My Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man has two divorces and now has cancer and a special friend. Read his story and how he deals with life.

A big 'thank you' goes out to my editors and friends, LadyCibelle and Techsan. They always make my stories a much better read. I made quite a few changes after editing. Any errors are mine. There isn't a lot of sex in this story.

As we get older I think we all look back and wonder "What if" I did things differently? Even small things like taking the spouse out for dinner a couple of extra times, or playing catch with the kids instead of just watching them. Then there's the bigger things; what if I had a different job, followed my heart. Would I be where I am today? Would life have been better or worse? Questions, questions, and more questions, but never any real answers. There's no answers because all the results are based on 'What if's' and what might have been instead of what is real.

There I go rambling on again. All I know is, I have some decisions to make. I have cancer and am lying in a bed. The hospital is waiting for my decisions. I guess I should start at the other end of my life. Or this will be an awfully short story.

I was born and raised in a good home, actually a very good home. I have one sibling, a sister who now lives somewhere out west. In high school I was part of the geek set. I was proud of it and still am. I was always able to handle myself and had very few fights. I was named 'Most likely to succeed' and had a number of friends who were also of the geek set. I had a lot of jock friends but wasn't really good enough to play sports. I liked to watch sports but just didn't have the athletic ability to succeed in that arena.

My arena was the computer industry. I remember thirty years ago when it took a whole room of computers to do what one PC (personal computer) can do today. I went straight to the tech schools and kept learning everything I could about computers. I grew in knowledge as the computer industry was making all the big changes. I was there through it all. I didn't want to just program a computer or run a little software. I wanted to know it all, how to build them from the ground up, to learn of their inner workings.

I succeeded and worked for some of the largest computer companies. I spent a lot of time repairing, and inventing new programs and parts to make the computer more user-friendly. Eventually I went out on my own and ran my own business. I still am a major stock holder in the businesses today. I'll get into that later.

My personal life isn't exactly that of a stud or a player. I didn't date a lot in school but there were a few gals I liked. A date for me was just that; we would go to a movie, maybe go somewhere and eat. With some I had sex, and it was good. I didn't particularly fall in love or anything like that. To me some were better than others, but sex just wasn't first in my life. My inventions and learning seemed to come first.

When I turned twenty six my parents wondered why I still lived a home. It was because I felt comfortable there and Mom was the greatest cook in the world. I paid them rent even though they weren't hurting for money. It was just the right thing to do.

When I started making the big bucks, I completely remodeled their home and added a hot tub and a pool for them. I wasn't cheap or insecure, I was just happy living there.

Everyone was trying to set me up with someone. I started dating Katie who worked at one of the local banks. She seemed like a nice person but did have a little girl out of wedlock when she was in her first year of college. She never told the father but quit college and came back home to raise her child. I do have to say I enjoyed being around her. To cut to the chase, we did get married and bought a nice condo with a pool and all.

Life was different then. I'd come home to a family life which I wasn't accustomed to. I would get late night calls to go help businesses with their computer problems and Katie didn't like it. It just wasn't working out except the pretty much sex on demand, which I did like. She loved sex and was always willing.

I went to quite a few computer class updates. There was always something new coming out. When I came home from my last trip, Katie said she needed to talk. It didn't sound good.

"Harley, I met someone and I want a divorce," she said staring down at the floor.

"Do I get more information or is that it?" I asked. It really didn't bother me the way I thought it should.

"It's Carrie's father. I saw him and we talked and I still have feelings for him and he wants to see his daughter."

"He hasn't seen his daughter in six years, you see him one time and now everything is peachy? What's the real story, Katie? You can have your divorce but I want the truth."

"I've been seeing him for about four months now. You never noticed because you're never here. I'm sorry but we've been married for two years now and I'm just not happy and I don't think you are either. So just let me go." She was crying, wondering what I would say next.

"Fine. I won't pay child support or alimony. You're welcome to leave with what you brought with you. I know you set up a savings account and put money into it. I know you're surprised that I know but then you saved over sixty thousand dollars in less than two years. The bank has to report that kind of money and since you're my wife, they checked with me. You ought to have known better, working there."

She looked stunned. "That was for Carrie's education. I put it there for her."

"Fine then, transfer it to an educational account in her name and it will be there for her when she starts school in about twelve years. With the compounded interest, it should do quite well."

"You bastard, you knew about the money and never told me," she replied.

"I'm the bastard? I just gave you the money you hid from me. Why did you marry me in the first place?"

"I wanted a father for my daughter. I wanted her to have a real life and nice things but you weren't a good father. You hardly ever even played with her. It was always business with you."

"You're right about that. She is a good little girl and, believe it or not, I will miss her. I know I never treated her like a father but I never treated her badly either. Maybe her real father will do a much better job. None of this is her fault. She's only six and deserves a good life."

That was the end of my marriage and she moved out the following week. She moved out west with her boyfriend and daughter. They were going to get married when our divorce was final. I checked with the bank and she didn't touch her daughter's educational account. Each year I added five thousand dollars to it so Carrie would get a good education and start in life when she turned eighteen.

Marriage number two came when I was thirty-two. I met Trish while putting new equipment in an insurance office. She was twenty-four and a very nice looking gal. I asked her out and she accepted. We dated for about a year and decided to get hitched. Within the next couple of months she got pregnant and eventually Darren, our son, was born.

I didn't want to make the same mistake I made in my first marriage so I sold my business to all my partners. I kept a major portion of the stock and all royalty rights to the products I had invented. I was asked by the local college to be a professor at the college, teaching computer science and technology.

It started out pretty good. I figured I would have more time at home with my wife and son and wouldn't have to worry about the late night calls. My wife left the insurance company and got a job at my old business. She was a secretary for the senior partners. Of course, I stopped in once in awhile to say hello to everyone but again I had a full plate. I taught school and went back to school myself. I decided to get degrees in the technological teaching industry. In simple words I was working toward a Doctorate degree in computers.

School for me was simple. In the computer field I actually knew more than my teachers; after all I was a teacher also. I was able to test out of most every class and it moved my degree process right along.

I spent any available time with my son. He was my pride and joy. Since I always had tickets to all the sporting events, I made sure to take him to all I could. We were pretty good buddies. We attended all the events we could after he turned five. My wife on the other hand didn't like sports and didn't care to go with us.

Trish was the business woman. She was more interested in money and power than she was in our family get-together's. During one of our many arguments she told me she married me for the powerful person I was.

"What power?" I asked. "I just ran a business. I never sought any kind of power."

"It comes with the territory. You are well respected and known for your computer abilities. Now you're just a teacher. Teaching wannabe computer geeks."

"So what are you saying? You want out of our marriage because I'm a teacher and not this big power seeking exec you want?"

"Harley, it's not just that. We don't do anything together."

"You mean party and rub shoulders with the big boys? We're not the center of attention anymore. Trish, that's not me anymore. I'm a teacher, a professor of computers. I'm going to get my Doctorate soon. You will be able to call me doctor." I tried to smile but she wasn't smiling back.

"I want out, Harley, out of this marriage. The only problem is our son. We both love him and we have to do what's best for him."

"... and what's that Trish? For him to live with you?"

"Yes, with me, Harley. You can see him anytime you want. I'm sure we can work something out."

Well, marriage number two had ended. Only this time there was a cost to it. I paid a large amount of child support even though we had joint custody. I didn't care; money wasn't a big issue with me, but Darren was. I made sure he got the best life a boy could have. He and I continually went to sporting events together. I saw him regularly. I attended all his school functions.

It was a few years later that Trish got remarried to the president of the company. He was an old friend but we didn't communicate much now. I don't know if she had any affairs while we were married or not; doesn't make a lot of difference now anyway.

Life for me was pretty good. I received my doctorate in computer programming and networking. I was now Doctor Harley Davidson. Yeah, you read it right; my parents had a sense of humor. I'm the one who had to live with it.

The students either called me Dr. Harley or Dr. Davidson, I really didn't mind either. Of course many called me Professor. I really enjoyed my work. I taught college and started doing more repairs and programming on the side to help pass the time. Also the money was pretty good, setting up new accounts for computer purposes was rather expensive and I was known as the best around. Even my old partner and wife's new hubby called me a few times for set-up and repair information. I knew it had to kill them to come to me for help and I always charged them about double the going rate. I guess it was kind of a professional revenge.

My son was an honor student in high school and in college. He earned scholarships from many different universities. He decided not to attend the one I was a professor at because he was taking computer science and technology. I would have been his professor and neither of us thought it would be a good idea. He did ask me if I would help him with his homework and it made me laugh.

When he received his Bachelor's Degree his stepfather hired him instantly. I was really proud of my son. He was a real chip (computer chip) off the old block. Then tragedy struck.

I got a call from Trish saying that Darren was in a auto accident. I rushed to the hospital and held his hand while he took his last breath. I cried so hard that I was emotionally drained. He was the only person it my life that really counted and now he was gone.

I took the next two weeks off from school just to grieve for my son. After I divorced the second time, I let Trish have the condo and I moved back in with Mom and Dad. They were getting up in age and I was there to take care of them. Darren's death was really hard on them too. After all, he was their only grandchild that lived close. My sister had two kids but she lived more than five hundred miles away. Mom and Dad never got to know their kids the way they knew Darren. It was probably the darkest point in our lives. No one should have to bury their child or grandchild. It just wasn't right.

Life for me wasn't as happy after the death of my son. I spent time taking care of my parents and teaching at college. I did a lot fewer computer set-ups. My heart wasn't totally in it. Two years after the death of my son, I lost my father to a heart attack; within six months I lost my mother also. They said it was a heart condition but I know it was from a broken heart. My mom and dad lived most of their life together. They had what I always considered the perfect marriage. One could start a sentence and the other could finish it. In a really close marriage like they had, it seems that one spouse always dies within a year of the other.

My sister came home for a week for each funeral. Her husband and children, who had families of their own, came also. I had to think how much Mom and Dad would have loved to have seen the kids more often. Again I guess it's the priorities we all have in our lives. We could argue all day what's most important. I can honestly say, my son was first, then my parents. Everything else in life comes after them. Now they were all gone.

I need to drop back a few years and explain my sex life or the lack of it. After two divorces, dating wasn't a priority with me. I did date for companionship but not necessarily sex. Now I'm not an idiot and yes, I did sleep with some of my dates. I have to tell you up front that I told them I wasn't interested in a long term relationship. Two failed marriages did me in. It's funny how so many of the women I dated felt the same way.

It's nice to go out, enjoy oneself and not be worried what happens when you take the date home. Now with that explained I have to tell you my secret to my sex life. I went to a house of ill repute, whorehouse, or whatever else you might want to call it. I've been going there for years. Let me go back to when it all started.

I taught computers at the University. I don't think I have to tell anyone what some of these young girls, and even older women looked and dressed like. Everyday it was mini-skirts, or hip hugger jeans that damn near showed their pelvic region. T-shirts with no-bra's, shorts with no-panties, you could see up the oversized leg holes. This list can go on and on; anyway seeing this everyday can get to a guy once in awhile. I'll admit even though sex wasn't a priority in my life, every now and then I did get turned on.

Now I'm a teacher, a professor, and needed to have control of my class as well as myself. One thing I had always promised myself was that I would never bed down one of my students. It would be totally wrong as well as putting my profession in jeopardy. So around once a month I went to see my friend Stella. She was a Madam of her own place.

We met when I got a call one day and asked if I could put in a computer system. She said it was a private business and she was willing to pay me for services as long as I kept quiet about her business. Of course I was intrigued about this and made an appointment to see her. When I got to her place, which was a house or more like an old brick mansion with dozens of rooms, on the front porch was a neatly dressed man. He was huge, maybe 6 ft. 6 tall and weighed maybe 325 pounds. He was sitting on the porch talking to two very nice looking women. He asked me who I was and what I wanted. After telling him, he escorted me into Stella's office.

"I'm Stella Stevens, proprietor of this business. I'll tell you up front that it is basically a whorehouse even though we don't use that term here. We prefer names like Pleasure Palace, or Relaxation Therapy Center."

"I'm officially Doctor Harley Davidson," I said, and she smiled like everyone did when they first heard my name, "but you can just call me Harley. May I call you Stella or do you refer Ms. Stevens?"

"Stella's fine. What I need to know is if you can put me in a reliable computer system to cover all my needs."

"First, may I ask why you called me? There are a number of reputable technicians in this area. I know because I trained them myself."

"You were referred to me from a number of my girls. They say you are the best, and I want the best."

"I see. So some of the girls that work here are my students or at least know of my abilities. Well, Stella, let's get down to business. I can put you in a computer system that will literally do anything you want it to. Accounts Payable, Receivables, billing, taxes. I noticed you have an attached adult store. I can run your sales and inventory through it using a separate header so your customers can get receipts and use your business as a tax deduction. We can do it all above board and you will be within the law in this state,"

"Wow, you really are good if you can do all that. What kind of a price tag are we talking here? Is it affordable?"

"You tell me. You will need at least four computers at about a thousand each including the printers. I can write the programs specifically for you for three thousand dollars and another two thousand to install it all. I can have it done in about two weeks. I could do it sooner but I have classes to teach. So, talk it over with whomever you need and you can get back to me."

"I make all decisions here and you're hired. When can you start? I prefer you don't work on the Friday or Saturday; they're rather hectic days and nights here.

"I'll start next Monday after my last class. I'll only be here a couple of hours to see how we'll set it up. Then it will be the following Monday when I start putting in the equipment. I should have it installed by Tuesday night."

"I thought you said it would take two weeks."

"The rest of the week is to teach you how to operate the programs. We will do a few test runs and see how it goes. It's part of the cost of installation."

"Thanks, Harley, I really do appreciate it. If there is ever anything I can do for you, just let me know."

After completing the installations I called Stella about once a week to see if she was having any problems. I did mention that she could get hold of me at any time. About two months later I had a really rough day at class. I saw a lot of tits and ass and it kind of got to me. I went over to see Stella.

"Hi, Harley. I never called so why are you here?" I hadn't mentioned anything to her about my sex life or that I might be interested in being a customer.

"Can we talk in private, Stella?"

"Of course, come into my office." We went in and she closed the door.

"Okay, Harley, what can I do for you?"

"I want to know a little about your business. I want to become a customer."

She explained to me about all the services she provided. I mean there was everything from talking, to light bondage. She handed me a price list that she had printed off on her computer. It almost looked like a menu from the corner restaurant. She smiled at me knowing I was impressed with her quick learning of the programs that I had showed her.

"Stella, I have a big problem here. I cannot and will not have sex with any of my students. I notice that you have quite a few girls. Can you let me know which ones don't attend our university?"

"No problem, Here is a book on our ladies that are not students, at least not at your university. There are also a lot of women who do special things for customers. Where do your needs and wants lie at the present time?"

"Stella, this is hard for me. I've never done anything like this before. I am really worried about my privacy. Just straight sex is all I'm interested in for the time being."

"Believe me, Harley; your secrets are safe here. We have customers from all walks of life. Because of our weight room and pool facilities, no one could ever prove why you were here. May I suggest one of my older girls for your first time here? Let her give you a massage and anything else you require."

She rang for a woman named Siren. Most of the girls - or women — used an alias to keep their private lives private. A beautiful dark haired woman came in. She was lucky if she was thirty. Built like a brick shit house. I looked over at Stella.

"When I said old, I meant she has been here for a few years, not her age. I'm sure you will be happy with her services. Siren, this is a good friend of mine. Just call him Doc." I had to laugh. I guess I had an alias too.

The massage was great. Siren was definitely a professional. When she was done rubbing my body, she asked me over to the bed where she took off the bikini she was wearing. She asked me what position I preferred and laid down on the bed with me. She told me that condoms were required for oral, anal, and of course insertion into her vagina. She really put me at ease as she lay across my stomach and then sat up and inserted my hard cock into her. It didn't take me long to cum. I was thinking about my students and all that I had seen recently.

When we were finished, she cleaned me up and I went back to see Stella.

"Well, Harley, was it satisfactory?"

"Very much so. What do I owe you?"

"Would you like to become a member? The cost is a thousand dollars a year and all sessions are reduced by twenty five percent. It's quite a saving if you come fairly regularly."

"No, I expect to come back but not quite that often."

"Well, for you, a hundred and fifty dollars should cover it. We'll call it a first time special price. I also want to thank you again for such a professional program. My business is up thirty percent since I give receipts. There must be a lot of businesses paying for some of these customers."

That was my first time at Stella's. I go maybe every two or three months. I've been going for nearly four years now. She has a lot of girls working for her. There are always new ones that replace the ones that leave. I've never had the same one more than three times. These girls are good and it would become easy to get attached to them.

The day I lost my son I headed for Stella's place. She knew there was a problem as I entered her office. I broke down and cried as I told her about my loss. She took me into her private living room off of her office and asked not to be disturbed. She made us a glass of tea and honey. She sat down next to me, held my hand and just listened to me talk about all the good times with my son. That was what I needed that day. I must have been there for over an hour. When I realized it, I apologized to Stella for taking up her time.

"Harley, you're not just a customer, you're a friend. Anytime you need someone to talk to feel free to come by. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. At least you have those wonderful memories to cherish."

"Stella, what do I owe for the taking of your time?"

"That's almost an insult, Harley. I would never charge a friend to talk to me in this type of situation."

"I'm sorry; I remember reading on your menu that there was a charge for conversation."

"Harley, Harley, Harley, that's for the customers that want to come in and just want to talk sex with the girls. Not for old friends who need someone to talk to." She leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek as I got up and left.

"I probably won't be around for awhile."

"I understand, Harley; we'll be here if you need us. God bless you, Harley."

After I started back to school after my short leave of absence, all the students gave me their sympathies. Stella was right; I had my memories. I started spending more time taking care of my mom and dad. After their passing away, I was thinking of retiring from the college. I needed to give it some heavy thought since it was basically all I had left other than doing repair jobs for a few friends.

My students again gave me their sympathies for the loss of my parents. Of course it was different students at this time but the dress code hadn't changed much.

I was now alone, not completely alone. Let me try and explain; when you lose those close to you it's a very lonely feeling. I have friends, good friends, who stand by me and I can visit or see regularly. I miss the loving people around me: my son, mom and dad. As I mentioned earlier, my sister, whom I love, is a long distance away. We talked regularly but on the phone was different.

One day I headed over to Stella's. I wasn't a sex nut but just wanted a little companionship. As I walked in, I saw a new girl, or lady as it was. She was beautiful; I don't know any other way to describe her. Maybe thirtyish, nicely built and of a darker complexion. She wasn't black or even Porto Rican. She was probably of mixed races. I asked Stella about her and was told she was new and went by the name of Angel.

I asked for her and Stella smiled. "I'm just glad to see you're alright with all you've been through. I know your family meant a lot to you."

She introduced me to Angel. "Angel, this is a very good friend of mine, Dr. Harley," Stella said as she introduced me.

"Hi, Doctor, I'm Angel and will be your companion this evening."

As we headed up to her room I couldn't help notice what a nice ass Angel had. Just the sight of her did something to me. Here I was a man nearing sixty with a woman that was nearly half my age.

"What would you like today, Dr. Harley?" asked Angel.

"I would like to know everything about you," I answered.

She smiled, "I'm afraid that's not possible. You wouldn't want me to break the rules and lose my job, would you?"

I didn't tell her that I knew the rules and help write them when we loaded them into the computer. I guess she was just trying to let me down easily. According to the rules, the girls could talk about anything they wanted. It was always a good idea not to talk about themselves but it wasn't forbidden to do so. There have been a number of ladies who worked for Stella that actually married one of their customers. As they say, "You can find love in some of the strangest places."

Stella didn't promote such actions but she knew it happens at times. The real problems occurred when the customer fell in love with the girl or vice versa. That's when Ralph, the door man, and Stella had to step in. Johns - or the clients - fell for some of the girls quite often. Usually the problems could be resolved but the clients weren't allowed to be with the girl again.

"Angel, I recently lost my parents and I lost my son a few years ago. Would it be a problem for us to just cuddle and you rest in my arms. Maybe we'll have sex, maybe not."

I know it was an odd request but Angel agreed to it. She lay on the bed in her bra and panties and I kept my jockeys on. We laid on the bed with her back to me and I just pressed up against her and put my arm around her. She felt so warm and soft. I gently ran my hand over the top of her breasts and then lowered it to her mid-section and just rubbed her warm skin.

I felt her shudder lightly as I rubbed her belly. She smelled so good and felt so soft. I felt her push her butt back against my hardening cock. I started to talk to her softly.

"You feel so good and smell so nice. I could hold you like this forever."

She didn't say anything as I squeezed her tighter. I leaned in and kissed her neck. I felt her shudder again.

"Doctor, we aren't supposed to kiss clients. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, Angel, you shouldn't kiss clients on the lips. I know that. First off, you aren't kissing me, I'm kissing you, and second I promise not to kiss your lips without your permission."

After saying that, I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders. I slid my hand inside her panties and found a very moist Angel. This was unusual for the girls to be this wet. They kept KY Jelly in the drawer to help with insertion. Most men just wanted to get their rocks off and the girls usually went along for the ride, usually faking an orgasm for the client.

"Angel, will you hand me a condom? I have to have you; I've never wanted a woman more." The problem was that I meant it. Maybe it was that I no longer had anyone close, I don't know. All I knew is I wanted Angel.

I sat up and she put the condom on me and slipped off her panties. I put my hand on her mound and slid two fingers into her. She was wet with her juices. She even looked a little scared as I put my cock between her moist pussy lips. Very slowly I pushed into her, watching her facial expression. Little by little I pushed my cock into her till my balls hit her ass.

She let out a little squeal as I held my cock deep within her. Then ever so slowly I started an in and out motion. I felt her pushing up against me. She wasn't faking, she was biting her bottom lips and I watched her close her eyes. I felt the lips of her vagina grip tightly around my now pulsating cock. I could feel her starting to have an orgasm. As her muscles squeezed my cock I let go with a load that I know filled the condom.

Angel had sweat on her chest. I leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"You're the best, Angel, I really mean it. No other woman has ever made me feel the way you do."

I got off of her and used the bathroom facilities and disposed of the condom and wiped myself off. I took a clean washrag and dampened it and walked out and wiped off the moisture on Angel's breasts. She excused herself and used the restroom to finish cleaning up and came back out dressed. I had dressed also while she was cleaning up.

"Can I see you again?" I asked Angel.

"Doc, I'm here every Tuesday and Friday," she replied.

It wasn't what I meant but it would have to do for now. I handed her fifty dollars and she looked nervous.

"Doc, you pay Stella downstairs and I'm afraid..."

"I know, Angel. It's more than fifty dollars. That's just an extra tip for you."

She smiled at me as I left. I told Stella that she was the nicest and sweetest of all the girls that I had met. I paid my bill and was on my way.

I had a hard time concentrating at school now. For some strange reason, Angel kept coming into my mind. Here I was, darn near sixty years old and thinking about a woman young enough to be my daughter. I can't ever remember thinking this way about any woman. She was special to me and I didn't know why. I ended up going back to Stella's the following week.

"To what do we owe the pleasure of your company, Harley? As long as I've known you, you've never been here two weeks in a row?" Stella replied with a smile.

"I just missed seeing you," I laughed. "Is Angel available tonight?"

Stella looked at me in a strange way. She knew her customers and her girls well. "Yes, she's here. Would you like to see her again so soon?" Stella looked at me with a quizzical look.

"Yes, Stella I would. There's just something special about her. I need to see her again. Stella, can you tell me anything about her, anything at all?"

"Harley, you know the rules better than anyone. I would never divulge anything personal about any of my girls. Even to a good friend like you."

"I'm sorry, I should have known better than to even ask. May I see her now?"

"Of course. Just so you know, she means a lot to me also. I would hate to see her get hurt in anyway," replied Stella.

"Stella, we've been friends for a few years now. I can read you as well as you can read me. Would you tell me what this is all about?"

"Angel asked me about you after your session last time. She told me she made a mistake and let herself go and she had an orgasm with you."

"Don't all the girls get off when they are with clients?" I asked Stella.

"Not usually. The point is to get the client off. If any of the girls have a release, that's fine, but that's not what they are here for. Angel told me it was the only time it ever happened to her."

"Okay, I'll be frank with you. Angel is just someone special to me. I want to be with her again to see if it might have just been a coincidence. The last thing I would ever do is hurt her in any way, you know that, Stella."

Stella had paged Angel and she was coming down the stairs. My God, she looked gorgeous. She smiled when she saw me and took me by the hand and led me back up to her room.

As we entered her room I spoke. "Angel, I missed you. I don't know why but I did. You need to know that in all the years that I have been coming here, it has never happened to me. Granted, all the girls here are wonderful, nice people. But with you, there is something else."

She stared at me. "Doctor, what would you like tonight?"

"First off, call me Harley. I'm not a real doctor; I hold a doctorate degree in computer science and technology. That's where the doctor comes from. Can we have conversation tonight?"

"I don't understand, Harley. Conversation here is sex talk; do you want me to talk dirty to you?" She looked at me quizzically.

"No, I want to know all about you. Your real name, do you have family, what do you do beside work here?"

"I'm sorry, Harley, I like you but I can't tell you about my personal life. Please don't ask me."

"Okay, maybe when you get to know me better you might change your mind. Can we lay and cuddle like we did last time. You're just so warm and soft."

We laid in our same positions, only I got up and dimmed the lights. Angel was down to her panties and bra when I got into the bed.

"Angel, why are you shaking? I'm not going to hurt you."

"I don't know. Most men want to have sex and get it over with, but with you it's as though you want to make love. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"Don't be sorry, Angel, that's what I want to do with you. I want to make love to you."

She moved her ass back against me and I did the same as last time and slid my hand into her panties. I started kissing her on the neck and felt the little goose bumps.

"You're so warm and cuddly, I could hold you forever." I felt the moistness begin in her panties. I started fingering her and she was reacting to it.

I could feel her taking deep breaths as she pumped her mound up and down against my hand. "I want you to cum for me Angel, that's what I want. Please pump harder against my hand."

She rolled over on her back and pumped harder. She was making squealing noises and I could feel her spasms. Her juices were coming all over my hand.

I could hear her saying in a low voice. "My God, my God, it's not supposed to feel this way, oh so good," as she pressed her pussy hard against my hand.

"My God, Harley, I'm so sorry, I'm supposed to take care of you."

"No, Angel, you did exactly what I wanted. I wanted you to feel good, to have an orgasm."

"Please, Harley, let me make it up to you. Let me get you off."

"It's not necessary, Angel. I'm happy just being with you."

She pushed me down on the bed and started giving me a hand job. It felt so good, her hand. Even though she grabbed hold of my cock, she gently moved her hand up and down on my cock.

"Angel, I don't have a condom on."

"It's okay. Just come for me, Harley, come for your Angel."

When my cock erupted, I shot cum a couple of feet in the air. Angel kept pumping and smiling at me till I was drained. "We made a mess, Harley. Wait here and I'll get you a damp towel." She came back and cleaned me up. I left her another fifty dollar tip on the bedside table.

We both got dressed and she walked me downstairs. Stella looked at me and I knew what she was thinking. Hell, I was thinking the same thing. "Was I falling for this girl who was half my age?" I knew nothing about her, not even her real name.

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