Arlene and Jeff
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Blackmail, Coercion, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Spanking, Group Sex, Harem, First, Lactation, Oral Sex, Size, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - While Jeff is away finalizing the sale of his invention, a local bully coerces Jeff's wife and daughter into having sex. Jeff has to put his family back together and clean up the situation with the bully, while at the same time, moving to a retreat that they are converting to an enormous home, high in the Rocky Mountains. He has to juggle keeping his family going, while protecting the secret of the healer, and where it came from. Smoking fetish.

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Note: The first four chapters of this long story set the stage for the rest. These first chapters have a lot of sex, and even a fetish in them. I could probably label them as stroke. But if they do not please you, please read on, or just scan through them enough to know what’s going on, for when Jeff comes on the scene, the story really begins, and ... there is a reason for the way Diana and Arlene behave. This reason won’t be revealed until the middle of Book 2. As Jeff puts his family back together, sells his invention, and moves to the Retreat high in the Colorado Rockies, the story and the plot commence. Jeff will become a Prime, will command a self-aware starship, and will gain a number of wives as he struggles to understand what a Prime really is. A number of my readers have told me that they almost quit reading during the first three chapters, but were extremely glad that they continued, because they eventually loved the story. As of 08/02/2016, the story of Arlene and Jeff has exceeded 2,692,000 words with more than 3,661,000 total downloads, and I have many more chapters to write. I post a chapter each Friday afternoon, and will continue to do so until my e-mails quit, there is a catastrophic event in my life, or I finish the story – hopefully the later event. Although the master file has been edited several times, an occasional typo remains – as it sometimes does in long works. One of these days I hope to upload all those edited chapters to SOL so the story will read a bit smoother. If you happen to see an error, and would like to, copy and paste the sentence the error is in, and e-mail it to me. I will correct it, and I will certainly appreciate your calling my attention to it. I’m just an old man who loves to write. If you like my story, tell me. If you don’t, please tell me what is wrong so that I can get better. I hope you enjoy Arlene and Jeff.

Near Atlanta, Georgia

Arlene’s mother had finally stopped in to say good night. As soon as she was gone and the door was shut, Arlene got out of bed and quietly raised the window. Her bedroom was on the bottom level of the tri-level house and her window was almost even with the ground outside, facing the back lawn and pool. All she had on was her nightie and a pair of sexy panties as she parted the curtains, slipped through, and quietly lowered the window behind herself.

In the near darkness, she made her way until she was on the opposite side of the pool. As she crossed the three-foot-high wall that separated the pool area from the lower level of the back yard, her eyes began to adjust to the moonlight.

“Arnie, are you here?” she called, louder than she meant to.

“Shhhh,” Arnie said, stepping from behind a shrub. “You’re late.”

“I thought Mom would never come by to check on me. I guess she and Dad were making love, or something,” she said in a lower voice. “But, he is supposed to leave early in the morning, so maybe I can get out sooner tomorrow night.”

Arnie shrugged, “That’s okay about being late. It wasn’t your fault. Come over and sit by me,” he said, taking her hand. “Your dad is gone a lot, maybe he and your mom were making up for lost time,” he said with a grin.

Arlene did as he told her, and they sank to the grass where Arnie had spread a blanket for them. They had spent a lot of time here late at night, necking, talking about love, and making plans to, one day, get married. He told her how much he loved her, and nuzzled her neck as she settled back onto the blanket. They kissed as his hand stroked her side near her breast. Tantalizing her, he touched more of the firm breast until he was running his fingertip across her aroused nipple. After a few minutes, Arlene squeezed his arm and shivered as her orgasm crashed through her pussy. She sighed as he pushed the nightie up and lifted it over her head, her breasts jiggling as she held her arms up in order for him to slip the garment completely off. Now fully sitting up, she shook out her waist-length mop of beautiful brunette hair with its intense auburn highlights, then lay back to again to offer her perfect breasts for Arnie to kiss. Obliging her, he lowered his mouth to her left breast, licking and sucking the nipple. After a time, her breathing picked up again and she shuddered beneath him.

As she quieted, Arnie pushed his shorts off and put her hand on his dick. Having done this before, the young virgin dutifully stroked his cock, jacking him off. Arnie continued to suck her breast, rolling his tongue around the inflated nipple, building her toward another orgasm.

As she pumped the boy’s cock in the near darkness, the deed exciting her almost as much as it did him, there was a sound. Both jerked upright, breathing heavily as they saw a figure standing a few feet away. In a mocking tone, a voice asked, dragging out the last word, “Now, what do we have here?”

Before the boy or girl could move, the person squatted beside them and inspected Arlene’s breasts. “Not bad, little girl. Not bad.”

Arlene was so scared that she didn’t even think to cover herself. Arnie found his voice, “What’re you doing here, Jack?” Arnie demanded of the nineteen-year-old boy who lived in an old house a few blocks away. “Nobody told you to come over,” Arnie added, trying to make his words sound firm, but the tremble in his voice ruined the effect.

Rocking back on his heels, the older boy sneered at Arnie. “Don’t get feisty now, Wimp, if I tell your folks what you two have been doing, there’ll be hell to pay.”

Arlene realized that she was still holding Arnie’s dick. She snatched her hand away, but the cock bobbed before her as if to emphasize Jack’s words.

“You wouldn’t tell anyone, would you?” Arlene pleaded, trying to cover her breasts with one arm while she reached out with the other hand to touch Jack, imploringly.

“Ah, I could probably be persuaded not to,” Jack said, as he pushed her arm aside and placed a hand on her left breast.

Arnie grabbed Jack’s hand. “What do you think you’re doing?” he hissed, struggling with Jack.

Jack wouldn’t move his hand away. “Get your hand off me, Arnie, or I’ll go and knock on Arlene’s back door.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Arlene said, twisting out of Jack’s grasp.

Jack grabbed for the other breast and caressed the long nipple between his fingers. “If you pull away again, I’ll show you, Bitch. I even have pictures of you two making out in your cute little way,” he sneered, as he rolled the nipple back and forth. “My phone won’t take decent pictures in this light, but my digital camera has an infrared setting, so I can take pictures in total darkness if I want to.” Relinquishing the nipple, he reached into his shirt pocket, withdrew a picture and handed it to Arnie. “Don’t bother tearing it up. I can print as many as I want.”

Arnie and Arlene stared at the picture. Even in the moonlight, it was evident that Jack hadn’t been lying. The picture had little color, and had a green cast, but it was quite clear. Jack returned to nipple squeezing.

Tears slid down Arlene’s cheeks as she pushed at Jack’s hands. Her voice quivered. “Arnie, my mother will kill me. And my dad will kill you, if they see that picture.

“Yeah,” was all Arnie could think of to say as he stared at the picture of Arlene jerking him off while he sucked her nipple. “When did you take this?” he snarled at the older boy.

“Last night, Dickhead. You two were so involved with playing patty-cake that you didn’t even notice me standing ten feet away. I took a ton of pictures, but that one tells the tale just fine.”

By this time, Jack had both nipples in his hands and was squeezing and pulling on them. Arlene pushed at his hands, still crying, but was afraid to make too much noise for fear he would tell her parents like he said.

As the boy and girl tried to make up their minds what to do, Jack said, “Look, all I want is a little pussy and I’ll be on my way. You two love birds can do it for the rest of your lives for all I care,” he added in a mocking tone.

As Arlene whimpered, Arnie hissed out, “You’re crazy, Jack. She’s a virgin, and my girl. Where do you come off talking like that?”

Jack nodded toward Arlene as he put a hand on his crotch and massaged the bulge there. “Look, Dummy, this little bitch is ready for a cherry popping – something you should have done long ago. Since you didn’t, ol’ Jack will take care of that little chore for you.” He put both hands back on Arlene and milked her nipples.

“Quit that, Jack,” Arnie hissed, as he and Arlene both shoved at Jack.

Jack backhanded the smaller boy hard and returned to his milking. “If you touch me again, I’ll go tell her parents what you two have been doing. And, I’ll beat the shit out of both of you every time I see you. You won’t get a chance to suck on her tits after I tell her folks, or see her either, for that matter,” Jack warned, “not to mention getting both of your asses beat on a regular basis.”

Arnie didn’t know what to do. Jack’s fist had hit him in the mouth, he could taste blood and it felt like his lip was swelling. He took Arlene in his arms, trying to console her as best he could while Jack continued to pull on her nipples. Arlene reached her face up to Arnie to be kissed. Panting slightly and half-crying, she clung to him and returned the kiss, then after a few moments, shivered as Jack brought her off.

Arnie broke the kiss, dumfounded. “Arlene, you came for him,” he accused.

“I ... didn’t mean to,” she answered, stammering, appalled at herself. “I’m just so scared.”

Jack continued to milk Arlene with one hand as he shoved his other hand inside her panties. She grabbed the hand in her panties as Arnie, not realizing what was happening and still mad about her coming, pulled back from her.

“I didn’t mean to, Arnie, I was kissing you, and he wouldn’t stop pulling on my nipples. It just kind of happened. But he’s got his hand on me,” she squeaked out.

It took Arnie a second to realize what she meant, but when he saw where Jack’s hand was, he exploded. “Get your hand off her,” he railed at Jack, but he was afraid to touch him, worried that the bigger boy would really beat his ass. “She’s mine. We’re in love and are saving going all the way until we get married,” he pleaded, his eyes riveted to the sight of Jack’s hand on Arlene’s crotch.

Jack laughed as he continued massaging the brunette’s clit while he milked her nipple with the other hand. Starting with his hand well up on her long breast, he squeezed and pulled his fingers down until he milked her all the way to the end of the swollen nipple. “I either have my cock crammed in her up to my balls within the next few minutes, or I’ll knock on her door and give the picture to her parents. Now make up your mind, Shithead,” he finished, glaring at Arnie.

Arlene whimpered, “What’re we going to do?” she wailed. “I don’t want him to put his thing in me. I want to save that for you until we’re married.”

“You won’t ever marry him,” Jack sneered, as he continued rubbing her clit and milking her breast, “if I don’t get to put my cock in your pussy. I’ll tell your folks what you two have been up to, and they’ll lock you in that house forever. You won’t ever get to jerk off Prettyboy again.”

Arlene and Arnie both knew he was right. They would never get to see each other again.

Seeing their indecision, Jack pushed Arlene back on the blanket and resumed his nipple massage. Arlene’s nipples were longer than Arnie had ever seen them. Jack switched breasts and started milking the other one, one hand still busy on her clit. Arnie realized that Arlene was breathing hard again.

Don’t you come for him again, “ he admonished.

“I can’t help it, Arnie. Make him stop,” she whimpered.

Before Arnie could say anything, Jack interrupted. “Why don’t you kiss her, and I’ll pop her cherry while you two love birds are Frenching?” his hands continuing to massage her clit and milk her breast.

Arlene bowed her body up, moaned, and shuddered.

Jack laughed, “Well, look at this,” he said, as she continued to shiver out her orgasm. Even in the dim light, they could see moisture leaking from the nipple he was pulling on. “The girl gives milk.”

“Leave her alone, Jack. She does that sometimes when she gets excited. She’s been doing it more lately. But, it’s our thing; you don’t have any right to make her do that,” Arnie said, desperately.

Arlene whimpered and shivered again, then relaxed as her orgasm tapered off. Jack milked her long breast in earnest, stripping the nipple between his fingers, trying to make her milk squirt.

“Oh,” she said, and flinched as he milked too hard. “Stop, Jack. That hurts.” After a moment, she added, “I can’t help it. My mother always has milk in her breasts; she told me she had it even before she became pregnant with me. I guess I got it from her.”

“Baby, I’m not making fun of you,” he answered, stroking her breast, but not pulling as hard. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a girl that had milk in her tits.”

Arnie mumbled, “You can’t fuck her. Go fuck somebody else,” but Jack didn’t pay any attention, instead, he held her breast in his hand as he leaned over and licked the nipple. Arlene caught her breath and trembled. Arnie wanted to push Jack away; sucking her breasts was something special between Arlene and himself, and only he had tasted Arlene’s milk before. He hadn’t wanted Jack to find out about her special thing, but he had. Arnie felt sick all over again. Jack didn’t care though, he just kept sucking and milking her breast until Arlene bucked and shuddered. When she was at the height of her orgasm, he released her breast to sway and bob as he shoved his pants and undershorts down, freeing his cock to wave in front of them as he resumed his pussy massage and breast milking.

Arnie couldn’t stand it any longer. Jack’s bigger cock sticking out for all to see, brought home that he was very close to fucking Arlene – it was really going to happen. Arnie’s heart about to break, the smaller boy tried to push Jack back from the brunette. “Don’t you push at me, Little Boy, or I’ll get up from here and tell her folks. I can go down the street and get all the pussy I want.”

Jack slid Arlene’s panties off, with her pulling at his hands, trying ineffectually to stop him, Arnie protesting. “Look at that little pussy,” the larger boy said, eying the sparsely covered mound. Her pussy lips, puckered and sticking out in a little round “O,” glistened with moisture in the moonlight.

Jack pushed Arlene’s legs apart and prepared to mount her, semi-kneeling between her legs, propping himself on one elbow.

“Get away from her,” Arnie whimpered, but was afraid to do anything to Jack, who glared at him.

Jack put his hand back on Arlene’s pussy, forcing her hands away as she tried to resist him. “I’m tired of this crap. It’s time for the fucking, and if you want to be a part of it, you can put my dick in for me,” he said to Arnie with a sneer.

“You’re crazy, Jack,” Arnie said, beginning to pant. He could see Arlene’s pussy lips almost under Jack’s balls. Just one ball was larger than both of Arnie’s and his sack to boot.

“If you don’t put my cock in her pussy, I’m going to ram all the way in – all in one stroke. Look at my cock, little girl,” he said to Arlene, “and tell your boyfriend to do it my way, or you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

Arlene was looking all right, wide-eyed, but she just shivered and continued to cry quietly. Jack slid his finger up and down her pussy lips and sucked on her left breast. Arlene again shivered.

“Don’t come for him, Baby,” Arnie pleaded, as Arlene rhythmically moved her hips, her pert little pussy sliding up and down Jack’s finger, trying vainly to clasp onto it.

“Put it in her now, idiot; she’s about ready to come,” Jack said to Arnie. “Now’s the best time; it won’t hurt her as much.” When the younger boy didn’t comply, Jack said in a cold voice, “Either you put my cock in now, or I’ll go tell her parents. Make up your mind. I’m tired of this crap.” Moving his face close to Arnie’s, he commanded, “Now!”

The younger boy whimpered, but grasped Jack’s cock, anyway. Why was Jack humiliating him so? Jack was going to fuck Arlene, and make him help. I’m not a queer; I don’t want to touch a guy’s dick, Arnie thought. But, Jack didn’t care about what Arnie wanted. The big veins on Jack’s cock throbbed in Arnie’s hand as he grimaced and forced it down to the brunette’s pussy lips. Jack’s cock was so hard that it resisted being pushed down, trying to rear itself toward his belly. Arnie pushed down harder and guided the head to his darling’s virgin pussy. He held back for a minute, until the older boy made a noise, then he pushed it the rest of the way down until the swollen head of the cock pushed into Arlene’s pussy lips. Arnie was afraid that when he turned the cock loose, its upward pressure would hurt the shivering girl, since the cock was so hard and straining to stand up. Arnie could smell the fetid odor of Jack’s unbathed balls as the older boy pushed forward, forcing the wet head into her virgin lips.

Jack pushed a little harder, spreading the tiny “O” outward. “Jack, you’re too big,” Arnie exclaimed, still holding onto the cock for fear that it would tear its way loose and hurt Arlene in the process.

Jack grunted and pushed a little more, the bloated head swelling the lips outward. Arlene shivered and waved her hands around, breathing in gasps, seemingly undecided where she should put her hands. She wound up putting them against Jack’s chest and shoving half-heartedly as Jack worked his hips. Her pussy lips grew wetter with her moisture and his pre-come. “Don’t take your hand off my cock, Little Boy, not until I’ve got it in her up to my balls,” Jack warned as he pushed forward, spreading the lips more with his cockhead.

Arlene’s voice quivered, “It’s too big, Jack.” Her breasts swayed on her chest as she panted, scared, but more sexually excited than she had ever been in her life. She couldn’t think of anything else, only the cock that was pushing her pussy lips apart.

Jack, ignoring her, bore down more, and her breath caught as the cockhead wedged its way a little deeper, hitting her maidenhead. “Don’t take your hand off my cock, or I’ll ram in her,” he sadistically said, enjoying browbeating the smaller boy, as Arnie started to move his hand away. Jack drew back, then pushed into her entrance again, his thick pre-come making her lips slick enough for the head to force its way slightly past them, again coming to rest against her hymen.

Arlene shivered violently, her ass rotating around the thick member as she got her cookies again. Jack drew back and slowly shoved in a little more, increasing the pressure against her hymen. She whimpered and pushed against his shoulders as his cock pressed against her maidenhead, the flimsy barrier vainly trying to protect the entrance to her vagina, Arlene’s breath coming in gasps.

“No, Jack,” she panted, her voice straining as the pressure built on her hymen.

Arnie rubbed his own cock. He was both inflamed by desire and sick because the bigger boy was fucking Arlene. Why was this happening? How had they gotten themselves into this mess? He frantically tried to think of something to do before Jack’s cock tore into his darling, but nothing would come to mind. Jack was going to do it, and nothing Arnie could do would make him stop. Even if Arnie called for help, he knew Jack would just ram into Arlene the way he had threatened. No matter what happened, if Arlene’s parents found out, they would never let him see her again.

Sick to heart, jealous and hurt because of the way Arlene had responded to Jack and his cock, but unable to do anything about it, Arnie just stared at the glistening rod as it slid slowly back, then eased forward until it bumped her hymen again. Jack placed Arlene’s hands on her long breasts, and told her to hold them, while he sucked on her left nipple, drinking her milk that she had before only given to Arnie. Jack continued sucking her with his cock pushed firmly against her maidenhead, the brunette panting and slowly wiggling her ass. Taking his mouth off her jutting nipple, wet with her milk, he told Arnie. “Quit jacking off and put your other hand on her pussy and rub her clit.”

Arnie was so hot and confused that he complied, thinking vaguely that he could, somehow, help to fuck her, himself taking, at least some part.

Jack again pressed down on the girl’s cherry, stretching out the moment. Arlene’s mouth opened slightly, her pouting lips forming an “O,” like her pussy, as he put pressure on her barrier yet again, teasing her. Her breasts jiggled as she caught her breath. “No, Jack,” she hissed, trying to sit up, “That hurts.” Jack eased up on the pressure, but pushed her back to the blanket.

Arnie’s heart throbbed, “Don’t pop her Jack. Please, don’t pop her,” he said repeatedly. “I want to do that. Please, don’t pop her.”

Jack didn’t pay any attention to the distraught boy, but fucked his cock back and forth in the opening of her pussy. Arnie, without thinking, was trying to please Arlene by rubbing his finger on her little button.

“She’s about ready,” Jack said through gritted teeth to keep from shooting his load as Arlene’s pussy lips fluttered against his cock. “I’m going to do it while she’s coming the next time.”

Arnie’s breath caught in his throat; his heart throbbed. It should be him pushing up inside Arlene, not Jack. What could he do to stop this? While his mind frantically searched for some way to stop Jack, he kept mumbling, “Don’t Jack. Don’t Jack.“ Tears of frustration flowed down Arnie’s cheeks as the older boy eased his cock in and out of Arlene. Arnie continued to masturbate his darling while Jack’s cockhead pulled out to the very outer lips of the young girl’s pussy, then forced the lips apart, like he did the first time, sliding his cockhead forward, he pushed firmly against her cherry. Arnie heard himself say, even as he masturbated her faster, “Don’t come, Darling. If you do, he’s going to shove it up you.”

That was the last thing he should have said. Arlene gasped, her long breasts swaying and jiggling on her chest, then convulsed. Jack was holding firmly against her maidenhead as she shuddered below him, her mouth slightly open as her orgasm, the biggest one yet, hit. Arnie rubbed her clit frenziedly as she shivered again. Jack put his weight on his bone-hard, bloated rod. Arlene gasped, her orgasm shaking her, her pussy spasming and working to get Jack’s cock inside it. As Jack gritted his teeth and pushed harder, her ass wiggling and squirming, she grunted an, “Uhhhhh,” as his weight increased and her hymen stretched.

“Watch me.” Jack said, “I’m going in.” He bore down harder, her hymen broke and the fat cockhead pushed past. Arlene flinched, gave a little yelp, and bucked under him. “I’m making a woman out of her for you,” Jack gasped, as the exquisite pressure of the tight, virgin pussy gripped his dick.

“Keep rubbing her clit,” he said as he slowly pushed deeper, the young girl, delirious with desire as the vile-smelling cock pried its way up her pussy. She pushed desperately at his chest, trying to stop the onslaught of his cock, but despite the pain, her orgasm peaked again and again. Her boyfriend, not only having to watch, but having to participate, was driving her crazy, not to mention what Jack’s engorged rod was doing to her.

Arnie kept whispering, “No, no, no...”

“I’m going in,” Jack said again as his rod slowly pushed up the struggling brunette. Arnie jerked his hand away, as Jack shoved in until his balls rested against her ass. “I’m in her,” Jack said unnecessarily, as he strained hard against her, his cock deep inside her. He held in her for a moment, then eased back and forth an inch or so at a time before again holding tightly up Arlene. Her ass squirmed under him. After a moment, he pulled back a couple of inches and short-stroked her. His pace picked up, his breathing growing harsh.

Arlene’s head was back, a strained look on her face, as she held her pussy up for Jack’s dick, Arnie again rubbing his finger on her clit. Jack’s rhythm grew ragged. He gave several short, rapid strokes, then rammed as deep into her pussy as he could. He held for a moment, then shivered and groaned. Arnie knew what was happening, and he felt like he couldn’t breathe. “No, Jack. Don’t,” he begged, but Jack’s balls heaved. He bucked his ass forward, hard, twice. Then one more short stroke as he groaned again and gasped as he froze with his cock stuck up Arlene. As Jack started to get his rocks off, Arnie held his breath, knowing what was about to happen. The bloated cock expanded and jerked as sperm pumped through it. Arnie whimpered, the cock jerking again as gobs of thick spunk sprayed from the head and gushed into the brunette’s pussy.

Arlene gasped when she felt the first spurt inside her virgin channel, the obscene load pouring into her, washing against her cervix, and into her womb, whimpered, “Nooooo, I’m Arnie’s girl.”

Jack, not caring whose girl she was, intent only on getting his rocks off, drew back and hunched his ass forward again. “Uh ... Jack,” she grunted as his cockhead geysered rut into her again. He hunched again. “Uh,” she said, almost inaudibly, her orgasm peaking again and again. Her long nipples squirted fine streams of milk as she, unable to help herself, hunched her pussy up Jack’s cock.

Arnie rubbed faster on her clit as Jack’s cock jerked painfully in the brunette’s tube and disgorged another gob of smelly seed, bathing her womb, while her breasts swayed and sprayed milk on Jack’s chest and the blanket on either side of them.

Arnie could make out multiple thin streams of milk spurting from Arlene’s bouncing tits in time with Jack’s jerking strokes. Arnie realized that his own skinny cock was spurting on its own without him even touching it. The three of us are coming together, he thought, fatuously.

When Jack’s cock quit jerking, he didn’t pull out of the brunette. Instead, he lengthened his strokes until he was pulling well back in Arlene’s pussy, then sliding firmly up inside her, his balls slapping against her ass, her pussy coated with his slimy seed. The process created an obscene sound as air and sperm were forced around the junction of cock and pussy, coating their groins. Arlene panted and whimpered as the cock slid almost out of her, only to swell her tight tube again as Jack slowly pushed all the way back up her belly, accompanied by her delicate, whimpering, “Uhs,” as he shoved all the way in. He licked her nipples, milked her breasts with his hands, then sucked her as his pace increased.

“Noooo, Jack,” she managed to say as her orgasm tapered off, then “Uh ... uh ... uh...” in time with his strokes as their groins slapped together.

“Rub her clit,” Jack ordered Arnie, as the younger boy started to remove his hand. “I want you to feel me fucking her.”

“Jack, I don’t want to do this anymore. We kept our bargain. You fucked her, now pull your thing out of her and leave us alone.”

Jack, furious, hissed at the smaller boy, the bigger boy’s cock still slowly pumping Arlene’s pussy, “I still have the pictures, and if you don’t do what I tell you to, I’ll give them to her parents; you know I will. Now rub her clit. I’m going to make her come until her eyes cross, then I’m going to jackoff in her pussy again.”

Arnie didn’t know what else to do, so he did what Jack told him – rubbed on Arlene’s clit, while the bigger boy’s cock slid in an out, Jack gradually picking up the speed of his thrusts. Arlene’s whispered, “Uh ... uh ... uh...” as the older boy’s cock slid back and forth in her pussy. Her tits bobbing wildly, she turned her face toward Jack as her hands again searched futilely for somewhere to be, the double ministrations of the two boys bringing her closer to the biggest orgasm of her life.

Arnie felt sick as he watched Arlene shove her pussy up Jack’s rod when the older boy hunched his hips forward, sending his cock tearing up her channel. She raised her legs, spread them wide, abruptly locking them around Jack’s driving hips. Jack short-stroked her, his hips pistoning frantically, then groaned.

His rod thickened and bulged as he shifted his pace and rammed hard into the girl. She grunted louder this time, her pouting lips standing open as he lunged again and held, his groin locked against hers, Arnie continuing to frantically masturbate her.

Arlene whispered, “No, no, no, no,” as Jack’s body tensed and shivered, his balls heaved, his cock swelling then jerking again. Arlene caught her breath, then squealed as gobs of rut gushed from the end of his dick and flooded her tender pussy. “Uhhh ... uhhhh...” she said as each geyser of manseed gushed up her. Jack pulled back and rammed in again, his back arched, head back and mouth hanging open as his balls emptied into the girl.

The brunette grunted, kicked wildly, then clenched Jack’s ass with her legs again as she rammed her pussy against his groin, her tits spurting milk, swaying and jiggling as she squealed and worked her pussy up and down the spurting rod shoved so far up her belly. She shivered again as Jack slammed into her, then froze, his eyes closed, not appreciating her beauty as his cock jerked and spurted, jerked and spurted.

The fucking couple collapsed into an entwined, squirming tangle of arms and legs. Arnie saw sperm leaking past the plug stuck up his darling’s pussy as Jack’s rut was forced out of her belly. Arnie pulled his hand from between their groins, and jacked himself off, his rut spraying on the ground, as his bride-to-be stared at the boy who had popped her cherry and filled her womb with his seed.

She shivered and sighed as Jack slowly rotated his ass, pulling back slightly and easing back in, causing sperm to run out of her pussy. After a while, he grew still, just letting his cock soak inside the trembling girl. He lowered his mouth to Arnie’s darling and kissed her, fucking his tongue in and out of her mouth, while sperm leaked from her, her long breasts still dripping milk, her legs splayed on the blanket. His cock softened as sperm oozed past her swollen vulva.

Arnie remembered the film they had watched in biology class, how sperm wiggled and darted in every direction, seeking an egg to fertilize. All he could think about was how much of Jack’s stuff was inside Arlene right now, trying to find her egg.

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