Three For Two
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2006 by J.C. Miller

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kathy almost passed out and fell against David in the Quito airport. He caught her before she fell and restored her. They were on the same nature cruise to the Galapagos. The three girl friends thought there would be many young single men, but there were only two. Kathy was left to dance with David, who was considerably older.She liked him a lot and became very suspicious when he wouldn't visit her.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Slow  

The tour guide stood outside the baggage claim area, holding a sign that said DARWIN CRUISES: GALAPAGOS in capital bold letters, and decorated with a bright flag that was the same colors as on the Internet site. She wore a well-fitted business suit with a knee-length skirt, and her shiny black hair reflected the numerous off-color vapor lights in the lobby.

She sighted him, and he nodded to her. She said warmly with a slight Spanish accent, "Welcome to Quito and the Darwin Cruise."

David Mallory took a few seconds out from his bag search to get a view of her legs as she walked to the next carousel. Her navy pumps had silver decorations and little chains that shimmered when she walked. In all, he decided that she deserved his admiration.

Standing by the baggage carousel, he felt someone bump against him heavily, making him lose balance. He first thought it was someone reaching for a bag, but when he turned, he saw a young woman looking pale as she started to fall. He put his arms around her quickly and managed to walk her a few steps back to a row of seats. He urged, "Put your head down and breathe."

She looked at him vaguely and then did as he asked. After a few minutes, she raised her head and he noticed that blood had returned to her face. She focused her blue eyes on him and said, "I nearly fainted. Things just turned black."

He responded, "I think you did. The airport elevation in Quito is about 9500 feet, or 3100 meters, whatever. Move slowly until you get your breath."

She said quietly, "OK, but I have to find my bag and meet the tour right outside the baggage claim."

"Are you on Darwin?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"I saw the guide just outside the fence. I'm going there, too, so if you'll point out your bag, I'll get it off the carousel and to the limo for you."

She stood unsteadily, "Thank you. I don't usually just pass out."

"Until your bag comes, hold on to my arm and lean on me, just in case. It shouldn't take long."

She leaned on him with her head resting on his shoulder, as she looked for her bag. Shortly, she pointed, "That's it, the one with the orange and blue ribbons on the handle." She examined him as he went for the bag. Tall, salt and pepper hair, nice ruddy face with some wrinkles and laugh lines, and an air of confidence. She judged him to be trustworthy, but had difficulty deciding whether he was 45 or 55. All of these assessments were automatic; she wasn't sizing him up for a conquest.

He held her arm as she stepped up on the bus, and he followed her down the aisle. Two women were sitting toward the front, and one had apparently saved a seat for her. One asked, "Where did you go, Kathy? We were worried."

"I passed out, and this nice man kept me from falling on my face. Didn't you get dizzy?"

The blond next to the window replied, "Well, a little, I guess, but it went away when I breathed deeply. They told us we might have a few problems up here."

David sat next to Kathy and offered, "Since we're all in this together, I'll go first. I'm David Mallory."

She said, "I'm Kathy McEwen, the blond is Kim, and the one next to you is Jennifer."

Each acknowledged the others just as the pretty tour woman came on the bus PA system. "On behalf of Darwin Cruises, I am Amanda Santos, one of your many tour guides. Welcome to Quito. We will arrive at the hotel in about fifteen minutes. Your bags will be delivered to your rooms. Please join us in the hospitality room there to get your tour packets and schedules."

In the hospitality room, David picked up his cocktail and his tour packet, and then stood near the desk to inspect the other members of the incoming group. He had hoped to see some unattached women, but saw only the three young ones he met on the bus. Any one of them would do nicely, given a personality match, but considering that his last three birthdays had each been his fifty-ninth, he didn't see much chance there. As he watched the last stragglers get their packets, he realized that this week would be limited to celibacy, exercise, and an intellectual uplift. The last two to pick up their tour packets were John and Kevin, young men around thirty who quickly navigated to the three young women.

As David left the hospitality room, Kathy waved from her group and said, "Thanks again!"

In his room, he studied the schedule, and noticed that they were to have breakfast at the buffet starting at 7:30, then board the bus for the airport to fly to the Galapagos at 9:30. Bags out by 7:30. Tomorrow would be a busy day so he retired quickly for a needed sleep.

At breakfast, John, Kevin, and the three girls found a booth to accommodate them all, and they chatted amid bursts of laughter. At least they were able to get up and out, and did not appear to be hung over. David found the breakfast selection to be excellent; there was everything from hot tamales to smoked salmon. All too soon, he had to scurry upstairs and finish getting ready to be at the bus on time.

The flight to Baltra, the official port of entry for the Galapagos Islands, took about three hours. Upon arrival, the tour guides had them quickly loaded on the old buses for transport to the dock, where they boarded the motorboats for a brief trip to the cruise ship.

David stood by Kathy as they waited on the dock, and said, "The air down here has a little more oxygen in it. Did you sleep OK?"

She sighed, "Well, I had a headache in the middle of the night, but it seems to be gone now. Altitude, I guess."

The Zodiac boats came alongside the dock, and in ten minutes they were taken to the ship. It was small, as cruise ships go, with a capacity of 120 passengers. Even with that small number, it did not appear to be full. David examined his stateroom as he imagined having a naked partner in the queen size bed.

The new passengers had only a few minutes of free time until they were called on the PA system to report to the main salon for the safety lecture. The ship's officer then sent them back to the staterooms to await the claxon horn signaling abandon ship. All passengers had been instructed to don their life vests and move quickly to the lifeboat launching stations for the drill. The three women friends were assigned to his boat, causing him to think, "If the ship sinks, I'd rather be with them."

At dinner, David, the three women, the two men, and one other couple were seated at the same table. He surmised that the social director had managed to seat all eight singles together. The couple appeared to be about forty, and neither wore rings.

David asked them, "Why a cruise here?"

Both smiled, and she answered, "We're biologists, and came to see the weird animals of nature."

He replied, "I saw pictures in National Geographic years ago and put it on my list of places to go. I'm delighted that the government of Ecuador decided to make it a national park."

After dinner and a pleasant walk around the deck, David went to the main salon for the evening entertainment.

He approached a table with familiar faces, "May I join you?"

The woman from the dinner table quickly responded, "Oh, please do. We can scoot around so that you can see."

The combo soon took center stage and began their first set with a jazz classic, "Take the A Train." After a couple of minutes, David commented to nodding heads, "Hey, these guys have it!"

After two additional jazz numbers, they moved to playing dancing favorites. The dancers began to fill the floor, and David enjoyed the music and a brief conversation about tomorrow's events with one of the men.

After a while, he saw Kathy sitting alone in her booth, and went there immediately. "Dance with me, Kathy?"

"Thank you, David." She took his hand as they went to the floor.

Within half a minute, David realized that she was an accomplished dancer. He said, "You know what dancing is all about!"

"Thank you. So do you. You haven't missed a beat."

"I've been taking lessons. I had knee surgery, and this is my first time dancing since. You take lessons?"

"I taught ballroom at the university for three years to beginners. I kept practicing, too."

He kept her on the floor for three dances, until he felt it polite to return her to her table. He danced with another of the women at his table, but she was not skillful. He continued to watch Kathy's table and noticed that John and Kevin were concentrating on Jennifer and Kim. Each of the men danced with Kathy once. Chivalry is not completely decomposed?

He returned to her table, "Shall we try again?"

She smiled, "Please!" As they danced, she said, "I'm sure John and Kevin have important skills, but dancing is not one of them."

He said, "I know what you mean. When you reach a certain level, it's hard to enjoy the less capable."

The combo started their Latin set with a tango. He said, "That's more like it!"

"Yeah! Let's do it."

Four other couples were attempting the dance, but gradually each of them returned to their seats. Meanwhile Kathy and David tangoed with elegance and attitude. They captured the bestial sizzle of that dance, which has been described as a contest for domination between the sexes. As the tango ended, there was applause and Kathy said, "Wow! That was great. I want to do it again."

"You were outstanding. I'm sure we can get them to play another one after awhile. I have to rest between sets."

The band took a break and the other people at his table decided to call it a night. He looked toward Kathy's booth and she was alone. He quickly figured that the others had departed and approached her. "Please join me for a drink and we'll see what the combo comes up with next."

She smiled brightly, "Oh, I'd like that. I seem to be in the way here."

As they were enjoying their drinks, he said, "Somehow, this cruise doesn't seem like something you would pick. Most of the people are much older."

She laughed, "Well, we didn't actually pick it. We won it. I mean Kim's boss won it in a charity raffle and couldn't go. So he gave it to Kim. We have a nice large suite with three beds."

"The Darwin people do first class cruises. I've never been disappointed with them."

"Kim looked on the Internet and discovered that this particular cruise was supposed to have lots of singles. When I double checked, I found that the singles cruise is in two weeks, but we'd already chosen."

"Well, maybe they can make it up to you. The daytime activities are spectacular, so I'm told by friends."

"I mean, we were disappointed to see that most of the people came here already paired. We had visions of a romantic vacation in the sunny south seas."

"Oh, so you didn't really come here to see flora and fauna like no where else on earth?"

She blushed slightly, "Actually, we didn't do our geography well. I mean, what's the difference, Fiji, Tahiti, Galapagos?"

He laughed heartily, "Yeah, I can see where you went wrong. These tours are for the itinerant nerds who seek more intellectual adventures. I'm afraid we won't see bare breasted maidens dancing in grass skirts!"

She came back quickly, "Oh, it will be intellectually stimulating and all that. I'm sure I'll find a way to enjoy it."

The combo tuned back up, and David and Kathy danced several times before returning to the table. He said, "Dancing with you is a great time."

"I've enjoyed all of them. How is your knee holding up?"

"I'll have to ice it when I get in the room. I didn't expect such a workout." He looked around and noticed that Kim and Jennifer were still not there. He then said, "Maybe we could walk around the deck for a few minutes, then I'd better get the old ice bag on."

"Let's do. I need some sea air."

As they walked around the deck enjoying the soft sea breeze, she noticed that Kim and Jennifer were not in any of the public hangouts. Maybe they had gone to the room. He leaned on the railing as he looked at the moonlight on her face and said softly, "You really looked beautiful tonight dancing. You probably could be a professional."

She smiled broadly as she accepted his compliment as genuine. She put her hand on his arm and squeezed him. "Thank you. I aspired once, but life got in the way."

"Life does have a way of meddling in our plans. Maybe you can tell me sometime."

"Maybe. It's just a same old same old story."

"I understand, but it is your same old story." He kissed her lightly on the cheek, "C'mon. I'll walk you home."

"Thanks. I don't want to get lost on this big ship," she giggled. At her door, she put her key in the slot only to find that the door was locked from within. Shortly, Kim came to the door and let her in. Kathy turned and said, "Thanks for a nice time. I hope we can dance again." She kissed him on the cheek.

"They play every night. Maybe we can get caught up."

Kathy asked Kim, "How did your date go? Where's Jennifer?"

"Jennifer and Kevin are probably glued to each other out on deck. John is nice and I want to see more of him." She walked over to unlatch the door. "I don't want to get up again. Did you enjoy the old guy?"

"Yeah. He dances really well. He's not my dreamboat, but he is good company out here in the middle of nowhere." She then thought, "The last thing I need right now is another serious relationship. He probably lives farther away than Doug did."

The next morning, David arrived at breakfast to find the biologists already seated. He went to the buffet and put together a delicious assortment of fruits, breads, cheeses, and a spicy omelet. The younger set straggled in one at a time and managed to get their plates to the table. Apparently, Jennifer and Kevin had been up late.

David opened the conversation, "I signed up for the high hills hike this morning and for a tour of the Darwin Center this afternoon. Where is everyone going?"

The younger group had signed up for the same trip as David, while the others chose shopping in the town center. Each day, the cruise included a morning tour and an afternoon tour, separated by a lunch in the outdoor dining area on the ship's social deck. The Zodiac rafts were like those used by the Navy SEALs, called in governmentese "SEAL Delivery Vehicles." Each could carry sixteen passengers at breakneck speed if necessary, but the tours usually carried no more than ten or twelve and operated at more modest speeds.

As they headed toward the island, Kathy said, "David, that is a strange looking cane you have."

He laughed, "It is useful as a cane and as a folding seat. They were invented in England and used by the rich and famous to watch horse shows and races. I have to take the weight off my knee, and the seat folds out to hold me."

As the group walked up the hill, the younger five moved faster on the trail to the top of the 600-meter "mountain." The three women all wore tight jeans, and David admired their working gluteals as they climbed. The naturalist provided a colorful description of the geography, wildlife, and history of the island, including the problems caused by non-native animals, like pigs and goats. From the top, they proceeded to a lagoon to see pink flamingos.

Kathy stood near David and asked, "How's your knee?"

"It's fine. I have to rest it, but it doesn't hurt."

She laughed, "Don't wear it out. You promised to take me dancing tonight."

He moved the cane seat to get a better view of the water birds, and when he sat, the cane staff buried itself in soft earth, leaving him sitting on the seat at ground level. The entire group saw him, and some took pictures of his plight. They all laughed as he struggled to his feet and took a bow. Then he said, "You think that was something? Wait until you see my next trick!"

That brought laughter and then applause. Kathy could barely contain herself, "I can't wait until we see the pictures of that. You were great." Then she laughed again, stopped, and began to blush.

He said, "Oh, I see you're one of those 'schadenfreude' people, laughing at the disabled."

He had managed to make her feel guilty, and she hugged him tightly, "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings."

He hugged her back, "For a hug like that, I'd do it again. You didn't hurt my feelings and it was funny. I want to see the pictures, too."

As they walked back to the boat, she teased him, "David, you seem to have mud on your walking stick. Want me to wash it?" She giggled again.

One of the people at the lunch table brought out a digital camera and passed it around the table so that everyone could enjoy David's mishap. They wanted to know if he was hurt. He replied, "Nothing but my pride!" Kathy couldn't stop giggling.

The afternoon's tour of the Darwin Center provided David with enough material to think about for the immediate future. The whole evolution theory and the idea of animals that have no natural predators made for an interesting time reflecting on nature.

At dinner, they all shared their favorite stories of the day and descriptions of the bargains found by the shoppers. Given the nature of the ship, dinner seemed to highlight the day; always multiple courses with at least three choices for the entrée, accompanied by excellent selections of wine. David strolled around the deck after dinner, and then decided to sit in the hot tub for hydrotherapy before going dancing.

When he arrived at the salon, the combo was playing, and he saw the two young couples sitting in a booth. He joined a table where people from his morning tour were seated. Some twenty minutes later, Kathy appeared wearing a long black skirt with side splits, four-inch heels, and a red blouse that displayed her figure nicely. She sat with her group.

When the combo started their Latin set, he went to her table and she smiled brilliantly in anticipation of his request to dance. He said, "You really look stunning tonight. Have you been watching those dancers on TV?"

"Thank you. I have a date with a nice man to go dancing." She took his hand, "I do watch those ballroom shows and always feel like such an amateur."

He led her into a dramatic tango, and like last night, the others left the floor. He said, "Hey, it looks like we're part of the entertainment here. No one else wants to do this dance."

She replied, "OK, let's give them a show!" When she moved away during a dramatic step, he realized that the skirt was made to show her legs as she danced the difficult routines.

He said while they were dancing, "You gave us a show, all right! That was beautiful." When the next break came, he asked, "Would you like to sit with me?"

She said, "Yes. Thank you." Then as she looked at the others nuzzling in the booth, she sounded annoyed, "I get enough of that in the stateroom."

"Gets a little crowded, does it?"

"Noisy, too." She glanced over at the others, "Kim is now paired with John, and they sleep in his cabin. Jennifer sleeps with Kevin in our cabin. God, it reminds me of my college dormitory."

He immediately surmised that Jennifer and Kevin were the noisy ones, and that Kathy was the fifth wheel. He smiled, "I think I'm beginning to understand. You're not getting a lot of-uhh--sleep."

She laughed, "Now, you get the picture, David." She glanced again at them, "And, they're having all the fun!" She laughed again, "They didn't even have the courtesy to invite me for a threesome!"

The rest of the evening, they danced and laughed as they enjoyed the beat of the music and being held closely on the slower songs. They walked around the deck arm in arm. He thought, "Either tonight or tomorrow, I will invite her to share my large bed."

She said, "I don't remember having a better time dancing. No hassles with driving and parking, just walk to the salon, and there it is."

He said, "I have some regular partners who go to my club, but I rarely find anyone in public who knows how to dance. You're the best ever."

She said, "Oh, thank you. Yeah, do I understand the partner problem! Takes all the fun out of dancing if the guy doesn't know how. What about your wife?"

"She was really quite good. Actually, she started it all. We danced for years, but when she died two years ago, I had to find classes or clubs to visit or join."

As they rounded the bulkhead leading to the stateroom stairs, he said, "Well, off to ice my knee. You really gave me a workout tonight."

When he walked her to her room, she again put the plastic keycard into the slot and found that the door would open only to the extent of the privacy chain. She said, "Shhh. Just listen."

They could hear sounds of passion through the door. She said with annoyance, "That's what I have to put up with." She rang the bell, and shortly Jennifer came to unchain the door with nothing but a towel draped around her. When she turned to go, Kathy had an evil grin as she opened the door, "Here, have a peek." David saw the naked woman return to her bed where Kevin was waiting. Then Kathy kissed David on the cheek, "Thanks for taking care of me. It would be awful here without you."

He held her a moment, "I'd like it if you stayed with me. You're welcome to do that."

She looked at him and stammered, "Uh, thank you. Uh, good night, David." She closed the door.

He thought, "Shit! That was awkward. Why did you wait to ask her until she was going inside? Shit!" He then returned to ice his swollen knee and lament his plight. He stretched out as he reflected on the evening. "It's hard enough to hook up with the young ones, even if you're smooth. I hope I don't make the same dumb mistake next time." He moved the ice bag. "You like that girl and you desire her. If you were 20 years younger, she would have accepted. Maybe."

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