Kitten Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lonely man who loves his cat is given one wish. A fairy tale set in the modern day.

"That's it, you're doing great!" Angie said.

"Thanks, I guess..." Mitch replied resting his leg after the exercises.

"Mitch, you should be pleased with the progress you are making! I see you making a full recovery."

"A full recovery? I don't think so," Mitch said as he brushed a finger over his scarred face.

"Mitch... they are doing remarkable things with cosmetic surgery these days, I mean they've actually done a face transplant! We'll get you fixed up!"

Mitch scowled, "Yeah and who's going to pay for it? My insurance barely covers you! Besides, I don't want a face transplant; I want my own face... from before..."

"Look, you know I don't like these pity parties you throw, you are damn lucky to be alive and not crippled for life! You're healing, your bones will knit, there isn't going to be any permanent damage aside from the scars. There are so many people worse off than you! You should be grateful and not feeling sorry for yourself!"

"You're right Angie, you're right," Mitch acquiesced. "I'm glad I've got you to set me straight."

"Well, don't make a habit out of needing to get set straight and we'll get along fine." Angie said as she smiled. She looked around the bedroom and placed her hand on one of the toy fire trucks that were placed all over the room and moved it back and forth. "Jeeze, I've got to bring Billy over here someday. He loves trucks, especially fire trucks."

"How's he doing by the way?" Mitch asked as he sat up in bed and reached for his cane.

"Great! He's been in remission for six months now! I really think he's going to beat this thing!" Angie beamed.

"That's wonderful! Listen, why don't you give him that truck as a congratulation gift from me?" Mitch said.

"Aw, Mitch, I couldn't," Angie protested.

"Why not? I've got enough of those things and it would really make me feel good. You've done so much for me since I got hurt; things I know are above and beyond your usual duties as a physical therapist. Please take the truck?"

Angie kissed Mitch on his forehead. "You're a good guy Mitchell Taylor. I know Billy will love this. Thank you."

"You're welcome," Mitch smiled.

"Well, I've got to get going. I'll see you same time on Friday?"

"I'll be here," Mitch said.

"Keep up with your exercises; you're making such great progress!"

"I will."

"Okay, bye then." Angie gathered her purse and other belongings, including the toy truck, and left Mitch in his bedroom and showed herself out.

Mitch stood up on shaky legs and hobbled to the kitchen to get a beer out of the fridge.

A pity party she called it. Mitch knew she was right but he couldn't help feeling sorry for himself. Before the injury he had been a very handsome man. He was engaged to a beautiful woman and had plenty of friends. He couldn't ask for a better career than being a fire fighter. People looked up to him, saw him as a dashing hero, and he had the thrill of not only saving lives but facing possible death on a regular basis. It was a rush like no other.

It was always in the back of his mind that the burning demon might get him someday, the same way it got his father. When he fell through the floor in that burning building he thought that was it for him, he could still feel the flames searing his face, but it turned out it wasn't his time. He was pulled out of that building and ended up with a broken leg, a broken arm, and third degree burns on his face, chest, and arms. Even though he knew the consequences of his work, had been around people who had similar burns, he never thought it would happen to him. He was prepared to face death, but not disfigurement.

During his recovery all his buddies from the fire station visited him, his fiancé came on a regular basis, and his mom even flew out from California for a few days. But then the bandages came off and things changed. His friends didn't come around that much, but he really couldn't blame them, could he? Who wanted to be reminded that this could happen to them? What really hurt was his mother being too busy with her new husband and life on the west coast, even too busy to talk to him on the phone most of the time. But the worst of it was Jessica... Oh Jess. She came out and bluntly told him she couldn't "handle it" and gave him back his ring.

Mitch looked at his reflection in the silver toaster. They had tried giving him skin graphs, but the damage had been too extensive. His face had red and purple splotches all over, in some places the skin was extremely smooth, in others it was rough and pockmarked, and in still others it sagged. Almost all the hair had been singed off the right side of his skull and what was growing back was now coming in gray, almost white. His looks reminded him of that Batman villain, Two Face, but Mitch didn't even have one side left unscarred. He was grotesque.

He felt abandoned. By his friends, his family, his lover. When he went outside his home he felt the stares, he noticed the quick glimpses then quick turns of the head, he heard the silence as people hushed themselves when he walked by. It bothered him when people stared, people who used to look at him with admiration now gawked at him in disgust, but he could brush that off, usually. What bothered him the most though was the damn loneliness! All he really had now was Angie and while she was a true friend, she was still coming there because it was her job. He was important to her, but her husband and son were the most important people in her life.

"Damn it to hell!" Mitch shouted as he slammed his fist on the kitchen counter. Was it so wrong to want to be of prime importance in just one person's life?

Mitch was standing in front of a window at that moment and he noticed a strange flickering coming from his neighbor's garage, a flickering all too familiar. "Bloody hell! What's that asshole up to now?" Mitch muttered.

Jake Tolby was an utter imbecile, and a cruel one at that. Mitch had the great misfortune of living next to the jackass the last couple years and it was not infrequently he heard sounds of domestic squabbles coming from his home. Not too long ago he had called the cops on Jake because of the loud noises that woke him up one night. It was good he had, Jake had gotten into a fight with his current girlfriend, Sharon, and when the police arrived, she had two black eyes and a bloody lip.

Mitch was only wearing gym shorts so he threw on his robe, stepped into his slippers, and grabbed the cordless phone. With the aid of his cane, he walked out the sliding door in his kitchen and proceeded to make his way over to Jake's the best he could in his condition.

He arrived at the front of Jake's garage and banged on the door. "Tolby!" Mitch shouted. "Tolby you in there?" There was no answer but he could smell smoke.

"Won't be happy until he burns down the whole neighborhood," Mitch said to himself. He grasped the handle to the garage door and pulled; the door wasn't locked and began to move up. The door opened to reveal Jake Tolby in a yellow stained wife beater, ripped gray slacks with paint splotches, black boots, mussed up hair and a wild look in his eyes. He was standing over a metal basin pouring whisky over a large fire. Mitch knew the smell of burning flesh too well not to instantly recognize it.

"What the fuck are you doing?!!" Mitch yelled as he made his way over to Tolby as quickly as he could.

"Fuckin' bitch getting what she deserves," Tolby said with slurred words.

"Oh my God! Oh fucking God no!" Mitch said. He shoved Jake aside and he stumbled and promptly fell on his ass. "Where's your extinguisher?" Mitch shouted. Jake just looked up and grinned stupidly. Mitch looked around and saw a red canister lying on its side behind a rusty motorcycle. He shambled over to the extinguisher as fast as he could praying there was still some charge left in it. He went back to the basin and shot white foam over the flames quickly reducing them until they were gone completely.

What were left in the basin were four white covered lumps, a largish one and three smaller. Mitch wiped away the foam from the largest form. He had seen enough burnt pets to identify this one as a cat even though it was charred so black you could never tell what its original color had been.

Mitch looked at Jake in revulsion and confusion. "She loved that fuckin' cat," Jake said. "This will teach that bitch for leaving me! No more fuckin' cat and no more fuckin' kittens!"

Kittens. The three smaller forms. "You sick fuck!" Mitch said. Jake belched.

Mitch pulled the phone out of his robe's pocket and dialed 911. Jake seemed oblivious to what was going on having fallen into a drunken stupor. Mitch pulled out a metal stool and sat on it while he waited for the police. His leg was hurting bad and he was exhausted.

There was a brown sack next to the metal tub and Mitch stared at the bag mainly because it was a damn sight better than having to stare at Jake. There was a lump in the bag and after a couple minutes Mitch realized the lump was moving very slightly.

Mitch limped over to the bag and picked it up. He reached inside and felt something warm and soft. He took hold of the form and pulled it out and found he held a little kitten. It was almost completely black with white tufts behind its ears and little white paws. The poor thing was shaking violently. Mitch went back over to the stool to sit down. He placed the kitten in his lap and it quickly dug its tiny claws into his leg.

Mitch stroked the small animal and made soothing sounds until it released a bit of its tension.

Jake was still on the floor pretty much out of it until finally he realized what Mitch was cradling. "Hey! That's not yours! Gimme that thing!" Jake said.

"Yeah right," Mitch replied. "So you can kill this one too? Go to hell!"

"Fuck you! I'll kick your sorry deformed fuckin' ass!" Jake said as he tried to get up.

Just then Mitch heard sirens and soon enough a police car pulled up into the driveway. Two officers got out of the vehicle, one male and one female. "Mitchie? That you?" One of the officers said.

"Hey Frank! Didn't know you were back on the beat." Mitch said.

"Had to, they needed someone to break in the newbie," Frank said indicating his partner. "This is Elise." Mitch shook her hand, she smiled at him but she was doing everything she could to avoid looking at his face.

"So what's the situation?" Frank asked. Mitch quickly filled them in on what had happened.

"What a creep!" Frank said after Mitch finished the story and Elise looked ill. Jake was in cuffs by then after having been read his rights and placed in the back of the police cruiser. "We'll book him and hopefully with your testimony he'll do some time. Animal cruelty isn't taken as lightly as it used to be. A clean up crew should be here any minute to go over this place and collect any evidence."

"What about the cat?" Mitch said holding up the kitten in his lap.

"His ex-girlfriend will probably want it back," Frank said. "I don't think we need to call animal control for this little thing, I can take it with me and keep it in custody until we can get a hold of the girlfriend." The kitten had calmed down considerably in Mitch's arms but as soon as Frank reached out to take it, it began to mew plaintively and shake again. The kitten was clearly terrified and didn't want to go with Frank. Mitch felt sorry for it.

"Uh Frank, why don't I just keep it for now? When you get a hold of Sharon you can tell her how to get in touch with me." Mitch said.

"I can do that," Frank said. "You sure you want to take care of it?"

"Why not? It's only gonna be for a little while."

Three years later...

Mia sat in front of Mitch with her head cocked to one side, golden eyes staring inquisitively at him as her paw came up and touched his leg. "Meow?" Mitch put his hand down and stroked behind her ears which immediately started the cat purring. After about a minute though Mia began pawing at Mitch again and let out another interrogative "Meow?"

Mitch got up and went to the refrigerator took out a carton of cream, poured some into a bowl, and set it on the island in the kitchen where Mia had all ready perched herself, her tail swishing in anticipation of her treat.

As Mia began to lap cream Mitch returned to the living room and to a bemused Angie. "I swear, sometimes I don't know who's the pet and who's the owner." Angie said.

"We try to avoid labels here; they just lead to more confusion." Mitch said with a smile. "Can I get you another beer while I'm up?"

"No, I can't stay long and I better not have another since I'm driving."

Mitch sat back in his chair. "Well, I'm really glad you came to visit, I was planning on going to see Billy tomorrow."

"I just needed a break, just for a short while," Angie said somberly. Her face was drawn and there were dark circles under eyes that seemed to hold an indecent amount of sadness. "He's just getting worse. Every day now he seems a little more removed, a little more gone. When I go back to the hospital I'll probably not leave again until... It's not going to be long now, I don't think... I... I just wanted a little reprieve before... before..." Angie held her held in her hands and began to sob.

Mitch rushed over to her and held her. "My baby..." Angie cried. "I'm gonna lose my baby! He's so good Mitch! So sweet! Why'd this have to happen Mitch? Why?"

"I don't know honey, I wish I did," Mitch said softly. He just held Angie and let her cry on his shoulder for as long as she needed to. Finally she pulled away from him and wiped her eyes with a tissue from her purse.

"I'm sorry to put my grief on you Mitch," Angie said.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, I understand how hard a time this must be for you and Jonathan. Anything I can do to help, I will."

"Thank you, you're a good friend," Angie said. "But I don't want to spend the whole time I'm here talking about my sorrows, catch me up on what's been going on with you. You have anyone new in your life, anyone special?"

"Nah, it's just me and Mia as always. I go fishing about once a week, Mia comes with me, I exercise every day, go to work at night, come home, that's about it."

"Mitch, I really wish you would try to get out and be around people more, it's not healthy the way you're living!"

"Angie, please don't worry about me, you've got enough on your plate."

"I can't help it; I know you are unhappy. What about going back to work at the firehouse? I know you miss it."

"I like what I'm doing now just fine. I make enough to get by working nights cleaning parking lots and I have my days to myself."

"Days where you hide out here or are tucked away in an isolated spot on the river. You need to socialize more, find a good woman to be in your life." Angie said.

"Mia is the only girl for me." Mitch said with a grin. As if summoned from thin air, Mia was there at the sound of her name rubbing her body against Mitch's leg purring affectionately.

"Sometimes I think you're right," Angie said as she looked down at the cat. "It's been real good for you to have Mia in your life, I'm glad you two found each other, but Mitch, you still need more. Will you at least think about trying the relationship thing again?"

"All right, I'll try." Mitch said.

"That's all I ask," Angie replied. "I need to get back to the hospital, thanks for the beer and sympathy."

"Any time and I mean that." Mitch said.

"I know," Angie said with a wan smile.

After Mitch showed Angie out he returned to his chair with Mia hopping into his lap immediately after her sat down.

Mitch stroked her and thought about the conversation he had with Angie. He hadn't wanted to say anything in fear of jinxing it but there was a girl he was interested in. Her name was Lisa and she worked check out register at WalMart. She was a short blonde with a cute face and while they hadn't talked much she didn't seem put off by his scars.

"What do you think girl? Is it time we shook up the old routine?" Mia stopped purring and turned her head to give Mitch a look that he could only describe as dubious. "What, you're not gonna be jealous of another woman are you?" Mitch asked as he laughed and scratched behind Mia's ears and stroked her soft fur from neck to rear. Mia let out a satisfied mew.

Angie had definitely been right about it being a good thing he and Mia had found each other. Sometimes he didn't feel lonely at all when he had the warm feline body snug in his lap.

Mitch remembered the day he got her; he thought it would be only for a short time until Sharon came to retrieve her. He took her home and fixed her a bowl of milk and a little tuna which she devoured mightily. He fixed her a nice bed with a box and a blanket and set it down next to his own bed. By the time he was settled in bed he turned to find the little kitten curled up on his pillow. Figuring it was just for one night he let her stay there.

The next day Frank called to inform him that Sharon had left town. He told Mitch the whole story. Sharon and Jake had a massive fight and she moved out to stay with her friend, taking her cat Chelsea and Chelsea's new litter of four kittens with her. When Sharon and her friend had been out, Jake had come by obscenely drunk, found the cat and kittens, and decided he wanted revenge. He stuffed the five animals in a sack and brought them back to his house to burn. Mitch intervened but not soon enough to save the cats except for the one kitten.

Sharon had been extremely upset and frightened when she learned of the events that had transpired. She was afraid of what Jake would do if he got out on bail. She decided to fly home to her parents. She would have taken Chelsea's last kitten with her but her mother was allergic to cats. After Frank assured her that she could trust Mitch to take care of the kitten, she left town straight away.

"So what am I supposed to do with the cat?" Mitch had asked.

"I don't know. Find it a home. Keep it. You were willing to take it yesterday; I thought you wouldn't mind taking it permanently. A pet could be just the thing you need." Frank said.

"Well thanks for making the decision for me," Mitch said.

"If you want me to take it from you I will. I'll give it to my kids, we all ready got two cats so what's one more?"

Mitch looked at the kitten lying down on the kitchen table, her head resting on her paws, dozing peacefully. "Let me think about it for a while, I'll call you back and tell you what I want to do."

After finishing the call with Frank, Mitch studied the kitten for a while and finally asked "So what should I do?" The kitten looked at him inquisitively. "If you're gonna stay I have to call you something. What would be a good name for you?"

The kitten let out a mew that came out as "meeeaaaah, meeeaaaah."

"Mia huh?" Mitch asked. "I like that name, how about you?"

"meeeaaaah." Mia said. Once he named her he knew he would keep her.

As time passed, Mitch and Mia grew as close as a pet and owner could be. They seemed to be able to anticipate each other's wishes and sense each other's moods. Mia never did use that box as her bed, she much preferred Mitch's pillow. Mitch eventually got used to waking up by having a sandpaper tongue lick his nose.

Mia was a playful kitten and grew into a very playful cat. She loved playing with strings, shoe laces, and socks. She had a rubber mouse that she would constantly stalk, but her favorite prey was Mitch. She would know the exact times when Mitch was least wary and pick those to pounce on him. Sometimes she'd leap onto him from atop the refrigerator, sometimes she'd be up on a high shelf, a few times she even attacked him in the shower shocking the hell out of him. "I thought cats hated water!" Mitch would say. If Mia did, apparently it was worth it to brave the water to get the prey.

Mia was very fearful of other people. On the rare occasions when someone would come in the house Mia always ran and hid under the bed. When Mitch took her out, she always attached herself to him when other people were around and never let go. It took a lot of visits and a lot of coaxing for Mia to at least be somewhat comfortable around Angie.

The only other person Mia took to immediately was Billy. A few times Angie brought him over and Mia never ran from him. When Billy quietly played with Mitch's fire engine collection, Mia would curl up in his lap and let the boy calmly stroke her.

All in all, life with Mia had been unexpected but most welcome. Mitch imagined he would have gone mad with loneliness if it hadn't been for her, and who knows what would have happened to Mia if he hadn't have found Jake in the garage. Mitch loved the little cat and he knew she loved him.

Mitch felt emotionally drained. He was driving home after visiting Billy in the hospital. He couldn't get the image out of his head of the small boy, so pale and withdrawn, lying in the hospital bed. He tried to be cheerful, optimistic, but it was incredibly difficult. Angie and her husband Jonathan both looked like they hadn't slept in weeks. The room smelled of death. Mitch sighed. It just wasn't fair that this had to happen to such a good kid with good parents like Angie and Jonathan.

Mitch was weary and beaten and thought he needed some sort of affirmation of life and nature. He decided a fishing trip was in order and planned on going the next day. He stopped at WalMart on the way home to pick up a few new lures and other supplies, maybe some Friskies cat snacks for Mia.

He noticed Lisa at the register when he walked into the store. As he shopped he worked up the courage to talk to her, maybe ask her out. It had been a long time since he'd been in a relationship, he used to do quite well talking with women, but since the injury his self-confidence had been shot and he knew he needed to regain it. It was time he got back into the dating scene, Mia was a Godsend after feeling so forlorn, but he just needed something more.

When he finished shopping he went deliberately to Lisa's register even though there were other registers with shorter lines. Mitch tightened his grip on his cart handle as she checked out customers and he got closer to her. She greeted him cordially when he pulled his car up beside her counter, he smiled and was about to initiate conversation when all of a sudden he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey babe, when you getting off?" Jake Tolby said. He came up behind Lisa and put his arms around her waist.

"Jaaaaaake, you know you aren't supposed to be behind a register. I could get in trouble." Lisa said. It looked as if Jake and Lisa were an item. Lisa and Jake Fucking Tolby. Isn't that nice?

When the police arrested Jake three years ago they searched his home and found a bag of marijuana. The charges of possession of an illegal substance in addition to animal cruelty had earned him a five year prison sentence but three months earlier he got out on parole. His family rented out his house while he was away but when he was released from jail he moved back.

There hadn't been much beyond dirty looks between him and Mitch since Jake returned to the house next door; for the most part Mitch tried to ignore him. A few times Mia caught a glimpse of him through a window and each time her fur rose, her back arched, and she started hissing, then she climbed into Mitch's lap uttering distressed mews. She calmed down when he stroked her but she wouldn't leave for hours.

"Ahhhh, your pussy manager won't do anything, he knows I'd kick his ass if he did." Jake said and Lisa giggled. "So when are you getting off?"

"Around nine," Lisa said.

"Try to get off earlier," Jake said. Just then he noticed Mitch. "Awww no, I know you ain't lettin' this fucker shop here!" Jake sneered.

"What do you mean?" Lisa asked.

"He's a butt ugly prick that likes to shove his gross face in other people's business."

"Watch it Tolby, I'm not taking shit from you," Mitch snapped.

"He's also a thief." Jake said and Mitch looked at him askance.

"I've seen that little fleabag around your house; don't think I don't know where it came from. I remember," Jake leaned over the counter and said in a menacing whisper, "and someday I'm gonna finish the job I started."

Mitch grabbed Jake by the collar and flung him onto the conveyor sending items everywhere. "If you lay one grimy hand on my cat I will fucking kill you!"

"Get your Freddy Krueger freak head out of my face!" Jake shouted.

"I mean it Jake, if I see you nosing around her I'll break your scrawny neck!" Mitch threatened as he banged Jakes head on the conveyor belt.

"What's going on here?" A man in a blue blazer with a nametag that said "Manager" and beneath that "Brian" on it had emerged to stand behind Lisa. Mitch looked around and saw he was the focus of attention among all the people at the registers.

"I wasn't doin' nothin' and this weirdo attacks me!" Jake said.

"I was provoked," Mitch said calmly still grasping Jake's shirt.

"Sir, if you don't release him I will call the police," Brian said.

Mitch smiled darkly. "Go ahead. I've got friends on the force, and no doubt they remember you," Mitch said looking at Jake.

"You're a monster!" Lisa screamed. Mitch was taken aback by the loathing in her voice. He looked at her face and saw nothing but revulsion, looking around at the other people he saw the same, all directed at him.

"Fine. I'm leaving," Mitch said letting go of Jake.

"We don't appreciate you're business here any longer as well," Brian said.

"Have you ever?" Mitch shot back then stormed out of the store.

As he walked through the parking lot he saw a woman holding the hand of a young boy walking towards the store. "Mommy, look at that man!" the boy said pointing his finger at Mitch. His mother yanked so hard on the boy's arm Mitch wouldn't have been surprised if it came out of its socket as she rushed her and her child away from him as if he had some contagious disease. That's right. Don't calmly explain to him that all people are different and it's not nice to point. Just violently jerk him away from the freakshow so it memorably imprints on him that there is something wrong with people like me!

Mitch had never been so thankful for the relative privacy of his car.

Mitch came home and changed out of his clothes and into a pair of gym shorts. He then went to his workout room and proceeded to punch the heavy bag to work off some of his anger. So, Jake beats up women and tortures helpless animals, I've saved people's lives and I'm the monster? Mitch thought as he slammed his fists into the bag. I'm Freddy Krueger? I'm the one mothers whisk their children away from? He hit the bag even harder. Jake's the one who gets the girl?

"IT'S NOT FAIR!" Mitch screamed and hit the bag so hard it swung a good way up to the ceiling. "It's not fair!" Mitch hit the bag again.

He felt the mother of all pity parties brewing inside him and realized it wasn't right. It wasn't right to feel sorry for himself. He still had his health, his independence, his life... such as it was. What was that compared to people like Billy? What about Angie and Jonathan? He had no right to feel sorry for himself with what that family was going through right now! It was selfish and self-centered to feel that way.

"I will not feel sorry for myself!" Mitch said and hit the bag. "I will not feel sorry for myself!" He hit the bag. "I" Hit! "Refuse" Hit! "To" Hit! "Feel" Hit! "Fucking" Hit! "Sorry..." Mitch collapsed to the floor. Tears started to stream from his eyes and mix with the sweat on his face. He couldn't help it.

"I'm fucking pathetic!" He said angrily and placed his head in his hands.

Mitch felt something bump his leg and he looked to see Mia standing beside him. She ducked her head and bumped his leg again. She looked at him and cocked her head then voiced a soft inquiring mew.

Mitch picked her up and held her in front of his face. Mia's sandpaper tongue came out and lapped some of his tears. Mitch smiled. "You trying to tell me something girl?" he asked. Mia stared at him and her golden cat eyes seemed to peer into his soul. Her tongue came out again and licked his nose. "Yeah I love you too." Mitch placed her in his lap and stroked her. "You're the only girl for me." Mia immediately began purring deeply and contentedly.

The Oberon River was a long meandering watercourse that ran from high up in the mountains to the ocean a couple hundred miles away. It was fed by a half dozen sizable tributaries and there were nice secluded pools where the water was deep and the fishing good.

Mitch had finished work around three in the morning and he couldn't get out to the river soon enough. He needed to recharge his batteries with some tranquility. When Mia saw him grab his fishing gear she pounced on him and promptly settled herself on his shoulders. Mia always sulked whenever Mitch had to leave her, but fishing was something they could do together — of course he did all the fishing as she lazed on the boat occasionally trying to sneak away one or two of the fish he caught — so he took her with him and she expected to be taken.

They got out on the water just as light began to touch the sky. Mitch guided his small rowboat to one of his favorite private spots; a little cove midway up the mountains surrounded by forested land. The entire area was cloaked in morning mist slowly burning away as the sun rose higher in the sky.

Mitch had been fishing for about an hour without even a hint of a bite, but he was enjoying the morning and the solitude. The air was a bit chilly but the day promised to grow warm. Mia was curled up in a ball at the boat's bow. Mitch was feeling a little drowsy himself and the serenity of the setting was adding to the effect.

All of a sudden Mia jumped up onto her feet, her fur on end, and started hissing.

"What's the matter girl? Have a bad dream?" Mitch said as he reached for her. He tried to settle her in his lap but she kept squirming and finally escaped from his hold. She leapt back to the prow and then jumped over the side with a splash.

"Mia!" Mitch shouted. The cat was making a beeline for shore and Mitch had no choice but to row after her.

He brought the boat up on shore then hopped out of it in an effort to keep Mia in sight as she was just disappearing into the misty woods. Her tail was sticking up out of the fog like a periscope as he followed her continually shouting her name. She finally came to a stop at the base of large elm tree with moss growing up it.

"What's got into you girl? You finally decide to ditch me?" Mitch asked. Mia looked up at Mitch with an expression that almost looked apologetic but then turned back to the tree and hissed. Mitch looked down and saw a gray and black animal sitting between tree roots scratching at something in a hollow of the tree.

"That's all that's got you riled? A raccoon?" Mitch asked perplexed.

Then he heard a tiny voice. "Help! Help!"

"What the hell?" Mitch said. He bent closer to the raccoon and saw it was trying to grab a tiny little man, maybe eight inches tall, backed all the way up against the tree. Mitch blinked his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

"Are ye just gonnae stand there or are ye going to help get this mother loving rat from hell away from me?" the tiny man said.

"Shoo! Shoo!" Mitch yelled waving his arms at the raccoon. The animal made a clicking noise then scampered off.

"Ye sure took your sweet time!" The little man said. Mitch studied him, he had a mane of shaggy brown hair, a long beard and moustache, and a dirt smeared wiry body which was completely naked. When he spoke it was with an accent, Mitch thought it was Scottish.

"What are you?" Mitch asked. Mia had come up beside Mitch and was continuing to hiss at the man.

"Would ye kindly call off your beast?"

"Mia, settle down." Mitch said.

Mia looked up at him and let out a soft "Meow?"

"It's all right." Mitch said and Mia pasted herself up against Mitch's leg calming down but never taking a wary eye off the little man. He stretched, scratched his ass, then hawked up a glob of phlegm and spat it on the ground.

"What?" The little man asked. "Ye never seen a brownie before?"

"A brownie?" replied Mitch.

"Ye know, a sprite, fey folk." The man turned his backside to Mitch and pointed at a pair of dragonfly-like wings growing out of his back.

"A fairy?" Mitch asked in disbelief.

The man scowled. "Well, if ye want to be all pansy about it, then aye a fairy."

"N... no, I've never seen one." Mitch said.

The fairy held up his hands, "Then take a good look, chances are ye never will again." A low rumble came from Mia. "Just keep that familiar of yours away from me! I've ha' enough unpleasantness this morning along with a hangover stronger than the stink of troll shite."

"Mia won't harm you. I think she just sensed something... different out here which made her want to check things out."

"Different? I'll show ye different!" The fairy said as he cupped his cock and balls.

"I have to be dreaming!" Mitch said.

"You're no' dreaming, and if ye were I'd be worried that ye were dreaming of little naked men." The sprite said as he climbed over a root and began walking around the tree. "Elma! Elma!" he shouted.

"Uh, fairy? Fairy?" Mitch called following the brownie and Mia staying close to Mitch.



"My name is Dave," the fairy said.


"Are ye deaf as well as stupid? Aye, Dave! Elma!"

"What are you doing?"

"Looking for Elma, the wood nymph that lives in this tree, she's the one who lured me away from the Hill last night and I was too much in my cups to have much fucking sense about it. That's why I was in the predicament ye found me in this morning. Never mess with wood nymphs, they're all a bunch of FUCKING TEASES!" He shouted the last at the tree.

"Aye, she's in there, just being stuck up!" Dave said looking back to Mitch.

"Dave's an unusual name for a fairy isn't it?" Mitch asked.

"What would ye have me be named?"

"I don't know, I mean the fairies I've heard of had names like Tinkerbelle or Puck."

"Tinkerbelle is a whore and a slut! And that fucking pixie dust gets everywhere!" Dave grumbled scratching his balls. "Puck is an arse! Never loan that guy money! Why should I have a name like those?"

"I don't know, but I mean, we're on the River Oberon for crying out loud!"

"I dinnae name it!"

"All right, all right!" Mitch capitulated.

"Ye gonnae make your wish any time today?" Dave asked.


Dave rolled his eyes. "Aye a wish! Anyone who saves a fey is granted one wish."

"What can I wish for?"


"Anything? Wait, you were begging to be rescued from a raccoon a short while ago and yet you have the power to grant any wish I ask for?"

"First of all, I was caught at a severe disadvantage this morning, under normal circumstances the beastie wouldna ha' threatened me. Secondly, I dinnae say I would grant the wish, the wish is granted by the power of the fey folk as a whole to anyone who saves one of us. Ye hear about people winnin' millions in the lottery?"


"That's usually because of us," Dave said.

"It could have been just luck," Mitch ventured.

"What about The Da Vinci Code?

"What about it?"

"How do ye think a piece of shite book like that got to be a best seller?"

"Some people say they liked it," Mitch supplied.

"How about the Red Sox winning the World Series?"

"They were due," Mitch said.

"Ben Affleck winning an Oscar?"

"Okay, I believe you."

"So what's your wish?" Dave asked again.

"I played this game as a kid. What would happen if I wished for a million wishes?" Mitch asked.

"What would happen is ye'd get my foot up your arse and no wish at all! Wish for anything but more wishes, that's the rule. Now make a wish, I dinnae have all day!"

Mitch couldn't believe this was happening. It was so surreal! Would any wish of his really be granted? He could wish for fame, fortune, or women! He could wish his scars away! The possibilities were endless... and daunting. Who am I kidding? Mitch thought. If this was really happening, then there was only one thing he could wish for.

"I wish for Angie's son Billy to make a full recovery from his leukemia and lead a long happy life," Mitch said.

Dave blinked and became solemn. "Let it be done!" he said. For a split second the world seemed to stop. The birds stopped chirping, the insects stopped buzzing, the very air went still, then as quick as it started it was over and everything was back to normal.

"Now if ye will excuse me, I've got a hangover to sleep off!" Dave said.

"Will I ever see you again?" Mitch asked.

"Fuck, I hope not!" Dave said.

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