Doing The Right Thing
Chapter 1: The Truth Comes Out

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Cheating,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Truth Comes Out - Is helping out a family, doing the right thing?

This is one of those stories that are hard to believe; they could make a movie about the ups and downs of my life. I was happily married for over thirty years, or so I thought. I have three offspring whom I love dearly. I've owned my own business which began as a service station, (gas station if it makes more sense to you). It is now also a convenience store. I'm not wealthy but I make a pretty good living.

Let me begin a few years back when my son was admitted to the hospital. He was twenty-eight at the time. He is married and has a wife and two kids of his own. He was diagnosed with some type of kidney problem. My wife Annabelle, whom I called Annie, and I were scared for our son's life. The doctors told us if they couldn't get the kidney problem under control that he might need a kidney transplant.

We didn't know what to do to help our son. The doctor told us that we might talk with family members just in case the transplant was necessary. Of course, it was my son so I went into the lab and asked them to check my status and see how compatible I would be. My wife didn't know that I did this. I thought I would give him a kidney before mentioning it to the rest of the family.

The test came back the next day and we were not a match. I asked the doctor why not. After all, he was my son. What was wrong with my kidneys? I was getting rather loud when I told the doctor that I drank a few beers but didn't smoke. The doctor was getting a little embarrassed but I didn't care. I told him how I felt. Finally, the doctor asked me to step into his office.

"Mr. Weller, you and your son are not a match because according to the test, you are not his biological father. I'm sorry to have to tell you but you were raising your voice a little too loud. I will tell you that we have made mistakes before so my assistants are rerunning the test."

I was almost in shock as I left the office. He has been my son for twenty-eight years. I can't believe this is happening. I didn't want to mention it to Annie, just in case it was wrong. I do have to say that I looked upset when I saw her. Everything you can imagine went through my mind. What about Janice, my oldest daughter, or Mandy, the little love of my life. Were they my children? Janice at the time was twenty-six and Mandy was twenty. God how I hoped that the doctor was wrong.

It'd been two days and I haven't been myself. Of course part of it was my son possibly dying and the other was whether he was my son in the first place. Annie, Brad's wife, Gail, and I were sitting in the waiting room.

The doctor came out and said, "I have good news."

I was so happy, I thought he was going to tell me the test was wrong and that my kidneys were a perfect match. Instead, he did have good news, actually better news, for Brad that is.

"Brad's kidneys have been responding to treatment. He won't need a transplant after all. In fact, his body is adjusting so well to treatment that he can be released in a couple of days. He will have to watch his diet but other than that, he should have a complete recovery."

Everyone was so happy for Brad. The women were crying and Annie kissed me. There was so much relief on her face. I hadn't told her about the test yet. I would come back and talk to the doctor the next day.

I did ask Janice, Mandy and Annie for a DNA sample. They asked me what for and I explained to them that if any of us had this problem such as Brad had that the doctor could supply treatment much quicker if he had this information. Annie looked a little nervous but agreed. The others didn't think twice about it and it was nothing but a swab taken in the mouth. In fact, Janice did one on her kids and husband so they would be ready if there ever was a problem.

The following day I went to see the doctor at the hospital and gave him all the samples. He did tell me the bad news that Brad and I weren't related by blood. I asked him to do the test on all the samples I gave him and to put them on record so other family members would be on file if ever necessary. I would pay for all the tests.

"Mr. Weller, are any of these your family?"

"They are all my family; my two daughters and my son-in-law and my grandchildren, my daughter's kids and of course my wife. I do want to know if the ones marked Janice and Mandy are my biological children. Even though they are adults, they are my kids and have been their whole life."

A few days later, Brad was released from the hospital. He would have to recuperate for another week and then he could go back to work. Everyone was so happy that he didn't have to go through dialysis or worse, a transplant.

I tried to keep calm but it wasn't easy. I really needed to know if the girls were of my blood. Annie would ask me most every night how come I was acting so funny. I just told her we've been through a lot in our life and I was thinking about our kids, which wasn't a lie.

I came home from work one evening and Annie was sitting on a chair at the table and she was looking over some papers and was crying. I knew it was the hospital results. They must have mailed them to the house.

"When did you do this and why?" she asked me.

"I went to get my kidneys checked to give to my son. Since I was his father I figured it was my place. When the doctor told me I wasn't his biological father I sent the tests in from the girls. I don't know if they're mine are not."

As I picked up the papers, Annie said, "Janice is not yours but Mandy is." She was crying heavily at the time. "What happens now Dan?"

I was standing there; I was lost for words. I didn't know what happens next. I had just found out after thirty years of marriage, that two of my kids, whom I supported their whole life, were not mine.

I looked over at Annie, "We talk and we talk some more. Maybe we stay together, maybe we separate."

"Dan, that was over twenty eight years ago. Can't we leave the past in the past?"

"No, we can't. You had sex with someone, and I want to know whose kids I supported for their entire life. According to these tests, Janice and Brad are brother and sister. It would mean that you were fucking someone for at least a five year period, so it wasn't a one time fling or a mistake. Who the hell did you have an affair with? Hell, it had to be in our first year of marriage."

"It was Harvey; he was the one I had the affair with. It was stupid, wrong, but it's over."

"I guess it's over! Since Harvey Kittle died around twenty five years ago. He was one of our best friends and you slept with him? Did his wife Mary know about this? Was she part of your sexual escapades?"

"Please, Dan, let's not discuss this. I love you. It's all ancient history. Can't we please just go on with our lives?"

"Are you crazy? What the fuck is the matter with you? We get married and within the year, you start fucking Harvey. You have his kid, whom I raised as my own, and then two years later while you're still fucking him, we have a daughter, whom I also raise as my own. If it wasn't for him dying shortly after Janice was born, you would probably have still fucked him some more. Thank God at least one of my kids belongs to me. Are you ready to explain all this?"

Annie was crying but I wasn't buying any of it. I wanted the truth; I deserved to know the truth. Unlike in the movies, I could handle the truth.

"I know you and Harvey were always friends. I had always loved him but he chose Mary over me. She got pregnant by him. I loved you too but not as much as Harvey. After he and Mary got married, I was really depressed. You asked me to marry you and I half did it out of spite. I wanted Harvey to know I went on with my life in spite of him."

"So you married me to spite Harvey, and so to spite him even more you end up having sex with him behind my back?" I asked.

"You were driving the tow truck a lot back then. Mary was working afternoons and Harvey came by to see you, at least that was what he said. I didn't plan it; it just happened. I don't have any excuse. We had sexual relations and I knew I still loved him. He would come by and always told me we would be together one day. We just had to take our time. I was a kid and as long as he made love to me, I didn't care. He stopped seeing me after I was pregnant with Brad. I was really mad at him. He came by and saw Brad and asked if it was his kid. I told him I didn't know but I wasn't going to say anything to you unless he married me. He laughed at me and said that you could raise his kid."

"Do you really believe I'm so dumb? 'It just happened?' What happened? You fell and by some kind of miracle, his cock got into your pussy? Your clothes magically disappeared and you didn't have the willpower not to fuck? If you intend on convincing me that 'It just happened, ' you are more stupid than I ever imagined. So if you stopped seeing him, what about Janice. Did she just happen too?"

"I told him he wasn't allowed in our house unless you or Mary was here. I had feelings for him but I found out that he was just using me for extra sex. One day he came by and forced me to have sex with him. He told me if I didn't that he would tell you about Brad. He hurt me; he didn't make love to me. He hurt me bad. When he left, he laughed and said he hoped he planted another kid in me. I couldn't tell you about it. I didn't want to lose you. Shortly after Janice was born, Harvey was killed in that auto accident. I felt sad but I was also relieved. I could finally put all that adultery behind me and we could have a normal life.

"I grew to love you more and more. Our life has been good, hasn't it? I spent my whole life trying to make it up to you. I know we've had our differences but as a whole, we had a good marriage, didn't we?" asked Annie.

"Yes, our marriage was good but now looking back, I can see it was all based on a lie. You cheated on me; you married me while loving another. You had another man's baby and then you say you got raped and pregnant again without telling me. Now you tell me to just forget it. I don't think I can or even care to. I'm going to our attorney and start divorce proceedings."

"Dan, you can't! What about our kids? What are you going to tell them?"

"I'm going to leave that up to you. Just so you know: I don't think you were ever raped and you would have continued to fuck him if he wasn't killed. You have a week to let me know your story for the kids. After that, I will tell them the truth. I take it Brad and Janice don't know I'm not their biological father."

"Of course not! No one knows but me and now you. Please, Dan, they love you. Don't hurt them by telling them a man they have never met is their father."

"I'm their father and they are my kids. Nothing will ever change that. I've been with them their entire lives and that isn't going to change. I figure we will both live here for now until the settlement is made and final unless you still have a lover in the wings."

"That's uncalled for Dan and you know it."

"No, that's the problem. I've been with you for thirty years and I don't know you. I'll move my things into the guest bedroom. I want nothing more to do with you."

Annie started crying as I got up from the table and started moving a few of my things into the guest room.

Two days later, I got a call at the store. They said my wife's car went through a guardrail and over an embankment. They said it looked like she was speeding and was going too fast and missed the turn. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The sheriff questioned me about any problems that my wife might have had. I told him there was none that I knew of. He said he was listing it as an accident but was going to hold the report until an autopsy was completed. I couldn't see bringing out all the dirty laundry now. I loved her, but also I hated her if that is possible.

I called all the kids and told them about their mother's passing. I told them that I was going to the hospital to identify the body. They could call a few of the relatives and pass the word along. I knew it was a shock to everyone, even me. Now, I had it on my conscience whether she did herself in or it was an accident.

A couple of days later the autopsy came back clean. Other than her blood pressure medication, the coroner said he didn't find anything. Her death was labeled accidental. At the funeral, I grieved for her. Even though I was going to get a divorce, I still had strong feelings for her after thirty years. I was glad that I hadn't seen the attorney yet. No one needed to know Annie's secret affair. It would just be something I had to live with. No good would come of telling the kids now.

My two daughters and daughter-in-law came by the house the day after the funeral. I asked them to please take all of their mother's personal things and divide it among themselves. All I asked for was a few pictures of us as a family. No one can know how bad I felt unless they went through a similar experience. The "What if," questions kept crossing my mind. "What if I never took that test? What if I never mentioned it to Annie? What if I didn't tell her I was leaving her?" Would any of it make any difference or was she just driving too fast that day?

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