A Dangerous Affair
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Orgy, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'm an ex soldier making a living as a private investigator when i'm asked to take on a job by my sister's husband

"Ah shit, Monday bloody morning again"

I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep just as Shelly stirred and threw a leg over my stomach, her nipples were pressing into me and I could feel the warm dampness of her crotch against my hip.

"What time is it?" she asked drowsily and kissed my chest,

"Half past fucking seven on a Monday fucking morning and your old man will be on his way home now"

She nibbled at my ear lobe and rubbed herself against my hip wantonly,

"Yes but he'll be another five or six hours yet and I'm horny again"

"You're always fucking horny" I laughed as I rolled her onto her back,

"Yes, aren't I just?" she giggled and opened her legs to accept me.

It was as if we were first time lovers, never mind that we'd made love only seven hours previously, she clutched at me, her long finger nails gouging into the flesh of my buttocks, as I ploughed into her tight little hole,

"Talk to me dirty you bastard"

"You fucking love cock don't you?"

"I love your fucking cock"

Her casual use of the profanity made my prick jerk, then she nibbled my ear lobe and whispered huskily,

"Shove that lovely big prick right up my ass and make me fucking scream again"

An hour later, I crept out of the accommodation that the news company kept for its' staff who worked silly hours and started or finished at all sorts of ridiculous times of the day and night, a ten pound note in the discreet hand of the porter ensured his silence as always as well as earning me a smile of jealousy.

Shelly was gorgeous and her bosses at the news channel knew it, she was the reason millions of men switched on their T.V. sets whenever she was reading the news, it was said that she was the cause of a thousand divorces and I doubted none of it.

She was married to the chairman of the international media company who she worked for, but she was just a trophy wife and before she met me, her only pleasure was with her many vibrators, then I was asked for my "expert" views on a particular situation which had arisen in the middle east, I'd been there previously with the army as a Captain (or a Rupert as we were known) so once I left the service and started my private investigation service, the news company whose staff my unit had rescued out there sought me out and paid me a handsome retainer to be their on call military advisor, then I met Shelly!

The interview was conducted in the studio, but I was tongue tied and gave the worst performance of my life, I thought she was the most mind blowing woman I'd ever seen in my life, everything about her struck me as being sensual and erotic especially her eyes, they seemed to be mocking me as we talked, then thankfully the interview was over and she asked me to share a coffee with her in the executives dining room.

She said she found me fascinating and then she smiled as I said the same,

"Where are you going now John?"


"Oh I just wondered if you might like to take me to bed"

That had been when I discovered that she always wore stockings and that she liked to keep them on in bed, she liked to watch herself being fucked as well in one of the many full length wall mirrors in the bedroom.

She loved to use the dirtiest expressions imaginable too while I fucked her and she adored masturbating herself on the bed as I watched and masturbated with her, all in all Shelly was a very sexy lady!

"Morning John, good night was it?"

"Yes thank you Maud, get the coffee on will you please?"

"You've had an enquiry John, the lady wants you to ring back as soon as you can"

"Another warrant serving?" I ventured,

"No, but she wouldn't say what it was except that when I mentioned our charges, she said money wasn't a problem"

"Bloody hell, it's been a problem for me ever since I can remember"

"She sounded very, er, you know, upper class"

The phone was answered at the first ring and as Maud placed the coffee on my desk, I introduced myself and the voice on the other end of the line made the hair on my neck stand up,

"You don't know me John, please darling"


"When can we meet?"

"Whenever you like"

"Now?" she suggested,

"Where?" I had the impression it was important to her,

Remember our favourite little café?"

"Yep, I'll be there in thirty minutes"

"Bye love"

I sat back in my chair and drank my coffee as I thought about her, my twin sister, my one time lover and the only person I'd ever thought I might spend my whole life with.

It had happened after our parents had died in the old cottage they'd bought and were converting into their dream home, they'd been warned that the old gas pipes needed renewing, but it had been winter when they'd moved in and the leaking gas pipes had been their silent killer as they slept!

Kate had been at college and I'd been in Hereford where I was based, we could hardly believe it when told of their deaths and she'd waited for me at the station having got there about an hour before me.

Like most twins we were close, but over the next few days we grew even closer and clung to each other for comfort even to the point of sharing the only bed in the cottage.

The funeral had been the worst day of all, our relatives said all the right things of course but I'm not sure that we heard them, we stood together, hands entwined throughout the service and after they'd all left the reception at the local pub, we'd taken a bottle of brandy home with us and demolished it between us before falling into bed and each others arms.


"What baby?"

"I want you to do something for me"


"Promise?" she kissed my chest,

"I promise"

"Make love to me"

Somehow I knew she was going to say that, it didn't faze me at all,

"Are you sure?"

"Very sure John, in spite of all our relatives being there today, it's just me and you now, I need to know you at least still want me"

"I've always wanted you, you know that"

"Show me"

Kneeling up beside me, she straddled my chest and kissed me on the mouth,

"You're hard"

"You've noticed"

I felt the warmth of her through my shorts and her panties, then I felt her hand delving into my shorts,

"Oh Christ John" she gasped as she rolled on top of me, "Is that for real?"

"I reckon so" I said and then jerked with shock as her lips closed over my prick,

"Kate" I gasped, "Bloody hell fire!"

We were quiet then as I turned around under her body and ran my tongue over the front of her panties, I heard her own gasp and felt her legs stiffen as she pressed her mound down onto my mouth, I wormed my tongue beneath the narrow gusset and tasted the wonderfully aromatic wetness of my sister's cunt.

As I worked my tongue up in between the folds of her sex, I was astounded at her reactions, she held my prick in a death grip, but that was all she did apart from trembling, shaking and squealing!

Finally her hand began moving again and once again I felt the warmth of her mouth enclosing my prick, her pussy was incredibly wet but I was loving it, I licked from her clitoris to her anus whilst she licked, sucked and slavered over her new toy and I wondered how long I'd last under her treatment, gripping her buttocks I rolled her over until I was on top and she squealed as my prick threatened to choke her.

But I wanted something else and I knew she did too,

"Yes darling" she hissed as I turned around and pulled her panties off, I'd been right, she cried out with pleasure and held me tightly to her breasts as I entered her warmth,

"Oh fuck yes"

She wrapped her long legs around my back and urged me on with whispered little obscenities in my ear,

"I used to dream about this John, I've wanted this prick in me for years"

"Why didn't you call me?" I said, "I'd have come running"

"For my pussy?"

"For every fucking part of you" and then I started to come and we clung together allowing the pleasure to take us both up to the edge and over into the abyss of sexual oblivion!

She was sitting at the back of the café, a smile on her pretty face and to my mind, just as bloody sexy looking as ever.

I ordered a coffee and sat down opposite her,


"Hi yourself"

"You're looking good"

"So are you"

I looked into her bright blue eyes and smiled,

"You got a problem?"

"You could say that, yes"

"Tell me"

"Not here for God's sake John, let's go to your flat"

I parked the car outside on the street and went up the steps two paces behind her so that I could look at her beautiful long legs in front of me.

"I knew this would happen" she smiled as she scrambled into my bed to escape from the cold in the flat, "Hurry up and get in"

"I'm coming, I'm coming" I laughed and stepped out of my jeans,

"Not yet you're not" she whispered as she came into my arms, "This horny little cunt needs a bloody good fucking first"

It was almost tea time before we finally drew apart and shared a cigarette, but even then she caressed my penis and giggled when I said she was insatiable,

"Only with you Johnny" she laughed throatily, "You're such a dirty bastard"

"Oh ok, so I made you wear your stockings in bed did I?"

"I know you like them"

"And who was it who stuffed her panties up herself and made me take them out without using my hands?"

"Stop it Johnny" she giggled, "You're turning me on again"

"Let's get something to eat"

"Phone for a pizza and we can eat it in bed"

"What about your loving hubby?"

"I'll phone him now and tell him I'm staying with you tonight"

Reaching for her phone, she lay back and giggled as I pushed her thighs apart and nuzzled into the wetness between them, I half expected her to push me away but she laid a hand on my head as she talked to him.

"No darling, not yet, we're just going out for something to eat and I'll put it to him then, yes he's here now, do you want a word?"

She slid the phone down to me and scampered into the bathroom while I spoke to my brother in law,

"No she hasn't told me anything yet, I've been busy, but as she said no doubt she'll tell me when we eat"

I looked over to where she was standing over the toilet bowl cupping both heavy breasts as a long stream of urine splashed into the bowl, my prick jerked up at the sight of her indulging just one of my many little kinks and she came back to me slowly and sexily without bothering to wipe herself.

"Oops, here's our taxi mate" I said, "She'll phone you later" and I just about managed to close the connection before her sweet, dripping little honey pot descended on my mouth!

We never did get the pizza that night and actually drifted off to sleep later on, still wrapped around each other our bodies wet and sticky with each other's secretions. She woke me in the morning with her singing along with the appetising aroma of fried bacon coming from the tiny kitchen, but she refused point blank to let me eat until I'd showered,

"I've showered and I've been to the shop for some food, what the hell do you live on, rancid milk and stale bread?" she laughed and shooed me away to shower.

"If you accept the job, I need to work with you" she had at least waited until I'd shovelled half my breakfast down my throat,

"For Christ's sake Katie, tell me what the bloody job is"

"Basically we need to find my sister in law, The Right Honourable Lady Sophia Jones"

"Oh yeah, I forgot you're a "Right Honourable too aren't you?"

She ignored me, I'd also forgotten that she hated the title she gained when she married a member of the British aristocracy.

"She's slumming it Johnny, last seen working as a prostitute near King's Cross railway station but the girls fucked her off their pitch, with her looks they weren't getting any work!"

"Why is she slumming it and why not ask the police?"

"Answer A is because she loves the life, basically she's a slut and answer B is because my darling husband's enemies, of which he has many, would make sure that he would never, ever occupy number ten Downing Street"

"Is that a realistic possibility?"

"Very realistic"

"So where do we start?"

"Well I think we should start by being honest"

"You've got the wrong man"

"No I bloody haven't, so don't try to bullshit me Johnny, I'm Katie remember, her latest pleasure is entertaining guests by masturbating by herself or with her girlfriend in a little underground club in Soho and then taking on all comers, male or female or both together"

"So who's paying?"

"Hubby of course, I told him your usual rated were two hundred pounds a day, so because I'll be working with you, he's doubled it and added some, you're on a thousand pounds a day and a nice little bonus when we find her"

"She might not want to go back to her old life"

"That won't affect your pay, but of course if she's slumming it, she'll probably be on drugs too"


"I need to go home to pick up some clothes"

"I'll take you"

"Ok, oh and by the way Frederick knows about us"


"He's finally decided that he's gay, or at least he prefers men in his bed, he's given me carte blanch to lead my own life as long as I keep his secret and don't get myself involved in any scandal"


"I've taken a suite of rooms at the Dorchester Hotel to be central to the action, so come on, let's get cracking"

It took us until mid afternoon to gather her mountain of clothes from the mansion she shared with Frederick, thankfully he wasn't there, although I'd always found him to be a friendly, personable man, just the thought of him making love to my gorgeous sister sickened me.

Katie commandeered several porters to ferry her stuff up to the suite whilst I sat in the bar and wondered what I'd got myself into, yes the money was good and yes I was actually looking forward to spending some time with the sexiest woman I'd ever met, but something was worrying me and I didn't know what it was!

"I think we should have an early night John" she said over a glass of wine in the hotel dining room, "So that we'll be fresh for an early start in the morning, don't you?"

"Oh absolutely" I agreed and dragged my eyes away from her gorgeous breasts to look into her eyes, "Are you wearing anything at all under that dress?"

"Of course" she giggled and cast her eyes downwards modestly, Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear

"I'm wearing a few drops of Chanel number five round my cunt"

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