Testing The Limits
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Reluctant, BiSexual, BDSM, Humiliation, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story describes the re-kindling of passion between my wife and I, with a return to the erotic depravity of our youth. It is written at her request, which was made to further demonstrate her ability to humble me. It tells of a wild night she and I had together, in which she explores my limits and her own fantasies by requiring me to service another guy. [Story moved from another archive]

My wife and I have been married for quite a few years and have two teen-aged children. Even though we are reluctantly middle-aged, regular hours in the gym, on bikes, and on the soccer field have kept us in pretty good shape and looking more youthful than our years. Physically my wife is slender and girlish, and having been graced with more than ample manhood, to this day I find the tightness of her narrow hips reminiscent of teen-age nights in the back seat of a car.

Like most people in our situation, the lack of privacy from kids in the house and the lack of time due to the regular schedule of activities, has resulted in diminished sexual activity. In our younger days, before kids, and even when they were infants, we could easily pass away hours or entire weekends in sexual bliss. We were very adventurous together, and have many memories, and a few videos, to show for it.

Fantasies were shared openly between us and ranged across the spectrum. We even went through a period where, with the help of a substantial amount of tequila, we shared some sexual experiences with a couple we knew well. However, this was a unique event, and our love and lust for each other was what we thrived on.

When I first met my wife in college, she was also attracted to one of my roommates. In the end I won, but her fascination with Tim never passed and she often included him in the fantasies she shared with me. She fucked him over and over in her mind, and shared every lurid detail with me.

At one point during a wild afternoon of lovemaking, I shared with her an odd experience that occurred after a night of heavy college drinking, when Tim had blurted out an off-the-wall comment about sucking my dick. I told her it was a comment that was likely made in jest, and thought it might cool her ardor for Tim, but instead she was intrigued. She insisted that there was no way I would refuse a reasonable offer to have my dick sucked, particularly if it meant I owed nothing in return. I told her the truth, nothing happened, but she wouldn't accept that answer.

It became evident that she was fascinated with the idea, and that it was turning her on, so in the end I let her think whatever she wanted to think. Our lovemaking that afternoon was intense, and she literally worshipped my big dick with her mouth with a far away look in her eyes. It was clear what she was trying to imagine something.

For as long as I can remember, I've been turned on by anal stimulation. My wife, of course, was aware of this, and following the afternoon described above she started spending a lot more attention in this area. It seemed she had made some connection between my interest in anal sex, and her thoughts on what may have happened that night with Tim. The result was her fingers and her tongue would regularly find their way up my ass, and I was in bliss.

She had me buy some toys, and while I often used them on her, she used them as frequently on me. The talk of Tim was a major part of these sessions, making it clear her fantasies were centered on that night in college and what she believed may have taken place. This went on for quite some time, but then faded off as we moved on to other topics. But the theme of me being serviced by a guy still came up from time to time, and she gradually changed it around so that it was I who was providing the service.

It was not uncommon for her to slide a dildo up my ass as we made love, which caused my big dick to swell even more, which in turn increased her pleasure. She would also occasionally work a penis shaped dildo in and out of my mouth as I fucked her, all the time whispering nasty comments in my ear about helping her suck off one of her boyfriends. The sex was fantastic, and I did whatever she asked, which was a huge turn on for me.

I tend to the dominant side in my normal day-to-day life, and I found being dominated and somewhat humiliated by her to be incredibly arousing. It was a new discovery in my own psyche, and I enjoyed the sessions where I was able to explore it. We often talked of getting her a strap-on to use on me, and she loved to tease me with scenarios where she would even let her friend Robin have a go. During these type sessions I often vowed to serve her every desire, and they usually ended with me being spent beyond words.

All this ended as our kids began to grow. We loved our family life, and became absorbed in it. The difficulties of indulging wild sexual interests with growing and curious kids in the house caused the activity to essentially cease. We still explored each other, but with less frequency and less intensity. There were no regrets, as I say we loved our family life and were dedicated to it. But over time it seemed we both missed our fun together, just the two of us with no inhibitions.

And so it came to pass that I recently chose to stay home from work on a school day in the hope of addressing our unrequited interests. I showered while my wife took the kids to school, with anticipation of some fun when she returned, and on a whim, I thoroughly cleaned and lubricated my ass, with the hopes that she may wish to indulge in practices from the past. Luck was with me, and in the course of foreplay my wife went after my anus. Her finger, then fingers, easily slipped in due to my hopeful preparations.

She folded my legs back to my chest and explored me deeply for the first time in years, and I was in heaven. After so long a hiatus, I found the anal attention to be intense, and responded with obvious pleasure. When I finally came up for air and entered her, she was soaked. So far I had hardly touched her, but I had noticed her trying to rub herself on my leg. Upon entering her, it was only a matter of moments until she exploded in orgasm. Clearly dominating me, by taking my ass with her fingers, had turned her own. We spent the rest of the morning in bed, and it was a beautiful time together.

After the morning together, she found many occasions to remind me how easily she could control me. One day she came into the bathroom while I was showering before work, and lovingly washed my cock and balls. She slipped a soapy finger up my ass and worked it in and out a few times. Then with a smirk she left me standing there with a raging erection, stating she hoped I thought about her while at work.

Other times she would kiss me, and rub my anus through my pants, with the pressure on my ass getting the obvious physical reaction. She liked to do this in the kitchen, which opened to the living room where the kids, and sometimes their friends, would be watching the television. With the countertop arrangement, they were not able to see her hands or my reaction. She'd walk away with a smile, enjoying my discomfort, and I'd have to remain behind the counter until my condition improved.

She had me in a continuously horny state, which was reminiscent of the past when she would tease me for days before allowing me release. Certainly our love life was changing in a more active and positive direction.

Several weeks had passed when my wife announced that she and I were getting away for a Saturday night alone. She had arranged for the kids to stay with friends, and had rented a hotel room in a neighboring city. With a devilish smirk, she informed me that I was in for a huge surprise. Needless to say, I was more than eager, and the excitement level was high as we drove to our destination. It turned out to be a simple chain hotel, but that was hardly the point. We checked in and found our room with the glow of a newlywed couple.

Once we were inside, she had me fix some stiff drinks from the stock she had brought along. That it was tequila she had bought, which used to always make her wild, was not lost on me as I gladly poured and stirred. In the meantime, she started removing a tripod and video camera from the bag she had brought in. My heart jumped, this had not happened in many years. I resisted the urge to ask questions, and simply followed her lead in helping to set up the equipment in one corner of the room, overlooking the king size bed.

Once that was complete, and we had started our second drink, she unceremoniously demanded that I strip. I took note of the authority in her voice with no minor thrill, as I mentioned before I loved when she took a dominant role and tonight appeared to be headed in that direction. I was naked within a couple of minutes, and my cock was at half-mast in anticipation. She went back to her bag and came out with two leather wristbands lined with velvet, which she quickly strapped to my wrists with no resistance from me. Each band had two steel D-rings attached to it, on opposite sides. Obviously, my sweet wife had been shopping while I was at work.

My mind wondered to the bag and what else may be in it, but the mood made it clear this was no time for questions. Hardly a word had passed between us, when she suggested that if I wanted any more of my drink, I should get it. While I did so, she stacked three of the over-sized hotel pillows in the middle of the bed. She then ordered me onto the bed, and had me lay face down across the pillows with my head towards the foot of the bed, which like most hotel beds had no visible frame. As I lay down she arranged the stack of pillows so that it landed directly under my crotch. The effect was not lost on me. My ass was high in the air and my now stiff cock and balls were pointed straight back between my legs and thus exposed.

She looked at the arrangement with satisfaction, then went to her bag and came out with several lengths of heavy cord. The situation was getting exciting, and I hadn't moved a muscle, willingly going along with everything. This was shaping up to be an exciting night. She took a piece of cord and tied it to a D-ring on my left wrist, then pulled my arm tightly as she fastened the other end of the cord to the foot of the bed on that side.

She then went to the right side and repeated the procedure, stretching my arms tight as she did so. The effect was that my arms were extended out in a nearly a 'T', and my chin rested on the back edge of the mattress. With my naked ass high in the air, I felt very vulnerable indeed.

Next she took from her bag some black velvet eye covers, attached to an elastic band, the type you see people use on airplanes when they want to sleep on long flights. She placed these over my eyes and adjusted the band so that it was very tight. The lights absolutely went out as the soft velvet molded to the shape of my face, and I could not see a thing.

After that it was only sound. I heard her go to the bag again, and then she got on the bed alongside my legs. She pulled my feet together and slipped something over them, which she then slid up my legs to the top of my thighs. She had me lift up off the pillows and she slid the object, which felt like some type of band or strap, past my hips until it was around my waist, holding my cock down so it didn't catch. Her touch was electric, but was quickly gone as my weight settled back down onto the pillows. Try as I might, I could not imagine what it was she had just put around me, which caused my level of tension and excitement to grow.

I could hear her working, and then she took my left foot and began to slide something over it. It only took me a moment to realize it was a woman's nylon stocking. This was something totally new between us, and to be honest I didn't like the thought of it at all.

While I enjoyed being humble before her, the thought of wearing women's clothing items was abhorrent to me. I tried to pull my foot away and began to wrestle about, and was just about to object vocally when her hand came down on my bare ass in a vicious slap. It stunned me to momentary stillness, and she spoke for the first time since I had lain down on the bed, 'If you want it to end here, just say so.'

The excitement up to now had been intense for me, and I knew I did not want it to end. But I was also uneasy about this turn of events and where it would lead. After a moment, I relaxed and let my body go slack, forcing my breathing into a regular pattern and willing myself to end all resistance. Maybe it was the tequila, maybe it was something latent within me, but I decided I would do just about anything to see where this evening was going.

After a few minutes, she had a pair of thigh-high nylons on me. It was then obvious that the item placed around my waist had been a garter belt, and this she carefully fastened to the stockings. Her work complete, she got off the bed and was apparently admiring her subject. I could sense her satisfaction. Then she was back at my ankles, and there affixed two more of the leather bands. In short order, my legs were tightly tied to the two remaining corners of the bed, and I lay there naked and exposed, in total darkness, wearing women's nylons.

The humiliation of the moment had killed my hard-on, and I found myself wondering what my now evil wife had in mind for the evening. I suddenly felt her breath at my ear, and her fingers started stroking the backs of one thigh through the nylons. 'You have to admit they feel sexy. Silky. Tight. Why do you think women love them so much?'

Her hand continued to stroke my legs through the nylon, occasionally coming high enough to nearly touch my cock. I had to admit the feeling was good, and if I squirmed it was fascinating the way my nylon encased legs seemed to just glide on the sheets. Her fingers rubbing through the nylon was exciting, and I started to respond, and my dick hardened once again.

'See, I knew you'd like it. A slut like you was bound to.'

During our younger, more active sex life, dirty talk from my wife was a favorite of mine, and being called a slut excited me greatly.

She got up from the bed and I continued to squirm, knowing she was watching. From the sounds, I could tell she was turning on the video, which stopped my movements. For the moment I was enjoying the feel of women's nylons on my body, but I was certain I didn't want it on film. I started to object, and when I did she quickly stuffed a rag in my open mouth, filling it to silence. The sudden intrusion was both shocking and uncomfortable, and after a moment I realized that she had most likely just used the underwear I had removed a short while ago to stifle my objections. It was certainly effective, now I could no longer see or speak.

'When I want to hear the opinions of a slut, I'll let you know. I want you like this on film, so get used to it. This is only the beginning, and before this night is over anyone who sees this film will no doubt know how big a slut you really are, and how much you love all that happens to you.'

The words froze me, and though I must confess to some definite excitement, it also left me uneasy. Would she really show such a video to others? Was she just trying to scare me to show who was in control? I always thought I was the bold one, with limits she could never find. Perhaps I was wrong? As I thought this over, she turned on the cheap clock radio beside the bed to a country and western station. The sound quality was poor, and I found it odd that she did this. It would be much later when I would realize that it was cover noise.

'I'll be back in a little while. Don't go anywhere my little slut.'

As the shock of her words sank in, she opened the door to leave the room. I could tell by the sound she opened it wide, and my heart sank. I hadn't heard any light switches so I assumed the lights were all still on. The hotel we were in was the type where the rooms opened directly onto the parking lot, and I could remember beyond that was the parking lot of an all-night restaurant. The door creaked as it slowly swung back on the automatic closer, and it seemed forever until I heard it hit the frame and stop.

The closer was not strong enough to pull it all the way to, and I was relieved when I heard her pull it tightly closed. I had literally broken out in a sweat, and realized I was holding my breath. My God, I was tied naked to a hotel bed, blindfolded, gagged with my own underwear, in women's nylons, with the room door standing open. It was only for a matter of seconds, but it seemed an eternity. I had no way of knowing if anyone had been out there, but my imagination was active and true fear had set in.

She had never acted quite like this before, and if she wanted to humiliate me, she was doing a good job. I sank into the mattress and tried to relax and catch my breath. The thought suddenly occurred to me that she may not have actually left, and I got as still as possible and tried to listen for any noise other than the radio.

But there was no sound at all that I could associate with her presence, and I finally concluded she had truly left the room. Where she went, I had no idea. I tested my bonds, but there was simply no way to escape. So there I was, naked, exposed, and abandoned. The thought of getting caught like this was humiliating beyond anything I had felt before. What if a maid or a maintenance crew happened by, even coming to this room by mistake? The more I worried about it, the more helpless I felt. And then came an interesting realization. The more helpless I felt, the more turned on I became. There was no denying that my hard-on was raging, and I began to squirm about, trying to rub it against the pillows or my leg.

But it was useless, she had me bound too tight to allow the necessary movement. I could feel the cool air of the room on my exposed cock head, and my ass was spread open due to how I was tied, and I was aware of how inviting a position I was in. I squirmed on the bed and worked my ass around, realizing and not caring that the video was surely still on. She was gone quite a while, and the excitement faded and my level of agitation began to increase again. Then suddenly I heard footsteps outside and I froze.

What happened next I only know because of countless hours of watching the video of this night. I heard the key card in the door, and then the door again opened wide. I heard her come in, but was more fixated on the creaking of the door as it slowly closed again, waiting for that welcome click of door against frame. What I could not tell in my blindfolded state, with the radio playing, and with the stealth of their movements, was that two people had come back into the room.

Once again I wondered how exposed I truly was with the door open for those countless seconds. I heard the sound of undressing, but in my worried state was not alert enough to detect multiple people hurriedly removing their clothes. I felt her come near the bed, and then felt her tweak my still hard cock. The contact made me jump, and then her voice was at my ear, 'I see my little slut enjoyed his time alone.'

She pulled the gag from my mouth. 'Is the slut having fun yet?'

My jaw ached and my mouth was totally dried out, so I had no voice. Instead I merely shook my head yes.

'Are you ready for some real fun?'

This time my tongue was wetted, and I croaked out a 'Yes, please.'

In watching the video later, I was keenly aware that had I known I had a naked guy, a stranger, standing over me, with my body so exposed, and with women's nylons and garters on, as I eagerly agreed to potential abuse by my wife, I would have been devastated beyond words.

Even watching the video later, the humiliation was intense, which, I had to confess, was what partly led to uncontrolled masturbation every time I watched it, with or without my wife. I reveled in it later, but I'm not so sure I could have handled it at the time. But as it was, I had no idea, and behind the safety of the now closed door, I was eager to see where this night with my wife would head.

Her nakedness was confirmed when she knelt down at the foot of the bed, placed a hand on either side of my head, and guided my lips to her nipple. I eagerly went after her breast, sucking as much of it into my mouth as I could. After a minute or two, she switched me to her other breast, which I sucked on with the same fervor. After so many years, I still loved to feel my lips on her breasts.

She pulled away and kissed me on top of my head, then spoke into my ear. 'Tonight, my little slut, you're going to help me live out some long time fantasies. Tonight, we're going to truly test your limits.'

Her words excited me further, and it didn't dawn on me until days later that her reference to 'we' did not necessarily include me. She stood and pushed her pussy into my face, and my tongue was quickly out and reaching to serve her. It was an awkward position, but I could tongue her clit and her body language suggested I was being effective.

But it didn't last as she pulled away. Though I was still in total darkness, I could tell from the direction of her movement and the sounds that she was back into her bag. This increased my level of anticipation, and it occurred to me to relax, and pace myself. I tried to focus on the country music still coming from the bedside radio, but even though it was a common song I couldn't even follow the words. She simply had me too agitated to concentrate.

Suddenly she was back before me. Something cold and hard touched the side of my face and I immediately knew it was a dildo, the bullet type, made of smooth hard plastic, and from the feel of it not overly large. She rubbed it around my face and neck, and then lightly slid the tip across my lips. This was familiar territory, even though it had been many years, and I just held my position and let her tease me with it. She played it around my face some more, then came back to my lips, this time with a bit more pressure. I parted my lips slightly, and came out with the tip of my tongue to rub on the end of the hard plastic.

'You like that don't you little slut?'

I nodded yes and opened my mouth, trying to reach for the dildo. But she pulled it back with a giggle, making me reach for it with my tongue. I must have looked ridiculous, flailing my tongue around in the air, and she laughed more.

'Freeze, slut'

I stopped with my mouth open and my tongue out.

'That's it', she said, as she laid the hard plastic tip across the top of my tongue. She slid it around on my out-stretched tongue, and again I tried to capture it in my mouth. But she was waiting for me to do so, and laughed as she deftly pulled it away. 'The little slut wants the cock in his mouth pretty bad, doesn't he?' The words brought back some of our fun and games from days gone by, and sent a shiver of anticipation down my spine. How long had it been since she teased me about putting a cock in my mouth? How many times had we played this game? When I didn't reply, she asked again, 'Doesn't he?' I nodded, but that wasn't going to do. 'Tell me, slut.'

I answered, 'yes, I do.'

'Yes you do what, slut?'

'Yes, I want the cock in my mouth pretty bad.'

'The slut thinks I would want to see him with a cock in his mouth?'

'Yes, I think you do. I think you want me to do it.'

'Hmmm, I suppose if you wanted to prove what a little cock-sucking slut you are, I might be inclined to watch.'

With that, she brought the tip back to my lips, but as I reached for, she again kept it just out of reach. The best I could do was to close my lips on the very tip, or to slide my tongue along the underside. Every time I would tire, she would bring it back to my lips and I'd try again. After several minutes of this, she asked, 'Am I frustrating my little slut?'


'What does the slut want?'

'I want my mouth filled with your cock.'

'How bad?'

'Bad. Please, may I suck on your cock? I really want it.'

'Want it, slut?'

'Yes, and I need it. I need to suck it. I need to show you how far I'll go. Please let me show you.'

'But I already know, I've known for years. Is there anything more that you can prove, slut?'

'Test me. Tell me what to do. Do anything to your slut. I'll show you whatever you want to see. I'll go along with whatever you want to try. Just please let me suck on your cock.'

'Of course you will, slut. What choice do you have?' And with that she put the dildo to my lips. She didn't push it in; she just held it there and let me wrap my lips around it.

Then she let me draw it in until it I had as much as I could take. My cheeks were sunken in as I pulled on it, and I tried to let it touch the back of my throat without gagging. It wasn't all that large in diameter, but it was hard and smooth and it felt good in my mouth.

I sucked hard on it, trying to show her what a good slut I was.

'Oh my, the slut does like a mouth full of cock, doesn't he?'

I nodded as she grabbed the end and started sliding it back out of my mouth. I resisted with as much vacuum as I could generate until it was almost out, and was relieved when she plunged it right back in. She got a steady rhythm going, back and forth into my mouth. My shoulders were aching from being bound so long, and to relieve the pressure I slid back just enough so that my chin was supported on the mattress.

In that position, she worked the dildo back and forth in my mouth, and I sucked for all I was worth, to show her what a good slut I was. The first time I watched the video of this, I was literally horrified at how I had acted in front of another guy, but at the time I was into the abuse and loving every second of it.

Then suddenly she pulled the dildo from my mouth.


But it was no use. I lay there panting, wishing she hadn't stopped so abruptly. But then I felt something new at my lips. It was much larger, and made of a firm rubberized like material that wasn't totally rigid, but stood out straight nonetheless. I snaked out my tongue along the underside, and found the edge of a mushroom shaped head, confirming my suspicion. It was another dildo, shaped like a real cock.

'Would you like the real thing, slut?'

'Yes, please.'

'Are you sure? This would be like sucking on a real man. And it would be on video.'

It had been years since we had such a dildo in the house, and I realized I wanted it in my mouth bad. More than that, I wanted her to see me suck it, regardless of the video camera she just reminded me of. 'Yes, I want you to see me sucking on that dick.'

With that she plunged it into my mouth as far as she could. No teasing this time, just straight in. It was much larger and therefore much more difficult to accommodate, and when it hit the back of my throat I was almost overcome by a gag reflex. She held it there, almost cruelly, while I tried to adjust, and behind the velvet eye covers I could feel my eyes tear up from the intensity of the reflex. After a few moments, and with great effort, I was able to relax and accept this monster cock deep in the back of my mouth. It wasn't entirely comfortable, but I wasn't going to back down. If this is what she wanted,

I was hers to use.

'Hold it there and don't let it move slut.'

With that she let go and stepped away. With my eyes covered, I had no way to know how much of the cock was sticking out of my mouth, but the inside of my mouth was very full, and it was very difficult to swallow. I concentrated on holding the cock as ordered, while she rummaged through her bag once again. Then I felt her on the bed beside me, and a moment later I jumped at the cold shock of liquid landing between my buttocks. It was obviously a lubricant, and it was cold, and she poured it directly on my anus. When I jumped the cock in my mouth slipped out some, and I worked hard at sucking it back into the position she left it.

The coolness of the lubricant served as a reminder of how exposed my ass was. Her fingers slipped into my crack and started rubbing the lube into my asshole. The feeling was fantastic, and intensified when she let her hands drift down and her sharp fingernails slid across my swollen testicles. She was then quickly back at my anus, and without prelude slid a finger well into my ass.

I initially lurched forward at the intrusion, then responded by pushing back as best I could against the exploring finger. I could feel her other knuckles against my ass, and realized her finger was buried as deep as it would go. My breathing became labored, and with my mouth filled to capacity with hard rubber cock, my efforts to breath through my nose became noisy and ragged.

My wife started working her finger in and out, and I moved with her every motion. She paused momentarily, but it was only to line up a second finger, and then I had two thrusting into me. As I said before, I am very susceptible to anal stimulation, and this open abuse of my ass had me in pure heaven. I truly was a slut as I moved against her fingers, all the time sucking brazenly on a mouthful of hard cock.

When she went to three fingers I was almost out of control, and I was trying to get contact against my own cock any way I could. It was no longer possible to breath only though my nose, and I was forced to let the cock in my mouth slip out far enough so that I could breath around it. I laid my head to one side, intentionally facing the camera, and quickly devised a method of letting it slip out far enough to get a breath, then quickly sucking it back in deeply until I needed another. I repeated this process over and over, as the assault on my ass continued.

Sensing that I was reaching a limit, my wife suddenly stopped with all three fingers at their deepest point. She held perfectly still as I tried desperately to catch my breath, with the big rubber cock half in and half out of my mouth so that I could draw air around it. She wiggled her fingers, tickling my prostate, and I groaned loudly as my body suddenly went rigid. This brought a laugh from her, and she pulled her fingers all the way out.

'You are a hot little slut, but I see you couldn't follow simple little instructions to hold that cock in your mouth.'

I quickly sucked it back in as far as it would go, and this brought another laugh from her. Without warning, she pushed a dildo into my ass, and I realized it was probably the one in my mouth earlier. It wasn't as big around as three of her fingers, but it went much deeper and I let out a low moan as it reached into places that hadn't been touched in years. Once deeply embedded, she left it and moved back up to my head. 'Let's see if you can hold that in place a little better.'

I nodded and turned my head down to use the mattress to force the cock in my mouth as deep as I could make it go. Then I turned my blindfolded face back towards her, hoping to get approval.

'Not bad, slut, but you still disappointed me.'

She let the comment hang, which let me know I needed to try and make it up any way I could. I was desperately turned on, and willing at this point to do anything. Her hands closed around the cock in my mouth and she started to work it in and out. It was huge, and as she plunged it back and forth, and spun it around, I had to work pretty hard to effectively suck it like the little slut she wanted me to be. My mouth was stretched, and now my ass was stretched, and discomfort became pleasure, as I allowed myself to be willingly used.

She pulled the cock out so that only the tip was at my lips, and I eagerly worked my tongue around the helmet. I knew the shape well from my own cock, and it was exciting to explore it with my mouth.

'The slut likes having a dildo shaped like a real man's cock, doesn't he?'

'Yes, I do.'

'Now you know how I feel when I have your big cock in my mouth, don't you slut?'

'Yes I do, and I envy you'

'Because I get to suck a real man's cock?'

I couldn't believe I was saying this. 'Yes.'

She worked the cock into my mouth a few times, then brought it back out and watched as

I again eagerly attacked it with my lips and tongue. 'That I would like to see, my little slut sucking on a real man's cock.'

I didn't reply, instead I just kept licking the mushroom head in front of me. Her breathing had changed, and I realized she was getting turned on by the conversation and whatever thoughts it generated in her head. Foolishly, I thought that control of the situation might be shifting a little to my side, and I wondered how to exploit it. At the time I had no idea how wrong I was.

'Would my slut do that for me?'

It was an open-ended question. We had treaded on these waters many times in our past fantasies together, sometimes plunging all the way in, other times just touching on the fringes and moving off in other directions when the mood wasn't exactly right. Thinking back to her earlier comment on testing limits, I was pretty certain that tonight she wanted to explore it deeply. For my own part, I was in a totally depraved mood and ready to serve her any way I could. 'Your slut would love to suck a real man's cock for you.'

She drew a breath and I could sense her squirm. I had guessed right. 'My slut would do that for me? You would let me watch, and let me film it?'

'I would do that for you, but only if you watched. I would suck a man's cock on film, if the humiliation of doing so is what you want from this little slut. How can I tell you no?

I'll do whatever you ask.'

'So you wouldn't want to do it for yourself. The slut is willing to put on a show, but is not turned on by the idea?'

I did not intentionally imply this, and thought about it for a moment. The feeling of the big rubber cock in my mouth made for a strong memory, and I tried to decide if I was answering truthfully or playing along as I said, 'The feeling of my tongue on this cock head is intense. I love it. If it was a real one, it could only be better. It would really turn me on to suck a real man's cock in front of you.'

She let out a low moan of satisfaction as she fed the big rubber cock back into my mouth.

This time she moved it around gently, coming nearly all the way out before going back in, letting me love on it with my lips and tongue right in front of her. The situation was pretty intense. I was tied down spread- eagled on the bed, with my naked ass high and exposed and stuffed full of dildo. I was wearing women's nylons and garters. I was blindfolded, and my lovely wife was gently feeding me a large, realistic rubber cock. My shoulders and neck ached from my position, and the leather cuffs, though lined with velvet, chafed at my wrists, but I didn't care. I had slipped into new depths of depravity, and was totally caught up in the imagery my wife was leading me through.

Pulling the cock head back to my lips, she asked, 'You'd suck a real cock for me, slut?'

'Yes, I would.'

'Tell me what you want.'

I thought about that for a moment as I licked the cock head in front of me. 'A young, straight stud, not a gay guy. Someone who, like me, is so turned on by you he'd do anything. I'd want him to have a large dick and a forceful personality to dominate me with, to humiliate me in front of you.'

'Humiliate you how, slut?'

'By using me, for his own pleasure, any way he so decided, right in front of you.'

'You know I really want to see that, don't you slut?'

'I know now.'

'I want to make it happen.'

'Then go find the stud.'

'What if I did, slut? What if I walked right out of this room, found the first willing guy, and brought him back with me? What would you do then?'

Her breathing was becoming ragged. I had the feeling one of her hands was busy in her pussy as I answered, 'I'd suck his dick for you.'

She moaned again, 'How would it happen?'

'Once he saw me like this, I think it would be pretty obvious that I was ready to be used.'

'You're right. There's could be little doubt about that.'

'If you helped to remove his pants, and then got him into the right position, I would do the rest. I'd find his cock with my mouth and service it for you to see.'

'You'd suck a man's cock in front of me slut?'

'Only in front of you. I'd worship his cock with my mouth, and lick his balls. I'd take him as deep as I could, and try to get every last inch in my mouth, until I could feel his hair against my nose. I'd let him fuck my face, and I'd let you see it all.'

She was literally panting now, and finding it hard to speak. 'You'd like it slut?'

'I'd love it. Please let me do it for you. Please let me suck a real man's cock."

'Would you want him to cum, slut?'

'Oh God yes, I'd want to feel him pump his cum down my throat. I'd suck him dry and swallow every last drop.

'I want to see that slut. I want to see a man cum in your mouth. You'd really do that for me?'

'Yes. I would suck him until his cum poured down my throat. For you.'

'There's only one problem with that, slut.'

This caught me by surprise, 'What problem?'

She was panting hard now, rubbing the hard rubber cock back and forth across my lips, 'If he came in your mouth, he wouldn't be able to fuck your virgin ass for me.'

With my love for anal stimulation, hearing those words was like an aphrodisiac to me. I wriggled my ass, trying to increase the stimulation from the dildo, but there was nothing to push against. I drove my mouth down hard on the cock in front of me before answering, 'I could get him hard again.'

She liked that answer. 'You would do that for me, slut? Just so I could see him fuck your ass?'



'I'd suck his cock and balls until he got hard again. If that didn't work fast enough, I'd have you turn him around and then lick his asshole. No man can resist that.'

She groaned, 'You'd do that, slut?'

'Yes, I'd eat his asshole, just like the little slut I am.'

'Oh God, I'd like to see that.'

'Then go find me a stud. Bring him here and let me show you what I can do to another man. Let me make your dreams come true.'

'You'd do that, slut?' she asked, gasping for air.

I was totally into the scene as I licked the cock head in front of me. 'I'd do it right now.

Please find me a man's cock to suck. Please find me a man's ass to eat. Please.'

She dropped the rubber cock and I heard it hit the floor. She wrapped her arm around my head and forced my mouth to her breast. No sooner had I clamped down on her nipple, then she exploded in orgasm. Her weight fell against me, pushing my head backwards into a painful position, but I was not about to complain and deter from the intensity of her pleasure.

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