Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Historical, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - _Daughters of Penelope Series_ Alexis a distant daughter of Penelope from The Maiden of Rome is another red headed Amazon/Warrior who helps save her country in the Dark Ages. But what is the cost?

It is the Dark Ages. The Roman Empire has fallen to the Huns centuries ago. After all the power of Rome dissolved there was a mad scramble by warriors to set up their own serfs and establish their own little kingdoms. Battles broke out over the small lands with the strongest winning. Within one hundred years these serfs had large stone walled castles mostly with moats surrounding them. These kings took advantage of the serfs heavily taxing them to the point they were left with a mere pittance to barely survive for another year. Then men with higher ambitions started swallowing up the smaller less fortified resulting these men to attempt to unite as much land and people under one central governing authority. A few resisted to be over run as larger armies began to take from in their conquests.

Alexis stood in a downpour practicing her archery. Her leather outfit became very heavy as water soaked in. She had a cloth hood protecting her long flaming redhair from the elements as she sent arrow after arrow into the intended target. She was tall, six foot. Slim with small but lush breats, green eyes, beautiful face and long well muscled but shapely legs. Her body was gorgeous and hard in a feminine way. More than once she had been called for her midway meal by her mother but Alexis persisted in perfecting her craft.

Her mother was disappointed in her. Alexis was eighteen. Old enough to have married, and giving birth to a child. Though she resisted all the men who pursued her. Finally her father, Isaiah, came to the door. "Alexis, get your ass in here," he shouted. "You better or you won't have your midday meal and go hungry until tonight." "Yes, Father," she launched her last arrow into her target. She left them there as she toted her bow to the house. Once inside, she shed the cloth from her head and got another to dry her hair. "Can't you ever listen to your mother?" Isaiah lashed out at her as she sat at the table. "I promise I'll listen the next time, Father," she bit hungerily into the large bird she had shot from the sky just the other day.

Her mother Ruth put a chalice of wine at the side of her plate so she could have something to drink with her meal. "I don't see why you wish to be shooting arrows all day long," Ruth sounded frustrated with her. "Why can't you find a nice man to marry. There are plenty of males in this area who would leap at the chance at having you for a wife and mother of his children." "Motherhood and children will come later, Mother," Alexis answered. "Until that man comes across my path, I am content to wait." "Wait and you'll be too old!" Ruth commented. "You baked this bird quite well," Alexis stated. "You are the world's most wonderful cook." "Now don't you try and get on my good side," Ruth shook a wooden spoon at her. "It's only the truth," she said as her father let out a long loud burp from deep within his stomach. "That was a good one," Alexis smiled at him. "It's the ale," Ruth complained. "He drinks so much of it he's always doing it. Even in his sleep he'll either belch or fart." "That's the way of old men," Alexis continued her smile. "Who's old?" Isaiah complained. "You are, Father. Let me go back out into the yard and I'll out shoot you in archery, or with sword or dueling sticks." "Let the young men play those games with you. It's raining and there's little to do until the cow needs milking. I think I'll lay down for a nap." "You are indeed lazy, Father." "Amen," Ruth followed.

After eating and helping her mother clean the table, Alexis went back outside. Other than eating and sleeping she found their house too confining longing for the freedom to be in nature. She pulled the arrows from the target and walked double the distance from where she previously stood. "All right, lets see what we can do from here," she told her bow as she placed a small vial of sand onto a stump. The sand at the top would fill the bottom in a minute so she got ready to fire twenty arrows hitting the target everytime. She put one to her bow then reached down to turn the vial. She shot one after the other in rapid succession at the target. She managed to shoot off eighteen by the time the sand emptied into the base. Disappointed Alexis retrieved her arrows. Seventeen of the eighteen had hit some portion of the target shaped like a Hun. She returned to try once more. Adjusting the leather guard on her left forearm, she repeated the rapid fire again. This time it was only seventeen. All hit the Hun but she was still upset because she still had three in her quiver.

She heard a horse behind her splashing mud. Turning, she saw a young man on the horse with a sword strapped to his belt. He smiled as he stopped. "Are you Alexis?" his smile was a nice one. "Why?" she looked at him. She liked what she saw but was still wary of him. He swung his leg over the saddle and slid off his mount. "I am Mark, servant of my master Lord Billingsly." "Am I supposed to be impressed?" she was still suspicious of the stranger. "No, not at all. I was sent to enlist you into Lord Billingsly troops since he has just found that King Offa wishes to claim his lands. My Lord saw you at the archery tournament last summer and wishes for you to join him in battle." "I am the daughter of Isaiah, a freedman. We have no allegiances to anyone," she replied curtly. "I have no interest in any of this." "You will if Offa defeats Lord Billingsly. He will very likely confiscate the lands and deny your family any freedoms you may have." "We'll worry about that when the time comes," she relaxed enough to realize that Mark was almost the same height as herself. Most men were shorter. He had a fair countenance and white teeth, not rotten like most people. She thought he might be someone who was important. "Let me ask you to attend our meeting for tonight at dusk. Lord Billingsly will be speaking at the roundhouse not too far from here." "I know where it is." "Just come to our gathering and just listen before you make up your mind, that's all I will ask of you. You will not be forced to join up if you wish not to. "I'll think about it," she replied. "Well, I have to be off to ask others to come. It's kind of wet today, isn't it?" "Yes it is," she agreed. "By the way, although it's stringy from the rain, you have a lovely colored hair. It is rare to see someone with hair as beautiful as yours." With that, he rode off without looking back. Alexis watched him until he disappeared around a turn in the road. She found him to be a very handsome man.

Alexis arrived early, skipping dinner, and found a place on the top step hoping to hide from any prying eyes. It was chilly but her fur wrapped around her shoulders felt warm. She had changed into a maidens dress but still carried her bow with the quiver of arrows hidden by her fur. She had washed herself and her hair. By now her mane was dry and fell down past her shoulder blades. It had stopped raining and the sun was out but the cold still cut through her dress to her chill her legs. Her leather boots were muddy but as men and women started filing it, she was the most beautiful one there but she would not admit to that. A family with two children sat next to her. She looked down into the dirty face of a small girl who stared at the woman's red hair. Alexis smiled and winked at the child who turned away quickly, blushing. She felt a glow within for the little girl. She allowed her to wish that it was her daughter minus the dirtiness about her.

Presently the whole house was filled with people, some she knew for years but Alexis stayed in the shadows not wanting to be seen. Mark walked in and surveyed the crowd looking for someone but couldn't find that person. He looked disappointed as he took a seat in the front row. Then Lord Billingsly arrived to the cheers of the people. Alexis did not participate. Billingsly was formidable looking man. Very huge with a long graying beard but one with an energetic look to him.

His speech didn't last long. He told of Offa's treachery. His murdering of older people, raping and enslaving of young women, forcing younger stronger men into his army, skinning some of the captives to frighten others to fall into line, and dozens of other atrocities. By joining him in opposition to the evil King Offa, he promised a victory but only if the people in this building would come to join forces against Offa. Alexis thought that he laid out a fine message but she was still skeptical. When he finished, many men flooded to the floor to join up. Alexis tried to sneak out but Mark spotted her. "Aren't you going to join?" he asked hopefully. She had been on his mind since they met earlier in the day. "I'll go home and think about it. Come in three days for my answer." "What did you think of the Lord's speech?" "Bullshit!" she exclaimed then left for home in the dark.

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