Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It is about a son, his mother and sister-in-law

She was Kalpana. She was an elegant, learned, ravishing and mature lady in her late twenties. She was a graduate with History as her majors. She was happily married to Vijay, an upcoming executive in a major IT industry. They were in the seventh year of their blissful life.

Vijay, being an executive was out of station most of the time. He was a hard working person who had a vision of reaching the top. Kalpana helped him in every way possible to see him reach his goal. She spent many a sleepless nights when he was out of town.

They lived in a small cozy place. They were childless. Both craved for a child but God had yet to shower his mercy upon them. Kalpana had recently opted to pursue her studies further and read for her Doctorate in Ancient Indian History. Vijay had encouraged her and totally supported her ambition.

One day Vijay came home bubbling with joy while Kalpana too was waiting for him enthusiastically. Both were anxious to convey news and it was Vijay who blurted out 'I have been selected to go overseas.'

Kalpana was very excited to hear this and hugged and kissed him, telling him how proud she was of him and for him.

When their joint excitement had calmed a little, Kalpana shyly said Vijay, you are going to be a dad soon'. Vijay looked shocked, hardly believing this wonderful news. He held her close, kissing her eyes, her cheeks and told her of his deep love for her. He was thrilled more than he could say but realized he must make plans for while he was away.

This was to change the very structure of their lives. As Kalpana was pregnant Vijay could not leave her alone. He decided that she would have to stay with his mother. Kalpana happily agreed and she looked forward to be with Ashik, Vijay's younger brother and his mother.

Ever since Kalpana married Vijay she had cultivated a strong affection for her mother-in-law and a brotherly rapport with Ashik. Ashik was more like a friend than a brother. They all enjoyed each others company and were most disappointed when Vijay and Kalpana had moved to their own house.

On Kalpana's arrival Ashik was happy to have friend, whilst Vijay's mother, Madhuri, was glad to have a companion. Vijay was relieved that she would be in his mother's care and everything looked fine; soon it was time for Vijay to depart.

The day Vijay was to leave he called Ashik to his room and, handing him a wad of currency, asked him to take care of his mother and Kalpana. Ashik felt honored at having been given a big responsibility but before he could reply to his brother Kalpana shot back. 'I feel it ought to be the other way round, he is still a child' she joked. Hearing it while Ashik frowned, Vijay smiled. He felt sure that they would take care of each other and that is precisely what happened.

Next morning Kalpana woke in her new surroundings. Her in-laws house was very old and lacked the basic amenities. Though the bedrooms were spacious, they were devoid of attached bathrooms. The house had only two bathrooms, one of the ground floor, which her mother-in-law used and the other on the first floor, which had to be shared by both Kalpana and Ashik.

After finishing her bath when Kalpana came down, her mother-in-law affectionately looked up at her and they started preparing the breakfast. Ashik strode in and extended a helping hand to them. Soon all three sat together for breakfast and Kalpana was overjoyed with the love and affection she received from both of them.

The next morning, Ashik saw Kalpana coming gracefully down looking pretty in a golden yellow sari. On reaching him Kalpana gave him a broad smile, which made Ash's heart leap with love. He returned the smile and asked 'did you sleep well?'

Kalpana replied 'so so' and entered the kitchen merrily. Ashik was pleased to see her happy. After breakfast, as he was about to leaved for his office, Kalpana gave him a list of toiletries fro him to buy. Ashik had to spend an hour shopping and this resulted in his reaching home late. He was surprised to see Kalpana waiting for him at the door. This act suddenly changed the degree of love between them.

Soon fifteen days passed and during this period Ashik was gradually changing as many small instances occurred, which were misleading and soon they mounted up. One day as Ashik was standing besides the stairs, a whiff of aroma made him look up and he was flabbergasted to see Kalpana striding down the stairs with her sari sweeping wide, exposing her legs up to her inner thighs. Seeing them he stood rooted to the spot and as Kalpana passed him, he eyes followed her.

He stood looking at the passing figure and when he saw the impression of her thighs and buttocks sway in the thin sari it gave his body a jolt. When Kalpana moved out of sight, he instinctively followed her into the kitchen and as he was mentally undressing her body Kalpana turned and was surprised to see him staring down at her.

Ashik moved away in a hurry which puzzled her a little. She then shrugged herself and went on with her work. Later as she saw him deeply engrossed in the newspaper, she went closer to him and brushing his hair with her hand said 'breakfast is ready'.

As Kalpana was setting the table his eyes took to her body. Shielding behind the paper, they roamed over the shape and mould of her breasts and also they sneaked in a preview of her midriff, which was enchanting to look at.

Kalpana did not see him looking down at her and as she bent across the table her sari slid a little from her chest, allowing Ashik's eyes to gaze at the contours of her breasts, snuggled in the soft texture of her blouse. By the time Kalpana finished arranging the table Ashik eyes had caressed every part of her body and he started to recollect the small incidences which had taken place earlier.

The first thing that came into his mind was the instance when he had complained to his mother about his headache and Kalpana had come forward to apply the ointment. His body had shivered when she had rubbed the cream over his forehead. In the next case when he had come home from office drenched, Kalpana was there with a towel in her hand. Though he did not allow her to dry him, he felt as though she wanted to dry him and this made him go red in face.

As Kalpana was eager to take care of him, she sometimes was very clumsy. On most occasions while she handed him either a spoon or a cup or a napkin, he felt her fingers touch his. Sometimes in her hurry she even brushed his body with hers. All this was accidental but as Ashik's mind misinterpreted them, they started to mount up and today after seeing her exposed thighs, he was aroused. To add to this, as he was about to leave for office, she asked him to take her out in the evening.

At office Ashik was wondering what she meant by it? It was still lingering in his mind when he came home early and was amazed to see her dressed in tight pants with a loose top. This added fuel to the fire as he thought she had dressed up provocatively to impress him.

The moment Ashik came down after having a wash Kalpana entwined an arm under his and dragged him out of the house. Ashik was dazed, having her so close to him he struggled to adjust his swelling manhood. The fading light of the evening helped him a little in his moment of awkwardness. Soon they boarded a bus and when Ashik sat next to her, his thighs brushed hers all the way. Ashik enjoyed the feel of her warm thighs upon his till Kalpana turned and nuzzling closer said 'take me to the Library'.

Hearing those words Ashik lost his enthusiasm. His mind envisaged some scenes which were now out of the question. He realized that he had jumped to conclusions very fast. As the cold reality hit him, he took it in his stride and waited for an opportunity to come his way. He took advantage of sitting next to her and whenever he got the opportunity his eyes looked down at her petite breasts juggling inside the loose top.

He kept peeping at them whenever he got the chance till they reached the Library and as Kalpana strode inside his eyes were riveted on her orbs swaying in her soft tight pants. Ashik clearly saw the impression of her figure from behind and this again made him get excited.

Kalpana after collecting books again entangled her arm with Ashik's before they moved out. Ashik was uncomfortable for a few moments and then bracing himself, he went inside the nearby café dragging Kalpana with him. This delighted Kalpana and she suddenly hugged him. This again tormented Ashik.

Kalpana was so full of life that she behaved like a child in the café. Ashik kept watching her actions. He could not understand her actions at all. He was seeing her from a different angle and all her actions were misleading. Soon they finished eating and left for home. On the way back, Ashik sat close to her feeling the warmness radiating from her body.

The next morning Ashik was up early and stood waiting for Kalpana to walk down the stairs. The wait of ten minutes rewarded him in the form of a lithe Kalpana coming down the stairs drying her wet hair with a towel. Today her movements were restrained and Ashik was not able to see what he had seen earlier, but still looking at a radiant Kalpana brought life to his face and he sported a big smile.

Kalpana reciprocated the smile before moving to the kitchen. Ashik followed her to the kitchen and when he was close enough he took a deep breath inhaling the fragrance from her body. Kalpana saw him taking a deep breath and she quizzed him with her eyes. 'It's beautiful' he replied inhaling again and before she could speak he left the room. At that moment her mother-in-law entered the room and joined Kalpana in finishing her morning chores.

At the dining table Ashik was pleased to hear when Kalpana requested him to take her out to the fort. Kalpana looked at her mother-in-laws and said that it was mandatory to go in connection with her project. Madhuri, her mother-in-law readily accepted and Ashik was thrilled to be in her company the whole of Sunday.

After breakfast, the excused themselves and went their way to get ready. While Ashik wore sturdy jeans and T shirt, Kalpana was attired in a soft white flowing skirt with a light green top. At that moment poor Kalpana did not know that this very dress would create a flutter and change her life.

They both reached the fort in quick time and Kalpana went looking for important view points and scribbled down notes, while Ashik took the pleasure of looking at her leisurely. Kalpana was totally engrossed in her essay and slowly they trekked to the top. On reaching the top, Ashik pointed to the breath taking view which presented before their eyes and Kalpana who saw it for the first time stood admiring it.

It was then that the wind started to blow. At first Kalpana was thrilled to be in its way and when it started gaining momentum, things went off the track. Standing at the top, Kalpana loved the cool breeze blowing at her dress and when she was enjoying it, it intensified and ballooned up her dress. Ashik who was standing in front of her saw the dress being lifted from her feet. He saw her pretty ankles, then slowly the curve of her legs was exposed and as the dress climbed up, he saw more of her legs.

Kalpana saw him eyeing at her exposed legs and she suddenly straightened her dress but it had a worse effect as it got glued to her body like a second skin and Ashik who was eyeing her, clearly saw the shape of her legs, thighs right up to the top of her mound. Kalpana was mystified as she felt nude standing in front of him and when she turned to hide from him, she exposed her buttocks in a more lewd manner as the dress became trapped between the orbs of her buttocks, showing the erotic shape of them very clearly.

It was just the beginning and as Kalpana was holding on to her skirt, her loose top started to balloon up and it climbed, revealing her bare back to him and the loose material got entangled over her face covering her eyes. She was shocked as she could not see anything and when she lifted one hand to uncover her eyes, she made the greatest mistake. By lifting her hand she was unable to hold the skirt with the other one and it suddenly puffed up not only exposing her legs but to a great extent her thighs too.

Ashik stood watching all this with fervor in his eyes. Kalpana saw him looking down at her exposed state and she cried out for help. Ashik came forward and hesitatingly thrust his hand inside her dress and catching the hem of her skirt he pulled it down. As Ashik pulled the skirt down, the air inside it made it blow up and to gush out the air, he placed his hands over her mid thighs and dragging her body closer to his he slid his hands from her thighs down to her ankles.

While gushing out the air, he had felt her from her thighs down to the ankles and this made him feel excited. Ashik then moved his hands up again and holding her by the waist he pulled her strongly to his body. The moment he lifted his hands up, her dress started to rise again, and to avoid it, he held her in his arms and turned round. They struggled for a few moments in this fashion and as it did not help them much, he gathered Kalpana in his arms and carrying her he ran down to a safer place.

As Ashik carried Kalpana in his arms, she put her hands across his neck and held him tightly. He gripped her body firmly in his arms and Kalpana being held in his muscular arms started to get excited. Her body was plastered to his and this made her get aroused. By the time they reached a safer place, she being bundled in his arms, felt the moistness creeping between her thighs.

At last Ashik reached a safer place. He stood panting holding her in his arms, and when Kalpana realized the strain he had taken, she kissed him on his cheeks thanking him for his hard work. Ashik was delighted to receive the peck on his cheek and before putting her down he kissed her back impulsively. On being kissed, Kalpana gave him a wide eyed look which brought a big smile on his face and as he tried to grasps her, she slipped out of his reach and ran down.

That was the beginning.

They reached hone late in the evening and as Kalpana was about to enter the house, Ashik caught her by her hand. Kalpana stood mystified and when she turned to face him, he presented his cheek for a kiss. Kalpana was awed by his gesture and in re-conciliation she kissed the hand which had held her and conceded a big smile before moving in. Ashik was immensely pleased with the outcome of the day and he stood there visualizing the events which had taken place before his eyes. He felt elevated to be a part of it.

At supper time both Kalpana and Ashik kept glancing at each other from the corner of their eyes. Madhuri's presence disturbed them, as their glances were obvious. Finally when it was time for Kalpana to go up to her room, she avoided having an eye contact with Ashik.

Once safely tucked in her room, Kalpana recapped all the happenings of the day and when she came to the part wherein Ashik had lifted her in his arms, she started to get stimulated and her thighs grew slippery. This had a very motivating effect on her and when she was on the brink of enjoyment, it suddenly dawned upon her that it was wrong on her part and it put her in a deep thought.

Kalpana spent the night restlessly. She was in a dilemma. Though she was very religious, she was contemplating the circumstances that were present before her. The first thing that came to her mind was the absence of her husband and second important factor was the strength and stamina Ashik possessed. He was far; more solidly built than her husband and this attracted her towards him. Finally she resolved to loosen up a little (not go very deep) and take advantage of the circumstances.

The next morning Ashik saw a beaming Kalpana come down the stairs and his gaze was well directed at her hidden charms without any fear of her observing it. Kalpana's eyes followed his stare and she slowly goaded her body to sway a little. Ashik did not see it as he was mesmerized looking down at her midriff, which was the most alluring part of her body which was left uncovered.

He did not pull his eyes away till she came down and crossed over to the kitchen. Kalpana on entering the kitchen still felt his stare upon her body. She started to get excited. She felt like taunting him a little. As she was contemplating to slide her sari down a little from her waist, she saw her mother-in-law coming out of her room. This alone prevented her from showing off.

Later at the breakfast table, while serving him Kalpana moved behind him and started to curl his hair with her fingers. She kept toying with his hair until Ashik finished his breakfast and as he got up and tried to catch her, she again slipped out of his reach. Ashik did not follow her as his mother was present and when it was time for him to leave he called out for Kalpana to fetch him a hankie. Kalpana was shocked to hear him call her and as she stood wondering Madhuri incited her to go.

Kalpana got hold of a hankie of hers and as she went to the door she saw Ashik standing there beaming at her. Kalpana moved closer, twisting and curling the hankie in her hand and as Ashik tried to take it, she jerked it out of his reach. She then looked straight into his eyes and enquired 'why did you call me'?

Ashik smiled at her and replied 'I want a hanky'. Hearing it she moved closer and dangling the hankie before him said, 'only this.' Her eyes questioned him provocatively?

As soon as she had uttered it, Ashik grabbed the hankie from her and dipping his face down he placed a moist kiss on her cheeks. Kalpana was stunned by his response and before she could recover from the pleasant shock, he had moved a distance away. He then turned and smiling at her, blew many more kisses before he faded out of her vision.

Kalpana stood watching him blowing kisses and as he drifted out of her sight she reciprocated by blowing him one. She suddenly felt blissful and holding her cheek on which he had planted a kiss, she moved inside the house. Once free inside, she sat and wondered where this was all leading to? And in answer to her own question, she resolved that it would be safe as far as kisses were concerned and when the time approached to proceed further she ought to be careful. Dreaming about the kisses she spent her day in a blissful manner.

Evening as it was time for Ashik to return home, Kalpana was waiting for him at the door. Ashik was surprised to see her standing there and as he was about to step in, Kalpana blocked his entrance and held out her hand. Ashik was puzzled and he whispered 'what do you want'?

'My hankie' she replied in the tone. Ashik was delighted to hear it and when he gave it to her she quipped back 'what about my fee'? Ashik was really puzzled to hear this and when he enquired 'what fee', she presented her cheek and asked for a kiss. Ashik was excited to see her gleaming face demanding a kiss and on stepping closer he planted a delicate moist kiss on her cheek.

Kalpana was enchanted when he kissed her and on turning her face she brushed his cheeks with her lips. Ashik felt elated on the contact of her soft lips on is cheeks and wanting more, he grabbed Kalpana by her shoulders. Kalpana feeling his solid hands grip her shoulders started to get excited. And before she could go down her knees in ecstasy, she struggled out of his grip and holding his cheeks at arm length, she caressed them. Ashik was amused with this outcome and he happily let her go.

Kalpana did not stop there. At every possible chance she tried to tease him. She always held the upper hand as she was very sharp and witty. She used to poke him at his ribs, or smear cream on his face or try to dishevel his hair. She carried on with her pranks and once when she was on the verge of smearing oil on his face Ashik caught both her hands and pulled her to him.

Kalpana was held so close that she could only see his face and when Ashik lifted both her hands to his and kissed them, Kalpana felt so much love towards him that she held his face in her hands and coming forward she kissed him on his forehead and eyes.

Ashik was riding on cloud nine. He was thrilled and fascinated with Kalpana kissing him over his face. Many a times when her lips brushed his cheeks, he felt he was in heaven. When at last Kalpana stopped kissing him, Ashik looked deep into her eyes and when a spark of shyness was detected in them, he placed his hot lips gently on hers.

Kalpana felt his hot lips smear hers and her body was ignited. A hot wave went steaming through her body. She looked up at him and seeing him shy, pulled his face closer and opening her mouth she kissed him squarely on his lips. Then she moistened her lips with her tongue before moving away. It was a scene that got etched in Ashik's brain for ever.

Next morning when Kalpana was taking a bath leisurely she heard a noise near the door. At first it was hardly audible but when she closed the tap and straightened herself she could hear someone breathing. At first she did not realize it, but when the dark reality struck her, she stood shell shocked. Ashik was trying to peep through the keyhole. He could not see her as she was standing way out of his sight.

Kalpana coming out of the shock was conjuring up how to cope with the situation. She was clad only in under garments and she feared to even make a move. Then it suddenly dawned upon her that she was out of his view, as the keyhole was pointing to the left of her side. This brought her much relief and also made her a little naughty. Her devilish mind was set to torment him.

Without giving him an indication of having been detected she went on completing her bath and on finishing, she discarded her wet bra and threw it on her left side. Ashik's eyes went wild at the sight of the bra and as he kept staring at it, he eyes were rewarded with the appearance of her soaked panties. It thrilled him beyond imagination when he saw the soaked under garments and as he was staring down at them, Kalpana appeared in front, wrapped in a white turkey towel. She stood facing him drying her hair.

Ashik saw her supple body wrapped in a thick towel. Though it was tied at the top of her breasts, her shoulder blades and arms were left bare and as Kalpana lifted her arms to dry her hair, Ashik had a clear view of her armpits which were not shaved. The look at her underarms sent shivers down his spine. And as Kalpana brushed her hair briskly, her breasts started to jiggle and it made the towel slide down a little, bit by bit.

Ashik's eyes were glued on her chest. He saw the top of her breasts being exposed a little to his vision and as her brushing increased he saw the towel giving way from her body. Ashik waited with abated breath and when the towel finally gave way, Kalpana had moved away from his vision and what he saw was only the heap of fallen towel.

Ashik had missed the sight by fraction of a second and he regretted his luck while inside the bathroom Kalpana was smiling at the prank played by her. She then started to dress up and when she was halfway tying up her sari, she pushed the door open to see a perspiring Ashik looking down at her.

Kalpana stood in front of him for a few moments holding the end of her sari in her hand after giving him enough time to browse at her breasts veiled behind the blouse; she covered them with her sari. Kalpana then swaying her body marched into her room.

Once Kalpana was out of his vision, Ashik entered the bathroom and was amazed to see her discarded undergarments lying there (it was the first time she had left a tell tale of her things in the bathroom which was shared by both of them).

Ashik instinctively bent down and took hold of her wet undergarments in his hands. He then proceeded to look at them from a closer angle, feeling the soft texture of it. It was while he was looking intensely at her panties and was trying to inhale its aroma that Kalpana had dared to look through the keyhole.

She was shocked for the second time that morning. Seeing him holding her panties to his face made her insides churn with burning desires and she felt a hot wave engulf her whole body. She wanted to run to her bedroom and in doing so as she turned; she thumped her body on the door.

The scraping of her body on the door was a gave away sign of her act. Ashik felt certain that she had peeped through the keyhole and had seen him. Feeling elated Ashik held her panties to his face and caressed his cheeks with it. The feel of the soft texture of her wet panties on his face sent a shock over his body and before long he felt his prick getting aroused.

Both of them were aroused by the act and each took their time cooling down in their respective places. While Kalpana had lain down on her bed and squirmed in delight, Ashik used the shower to bring down the heat in his lions. It was Kalpana who came down first and was busy with her work. Ashik was a happy go lucky man. He walked tall the whole morning.

Kalpana had another shock waiting that morning. Whilst it was time for Ashik to go to office, Madhuri asked Kalpana to see him off. Though it was a casual one, it still had a very stimulating effect on her. Kalpana was burning with desire as ash approached him. She stood there in silence. She stood panting. She was trembling. Her lips were pouting and when Ashik saw her demure figure he could not resist from coming forward and placing his hands on her shoulders, he held her.

Kalpana's body shuddered at his touch but she did not draw back. She waited for his move. Seeing her standing still he took advantage of her and pulling her closer and holding her face in his hands he kissed her on her lips. It was a hot kiss. It was a wet kiss and it sent the heat searing down her body.

Kalpana found herself trembling with pleasure. When she regained her strength and composure and turned to go inside, she was stunned when she felt his hand brush her buttocks. This was the first physical contact he had made on her private parts. Kalpana dashed into the house only to come face to face with her beaming mother-in-law. Looking at her she blushed.

Her mother-in-laws word's 'has he not become naughty', further surprised her.

Kalpana on impulse replied 'yes' and feeling embarrassed on letting it out, she bowed her head down in shame.

Mrs. Madhuri coming closer placed her hand under her chin and lifting her face said 'it's okay; it's not your fault. He is growing up'.

'Yes' stammered Kalpana on being subdued by her.

'You are very pretty. May be he was fascinated by your charms' said Mrs. Madhuri on seeing her relaxed.

The words encouraged Kalpana and she looked up at her mother-in-law and replied 'you too are very beautiful and he does not... '? She did not complete her sentence. She shivered on letting out those words but Mrs. Madhuri's reply of 'I wish he would' totally mesmerized Kalpana. She stood still gazing at her and when Mrs. Madhuri smiled at her it struck Kalpana with the reality. She was awed by it. She felt certain that her mother-in-law was interested in Ashik and this encouraged her.

She looked down at the mother-in-law and seeing her figure ascertained the fact. Her mother-in-law was well built. She was almost 5 feet 10 inches. Her face was charming. Her bosom was bigger than hers but it had an instant appeal. Her waist though a little plump was very attractive. Her long legs were well carved and she felt certain that her body craved for some company.

Kalpana stood looking at her and Mrs. Madhuri seeing her thoughtful and getting the required leverage said 'I wish you would be a little broadminded'.

Kalpana nodded her head absentmindedly while her mind was busy contemplating the facts.

On seeing Kalpana not her head, Mrs. Madhuri took her face in both her hands and drawing closer, kissed her on her cheeks saying 'thank you'.

This made Kalpana smile shyly as she replied 'I will try'. With these thoughts in her mind she went into her room. There she made up her mind to see that Ashik was interested in his mother and also try to get as much advantage as she could muster for herself. Thinking about it she once more felt aroused.

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