October Night
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Imagine meeting a long distance lover, someone that you have talked with, shared with... longed for... yet never have touched. This is the tale of one such meeting.

I am trying to look calm and relaxed sitting here with you tonight... my heart is pounding, my eyes devour your every move. Your lips are my focus right now, for so long I have wanted to see you speaking to me, your eyes crinkling in humor, the way your hair lays upon your forehead.

An irresistible urge to stroke your hand lying on the table beside me takes over and I grow bold enough to run my finger along the back of it... You stop talking and just look at me... I know we said we would take it easy this first time we met. Just dinner and light conversation to get over the initial flutters of finally meeting, but right now all I see is your eyes upon me with that sober expression I have gazed at in your photos so many times. I feel a bit faint as your hand takes mine and turning it over you run your finger along my palm and lace them in with mine your thumb making an idle stroking motion on my skin as we continue talking.

Can I tell you now that all I can do is sit here and try to breathe? You are so close to me now, mere inches away.

Somehow I get through dinner, I know I did not do the meal justice. And I think that you are not exactly focused on it either. I wonder briefly if I am what you thought I would be but I am scared to ask. I dressed carefully today thinking it would give the confidence to go through with this... We are offered dessert. I shake my head and as you reach to pay the bill, you arm brushes lightly the side of my breast and I feel an instant tightening and pray that my heightened awareness of you will not become too obvious.

As we gather our things together and prepare to go, you lean over and whisper in my ear " You are more than I ever dreamed" I cannot control the shudder that runs from my head to toes and I am vividly aware of how much I want you.

My only thought is to keep my composure and walk out on trembling legs. You had planned this evening; I didn't know where we were going, your hand guides me out of the restaurant and we walk only a short way turning to go inside to a waiting elevator of a nearby building. As we step inside I catch a glimpse of my reflection, looking beyond I see you standing behind me, your arm comes around and turns me to face you...

The silence is so thick. All I can see is you, nothing else exists as lips I had been longing for came close and brush across mine lightly, then across my cheeks, your strong hands are cradling my face and I lift my lips in complete surrender as you quickly capture them and our kiss deepens. Your tongue slides inside and touches mine teasing and drawing mine to return its caress.

We stand here kissing. Time has stood still for now... An embarrassed cough from a man standing in the open doorway is the only thing that breaks the magic momentarily.

Somehow we make it to our room and inside without further touching other then your hand at the small of my back. But as soon as the door is shut your catch my waist and pull me back against you. Your body is tense; I can feel your hardened length pressing into me. I know that you have been just as aware of me all along.

Without a word you lean to kiss me again... Your lips fuel the fire within me. And I reach my arms up and back to encircle your neck. I am still leaning back against you as your hands reach around and cup my breasts, your thumbs making circles on my nipples through my blouse. I can't help the quiet moan of desire that escapes me as you turn me to face you now and somehow my blouse is undone uncovering my lace-covered breast where only a simple latch keeps you from them and that is quickly dealt with... I watch your hands lifting the weight of my breasts, your head bows and I sigh in ecstasy as your mouth quickly replaces your fingers. Your lips pulling and suckling my nipples, you're tongue bathes me then you blow lightly across causing tumult in every part of my body.

I am squirming with desire now. My hands wander across your shoulders trying to get closer to you... A brief pause as you slip out of your shirt. I let my hands wander across your chest... Lightly touching... Your breath quickens as I brush down to your stomach and run my fingers along the waist of your pants before returning to your nipples stroking them.

Your hands are caressing me as you let me explore. I feel the zipper on my skirt loosening and as I step out of it I am making short work of your pants and we step back just a bit to admire each other... your cock is rock hard and pulsating just a little as you breath. I can feel moistness between my legs. My panties are off somehow now and we come together again in a kiss, our tongues working together in a wild dance while our hands do some more exploring... You give me a little push and we are on the bed,,,, you are beside me running you hands along my breasts, face and then causing every alarm button to go off as they trace lower across my stomach brushing lightly just at the parting of my thighs.

I open my legs to your questing fingers they are slipping along just touching lightly drawing an invisible pattern against me. I can barely think straight as your lips on my breasts and your finger breaching my wetness nearly makes me explode right then... You slip one finger inside me and I am transported. My hips jerk and twist as you rub my clit. I need to concentrate on something and as my hands rub down too grasp your erection I am rewarded with your own moan as I stroke the length of it. We work in the silence broken only by soft sighs and moans till neither of us can wait any longer. Your knees come between mine and I willingly part my legs to your weight. I feel the tip of your cock at my entrance and impatiently toss a bit to bring you closer... but you capture my hands and hold them still and looking into my eyes slowly slide your length inside me.

The feel of your cock inside me you rest just a second and let me feel just how you feel, then agonizingly slow you start thrusting. While your head dips to run your tongue along the underside of my breasts... I am begging you to take me and I toss and buck my hips to urge you on... But you wont let me. And your weight keeps me in one spot as you slowly bring me to places I have never been. No longer am I able to think other than of the concentration of aching building up in me, till you rock me over the edge into a pulsating flash of an explosion I have never felt before in this way... I call out your name and feel the matching climax from you filling me up causing more of the delicious jolts of pleasure to echo from within me. Your weight is pressing on me now... Only our heavy breaths are heard in the silence... I never want this to end.

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