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Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Slavery, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Group Sex,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lord Hardofcock, the 13th Viscount of Hardofcock, has it all: noble title, wealth, estates around the world, and a quartet of dedicated slaves. What could ever make him leave home? Excitement and danger of course!

The thirteenth Viscount of Hardofcock woke up in an excellent mood. Looking down his long, lean body he saw the reason for much of his good mood. The long black hair of Slit1 obscured the view, but the location and bobbing of her head made it obvious that it was her turn to wake Lord Hardofcock in the manner to which he had become accustomed. "Ahh, Slit1, it is impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed with you giving me such a pleasant wake up call."

Slit1 lifted her head up while keeping her lips wrapped around His Lordships head and smiled a bright, joyful grin. She removed his head and said, "My Lord, I hope you slept well and are well rested for a strenuous day?"

"Strenuous? Why would today be strenuous?"

"Slit2 has been squirming and rubbing up against everybody all morning and I must confess it has affected the rest of us."

"Well, I'm still in charge around here, so I'll decide just how strenuous today will be. I'm awake now, let's get the inspection done, so I can get some breakfast."

"Right away, My Lord. Where would you like to hold inspection this morning?"

"Let's just do it here. Have everybody assembled in fifteen minutes."

A little over fifteen minutes later, Lord Hardofcock completed his morning bathroom routine and stepped back into his bedroom to see one of his favorite sites. His four slaves were all lined up for inspection in the proper position — standing bent over in line with their cheeks spread. Slit1 and Slit2 wore nothing but elegant lace corsets that cuddled the bottom of their voluptuous breasts, but didn't cover them. Prick1 and Prick2 weren't wearing anything at all.

Lord Hardofcock walked over to the line and began inspecting them. He had to ensure that all of his requirements had been met. He gave Slit1's breast a good fondle and pinched her nipples. Then slid a finger into her pussy to ensure that it was dripping and ready for whatever may be required. He moved on and slid his dick into Slit2's her ass to check for adequate lubricant. He gave a few thrusts to make sure that she was as tight and hot as he liked her.

After inspecting Slit2, he went around to the other side of the line and slid his dick into Prick1's mouth to see if it was ready and his deep throat technique was up to snuff. He gave a squeeze and pinch to Slit2's breasts and nipples just because he has difficulty keeping his hands off of beautiful breasts. He let go of Slit2's nipple and next grabbed hold of Prick2's dick to see if it was hard enough to pound nails. He then bent down and gave it a little taste to see if there was any precome or not. Then he went back around the line and slid a couple fingers into each of the Prick's asses to ensure proper lubrication there as well.

"Well, three of you have lived up to my expectations this morning. Thank, Slit1, Prick1 and Prick2. Slit2, I am a little disappointed in the hardness in your nipples. They didn't seem to be quite as hard as you're capable of and I'm afraid that your punishment is going to be this morning's breakfast entertainment.

"We will adjourn to Breakfast Room 3 and the Pricks will attach nipple clamps and then affix you, bottom out, to the cross for a paddling. Slit1, you can tell the kitchen that I'll have my usual French toast breakfast and you have the honor of providing this morning's service."

When they reached the breakfast room, Prick1 and Prick2 got to work by attaching a pair of wooden nipple presses to her nipples and tying her to the large X frame that dominated the west wall of Breakfast Room 3. Breakfast Room 3 had a large window dominating the East wall and the low angle morning light gave a wonderful glow to her pale skin.

With her bottom sticking out, Slit2 soon began to acquire her own glow as she felt the sting of Prick1's paddle on her left cheek followed closely by the sting of Prick2's paddle on her right cheek. Before long her moans of pleasure intermixed with her yelps of pain and filled the room with one of his Lordship's favorite styles of music.

After about twenty swats and Slit2 was looking like she had entered her own little world, Slit1 arrived with the tray containing Lord Hardofcock's breakfast. She placed the breakfast on the table and then crawled under to begin the morning service.

Slit1 went straight to work licking, sucking and nibbling on his Lordship's penis trying to get her favorite breakfast treat. Just before his Lordship finished his breakfast he sat back and moaned as Slit1 got her treat delivered right to her throat in several delicious spurts. She happily swallowed her reward and proceeded to clean up his Lordship as he softened.

Finishing his breakfast, Lord Hardofcock stood up and kissed Slit1 quite passionately while thanking her for her excellent work. He then walked over to Slit2 and waved Prick1 and Prick2 off from further paddling. He stood there and admired Slit2's bright red behind and reached out a hand to squeeze her cheeks and feel the warmth now radiating from them. He undid her ties and gently turned her around. With a gentle and expert touch he removed the nipple clamps and examined the offending nipples.

"Much better," he said as he cupped both of her breasts and sucked on each nipple in turn.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you my dear?" He asked Slit2 with a slight smile touching his lips.

"Yes my Lord. My bottom was feeling so cold and I knew a good paddling would warm it right up."

"You're lucky I didn't decide on ice torture as your punishment, Slit2."

"Sometimes a girl just has to take a risk to get what she wants, my Lord."

"Excellent attitude, my girl! Now what are we going to do with ourselves this morning? Tomorrow we have the party of course, but the staff is taking care of all of the arrangements and we will just need to check up on them a little bit this afternoon, but that leaves us with most of the day with no pressing obligations. Any suggestions?"

Slit2 spoke up and said, "We could give me a little more inducement to keep my nipples erect during inspection."

His Lordship chuckled and said, "Now, now no need to be greedy you little spanking fiend."

"How about we have a picnic lunch prepared and head out to the waterfall in the old quarry," suggested Prick2. "It's a lovely day and I'm sure we can find something to amuse ourselves out there."

"Perfect. Slit1 call the kitchen and order the lunch. Prick1 go get Toy Bag 4 and meet us at the south garage. Prick2 get Slit2 off so she'll stop all of that squirming. Okay everybody let's get moving so we can be on our way in 15 minutes."

Prick1 arrived at the South Garage looking a little wilted, but happy. Slit2 arrived just looking happy. She still seemed to be squirming quite a bit, though.

"Ah, there you two are. Get your quads and we'll be on our way," said Lord Hardofcock.

The group left the garage and headed out into the bright sun that cascaded down on the lovely green hills of the Vermont countryside. Being late August they knew that there wouldn't be too many more days this year that they could comfortably travel around the estate naked or nearly so, but the coming of the cold weather also meant the coming of the snow and their second favorite activity - skiing. With a little luck Killington would open in early October this year and they could be skiing in a little over a month.

While they were all starting to crave the snow a little bit, they were also excited about spending the day at the quarry. Except for small amounts of decorative marble all of the marble for the estate came from the quarry. After supplying the many, many tons of marble for the estate, it was allowed to return to a more natural state and now contained a deep, cool pond with a dramatic twenty foot waterfall cascading down the Northern wall.

"OK, Slit2 if you can stop wiggling for a moment could you put the lunch in the cooler? The rest of us are going to swim or sunbathe as we wish for a while. You can join us when you're done."

The next couple hours were passed in pleasant relaxation with the occasional splash fight or squeal-inducing dunking. The quarry was one of Lord Hardofcock and his slaves' favorite places to wile away warm days just enjoying nature and each other's company.

Lord Hardofcock had enough lounging for a while and decided he was ready for a little play time. "Prick2, go get the toy bag and bring it over to the pavilion. The rest of you, let's adjourn to the pavilion."

The pavilion was a simple structure that looked a little bit like a small Japanese house with sliding walls and very clean, elegant design. When the walls were opened though, it revealed something a lot less relaxing than the typical Japanese house. Inside was a very well equipped play room that had racks of toys and cupboards filled with even more toys and furniture that most perverts would find exciting and would make most vanilla folks either scratch their heads in confusion or shudder with fear.

Just as Prick2 was catching up with the group and Lord Hardofcock was rubbing his hands together with a gleam in his eyes, Slit2 interrupted his train of thought, "Wait a sec, Hock, I've got a call on the Pink Phone."

She pulled a small pink phone out of a pocket in her skimpy little outfit that you wouldn't even notice was there if you didn't know where to look for it. "Command. Go ahead," she said into the phone.

After listening for about a minute she only said one word, "Acknowledged," and closed the phone back up.

"All right people, this is not a training exercise, we have a live client with a job for us. Hock, we'll need the small jet to take us to Chicago. Time of departure is 30 minutes. Everybody else, get into our standard Midwest civilian kit with lethal option. Sophia, get Hock's kit and bring it to him at the hanger. OK, everybody get moving, I want wheel's up in 29 minutes."

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