Sweet Torture
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Light Bond,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A strange story of two lonely people.

She walked up the tall winding drive to his house over looking the ocean. It was a small cottage like house with tiny doors and low dark wood beamed ceilings, quite old for this part of the country. She had only met him recently and found him to be a very nice gentle kind man. He had offered her an invitation to visit his home near the sea, so this lonely quiet night, she decided was the right time for a visit.

The house was all in darkness save for a large lamp that was lit through the parlor window. She could see it from the front door. It was a heavy old dark wooden door, very rustic and quite quaint. Leading up to it was a few steps with yellow potted mums and a pretty autumn leafed wreath hanging on the door. She knocked hard on the door a few times and waited. The gale force winds were blowing hard and cold and it started raining on this blustery night. She hoped he'd come to the door soon.

The door opened and there he stood. He was wearing a burgundy colored bathrobe and a smile when he greeted her.

"Please, do come in!"

He seemed very happy to see her. She smiled at him and followed him inside. The cottage was charming. She looked about the place and spotted a huge brick fireplace over in the corner. The room was dark paneled and had books covering one wall. A silver tea set and some china graced another shelf and cabinet.

"Please, sit down. Here, let me get your coat!" And he took her raincoat and scarf.

"Let me fix some hot Chai tea for us. Do you like it? It's one of my favorites."

She looked up at him and was surprised because it was one of her favorite teas also.

"Yes, that would be lovely. Thank you." And he made his way into the adjoining kitchen and returned shortly with a tray laid out with tea and some biscuits.

They sat together in the parlor and chatted about books and music and the day they had met on the train not too long ago. He was a nice man and she found him quite charming and attractive. He was tall and thin but not skinny. He had a nice wirey build. His eyes were a pale blue that seemed to pierce right through you if you looked long enough. He had a disarming smile too. He was an intelligent man too and she admired this very much.

He talked of the ancient Egyptians and showed her his collections of art books and artifacts. She surmised he filled his long lonely days and nights with this hobby. The books had lots of illustrations, some erotic in nature. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at the obscene photos. He stared at her face as she looked at the pictures and smiled.

"Interesting stuff, isn't it? I've always been interested in them. Fascinating." He said with a gleam in his eyes.

"Yes, it is." She answered as she leafed through the pages and drank her tea. It was hot and delicious. The cookies were good too. It was nice on this cold blustery night. He had lit the fireplace and it filled the room with a warm glow and appreciated heat.

They talked and laughed and he asked her about her life and he told her about his. He was a widower who lived a lonely life with his little Siamese cat and all his books. He welcomed having an attractive woman in his little house. He wasn't sure how old she was and was too polite to ask. She looked and acted young. He guessed maybe her late 30's or 40's. She had long dark hair that glistened in the flames from the fire. Her mouth was pout--y and rosy and her face was very pretty. Her eyes were a dark hazel green. She had a nice little shape too with rounded breasts and shapely legs. She was petite but voluptuous.

She looked up to catch him checking her out. She blushed lightly as she saw his eyes on her breasts. It was hard to guess his age, she thought, maybe late 40's? Fifty? She wasn't good with ages but she did find him a fascinating and attractive man.

"Do you like music my dear?" he asked her.

"Yes, I do. Music of all kinds." She answered.

"Ahh, we do have a lot in common, so do I." And he walked over to the old fashioned player and put on some classical stuff then he walked over near the fireplace and picked out a pipe from his collection and sat down and filled it with his favorite tobacco. The sweet scent permeated the air and made her feel heady. Her father used to smoke a pipe and she always loved the smell and found it very attractive in men.

They sat and listened to the music and chatted of all kinds of different things and he poured her some more tea as he took another puff from his Sherlock Holmes styled pipe. Come to think of it, he reminded her of the famous detective sitting there in his leather wing backed chair wearing his maroon bathrobe and slippers. She smiled to herself. He had his feet up on the leather ottoman. She sat on the old burgundy velvet settee across from him, a small wicker coffee table separating the two.

As she was looking at him and listening to the strains of the soft music wafting through the small room she suddenly felt very light headed. Was it just from the smell of his tobacco? She went to stand up and almost fell over. He jumped to his feet and caught her before she landed on the hard floor covered with an oriental carpet.

"My dear! What's the matter?" he asked with much concern helping her back onto the small antique couch.

"Here, let me get you a damp towel for your head. I hope you haven't caught a chill from this nasty weather tonight." And he came back and gently placed it on her forehead.

"Oh, thank you, Pierce. I don't know what's the matter. I just all of a sudden don't feel too well." And with that last sentence everything blacked out.

She was out cold. He walked to the settee and picked her up in his arms and carried her down a small flight of stairs to his room. It was a stark masculine looking room with white wooden walls and dark wooden trim and the same low dark wooden beamed ceiling. A huge bed dominated the center of the room. He gently placed her in the middle of the bed. He undressed her and was delighted to discover what she was wearing as undergarments. She had on a lace lavender teddy that showed her body off quite well. Her big pink nipples poked out through the lace of the low cut bodice. Her legs looked long and slender, especially with the high black strappy heels she was wearing. He lay her there and stood back just admiring her. His capture he thought.

When she came to she opened her eyes and looked about. She could hear the strains of melodic music, the building crescendo wafting through the room. Where was she? What happened? She looked up at the dark beamed ceiling and it all came back to her. She saw him standing there with a smile on his face holding a brandy snifter. He took a sip and walked up to her.

"Ahh... you've awakened. I'm afraid you were feeling quite poorly my dear. I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of bringing you down here. How are you feeling now?"

She looked up at him and then down at her bare legs. She now realized he had undressed her but kept her teddy and high heels on. Her head felt fuzzy and she tried to get up but just then felt something tight on her ankles only to discover she was tied to the bed by her wrists and ankles. She was spread eagle.

"Oh my God! What on earth is going on?" she tried to wriggle out of them but when she did, they only tightened more. He had fashioned them with small cuffs and rope to do just that.

"My dear, please don't do that. It will only make things worse."

"Please, Pierce! They're cutting into me and hurting. "She implored.

"Alright but you have to stay calm my dear. If you do, I'll loosen them a bit, but please no monkey business."

"Yes, okay." She said heaving, her breasts moving up and down with each breath.

He gently loosened her restraints on all her limbs but only a little bit. He was very gentle in doing so. He offered her a sip of brandy and helped her lift her head. The warm liquor tasted sweet and hot. She was thirsty and licked her lips.

"You do have beautiful lips my dear." And he bent down to kiss her. "And so sweet too." He added with a fiendish smile.

She went to turn her head to avoid his kiss. Who was this madman? Was it all those years being alone that drove him to this? Was he crazy? He had seemed so gentle too. She had thought she knew him quite well too from their first meeting on the train that day not so very long ago. They could converse about almost anything. He was an intelligent, attractive man, the kind of man she always had admired. But who was this sitting next to her on the bed now? She looked up at him as he stood up and could see he had a huge erection poking out from under his bathrobe. He noticed her looking at it and this got him even more excited. She turned her eyes away.

"Please, my dear, feel free to look all you want. See how stimulating I find you? How exciting you are to me? You are the most beautiful and intelligent woman I have ever met."

And he gazed at her lying there, spread eagle on his big bed, her long dark hair lying about her against the satin pillow. Her skin was pale and her eyes were a dark hazel green, the dark lavender lace teddy setting off her coloring nicely, a vision of womanly sexiness if he ever saw one.

He sat down next to her now and put his face in her hair. It smelled lovely. He planted kisses on her cheeks and ears and gently nibbled on her earlobes. He moved down to her neck and kissed her, stopping to look up at her reaction. She looked in his eyes. They were a piercing blue that seemed to sear right through her. She thought him very handsome, especially his eyes. He was tall and thin but not skinny, more sinewy than anything else. He seemed very strong too, especially the muscles in his arms and strong hands.

She could feel his cock rubbing against her legs as he kissed her. It felt hard and she was getting excited despite herself. She had never in her life been tied up like this before. It was something she never had even thought about. Could she really be enjoying this? Was it that tea she had drunk? Had he put something in it? Her head felt light and her thoughts were swimming.

He continued to plant kisses down her body, stopping at her breasts and then in between her thighs, which he thought were the texture of velvet, so pretty she was to him and so sexy. She sighed heavily as he kissed her. She gasped suddenly when she felt his tongue lick her inner thighs. He pulled the snaps open on the bottom of her lace teddy to expose her pussy.

"Ahh"... just looking at it excited him to no end. "This is more of a treasure to me than anything the ancient pharaohs have ever revealed."

And he parted her private lips and gently stuck his tongue in and tasted her sacred nectar. It was like honey to him. Honey from the gods. She was so sweet and tasty. She wriggled her legs as he licked her only to feel the ropes tightening on her legs again.

"Enough of that for now," he abruptly stopped. She had been enjoying it and didn't want him to stop.

"I have to leave the room for a little while. I won't be long. Now don't go anywhere." He said with a wink.

He left the room and she tried not to panic. She felt helpless. Suppose something happened to him and he wouldn't return? She could end up dying there strapped to his bed! The police would find her like this, cold and dead, tied up on his huge bed. Please, she thought, 'come back, don't leave me like this!' She tried to stay calm. Mind over matter she thought. Yes, mind over matter. Everything would be okay. Just stay calm. He's not an axe murderer, just a lonely widower with a few eccentricities. For some reason she trusted the man.

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