What Goes Around...
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Is it cheating when he is divorced, but promises to be faithful?

Talk about how opposites attract; a good example, I guess, would be Tina and myself. I'm Max (for Maxwell) Canney and I "live" at the opposite pole from my wife. I'm 6' 2" and she's 5'2", I'm blond and she's dark haired, I have blue eyes, Tina has dark brown eyes. I have a flat chest although nicely muscled, Tina has a great rack. You get the idea. We also have very different personalities.

I tend to be very laid back. I don't get excited easily and I tend to be rather analytical, reasoning out problems. Now Tina is just the opposite. She has a fiery core to her. She has a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. Maybe all of that is what drew me to her in the first place. Strangely, we attended the same university, but never met. The school wasn't all that large, but I majored in marketing and Tina was getting a degree in fashion and textile design. Don't even think of asking me what that entails, I have trouble making sure I have matched socks on.

I graduated and secured a position selling commercial radio time for one of the largest stations in the tri state area. The base salary was excellent, benefits good and the commission set-up even better. Mike Cooper, the Sales Manager and Sam Able, another sales associate, took me under their wings and made sure I was well trained. I figured I had the world by the short hairs and was sailing along blissfully until the day I met Tina. I had been trying to land a chain of ladies high end clothing stores and was close to wrapping up a lucrative deal. I was about to exit their corporate headquarters and made a wrong turn on the 12th floor. I wound up in the design section and there stood Tina Wallace before a drawing board, an expression of distaste on her pretty face.

Ever the suave, debonaire roue, I smiled and approached her. "Tsk, tsk," I exclaimed softly. "A pretty face like that shouldn't have a frown on it." Yeah, yeah, I know, pretty lame.

Tina whirled and shot me a glare that could remove paint. "Don't tell me you're actually successful with a bullshit line like that one?" she spat out.

Wow, that rocked me back on my heels. My smile turned rueful and I raised my hands to my chest, clutching my heart. "You've got me. You've discovered my dreadful secret." I hung my head in mock shame. "I've never learned how to pick up a beautiful gal. So shoot me, heap scorn upon me, but take pity on me also, please, and at least have dinner with me?" I had adopted a pleading tone.

She laughed in spite of herself and we were off and running. Tina deigned to accept my request for a date and that was the start of a whirlwind romance. Six months later we married and Tina moved into my town house. Maybe it was too much of a whirlwind. We were both so swept along with each other that we really never stopped to consider things objectively, like the fact that we were like day and night - good expression; Tina was a night person, I was a day person. See what I mean?

Tina loved to party; the more people around the better. On weekends she demanded the bright lights, the music, the dancing, the excitement of the crowds. I went along with that demand, I was besotted with her. Even when she wanted to venture out during the week, I put up little opposition, even though that wasn't my thing. I was more a homebody. I enjoyed being home, doing odd jobs around the house, sitting and reading in front of a fire. Don't misunderstand, I wasn't an introvert, but after schmoozing with clients and varied other associated assholes during the day, I enjoyed quiet evenings and lazy weekends.

Tina and I were in love, or did I say that already. She tried to accommodate my desire for the home life and I tried to give in to her wild side as much as I could. We settled into, what I like to label, a uneasy compromise between the club scene and domesticity. Hey, it seemed to work okay. Tina seemed content and I was relatively happy. I was, I was... well, I would have been happier but for Tina's "friends." Jackie Brock and Bonnie Shore. They worked with Tina in the design section I mentioned.

They hated me and I loathed them, well make that Bonnie. I wasn't crazy about Jackie either, but she wasn't quite as venal. It didn't take long for them to convince me that all they really cared about was "having fun" and the hell with anyone or anything else. They were totally amoral. They were both single, divorced of course, relatively attractive (one blond, the other a bottle redhead) and both class A bitches. They had tried to discourage Tina from getting "involved" with me and almost spit bullets when we announced our engagement and married. Tina would always laugh them off and kept telling me that I was being unreasonable in my distaste for these "friends."

"Look, Max. The girls took me in when I was hired and really helped me. They've been good friends and I won't turn my back on them now so get used to it," declared a determined Tina.

I didn't answer her, just shrugged and walked away. I had a very uneasy feeling that they were going to cause major trouble, but I knew that Tina was adamant about the friendship so I tolerated them. I really had no choice, I didn't want to precipitate a showdown, maybe subconsciously I wasn't sure if I would win.

Things started to change in our relationship about a year or so into our marriage. I think that I can pinpoint the exact day because we really had a battle royal that evening. Let's see... it all started right after I came in the door from a difficult day on the road and then being told that I would have to fly out the next morning for a staff meeting in an adjoining state. I would be back the next day, but I was pissed. I knew that these meetings were a waste of time and took away from my time with my clients.

"Max, Max," yelled Tina from the bathroom where she was putting the final touches on her makeup. "Change into something casual. We're meeting Bonnie and Jackie and their dates at Bookie's." Bookie's was one of their favorite restaurants and watering holes.

I walked over to the doorway, eyed Tina blotting her lipstick, and growled. "I've asked you again and again to check with me before making any plans during the week. Why do you find that so fucking difficult to remember. I can't go anywhere tonight. I'm flying out early tomorrow to Wilmington and won't be back until the next day and I'm hitting the sack early. Tell your friends to count us out."

Tina had turned to face me, her face becoming scarlet. "Since when have you become the CEO here, buster?" she snarled. "You and your fucking job, you treat it like you're the savior of the company. You're not 80 years old, but you act like it. You can go out with us and still catch your plane. Get changed, I won't wait too long. I'll just go without you."

I then lost it, completely. "Fuck you, you bitch. You treat your "friends" with more consideration than you do your husband. Have a good time, your "friends" will probably get a date for you and get you laid. You can become a slut... like your "friends." You notice the heavy emphasis on "friends".

I then just turned on my heel and stalked away from Tina who was just standing there, trembling with rage. I strode into the bedroom, grabbed a suitcase and started to pack. It was just a small bag since I wouldn't be gone more than a day, but in the back of my mind was the image of me packing a large bag... no, make that a few large bags. Did I had some premonition of what was to come? Maybe. I heard the front door slam shut and the house was quiet.

I was so angry and upset I just couldn't see myself sleeping there that night. I finished my packing, got in my car and headed out to the Holiday Inn by the airport. I didn't want to be home when Tina staggered in at who knows what time. I just wanted a quiet and calm nights rest... yeah, like I could turn off the turmoil in my head that easily.

I was up early the next morning and made my flight with time to spare. The hours that I spent away in the staff meetings were a total waste, as I knew they would be. To this day I cannot recall one item discussed that was meaningful and I'm sure that I contributed nothing but my presence. My head was filled with how I had left and with embarrassment and recriminations. I knew that my behavior that night was over the top and I was really sorry that Tina and I had quarreled so bitterly. I vowed that I would make it up to her when I returned.

I did return the next evening as scheduled and entered my home with a bit of trepidation, not knowing what I would find. I did indicate to you that Tina has a tendency to be a bit unpredictable. I should not have worried. Tina ran from the kitchen after I entered and threw herself at me.

"Oh, Max. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I hate it when we fight like this. You were right, I definitely should have checked with you before making any plans. I promise I'll do that in the future, Max."

"Wow," I thought. "Now this is a surprise, but a pleasant one nonetheless." My heart went out to her and I held her tight and murmured the appropriate responses. Tina then pulled back from me and I saw the glitter in her eyes. She then started to tear at my clothes almost frantically, pulling my shirt apart, buttons flying. I stood there stunned for a moment before I started helping. I was soon down to my boxers and Tina was pulling at them, causing my now very erect cock to bend into positions totally unnatural. I stopped her in time to avoid serious injury.

I figured that now it was her turn. I yanked her blouse out of her skirt and over her head. Moments later she was as nude as I. She sank to her knees and grasped my now throbbing member, licking from base to head. I knew that I wouldn't be able to last very long so I pulled her up and carried her to the bedroom, throwing her on the bed and crawling in after her.

Tina shrieked in laughter and quickly covered me with her body. My cock was now nestled between her thighs and firmly against her warm and very wet pussy. I felt her hips move as she caressed my phallus with the lips of her vulva. She would move and the head of my dick was poised to enter her, but she would then shift and my cock would again slide between her nether lips. This didn't last long. Moments later Tina rose a bit, adjusted her hips and allowed me to slide into her. She moaned, sat up and her hips rose and fell. She paused, tensed and keened shrilly as her orgasm overtook her. Her nails dug into my shoulders and I felt the muscles of her vagina pulse around my manhood. It felt like minutes later, but was actually only seconds, Tina collapsed on top of me, and rolled over to my side.

She reached over and kissed me tenderly. Then she noticed that I had not come, in fact my very rigid penis was still pointing obscenely celingward, bobbing to its own erotic beat. "Oh, my," Tina murmured as she grasped my cock. "We've got to do something about that."

I lay there, secretly rather pleased that I was able to control my climax. Premature ejaculation was never really a problem for me, thank goodness. Tina raised herself on an elbow and looked at me with a gleam in her eyes.

"Max, let's try something different. If you promise to be very careful and very gentle... ?" she began hesitantly.

I looked at her with a puzzled expression. "I'm always gentle with you, honey. You know that."

"I know, Max," she smiled. "But this time you have to be even more so." Tina paused for a moment and then blushed. Yeah, she actually blushed.

"Let's try anal?" she asked softly.

I had to strain to hear her and was more than a bit surprised. We had talked about this a couple of times, but Tina had never really seemed interested. Well, this was really something new and I wondered if perhaps she was feeling a bit guilty about the spat we had had and was now trying to make up for it. In any event, I sure as hell was not going to say no.

"Honey, this could be fun and I promise that I'll be as gentle as I can. I sure don't want to hurt you in any way." I then paused. "Wait, I think that we should get some lubrication. I think that it would be painful without something we could use to make it easier."

Tina grinned and reached over to her night stand from which she pulled a tube of KY lotion. Damn, the vixen had this all planned. This wasn't spontaneous, she had planned for a little anal tonight. I chuckled and took the tube from her hand.

I squeezed a glob on my finger and coated my cock. I then took more of the stuff on my forefinger and coated her rosebud before inserting my finger, coating her insides. I squeezed even more on my finger and made sure that she was fully lubricated, inserting two fingers now inside her anus. Tina had not made a sound, but her eyes were shut and had a small frown of discomfort on her face.

She had been lying on her stomach and I pulled at her hips gently. She immediately rose to her knees, her head burrowed into her pillow. Her asshole was laid bare, it seemed to beckon. I placed the head of my dick at her backdoor and gently began to shove. Almost before I knew it, the head of my cock had slipped past her sphincter and was inside.

I heard Tina moan softly. "Am I hurting you?" I asked worriedly

"It hurts, Max, just don't move right now. Just stay still and let me get used to it. I'm trying to relax, just wait a little, honey" she muttered tensely.

I did as she asked and it wasn't long before I felt her move her hips back, allowing more of my cock to enter her. I was soon all the way in and I could feel her asshole clasping the base of my cock tightly, very tightly. I just knelt there, trying not to move, allowing her to take the lead. After a bit I felt her start to move her hips, causing my cock to slide out a bit and then back in.

"Jeez, Max. It still hurts a little, but it's kind of a good hurt. Damn, this is so nasty," she murmured. "I feel so decadent and now it's really starting to feel good, honey. Pump faster, move it in and out harder," and she really started to get into it.

It wasn't long before she Tina started to moan loudly. "Oh, God. I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, damn, damn, daaaaa...

She had clamped down on my cock and I then lost it. I plunged in as hard as I could and let my fluids burst forth from me. I thought that I would never stop. It was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. By the time my head cleared, my dick had softened and had slipped from her behind.

"My God, Max," Tina whispered as she pulled me down and snuggled to my side. "That was fantastic. That's not the last time we do that." I nodded sleepily and we both slept, naked in each others arms.

Things quickly returned to normal and everything seemed to be as it should, yet I felt a disquietude, an uneasiness. Tina was being just a bit too voluble, a bit too animated, a bit too brittle. I paid my uneasiness little mind.

The following days and weeks were a bit strange. Tina now seemed just a bit subdued, quieter and perhaps a bit less animated. There wasn't a dramatic change in her personality, but just enough to cause me pause. I put it down to our fight that night and figured that things would get back to normal soon enough. To tell you the truth, I just didn't want to upset the apple cart, so to speak. In fact, I didn't even comment on the fact that Tina stopped asking about going out during the week.

She never again brought that up. What was even stranger, she didn't appear as enthusiastic about going out clubbing on the weekends, Now that brought me up short. What the hell was going on? The weekends were almost sacred to Tina; those were the days when she wanted to party. Now she seemed almost lukewarm to that. Something was going on, but I didn't have a clue as to what it was.

I learned the truth a few days later, at Tina's favorite lounge. We were there with another couple as well as, yeah, Bonnie and Jackie. The two of them were sans dates - they said they wanted to enjoy themselves without "men" around. Yeah, like I really believed that.

"Jackie, go with me to the little girls room?" Bonnie asked loudly. "Tina, you too?" she asked again, loudly. Tina shook her head and continued her conversation with Helen, the female side of the other couple. I sat and watched the two of them sashay across the room and into the corridor whick led to the rest rooms. I took this opportunity to tell Tina that I was going out for a some fresh air and would be back soon.

I stepped outside and did indeed take a deep breath of air. I slowly strolled around the side of the building, out of the glaring lights which advertised the night club. Standing in the shadows, I began to make out voices coming from an open window. The window was situated high on a wall which prevented me from seeing in, but the voices were unmistakable. I grimaced as I recognized them as belonging to Bonnie and Jackie and realized that I was outside of the ladies rest room.

"What the hell's wrong with Tina?" Bonnie asked with a bite to her voice. "She's acting different. It's almost as though I did something to piss her off, and, come to think about it, you haven't exactly been Miss Cheerful either."

"I'm feeling guilty as hell, Bonnie," replied Jackie. "About that night that she and Max had that fight - you know, when he had to fly out somewhere on business. We should have known what Johnnie was doing."

"What's the big deal, Jackie. So Tina got drunk and stoned and got laid. Johnny was in heaven, he's been after her pussy for years. She deserved a little fun after what that prick did to her," replied Bonnie dismissively.

"Goddamnit, Bonnie. We should have protected her. We're supposed to be her friends. We should have known how devastated she would feel afterward. We shouldn't have let that happen."

"Okay, so it happened, big deal. Look, Jackie, Tina will get over it and I bet that she'll eventually look back on it and her pussy will tingle," laughed Bonnie. "Shit, I bet that prick of a husband would have a heart attack if he knew."

"But he's not going to know. He'll never know, do you understand, Bonnie?" Jackie spat out. "C'mon, let's get back."

"Wait, let me pee first."

I had heard enough. I staggered away from that side of the building and leaned up against a tree. I remember having trouble thinking, random images were rushing together, making coherent thought impossible. I also realized that my stomach was trying to tell me something and I was able to bend over just in time. The vomit came gushing out in a torrent and I just stood there and emptied my guts.

I slowly straightened and tried to collect myself. I knew that I had to compose myself, had to appear normal. I stood still for some moments, tying to sort out my feelings, with little success. I finally wiped my mouth and brow with a hanky and slowly reentered the club.

Tina and her girlfriends were seated at the table, the other couple had departed. Jackie and Bonnie were just looking around, obviously scouting the place for some unattached males. Tina was just sitting there, quiet and subdued.

I walked over and spoke softly. "Tina, it's time to leave," and extended my hand. She looked up at me, saw my face and she knew. She knew that I knew. She rose without a word of complaint, forced a smile and said, "bye everyone, see you later." We left without another word being spoken.

The drive home was quiet. We didn't speak and the tension was palpable. I knew that the coming conversation would be traumatic, but at that point I hadn't the foggiest idea as to what I was going to say or do. I was still dazed, feeling somewhat confused, not understanding why my marriage had suddenly crumbled.

I parked the car in the driveway and we both made our way into the house. Tina walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa, not bothering to turn a light on. I flipped a switch and the soft light of a lamp filled the room.

I glanced at Tina and saw her just sitting there, her eyes fixed on her hands in her lap. I sat down and just looked at her.

"Why? Just... tell me why?" I asked, my voice tight. Tina knew exactly what I was talking about. It was now all in the open. I could tell by her demeanor that she was resigned to this conversation. Her color was poor, her face ashen. She finally looked up at me and sighed.

"I don't know, Max... no, I do know. I won't lie you or to myself." Tina paused and continued. "I was angry at you, I got drunk and stoned. The liquor was there, the grass was there. I was stupid. I'm sorry. She smiled crookedly, almost a grimace. "Being sorry isn't going to get me a 'get out of jail free card', is it, Max?" I could see the unshed tears in her eyes.

I just sat there, silent, almost paralyzed. My mind was a blank, I couldn't really think, I couldn't get my head around her betrayal. I felt numb, I couldn't put my thoughts together.

Tina nodded just a bit and continued. "I'll sleep in the guest room tonight. I'll move out tomorrow while you're at work." The tears were now flowing. She rose and walked from the room.

I continued to sit. I didn't know what to say or what to do, so I did... nothing. It was as if an iron curtain (borrowing a famous phrase) had descended over my emotions, over my heart. No... not quite. It had not descended, while I may not have acknowledged it, I had pulled it down.

I returned home from work the following day at my usual time, and the house was cold and empty. Tina had packed up her clothes and things and, true to her word, was gone. She left me a letter:

Dear Max I'm sorry. I know that doesn't even begin to cover the hurt I've caused you, but I really don't know what else to say. I was foolish and behaved like a ignorant school girl and I destroyed our marriage, a marriage that I should have valued above anything and anyone. I have also, over the past few weeks, begun to recognize how immature and selfish I've been. My loyalties were totally misplaced - my first priority should have been you and our relationship. It seems that that realization has come a bit too late. Max, I love you and always will. I truly hope that you can find happiness with someone more worthy. Tina

The days passed. I went to work and returned home to an empty house. I ate out; quick, rushed meals, meals without taste. I had no appetite, I ate so that I wouldn't starve to death. I didn't give my broken marriage any real thought, I just couldn't.

Whenever I tried to reason things through, tried to analyze what went wrong, ask myself what I should do - I drew a blank. I had always considered myself to be a reasonable, logical guy, but my brain turned to mush when I tried to think about Tina and what had happened. So I did nothing. To paraphrase Edmund Burke: all that is necessary for sorrow to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

I stirred a bit from my lethargy a few months later. I had had no contact with Tina and I had heard nothing from her. Then again, I had made no attempt to contact her either. It was late in the morning, on a rainy Saturday. The doorbell rang. A short, slight man asked if I was Max Canney. I nodded and he handed me a folded document and told me that I was served. I didn't have to examine it - I knew what is was. Tina was requesting a divorce.

I sat down suddenly, feeling my legs weaken. I knew that this was the obvious outcome of my inactivity and yet I was still shocked, shaken. For the first time since that evening when I discovered Tina's betrayal, I had a "conversation" with myself. I was finally able to express what I had, deep down, known for some time.

"Hey, schmuck. Do you love her?"

I didn't have to think very long. "Yeah," I answered. "I do." I couldn't lie to myself.

"Can you forgive her?"

I had to stop and think. I really had to reach down into my gut. "Maybe, probably, after some time, I could," I answered..."BUT," I screamed silently..."I can't forget, I can never forget and that's the rub. I can't forget her betrayal and I can never again trust her to be faithful to me, and that's why it's over."

I had finally come to the realization that my marriage was, in all respects, over. But deep down, I didn't at that time realize that part of me had died.

I had finally put a period to that part of my life, but there was first something that I had to do - a payment that had to be make.

It was still raining that evening as I waited in my car outside the club. I sat there, unmoving for what seemed like hours, but was probably just over an hour. It was late, but I had no place that I had to be that night - just something that I really had to do. I knew that it was dangerous, that I could wind up in a mess of trouble, but that didn't deter me. Payment had to be exacted. I had arrived late, knowing that he wouldn't stagger out until well after midnight. I just hoped that he would exit the place alone.

Johnny Mills suddenly appeared in the doorway. He didn't seem tipsy, he was grinning for with him was a very attractive blond. I looked him over carefully. About 6 foot, slim and seemed to be in shape. No matter, he would pay. I got ready to follow them, when the blond said something to him and scooted back into the building. He shrugged and lit a cigarette. I suddenly appeared before him. I was wearing a dark baseball cap, mirrored glasses and the collar of my jacket was turned up.

"Hi, Johnny. Looks like you're gonna score again," I laughed.

He looked at me, puzzled, then smirked. "Yeah, no sweat." He paused and asked, "do I know you?"

I wanted to reply, "Yeah, and I know you. I know you had always been sniffing around Tina and she and I used to laugh about it. I just didn't know to what ends you would go to get her. Now, you prick, you're gonna pay," but I held my tongue.

"Sure, Johnny," I replied and hit him with a stiff jab in the solar plexus. I had leather gloves on and a roll of quarters in my fist. He went down like a bag of cement and I pulled the night stick from the back of my slacks. He was lying there, gasping for breath and I bent over and whispered, "Not a good idea to fuck with married women, Johnny."

I messed him up pretty bad: knees, ribs, and I may have done some damage to his gonads, at least I hope so. The whole thing took less than 5 minutes and I was gone. Did I feel better, I asked myself? "Yeah, yeah, I did - I did feel better, a lot better."

I spent the next day in the office, cleaning up odds and ends that I had put off. I had stopped at Subways and picked up a half-sub and was eating my lunch at my desk when Sam Able wandered in. Sam was a bit older than I and as I had mentioned, had taken me under his wing when I first started in this job.

He was divorced and he used to kid me about how good my marriage was. He used to tell me I was lucky that I had met Tina first and then laugh. I liked Sam and we would stop occasionally for a drink after work. He would meet Tina and me during the weekend sometimes and party with us. In fact, he dated Jackie for a time, a situation which never ceased to amaze me. I thought he was more perceptive. He never seemed to agree with my opinion of her.

He plopped into a chair at the side of my desk and plucked a pickle from my sandwich wrapper. "I still can't believe that you're getting divorced," he began without preamble. "You guys were perfect."

I grunted and looked at him. "Enough, Sam. You're like a dog worrying a bone. We've been through this again and again. Leave it alone."

He picked up my coffee and took a swallow, then crossed his long legs. "Max, you're a stubborn sonofabitch. Someday you're gonna be sorry." Then he abruptly shifted gears and started talking about a new account he was cultivating.

Tina had requested nothing in the divorce. The reasons cited were that old standby, irreconcilable differences. I didn't contest it and after some time it became final. I was single again.

Time passed; the days blended into weeks and life became routine again. Was I over Tina? Yes, I guess so... "Bullshit, Max," the little voice in my head retorted. "You know that's bullshit."

Yeah, yeah, I admitted. I guess that's going to take some time. Losing someone you truly love is not too unlike losing a limb. Eventually the wound heals, but you always know that something important is missing. So it was just a matter of time, but I would get over it eventually. I would, I would get over her eventually.

One morning Mike Cooper, the Sales Manager, called me into his office. I had formed a quasi-friendship with him that was above and beyond the normal office/sales relationship. Mike was in his 60s, gruff, but with a soft heart. He was a perfect match for his wife Gail who mothered everyone.

"Okay, Max. Sit and let me say my piece," he started.

I sat. Shit, I thought I knew what was coming.

"Look, Max. You look like shit and your numbers are slipping, I'm afraid that eventually your work is going to suffer. The divorce is behind you. It's time to put it aside, get your life on track again," Mike said, concern evident in his voice. "No, no, don't get pissed," he stated quickly as I started to shift in my chair.

"Mike, what the fuck do you want. You know my numbers will improve. What more do you want?" I demanded, half angry.

Mike looked at me sadly. "You think that I asked you in here because of your work? I thought that we were friends, Max. I gotta tell you, I'm worried. I want to see you smile again, laugh again. You've changed; it's like you have a core of ice inside of you. All of the people who care about you have seen that. I just want to see you get your head above water, so to speak. Can't you understand that, Max?"

I sat there quietly for a moment. "I'm sorry, Mike. You didn't deserve that. I know you're right. It's just going to take me some time. It still hurts, Mike. You're lucky, you've got a gem in Gail. I should have married someone like her - level headed, sensible..."

"Yeah, and gorgeous, don't forget gorgeous," Mike laughed. "She told me to ask you to come out for dinner, Max. You gonna tell her no?"

"Thanks, Mike. Sure, I'll come. If nothing else, I'll get a delicious meal out of it, even though I have to let Gail fuss over me for a bit," I chuckled.

So I let Gail fix me up with a couple of single daughters of women she knew. So I started to date again, just because I felt it was something I should do. I couldn't just work and vegetate at home. I knew that I needed to get out socially, meet other people, try to establish some kind of social life.

So I also dated a couple of girls from work and even a few from my outside contacts. Yeah, I got laid a few times and I enjoyed it, but you know what I'm going to say now, don't you. It wasn't the same. I guess it's an old cliche, but sex is a lot better with someone you truly love.

So the weeks turned into months and I suddenly realized that it was almost a year since my divorce. In all that time Tina had never contacted me and I had not made any attempt to contact her or find out what was happening to her. I couldn't afford to do that. I needed the separation for the hurt to heal, for me to get over her.

So, after a year, was I succeeding? Had my passion for her subsided? Had my love for her lessened? Hmmm, yeah, I thought so; I don't dream of her nearly as often, and she doesn't come into my thoughts nearly as much. Slowly but surely, my love for her and the hurt she created were fading, at least that's what I kept telling myself, telling myself. And so life passed.

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