Salesman of the Year
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A salesman is surprised when his wife volunteers to help win a big sale

Kyle Had paid his dues with the company and was finally able to start living the lifestyle he had always wanted. At 40, he still had the first real job he had ever worked at and was starting to earn the higher dollar accounts. He arrives home at the normal time and is met at the door by his wife Ruby.

Ruby was quite the knockout and Kyle loved to stare at her, soaking in her beauty. At 6', she had the perfect figure for 39 and was always very loving and devoted. As he approaches the door, he takes in the awesome sight of her ample breast straining against her blouse and wraps his arms around her. He kisses her deeply and tells her, "I'm in line for salesman of the year. I have one last big sale to close and it's all over." Ruby shows her enthusiasm by kissing him again and says, "Lets go out for dinner and celebrate and you can tell me about this big deal."

Happily, Kyle agrees and Ruby heads upstairs to change her clothes. She is naked, wearing only her jewelry and spiked heels when he enters the bedroom. He watches her every move as she tries to decide what to wear. Kyle admires his beautiful wife as the short haired brunette holds up different tops.

He surprises her by wrapping his arms around her from the back and says, "Put a short sexy dress on. I want everyone to see just how gorgeous you are." Ruby smiles and grabs a short red silk dress and says playfully, "You mean like this one." Smiling his approval, Kyle leaves the room before he loses control and is sitting at the bar when Ruby enters the room.

Speechless he looks her up and down while she turns for him. He whistles his approval and grabs her ass as he hugs her. All the way to the restaurant, Kyle steals glances at her ample cleavage and sexy bare legs while telling her about the big deal.

After the first bottle of wine she asks, "What's the catch on this deal? What's it going to take to real in this big deal?" Casually, Kyle explains that the man who is in charge of the other company, Jimmie, is always flirting with the ladies. After a few examples he tells her, "I want to have a beautiful woman pick him up at the airport and drive him to his hotel. Then arrange dinner and drinks including this woman. I would like to think that if she puts him in a good enough mood, that during our meeting he will let me fully explain what this company can do for him."

"Are you going to get a hooker?" Ruby asks suddenly. Kyle responds quickly and says, "Probably more of an escort if I can find one nice enough." Ruby pours the last of the second bottle of wine and asks suddenly, "Do I look nice enough to be an escort?" Kyle finds himself without an answer and stammers before asking, "What do you mean?" Ruby leans forward, knowing that her dress falls open and whispers, "If you want me to help you out, I will but you had better say yes before I chicken out." Kyle just sits there and she continues, "Do you think I am attractive enough?" Completely in shock, Kyle shakes his head yes and begins telling her that she looks nicer than any escort.

They sit quiet for a second while Kyle rearranges his hard cock and Ruby tries to cool herself by flapping the hem of her dress. Kyle breaks the silence by saying, "If you would like to do this I would be thrilled. It also guarantees this sale because no man could ever say no to you."

That night Ruby is all over Kyle and she keeps him hard until time to get ready for work. Once he is gone, Ruby thinks about what is to come and realizes that she doesn't even know anything about this man. Kyle arrives home about noon to find Ruby in the shower. He looks through her closet and is holding a short white dress when she walks in wearing a towel. He watches as she gets ready and tells her that he needs her to be extra seductive. Ruby listens as Kyle tells her, "I have good information that says Jimmie likes his women to be very sexy, seductive and attentive. I was told he hates women who ask about money first, always look at their watch and act like they don't want to be there at all."

Ruby smiles while replying, "It sounds as though he doesn't like whores." They both laugh and Kyle continues, "I guess you're right. If you hang on him and have a good time I'm sure that he will too."

When Ruby finishes, she turns in front of the full length mirror and tugs at her dress to straighten it then she says calmly, "This dress is a little tight, you can see my thong." Before Kyle can even respond Ruby is pulling up the dress to remove her thong. Kyle almost faints as all of the blood in his body rushes to his cock. Suddenly Ruby pulls the dress up to her neck and removes her bra. Cupping her breasts she asks, "Do my breast look ok without the bra?" Once again Kyle cannot speak and she pulls the dress back down.

Now as they both admire her in the mirror quietly, all of the wrinkles and panty lines are gone. A slight hint of nipple can be seen through the material and they are visibly hard. Kyle is stunned by just how gorgeous Ruby really is.

Downstairs Ruby stands in front of Kyle and is slightly taller with her 4" heels. Kyle hands her the sign he has made and gives her keys to the Mercedes. With her written instructions of where to be and where to go Ruby leaves for the airport. She locates the arriving planes luggage claim and waits nearby holding her sign.

Several different men approach saying they are Jimmie causing her to smile. In the distance Ruby sees a large black man walking towards her and she watches him closely. He doesn't even look to the claim area but walks right up to Ruby and says deeply, "Hi, I'm Jimmie." Ruby looks up to Jimmie and smiles. He must be 6-8 at about 300 pounds and black as night. It had never crossed her mind that he may be black.

He takes her hand while looking into her eyes and says, "It is very nice to meet you." Ruby blushes while trying to reply. Her pussy spasms at the touch of this huge black man and she says, "I'm here to give you a ride." He smiles brightly and she regroups laughing and says, "I will be taking you to the hotel."

He retrieves his bag and walks back to her. With her sign lowered he visibly checks her over and then follows her to the car. Ruby is excited and walks sexily in front of this giant. At the car she opens the back door for him and waits as he gets in. As they drive he asks her about the city and she carries on any conversation that he wants. When they arrive at the hotel, she opens his door and he exits casually and asks, "Would you like to join me for dinner this evening? I am having dinner with a salesman but would really prefer to spend the evening with a beautiful woman."

Ruby blushes again and replies quietly, "I would love to." Jimmie kisses her hand again and leaves her standing by the car watching him.

On the way home Ruby calls Kyle and tells him how everything went and he tells her to slip into something else sexy and he will be home to pick her up at 5pm. Knowing what she wants, she stops at the mall and buys a new dress for the evening.

When Kyle arrives home he is stunned to see his wife wearing a short loose white dress. She twirls for him and the bulge in his pants shows his approval. The dress wraps around her and buttons on the side. When he pulls her close he can feel that she is not wearing panties and he whispers, "I'm glad that you are really into this." She kisses him and replies, "I'm glad you're really into this too."

They meet Jimmie in the hotel lobby and he walks to meet Ruby, taking her hand and kissing it gently. Ruby blushes and Kyle stands quietly until Jimmie looks his way and extends his hand to him. Jimmie tells Kyle that he would rather eat here at the hotel and he escorts Ruby to the restaurant while Kyle calls to cancel the reservations.

When Kyle enters the restaurant he can see the couple already seated and he walks towards them. Ruby is in the booth next to him against the wall and Kyle sits down across from them. It is not long before the first bottle of wine is gone and Kyle notices that Ruby touches him often as she speaks and hangs on his every word.

When she excuses herself to the restroom, the men all watch her as she walks and Jimmie says, "That is the hottest woman anybody has ever set me up with. You must really want this sale." Kyle doesn't respond and Jimmie continues, "This woman is going to be the best fuck I ever had."

Suddenly fear sweeps over Kyle and gradually is replaced by excitement by the time Ruby returns. Jimmie stands to let her sit down and is sporting and obvious hard on. Ruby glances at the bulge and brushes her ass against it as she slides into the booth. Once seated she asks, "Did you boys talk about me while I was gone?" They laugh and Jimmie responds, "I think the whole restaurant was talking about you."

They talk very little business over dinner and Kyle notices Jimmies right hand is not on the table anymore, when the third bottle of wine is delivered. He begins to notice Ruby fidgeting around a little and that she is sitting right up against him. With dinner over Jimmie suggest they retire to the lounge. Once in the lounge, Jimmie sits down at a small table with two chairs and motions for Ruby to sit on his lap. She happily sits on his knee, putting her left arm around him. Kyle orders another bottle of wine and sits down as Jimmie puts his huge hand on her bare thigh.

As Ruby talks to Jimmie she lays her hand playfully on his chest and looks into his eyes. Kyle begins to feel like he is watching a movie as they quickly forget he is even there. Her dress falls slightly open at the bottom as his hand works up underneath. She takes another drink and uncrosses her legs for him. Looking around the bar, Kyle is glad it is dark and empty as he looks back to see him part her legs and touch her.

Her head falls back slightly and Jimmie looks to Kyle saying hoarsely, "Excuse us, we're going back to my room to have some very serious sex. Pick me up in the morning around 9am and thanks."

Kyle sits speechless as this big black man walks away with his wife. Quickly he finishes the wine and heads for home with images of Jimmie all over Ruby, his wife. His cock comes out the minute he walks in the door and he cums all over the floor with the vision of Ruby's mouth wrapped around Jimmies cock.

The night is long and Kyle's balls ache by time to get up. He has lost count of the number of times he has jacked off but he is still so excited. His mind swims with pictures of his wife and the big black man he has lent her to.

Kyle arrives early and is sitting in the hotel lobby when Jimmie arrives saying brightly, "What a fine morning. I haven't even gone to sleep yet and I feel great. That hooker friend of yours is the best fuck I have ever even heard of." Smiling Kyle responds, "She is really something." Jimmie continues happily, "I'm pushing my flight home till tomorrow so that I can fuck her again properly all night tonight." Jimmie laughs and Kyle laughs along with him.

At the office Kyle introduces Jimmie around and gets the meeting started. While his boss is speaking, Kyle excuses himself and steps into his office and calls his wife's cell phone. After a million rings she answers sleepily and is glad to hear Kyle's voice. She tells him that she is still in his bed and needs to get up and shower and that she will call him after she is home. Then she reassures him by telling him lovingly, "I love you!"

The day drags by slowly for Kyle but he knows that unless somebody does something horrible that this is all a done deal. When Kyle's boss takes everyone out for a late lunch, Kyle stays behind and calls Ruby. Ruby is bubbly in her tone and seems extremely outgoing about the whole event.

Playfully Kyle says, "I want to hear all the details." Ruby doesn't even pause and begins saying, "When we arrived at his room I was completely on fire. I took my dress off in the hall while he was opening the door and was rubbing his cock as we entered. His cock is huge and he had me everyway and anyway he wanted me." Kyle is about to burst and he ask, "How was he? Was he gentle?" Ruby laughed and replied, "It was the best fuck of my life and I was more aggressive than he was. He was afraid of tearing my pussy open and was ever so gentle until he could fuck me deeply." Not wanting to hurt Kyle she continued, "You are the best husband in the world to have let me do this once in my life."

Kyle accepts this and tells her, "Jimmie wants to stay an extra night, to in his words, fuck you all night long properly, if you want to." Ruby replies instantly saying, "Oh God, yes, as long as you don't mind." Kyle agrees on the condition that she comes onto Jimmie while he watches.

When Kyle is taking Jimmie back to the hotel he tells him that he is going to take a nap and that maybe they can meet for dinner. Kyle asks, "I thought you were going to spend the night fucking Ruby." Jimmie laughs and lays his head back, closes his eyes and says, "She said she has to ask you first since she is your wife." The ride is quiet the rest of the way and when Jimmie steps from the car he ask, "Will I see you and Ruby later?" "We'll be back around 6 if that's ok with you." Kyle says with a smile.

This leaves Kyle sitting in the car watching Jimmie walk away.

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