The Morning of Your Birthday
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - For those who have or wish to meet their long distance lover... This was my gift.

It is the morning of your birthday and waking with the alarm buzzing, you lay there in bed, stretch a bit and then stand up. Heading for the bathroom, the kitchen is the next stop to heat up water for your coffee, sipping gingerly to avoid a scald, the hot liquid starts your morning routine off nicely. Padding around your house pulling together the needed clothes for the day you hear the doorbell ring. Puzzled as to who could be here so early in the morning you move to answer the door.

You about drop your cup as in the few seconds of silence that it takes you to take in just who is standing here with a shy smile on her face. After talking so long via the Internet and occasionally the phone. Exchanging pictures and many hours of wishing she were here with you, the real figure standing before you is hard to take in. You manage a strangled "Hello" Just to test that this mirage was true and not some cruel dream.

I answer you in just as weak a voice " Hullo, Happy Birthday, I hope you like your surprise..." The rest of my carefully rehearsed first words are muffled as with a toss of your cup to the ground and a quick step forward, your arms are wrapped around me and the biggest hug I have ever received is quickly cutting off all my circulation but I don't mind in the least as this is the most heavenly moment in my life.

Pulling away slightly you look into my eyes, searching for what I am not sure perhaps you are just looking to see what I am thinking now that I am here for real and your not just a distant figure in a faraway place. I hope you can see how happy I am... my heart is in my throat, I have been so nervous about this whole trip. The normal fears of a first meeting, the long trip to go over and over what may happen how you will react and whether you will be as happy to see me as I am to be here. Looking deep into your eyes I breathe a bit easier as all I see is pure happiness and I know that this was the right thing to do... for both of us.

Suddenly we both realize you are out here in the open with your robe and slippers on and we laugh and you are inviting me in with a warm hand outstretched and I gladly slip mine into yours and step though to the familiar surroundings I had viewed from afar though the photos you had sent many times. It gives me a feeling of Déjà vu to be here see your living room with the chair I envisioned you in so many times. There is your computer, that lovely device that brought us together. You pull me excitedly about your home showing me everything; we are both talking too fast, covering our nervousness with small talk until finally with the last room viewed. There is a small silence, we stand there just looking at each other again, and our eyes drinking in everything we had wanted to see for so long.

I shift nervously and suddenly you are exclaiming " OH Hell! Work!" you remembered you were supposed to call in even thought today was a day off.

I hear you making your excuses for your late call and sit down on the couch to await your return to the room. My hands are a bit restless I am not a nervous person but this is a bit more than I normally handle for stress and clasping my hands together seems the only way to stop them from trembling.

Your back here with me, asking if I would like a cup of coffee, I would love one and in following you to the kitchen I notice that you have slipped on some pants and a T-shirt in exchange for your robe. You hand me my cup and ask how long I was able to stay and that started us off again, with my explaining how I did this and everything else it took for me to get here to see you.

Once the explanations covered everything we could think of the small silence was broken only by the ticking of the clock.

I can't help but notice you haven't taken your eyes off me in this time. I know that your sitting here beside me is filling my senses with your scent and I find it very hard to stay on track of what we are talking about with your constant gaze. Leaning close, your arm slips around my shoulders and pull me against you here on the couch. I have no resistance because truly it is what I have wanted for so long... to feel your touch. Sighing I rest my head on your shoulder and snuggle close, closing my eyes and feeling so happy.

I feel your hand stroking my hair softly; gently your fingers come under my chin and lift my face up, I look into your eyes and watch your lips as they are coming closer to mine. Your voice is almost a whisper " Darling I must kiss you, I can't wait any longer" smiling softly I raise my lips to yours and the feeling from our first touching, your firm lips against my softness is exquisite and I am lost in our first kiss.

Tentative at first testing to see just what we had, then your tongue is sliding along my lips parting them a bit just touching to see if I want more. I slide my hands up and around your neck, opening my mouth to yours giving you complete access and you expertly take over, your tongue slips inside drawing mine to meet yours. I hear you groan with suppressed hunger, I know how you are feeling; right now I can barely keep my mind straight from the intense emotions I am feeling.

Soft pillows are beneath me now. I realize that your leaning forward has slowly lowered me back against them. I relax and we break free from our kiss. Neither of us is breathing very steadily now, your fingers come up to stroke along my nose, across my brow, tracing my eyebrows; cheekbones and then cupping my face as your lips softly follow the path your fingers just made. Till once again they are pressed to mine again with your fingers now softly working their way into my hair loosing the pins that hold it.

Your chest is pressed against me now. I feel my breasts pushing against you, my hands are stroking across your back and shoulders as we kiss. Suddenly you break away, rubbing your face as if to try and get sensible again, you say " Damn! I didn't mean to ravish you here on my couch" I laugh and ask you why not as it is what we have both wanted for so long. I can't believe how aroused I am by you with just your kisses so far and I do not want it to stop.

You tell me that you wanted to make sure, and have a romantic evening or something like that. Not this... been here an hour and you are on top of me.

I don't know how to tell you that you on top of me is exactly what I want. So I sit up, take a deep breath and slowly unbutton my blouse baring my lace covered breasts to your gaze. I simply say. " I am going to your bed now. You can stay here or join me... what is your wish?" turning I walk through the house not looking behind me, head straight for your bedroom on very weak legs as I never dreamed I would be so bold but I had already gone this far and there was no turning back.

I stop at the doorway of your room, not sure what I need to do now, your warm hands slip around my waist from behind and I feel you press against me, your lips touch my neck and a shiver shakes me head to toe while you explore the sensitive skin, whispering your desire and needs. A warm coil of erotic desire is building within me your hands come up to cup my breasts. Your thumbs find my erect nipples and brushing lightly, just teasing them through the lacy fabric, laying my hands on yours as they softly stroke and tease my nipples feeling the warm skin and strong fingers working my nipples to their hardest peaks, I lean back against you my arms coming up behind your neck, pulling you close in a passionate kiss. I feel my blouse being taken off my shoulders your hands so strong and firm caressing my arms my shoulders, skimming along my ribs finding the catch and releasing my aching breasts from their confinement.

I sigh and press back to feel your hardness against my rear, grinding against you just a bit while you cup my breasts, capturing my nipples again with your fingers. I can't help the noises I am making while you torment me with your fingertips. Our kissing has reached wildness in its pace and I twist in your arms as I just have to feel your skin against me and the pullover is in my way. I impatiently push it up and you eagerly help me get it off you, I run my hands across your chest, tracing across finding your flat nipples and teasing them as you did mine. You crush me against you; nipples are tormented with the feel of hair on your chest scratching lightly across them. Setting us a part a bit you nuzzle my neck and then kissing lightly down my collarbone, slowly working your lips down till you flick my erect nipple with your tongue, I cry out as your wet warm tongue sends electric fire racing through my body. Sucking and pulling, licking and stroking with your mouth, tongue and fingers my breasts are the focus of your attention for some time and I am so hot now I feel like a molten mass of desire.

You're stroking and caressing my body. Running your hands down my back till I feel your strong touch on my ass, rubbing and pulling me close against you, we are fused together, your legs is pressing between mine, I get a little off balance and have to step a bit sideways and you use this to gain access with your thigh pressing between mine. Your hands at my waist searching for the snap of my jeans, I hear you whispering how much you need to touch me... see my body, you want me so badly and I want you... working down the front of your pants my hand touches your hard length. You moan and I am encouraged to rub along it through the cloth, but then I know I just have to touch it and slip my hand inside your pants eager to feel your hot hard cock and give you the pleasure I have dreamed of for so long. You shudder as my hand slides inside and grips your length; I feel the heat from it the pulsing of your arousal, my thumb strokes the head of your cock, the moisture leaking from it I use to slip my fingers easily across and around in a circular pattern over and over. I can feel my jeans loosening and your pushing them off my hips, my panties go with them and soon I am standing naked before you. Again your hands are caressing my body, I am a little embarrassed but you are whispering sweet words of encouragement, your strong hands making me wiggle with desire. I can feel the trickle of my juices from my extreme arousal between my thighs, and soon your fingers are brushing lightly on my pussy not really touching yet just tantalizing me with the promise of what was to come. I moan " Oh please, yes..." parting my legs for your touch. As your tongue slides into my mouth taking me in another kiss, you finally slide your fingers inside my velvety softness and I cry out with the gentle caress of your fingers on my clit, I nearly explode right then but you sense that I am so close to this and move your hand a bit to stop my release just yet.

" Soon Darling soon I will take you there, but not just yet. I want to explore and taste your sweet pussy now" you whisper guiding me back till my legs are against the bed. I lay back and watch as you slip your pants off and join me here. Your hands swiftly stroke across my body and sliding my legs apart you position yourself between my legs kissing the top of my mound and around me tender inner thighs wet with my desire, your tongue laps at the moisture and I am squirming with a wild need, begging you to continue.

My whole being is centered with what your tongue is doing to my swollen clit and the first touch of your tongue nearly sends me off the bed from the exquisite sensation. You have to hold my hips still as I can't stop the jolting of my body from the tip of your tongue working my clit, you stop and allow me to relax, but soon you are testing the limits of my self control with a deliberate stroking, teasing, pushing your tongue inside me fucking me with it. While your fingers explore and rub never ceasing your sensual assault on me. I can't stop myself from crying out, begging and pleading with you to take me. My hands twisting the covers in my attempt to hold on till no longer can I control myself in anyway and I am tumbling over the edge of ecstasy your tongue still plundering the depths of me causing my pleasure to continue past any I have known before.

I urge you to come up and lay against me... my body still quivering from the orgasm your lips and tongue have wrung from me. For a moment we lay there in each other's arms breast to breast, thigh to thigh gazing at each other. I rub my lips against your chin, tasting the aroma of my scent on you. Tenderly I press my lips against yours again and kiss you slowly, you hold still as my lips explore for a while. I whisper in your ear how much I desire you. Kissing down your neck, then returning to your lips, this time I kiss you harder, my tongue slowly teasing yours, drawing you inside my mouth.

Wanting to make love to you for so long has given me plenty of time to dream up exactly what I wanted to do.

Your hands are not idle. I can feel them stroking my back, long strokes that press me closer to you each time you make the pass from my shoulder to my waist. The gentle pressing against each other is good; I feel the length of your cock against my thighs

I reach down and capture it my fingers lightly stroking the soft hot skin.

You are so hard I can feel its pulsing need, opening my thighs a bit to press it just inside the juncture of my thighs, the dampness from my arousal makes a slippery path for your cock to slide just between my thighs, I hold you there, while your hand continues its long strokes along my back, my mouth against yours... I feel your breathing catch as you realize how every time you stroke me it slides your cock forward, this proves to be to much for you to take the sensation for long and you roll us over till you are on top of me.

Taking my hands and extending them up above my head you grin and say. " Teasing me are you? Be careful you'll find out what it is like to be teased mercilessly" and with that you nuzzle my neck and I am laughing and wriggling under you. Your hot breath is tickling my ears, neck and sending shivers and goose bumps all up and down my body.

I decide that you will have to be distracted, opening my legs I take you between them and your look of pleasure delights me as the head of your hard length slips just up against my wet lips. Wickedly I wiggle and encourage your cock to enter me now.

With low groan " Oh yes Darling!" A slow thrust of your hips, your cock slides smoothly into my tight opening.

Again your lips capture mine, your tongue taking me just as you begin moving with slow strokes to fill me with your length, this is sheer pleasure and I am soon answering your whispered words of passion with my own.

Our hands are linked, every inch of our bodies meeting in this perfect union.

Soon though the slowness is overtaken by the urgency of our needs and as I rock my hips up to meet yours, relishing every hard stroke, your mouth finds my taunt nipples, and devours them until finally you look into my eyes, and we know that this rising tempest cannot be stopped and time stands still as we crush our lips together in a kiss of abandonment while our bodies rock together in this shared explosion.

We lay there together not moving for some time. Our sweat slick bodies still molded together, only the sound of our breathing breaking the silence. Until finally reluctantly you move to my side, gathering me against you in a close embrace. We lay there not speaking until a sudden ring of the bedside phone makes us both jump.

I listen to your low tones as you try to persuade whomever it was, that tonight you did not want to go out for a Birthday celebrative dinner.

Your exasperation with their persistence is cute and I reach out to circle your nipple so close to me now. I watch it tighten with my stroking finger. You look at me, and I smile mischievously up at you, and lightly lick it

You are still trying to get off the phone, and I lick your nipple again, and then lightly tug at it with my teeth. Your voice breaks a bit, and I feel your hand in my hair, I don't pay attention to your expression telling me that when you get off the phone I was going to be in "trouble". And continue my nibbling across your chest and then following down your stomach; my long hair I use to brush against your sensitive ribs, your breathing is not quite steady as I follow it with light kisses trailing further down, till I am kneeling at your thighs, your soft cock laying there, so beautiful, so in need of my mouth to make it stand to attention again.

I can hear you are just about off the phone now and I have to take advantage of the moment so softly taking your length in my hand I look at you and know that you are watching as I lick just the head, with that you make an abrupt goodbye and pull the phone cord out of the wall. I laugh and touch the tip of my tongue again to you, tiny licks and kisses pressed across and down the length of you. I can feel the response of your cock to my attentions, no longer soft; it quickly is gaining a life of its own.

Looking up I love to see your eyes half closed with relish of having your cock in my mouth. And I settle down to the delight of you and your cock.

First I cup your balls with my hand, feeling their heaviness I massage them lightly with my other hand I find a steady rhythm of light pressure as my lips take possession of your cock. Sliding and slipping around and up your length the head of your cock gets plenty of attention now I feel your hips moving in time to my head and mouths movements. I suck and tongue your opening tasting the fluid soon coming as a sign of your neediness... I have your cock quite hard once again now. And I take you deep nearly down my throat in my eagerness to have all of you... you groan and ask me to come closer so you can touch me too.

But I still want to take you further so I ignore your plea and set to thoroughly using my hands, mouth and tongue along your rock hard erection and tight balls till you sit up and catching me by the hips drag me close to you, bottom closest to you and now make my head swim with your fingers finding my wetness, I am almost unable to continue with the invasion of your fingers sliding along side my clit and entering me testing to see just how aroused I was, finding me wet and ready from the erotic pleasure I gained from my work on your cock... With a quick movement you are behind me, grasping my hips and driving your cock into me with a swift motion... I cry out and grind myself against you in answer to the force of your pistoning body against mine.

You don't hold back and I don't want you to, I reach behind and grab your ass pulling you closer as you take me so deep and hard I can't stop the shuddering of my body. Your hand slides to my clit and between the working of our bodies and your fingers pressing and rubbing my hard nub. No longer can I control the spreading ache and I am crying out with a shuddering release and feeling your body arching against me as with a final driven thrust you too are lost in your explosive release.

Once again we lay down, still but for our hearts and breathing slowing down finally... your arms holding me close, I whisper " Happy Birthday Darling".

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