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Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Magic, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue - This is essentially a real life story... hugely exaggerated and turned into fantasy. No names have been changed; my actual name is Charles, and the girl I know in the story is actually named Samona. That being said, this is a fantasy story, so all events have been taken out of the context of real life and put safely into a reality that cannot really reveal anything about either of us.

She drew back the string on her bow, steadying her arrow. She took a deep breath, releasing as she exhaled. The arrow sailed through the air to its target, striking dead center.

He kept coming. His charge never faltered, his glare never diminished. He drew his sword, smiling menacingly.

"Half-breed fool!" he shouted. "Do not even dare for one second presume that you can harm someone as powerful as I!"

She turned and ran, sprinting with all of the strength that she could muster. She sent her elfin energy coursing down to her legs, propelling her body forward at incredible velocities. The last dregs of her magic poured into her flight, carrying her further from her relentless pursuer.

A red flash of light exploded around her, tossing her off her feet. She smacked hard against the ground, rolling a few times before she finally came to rest on her back.

She tried to move, to raise her dagger or her bow, but her body refused to respond. She could hardly breathe, much less mount an effective defense. The human wizard stood over her, smiling with maniacal glee.

"All that elfin magic," he said with a smirk, "and you can't even manage to get away from one wizard apprentice. Or maybe you weren't really trying?"

He bent down slowly, running his hand along her cheek. Her entire body stiffened, but she could not pull away from him. She did not have enough magic left within her to throw off the effects of his spell.

He lowered himself, his face inches from hers. He relished the fear in her eyes, enjoyed the feel of her quivering as he ran his hand along her armor. She wanted to kick, to scream, to bite, to do anything. Her entire body was screaming to fight, but no matter how much it wanted to, it could do little more than occasionally spasm.

"Do not even try to tell me this isn't what you really wanted," the wizard apprentice sneered, "you could have gotten away if you had really wanted to. Somewhere deep down inside, this is what you wanted. There is no greater honor than to be taken by a wizard such as myself."

He took a thin wand from his robes, pointing it at her head. "You will remember this in your dreams forever."

A flash of light encompassed her.

She was finally able to scream.

Samona shot upwards, her head nearly striking the wall of the cave above her. She gasped for breath, her head pulsing with an intense pain. She was drenched with sweat, and was surprised to see her dagger held within her hand, ready to strike.

It had been the dream again. Ever since the wizard had assaulted her, she could not get the event out of her mind. He had made sure of that with his magic.

Samona looked out of the cave, catching the first rays of the sunrise. Time to get moving.

She quickly smothered what remained of the fire she had placed at the mouth of the cave, bundling together the food, clothing, and weapons she had left lying around, and throwing them into her pack. She strapped on her thick leather boots, heading towards a town she knew was close to her position.

It took her about an hour to find the nearest highway, if it could be called that. Perhaps she had grown too used to the stone highways near the King's cities, but these dirt roads just did not compare. She sighed. What she would give to be able to live safely in one of the massive marble and stone cities again.

Within a few minutes of finding the road, Samona noticed a sound behind her. She turned in time to see a horse-drawn carriage rise over a hill, racing along at a quick clip.

"Whoa!" the rider of the carriage shouted, "whoa!"

The horses slowed, and the carriage stopped next to Samona.

The old man driving the horses smiled down at Samona.

"Do you need a ride to Vatalis? I'm heading that way on some business, and the elves are pretty welcoming. Sure is a long walk."

Samona smiled. "I would appreciate that greatly, sir."

She pulled herself up into the carriage, her black hair slipping behind her ears as she went to take a seat beside the old man.

He grabbed her wrist, his eyes glaring at her pointed ears.

"Half-breed!" he hissed. "I don't want anything to do with an unnatural demon!"

Before she could react, his boot had smacked her hard in the chest, flinging her over the side of the carriage. The old man whipped the horses, quickly removing himself from her sight.

She couldn't help it... she had been holding back too much all morning. The tears dropped down freely as she curled herself tightly into herself, holding her legs close to her body. She was not going to move for the rest of the day if she could help it.

It took her an hour before she even blinked. Her tears had finally stopped. Just as she was about to at least attempt at heading towards town again, the rain began. Thunder resounded distantly, warning of a coming storm.

"How perfect," she muttered to herself.

The daily reminders of her violation were starting to overwhelm her. She had been fighting off the pain for six months, and the difficulty of being a half-breed for her entire life. She was tired. All she wanted was an escape. Some way to extricate herself from the harsh world around her.

It took Samona a few minutes to realize that she was holding her dagger in her hands.

She didn't stop to think, to rationalize, to contemplate... she just acted. She had always known before what exactly had to be done to save her life in a bad situation, and now was no different. She did not question the instincts that had always so well served her. She drew the dagger across her wrist quickly, feeling warmth spreading across her skin, and a deep cold spreading within it. She quickly followed suit with her other wrist.

She must have lied there for ten minutes before, mercifully, she finally began to lose consciousness.

Samona thought she saw someone standing over her before her eyes closed.

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