Words Made Flesh
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Foot Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two lesbians decided to bring a third woman into their bed, as well as into their hearts. A fascination with controversial porn brings them together, but will jealousy and past lovers tear them apart?

It was the kind of safe, boring neighborhood that you might see in early movies. When walking down its sidewalks, one would immediately notice two distinct characteristics; well-kept yards and quiet ambience. Scattered chirps came from birds that were invisible among trees. Every lawn was a healthy shade of green. Walkways had no fallen leaves, as if the wind itself had swept them back under the trees from which they came.

Strolling up one of these walkways was Sophia, a college girl in her early twenties with jet black hair and eyeliner to match. Though her breasts were nothing to pity, the pale orange blouse that she chose to wore was just a little to loose to bring any one's attention to that fact. Besides, she was more than a little self conscious about her weight; she knew she was by no means obese, but neither could she look into a mirror without critiquing her image almost fanatically. The black miniskirt, however, was quite flattering against her flawlessly pale skin.

Sophia walked up to the door with a stride that was unsure of whether it wanted to profess excitement or nervousness. She did her best to suppress her giddiness at seeing Amelia before knocking briskly on the door. She paused, silently arguing with herself over whether she should first present herself with or without her sunglasses, then tried knocking again. Amelia was expecting a call from her, so surely she'd be home. After another pause, Sophia shrugged her shoulders and tried the doorknob. It turned without effort. She took an obligatory moment to consider that what she was doing may be considered intrusive, but then shrugged that off, too.

"Hello?" She half spoke, half whispered into the empty room. Why was she being quiet? Quite simply, there was a sound of running water coming from the master bathroom. A whispered announcement of her presence satisfied both that criteria of having good manners, while not spoiling her chance to see her dear Amelia bathing nude. Her miniskirt barely even moved when she began to walk slowly towards the back of the house.

"I beg of you to speed your demonstrations, Madame, for I can no longer restrain myself; I'll discharge despite my efforts, and this redoubtable member, reduced to nothing, will be unable to aid your lessons"

These words were barely audible over the running water coming from the master bathroom. Sophia was unsure of whether it would be wise to continue creeping forward; what if she was caught? How would she explain herself? Was it possible to feign innocence while looking so flushed? However, a moment of pondering left her with logic to combat such fears; namely, there was little chance that someone who was reading to herself in a small room with a rather loud faucet running would hear her footsteps on the carpet. With this comforting thought, she continued forward.

"Ah, by God!"

The voice suddenly became more animated, causing Sophia to pause and recapture the logic behind her confidence. She continued still.

"What fullness of flesh and what coolness, what stunning elegance! Never have I seen one lovelier!"

She was now in front of the bathroom door that was partly open. This allowed her to see through the opening between the wall and the door itself. What she saw caused her to gasp, although her lips caught the gust of air before it could escape her lips. There was Estelle in the tub, her brunette hair clinging wetly to her bare chest. She held a book well above the water and was reading from it. The sight of her luscious breasts were enough to make any woman or man catch their breath, but this is not what startled her so. A head rested on her lap! A head that was attached to the most beautiful body that nature could have ever dreamed of creating - Amelia!

Amelia was blessed with the most alluring green eyes that were as penetrating as they were comforting. You couldn't tell that now though, for they were completely shut. Her facial expression revealed that she was lost in Ecstasy. Her tongue occasionally dared to explore the terrace of flesh that lay just outside of her mouth. She licked the underside of Estelle's breast slowly, as if savoring its taste. Sophia's eyes were treated to all of this while the brunette seductress continued to read passages from her book. Soon the tongue found an erect nipple and her mouth was obliged to close itself around it. This caused a little moan to slip from Estelle's lips, interrupting her in the middle of a sentence. Sophia watched with both speechless awe and searing jealousy. The fiery red hair of Amelia belonged to HER, not Estelle! Well, even if only in her dreams - God, if only they could be as lucid as this.

"In order to have the bewitching spectacle of so much beauty constantly before my eyes, Madame, could you not, by interlacing yourself, uninterruptedly offer my gaze these charming asses I worship?"

Sophia moved her head a little to the left so that her perspective through the opening could be manipulated in order to see what lay at the other end of the tub. Running water, to be sure - but might there be a peek at her forbidden fruit just waiting to be made?

There it was! Yes, that divine area that she would someday lay claim to. Amelia's pubic hair was trimmed neatly, just like Sophia's. Her legs were lying against the wall, spread wide and pointing towards the ceiling. This allowed her torso to rest comfortably directly under the bathtub's faucet. Estelle's fingers were holding her vagina wide open, so that the gush of hot water could stimulate her clitoris. Occasionally her thumb would gently stroke the fleshy bulb, causing Amelia's pelvis to rise instinctively. So that's why Amelia's face looked as though she was soaking up pleasure itself - she was!

It was as if this sight had triggered Sophia's ability to hear Amelia's moans - an ability that had not been there previously. Well, she supposed that they had been there the entire time, as they were gradually becoming louder and more intense. Her eyes were locked in place; were she to be spotted, she could not do anything about it. The sound of Amelia's orgasm held her completely captivated.

"Ah, my dearest one, what pleasures you give me."

With these last words, Estelle set the book down on a chair next to the tub and reached for a glass full of some clear liquid. Considering who was drinking it, Sophia knew that it could be anything from water to rum. Instead of drinking it herself, Estelle positioned the straw so that Amelia was able to suck from it.

"Mmm... yummy," Amelia purred, "to both liquids."

It was as if a magic rose shattered in some castle and the mysterious spell that had come over Sophia had been broken. She became self aware, and felt a sensation of panic quickly welling up inside her. It was an almost claustrophobic feeling that she feared would rapidly intensify if she did not leave right away. She snuck away a quietly as she could, praying that the sound of the carpet under her feet would not betray her.

"I wonder where Sophia is," Amelia finally spoke, "Wasn't she supposed to call us sometime around... whenever now is?"

Estelle gave a wicked grin and replied "Well... I don't know where she is NOW, but I know where she was a moment ago..."

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