Peach Roses
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Safe Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was a troubled kid hoping for a good future. She is a normal girl who doesn't have many friends. An online relationship turned real.

You'll never forget me right, she typed as she stared at her computer screen. She should have been sleeping or doing her school work, but this seemed to be more important at the moment. He was leaving and not coming back, it wasn't fair. He was her best friend and she didn't want him to leave, not ever. He said he had things that he needed to handle and wouldn't have time to be online anymore, but he had her number and would try to keep in touch. She sniffed and wiped away the tear that was rolling down her cheek, this couldn't be happening now, not when she was at her lowest in life. She was only 20; she needed all the friends she could get. She was a month away from being 21 and getting away from the family that had sheltered her, her entire life. She was going to take that trip so they could finally meet in person and see what happens.

Now she could never do that, he wanted to leave. She knew he would be able to handle everything that had come his way; he had before this was nothing different. Well maybe it was different, this wasn't just something that came up this was his future, his chance to make something of himself, to follow his dream. And she knew this would be the best for him and that he could make it work but that didn't mean she was going to be happy that he was leaving her. They had been through so much and she wanted him always to be there for him.

She asked him again to never forget her and he assured her that he wouldn't, she knew he was lying and that within a week he probably would forget her. With that in mind she took the chance of a life time and told him how she felt, I love you, she typed and waited for a response. There was none. He had signed off.

Taylor sat and stared at the screen as tears rolled uncontrollably down her cheeks, so that was it, she thought as she signed off as well, it was over. She got up and went to her bed, throwing herself on it and curling into a ball as she sobbed.

They had been friends for so long, she wasn't sure how it would be now that he was gone, and it hurt. It hurt so bad, she didn't know what to do. Who was she going to talk to now that he was gone, who was going to make her smile, who was going to just be there for her at all times. He knew everything there was to know about her; there was no way to replace that kind of friendship, even if on her side it was bordering a lot more than friendship, but obviously that did not matter anymore.

She stayed on the bed for hours; finally she got up and went into the bathroom that was attached to her room. She washed her face then stared at her reflection in the mirror for a long time. Obviously he could go on without her so she could do that too. Now, she just needed to figure out how to do that. Now he just needed to make some changes, she thought as she got ready for bed.

Taylor glanced at the clock, it was 3:46 a.m., definitely time for a wish, she thought as she settled down. She glanced out her window up at the nearest start and wished with all that she had that in the future, he really would honor his promise that he wouldn't forget her and he would find her. Big wish, she thought but she hoped it would come true.

The next morning Taylor got up, late of course and scrambled to class. She just knew something would be different today. She threw her long curly blonde hair up into a pony tail and jogged her way to Maxwell Hall, where he first class was. She was just a little late but it wasn't like the teacher ever started on time.

Taylor was only 5 feet tall, short yes but there was nothing wrong with being this size. She currently held the position of co-captain on the Mid-State Tigers Cheer squad, not that it was much to brag about since they never won any thing, any of the sports but it kept her in shape and gave her something to do. Her blonde hair was naturally curly, ringlet curls fell to her ass, even in the pony tail holder. Her eyes were sea green that everyone thought were not real, since color contacts came out everything had to be fake, but hers were as real as can be. She lived in Middleton her whole life and always lived in this same boring state of Wisconsin. She had traveled occasionally, like on spring break last year some girls convinced her to go to Vegas with them and then after she graduated from High School, she went down to Cancun with a group of people. She normally kept to herself, but being a cheerleader kind of put her in the spot light so there really was no choice, if she wanted to cheer she had to accept that. But once cheering was over, Taylor went straight home, did her homework, and that was it. She had a few friends that she really trusted but no one that she needed to be with all the time, except him.

After class was over, Taylor raced back home to check her email, hoping that maybe there was an email from him. There was, short but to the point:

"I'll never forget you, I promise"

A few days later, a delivery of a dozen peach roses arrived with the same message on the card.

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