Mr. Brightside
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Size, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Another wife watching story. Husband encourages wifey to play around. Things go farther than the husband and wife intended.

Mike was sitting next to Sally. Across from them were Jen (Mike's wife) and Vic (Sally's husband). The two couples were at dinner after having seen a movie.

Sally and Vic got up to go to the bathroom. As soon as they were gone, Jen leaned over and said, "Vic's hands have been on me all night long."

Mike perked up. "What's he done?"

"He's been rubbing my legs, and trying to get under my skirt."

Mike immediately got excited. The thought of his wife with another man had always turned him on. "So — let him play a little."

Jen wasn't surprised by her husband's answer. She knew about his fantasies, and they often role played in bed. Still — "Michael, you're crazy. Sally is sitting right across the table."

Mike smiled mischievously. "That's more reason why you should do it. It's so wicked. Besides, you should take pity on Vic. With Sally pregnant, he's probably not getting anything at home. You know, Vic has always had a thing for you." Mike knew it wasn't just Vic who found his wife desirable. All male eyes turned when she walked into a room. Jen had shoulder length blonde hair, a pretty face and a tight petite body. Her breasts were small but perky, and her ass was tight. Her legs were her best feature, which were long, slim and shapely.

"Michael, you're demented."

With a smile still on his face, Mike reached over and put Jen's spoon over her knife. "I'll keep Sally busy so she won't notice you and Vic. Start out with your legs crossed. Then after Vic hits on you for a while, uncross your legs. When you do, uncross the spoon and knife, so I'll know what's happening."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"You'll see."

"Michael, I don't think this is a good idea."

Mike looked intently into Jen's eyes. "Do want I say," he said. Jen found herself nodding. This was a game they often played. They both found the master/slave fantasy to be exciting. But they had never involved other people. Well, that wasn't true. They often played games where she'd expose herself to other guys, even flirt with other guys. Her husband loved it when she "accidentally" exposed a lot of leg, maybe even momentarily flashed her stocking tops. But their games had never involved people they knew.

Before she could think more about it, Sally and Vic returned. As Sally studied her menu, Vic moved his hand under the table cloth and back onto Jen's shapely leg. Mike got hard imagining Vic's hand moving under his wife's skirt, up her shapely thigh, and then feeling the tops of her thigh highs. As their entrees arrived, Mike saw Jen subtly uncross her spoon and knife. Mike was so excited he could barely keep from shaking. He couldn't believe another man was feeling his wife up just a few feet away from him. He imagined his wife slightly parting her legs, letting Vic edge his hand higher up her skirt.

Mike tried to keep Sally occupied with conversation, but he was having a hard time concentrating on the pregnant woman. He wanted to watch Vic grope his sexy wife. Mike glanced over at his wife. She was flushed and breathing heavily. Sally noticed it too, and said, "Jen are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm okay, it's just hot in here." Jen reached for her water and took a sip. As she did she saw her husband absentmindedly move this spoon away from his knife. His message was clear. He wanted her to open her legs wider. Jen subtly shook her head no. It was so subtle that only Mike noticed it. Still speaking with Sally, Mike began to absentmindedly twist his wedding ring. "I'm your husband, you'll do as I say," Mike wordlessly commanded his wife.

Vic's hand was still under Jen's skirt, caressing the bare thigh above her stockings. She was incredibly turned on. Vic's fingers were flickering over her bare inner thigh, one of her most sensitive spots. Being touched so intimately by a man whose wife was just sitting a few feet away was so deliciously naughty. But the playing had gone far enough. When she saw Michael spread his spoon and knife, she thought "Is he crazy?" But she felt the force of her husband's persistence, so internally sighing, she lifted in her seat slightly to free her skirt from under her bottom, and then she parted her legs wider. Not a lot, but enough to give Vic access to her most private parts. Mike saw his wife's slight movement out of the corner of his eyes, and made sure to keep Sally occupied so she didn't notice.

Vic couldn't believe his good luck. He had always thought Jen was incredibly sexy, easily the best looking wife in their circle of friends, but he never thought he'd get a chance to feel her up the way he was doing. When he first placed his hand on her sexy leg he expected her to push him away. When she didn't he continued to explore, expecting that she would push him away at any moment. He couldn't believe it when she uncrossed her legs to make room for his hand, and now she had just spread her legs wider. He had to be careful with his wife and Mike just across the table from them, but he wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by. He risked a glance down at Jen's lap. Her skirt was pulled up high and he could see the sexy wife's stocking tops and bare thighs. He slowly edged his hand along Jen's thigh and under her raised skirt. As he moved over her naked flesh Vic felt Jen shudder.

Vic's fingers brushed across Jen's panties. Jen was prepared for it, but still she almost jumped out of her seat. Oh my god, she thought, he can feel that I'm soaking wet.

Vic traced his finger tips along Jen's panty covered pussy. He wanted to put his fingers into her, but he didn't think he could do that without attracting Sally and Mike's attention. Just at that moment, a band started playing, and Mike asked Sally to dance. Jen protested, "Honey, I'd like to dance." She wanted an excuse to get away from Vic.

"Honey, you're not done with your entrée yet. We'll dance later."

As soon as they were gone Vic moved in closer to Jen. He still had to be careful as they were surrounded by people, but he and Jen were seated in a corner, so people couldn't see what he was doing under the table. Jen tried to close her legs, but Vic was too fast. He quickly edged his fingers around Jen's panties, and inserted a finger into her pussy. She was incredibly wet. His thumb found her clit. He put a second finger inside her. Within moments he was finger fucking her, two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, and his thumb rubbing her clit. It took all of Jen's will power to not buck wildly in her seat. It felt so good. Vic was going to make her cum. Under the table, Jen's feet arched in her heels as her orgasm hit and rippled through her body.

Jen was still panting as Mike and Sally returned. Sally looked concerned. "Jen, are you sure you're okay?"

Jen drank more water. "Maybe I'm coming down with something," she panted. Mike slightly smiled. He couldn't wait to get his wife home to find out what happened.

As the two couples parted for the evening, Vic gave Jen a hug. He held her tighter than normal, but Mike and Sally didn't notice because they were getting their cars from the valet. "You owe me," Vic whispered into Jen's ear. As he did, he pulled Jen even closer to him, pushing his hard-on against her.

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