Tonys Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Aunt, Swinging, Harem, Interracial, Pregnancy,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tony a young boy of 19 gets himself into a whole series of sexual escapades. He is sent in disgrace to live with a young Aunt, very little older than himself. She is as bad, if not worse than him. She uses him as a male whore, and then sells him on to a friend to marry. All this is revenge for the way she too was brought up by Tonys mother Who is a bit of a religious nut.This runs for 25 chapters with a Part3 on the drawing board.

It had been a very interesting train journey for Tony. It was a miserable wet day, and the train had not been very full... Tony was bored, but he had managed to get into a very meaningful conversation with a young attractive woman about his own age. She told him her name was Cora, and she was definitely not a shy type. It did not take long, before they were sat side by side, and with coats over their laps; they they got to know each other very much more intimately.

Tony was sure that they would have got on much more intimate terms on the journey, had there been greater privacy, and a little more time. Anyway, she had insisted that he must have her telephone number, before they parted at Titsbury Station, and he had promised faithfully to contact her in the next few days. Whether he would be able to, or whether he wished to, was not entirely clear to him at the time...

He was quite looking forward to seeing his Aunt Debbie again. It had seemed a long time since her wedding, some fourteen months earlier. He hoped that the young glamorous Aunt, who he had the 'hots' for during his teenage years, would not have changed for the worst after her marriage to Ron.

The whole family had been surprised at the match. Debbie was a young vivacious girl, full of life and fun to be with. Ron, on the other hand, was heard to be described by one guest as having 'about as much personality as a rocking horse'.

Tony had always got on very well with Debbie, who had always been more of a sister than an Aunt. There was only about three years difference in age. Which really gave them a lot of interests in common. Tony was now just turned twenty, so Debbie, he reckoned, would only be about twenty three herself.

He remembered her wedding very well, for several reasons. Especially the night before the wedding on his 19th birthday. When he had been introduced to the delights of sex for the very first time by Rhona, the oldest bridesmaid. Rhona was a rather plump, but quite attractive, and sexy looking blonde. Who, who being very bored with all the pre wedding preparations, had quite obviously determined that Tony was the person; who could relieve her of her present state of boredom. Which was threatening her enjoyment of the occasion. It had been very easy for her to arrange to have her wicked way with him, as she had very conveniently, been put in the next room to Tony.

During dinner that evening Rhona had whispered to him. "Happy Birthday Tony."

"Thanks." Tony had replied, a little surprised that she had known about it.

"Come to my room after dinner. I have a little surprise for you." She had whispered, as her hand seductively stroked his thigh under the table,, giving him a nasty shock, and an instantaneous reaction as he was about to swallow some hot soup.

Tony was very much flattered by her obvious interest in him. An interest he was more than eager to return. He was very intrigued by this offer, and could barely eat the rest of his dinner in his growing excitement. Although still a virgin, he was very aware of what she seemed to be promising, so after dinner, he tapped gently on her bedroom door.

"Who is it." She had called.

"Tony." He had replied nervously.

"Wait a moment darling." She had replied, in a very low seductive voice. Barely two minutes later, and dressed in a filmy white negligee which looked very new. She had opened the door to him. She had looked up and down the landing carefully, before pulling him quickly into her room.

Without speaking, she had wrapped her arms round his neck, and embraced him enthusiastically. Pulling him close to her ample bust, as she kissed him with a sloppy wet kiss on his mouth.

"Have you ever fucked?" She asked, as she drew away from him. Her eyes looking at him with interest, tinged with amusement at his obvious embarrassment. Tony shook his head in reply, not able to form the words.

" Do you want to do it with me tonight?"

"Yes please." He replied eagerly, relieved that she seemed more experienced than he was, and would help him through the formalities.

"Get your clothes off then." She commanded pulling him impatiently towards her bed as she spoke, and dropping her negligee to the floor on the way.

Tony had soon undressed, and was pulled eagerly down beside her on the bed, as they once again came together, in a passionate but very inexpert kiss. His cock was now embarrassingly large, and sticking uncomfortably into her stomach; until Rhona took it, and tucked it between her legs, where he could feel the hairs of her warm damp vulva. It was a nice sensation, as he started to move his hips enthusiastically.

"Stop that! She commanded in a firm voice. Tony having obeyed her command lay in her arms, his head resting on her ample bosom, as for a time, they lay together letting their hands explore each others bodies.

"Put it in me now." she eventually pleaded, as she rolled invitingly on to her back. Tony positioned himself over her, while she with some difficulty rolled a condom on to his cock, and used her hand to guide him inside her.

The first time was not very successful, but as the night wore on, and especially when the condom's ran out, they both began to enjoy their first sexual experience immensely. The morning sunlight was pouring through the bedroom window, when they were both woken by a loud knocking on the bedroom door.

"Open the door Rhona. I've got your dress for you." He heard his Aunt Debbie shout.

"Oh Shit." Rhona said quite loudly as she pushed Tony on to the floor, on the far side of the bed with a loud bump, before opening the door. Debbie entered carrying her dress, looking round for somewhere to hang it to avoid creasing.

"I'll be back soon, but for god's sake tell Tony to get back to his room, before his Mother brings up his Breakfast - and get rid of those condoms straight away."

She told Rhona mischievously, laughing and pointedly looking at the forgotten discards on the floor by the bed. Before she swept out of the room shutting the door behind her. Tony had remembered that experience well, and he had been grateful that Aunt Debbie had been a sport and not told his Mother.

But that was all in the past. Now he had been sent here by his Mother in desperation to get him out of harms way. He had infuriated at least two of their neighbours husbands, and numerous boy friends, of young local women recently. When several irate men, were threatening to 'cut his balls off, ' if they ever got their hands on him. It had been decided that Tony should leave town in a hurry for his own safety.

Debbie was the only relative, who could or would, put up with his sexual antics. His Mothers last words, had been full of anger and disappointment, as she hugged him affectionately for the last time.

"Lets, see if that slut Debbie can do anything with you. God knows she's nothing but a whore herself so you two are both well suited."

Arriving at his Aunt Debbie's house he knocked the door firmly. His heart in his mouth, as he waited nervously for it to open... When the door opened, on this warm summers afternoon, Tony was utterly confused. It took a minute before he realised that this smiling vision of loveliness was his Mothers sister. It took a few seconds before he could speak.

"Hello Auntie." Tony murmured hesitantly, not sure at first whether he was really at the right house, and speaking to the right person. It was true that she was much younger than his Mother. But surely his Aunt, could not possibly be this young and beautiful girl that stood smiling at him. She was nothing like his Mother in looks. But then he rationalised she was not much older than he was himself.

Somehow, he had expected her to be more dowdy, with the effects of marriage showing in her appearance, and in the way in which she dressed. But Aunt Debbie, was if anything, was more beautiful than he had ever remembered her, and she was a very sexy young lady. Everything a young man had ever dreamed about, in his lonely bed at night. Those smiling blue eyes, long blonde hair, slender legs, slim waist, and firm breasts, was exactly the way in which he had last remembered her. Now he remembered, why he had secretly lusted after her before she had got married.

She greeted him effusively, reaching out a hand to drag him into the house. Kicking the door shut behind them, as she threw her arms round his neck. Hugging him close to her body, and leaving traces of sticky lipstick on his cheek. But it was that final kiss full on the lips, and so full of passion which really threw him.

She had taken him completely by surprise, as the thought raced through his mind that Aunties should not really do that; anyway, not to young nephews, who were always having great difficulty in keeping their rampant cocks under control.

As she stood back, and looked carefully at him, she was not disappointed. He was a handsome young man, smartly dressed, and she had felt the large bulge in his pants, when she had pressed her body against his, and which she knew she had been responsible for creating. She could usually do that to most men. But with Tony, she had not been quite sure how he would react to her embrace. She was highly delighted at his response. He would do very nicely for her future plans for him.

Tony realised that it was at her marriage to that wimp Ron, that had been the last time they had met. She was even more beautiful, than he had ever remembered her. But she had been really lovely on her wedding day. He also remembered, how nice she had been to him, all the time that they had lived in the same house together. She had always gone out of her way to be a friend, or more often, a fellow conspirator, rather than a real Aunty.

She reached down boldly, with a highly mischievous look on her face and let her hand gently fondle his enlarged cock through his trousers. " I hear that this has been getting you into a lot of trouble recently, am I right?"

Tony jerked back, taken totally by surprise, by this very unexpected and very forward behaviour. He could think of nothing to say in response."C'mon let's get you unpacked." Debbie said, as she picked up his case and led him towards the stairs. She led him into a large airy front bedroom, which overlooked the park opposite. She pointed out the door, and stairway leading down to the drive at the side of the house.

"You are free to come and go as often as you like -you are no prisoner here, and if you want to bring a girl friend back home - just don't make too much noise."

"Thanks aunt." Tony replied, as they stood with their arms round each other in the window.

"I have also given you a double bed as well." She said with a cheeky smile on her face.

"I guess you will need that from what I hear about you."

As she was speaking she had picked up his case flopped it on the bed and opened it. On the top were the girlie mags he had bought at the station, and two packets of unopened condoms.

"I'm sorry aunt." Tony said, his face red with embarrassment...

"This is a new brand on me - but then I don't use them anymore - I'm on the's much more convenient. But surely these are far too small for that weapon you've got there."

She said a big cheeky smile on her face.

"Come on Tony, show Aunty what you are hiding."

Tony made a faint protest, as Debbie turning swiftly undid his belt and pushed his pants to the floor. "Wow - I was right, that is real King size cock." She said. She whipped a condom from its packet and tried in vain to put it on. This was all too much for Tony, as he wrapped his arms round her, nuzzled her, and gently turned her, pushed her back on to the bed.

Debbie smiled invitingly up at him, as she parted her legs to show that she had no panties on. She held her arms up to him.

"Come to Aunty Tony dear. Let's see just how good you really are."

As Tony joined her on the bed, her hand was waiting to guide him inside her. This was no time for foreplay. As he with some initial difficulty gently pushed deep inside her, stretching her, as she received him.

No darling it's too much - let me come on top." Debbie told him, as she rolled him on to his back, without losing him. She sat up straight, lowering herself back down on to him, then she leaned over to kiss him, behind the curtain of her hair that hung down around their faces, her body swaying slowly and rhythmically as she moved.

She rode up and down Tony's long cock, pushing herself closer and closer to the brink, with each careful stroke. Then she leaned way back a bit feeling his cock pushing into her, at a slightly different angle than before. Bringing new sensations, and responses that raced through their bodies, bringing a climax that came simultaneously.

She slumped forward onto him, smiling, and passionately kissing his face, as she tried desperately to get her breath back; as strange but very welcome feelings, started running through her body. Dragging her hard brown nipples up his chest. She put them against his mouth, one after the other. He held them in his lips, and teeth while Debbie gripped tightly onto the last inch of his straining cock.

"You bastard - did you know that on my wedding day, I looked at you, and wished with all my heart that it had been you, that I was spending my honeymoon with." No Aunty - but you looked absolutely lovely, and I had very similar thoughts." Tony responded gallantly, although he remembered, that it was in part very true.

The rest of the afternoon, was a time she would remember for years to come; as time after time they brought each other to new peaks of passion and to new heights of ecstasy. Time after time, he skillfully slowed her down. Carefully prolonging this wonderful agony. His blue eyes sparkled as he looked fondly at her.

It was almost dark, when finally she knew they had to stop. Ron would be home soon, but she could not resist one last go. She straddled him, her body covered in perspiration as she sat her weight down on him. Forcing him right up inside her as far as he could go. Debbie could feel his cock touch her deep inside.

Completely filled with his long hot cock. She relished the feeling of being pinioned there on his hot cock, her body afire. As she squeezed her own breasts, and twisted her nipples gently but insistently, taking the maximum pleasure from her efforts. Then eventually, she felt his body tense again, beneath her and she knew he was about to come.

She stopped moving, trying in vain to prolong their act. But it was rolling on to the inevitable and most enjoyable climax of her life. Even as she sat still, feeling his cock getting even harder and even bigger inside her. It felt too good to stop it, and she didn't really want to.

He looked up at her flushed face, and made a little animal sound, as his juices rushed from him, and flooded up into her. When she felt him begin to gush inside her. She had no option but to follow him into the waves of pleasure as her muscles gripped his pumping cock.

Debbie now felt weak, and totally exhausted. But, very happy as she lay down on Tony's chest, while the warm rhythm of his beating heart pounded through them both. When it was done, he felt even bigger inside her than when they had started. Debbie was a little sore as she eased up off of him, and flopped down on top of him. A hot glow was in her now, that spread out through her from deep inside. Something ran down her thigh on to the bed, and she lay contentedly her head on his shoulder.

"You've done this before haven't you?" She asked.

"Yes aunt."

"Don't you dare call me aunt - after what you've made me do." She said half sitting up and playfully punching his shoulder.

"Tony, you like fucking, as much as I do - don't you?"

"Yes aunt."

"Would you like to make some easy money? And I won't ask you again, please pack that Aunty business in."

"Yes Aunty." Tony responded as he skillfully dodged her playful punch at him.

As she playfully went to hit him, she felt his cock start moving again inside her. "Oh no - not again you cant - can you?'.?" She whimpered excitedly; as her body started to move again with his. The time forgotten, as their bodies started moving in harmony once again... It was totally dark and much later when Tony eventually unpacked his case.

Fortunately it was late when her husband Ron eventually got home. He greeted Tony very tersely, not paying much interest in him. But quite obviously resenting his presence in his home. Even when they sat down for their evening meal, he spoke only when it was necessary to do so. It was increasingly hard, as the evening went on for Tony to see what Aunt Debbie saw in him.

Tony realised that he was obviously a very moody person, and for some reason, he resented Tony being there in the house with them. The evening was tense, but Debbie was not put out by Ron's behaviour; as she chatted away cheerfully to Tony, about home, and mutual friends quite deliberately ignoring her husbands anti social behaviour.

The following morning Tony decided that he would go for a walk to have a look round the area. Briefly, he had thought about ringing Cora, the girl he had met on the train. But, somehow he felt a sense of loyalty towards Debbie, and for the moment no other girl could, or would ever compare with her.

He had arranged to meet Debbie, as he now referred to her, at a local Chinese Restaurant for Lunch. When he arrived, Debbie and her friends were waiting for him. He saw that he was the only man in the group, and that her friends were six young ladies of about Debbie's age. He was greeted by a chorus of wolf whistles, and he had the distinct impression; from the very interested looks that he was receiving, that Debbie, must have been extolling his virtues in the bedroom to her friends...

Debbie had insisted that he sit by her side for lunch, and all the time they were eating, she was allowing her hand to rest playfully in his groin. It did not take her long to undo his zip, and under cover of the ample tablecloth, she soon had her hand very usefully employed.

His agony must have been clear to the rest of the girls, as she was getting plenty of offers to change places. One young lady called Rachael, cheekily brought the subject of incest into the conversation. She recited the tale of an Aunt who was 'having it off' with her own nephew. This was accompanied by a chorus of ooh's and ah's from the rest of the young ladies, who seemed to know the story by heart. But Debbie was not in any way disconcerted by this exposition, but revelled in Tony's obvious embarrassment, and her own notoriety.

Later that afternoon after lunch. Tony returned to the house with Debbie, who tucked her arm possessively in his, as they walked, Both of them very relaxed and in their own way ready to enjoy the rare afternoon sunshine. On arriving home, Debbie had decided to go into the garden, and spend some time tidying up the flower beds. Tony now totally infatuated with this crazy relation of his, and being at a loose end;, also feeling somewhat horny, watched her from an upstairs window. Surreptitiously using Ron's binoculars, which he borrowed from the lounge, to get a closer view of her.

Later after finishing her weeding, Debbie lay down on the lounger on the lawn. She was very aware that Tony was watching her from an upstairs window. Where Tony, with the advantage of the binoculars studied her closely again. Watching with interest through the powerful glasses, as she slowly undid the top buttons of her blouse, and just for his benefit, slipped her hand inside to caress her breasts. She very slowly and deliberately pulled her skirt up her thighs; to allow the sun to tan her upper legs. As she did so, it became quite clear to Tony, that today she did not wear any panties, and that she was putting a show on for his benefit.

He caught frequent glimpses of her white upper thighs as she deliberately and very provocatively re-arranged her dress. Tony hid from view, as Debbie returned to the house, quietly slipping down stairs and switching on the TV... When she entered the living room, he was lying back on the couch. "Phew, it's hot out there darling." She said. as she bent over and kissed him hard and passionately on the lips, leaving plenty of her lipstick on his lips. " Did you enjoy the show, but it's not over yet, that is if you are game, I'm going to have a shower, are you going to join me, and wash my back for me.?" She called provocatively behind her, as she made her way upstairs.

A few moments later Tony could hear the water flowing, so he crept upstairs very tempted by her offer, her bedroom door was open, and a trail of her discarded clothes had been left on the floor. Tony followed the trail. As Tony moved further into the room, he could see through to the shower, the light from the window behind, silhouetted her body. For a while he stood watching her through the hazy etching of the glass door; while her hands moving sensually over her body, obviously enjoying the feel of the water gently caressing her flesh. Visions of her body flashed through his mind, so he closed his eyes as he vainly attempted to banish temptation.

"Why don't you join me Tony?" She called out. "Come on darling - don't be shy."

Tony walked towards the glass door and, as he got closer it slid back, Debbie was standing in the shower, her back to him, her body was firm and beautiful. He could not take his eyes off her long legs, firm buttocks, and that little glimpse of breast as she moved the soap over her.

"Take your clothes off darling, and come on in the water is luvly." She pleaded, all his reservations now disappeared at this invitation. It was not long before he joined her in the shower, taking the soap from her. He worked away busily, her body squirming under his touch, her hand was now playing with his cock, as they both knew, and were happy to accept that this could only end one way.

It was then that the shrill ring of the telephone brought them to their senses. "Oh shit!"She called in annoyance, as she left the shower dripping water over the bedroom carpet, as she crossed the room to pick up the phone. Turning to face him; her face wrinkling in a fond smile as she looked back at him under the flowing water. "Shit - thanks Jean."

"Get back to your room pronto, Ron is on the way, Jean has just seen him go past her house, and rang to warn us. he's obviously suspicious of me - I'll see you later darling." She kissed him fondly and immediately starting gathering their clothes together.

It was much later that evening when they were all watching TV. Aunt Debbie and Ron were sitting on the sofa and Tony was sitting in the armchair opposite. Tony stole a look at Debbie at every possible opportunity. She seemed to be totally unconcerned at his glances, not in any way responding until Ron left the room to make some drinks.It was then that Tony noticed Aunt Debbie staring back at him, and very obviously at his bulging crotch, He stared back at her and then she smiled wickedly back at him, then slowly, very slowly she parted her legs.

Tony watched entranced, as her stocking clad thighs were slowly revealed. Debbie continued to stare happily at Tony's rapidly growing bulge, as she opened her legs even further. Revealing that she was again wearing no knickers. Quickly she slid her hands up her skirt, lifting it slightly so that Tony could see every movement; as she rubbed the palm of her hand across her blonde haired vagina. Her fingers probing slightly between the lips, and then stopping briefly, before vigorously pushing her two fingers right up as far as they could go.

Just then Ron came back, and the floor show ended abruptly for the moment. It was quite apparent that Debbie was well aroused, and so was Tony. As they kept glancing at each other. Tony noticed that Aunt Debbie kept surreptitiously, rubbing her skirt against her crotch. Tony had a newspaper resting on his lap, concealing the fact the his zipper was undone, and his throbbing cock was free from restraint under the paper.

" Ron could you just nip upstairs and get my magazine from the bedside table." Debbie asked.

Ron gave her a sour look, and did not speak as he headed reluctantly for the bedroom. Debbie wasted no time, she moved across the room, and stood in front of Tony. Lifting her skirt she rubbed her sex over Tony's lips, while he moved the newspaper aside, and she obviously took great delight in seeing his rock hard cock ready for her to handle. She leaned over, taking him in her hand, bending she allowed her warm red lips to glide over the head of his cock, leaving a long wet trail of saliva and a ring of lipstick around the base.

They could hear Ron returning, so she covered him back up. Getting back to the sofa and re-arranging her clothing before Ron entered the room. Sometime later, Debbie headed for the bathroom, while a few moments later, Tony made his excuses to Ron, and in turn said he was going to bed. As he passed the bathroom, Aunt Debbie reached out, and pulled him in. She sat on the edge of the bath and pulled him towards her, opening her legs she pulled him down.

Quietly she asked..."Have you ever done oral before?" Tony. confessed that he had several times, and he had thoroughly enjoyed it. Aunt Debbie opened her legs, and with her fingers she opened her vagina lips, briefly, and lightly caressing her opening as she pushed his head into the right position. She took pleasure from his young eager tongue; she rubbed her opening firmly against his lips, whilst squeezing and caressing her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. She came in a gush quite quickly against his lips, as she pushed his face away, so that he could see the white drops of her come. With a final kiss and a whispered.

"Don't you dare lock your door tonight" She got up and went back downstairs... He lay on his bed for some time, his throbbing cock crying out for attention. He somehow knew that sometime soon, Debbie would return. He was fast asleep, when some hours later a brief shaft of light woke him. The door had opened briefly then closed again. Debbie stood by his bed looking down at him, looking even more lovely in her sexy baby doll night-dress. "Sorry I was so long, but I've given him three sleeping pills, so with any luck, we will have the rest of the night to ourselves"

Tony eagerly took her in his arms, then rolled her onto her side. His cock pressing urgently between the cheeks of her ass. She reached between her legs, and pulled him in between her thighs. The tip of his cock smeared with her juices, as she rocked back and forth simulating the fuck he would soon receive. His hands curled around her breasts, squeezing, pinching as she moved her hips against him.

Turning she pushed him on to his back, then sitting up she straddled him, rubbing the tip of his cock against her opening. She was breathing hard as she could feel his cock hard beneath her, she wanted him again badly. She wanted this young hard cock inside her. She raised herself, watching his eyes intently as she slowly introduced his cock to her opening. He could feel the wet warmth spread over the head and down his length, as she lowered herself onto him, he reached for her breasts... but she took his hands away and placed them round her ass, she whispered in his ear.

"Finger fuck my ass, please Tony dear," He slid his fingers further round, pressing against her tight hole. Pressing until she gasped, the delight was obvious in her expression, as his finger slid inside her, and she started to move. Slowly at first, whilst she caressed her own breasts, but then faster and faster as she ground her pelvis against Tony's cock. He cried out, but she covered his lips with her hand

"Quiet Tony, quiet for gods sake, don't wake him." The pressure was building inside him, the excitement of the day was too much for her. Tony exploded inside her, his hips jerking hard against her, pushing her up and away from him. She held on for as long as possible, taking everything, squeezing him dry. Smiling happily, knowing that from this moment on, he was hers, and yesterday was no accident.

She lifted herself from him, and lay by his side, her hand curled around his limp cock, her leg across his, he could feel their juices running down his thighs. Soon she would have to go back to Ron just in case he woke early, as the effect of the pills wore off. When Tony woke from a deep sleep, it was morning and the sun was shining through the window, he had not even noticed when she had gone back to her own bed and he turned over to sleep for a bit longer.

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