Friends For Monique
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Slut Wife, Light Bond, Gang Bang, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - People change

Page one.

Four months ago I suddenly noticed things where different in our sex life, Monique seemed to me more demanding, wanting more, she was aroused for much longer; she seemed-- just a minute let me explain from the start.

I have known Monique from the age of sixteen, in fact I had been the one all the other boys envied it was me who was fortunate enough to be the first she allowed to touch her.

We were young and in love and even a little naïve, sex between us was very careful until we married, she became Mrs Monique Bruce eight years ago. I didn't think there was anything wrong with a normal sex life, a little oral, I was not allowed any back door but plenty of different positions and with her still only being twenty-eight, lots of loving.

We were living well, lots of house improvements, Monique was still doing the odd modelling job, with he fabulous long legs and ample chest she did some sexy stuff in swim wear and shorts skirts keeping her in with the catalogues and my job was going great. I had just been put in charge of the groups stock, all though that meant working longer hours, going to different stores, especially on Fridays for stock checks the money was worth it, we were even thinking maybe, just maybe it was time for children.

As a said at the start, last August everything changed, Monique became sexually aroused very quickly and it lasted longer, unfortunately longer than me.

It was the night we went out to celebrate. We had just had a new bathroom and central heating system fitted. Lovely night and it was obvious we were going to have fun in the sack when we got home, and we did, again and again but Monique was insatiable, she wanted more, even after many orgasms she was still rampant and I just couldn't keep up with her.

The shame of not being able to get it up again, even with her magnificent body, I know I'm no Rod Stewart but she looks a bit like Rachel Hunter, you know lovely large tits, sensuous legs, and beautiful mouth and it was sucking at me more like a vacuum cleaner, she was taking me in to her throat deeper than she had ever done before, still nothing was happening.

I tried the loving husband bit but all she did was sulk, then Monique did something she had never done before, she just turned her back on me.

I couldn't sleep; I just lay there thinking why, when all of a sudden she slipped out the bed. I heard her go into the bathroom, then some muffled groans, until she came back. I pretended to be asleep, I needn't have bothered, ignoring me she went to sleep.

This started to happen more and more, she was starting to get real shity with me, I needed to do something, and fast.

Fortunately I was owed some time so I took a day off work, a day to take Monique to town; I thought a nice lunch and a bit of shopping anything to make her happy. We looked around for a while before we went to a wine bar; we started on one bottle and soon found we were on a second only helped by some fancy sandwiches then suddenly Monique asked if I'd seen the porno cinema we had past, stupidly I'd had enough drink to giggle yes.

She insisted on a third bottle and I agreed, anything to keep her happy, we finished it and left. Within ten minutes we found ourselves outside the cinema, Monique was looking at the advertisings and giggling that she wanted to see a movie, much as I thought it a bad idea I was still playing the apologetic husband, we went in.

The interior was darker than usual but I could see there was only about six men in there, I wondered what reaction I was going to get from Monique as we walked down to our seat; on the screen a blond was blowing a guy while another was lying on the bed licking her out, she just watched as she fumbled for her seat, I sat beside her and put my hand on her knee.

I watched the film as I ran my hand up and down her stocking clad leg; I thought she was getting aroused as she pushed her leg against mine.

Unfortunately after about fifteen minutes the heat in the theatre and the wine was getting to me, I felt my eyes closing; I fought to keep them open but failed.

I didn't know how long I'd been asleep but as I opened my eyes I first saw she was still rubbing against my leg but her other leg was against the other seat, her legs were wide open and I could see movement.

I slowly moved my head, I stifled a cough as I saw a hand on her other leg, this one was up under her skirt, I flicked my eyes up and saw Monique, her head laying back. I was about to move when further movement caught my eye; another hand was on her breast, a second man had moved and was behind her, his hand between the back rest and playing inside her top, I could see the outline of his hand on her left breast.

The hand between her legs was now moving in a sawing motion it was obvious he had his hand in her pants she was being finger fucked, I was about to move when I heard.

"Can you move her with out waking her old man, lets get her in the toilet and bend her over, I'm sure she will let us stick it in her cunt and I want mine in her mouth, we can keep her there and fuck her brains out."

I grabbed her, virtually dragged her up the isle and out before I turned to look at her, "What the fucking hell are you playing at?" spluttered from my mouth.

As she hurriedly re-buttoned her blouse, she looked at me, "Oh god I'm so sorry, it was the film it got my going and the wine made me all sleepy, suddenly things were happening and I really don't now how long before you, oh god I don't know why but it just happened, please darling, just calm down, lets not spoil the day."

Lets be honest, I thought I should have been more attentive and moved quicker than I did, and she did look so upset, besides it was time she felt sorry for herself, I thought it might get me off the hook for a while, the shopping trip continued and we didn't bring the incident up again.

It was about two weeks later, I'd popped home for some reason, Monique was out, doing a bit of modelling for some catalogue firm, anyway I went to the toilet, it was when I flushed the toilet that I heard a clunking sound.

Turning I lifted the lid to the cistern, inside was a waterproof plastic bag, I took it out, opened it and pulled out a thick pink vibrator. I I stared at it, I couldn't believe my eyes, was our sex life that bad that she had to use a toy?

My mind flipped up a gear, what else was she hiding?

I started through her dressing table then on to draws, nothing until I went through her coats, her black full length had a cinema ticket in the pocket, that cinema, there and then I decided it was time to see what my beautiful wife was up too.

I nerd at work, you know one of these computer wiz kids, had offered to link up all the stores computers; my boss side it would cost to much, so I took a gamble and gave him some money out of my pocket and a few illicit office perks, if I worked through all my daily breaks, it would cut my work load down and give me time to sort out my horny assed wife.

When I went out to get him his equipment I also bought myself a full beard and an anorak, well if I was going to see what she was up to I had better go in disguise.

Friday came, I kissed her goodbye, saying I would see her around nine and went to prepare my plan.

I arrived at the cinema around two, found a seat where I could watch the whole auditorium and waited.

I noticed that there was about five or six other men in and they kept looking at the entrance, the film was same old fuck and suck, not even worth a hard on when suddenly in she came; she sat three rows down on the other isle to me and I noticed the others talking.

I saw one bloke come over a sit with the one closet to me; I strained forward to listen, "She's here again and this time we make sure she don't get away," what the hell did that mean?

Men started to move, the two in front moved to ether side of her, another two moved in front and I followed the one that joined another behind her, she was surrounded.

I got myself in to a position where I could see it all. She was looking as though she was watching the film, she had on that long black coat, fully undone, a loose fitting white skirt and her cream and gold blouse and as far as I could make out she had stockings on.

The first man was already stroking her leg and she wasn't stopping him, there was one behind, he moved his hand over, pushing it down and inside her blouse I could see he was going for her tits.

Another one was in front, he was lent over the seat running his hand up and down her other leg, I could see she was biting her lip.

Now hands were all over her, trying to unbutton her blouse, she hadn't a bra on so it was obvious they intended to get her tits out.

Other hands where on her thighs, moving over her stocking tops forcing her skirt up to her waist, suddenly one of the ones behind her stood up and grabbed her head, she groaned a little but didn't stop them pulling it sideways the man pushed a finger, no two fingers in to her mouth.

A straggled, "No," came from her mouth as her hands came up to try and fend them off, but she had no chance, they where soon grabbed and held out to ether side, then both men pressed back on the seat holding her hands behind them.

Now to say she was struggling would be an overstatement; her tits where now out for all to play with and I watched as her nipples were twisted and pulled.

Her pants where stretched tight across her wide open thighs allowing fingers to push up in to her; as one man kept his fingers in her mouth so another was slapping the side of her cheek with a long hard rampant cock, quickly hands gripped her face, her head was turned and the rampant cock drove in to her gasping mouth.

She started squirming and moans came from her cock filled mouth, as hands played with her exposed body; the one who had obviously taken control told one of the front ones to, go check the doors; he disappeared only to return saying that all was clear.

The leader got up grabbing Monique's hand, as he did I heard him saying, "Get your cock out of her mouth, you can stick it back down her throat after we get the slut out in the isle, time to have her down on all fours," he looked down at Monique, "You ain't runnin out this time bitch, this time we're all doing what we should have done last week," she looked up at him, " Ya that's right we're all gonna fuck you."

I watched as my wife was pulled up for the seat and dragged in to the isle, her coat was pulled off and she was forced down on her knees, she was looking up at the men surrounding her, "Please stop, this has gone to far, let me go," she soon realized no-one was listening as they forced her down on all fours and that fat cock went back in her mouth.

I couldn't take my eyes off the scene. Her skirt was flipped up over her naked ass, the flickering light from the film played over the tight firm globes; unfortunately for me the sight was soon blocked by the back of that man, he was positioning his cock ready to fill my wife's dripping hole.

He thrust in, causing a squeal from around the cock that was now forcing its way down Monique's throat; hands pulled at the exposed tits, beautifully swinging from between the two halves of her silk blouse and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

First the one up her cunt came, filling her already wet hole, his place was soon taken and her fucking started all over again. The one in her mouth held the back of her head tightly as he spewed his filth down her throat, again she only had time to spit and choke for a moment before her pretty face was being forced back down on another length of male meat.

All the time I felt myself getting aroused, I saw the man in her mouth breathing heavy; he didn't last long. He took it out before splattering her face with his strings of white cum before he grabbed her hair and rammed it back in her mouth, for her to suck clean.

As another took his place ready for her third face fucking, I watched the one up her cunt speed his rhythm up and fill her; as he pulled out I took my chance. I pulled my hard cock out and knelt behind; she couldn't move as her head was being pummelled from the front and other hands squeezed and pulled on her sensitive tits, so I shoved my cock in to her sloppy wet cunt.

As I watched myself fucking her, my eyes took in the wonderful sight of her little pink ass-hole a thing I had always wanted to fuck and my mind told me here was my opportunity to have some.

I slid my cock out of her cunt and pushed it hard past the entrance muscle of her rectum. It slid in easier than I thought it would and before she could do anything I was in to the hilt and filling her with my length. Then I settled in to enjoying fucking my wife's gorgeous ass, unfortunately not for long as I was so excited and her ass was tight so I came in a matter of minutes, but it was certainly worth it.

I got up and moved away as the one I called the leader watched the man fill her mouth, then he dragged her up to kneel in front of him; another man knelt behind her, put his arms round her, holding her still by giving her tits a really good going over, while she was given no chance to argue because this leader bloke still had his cock out and proceeded to push it in to her mouth for seconds. He shoved his fat cock in to her mouth, showing no mercy as he fucked her face. As soon as she had swallowed his filth they all dispersed.

I hid, leaving Monique to wipe the sticky juice from her face, pull her clothes back on and stumble back to her car; of course I wasn't due home until nine and she was all bathed and smiles, if not a little quiet when I arrived.

Now I'd been wimp enough to let that happen, and had my little fun but I imaged that would have taught her not to play with danger.

Our own sex life was pretty good, she didn't push for more but I was going to make sure there was nothing else, so I made the same plans, got all the work done up front and prepared for another Friday.

Once more I sat in that cinema, I was surprised to see only two others and even more surprised when Monique walked in. As it was empty the two men took no time in grabbing her arm and leading her up to the back wall, they positioned her on the first row beside the entrance. She didn't seem to argue as he sat down and pulled her back to him.

I saw his hand go up the back of her skirt as he dragged her down to sit on his fat long cock. The other one stayed in the next row, as I moved he pulled her head down to feed his cock in to her mouth, there was no foreplay, no getting her aroused, they just got on with fucking my wife, why did she need this kind of attention?

Before I had time to think another man rushed in, said something to them and suddenly Monique was being propelled down and out of a fire exit with me in hot pursuit.

There was a car at the back, the driver was revving the motor, fortunately my car was two spaces back so as they pushed Monique in to the back and sped off, it was easy to follow.

I followed them to a run down inner-city street, a long line of terraced house converted in to flats, they shoved her through a door, I went down the ally in-between and looked up at the fire escapes.

I picked the one I thought was right as a light came on in a window, deciding that was the one I slowly, carefully, made my way up.

I peered in and saw Monique, they had thrown her on to a mucky looking bed, she was trying to get up, trying to move but every time she did powerful hands pushed her back down, until the leader came in to the room then there was silence, he grinned as he looked at her. Fortunately his voice was loud enough for me to hear, "We're getting fed up with the cinema so here's where we will be fucking you from now on, I've had a look through your purse and we now know you, boys say hello to Monique."

Their voice's mockingly chorused, "Hello Monique", before he continued, "So every Friday you will be coming here, or I can make life difficult for you, I think you understand?"

Her head bowed as she pitifully nodded, his grin grew wider, "Well, boys now we have that clear, get her clothes off, there's a pair of lovely big tits in there dying to get out and a mouth just begging to be filled with cock, not to mention two more holes this lady wants us to see too, so lets just start fucking her," he laughed as he said, "Remember we won't have a magnificent creature like this to fuck," he put his hand under her chin and dragged her head up, "Until next Friday so lets not waste any time."

She tried to take her own clothes off but they weren't waiting. One slapped her hands away as others dragged the clothes from her body, soon she was totally naked. I stood watching her. They dragged her on to the bed, forcing her to kneel, her beautiful arse on display; she was on all fours, being held in the middle of the bed.

A man mounted her from behind as another positioned himself on the bed before he dragged her hair down, forcing her mouth on to his cock she was now taking two hard rigid cocks at both ends.

They had no problems now, no one to discover or disturb them, no one to help Monique so they really fucked her; she looked as though she couldn't help but be submissive to what they were doing to her, she just let them take what ever they wanted, dragging her on to the cock by the hair or slamming himself all the way in to her from behind.

When those two finished with her the third one lay on the bed and made her sit on his cock, his hands mauled her lovely big firm tits, pinching the nipple until she moaned in pathetic protest, all to no avail as the leader stood beside her, licked his finger and tickled her ass-hole, "Nice ass, firm, round with a lovely pink hole, just what every cock needs, yes I think I'll have me some of that, bend forward slut I what to fuck this ass," she moaned a pathetic protest, "Stop fucking moaning bitch, you just do as your told and take another cock up you, and if your really good you'll get another stuck in your mouth," and she did.

All I could do was stand a watch as the four men used my wife how ever they wanted, always they humiliated her by dragging her head around, making her suck their cocks clean no matter which ever hole they'd fucked.

They fucked her continuously until just before seven, I lost count of the amount of times she came. I thought, she's going to be sore tonight as I saw her wince as they positioned her for yet another ass fucking.

She pleaded with them as they turned her on the bed; she was begging them to let her go, I heard as she said her husband would be home soon. She was lying on her stomach across the bed, her ass being held up and her head hanging off the side.

One of them started to stick his cock up her cute exposed ass hole as another grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, he sneered in to her upturned face, "You'll go home to your wimp when we have fucked you and made you cum a few more times, as for right now get your mouth back on my cock and suck my cum down your throat."

Half of me was sick to my stomach and the other half thought, well bitch, you deserve it; you started this so stay there and suffer. I watched her head being dragged from side to side, her mouth trying to satisfy two cocks at once while another thumped in and out of her now well-buggered ass.

The leader threatened to whip her ass with a thin stick, he laughed as he asked how she would explain the marks, of course she pleaded no, and he agreed not too but she had to humiliate herself by licking balls, ass-holes and letting them do any perverted thing they liked to her, they promised her it was her only way out.

When I got home she was already in bed, she told me she had a fall and had hurt the base of her spine and was feeling a bit shaky, I thought ya I bet with the amount of times you've been fucked you're a bit shaky, still I thought that's the end of that.

Curiosity got the better of me and I took a taxi to that street the following Friday, I knew I had to be man enough to stop this.

A much more dejected Monique arrived, before she got out the car I got in; there was a mixed look of surprise and shock on her face as I looked at her and said, "I know all about the cinema and here, I think we better go home and talk".

We quickly drove away; apart from the odd sniff from her the drive home was silence. I fixed two drinks and we sat in our lounge, looking at her I said, "Well."

She took a large swig of her drink, looked at me, cleared her throat, "I didn't mean it to go this far, it just got out of control, please believe me, I do love you, can you ever forgive me?"

I looked at my beautiful wife, I must be honest all I could still see was her mouth wide open and a mans cock stuck to the back of it but I had to try, "Yes I love you but I need to know why and in detail, when I know that then maybe we can sort this out."

She smiled at me, I think the words yes I love you made her feel better and I gritted my teeth for I didn't know what she was going to say.

"eeerr you remember the four men who came to fit the bathroom and plum in the extra central heating?" I nodded.

"Well it was the Wednesday, if you remember I had done a model shoot in the morning, starting early, I had left with you and not done any housework," she took another swig.

"I'd done a swim suite and short skirt shoot, it always makes me feel sexy, you know parading around like that, high heels and skirts just down to the stocking tops and I'd still got on one of the short pleated skirts, a little blouse and of course the stockings. I got back around one. The men where working in our bedroom so I didn't change and got on with sorting out the house, eerrr, could I have another drink?"

I got her another drink, she thanked me as I handed it to her and returned to my seat.

"I'd washed up and next went to make our bed, stupidly I decided it must look a mess to the workmen. I went in, smiled at the two men working on the piping and set too on the bed making.

I was bent over pulling the cover up when I felt a hand stroking up and down the back of my leg, I wanted to stop it but it felt like a electric bolt. To this day I still don't know why but I didn't move, I just stayed still."

"They knew and I knew I was breathing heavy, something was stopping me from moving, my body was excited for some unknown reason I felt out of control and horny and they were getting bolder.

I could feel this hand travelling further up my thigh, tickling me; I was struggling to say no when the second hand touched me. I felt my knees buckle against the bedside. The hands were now tickling me on my bare skin above my nylon tops, I was just about to stop them when the door opened and a third man came in."

She took another large swig of her drink before she carried on, "This man was the oldest and the crudest of the gang, he looked at me bent over the bed with his workmates hands just up under my skirt, he laughed as he said; What have we here? Is it your typical lonely housewife, my, my Mrs Bruce home all alone and in need of a good shagging? He came up to the other side of the bed facing me; well sweetheart if your husband can't get it up and your under used cunt wants a fucking you've got four of the randiest cocks I know just looking for the right place to cum."

Her eyes flicked up looking at me, watching my reaction, I knew I was about to hear something that I didn't want too.

"He put his hand on my breast and squeezed them, stupidly I hadn't put my bra back on, I moaned as he grinned at me; Oh yes nice, these feel nice, just the way I like them, nice and fat, bet they suck up nice too, and I don't think you'll mind if I take a look? In fact the way your looking right now, I don't think you'll mind if we skip the formalities and get down to stripping all your clothes off, I reckon you got one hell of a body and seeing you nice and naked should show us just what you got between those long legs of yours and how horny and wet your nice little cunt really is?

I bet you'll be one sexed up fucking machine when we've had some fun with you, he was grinning at me, what are we going to have to do, hold you down, you like the idea of four blokes holding you helpless, is that it, you want to be played with and what if we play with your cunt and ass until your uncontrollably horny, you'll like that won't you, then what say we fill your cunt, ass and mouth with fat hard cocks sticking them in you, using you all day, keeping you here alone with us fucking you over and over again, I can see in your face that's what your hoping for.

His words frightened me and I knew then this had to stop; I struggled to say no and went to move.

I tried to kneel on the bed, I had to escape, but as I put one knee on the bed they held my other leg, now I was stuck in that position my legs were wide open."

She quickly drank the last of her drink, this time not looking at me, "I tried to plead with him, I asked him to stop what he was doing and to stop them but all he did was put his knee behind mine trapping my legs wide open, he grinned back at me saying, "Ya, ya maybe later but first I want these in my hands," his fingers worked on my breasts until he found my hard enlarged nipples, then he started squeezing them, " And these will definitely feel good, for the both of us, when I've got them stuck in my mouth," he started to unbutton my blouse.

I put my hand out but the two behind me where now in my pants. While he had been playing with my nipples they had pulled my crotch piece to one side, now there were fingers exploring me, I couldn't stop them pushing in to my pussy and my arse, I could feel their arms holding my legs, their mouths kissing and licking under my skirt all over my naked thighs.

I had to put my hand down again to steady myself so the man carried on unbuttoning me. He ripped the last two buttons off, giving himself free access to my breasts."

"I couldn't stop him, he was very rough, he was enjoying mauling and twisting my nipples. Then the fourth one arrived, the young one, he gave some yell as he saw what was happening.

Oh god how did it happen, me bent over our bed, one man playing with my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers, two other men behind me screwing their fingers up my cunt and arse and I wasn't stopping them.

The young kid was the one who dragged my blouse off before attacking my breast with his mouth. By now the others had ripped my pants off and were enjoying finger fucking both my holes.

Their fingers were moving so fast in and out of me, the feeling was overpowering, I couldn't help it, my head dropped, I groaned as the old man mauled my tits and excited my nipples, he laughed at me as I just let them do what ever they wanted to me."

She needed another drink, which I duly got for her, still I said nothing, I just let her confess, "As the other three attacked my cunt, arse and breasts they started to control me.

The gang leader pulled my hands to him, he made me undo his jeans; he told me I had to take his fat thick cock out. He held my hair as he said, " Come on bitch, your not going to stop us, your gagging for it, you want us to fuck you so lets cut the pretence, we've got all afternoon to use you so we'll all start by using that cute mouth for what its meant for."

He was dragging my head down to his sweat soaked cock until he made me put it in my mouth, it was long and thick, it tasted awful be he still made me suck on it.

As my mouth was stretched wide open and plugged full of his cock, I couldn't stop any one of them from abusing me, I could feel finger's between my legs, there were now fingers all the way up my cunt and arse, other fingers rubbed my clit hard, exciting my already aroused cunt I couldn't help but jump as a mouth started sucking at my nipples.

They weren't like you; the were very rough, holding me, forcing my head down, plugging my mouth full of his meat, viciously fucking my mouth, holding my hair forcing my head up and down, the foul thing pushing further in to my mouth until finally his hips shoved forward, he held my head tight as he came, filling my throat with his juice.

I was coughing and spitting his juice from my mouth, he had nearly chocked me with his filthy cock but they didn't care. They immediately pulled my skirt off, honestly I tried to stop them but all the time they held my hands as their hands played with my body, all the time mouths sucked on my nipples, finger drove up my arse and cunt and tongues invaded my mouth until they picked me up and dropped me onto the bed.

All I had on were my stockings as they roughly grabbed my head; I could feel a cock between my legs pushing towards my cunt. I was turned to suck another length of male meat. They held my head tightly; fingers pushed my jaw down as he forced another full length of hard male cock in to my mouth.

I lay on my own bed, our own bed sucking another mans cock while my legs where held open, they were wide open across another man who was enjoying playing with my tits, his fingers twisting my nipples as his cock ploughed in to me from the side; I could see the other two taking their clothes off, they were getting ready to have their turn at using me and I was like a common whore, being fucked so hard I was unable to say no."

She was drinking very fast now, I suppose I was enjoying my power over her, I waited for her to continue but not for long, "The third one joined in. Again I was unable to stop him as he held my nose and jaw before he too jammed his cock in my mouth.

They held me tight and didn't let me go until I ended up sucking and swallowing another load of juice, they laughed at me as he pumped his cum down my throat, as this happened a third one stood in front of me holding his cock.

My mouth was already sore but I looked at that long hard cock and I couldn't help myself, he didn't know it as he told them to keep hold of me he also wanted to fuck my face he intended to empty his load in my mouth, but I was going to let him.

They laughed as they positioned me, I just knelt there; they could see I was unable to stop sucking their cocks. As fingers played with my arse and cunt and fingers moved under me, rolling my nipples I became more and more excited.

They stood around me telling me they had decided the best way to keep me quiet and unable to stop them was to fill my mouth with cock and I was going to let them because, if I tried to stop them, they knew the would be able to use their fingers between my legs and they knew it would excite my pussy.

As I sucked the cock in my mouth some one thought it would be fun to force me over the gang leaders face.

The man with his cock in my mouth didn't even stop fucking my throat as they manoeuvred me over that mans face; he had such a long tongue and he was an expert at pussy licking. I couldn't help myself as he slavered all over my clit and shoved his tongue further inside my cunt, I was getting uncontrollable horny so the others started playing with my tits, that was when I sucked the cock in my mouth further down my throat, and while he enjoyed fucking my mouth they made me finger his balls until he came.

That was when they knew they had me; I was theirs to play with. It was then the crude remarks started, they laughed as they humiliated me, "I told you she'd be one sexed up bitch once we got her going, this cunts gagging for it, she ain't gona stop us, we can do what we like to her, lets just use the bitch for the rest of the day, she gona put out big time, how about we bend this bitch over while some-one starts fucking her."

This young lad, he was nothing more than a boy but he was laughing at me while he played with my left tit, saying "Come on Monique you don't mind if I fuck you, I've already had it in your mouth so how about you play with my cock again, get your hands round it and make it hard before I'm the one to bend you over and make sure I'm the first to use your nice tight arse?"

The forth was at my right nipple, this had never happened to me before, all these men using me, doing what they liked to me, I looked at them, their cocks all long and hard, I was about to be gang banged, I knew they were all going to fuck me and I couldn't stop having orgasm's."

"I was right, for the rest of the afternoon I was fucked, as one finished another grabbed me, it was impossible to stop them, they just took me, sometimes two or three or even one worked on my holes but they worked continuously, I couldn't stop them, god I tried to stop their hands but they just laughed as they grabbed my arms, then their fingers excited me, tickling my clit, pushing up and moving fast up me exciting me, my legs opened and their cocks soon followed, they wouldn't stop fucking me, they weren't satisfied with just once they all fucked me over and over again.

She drank the other half of the glass in one as she said, " I've lived with the memory of me lying on our bed, juice leaking out my cunt or arse or both, which ever had just been fucked, exhaustedly watching as the man or men who had just left filth up me, left our bedroom hoping they'd finished with me."

She took a deep breath, "I can see myself now, when I realized they wouldn't stop and that they wanted more, I was putting my hands up and saying no to the next one's to come at me, I remember him just pushing my arms away as he lay on the bed.

He would start to kiss me, holding my head as his mouth roughly mashed on to mine, then his hands running over my tits, moulding them squeezing them hard while toying with my nipple then he or if there where two would attack my cunt, fingers or a tongue would be playing over my wet slit.

One would hold my hands above my head and cover my mouth, ramming his tongue in, silencing me. Then I would feel the other one pulling my legs apart and tickling my inner thighs before searching out my wet open hole. Then he would be moving up to the hood, he would start working on my clit with one hand. Then his other hand would be at my nipples, pulling, twisting, they quickly stood hard and proud, my clit would be slippery and easy to rub and I just surrendered, I would hear him say, O K you can stop kissing her, there's no need to hold her she horny, it don't matter how many times she say's no all you got to do is finger her cunt until its sloppy and ready to use, she ain't gona stop us, when you tickle her cunt her legs open she can't help but put out then the mocking sneers as I opened my legs, there you are what did I tell you we are going to have bendy again and there I was horny and waiting for them to bend me over fuck me again.

I couldn't tell you, how could I tell you I'd been ganged fucked, we were lying on the same bed, I had been bent in so many positions by these four men so that my arse, cunt and mouth could been used by other men's cocks, that they went at me all afternoon, fucking my arse and cunt over and over again and that my nipples were sore from continuously being played with, they would pull on them or roll them between their finger but all the time mouths sucked them long and hard and sensitive until I had to say yes.

I tried to make it up, even though I was sore the memories of what they had done to me still had me aroused, my cunt was still wet and eager to be filled so I tried to make love to you that night, but you weren't bothered.

As dawn woke me I knew that if you left me alone they'd be at me again and even if I said no they would control me, hold me and abuse me with their fingers until I couldn't refuse, I'd be nothing more than their sex slave and I would be unable to stop them all fucking me again, so I thought I'd better get out, I know, I'll go with my wonderful husband.

I asked you for a lift, you completely forgot, oh yes, to immersed in your work, the fact that you didn't leave until after they got here was bad enough, the way they grinned at me when they arrived they made gestures at me with their fingers and tongues, they knew I hadn't told you that I had been their plaything yesterday and that they'd all fucked many times, using me all day long.

So when I went upstairs to get my coat two of them were waiting, they grabbed me, held me, I waited for your help but you didn't even remember me.

But I can remember. I walked in to our bedroom and they grabbed me, pushed me against the wall, a finger closed over my lips and a voice said, "Don't speak and keep your hands by your side, your not going anywhere, they only moving your doing is under us, that's right on your back with your knees up and your legs wide open and your cunt being banged for our pleasure."

I struggled, as I said, "No," he laughed.

The finger on my lip pushed hard in to my mouth, "Don't struggle, there's no point we are going to have some fucking fun with you again today," he licked the side of my face, "Fucking you all day."

I had two of them holding on to me, pinning me to the bedroom wall, then they started kissing me, and forcing their tongues in my mouth, I couldn't help myself, I ended up letting them.

The fact that you were down stairs sorting out your brief case and they were upstairs with me; holding me, abusing me, hands mauling my body touching my legs, pushing to get in my pants it was quickly arousing me and it did something to me, I just stood their mesmerized by what they were doing.

They quickly undid some buttons on my blouse, one of them laughed in my face as he said, "Come on baby, your limp dick husband won't mind if I have his wife's big tits out, those nips of yours love a good sucking and he's not going to stop us having some fun with them, and neither are you, we enjoyed fucking off between them yesterday so why should today be any different?"

Again both of them were very rough, one grinning at me while holding my head and then forcing his tongue in my mouth, his other hand inside my blouse squeezing my tits really hard, rolling my now firm nipple in his fingers.

They other kneeling at my feet his hands up under my skirt, as one hand pulled my panties to one side the other pushed at my legs forcing me to open them.

I heard him say, "Open your legs bitch I want my hands in your pants and up your cunt, just like I had it yesterday, I want to get a finger full of your pussy," they played with me and it all had some weird sexual arousal that was exciting me.

They were attacking my body, fingers working on me making me moan as the gang leader watched you drive away, he turned and grinned at me, me helplessly aroused, held by two of his men, I was now almost naked, and they were enjoying me, my nipples were being sucked and pinched, fingers were in my pants working away up my cunt, he sneered at me saying; He's gone and your still here and all alone and I get to play with you or should I say some of that sweet tasting juicy cunt.

He walked towards me; I was almost delirious. The mouth was really sucking at my now exposed breasts and fingers were pushing further up in to my cunt, my legs parted as a mouth sucked hard at my clit.

I only just heard him saying; And so do you sweetheart, there's nothing I like more than a woman fingering her cunt while I cream fill her mouth with my juice. Right lads strip it all off, get her how we like her, naked and available, its time to fuck the horny assed housewife again."

She swallowed hard, her voice getting angrier, "Do you know how many times I was on our bed being fucked by three men at the same time, their cocks banging in to me, making me cum over and over again, I couldn't help it I was being forced to admit I was loving it? Do you know how painful it is to have your hair dragged back as one man fucks you from behind and have your head dragged forward as a man fucks and fills your mouth with his juice? Having to suck a cock clean after its just been stuck up your arse bringing you to another orgasm.

I swallowed so much cum that day I didn't need lunch. They had me naked all day, there was no escape; they were dragging me around, I was being pasted from one man to another and they were fucking any of my holes in any room they decided to bend me over and have me in, even if their cocks were soft they soon had it plugged in my mouth to harden up.

Oh yes, you rang, I didn't want to but I was forced to answer it, it was you to say, sorry for not taking me, while I was talking you noticed something, the way I was talking, that excuse about being out of breath from running to the phone, oh yes I was breathing heavy alright.

I had been in the lounge, the young one had me on the sofa, my thighs spread wide as I had one leg on the back of the sofa and the other on the floor, he had shoved a banana up my cunt and was eating it, they were laughing at me as I squealed, god it made me so hot until they dragged me, naked all but for stockings, to answer the phone. They had me bent over the telephone desk, one man was slowly pushing his cock in to my arse, his hands around on my cunt fingering me making me push back impaling myself on him. Another man stood in front of me, staring at me as I talked to you, one hand squeezing my tits, and rolling my nipples between his fingers his other hand playing with his hard erect cock.

The old foreman guy was standing watching me getting aroused as his mate was buggering me, he was making silly kissy, kissy sounds with his mouth and they all knew that when I finished talking to you his mate would grab my head, bend me further down over the desk and I'd have his hard cock stuck back in my mouth, for me to suck. He was just waiting to start fucking my throat again in fact they were queuing up to fuck me again, and as soon as I put the phone down that's exactly what they did.

They humiliated me and I couldn't stop them, as I put the phone down my head was dragged on to that cock, the one fucking my arse really thrust up me as the other two moved either side, I heard one say, "Shall we hit the last number button, get her old man back on the phone, she can tell how many cocks she's sucked today or how many times we had our fun with her cunt and arse."

Another voice, "No I don't want her mouth empty that long you tell him how far my cock is down his wife's throat, or how her arse can't keep still with ten inches of cock up it, or how we found a new lunch box for his banana, come on shall we?"

I gurgled around the cock in my mouth, shaking my head but he carried on, "Can you imagine him listening to her squeals as we rub her hard clit or you pull on her nipples, come on lets work her up to a frenzy, anyone want to start heating up this bitch's cunt its been at least an hour since she gave us a four way pleasure fuck and when we have her screaming on the end of a cock I'll dial the number."

Do you know how humiliating it is to have to tickle a mans cock with your tongue or lick his balls while your bouncing on another mans cock as another pokes up your arse, knowing that they know you've got to have that fucking? Just keeping them happy and keeping them away from the phone.

My mouth was so sore but you never noticed, not that day or the next.

Oh yes, with out telling me you went on a little errand, just popping out for a few hours, you said to them, tell her I won't be long, you had to go to the Hendon office you told them you'd try to be only four hours, then you told them I'd be mad if I knew you where doing a bit on your day off, boy were they pleased.

Before the sound of our car had died down they had grabbed me, held me tight. Hands started running all over my body and soon they had decided they had to get me hot because they were going use your going out for a few hours to do a bit, by going in me for a few hours and doing a bit, did you think of me, alone in the house with four hard cocks.

Me, trying to keep some dignity by asking them to stop. They had me held in our living room and I was having that sick feeling of excitement in my stomach, knowing what they were going to do as they grabbed me, forcing me down on to my knees.

They cheered and laughed at me as that old man made me kneel in front of his work mate. One of them knelt and held me, my arms pinned behind me; another pushed his hands in to my top and squeezed my breasts as they told the man to take his trousers and pants off.

My head was being held, someone was pushing it at the huge cock, the older man was laughing at me as he said, "Go on look at it, doesn't it look a tasty nice big length of meat and it wants your tongue to tickle its little hole, see it winking at you, don't tell us you don't want that stuck in your mouth," and them watching me, unable to resist the long fat cock, it was almost touching my lips, I couldn't help licking the pre-come that dripped from the fat purple end.

Then he'd move down beside me, sticking his hand up my skirt and starting to laugh as he pulled my wet pants down, pushing a finger in me saying, "You want us to stop, my mate's already getting your lovely big tits out and the rest of us know you want them to get you on your back with these lovely long legs wide open?"

He whispered in my ear, treating me like a child, "Come on little lady, you know you want too, where's the harm, you didn't tell your husband the amount of times we had you with your legs open yesterday so we all could take our turns fucking you.

You didn't tell him how many times you had a big fat juicy cock stuck between these pretty sweet lips of yours, swallowing hot juice as we were all fucking your mouth or the way you squealed while you were sitting on my face, grinding your hips down, gripping my head with your thighs with me sticking my tongue up licking your cunt out.

And I can't really hear you telling him how we swapped position and you had me sat on your face with my balls in your mouth, they were the cleanest they've been for years.

Did you let him bath you; did he wash all the lovely caked cum that we splashed on you gorgeous tits, no? I don't think you told him anything.

And we both know why, because that's why you're still here today, its because you won't tell him how many times we are going to plug that pretty little mouth with our cocks today or how many times your gona be made to beg us to take you upstairs, get you on your big bed, spread your legs wide and bend you is as many perverted positions we can think of as we fuck the shit out of you again.

He grinned at me as he said, I know your making it hard for us but we do enjoy making you cum, so lets put it to the test, lets see if your going to stop me as I put my hand round and play with your hot wet cunt, lets be serious we both know you aren't going to, in fact your going to part your knees a bit more so I can get at that hole and start working on it, come on, you know you want me too?"

As his hand slid up my leg and his finger pushed up in to me I can see it now and I'm still living with the sick sarcastic way he finished by saying, "You know your cunt feels real wet, my fingers have managed to slip all the way up, are you really sure you want us to go?"

He started finger fucking me, there was gloating in his voice as he said more, "Look, just take that big cock in your mouth, you're a slave to it and you know you can't wait for these fingers to be a big fat cock," he rammed his fingers hard up me, "Thumping in and out of this hot wet cunt."

I knelt there for about five or six minutes while he enjoyed humiliating me, making my hips jump and thrust as he finger fucked me, another pulled and played with my tits as I concentrated on sucking the fat cock stuck firmly in my mouth, until he said, "I think its time for another venue," I knew what he meant as I looked at the stairs.

He laughed even more as I dragged myself upstairs to the bed, they were all making filthy remarks about what they were going to do to me as they followed me up, each one of them knowing I needed more and he was right, I didn't want them to go and I wasn't going to stop them doing anything they wanted to me.

They stood in our bedroom, surrounding me as I was forced to do a strip for them, laughing at the way they made me wiggle my arse, pointing my tits at them, letting them twist them or lick the nipple end, slapping my arse as I gyrated my hips, thrusting myself forward so they could tickle me between my open legs.

Then, as they jabbed their fingers in to my wet cunt, all to soon it got me uncontrollable horny, until the final humiliation, I had to beg these common workmen to fuck me, I was naked on my knees promising to do what ever they asked just to have relief.

Again and again they went at me, I couldn't stop them fucking me; they didn't even let me go to the bathroom with out company, even as I sat there having a pee one of them would have his cock down my throat, fucking my mouth.

Then he would drag me out to them, they would be waiting, they were like animals, hands grabbing me again, than I would be thrown on the bed, I was their plaything, something to have fun with as one by one they would take their turn at me again.

I imaged you at the office not even thinking of me as one got off me and another one or two climbed on the bed, positioned me how they wanted and their relentless fucking of me would continue again.

The trouble is I've now got a liking for multiple penetrations, the type that brings lots of orgasm's, so I'm now permanently horny and we found that cinema so that has caused this problem, there, so now you know."

Well what could I do, she had admitted it all and I felt a little of the blame, and I was as hard as hell so we went to bed and for hours I fucked her brains out. After we finished she promised to stop the cinema trips so all was supposed to be well.

That was until I came home a week later.

I arrived home about six, unlocked the front door and called Monique's name. Moans came from the lounge. I opened the door cursorily; there she was tied to the dinning room table, stretched the full length, her arms up above and her legs tied together.

She had half a cucumber stuffed and fastened in her mouth, the other half rammed up her cunt, and the bastards had shaved her. She was covered in sticky wet cum, love bite marks all over her thighs, tits and now bald cunt and a message scrawled on her stomach, IF SHE DON'T CUM TO US WE CUM TO HER.

I gently untied her, she sobbed in to my arms, "It was the men from the cinema, they got in and grabbed me, I fought them but there was to many.

They have been fucking me all afternoon, they tied me to the bed then played with me until it made me so horny that I would let them do anything they wanted to me and I'd do anything to them I couldn't help it, they even watched me play myself."

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