level of compassion from him that made her want to find out more.

They talked quietly for the next half-hour while waiting for her cab. The conversation ranged from their childhoods, to work life, to relationships. It was relaxed and natural; more like old friends who hadn't seen each other in years than strangers getting to know one another.

Both of them were so absorbed in talking that they were startled by the sound of a car horn just outside. Faith jumped up and ran to the door, waving to let the cabbie know she was on her way out. She walked back to the table and grabbed her coat, scarf, and purse.

"Well, I really enjoyed the talk, Tyler," she said a little sadly. "I'd like to do it again if you ever have time to stop by the bar."

They shook hands and she turned, heading for the door. Tyler's head was pounding as he felt an overwhelming desire to say something, anything to keep her from leaving.

"You could spend Christmas with us if you want," he blurted, not believing the words as they tumbled from his lips.

Faith stopped in her tracks and turned, looking at him curiously.

"Us?" she asked, giving him no clue what she thought of the idea.

Tyler blushed, realizing there was no way to retreat from his offer.

"My dad and I," he said uncertainly. "It's just the two of us having a late lunch and watching the game. If you're bored, you'd be more than welcome to at least have something to eat and a little company."

Faith paused for several seconds before answering. "How big is it?" she finally asked, with a sly grin.

"Pardon me?"

"Your TV. How big is it?" she said, laughing at his discomfort.

"Oh," he said with a nod, "very funny. My dad has a fifty inch projection TV... with surround sound," he added with emphasis.

Faith looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. "Well, I'm not that interested in a big meal." She watched his face fall and quickly added, "But I love football. Do you think I could watch the game with you guys and maybe bring a salad?"

She couldn't hide her delight at the way his face lit up. It was beyond adorable.

"If Jimmy can fix my car tonight, I'd be happy to come by tomorrow." Faith reached into her purse and grabbed her cell phone. "Just give me your number and I'll call to let you know if I can make it. You can give me directions then."

Quickly, Tyler reeled off his number, almost as if he was afraid that she might change her mind. With one final hug, Faith turned and left. He watched her from the door until she climbed into the cab, then sat down at his table, where he quickly downed the rest of his drink.

"I must be insane," he said to no one in particular.

"... You'll see my car in the driveway. It's the dark blue Camry. Great, I'll see you then. Bye."

"So she's coming after all?" Ray asked.

"Yeah Dad, the guy got her car running last night and she just picked it up. She should be here in about twenty minutes." Tyler looked around the living room with concern. "I've got to get this mess cleaned up."

Ray shook his head and laughed. "Son, I don't think I've ever seen you this worked up over a girl. Especially one you just met."

With an embarrassed smile, Tyler nodded, conceding his father's point. "I don't know why. Something about her is just..."

"Special," his father said, finishing the thought. "Trust me son, I understand." The two men gave each other a quick nod. There was no need for further explanation.

A half hour later, the doorbell rang. Tyler couldn't stop himself from rushing to answer it excitedly. Before opening it, he took a deep breath, hoping to appear more calm and collected than he felt. With a shaking hand, he turned the doorknob and swung it inward.

"Hey you, Merry Christmas," Faith said with a wide smile.

Tyler couldn't stop himself from doing a double-take, amazed by how stunning she appeared. Although dressed casually like the previous night, there was something magical about her. She wore faded blue jeans with several patches and a light jacket. With a mischievous grin, she peeled it off to reveal an expensive Bears jersey.

"Nice," he cooed appreciatively.

"Why, thank you sir," she replied, glancing down at the logo. "My father gave it to me. I only wear it for special occasions."

"You know, I thought you were kidding when you said you wanted to watch the game with us," he said, stepping aside to let her in.

Faith leaned in and playfully punched him in the arm. "No way, buddy. I'm here to see the Packers get smashed."

"Well, you're not going to get any argument in this household," he chuckled.

Tyler took her coat and put it in the closet. He was about to lead her into the living room, when she spoke, her words stopping him in his tracks.

"Are these your folks?" He turned to see her pointing at a picture of him with his parents taken when he was in the third grade. It was always one of his favorites, taken at the Grand Canyon. He grimaced at the pain associated with the fond memories.

"Tyler, are you all right?" she asked, noticing his expression.

"Faith, I didn't know I was going to ask you here today or that you'd accept. There's something I need to tell you."

She stared at him, alerted by the sudden change in his mood. "What is it?"

"I told you about Renee and the breakup, but that's not the only reason things have been so tough." Tyler took a deep breath.

"My mom... she got sick a couple of years ago. It was cancer. She fought it with everything she had, but passed away two months ago."

"Tyler, I'm so sorry," Faith said, stepping forward and touching his shoulder.

He gratefully accepted her kind gesture. "It's all right, we knew the end was coming for a while. Christmas just reminds me of her so much... it was her holiday. She's what made it special for me and dad."

"Oh, your father," Faith groaned. "He must be devastated."

"Yeah, he doesn't know what to do with himself. I come over to spend time with him, but just don't know what to do to help. Anyway, I didn't want you to say something and feel bad when you found out. I guess I should have told you before now but I had no idea what to say."

"No," she said firmly. "You were trying not to dump your problems on me. Trust me, I understand." She took his hand, delighting in how warm and comfortable it felt.

Faith nudged Ty playfully, coaxing a grin from him. "Why don't you introduce me?"

"Are you kidding me? What kind of horseshit call was that?" Faith screamed at the television.

Tyler looked at her, then back at his father with a wry smile. The day had been a great success. Faith dutifully stayed by Ray's side, laughing and joking, acting more like the hostess than the guest. Once the game started, she sat between him and Ty, cheering boisterously. She rivaled them both by how emotional she got over the game. Faith had been so wonderful that Ty could see his father begin to brighten in a way that had been missing since Marie died.

It only helped solidify the feelings that were rapidly growing inside of him. Everything about her seemed to be perfect. She was beautiful, graceful and as caring as any woman he could have hoped to meet. Tyler even had to smile at the way she immediately started cursing like one of the guys once the game got going. She wasn't afraid to be herself, and he found that irresistible.

They all jumped and cheered as the kicker nailed a forty-five yard field goal to win the game. Tyler found himself in Faith's arms, causing him to blush furiously. He quickly found an excuse to run to the kitchen and compose himself while she continued to celebrate with his dad.

After things wound down, she grabbed her things and said goodbye. Ty gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, which she accepted with a pleased expression. She took the presents he had hurriedly prepared for her the night before, just in case she was able to come by. They weren't expensive, but she had accepted them excitedly as if they were diamonds.

Faith gave Ray one last hug and walked out the door to her car. Tyler watched as she slid behind the wheel. After a few moments, it was obvious that the car wasn't starting and he could see her pound her hands against the steering wheel. Just as he stepped outside, her door swung open and she climbed out, appearing furious.

"Son of a bitch!" she snapped. Faith turned and saw him. "It's dead again. Now what do I do?" The frustration was clearly evident in her voice.

"Come back inside and we'll get it into the garage," Tyler said, hoping to make her feel a little better. He threw on a coat and got his dad to help him roll the car inside. Faith stood next to him fidgeting as his dad looked it over.

After working under the hood for about fifteen minutes, Ray looked up with a smile.

"Well, I can fix it." Just as Faith started to say thank you, he interrupted her. "But not until tomorrow. I'll need a few things and it will take a couple of hours. I can't believe whoever looked at it didn't notice the wiring problem. You're lucky you didn't get stuck in the middle of nowhere."

"I'm stranded," she moaned. "Another cab ride, just what I needed." She caught herself and her expression softened. "I'm sorry Ray, that was thoughtless. It's so kind of you to offer to fix it. I don't know how to thank you."

"Are you kidding?" Ray responded with an even wider grin. "This means you'll have to come back here to pick it up. That's the best news I've had in weeks." When she laughed, he added, "Honestly, I'm happy to have something important to do. I'm looking forward to taking care of this. You're such a delightful young woman, I want to make sure this gets fixed right this time."

"Ray, you are so sweet," she said, stepping forward and giving him a firm hug, followed by a long kiss on the cheek.

"Please," he sputtered. "I don't think you'll need to call a cab anyway... will she Ty?"

"No," Tyler answered immediately. "I'd be happy to give you a ride... if you want me too?" he added hopefully. He realized that she might be reluctant to let him know where she lived, considering how little she knew about him.

Faith looked at him coyly, not betraying her thoughts. "Well, if you're going to be a gentleman about it, I guess it would be wrong of me to not take you up on the offer."

Thirty minutes later, Tyler pulled his car in front of the apartment complex Faith pointed out.

"Thank you for everything today, I had a great time. Please tell your dad thanks again. He is a wonderful man."

Tyler shrugged. "He really is looking forward to fixing it. It's the kind of thing he loves to do. He always wanted a daughter, so is really protective toward young women." Ty smiled, "Especially ones who fawn over him endlessly. You have no idea how much he enjoyed having you over today."

"Just him," Faith replied, raising her eyebrows.

"No," Tyler admitted. "I was very glad you could make it. Everything was perfect today. Thank you." He opened his door and stepped outside.

"You don't have to walk me to my door. You've done enough good deeds for one night."

"Sorry Faith; one thing my father made sure to instill in me was to always walk a lady to her door. You're stuck with me until I know you're safely inside."

She smiled, but Tyler couldn't tell if it was amusement at his insistence or that she was happy with his offer. They walked inside, then took the elevator to the third floor. When they reached her door, he tried to think of a way to smoothly approach her for a kiss. While he debated what he should do, she opened the door and turned her head.

"Would you care for a drink? It's the least I can do, considering your chivalry," she said with an inviting wink.

"Uh, sure... I'd love one," Ty stammered.

He followed her inside and sat on the couch while she went to the kitchen. A quick glance around the apartment revealed a glimpse of her personality he hadn't had the chance to see. It was immaculate, adorned by paintings, poems and magazines, all emphasizing success and personal power. It told him that she was organized and driven.

"Here we go," Faith said, walking into the room with two glasses of wine. She set them down on the table and sat next to him.

"Thank you," Ty said, taking a sip.

Faith studied him seriously. "No Tyler, thank you. Today was wonderful and I'm glad you included me."

He smiled wryly. "There's no need to thank me. I love my dad, but the thought of the two of us staring at each other for hours isn't exactly the Christmas I'm used to having."

"Would you tell me what happened to your mom?" she asked, displaying a level of sincerity that caught him of guard.

Tyler took a deep breath. "Well, she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. She beat it, but at a routine checkup six months ago the doctor found it was back and had spread everywhere. He told us there was nothing that could be done, so she came home where we took care of her until the end."

Faith looked at him sadly. "I'm very sorry, Ty. Could you tell me about her?"

He wiped a tear from his eye and looked up at her with pride. "Mom was amazing. She was my role model in every way. When I was in school, she encouraged everything I tried. She attended every game, concert and student activity. After I graduated, she pushed me to find the right college, stayed on my ass to get good grades and supported me in any way I could have asked.

"She sang and played the piano at church, volunteered at shelters and nursing homes, took the time to know my friends who all called her Mom and never turned away anyone asking for help. There was a line out the door at her wake from friends and admirers."

"Wow," Faith whispered, honestly impressed. "She sounds amazing."

"She really was. It's so funny," he said staring at his glass. "When I met you..." his voice trailed off as he realized what he was saying.

"What?" she asked, leaning forward.

"Nothing... it's stupid. Just forget I mentioned it."

Faith face took on a determined expression. "That's not fair. You can't bring up something like that, and then just tell me to forget it. Besides, you owe me for all my cheerfulness today," she added, elbowing him gently.

"Hmm, I wasn't going to say anything. I feel so stupid for even bringing it up."

"Go on," she encouraged.

"Mom was very religious," he started uncertainly. "It wasn't just going to church, she believed that good things happened if you believed. She always scolded me and Dad about not having enough faith. It was her special word, almost like a mantra. She said it all the time. When I met you, I..." Tyler trailed off again feeling foolish, still avoiding her gaze.

He felt her fingers under his chin as she gently urged him to meet his gaze. "You thought it was more than a coincidence? Maybe a sign... or fate?"

Tyler nodded, suddenly wishing he had stayed in the car. It sounded crazy to him, what would it sound like to her?

He was startled by the sound of soft laughter. Looking at her in confusion, he wondered if she was mocking him.

"You're telling the person with her spirituality tattooed on her chest, that you feel awkward for believing in signs? Tyler, trust me; if anyone would understand, it would be me."

"Still," he said, feeling embarrassed. "It sounds crazy. I just met you and already feel comfortable, like we've known each other for a long time. Then I throw this on you. I just..." Faith stopped him by pressing her lips against his with an urgency that left him stunned.

Tyler felt shock for a split second, then the sensation caused by her lips cut through the haze in his brain. They were warm and soft. He felt her nibble on his lips with her own and his uncertainty was washed away by a wave of desire.

Faith's kisses intensified as she leaned against him, feeling his erection growing, trapped in the confines of his jeans. Despite the promise to herself, the feel of it against her thigh stoked her own arousal, pushing her past the point of self-control.

His hands ran down her back, touching her gently. She shuddered at his caresses, moaning softly into his mouth.

Tyler pushed his hands under the soft jersey and touched her skin. She was warm, her skin impossibly smooth. His hands moved upward, his fingers grazing her ribs as his thumbs glided over her toned stomach. Faith groaned hungrily as his hands made contact with her breasts, squeezing them at the base and sliding up the sensitive sides. When he reached her nipples, he caught them between his thumb and index finger, squeezing and rolling them.

When she sucked against his tongue, Tyler aggressively pinched harder, pulling them slightly before letting go. Then he ran his thumbs over the erect nipples and pinched again.

Faith could feel the warmth of the juices seeping from her pussy. His assertiveness had triggered something primal inside her. She found her hands reaching for his slacks, seemingly of their own accord. His belt gave way and she slid her hand in, caressing his erection.

"Oh Faith," he moaned passionately. Tyler squeezed her breasts harder, feeling his fingers sinking into the soft flesh. He was so aroused he didn't notice her deftly undoing his pants until she slid them down partially, allowing her to grasp his shaft with the other hand as well. Although still a little cold, her grip was firm and he responded passionately to her touch.

She began stroking him in slow, sensuous motions, both hands squeezing him with just the right amount of pressure. Her left hand let go of his shaft and cupped his balls, lightly kneading them as the other continued to stroke his cock. He pulled his shirt off and she slid her lips away from his, running her tongue down his chin, to his chest, finally settling at his navel. Her hands caressed his sensitive flesh as her tongue teased his stomach and belly button.

Tyler pushed his hips upward, hoping she would take him in her mouth, but she refused, moving with him instead. Her left hand edged lower and the index finger teased his anus.

"Fuck," he panted urgently. "I need to be inside you."

"Soon baby," she cooed, her words muffled. Faith moved her mouth lower, but veered to the left, inciting a growl of frustration from Ty. She ran her tongue across his lower stomach until she reached his leg, leaving a trail of saliva. Her hands pulled off his slacks impatiently. She returned her tongue to his leg, dragging it down until she reached the middle of his thigh, and then moving to the inside.

When Tyler felt her reach under his scrotum, he grabbed the pillows beside him and squeezed as hard as he could. Faith sensed his arousal was at its peak and finally ran her tongue across his balls, nibbling them with her lips. She moved her hand to the back side of his cock and opened her mouth slightly, letting her lips fall on either side of the vein running up the underside of his erection. He felt her tongue dart out across the sensitive flesh as her lips moved up and down the shaft. She sucked hard against him, then resumed running her tongue across the length.

Tyler looked down to see her head moving back and forth as she enthusiastically pushed him toward an orgasm. "Yes," he moaned, letting his head fall back, lost in pleasure.

Faith sucked harder against his shaft, making small love bites up and down the warm surface. She could feel his body shake as the climax overtook him. He came explosively, drenching his stomach as his hips moved wildly. She continued sucking and licking the shaft, nursing him through a series of smaller tremors until he finally relaxed, his body limp with exhaustion.

"I guess that worked for you, huh?" she asked with a devilish grin. She laughed as he looked at her, his face clearly reflecting the ecstasy he felt. He was about to answer, when she slid upwards and let her tongue run across his belly, making a path through the warm fluid covering it.

"Oh shit," he moaned, overcome by the sight. Faith continued licking across his stomach, greedily lapping at it until there was no more. She kissed her way up his chest, then paused at his neck to run her tongue across the side.

"So what do we do now?" she asked, clearly amused at his reaction.

With a burst of energy that caught her by surprise, Tyler caught her by the shoulders, rolling on top of her. He pulled the jersey above her breasts and took a nipple into his mouth. His hand squeezed one breast as he sucked as much of the other into his mouth as he could manage. She had large nipples that were already erect. He let her breast slip from his mouth and nibbled at the bud with his teeth.

"Uh," she groaned. Tyler let his hand slide from her breast to the top of her jeans. He quickly unfastened them and slid his hand inside. She wasn't wearing underwear and his fingertips slid across an unexpectedly smooth surface, then made contact with the hood of her clit.

"Ooh, I like this," he said, pleasantly surprised.

"Well," she said with a grin, "when you wear as little as we do..." Her voice trailed off as he pressed down on her clit with his fingers, rotating his hand in a small circle. She moaned encouragingly, so he pushed harder, moving his hand faster. He began moving it side to side and she immediately reacted by moving her hips uncontrollably.

Tyler took the opportunity to slide off the couch and grab her jeans with both hands. She lifted her hips off the cushion as he eased them down into a pile at her feet. He moved quickly up her legs, letting his fingertips caress her skin. His mouth covered her sex; his tongue tracing her outer lips.

Faith moved a leg over his shoulder as he pushed against her urgently. His tongue dipped between her lips, tasting her for the first time. She was tangy, almost sweet, the flavor enflaming his passion. He moved his lips to her clit, while his hand reached around her leg, his fingertips pulling back her hood, exposing the sensitive bud to him. Tyler wrapped his lips around it and sucked, then flicked his tongue rapidly, drawing even more prominent notes of pleasure from her.

He pressed two fingers against her soaking pussy, sliding them inside to the second knuckle. He couldn't push further, so he slid them back out, twisted his hand and pushed them in again, reaching another inch inside her. He continued pulling them out, twisting, then pushing them back in until his hand reached her entrance. Then he stopped, letting his fingertips dance across the sensitive walls of her sex.

"Yes Tyler, please... I need to cum," she pleaded. Her body twisted back and forth, seeking release as he skillfully pushed her closer to the edge. When he dragged his teeth across her clit, she exploded against him, her entire body wracked with spasms from the force of the orgasm and the smaller ripples that followed.

Tyler continued licking around her lips, avoiding her clit until she finally slumped back against the couch.

"You were saying?" he asked mischievously.

She exploded in laughter, her face glowing. "Okay, we're even," she said, unable to stop chuckling.

"Oh no we're not," Tyler said forcefully.

He stood, pulling Faith to her feet. Their lips met again as he slowly walked backwards, pulling her with him. When they reached the side of the couch, he unexpectedly spun her around and pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to lay her upper body across the arm and back of the plush sofa.

Tyler kneeled, again running his tongue across the lips of her pussy, then letting it run briefly across her anus, drawing a different, deeper moan from her.

"Later," he said purposefully. He stood, using his right hand to push his erection against her wet folds, seeking her entrance. She whimpered as the tip slipped between, lodging itself inside her. He took a second to savor the sensations, as her pussy wrapped around his cock. He grabbed her hips and pushed, sliding another inch inside. Again he paused, relishing the feel of her body shuddering as she tried to push back against him, desperate to draw him further inside.

He reached his right arm around her chest, his hand settling on her breast, then moved his mouth to her upper back. He bit the skin between her shoulders playfully as he pushed again, sliding further into her.

"Tyler, please stop teasing. Fuck me now," she pleaded in a shaky voice.

He moved his mouth a little higher, his teeth digging into her skin at the base of her neck. Just as she moaned her approval, he slid the rest of the way inside her.

The position Tyler had Faith trapped in left her helpless to do anything but enjoy the feel of his cock slipping between her lips. His teeth against her skin combined with the feeling of his body against hers made her head swim. He slipped further inside her, his cock seeming to touch all the right places at the same time. Just when she felt herself swooning from the sensations, he pulled back, leaving her feeling empty. It seemed like she could feel every vein of his erection as it moved through her, pausing at the entrance briefly, then quickly sliding all the way inside again.

She felt her eyes water at the combination of pleasure and pain he was causing, her hands gripping the cushions in ecstasy. Tyler turned his hips slightly, and pressed forward again. The new angle of penetration pushed the tip of his penis against her walls differently, making her cry out louder as the friction caused a series of tremors throughout her body; each larger than the last. Every time their bodies met, her moans changed, becoming higher pitched, her breathing erratic.

Suddenly he shifted again and pushed deep inside her. "Yes!" he heard her cry out, indicating she was close. Tyler willed himself to move even faster, longing to bring her to an orgasm before he came. His hips surged forward relentlessly as he stood up straight, crashing into her so hard, her body shook from the impact.

Faith's moans and pleadings were escalating, so he continued, grabbing her hips to maximize his penetration and speed. I can't keep this up, he thought.

Just as he felt the precursor to his second orgasm, Faith screamed out, her body writhing uncontrollably. He leaned forward, burying himself inside her, the sweat on her back feeling slick and warm against his chest. Lying still, Tyler allowed her movements to do the work, triggering his release and he came deep inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over him, the feeling of her muscles clenching against his shaft threatening to overwhelm his senses.

They lay still for several minutes, neither wanting to disturb the other's pleasure. Finally, he pulled back, his deflating penis slipping out of her. She stood and turned, looking at him with an expression of awe.

"You were wonderful," she said, leaning forward to kiss him. She wrapped her arms around Tyler, who swept her up, carrying her towards her bedroom. He gently placed her on the bed and slid behind her, wrapping his arms around her, too overcome to do anything other than hold her close.

He leaned his forehead against her shoulder, amazed at the most intense sexual experience of his life. Faith was unlike anyone he'd ever been with. Her skin was on fire. He could feel the sweat dripping down her back; the smell of sex was everywhere.

His thoughts were interrupted by a shudder running through her body. After a brief pause, he felt another. "Faith," he whispered, concerned. "Are you all right?"

She didn't answer so he propped himself up on his elbow. He put his hand on her shoulder, gently turning her toward him. Tyler was shocked to see tears falling down her cheeks.

He sat up abruptly. "Faith, what's wrong?" He pulled her up to a sitting position facing him.

"This wasn't how it was supposed to happen," she murmured through her sobs. "I didn't want it to be like this."

"Why, did I do something wrong?"

"No," she quickly replied. "It's me. I don't want you to think..." She stopped, hiding her face in his chest.

"What, Faith?" Tyler asked softly, stroking her hair.

"The dancing, going out with someone I met there, then sleeping with you on the first date. It's not me. I don't want to ruin this. Not after the way you made me feel about you."

Tyler was stunned. "What way?"

Faith wiped her tears, looking at him in disbelief. "Do you really think you're the only one who felt something special? Why did you think I went to your dad's house today?"

He stared at her, lost for words. "I just thought you didn't have anything else to do."

"So I'd go to some guy's house I've never met?" she incredulously. "I knew from the second I started talking to you that you were special. Every person who works there knows about you because I told them all about this amazing guy I met. I waited all week, hoping you'd come back. It's crazy. I can't explain it any more than you can tell me why my name means something to you."

Tyler shook his head. "So why are you crying? This is a good thing."

"Because I didn't want to ruin this. I wanted to wait until I got to know you better. I'm not some bimbo that strips in a bar, who just falls on her back when a guy asks her out."

"Is that what you think?" he demanded. "That this would change the way I feel about you?"

"You can't understand what it's like for me," she said, staring at him sadly. "How many guys are interested in me until they get what they want? Today was the first time anyone introduced me to their family since I started this job. What's your father going to say when you tell him the truth about me?"

Tyler looked at her tenderly, tenderly stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers. "He said that you must have been a really good dancer to make that kind of impression on me."

Faith stared at him in shock, the tears staining her face. "You told him already?"

"Yes," he said with a chuckle. "The day I met you."

"He didn't have a problem with what I do?"

Tyler tenderly ran his fingers through her hair. "I think if anything, he's jealous of me."

Now it was Faith's turn to smile. "Well at least now I know how to repay him for working on the car."

They shared a subdued laugh. Tyler wiped away her tears, then kissed her gently, trying to reassure her.

"We don't know each other that well and maybe we should have taken things slower, but we didn't. Since it's too late to change that, all we can do is promise to be up front with each other from now on. To be honest, now that I've been with you I can't imagine trying to slow this down."

Faith stroked his cheek, looking at him intently, trying to decide if it was possible to be this lucky.

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