Wife's First Time With Another Man
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, First, Voyeurism, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This tells the story of how a husband convinced his reluctant wife to sleep with another man.

I'm one of those guys who has fantasies of watching my wife with other men. Jen is no prude but didn't think it would be good for our marriage to sleep around, even with my permission. But she's always humored me by fantasizing about other guys in bed, but never did anything for real.

One guy we liked fantasizing about was Ralph, who was married to Lynn. Whenever we'd get together Ralph would flirt with my wife, and she loved the attention. Ralph was handsome and athletic, and I knew my wife was attracted to him. In bed we'd fantasize about Ralph fucking Jen, and it always lead to hot sex, but unfortunately nothing ever happened for real.

About a year ago Ralph and Lynn starting having marital problems, and it ended with Lynn separating from Ralph. Lynn went off to find herself, and Ralph was left at home with their 3 young kids. Jen tried to help Ralph out with the kids (even though we have 2 kids ourselves), and that caused her to spend more time with Ralph. This fueled out fantasy life even more. I loved it that Jen was spending time with Ralph, and I hoped that something would happen. I encouraged her to dress sexy around Ralph, and after a lot of pleading and begging on my part she finally agreed. She couldn't go too far without being obvious, but she began wearing tighter jeans and tops. Sometimes she'd even wear short skirts and stockings, and heels. My dick was constantly hard thinking of Ralph getting flashes of Jen's stocking tops as they rode in the car together to drop the kids off at school. Jen played along with my fantasies, and she'd call me when she was about to see Ralph and tell me what she was wearing. At night she'd tell me if she caught Ralph looking at her legs or down her blouse, and we'd have great sex.

Jen often noticed Ralph looking at her, which was no surprise. Jen is a very pretty blonde. Her breasts are small, but they're perfectly formed, and even after 2 kids her stomach is flat and sexy. Her best feature is her legs, which are long and extremely shapely. Even before Ralph and his wife broke up I'd always catch Ralph looking at Jen, so it didn't surprise me at all that Jen often found him checking her out, especially since they were spending so much time together. Even more, Ralph told Jen that he hadn't had any sex since Lynn had left him, so he was probably as horny as a teenager. Jen told me that Ralph's attentions got her hot, and more than once she had to get herself off after getting home. This all turn me on so much. I felt Jen was getting close to having sex with another guy. I tried to encourage it even more by telling Jen that she ought to fuck Ralph to take him out of his misery, to give him a mercy fuck. She insisted that she'd never do anything for real, but she admitted it turned her knowing that Ralph found her attractive.

One night a few months later I came home late and found Jen in our bedroom, crying. She told me that Ralph had made a pass at her. She told me that he had kissed her and fondled her breasts. She admitted that it felt good and it was hard to make him stop. My dick was rock hard as she told me this story. Jen saw the tent in my pants and started to cry again. "I know you want me to have sex with other guys, but don't you see the risks? If I go to bed with Ralph our marriage will change. I might even fall in love with him! We already spend so much time together. If we started having sex, it would hurt our marriage."

I put my arms around her. "It's clear the two of you are attracted to each other. Why not go to bed with him, it won't hurt anyone. You know I want you to do this, and you want him, I know you do. You won't fall in love with him. You just have a crush on him, that's all."

As I said this I undressed her, and then started making love to her. As I fucked her I whispered into her ear, "Pretend like it's Ralph fucking you." Jen's crying soon turned to passionate moans, and we both hard great orgasms.

The next day was the weekend, and we didn't talk any more about it. Jen wasn't going to see Ralph again until Monday, when they were going to carpool to the kid's school to help out in the classroom. That morning before I left for work, I handed Jen a bag that I had gotten from the drugstore that weekend. Jen looked into the bag and saw what I had gotten. It was a box of condoms. I had gotten a vasectomy after the birth of our second child, so Jen wasn't on any birth control. "Just in case," I said. Jen just shook her head.

To my disappointment, nothing happened that day. She told me Ralph had apologized, and kept his hands to himself. She insisted that she would have turned Ralph down again, even if he had made another pass at her. But that evening I looked inside Jen's purse and found that she had put a few condoms in one of the side pockets. My dick twitched when I saw them. It was clear she was at least thinking about having sex with Ralph.

To celebrate Ralph's birthday we took him out to dinner. At my urging Jen wore a short black dress that showed a lot of her wonderful legs. We had a lot of wine and Ralph and I both flirted outrageously with Jen, and she loved all the attention. When Ralph went to the bathroom I whispered to Jen that she should slide closer to Ralph, and tease him. Jen was partially drunk. She giggled and said she could never do that, it would be too mean to tease him that way, but the alcohol was having its effect so when Ralph returned Jen did gradually slide closer to him in the booth. We continued to have a great time, with Jen playfully flirting with both of us, but eventually Jen was sitting so close to Ralph that I was sure her leg must have been rubbing up against his. I was sure the waitress must have started wondering whether Jen was with me or Ralph.

As it got later a band came out and people started to dance. Jen slid over to me and said she wanted to dance. I said I was too tired and suggested she dance with Ralph. Jen gave me a playful scowl — she knew what I was up to. But before she could say anything Ralph said "I'd love to," and pulled Jen to her feet. Soon, they had disappeared into the crowd, and they were gone for a long time. Eventually they returned, Jen hurriedly leading the way. She looked flustered. She told me she wanted to go, and before long we had said our goodbyes to Ralph and were headed home. Before we had gone very far Jen made me pull into a dark parking lot, and she practically attacked me! She pushed me back into my car seat, took my dick out, and then straddled me. Before long I was inside her and we were fucking. I couldn't believe it, we hadn't screwed in a car since we first started dating over 10 years ago. We eventually made it home, and we fucked over and over again. As we did Jen told me what had happened on the dance floor.

The dance floor was very crowded so Jen was pushed up close to Ralph. Ralph used that opportunity to fondle her. He caressed her breasts, her back and behind. At first she tried to pull away, but the crowd made it hard, and Ralph just kept pulling her back to him. Ralph's advances were turning her on, and she had had a lot to drink, so finally she just gave up, and let him do what he wanted. Ralph reached under her dress, moved passed her stocking tops, and cupped her pussy. Jen said it was like an electric bolt through her body when he touched her. She was wearing panties, but they were flimsy, so it was a simple matter for Ralph to slide a finger into her pussy. Soon he was finger fucking her on the dance floor. No one could tell because everyone was pressed so tightly together. With his other hand Ralph reached down and grabbed Jen's hand, and brought it to his crotch. He pressed her hand against his hard-on, and made her rub him through his pants. Jen couldn't believe how big Ralph was. In the past Lynn had told her that Ralph was big, but she didn't believe anyone could be that big. Well, now she believed it, Ralph was huge!

Jen's skirt must have been around her waist, and soon she felt other hands on her bottom. The naughtiness of being so exposed and fondled on the dance floor sent her over the edge, and she came on Ralph's fingers. But after her orgasm subsided she quickly came back to her senses. She pulled her skirt down and hurried back to our table.

I couldn't believe it, it had finally happened, another man had made my wife cum. The next morning, reality and regret set in, and Jen started crying and begging me to forgive her. As I held and comforted her, and started making love to her again, all I could think of was how I could take things to the next step.

Later that day, Ralph called. He called to apologize to me, because things had gotten so out of control the night before. Before he got too far, I interrupted him. "Ralph, I was wondering if you could do me a big favor. Jen and I have tickets for a show tonight, but something came up at work and I can't go. She really wants to go, so I was wondering if you could take her."

Ralph hesitated before replying. I'm sure he was processing what I had just said, especially given what had happened the night before. "Are you sure you want me to take her?" he hesitantly asked.

"Ralph, there is no one I'd rather have take Jen. And I can tell you, there's no one Jen would rather go with."

Jen looked at me with disbelieving eyes as she heard me say this. When I hung up the phone tears started flowing from Jen's eyes again, and she was shaking her head no. I took her hands in mine. "Do this for me. Just this one time. If you really love me, then do this for me, and I'll never ask again."

That evening I watched Jen get ready for her date with Ralph. I watched her do her make up and hair, spray on perfume, roll the stockings up her legs and slip on her heels. I watched her step into her strapless black dress and put on lip stick. As I watched her I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be married to such a beautiful, sexy woman. Jen turns heads wherever she goes. She is a true beauty, any man would want her. Despite the incredible sexual anticipation of my fantasy finally coming true, I started wondering if I was making a terrible mistake. Why was I giving my wife to another man? Why would I ever allow another man to touch her incredible body?

But it had gone too far to stop. I was so excited, it was hard to keep from shaking. At 8:00 Ralph arrived to pick up Jen. I shook his hand, and we made some small talk. Then we both got silent as Jen walked down the stairs. She was incredibly beautiful and desirable.

She said hi to Ralph, and then she handed him her wrap. "Could you help me with this?" Ralph gently placed the wrap around Jen's bare shoulders. As he did, Jen looked into my eyes. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" she silently asked me. My only response was to hand Jen her purse. "You wouldn't want to forget this." We both knew what was inside. The condoms.

A couple of hours later Jen called. The show had just ended, and they were going to go to a late dinner. "Has he done anything yet?"

She hesitated, and then said, "He's been touching me. Everywhere. Mostly caressing my legs, while we're sitting next to each other. In the car, and then at the show."

"And you're letting him?"

Jen got angry. "Of course I'm letting him, that's the whole point of this, isn't it?"

"Honey, you have to understand," I quickly pleaded. "I need to ask these questions"

Jen softened immediately. "I know, and I'll answer all your questions, I promise." A long silence, and then "How far do you want me to let this go?"

I knew this was my last chance to stop it, to stop another man from fucking my wife. But I couldn't, not this close to finally having my fantasy fulfilled. I answered her question by first asking my own. "Does it turn you on? I mean, with his hands on you?"


"Has he kissed you yet?"


"Do you want him to kiss you?"

Jen didn't answer. After a few moments I asked again. "You need to tell me. Do you want him to kiss you?"

"I don't know. Michael, I'm confused. You need to tell me how far this should go."

"Stop when you run out of condoms. But feel free to give him as many blowjobs as you want." I tried to make it sound like a joke, but I immediately knew it was an idiotic thing to say. There were certainly better ways to tell your wife that you wanted her to give herself to another man. I knew Jen was hurt and mad, and it was confirmed when she abruptly said "ok, fine" and hung up. I could have called her back and apologized, and it still wasn't too late to stop it. But even though I didn't intend to get her mad at me, a part of me was happy she was. I had finally gotten her to go out on a date with another man, and I didn't want to have it all ruined by her thinking about "us." I wanted her to be thinking about "him."

Jen finally got home well passed midnight. I heard Jen say goodbye to Ralph. I couldn't hear much, but I think I heard them kiss, a few last mumbled words, and then the door closed. "Michael?" Jen softly asked. "I'm here," as I turned on the lights and walked into the room. Jen looked as I had always pictured her in my fantasies. Her face looked flush, and her hair was jumbled. Her satin black dress was winkled. She still had on her stockings, but they were laddered. She held her heels in her hand. In sum, she looked freshly fucked.

I quickly walked over to her and took her in my arms. I pulled her close to me. I could smell Ralph's cologne on her. I looked intently into her eyes, questioningly. She knew that I wanted confirmation. She slyly smiled, a twinkle in her eyes. "We ran out of condoms," she said, giggling.

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