The Ties That Bind
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A typical theme - a typical ending?

You know, after over 10 years of marriage, a couple gets to know each other quite well. I thought that I knew Shelly well, her every mood, every emotion, every facet of her personality. Oh, there were times during our years together when she would be moody and irritable, but Shelly wasn't a devious person, at least I didn't think so. She was very open with everyone. I knew what made her happy and what made her angry, but I was now at a loss as to with whom I was living. Shelly had changed.

Oh, it wasn't a sudden, overnight thing, it seemed to happen rather gradually over the past few months, I guess. She had become a bit withdrawn, a bit... petulant, and quick to anger. The easy going disposition that I was used to had gradually disappeared. Little things annoyed her, she was quick now to point out my deficiencies and shortcomings. I really tried to control my impatience with her, I bit my tongue. Everytime I tried to get her to sit down and have a talk with me about what was bothering her, she would snap at me and tell me to examine my own behavior. Huh??

Don't misunderstand, she wasn't like that all of the time. Her behavior was rather erratic. Some days she was the kind, sweet woman I had married, and then there were days, too many days, when she did a turnaround and became someone I just didn't know. It seemed that those infrequent times when Shelly would be moody and irritable were cropping up with increasing frequency now. It appeared that she was struggling with her own demons, demons that she refused to share.

Let me back up a bit and give you some background. My name is David Lannister and, at present, I am an associate professor of Political Science at a large university in a northeast city. I met Shelly about 11 years ago at a large, center city hotel. I was charged with setting up a conference of visiting instructional personnel and paid speakers from universities in the Northeast. I was working with two of the hotel's executives. Bob Fallow seemed a pleasant and competent fellow and we got fairly well, despite what I sensed was a bit of crassness. The other associate was a woman named Shelly Naylor and while she was courteous and well qualified for the job, she was also a bit aloof and cool in her manner.

She did intrigue me though. Physically she was very attractive. Tall at about 5' 7", about 4 inches shorter than I, and built... well, put together very nicely. She wore her blonde hair rather short and her makeup very understated. I guessed, correctly it turned out, that she was around 28 or 29 years old. It was 28. Bob noticed my interest and laughingly told me to forget it - she was unavailable.

"What? Is she married or engaged?" I queried?

"Nope," replied Bob. "She's divorced, has been for about 3 years now. Her bad luck, she married a prick, a real cheating louse. She finally caught him and kicked his ass out. Since her divorce she seems to have lost all interest in men. Far as I know, she doesn't date and has no social life. I've been trying to hit on her for almost a year with zero success. I understand she's been seeing a shrink, but that could be a rumor.

"Tell you what, Dave. I'll get our assignments shifted, you'll now work with her most of the time on this conference. See how far you get with her, it'll be interesting." He then laughed and punched me lightly on the arm.

I protested, but not all that forcibly and the next days saw Shelly and I spending quite a bit of time together. She was very proper and always addressed me as Dr. Lannister. I followed her lead, she was always Ms Naylor, until one day she came rushing up to me, breathless...

"David, David, we have a problem. One of your guest speakers called and left a message. He can't make the conference due to illness in his family. Can you get someone else?"

"Hmmm, David, David?" I mused. "No problem, Ms Naylor. I do have someone I can call. It will just take a few minutes to get him on the phone and up to speed. Nothing to worry about," I reassured her. Shelly colored as she realized her "slip. "Oh, that's great, Dr. Lannister. I'm glad that problem's taken care of so easily." She turned and strode off as I smiled to himself

Well, to make a long story short, we became comfortable with each other and my very reserved and proper manner caused her to view me as no threat. Actually, I didn't really have to do much acting. I was by nature a rather withdrawn and introspective type of person, but I made efforts to be a bit more expansive and outgoing when with Shelly. Working together created situations where we would have lunch and that led naturally to dinners. We "dated" even after the conference ended and it wasn't long before we both realized that there was a growing affection (even love perhaps) developing. I was nuts about her and I knew that she cared for me.

It was at a small, intimate restaurant a couple of months after the end of the conference that Shelly unburdened herself to me. I remember her turning to me in the circular booth we shared and taking me hand said she had something to say.

"David, I guess we both know that what we have is something more than friendship. No, no, please - don't say anything yet. Let me explain something to you. I was a real daddy's girl, I loved him so much. My mother divorced him when I was little because he cheated on her and he disappeared from my life. I was heartbroken. You also know that I have been married and have been divorced over three years now. My husband's adultery devastated me. I became seriously depressed which required the help of a psychiatrist to overcome and I was in therapy for almost two years. I understand now what happened to me and I also knew that I had to overcome this deep distrust I had for all men.

"I have rebuffed any overtures from guys coming on to me, but you have been so kind, so patient, so compassionate that I have come to respect you, trust you and, yes, even love you. David, please understand that my psyche is still fragile, so if you just view our relationship as friendship, let me know now."

Shelly looked at me with unshed tears glistening in her eyes and my heart went out to her. I leaned over slowly and we shared their first real kiss. It wasn't that passionate; it was rather gentle but certainly not a kiss of friendship. I also professed his love for her and it wasn't long before we married.

Ourr life together was almost idyllic. We loved and respected each other and found that we were able to share their thoughts and emotions freely without fear or uncertainty. We also discovered that despite our efforts, (and they were herculean) we couldn't seem to get pregnant. We were both tested, everything checked out ok, but still, it didn't happen. We were both rather disappointed, but adapted and accepted the fact that we may have to grow old together without offspring. I was a bit surprised that Shelly wasn't more upset than she seemed.

Ourr sex life was not remarkable. While neither of us were wildly adventurous, we both enjoyed a variety of positions as well as oral foreplay. After the first tumultuous months of having sex almost daily, we had settled down and did enjoy each other at least two or three times a week. We did get a kick out of an erotic story internet site we had discovered. I found that Shelly enjoyed many of the stories on that site and we would check every few days to discover if our favorite authors had submitted something new. Many of the stories had outrageous plots and we howled about that. It looked like some of the authors had let their imaginations run riot. Kinky? Perhaps, but that was about as kinky as we got, and there were no discussions about swinging, threesomes, etc. We really had a rather staid, ordinary sex life, but it was very fulfilling for us.

Our careers had moved ahead also. I had moved up from assistant professor and was now associate professor and was also acting assistant to the head of the department. Shelly also had done well and was now the manager of the hotel. Ironically, Bob Fallow was her senior assistant manager. Bob appeared to be a good fellow and never seemed to resent Shelly's elevation. This is based on what Shelly had told me and the little contact I had with him. Shelly and I also took advantage of the spa and pool at the hotel. Many times Bob would join us, relaxing around the pool or the two of us in the steam room.

In fact, Bob and I got to be fairly friendly although we never socialized outside of work. We had bumped into one another at a conference in NYC a few months ago. I was a guest speaker and Bob was at a training session at the same hotel. We had drinks and shot the breeze. I never detected any animosity or jealousy regarding Shelly's elevation to manager. He took it in stride stating that his turn will come. We talked about his wife, Carol, and their two young daughters. I told him I envied him his family, although I wasn't really envious. In the couple of days we were there, I really had the opportunity to meld with him in a social setting and found him to be a somewhat pleasant and amiable fellow.

We were doing well financially. Our combined income was well into six figures which allowed us to purchase a town house in center city and not far from where we worked. It took only a matter of minutes for either of us to get to our jobs and we appreciated that propinquity. We furnished our home comfortably and enjoyed what center city had to offer in terms of theater, restaurants, symphony, etc...

All in all, life was good - it was very good, or at least it had been, until a few months ago. I was now beginning to feel that we were drifting apart. It has gotten so bad that we now tended to avoid each other. I tried to stay at school later than I had to and Shelly more often than not seemed to have crises that required her presence. It was apparent that our marriage was in trouble and I didn't have the slightest idea of what was wrong or what to do to about it. I tried to talk to Shelly, I really did, but all I got were angry responses or evasions. I also realized that it had been well over a month since they had made love (or was it well over two?) or had any kind of physical contact.

Then I had an idea. I knew that Bob Fallow spent a lot of time with Shelly at work. I thought that perhaps he could give me some idea about what was eating her and if her moodiness was evident at work also. I called and asked him to meet me for drinks after work.

"I think I know what you're talking about, Dave. I have noticed that Shelly seems preoccupied and a bit withdrawn. Oh, she handles the job well, she's very good at that, but... it certainly is evident that she has something on her mind," Bob responded after I had voiced my concerns to him.

"My advice," he continued, "is to just keep your distance from her and wait until she decides to tell you what's bugging her. Trying to get her to talk to you may just exacerbate the situation. Eventually she has to get this off her chest, and then you can deal with it. Just put up with her mood until then."

We spoke for a few more minutes and then parted. I gave Bob's advice a bit of thought, but it was apparent to me that Fallow's opinion was just the opposite of what my head was telling me. I really didn't think that our relationship could take too much more of the tension that was becoming palpable in our household. On my way home I came to a decision; We were going to have it out. Either she would come clean and tell me what was going wrong, or I was going to suggest a trial separation. One way or the other, we were going to resolve this and the sooner the better.

The next day I was notified by the Dean that I was needed to represent the department in a one day conference in Pittsburgh. The staff member who was going had gotten ill suddenly and I was asked to sub for him. I would be leaving the next morning. In a way, I was relieved; my confrontation with Shelly would have to wait until I returned.

I told my wife that evening that I would be leaving the next morning and would be back the following day. She stook still for a moment and then turned and literally leered at me. "Now isn't that wonderful - another little conference, is it."

I could see her face contort with bitterness and contempt. What the hell was going on with her?

"You have yourself a wonderful time, honey," she cooed sarcastically. "Make sure that you take plenty of vitamins with you. You know, to keep up your strength. But you've given me an idea - maybe I'll arrange a little conference of my own," and with that she turned and almost ran up to our bedroom. I could hear the door slam and lock.

I stood there, totally stunned. At the moment I truly thought that perhaps she was losing her marbles - was she becoming psychotic? Fortunately, I had already packed a bag and didn't need anything from our bedroom. I slept in the guest room that night and left early in the morning before she arose. It was too early for my flight, but I really didn't want to face her again. I was beginning to believe that our marriage was broken without too much hope for it's future. I knew that I would have to sit her down and have that "conversation" when I returned. The results of that conversation would result in either a new beginning or an ending.

The day away from town and Shelly was draining for me. It was all I could do to concentrate on the proceedings and I totally collapsed as soon as I had a chance to return to my room. I had no appetite and decided to skip dinner. I couldn't hold anything down anyway. My mind was a mass of chaotic thoughts and I made decisions and then changed them almost immediately. It was about three in the morning when I suddenly came to the realization that my marriage was over. I didn't know why or how it happened, but I knew that I couldn't continue living as I had. I knew that Shelly would be at work when I returned, but I decided to stay home, not go into work, and just wait for her. One way or the other, I had to get out of this asylum.

The plane landed on time and I headed home. I busied myself around the house packing. Yeah, there was little doubt that I was going to leave. I really had no hope that Shelly would finally open up. I really didn't know her any longer; I was living with a total stranger. This was a person I really did want to get away from. I had most of my personal effects in the back seat of my car and most of my clothing packed in three large suitcases which I had stowed in the trunk. Now all I had to do was to wait.

Shelly entered the house a little before six. She saw me sitting in the living room and she stopped and stared.

"Sit down, Shelly," I said softly.

She recognized the coldness in my voice and the intensity of my gaze. She moved slowly to a chair and sat.

"It's over, Shelly. I no longer wish to live like this. Either you tell me what's gnawing at you, or I'll leave without any further discussion. It's up to you."

I saw the grimace on her face. She stared at me and I saw the hatred in her eyes. I had to catch my breath. What had I done to warrant such animosity, such loathing? It was then that I finally realized that there was no hope left.

"You rotten, lying bastard. Leaving? You want to leave? Hah, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. If I never see you again it'll be too soon, you cheating, adulterous sonofabitch. Go fuck your girlfriends and I hope that you get a disease and your dick falls off." she snarled.

"You're all the same, just like my father and my bastard ex-husband. You're all cheating pricks and I was crazy to have ever believed anything different,"

I sat there, my mouth agape, totally shocked. Cheating? Adulterous? I really thought that she had turned the corner and was out of her mind.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP," I roared as I rose and stood over her. "How dare you accuse me of cheating, you brain dead bitch." I was totally outraged. I saw her cower into the chair.

"I have loved you since I first met you and I never, EVER had any inclination to cheat. I don't know what wild hair you've got up your ass, but I think you should see some mental health specialist because I know that you're nuts and you need help. But you won't get it from me. I have had it with you. You've been making my life miserable for months and you hadn't the decency to confront me sensibly and talk things out. You just assumed the worst and fed off your bile. That's the trust you had in me and our marriage? Fuck you, I don't need your shit anymore. Get someone else to be your doormat."

Before I turned and stormed out, I saw a flicker of uncertainty in her eyes and the start of tears, but by then I was unmoved. I was so totally pissed that I just slammed the door behind me, got in my car and drove away.

I had recognized the probable outcome of our "talk" and had already made prior arrangements. I headed to the Extended Day's Inn where I had reserved a suite. I would look for an apartment as soon as possible and I would phone Kyle Cooper, my lawyer and surrogate father, the next day. Let's not kid ourselves, I knew this day was coming.

A few words are necessary here in regard to Lyle and Millie Cooper. Lyle had been my dad's partner in the law firm of Lannister and Cooper. When my parents died in a small plane crash, Lyle and his wife Millie took me in. I was 16 years old and an emotional mess. They became my best friends and lavished the love and affection on me for which a young teen yearns. They saved my sanity, nurtured me and saw me safely into college and adulthood. They also loved Shelly and had no hint concerning the problems we were having. I really didn't look forward to that conversation.

I was still steaming as I lugged my bags into my new living quarters and flopped on the bed, trying to empty my mind and slow my respiration. Cheating? Shit, she is truly a basket case and there is now nothing more I wanted than to be free of her. Damn, how could a smart, knowledgeable woman go from sanity to nutsdom in a few months? I couldn't figure it out, and right now I didn't want to.

I saw Lyle a couple of days later and laid out the situation. He looked at me with shock on his face.

"Dave, are you sure that you haven't made a mountain out of a molehill? It's hard to understand why Shelly should have changed so dramatically." I reassured him that everything I had just told him was the honest truth. I went into detail concerning my life the past few months and the emotional distress I had experienced. He asked me to please take a couple of days to reconsider and then we would talk again. I knew that Millie would soon be on the phone wanting to speak with me. She called me the same day and we had a long conversation. She pleaded for me to let some time go by before I decided on a course of action, but my mind was made up. Yeah, ok, maybe I was being stubborn and unreasonable, but I really had had it.

I asked Lyle to begin divorce proceedings a few days later and also managed to find a small, one bedroom apartment close to school. It was far from lavish, but it would suit my needs. I visited my ex-home, after making sure that Shelly was not there, and had gathered together the rest of my stuff - there really wasn't all that much. I tried to immerse myself in my work - I was in the process of finishing my second text on the political ramifications of the first World War as well as teaching the few classes I had in the mornings. I kept myself busy and tried not to think about the chaos of my personal life.

Yeah, yeah, I missed Shelly. Not the harridan she had turned into, but the sweet and kind woman I had married. I knew that I loved that person; I didn't know the person I had been living with the past few months.

A few weeks after my final confrontation with Shelly, I got a call from Lyle. "David, we have a problem. Can you get over to my office this afternoon?"

I shook my head, what now? I agreed and saw myself entering his office door around 3:30 that afternoon. Lyle was a good guy, kind, patient and understanding. He was well over 60 now, tall and still had his hair, although it was now salt and pepper gray. He rose, shook my hand and motioned me to a seat.

Without any preamble he began. "Dave, Shelly won't agree to a divorce. She says she'll fight it. You led me to believe that this was a mutual agreement." Lyle looked at me with a question in his eyes. I sat there, surprised. That Shelly would not agree to a divorce really stunned me; I had supposed she would be ecstatically happy about that. Why the hell was she fighting it? What was she trying to do? Was this another way of making me miserable? I remembered our last conversation and the hatred in her eyes. That could very well be the reason for her intransigence. She wanted me to agonize over this, she wanted to make the whole process as messy as she could.

"David, please keep a clear head. Don't come to any conclusions at this moment. Millie wants you to come over again tonight for dinner. No, no, I don't want to hear any excuses - you'll be there or you'll hear from Millie," Lyle smiled, talking any sting out of his words.

I was at the Cooper's as promised and we enjoyed a pleasant dinner despite the underlying tension concerning my separation from Shelly. After dinner we gathered in the living room when Millie broke the ice.

"David, I have to tell you that I had invited Shelly to have lunch with me here at the house. She was reluctant, but agreed. David, Shelly is a mess. She finally admitted that she loves you still, but she cannot get over your infidelity; it's tearing her apart."

Goddamnit, there it is again. I fought to control my anger and saw Kyle and Millie gazing at me expectantly. "Millie, I swear to you on everything I hold dear, I have NEVER been unfaithful to Shelly in either thought or deed. I loved that woman with every fibre of my being and even the thought of cheating sickens me. I have to believe that Shelly is mentally ill and this is a manifestation of that illness. I think that she needs help," I snapped.

"David, if Shelly needs help then why are you here? Why are you not at home giving her that help as her loving husband?" Millie asked softly.

I sat there, exasperated. "I've tried. I've tried again and again. I did everything that I could to get her to confide in me, to talk to me rationally. Nothing that I said worked. Millie, you would have been shocked at the hatred in her eyes when she accused me. It scared the hell out of me. I've reached the end of my rope, I really have. I just can't handle it anymore." Kyle saw that I was losing it and interrupted. "Okay, David. Relax now. Let me get you a drink, I think that you could use one."

Millie came to me, leaned over and kissed my cheek. "I'm truly sorry, David. I really didn't mean to upset you so. It's just that I'm so sad to see this happening to such good people."

She stood there, pensive for a moment, and then shook her head. "I just don't understand it. There has to be a reason why Shelly is so certain that you were unfaithful. I just couldn't get her to tell me why."

Two days later I was sitting at my desk in what was now my home when the phone rang. I absently picked up the receiver and was shocked to hear Shelly. This was the first time she had attempted to contact me.

"Hello, David. This is Shelly. I think that we should talk." This was said in a calm voice, almost devoid of any emotion. It was as if she were talking to a stranger.

I almost slammed the phone down, but restrained myself and answered. "I'm not sure what there is to talk about, Shelly. I have tried talking to you too many times to count. What do you want to talk about?" I tried to match her tone, her detachment.

"Why don't you come for dinner on Friday, David. We can sit down, have a nice meal and then have a rational discussion. I have to tell you, I won't agree to any divorce action until you give me the opportunity to explain myself to you. David, I need you to feel what I'm feeling, I need you to understand what I'm going through."

Damn, her voice was flat, it was almost as if she were reading a script that she had prepared. She was obviously keeping a tight grip on her emotions. My curiosity was piqued. What was going on with her? Is it possible there could be a way out of this nightmare? Is it possible we could get through this? Anyway, I thought it was worth a try.

"No dinner, Shelly, but I'll be there around 8 on Friday. We can sit and perhaps this time you can unburden yourself. That is what I had been trying to get you to do without any success. I hope that Friday will be different," I replied cooly. That concluded what I thought a really strange conversation. I really didn't have much hope for any kind of breakthrough on Friday.

I had a sudden thought. I could tell that Lyle and Millie, while obviously sympathetic and concerned about my emotional well being, still didn't understand how Shelly had changed, how erratic and unreasonable her behavior had become. They hadn't heard the venom in her voice. I had a strong suspicion that the conversation that Shelly and I were going to have would break down into the same bitter recriminations as the last time we "talked." I figured that this time, my dear friends would hear the "new" Shelly.

I know, it was devious, but I didn't care. I acquired a small, voice activated tape recorder. I threaded the tiny mike up the sleeve of my jacket and into the lapel. There, I was ready, now the Coopers would hear what Shelly had become.

On Friday evening, I threw on a light weight pair of slacks and a black polo shirt. I draped the jacket with the recorder over my shoulders and headed for my ex-home. I knocked on the door, feeling vaguely sad knocking on the door of what had been my home. After a few seconds Shelly opened the door and motioned me in. She was dressed simply in a skirt and blouse, again with minimal makeup, yet it felt that my heart missed a beat. She was absolutely lovely and I realized how much I loved her and how devastated I was that the marriage I had so truly valued was now gone.

I walked through the dining room and draped my jacket over the back of a chair. I moved to the easy chair, but Shelly blocked my move and indicated that she wanted me to sit in a arm chair at the dining room table. I didn't object, this placed me close to my jacket and the recorder.

"David, thank you for coming. I'm sure that this evening will be very productive. It will give me the chance to show you exactly what I've been feeling, but first, let's have a glass of wine. I've already poured. We can at least act like civilized beings," and she handed me a full goblet of red wine.

I just looked at her. Damn, she was being so cool, so calm, so rational. Was she really going to let me in on what was eating at her? I accepted the wine and took a swallow. She sat katty korner from me and made some small talk (yeah, would you believe?) small talk, about work and some amusing events that occurred over the past couple of weeks. I did very little talking, just sipped at the wine and listened and waited for her to get to the point. I felt funny, a little lightheaded and it was difficult concentrating on what she was telling me. I heard her voice fading and I felt the glass fall from my hand and then heard and felt nothing.

My head hurt and I had a sour taste in my mouth. I tried to put a hand to my head but found that I couldn't move. With an effort, I opened my eyes and squinted. I looked at the clock on the mantle. Damn, it read 12:10. I remembered talking to Shelly and it was then a little after 8:00. I suddenly was aware that my wrists were tied tightly to the arms of the chair in which I sat, and my ankles were similarly secured. The cords dug into my flesh. My brain function seemed sluggish - what the hell was happening?

I tried to call out, but discovered that my lips were sealed. Some kind of tape covered my mouth. I tried to rock the chair, move it in some way, without success. I was starting to panic, yanking against my bindings, abrading my wrists. Then I saw her as she came into my field of vision. Shelly was dressed in a sheer peignoir, although dressed was not the appropriate description. She was naked under it and the garment did little to hide that fact. My eyes moved from her body to her face. She wore no expression, but her eyes were blazing.

"Now, David." she hissed. " Now, now you will feel what I have been suffering through. Now you will understand how devastating your betrayal is. I am going to commit adultery and you will witness the event. You will experience the pain of seeing your spouse fucking someone other than her husband. You will feel the loss, the destruction of trust, the sorrow that comes with the discovery that your "loved one" is no better than an animal. You cheated and now I will also, not behind your back, but in front of you. You will see and hear how another man enjoys my body. See and hear, David and then maybe, just maybe, you'll understand what I having been feeling."

I tried to scream at her, but could only mumble through the tape. I yanked again at the cords, but to no avail. Shelly smiled at me sadly, patted my head and walked away. I again threw myself against my cords, which dug cruelly into my wrists. I tried to scream at her to stop this insanity, but I was unable to speak and unable to move around much. My eyes then lighted on Shelly's laptop computer, open on the table in front of me. The screen showed the interior of our bedroom and I could see Shelly enter the room and recline on the bed. She smiled in the direction of what I imagined was the camera.

"How's the sound quality, David?" she purred. "It should be fine. Bob and I set this all up so that you wouldn't miss one moment of what is to come." She then opened the garment she was wearing and exposed her breasts. She passed her palms over her nipples. She smiled again and told me how excited she was and how anxious she was to put on a wonderful show for me.

I wasn't capable of coherent thought. It felt as if I was in a nightmare, everything seemed almost surreal. I felt my heart beating in my chest; I knew that my pressure was up. I felt as if my entire world had crashed. I was alone and bereft of all rational thought. My struggles eased and I sat there, trying to comprehend what was happening. I truly believed that I was in shock.

Suddenly my head snapped up. It was if a lightbulb had clicked on in my head. Sonofabitch, she had choreographed this whole scenario. I was living through a nightmare from the erotic story site on the internet. We had laughed about the silly plots and I was now living it. I knew then that Shelly was unbalanced. She was punishing me just like the poor schmucks in those stories. But what she had forgotten was that most of them were innocent of the crime for which they were being punished.

I heard the front door open and then close quickly. I felt someone approach my chair and then felt a hand on my shoulder. As I stretched to see who it was, Bob Fallow came into view. He had a leering grin on his face as he bent close to me. My breathing had become stertorous and he raised his voice a bit so that I would hear him clearly.

His face had contorted into a grimace of hate and malice. "My turn now, Davey," he snarled. " I've put up with you and your holier-than- thou attitude for too many years. I've put up with that bitch of a wife of yours for the same amount of time. She got the job that should have been mine and I've been wiping her ass for too long. Two birds with one stone, Davey," he continued maliciously. "Now I get to fuck her literally. Isn't it sweet, you get to watch. I've spent months slowly convincing her that you were fucking around on her, getting her to this point, and now it's going to pay off big time. The pictures that I showed her finally did the trick. Yeah, I know, they're faked, so what. She believed them. Now you both get fucked,. I'm the one who finally convinced her that you were cheating, but Shelly, baby, came up with you being tied up to watch; now ain't that a blast," and he chuckled evilly.

"Don't even think about revenge, buddy. No one will believe you. I slipped my wife double the amount of the stuff you got and the last she knew is that we were in bed together falling asleep. I've got my alibi and you can't prove shit. Plus, you come after me physically, I'll beat the crap out of you. Just sit and enjoy the show, I sure as hell will." I heard him walk away from me.

"No, No, NO," I screamed, trying to make myself heard. I wriggled and threw myself again and again against the cords binding me. I screamed again and again until I was hoarse. I could feel the cords digging into my wrists and I could also feel blood seeping from the wounds I was creating. Nothing that I could do helped, I was secured too well, I would have to sit and wait. I slumped in the chair, exhausted, in a daze.

I heard voices. My eyes went to the computer screen in front of me. There I saw Shelly in bed, her garment now discarded, reaching for Fallow. He was down to his boxers which he stepped out of and kicked to one side. His cock was erect, pointing at Shelly. He moved to the bed and lay beside her. They both faced the camera and with a grin on his face, he took her hand and placed her fingers around his engorged member. Shelly had her chin on his shoulder and looking directly into the lens of the camera, smiled and slowly stroked him. Her pink tongue slipped between her lips, wetting them.

"See, David. Doesn't Bob have a nice cock. Hmmm, I think that it's quite a bit larger than yours, isn't it?" she asked softly. "Well, I do know that it's thicker, I can feel that, and look how it's leaking. I think that he's really excited, don't you, David? Were your sluts excited when you screwed them, David? Did your cock leak like Bob's?" Her voice had become biting and vindictive.

"I wonder how he tastes, David? Do you mind if I just tasted him a little, honey? After all, I'm sure you tasted some strange pussy, especially when you were away on professional conferences." Her voice was biting and sarcastic. She glared into the camera and moved further down on the bed. I saw her face hover over Fallow's crotch and her tongue flick against the head of his cock. After teasing him a bit, she engulfed his phallus and lowered her head until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

I couldn't stop myself. The tears came and I sat there and sobbed. I knew that this was something I wouldn't be able to get over, something that would haunt me until the day I died. My marriage was over, my life changed. I vowed not to look at the computer screen again, but I heard them - I heard her comparing Fallow to me and I heard her belittling comments and how much more a man he was and what a wonderful lover he was compared to my feeble efforts. I knew exactly what she was doing. She was mouthing dialogue that was similar to those goddamn internet stories - she was attempting to humiliate and degrade me just as those husbands were degraded.

I heard her squeal when she finally mounted him and buried his prick into her pussy. I heard her tell me how wonderful he felt, so much better then I had ever made her feel. I couldn't help it, I raised my head and saw her riding him. I saw his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Something on the bed caught my attention. It was a tube of what looked like K-Y Jelly. My eyes strayed back to Shelly. She moved up and down, her movements frenetic, almost manic.

She turned her face to the camera and smiled, but her face was wooden and her eyes seemed blank. "Wow, David. See how I'm being fucked. Did you fuck your whores like this? Did they ride your little weenie? I'm sure that they felt so sorry for you. They should have felt sorry for ME. I was the one that had to make do with your little thing. See, David. Now I have a real man in me. A man with a real cock, not a little spaghetti wand," Shelly then threw her head back and laughed almost hysterically. I couldn't believe that this was the same woman I knew. She had morphed into a total stranger, a stranger that sickened me.

My head dropped to my chest again. Tears still leaked from my eyes and I felt my nose running. I again struggled to free myself with again no success. I was only causing myself harm, the cords digging into my wrists, the blood flowing again. My hands felt as numb as my mind. A roaring filled my head, a self-induced distraction so that I would not have to hear any further conversation from the two screwing in my bed.

I don't know how much time had gone by. I looked up and saw that the clock now read almost 1:30. I was totally exhausted, my breathing labored, my nose clogged by the dried mucus. I heard voices again. I looked at the computer screen and saw Fallow, now dressed, shaking Shelly. She lay there, her face twisted into a paroxysm of... what? I didn't understand. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Fallow stood there, undecided as what to do. He then turned and left the room. In a few seconds I heard him coming down the stairs and approach. He moved in front of me.

He stood there a moment, looking at me. "Listen, Lannister. I think that there's something wrong with her." He hesitated a moment and then continued. "Look, I'm going to get a knife and cut your left hand free and then I'm splitting. When you get yourself loose, I think you should call someone - a doctor... or someone Don't try to get me involved in this, Lannister. If you do, I'll destroy her reputation as well as yours. "

His voice was cold, but I could see the fear and uncertainty in his eyes. He turned and went into the kitchen. He returned with a steak knife and cut my left hand free. When the cords came away, blood seeped down my hand. He put the knife on the table in front of me and hurried out the door, not looking back.

It was difficult for me to move. I finally reached out, grabbed the knife and with difficult freed my right hand and then my ankles. I pulled the tape from my mouth quickly, taking some skin with it. I tried to stand, but my legs trembled and I sat again. I finally made it to my feet and unsteadily staggered to the bathroom where I washed my face, hands and wrists and put some salve on the wounds. I wrapped them in gauze bandages and used tape to secure it. I looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize the face staring back at me. I looked haggard, lines of stress almost distorting my face.

I tried to remember what Fallow said to me - something about Shelly. What was it? Something wrong???? What was he talking about? I limped back into the dining area and again looked at the computer screen. Shelly was now in a fetal position, her body trembling. I gazed at her for long moments, trying to dredge up some kind of emotion. I felt dead inside... no, not dead... confused, bewildered... lost. It almost seemed as if I were drifting in a dreamworld. I thought, "I should do something. What should I do?"

I had to sit down. I had to think.

I tried to remember what Fallow said to me - something about Shelly. What was it? Something wrong???? What was he talking about? I limped back into the dining area and again looked at the computer screen. Shelly was now in a fetal position, her body trembling. I gazed at her for long moments, trying to dredge up some kind of emotion. I felt dead inside... no, not dead... numb... confused, bewildered... lost? It almost seemed as if I were drifting in a dreamworld. I thought, "I should do something. What should I do?"

I had to sit down. I had to think.

My emotions were too raw, I knew that I needed time to sort this out. I felt the anger, bitter that she would do this to me, to deliberately hurt me like this. Beneath that anger I could feel the sorrow, the devastation. I steeled myself and made my way up the stairs and into the bedroom. Shelly was still in the fetal position and now I could hear her whimpering softly. Her back was to me, her knees tucked up and in. I could see a thin streak of semen which had run from her vagina and then down along the crease of where her thigh met her buttocks, pooling on the bed. It sickened me and I averted my eyes.

I knew that I couldn't handle this right now. I wanted nothing more than to run away and keep running. I shook my head, brushing that thought away - I knew that I couldn't do that. I moved to Shelly and put my hand on her shoulder. She flinched and moved away, now starting to cry, deep, wrenching sobs. I stepped back, hesitating a bit and then quietly left the room. I made my way down the stairs and collapsed in the living room easy chair - the chair that used to be mine.

I felt the anger and bitterness spread through me, enveloping me in a cocoon of despair and rage at what my life had become. I, at that moment, truly hated her, hated Shelly for what she had allowed. How much love could she have had for me to allow Fallow to fuck her; not only fuck her, but in front of me with the intention to humiliate and degrade me. She wasn't stupid, she knew exactly what she was doing. That wasn't love, it was the exact opposite. My so called adultery was a sham that she used so that she could fuck Fallow and in doing so could drive a stake into my heart. Well, she succeeded, any love that I had for her was dead. I knew that I could never forgive her for what she had done.

I had to decide what to do now. I slowly went down the stairs and picked up the phone... I then just sat and waited, my thoughts random and chaotic. It seemed like just a few minutes had gone by, but was actually much longer, when I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and Lyle and Millie rushed in, breathless and concerned. I gathered my self together and tried to put my thoughts in order. I pleaded with them to let me explain, sat them down and very briefly gave them a bare bones account of the evening.

Millie sat there, her mouth agape. She then jumped to her feet and rushed up the stairs to Shelly. I looked at Kyle, he sat still, I could almost see his mind churning, a frown on his face. I rose and walked to my jacket still draped over a dining room chair. I pulled the small tape recorder out, walked back and handed it to Lyle.

I hesitated a bit and then decided to just come out with it. "Lyle, I planned to tape the conversation that Shelly and I were to have tonight. I wanted you to hear Shelly as I was sure our conversation tonight would be a repeat of the last one we had, the one I had related to you. I got something totally different, I just hope that the recorder picked up everything."

Lyle looked at me narrowly for a moment, then he put the small ear piece in, rewound the tape and started to listen. I don't know how long he sat there listening, shock evident on his features, He raised his head as Millie made her way down the stairs, obviously distraught.

"David, Lyle," she said breathlessly. "I think that you had better call 911. We have to get Shelly to the hospital. I think that she's having an emotional breakdown." Lyle rose to his feet, put the recorder in his pocket and picked up the phone. He turned to us and in a voice tight with anger, said, "First we call the police and ask them to bring medical personnel with them. David, we will need to talk, but let me tell you right now, Robert Fallow is going to be charged with rape. That's for starters.

The next couple of hours were frenetic with the police and the medics piling in. Plain clothes detectives arrived soon after the uniformed cops and were in deep discussion with Lyle. He had surrendered the tape and the recorder. Shelly had been sedated. She was put on a stretcher and quickly placed in the ambulance which left. Crime scene personnel swarmed the house, collecting evidence. My wrists were exposed and photographed and were then treated by the medics. I was questioned for over an hour, until the detectives were satisfied that they had gotten everything they could out of me. I was asked to come to the station in a few days for a formal, recorded statement. I, of course, agreed. I had no idea what was in Lyle's mind, he must have known that this was no rape, but I kept my mouth shut. The three of us would have to sit down and talk.

Eventually the crowd of people left and Lyle and Millie shepherded me out of the house. They insisted that I come home with them and I was too exhausted to argue. Fortunately the next day was Saturday and we all could sleep late. Dressed in a pair of Lyle's pajamas I fell into bed and fell into a restless sleep.

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