Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, CrossDressing, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Halloween party is here again and as usual, Chris hasn't got a costume. He asks his wife to help and is not prepared for what ensues...

The thing with Halloween is that it's unpredictable; predictably so. Last year for instance, was not what Chris Burton would have expected even if he had been told it would happen beforehand.

Chris owned and ran a software company and business was a little down at that particular time. He had started the company in October of 1999, just when everyone was panicking about the Millennium Bug. You know, it was just prior to that time when all computers were supposed to go 'phut' and keel over onto their metaphoric backs, leaving big business in the brown, smelly stuff.

Thus Millennium Software (unimaginatively named it's true, but what the hey?) was born on the back of the switch to Y2K. He was contracting through an agency going around to different companies and sorting out their PC's. He was good with the customers, which meant business through referral. The work came in faster than he could deal with it and he found that his services were becoming more sought after requiring him to take on staff.

One, James Healey or Jamie, was a real whiz and between them, they managed to keep the company going well beyond Y2K and now, he is the Technical Director of Millennium Software, which in turn, is now a respectable software house, employing one hundred and forty staff, in their own building and okay, it's not big, but then neither was Microsoft to begin with.

Chris initially took Jamie on as an employee on the 31st — Halloween and since that was really the start of the company, it was decided that they'd throw a party each year to celebrate and being Halloween, it gave them an excuse to make the 'party' fancy dress. No-one really had trouble finding something to dress up as; well no-one except Chris that was, who regularly 'forgot' with the excuse that there were other more pressing things on his mind.

On this particular occasion, Chris was feeling down in the dumps. As mentioned earlier, the company was facing something of a slump and he and his wife, Jess, found it a pretty trying time. He was waiting to meet with a representative from a big company, SolTech and the project that promised (if it ever got off the ground) would be worth millions to Millennium Software. As far as Chris was concerned, it would also mean hitting the big time.

As a result, Chris's mind spent too much time worrying about the SolTech account and not enough on the present; the present being Thursday the thirty-first of October - Halloween. Needless to say, he had once again given no thought to a costume and was only reminded by Jamie that afternoon.

"What are you coming as?" He asked.


"Tonight; what are you going to be? A werewolf, vampire or are you going to be that stupid ghost again?"

"Shit!" said Chris. "I haven't got anything."

"You ARE kidding aren't you?" said Jamie shaking his head. "Not again. Trust you." Chris mouthed something unrepeatable at Jamie.

"I'll have something by this evening, don't worry." he said, wishing he'd paid more attention. He'd have to get Jess to help him out. He phoned her immediately and when he broached the subject, she was not impressed.

"You want me to do what?"

"Well, I forgot, what with the up and coming SolTech project and all. Can't you whip something up for me?"

"And just when am I supposed to do that?"

"Please Jess. I've got to have something."

"Chris, you always leave it to me to fix these things for you and then you won't wear what I get for you. Last time you ruined one of my best sheets for that stupid ghost costume."

"Aw, Come on Jess. I won't this time, I promise."

"Yeah, we've been through this before and you always wimp out."

"I promise, what else can I say? I won't 'wimp out' Jess. I can't let the side down."

"Perhaps there's something I could do." she said and then paused. "Hmm, I Do have one idea."

"What have you got in mind, Jess?" he asked, recognising a scheme of some sort brewing in his wife's mind.

"Trust me. Well, you'll have to, won't you? You don't have much choice" There was another short pause. "Alright, I'll give it a go, but only if you promise to wear what I get you, because I'll never forgive you if you don't. I'm going to have to go some to get it together as it is." "It's a deal." he said, feeling quite smug that he'd finally talked her into it. "You're an angel!"

He got home later that afternoon and there was no sign of Jess. He was pretty worried since, as guests of honour so to speak, they were expected to be there, but it was nearing five o'clock and he was nervous as hell. The longer he was at home on his own, the longer he had to think about what Jess might have been planning and the more nervous he became, wondering whether giving her carte-blanche was such a good idea.

The intervening minutes between his arrival and Jess's seemed more like hours and he was nearly in a sweat by the time he heard her key turning in the lock.

"You're back!" he said, sounding extremely relieved and nervously excited.

"Of course I am! Did you think I wouldn't be?" she asked slightly amused.

"Well, we're supposed to be there at eight, I thought it might be cutting it a bit fine." he reasoned.

"Don't worry. There's plenty of time. We can get ready together. I have it all under control." she assured.

"Speaking of which, what have you got for me?" he asked.

"It's a surprise. In the meantime, go upstairs and have a shower after you've used this." She handed him a bottle. "Then once you've showered, rub this all over where... oh, just rub it all over and come back downstairs. Now be quick, we haven't much time." He took the second bottle and looked at the two of them, not really taking any notice of the brightly coloured labels.

"What am I supposed to do with these?" he asked.

"Just follow the instructions you idiot. It's not rocket science."

He wandered off upstairs, grumbling about the fact that when he mentioned the fact they didn't have much time, it was all under control, then suddenly, less than five minutes later, they didn't have enough. He sat on the toilet to read the instructions on the bottle.

"Er, Jess?" he shouted downstairs.

"What now?" she responded in a fairly bored tone.

"This stuff is hair removal cream."

"I know. That's why I bought it."

"So why have I got to use it?"

"You have hairy legs. They'll show through the costume. Just use it, it won't hurt."

"Won't hurt?" he thought. They weren't her legs were they?

"Don't forget to do your arms, chest, tummy and underarms as well." she shouted and he nearly had an apoplectic fit.

"But..." he started.

"You're not going to wimp out on me are you?" she asked sounding very dangerous. "You promised."

He did what he was told. He had learnt years ago not to argue back, it can get very messy very quickly, so he started to apply the foul-smelling pink gloop to his body.

He just applied it liberally from the neck down and stood statue-like for the requisite fifteen or so minutes wrinkling his nose at the distasteful odour. It started to sting a bit around the jollicals, but he was soon under the shower, scraping the gunk off with much relief.

Once he had showered, he applied the moisturiser from the second bottle and was more than a little surprised by the sensation and appearance. He felt like a schoolboy again. He shaved his face, pulled on his dressing gown and headed downstairs, the hem of which brushed against his thigh as he moved and with no hair, it felt quite different than it had before. In fact, he started to notice all of the hairless areas and was getting quite 'distracted' in more ways than one however his ardour was soon squashed by what Jess had in store for him. He was handed a bunch of lingerie items including stockings and suspenders, which was enough to get him asking questions; serious questions.

"You said you weren't going to wimp out on me." she said pouting slightly. "And besides, you never mind me wearing them."

"Yes, but they're for women. That's why you get to wear them."

"That's not very fair for a start and anyway, they're part of your costume."

"No wonder you wouldn't tell me what I was wearing." he said.

"Are you backing out?" she asked, that danger returning to her tone and he remembered the conversation earlier. He had promised and now he wished he'd thought a bit more before jumping in quite so readily.

"No Jess." he said looking at the floor in front of his feet and resigning himself to his fate. He gathered up the lingerie she had put together and went to go upstairs.

"Where are you going?"

"Upstairs to get dressed." he said.

"Oh no you don't. I'm not risking you laddering those stockings. I know you know how to get them off me well enough, but it's a whole other ball-game putting them on."

A few minutes later, he was stood in a pair of glossy black nylons and suspenders, black lace panties and he had to admit, he could see the attraction; they felt really nice.

He wasn't sure what Jess had in mind for the top half and then she advanced on him with an aerosol and squirted him on either side of his chest before sticking a large rubber 'breast' on his left side, telling him to hold it there, while she pressed another to his other side, telling him to hold that one as well.

"Hey! What's this?" he shouted, shocked at having the large prosthetics glued to him.

"It's just more realistic if they're glued on and not just dumped into the bra cups. We can add makeup and blend them in. They'll look like they're yours and you'll be able to show some cleavage."

He felt quite odd as they weren't light and when she said he could let go, he removed his hands and was completely dumbfounded by their realism. They hung there like the real thing, complete with raised nipples.

She spent a few minutes adding foundation type stuff around the edges and in the end, you couldn't see where he ended and they began.

"Put this on — if you can — before you get locked up for exposing yourself." she said, tossing him a black half-cup bra/girdle combination. This was tight and not the easiest thing in the world to do up, but he wasn't going to be beaten and within a few moments, he was complete and looking surprisingly feminine, the girdle pulling in his stomach and accentuating the boobs-waist-hips effect.

"I can hardly breathe." he said.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Just be thankful I didn't go for the lace-up version. Now, there's a dress on the bed, go and put that on. I'll go have a shower and we can finish off after that." she said and dutifully, he went upstairs.

On the bed was a midnight blue velvet dress that looked as though it had come out of the eighteenth century with a pair of leather ankle-boots on top. He gingerly stepped into the dress then tried to pull the zip up the back and when after much struggling, he got it all the way to the top, he looked in the full length mirror and was quite stunned. He stepped into the boots and as 'reasonable' a heel as they had (probably no more than two inches), it still felt as though he was walking on stilts.

"God alone knows how women walk in the higher ones!" he thought.

Aside from the makeup and hair, everything else looked quite a bit more convincing than he would have thought possible. The bodice was quite low-cut showing cleavage, which the rubber boobies enhanced, looking very realistic indeed. The skirt was made to accentuate the hips, coming down about his ankles, so even without a real 'hourglass' figure, he wound up very feminine looking.

He made his way carefully down to the lounge, negotiating the stairs in a long skirt and heels for the first time and aware after the second step that falling was a distinct possibility. In the lounge, he couldn't help looking at himself in the mirror over the fireplace, taking in the vision before him.

"I could get used to this." he thought then blushed at the thought of that thought. Jess was soon down from her ablutions.

"Well now, don't you just look a picture?" she said, seeing him standing there in the deep blue velvet dress. He blushed and without even trying, looked very demure.

Chris had made drinks and they were ready to attack the war-paint, which was an application of layers and layers that seemed to go on for ever, taking his normally olive skin tone to almost white, adding several shades of colour to the eyes and at least two to the lips. He was really glad he had Jess to do it for him or they'd probably never have got out of the house at all — leastways, not without him looking like Coco the clown or worse.

By the time she'd finished, Chris was gone and in his place was a very pale gothic beauty with deep plum lips, fingernails to match and heavily darkened eyes that had just a touch of devilishness about them. The crowning glory was a blonde wig that Jess had brought. They each had one and both were very in keeping with the period of the dresses, making them look like a couple of high-borne young ladies of the eighteenth century. With the false fangs (good ones too, not those things that look like they've come out of a Christmas cracker) and the dots on their necks (made of rubber solution and makeup and looking like they were healed up holes), they were ready to hit the party as a couple of lesbian vampires.

They entered the taxi and giggled when the driver asked "where can I drop you ladies" and Chris had to salute Jess's ingenuity for coming up with the idea at such short notice. He couldn't say he had ever thought of his wife in the way she was portraying herself and wondered more about what possessed her to think that he would ever go for this. Had he not promised, he definitely wouldn't have, but there he was, getting fully into character and loving every minute of it.

Once at Millennium Software, he became scared old Chris and almost had a full-blown panic attack in the foyer before going through into the canteen, where the party was being held. It took some fairly strong words from Jess to get him in. He managed it eventually though (thanks to Jess's 'cattle-prod' tongue) and was really surprised and not just a little disappointed that no-one seemed to recognise or even notice him.

Well, wasn't that basically the idea?

It did take some time and he and Jess stood having a couple of drinks while people sat or mingled in groups. They watched the crowd and realised that Jess was right, they were the best there. They certainly had more complete costumes and he had to wonder why it was that he was dolled up from the inside out, when it was clear that others had not tried nearly so hard. Jamie was on his way to the toilets dressed quite convincingly as a scarecrow when he noticed Chris and Jess standing watching the party.

"Good eve..." his jaw dropped open. "Bloody hell!"

"What's the matter?" Chris asked innocently. "Haven't you ever seen a couple lesbian vampires before?"

"No, I mean, fuck, that's brilliant!"

"Why thank you Master James." he said with an inclination of the head and smiling slightly. "I can only curtsey in deepest respect to my good lady wife and admit that I had nothing to do with it. It was all her idea." he said curtseying and almost touching the floor, looking as demure as he could then smiling wickedly and showing the fangs.

"Well, it's... It's astonishing!" Jamie said, his eyes going wide at the level they had taken it to this year, clearly impressed. "Got to run, back in a moment." he added clutching his crotch and dashed out of the door.

The DJ played a fairly slow number and Jess asked Chris to dance. He wasn't particularly keen on the idea as he was still learning to walk in the heels, not that it mattered as Jess wasn't going to take no for an answer.

The couple of drinks that he'd had loosened him up and coupled with the fact that he was so chuffed that the costume was a success that he forgot himself and strolled (I use the term loosely) out onto the dance floor.

"You look lovely." said Jess.

"You look even better." he replied.

"Why thank you ma-am." she said and glued her lips to his.

It was probably due to the way he was dressed, but the kiss took on a whole new meaning as they swayed to the beat of the music, their breasts mashing together in the embrace, Jess holding him close in the dimly-lit room.

The three or four minutes of the tracks duration felt like an eternity and the passion certainly rose the longer it lasted. Chris was transported to another place as they danced. He'd never been a dancer, preferring instead to proclaim having two left feet, but now, he didn't want the song to end, even though there was no way he knew what it was.

By the end of it, he and Jess were quite breathless and made their way back to the side, noticing for the first time that a great many of the party-goers had actually been watching their antics on the floor. They both looked somewhat sheepish at the expressions on the faces of the watchers. There were a lot of very slack jaws amongst them and neither would have been surprised if many of those weren't experiencing a rise in their pulse-rate at the very least judging by the flushed faces.

"What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a couple dancing together before?" Chris asked in a loud voice, showing his fangs and that kind of broke the ice.

From then on, it was a gentle but constant stream of people all bringing compliments for the costumes and saying that it wasn't until they looked carefully that they realised who he was, then really gushing at Jess for having done such a brilliant job. Between them, he thought their egos were about as bolstered as much as was feasible in such a comparatively short space of time, but it seemed that all too soon, it was time to leave.

That was SUPPOSED to be the end of it, the finish of a really good and successful evening, but it wasn't.

The reason why Jess had him in the stockings and suspender belt, bra and realistic fake boobs kit, was soon to become apparent. He closed the door behind them after paying the taxi driver and went to head upstairs.

"And just where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"Upstairs to take this lot off." he responded.

"Uh-huh, no you don't. You don't think that I went to all the trouble to get you dressed up like that to have you take it all off without me do you?"

"W-What... ?" he stammered.

"I thought since you'd given me carte-blanche, I'd make full use of it. You didn't think I'd give up the chance to have a 'lesbian' fling with my husband, did you?"

"Well, I hadn't thought about it that way." he said his mind racing. Then all became clear. He needn't have bothered with the underwear for the costume; that was something Jess added for her own benefit.

Well, well, well.

She took him by the hand and pulled him to her, kissing him tenderly.

"I've wanted to see you like this for ages." she said huskily into his ear.

"I hope I haven't disappointed then." he said almost in a gasp. Jess smiled, kissing him again, the costume, the makeup and everything else crashed in all at once, nearly causing his legs to buckle.

"I see you're enjoying this too; excellent! Shall we continue this somewhere more comfortable?" Chris didn't answer. He was having enough trouble coordinating as it was. That last kiss along with everything else knocked the stuffing and apparently, the stuffiness out of him.

She took him by the hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom. He felt extremely vulnerable, a bit like it was his first time, but then he supposed in one way, it was. He didn't think he could feel quite this nervous in front of his own wife, but there you go.

She helped him off with the dress, leaving him stood in his underwear, getting more nervous by the second. Then she started to stroke his body; running her hands up his sides and below his breasts, back down and over his lace-clad buttocks to the top of his stockings, threading her fingers through the garters that held the stockings in place, while kissing his neck, his face and oh my goodness... He was trembling like he was stood on jelly.

He helped her off with her dress and moments later, they were stood in two puddles of clothes both of them, gently running their hands over each others bodies, kissing various places and it was all very subdued, neither of them speaking.

It didn't take long before they were just down to stockings and on the bed, continuing the caressing, the nibbling and the stroking as if discovering each other's bodies for the very first time, sliding against each other, each of them revelling in the smoothness of the others body against theirs.

It was the single most sensuous and erotic time he had ever had the fortune to be involved in. There was no rush and no race to get to any particular point by any particular time. They just let it flow until both of them had expired, waking the next morning nylon sheathed legs curled around and against one another, breasts crushed between their bodies, bed clothes strewn asunder.

The two of them were a little sheepish. He thought Jess was nervous because he had found out that she had lesbian fantasies and he certainly was because she now knew that he enjoyed being dressed as a woman and being treated as such. They both agreed though that it was probably... hell DEFINITELY and without a shadow of doubt, the best sex either of them had had — ever.

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