Lion Game
Chapter 1: Summer Heat

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Caution,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Summer Heat - Kris is home, hot and bothered, and it might be far more fun with two.

Hot didn't even begin to cover it. Up in his room on the fourth and top floor of a posh apartment block Kris cursed himself silently. What on earth had possessed him to stay here, at home, in this sweltering heat while his parents spent the weeks at their lakeshore house. It would be cool there, with the breeze blowing in off the water. The sea here in the city seemed stagnant and dead. Hotter than the windless air. Even with the air con on full it was still roasting in the apartment, but not as hot as it was outside in the heat of the sun.

The eighteen year old wasn't even dressed yet. A sleepless night spent tossing and turning lead to a late rise. It was now two o'clock and Kris was still only wearing a pair of boxers. The condo was dark, all the wooden Venetian blinds drawn down, and thin beams of orange sunlight fell through and spread over Kris's slim tanned body like a tiger's stripes. Sea-Ice blue eyes caught sight of himself in the mirror and he ceased his pacing.

Dark tan skin where the light hit it, the rest of him a paler shadow in the semi darkness, narrow shoulders, long body, thin hips. The light stripes made his legs seem longer, and cast a collar across his throat. Short bronze-red hair stuck up in lazy, unruly spikes. Tiger striped boxers completed the image. Kris rubbed his jaw, firm, but slightly pointed, with the back of his hand.

He moved with a slow curious gait like a cat, towards the slatted blind. He sniffed softly and at a touch the blind shot up with an overly loud clatter in the almost silent room. Instantly hot sunlight flooded a square patch of floor and Kris leapt back with an oath. Even breathing was hard in the day's unbearable heat, and Kris, unusually listless, had never been so bored. Carefully he stepped into the light a little way, keeping his head and chest in the shade. Even in that short space of time the stone tiled floor had already begun to warm.

Outside the city streets were sweltering. Too hot to drive anywhere and the roads were dead, the tarmac sweating in the heat. Cars like silent metal ovens parked at the side of the sticky blacktop. For the most part the pavements were deserted too. It was too hot. Shop keepers stayed indoors, huddled under their air con units, or else had given up and gone home. Everyone was inside or out on the beach. No doubt ice cream sales were booming today. Where there were people, they were covered in wide brimmed hats and sunglasses, darting from shade to shade and then indoors or out of sight.

Except for one.

A man, maybe a little older than Kris, sat on the edge of the pavement with his feet in the road, arms resting on his knees. He was powerfully built, though not overly muscled, and dressed only in knee length denim cut offs. But he had nice shoulders and a strong neck, hands like paws almost. Golden locks fell into his eyes, the rest of his unusually long hair spilled loose over his back and shoulders. Tanned gold skin glimmered with sweat. He wasn't doing anything, just breathing. Kris stepped forward, slim fingers resting on the windowsill. His slight movement must have caught the strangers eye for he looked up. Strong squareish jaw, open and panting in the heat, white teeth and bright reckless, hazel eyes. Kris saw those eyes and felt his heart skip. He knew he could be seen from the street, highlighted against the blackness. He caught himself just as he had begun to raise his hand.

The lion-like stranger watched him still as he wrestled with himself. He had nothing do and what had he to lose? Even less if he was honest. He looked back at the stranger and felt a stirring under his belly as his eyes roamed across the body he could see sitting out there. Restless and almost lost looking. Kris vanished from the window, pulling the shutter down as he stepped back. A second later he heard the buzzer go.

"Killing time?" Kris asked in his liquid honey voice, one that had made him both a charmer and an excellent public speaker. Two talents that had earned him a double life at such a young age. Angel by day, Angel for Rent by night.

"Company?" asked the voice at the other end, half a growl. All command and power in that voice. Kris buzzed him in saying;

"Room at the top, end of the line."

He went quickly to the fridge and poured out two large measures of Southern Comfort with ice, left one there on the counter and took his, and the rest of the bottle, up the stairs to his room. Tiled like the rest of the house and thankfully tidy. Pale wood desk, chair, chest of drawers, walk in wardrobe, double bed. The slats of the blind let in those same white-orange stripes of light. Kris took a sip of his drink and put the bottle on the desk. He heard footfalls below and the soft chink of glass against stone. A shadow moved at the foot of the short flight of stairs and hesitated in passing.

Lion eyes caught a tiger-striped Kris half turning, glass in hand, looking very slim and very enticing. The man stood the doorway and Kris was surprised to find himself looking up at the stranger who stood, feet apart and relaxed against the door frame, also holding a glass and glowing in the gloom. Kris put down his glass and padded forward, moving with a fluid grace normally commanded by princes and kings. And wild cats.

One slender finger traced bold path down the stranger's chest, collecting little beads of sweat. The stranger shivered and Kris painted the liquid on his tongue.

"What's your name?"

"Does it matter?" asked Kris as his hands descended to the strangers cut off's, tugging unhurriedly at the stiff zip, "I'm hot and bothered and I thought it night be more fun with two."

"Hot certainly," was the murmured reply from chiselled lips, "but I intend to do something about the 'bothered' little Tiger." All of a sudden that mouth closed over Kris own and his legs struggled to support him as his mouth was effectively plundered. Kris was left gasping for air as the other pulled back. He growled low as he came forward for the rejoinder, taking the upper hand he was so rarely allowed. He watched the lions eyes flicker closed with a moan.

Kris fell back grinning and went to where he had left his glass and took a deep gulp. The stranger reaffirmed his grip on his drink that had threatened to fall from his fingers. He went over to where Kris stood and wrapped an arm around him. The boy put his glass down again and in a second he had the strangers cut offs round his ankles and had sunk to his knees. The person he was at night took over as he closed his mouth over the other's rock hard arousal. As a rule, clients only wanted to be brought off, in any one of a myriad of ways, and they didn't care if he came or not. The only exceptions were those who got off on watching or liked to be fucked by their paid whore. He'd only taken a handful of times and it had never been good. Being paid had taken all the fun out of what was once nothing but a laugh. Kris heard the lion-stranger's self-muffled exclamation of surprise and felt him turn harder, if that was possible, in his mouth. Strong fingers slid into his hair and gripped him as his head bobbed and his mouth worked on the hard need held between his lips.

Suddenly he was pushed back and raised up by that great paw around his throat, and as he was lifted it flashed through Kris's mind for the first time that this might not have been the best idea in the world. What if the stranger turned on him? But he was set down firmly on his feet. Kris opened his mouth to ask what on earth was going on but the lion placed a finger over his lips.

"Hush... You know what you're doing little one, don't you?" Kris didn't try to answer the question, though he resented being called 'little', "No one loves you, do they Tiger?"

Kris nodded mutely, stunned at how this worst of all truths was merely spoken aloud in that voice that was like fire and earth, dangerous and powerful. The hand wandered down his chest, big enough to almost completely cover his abdomen. Kris took in a sharp breath as one of his nipples was caught between those nice white teeth. Fingers caught the waistband of his tiger striped boxers and began to drag them down.


"Hush Tiger," were the warm damp words murmured against his skin, "Hush and hold still." All at once that too hot to be real mouth was clamped over his hardened sex bringing out a moan he couldn't bite back. How many times had he wished for a return of what he gave others? Kris couldn't count them, but clients had no interest in pleasuring their rent boy, their hired help. And while he'd given more blow jobs than he could remember, he'd never once been on the receiving end before. Strong arms wound around his waist to stop him falling over as his knees were reduced to rubber. His slender hands slipped down into the golden locks, not guiding, there was no need, just gripping tight enough to make the lion growl around him. Teeth lips and tongue worked absolute torture on his desire. Those growls the lion made as he worked on Kris were the most beautiful sounds he'd ever heard, and though he tried he couldn't muffle his own higher cries of desperate, unexpected pleasure. For being taken he had a whole repertoire of phrases and faux moans to fall back on, but this was so new and so intense that there was no need to even think of faking anything. The powerful stranger worked with his eyes closed, big hands caressing smooth unmarked and hairless skin, his lips doing the same. The boy in his arms shuddered, all his muscles tightening in brief warning of the outward rush of warmth. The lion drank it all, almost greedy and very predatory in his motions. Kris, who had almost been caught out by himself, let out a long moan as he came, helpless in the arms of the other man.

Finished the stranger looked up at him with lust darkened eyes and smiled.

"Good Tiger." He rested Kris against the wall and went to fetch his drink from the desk. Kris promptly slid down the wall into a graceful heap on the blissfully cool floor. The lion looked down at him smiling. He lifted the boy in his arms and laid him out on the bed. Kris just murmured sleepily until he yelped in surprise, bucking up against the strong arm over his chest as an ice cube was placed neatly on his navel. Smiling at him the blond man took the ice cube and trailed it up his chest making him hiss. If it hadn't been for the restraining arm clamped down over his shoulders he really would have leapt up as the welcome cold slid first over one sensitive nipple, then the other.

The lion's hot mouth followed the trail and he slipped the rest of the ice cube into Kris's mouth and stopped to look down at the boy. Kris was in a blissful sort of torment, half wondering what the other would do next, half hoping to get a chance to return the favour. He rolled onto his side as he felt one of those big hands wander over his shoulders and down his back. Smooth and soft as velvet he was, all the way down and anywhere else that hand cared to roam. The palm slide over his ass and in one fluid movement he was on all fours, knees spread. To his surprise, the hand stopped.

He looked over at the lion-stranger, certain he hadn't mis-read his preference and found himself looking into confused eyes.

"What are you doing?"

"Isn't this what you want?" demanded Kris, his honeyed voice at odds with his tone. The stranger smiled.

"Don't jump to conclusions pretty Tiger, come here." He lent back against the head board, sitting in the centre of the bed with his legs spread a little. Kris half sat, half knelt next to him, one hand supporting him the other instantly closing over the other man's ample hardness. The stranger made a pleasured sound in the back of his throat. He grabbed Kris's jaw and murmured "Keep going" before he kissed him.

Kris had never been kissed like that and it took all his will power to keep up the pace of his hand while his mouth was so well violated. And so sweetly too. The kiss knocked the wind from him, leaving him gasping and turning hard as the stranger's paw petted him.

"Enough," the lion took hold of his wrist and pulled him away, but he saw the scared light in Kris's bright blue eyes and smiled softly, tracing a finger over his furrowed brow.

"I never said I didn't want you, just not like that," the last word was said with such displeasure that Kris flinched, "Now, have you got any?"

The boy nodded and got off the bed, disappearing into the wardrobe and returning with a small pump bottle that he handed to the lion. The other smiled and motioned for him to kneel facing him. Kris pushed the mane of gold out of his way and begun planting open wet kisses along his shoulder and neck.

"Good Tiger," said the stranger and Kris could almost feel his smile as he heard the wet slicking sounds of the other preparing himself. The tip of one finger touched at his entrance, still tight even after his clients efforts to make it otherwise, then pushed in. Silently Kris thanked the presence of the lube as the simple invasion of a single finger made him gasp. He bit the lions shoulder softly as a second finger was added but his jaw clenched into a true hard bite as those fingers brushed a deep soft spot inside him. Fire flew out along his veins as he was stroked back to full arousal. The fingers withdrew and Kris tried to push back against them, to keep them longer, a desperate moan against the lions golden tanned skin. The stranger chuckled.

"Oh no my little Tiger, it's my turn now."

Kris looked up at him and was surprised to be kissed softly as the stranger's hands positioned his knees either side of his own hips, cupping his rear to guide him down. It took a second for Kris to realise that this man was a lot bigger than the vast amount of his clients and bigger even than the remaining few who were well endowed. The sudden realisation that this was the largest he had even been taken by, and that this was going to hurt almost made him call to a halt. But he was hot and desperate for it and he knew he didn't care enough to stop now. He felt the nudge then of his own accord pushed himself onto the stranger. He gasped in pain, but it was a good sort of pain and at that moment he saw the lions face, a look of ecstasy as he took him, his pupils dilated almost to nothing. He'd never been witness to such an expression before and both held there for a long moment before the lion slowly thrust up into him. Kris winced in momentary pain then let out a moan. The stranger stopped.

"Too fast?" he asked, and Kris was amazed by the concern in his voice, he shook his head.

"No, just... ungh... fuck, please more..."The lion didn't need the instruction twice as he put one arm around the smaller boy to hold him still and thrust sharply into him, bringing forth a louder moan. His other hand closed around Kris and began to pump him in the same rhythm as his thrusts. Never had the boy been touched so with him in mind, slender fingers dug into the lion's shoulders, his hips, scraped down his chest, making his muscles shudder as he thrust. Kris thought he would die from the pleasure of it all, both tan bodies dripping with sweat in the heat of the afternoon, gold tiger stripes thrown across them. More and better than anything he had ever had and still in between the moans:

"Nngh... gods, please... faster don'tstop morepleaseharder... fuck..." The lion kept pace admirably, every jerk of his hips more sudden and sharp, Kris moving down to meet him, eyes half closed in pleasure, panting hard.

The stranger came with a half muffled roar as his hips snapped up and he flowed strong into the other. Kris's eyes went wide with shock at what the force of it did to him and he cried out once as white splattered over the lion's chest and abdomen. He slumped sideways, separating the two of them with a soft squelch.

As he lay there he heard movement behind him and the soft creek of the bed as it's other occupant got up. He twisted round and caught the lion's wrist.

"Stay," he implored.

The golden stranger looked at him, slim and lithe, black and gold-brown stripes like a tiger with piercing blue eyes. Desperate eyes. He smiled and sank back down behind Kris, wrapping strong arms tight around him.

"As long as we get up to eat dinner."

A lion and a tiger lay curled about each other that day each fulfilling the others summer dream.

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