Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by expatdad

Interracial Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A white housewife is tempted by the security guard sent to protect her while her husband is away.

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Interracial   White Female  


Kate dropped the phone back on the hook and padded back down the hallway to their bedroom. She was hot and bothered. Speaking to her husband on the phone had only heightened her excitement. It was all well and good teasing each other with sexy stories, but the fact of the matter was that her husband was hundreds of miles away in Bulawayo! Now she was alone, all hot and bothered by her husband's naughty suggestions. In England she would have had a cold shower, but here in Zimbabwe even a cold shower came out warm!

How could her husband talk to her like that when he was so far away!

She sat by the window brushing her short dark hair, still wet from swimming in their glorious pool. She had just come in from a moonlit swim.

She listened to the wildlife croak, hoot, and rustle through the trees. She was sure she had seen some of the small vervet monkeys leaping about the trees. Normally they did not come so close to town. Hunger at the end of the dry season must have driven them to such desperate measures. The locals seemed to have no hesitation about eating them when they could catch them.

Her servants had been dismissed long ago, and she felt so alone, as she sat brushing her hair. What few friends they had lived on the other side of town, and when her husband took the car away on one of his many trips she felt marooned and isolated.

Most of the neighbours were home grown Rhodesians and seemed to have so little time for a lonely expat wife. While the other expat wives of her husband's colleagues seemed to behave in a most strange way. As though they were members of some inner circle that Kate had yet to penetrate.

Yet she did not regret coming to Zimbabwe. It was so different to England. As she sat working on her hair, virtually on automatic pilot, her mind was on other things. Her body tingled with sexual excitement. The warm balmy evening seemed to generate a languid fulfilment in contrast her fevered loins drove daring wicked thoughts into her mind. Her conversation with her husband should have banished such thoughts, but they had not. He was to blame, feeding her mind with sexy wickedness telling all he would do to her when he returned! She shivered.

But he was not here now, and she felt so hot!

Her mind was in turmoil.

Could she?

Her thoughts were troubled by her husband's words. Outside in the night a security guard patrolled. This was always the case when her husband was away. His company provided all night security guards to all expat staff when a husband or father was away over night. Sometimes the first she or her husband knew of the need for an overnight stay was the arrival of the security guard.

Kate thought it was overblown. She felt safe here, safer indeed than in England. So what if her husband was away. Too great a risk was the Security Manager's reply. A pretty white woman alone and unprotected would be an immediate target for African burglars, or so he claimed. Burglars who would do more than just commit burglary, he had intimated. With that dark sardonic look.

All overblown Kate thought. This was Zimbabwe, not South Africa she had replied. Neither the Security Manager, nor her husband had budged so a security guard prowled the gardens. She shivered when she recalled the latest horror story from South Africa. Four burglars had raided a remote farm in the north east of the country. They had ransacked the house systematically and thoroughly looted the farmhouse. They had stayed for two days. The farmer and his daughter had been tied to a chair and made to watch while each of the burglars had taken turns with his wife.

To compound the horror the burglars had then tied up his wife and they were both made to watch as they took turns with their young teenage daughter. When they left they took the daughter with them as though she was just another item to steal. They had taunted her parents with how their pretty 'ruined' daughter would fetch a good price from a Johannesburg pimp!

Zimbabwe was quite different from South Africa. Peaceful, civilized, sedate, a backwater of peace and tranquillity. Yes the African men were a bit aggressive. Making little effort to hide their desires and attractions towards her. But that was not just towards her. They behaved in just the same way towards any woman walking down the street. It had been embarrassing and intimidating at first, but they had both got used to it. Recognised it for what I was, the natural behaviour of African men in the cities.

Deprived of the company of wives left behind to manage the family farm. Harmless, amusing even, very flattering. Even her husband had found it flattering, and teased her about them at night.

Tonight an African man patrolled her villa. Was he frustrated? Was he as frustrated as she was with her husband away? At least her husband was only away two nights. This burly African guard was probably away from his family for six months or a year! No wonder they were so sexually aggressive when she wriggled her sexy butt past them to do her shopping down at the mall.

She could hardly imagine the frustration of being six months or a year away from her husband. She felt bad enough when her husband was away, and she was a woman. How much more frustrating it must be for a man?

She felt a quiver run up her spine.

Was it true what they said!

Did that black security guard have a huge cock? Had that cock been denied a woman for six months a longer? She gasped at the line of thoughts her anxious mind was now travelling along.

Her mind was in turmoil.

No matter how much she tried her thoughts kept coming back to the guard outside and what might be hidden within his trousers. Was it long and thick? Was he even now, in the dark of the garden relieving his frustration with rapid, urgent hand movements. Her mind was filled with images of an ebony shaft pulsing and throbbing. Straining with passion and bloated with blood and sperm in its own urgent need for fulfilment.

Her own body was now in heat! Her loins throbbed in response to her wicked thoughts. There was no other way to describe it! She felt like an alley cat just waiting to be found by a crowd of stray toms.

She put down her brush, and cupped her heavy full breasts.

They were a delight to her husband. Despite her small slim frame she was the proud possessor of full rounded white breasts, with delightful pink nipples. She pulled aside the small satin wrap and looked at her breasts in the mirror. Full upstanding breasts without any sign of slack. Why should there be? At 25 she was in the prime of health and fitness.

Her hands played over her nipples. Not dainty pink now, they were a deep red with passion, hard and pointed, the sensitive points surging and throbbing with heat and desire. She pulled her wrap back tightly around her, and smoothed it down.

Could she really do it with a man other than her husband? A big black man like the guard outside, her hands dropped to her loins before she snatched them away, reproaching her lack of self-control.

Tightening the sash like belt around her slim waist, she stood. At just five foot three her slimness was just right. Sometimes she wished for a rounder, fuller bottom. Her husband's sex games made it perfectly clear he delighted in her pertly rounded derriere.

"Let's pretend you are a boy!' He would whisper as he rolled her over face down on the bed. The words would send a wild thrill of licentious wickedness through her as she thrust and wriggled her sexy bottom in his face.

Her husband's wicked games were the cause of her heat.

His sexy word games on the telephone tonight on only spurred on her own naughty thoughts. Thoughts she had never dared to utter to her husband despite his own teasing. She was after all a lady. She was at least entitled to some secrets of her own.

Tonight she felt more like an alley cat than a lady.

Lightning crackled across the sky, almost as though it was within the room.

She tensed expectantly.

The thunderclap deafened her ears, and the heavens opened.

The dry season was over.

The rain came in torrents bouncing hard off the patio as though it were hail. She stood shocked. She had never seen rain like this. It pounded on the roof and the windows. The pristine garden in seconds seemed to fill with runnels and ponds of water. She watched as the surface of the swimming pool was turned into a maelstrom by the driving fierce rain.

A crack startled her, and she watched in alarm, as a branch from one of the trees broke away and crashed to the ground.

Oh my God! She thought. He is out in this, outside in this driving downpour of rain and falling branches.

Her heart seemed to stop.

She had to do something. She couldn't leave him outside in this horrendous weather.

A pulse of heat rolled slowly out from her loins. Yes, whispered a secret inner voice, it was time to do something. The pulse reached her nipples hardening them further, if that were possible. They felt so taut, so sensitive to the thin silk material covering them.

She battled with her conscience. Could she really do this? It is your husband's fault, with his naughty telephone calls. Leaving you alone so long, the voice whispered. But it was wrong, so wrong.

It would be wrong to leave him out with the rain, the voices whispered back.

Your husband will never know! He is hundreds of miles away. No one is going to visit, especially not in this weather.

Another crack of lightning burst, seemingly above the house itself.

Almost without realising what she was doing Kate found herself at the front door of the villa. She could hear the wind howl, and the rain pound outside. She was struggling with the latch, finally the top half of the door swung open.

"Hello!" she called into the darkness.

Suddenly, a terrifyingly darkness seemed to hurl itself at her. She shrunk back in confusion and shock. Sam's hot tongue licking her face, and his cold wet fur in her defensively raised arms brought relief and annoyance. What a fool she felt. In the darkness and thunder of the night, his black fur had masked him, and she had not seen him coming. Before he had hurled himself at her with simple canine joy and happiness!

"Down, down boy!" The brusque masculine voice broke through her thoughts.

He was there!

Another salacious wave of heat spread outwards from her loins. She struggled to push the dog away, and then the security guard was there, his large hands hauling the dog free of Kate, and ordering it away. Sam slunk off beneath the thick foliage of the bushes. They provided ample cover from the rain. Providing a cobra did not also decide to take shelter there!

"Yes, Ma'am, is everything all right? Is something wrong?" His eyes bore into Kate's. She could see only worry and concern. A concern for her, rather than concern for the rain. Her heart softened.

"Come in! Come in! You can't stay out there in the rain!"

"Really, Ma'am, its no problem." In truth the rain caused him not the slightest problem. Having lived all his life in Zimbabwe, his thoughts on the rain were only of relief and joy.

The rains had come! Now maybe his farm so far away in the Vumba Mountains would flourish and flower with bananas and other fruit. His family would survive another year without serious harm or disaster! He felt only joy and praise for the onset of the rains.

"Don't be silly, come on in, you can't stay outside in that weather!" The guard looked up at the pretty Bwana Madam, assessing. His mind was quick, he was conscious of his dark good looks, and the effect that had on some women. Perhaps the time had come he had waited long enough.

"It is not proper Ma'am."

"Please! Come on in. The rain is getting in!"

He entered silently, thoughtfully. It was certainly official company policy carefully printed on all contracts that security guard staff never entered at any time the villas the company was employed to protect, unless in pursuit of an intruder.

His company boss, however, had another unofficial, but perhaps more fervently followed policy. It would not be the first time that the guard had entered the villa he was protecting while the husband was away! What is more with the full approval of his boss!

Kate struggled to help the guard to take off his soaked overalls. They were drenched through. It was not the smell of the damp clothes that was assaulting the senses of Kate. It was the strongly masculine smell of the African man. Smells that seemed to assault her with their potency. Sending butterflies to flight in her stomach, flared her nostrils, and sent further waves of desire through her loins!

As her diminutive form struggled to help the guard with his overalls the comparison of her small almost dainty frame with the large muscular bulk of the black guard was most pronounced. The guard grinned to himself. He could see her flaring nostrils. Her silk wrap was very short and her lithe golden legs were a pleasure to behold. Her hard nipples pressed against her wrap.

Kate was trembling.

Up close this handsome guard was somewhat overpowering. As his overalls fell from his shoulders her hands came to rest on his muscular upper arms. His black muscles rippled with strength.

Kate felt weak at the knees.

She quickly pulled away, but the electricity was sparking between them. He wore a denim sleeveless vest loosely tied at the front. The loose fastenings betrayed more rippling stomach muscles beneath.

Kate stepped back defensively, recovering her composure with difficulty.

"Please, come through to the kitchen, we'll get these dried off."

Kate led the way through to the kitchen.

She became acutely aware of the shortness of her wrap. While perfectly normal in the hot climate of Zimbabwe, it was much shorter than anything she would have worn in England.

Indecently shorter, she giggled, before pulling herself together.

She felt strange.





Wet with excitement.

She found her hips swaying slightly from side to side.

Behind the guard grinned as he looked at those lovely golden legs. It had been worth the wait. He had no doubt what this evening was leading to.

In the kitchen Kate draped the overalls over the Agga cooker, still warm from the evenings cooking. She turned back to the guard, and staggered. Here in her own kitchen, her own territory, his presence still impressed. He was huge, at least a head and a half taller! She was being silly she realised, but still she trembled.

"Would you like a tea? Perhaps a coffee?"

"Coffee please, Ma'am."

"Oh please, call me Kate, not Ma'am." She turned to the kettle.

"Kate," responded the guard. Kate felt a quiver down her spine at the sound of her name on the guard's lips.

"Oh! You know after all this time I still don't know your name?"

"Vanadaga... Kate."

Kate fussed about the kitchen while the kettle boiled. She was concious of his gaze on her as she put together, mugs, milk, and sugar. It seemed so odd to do these things for an African she was so used to her servants doing these jobs. Somehow it seemed appropriate to do these things for... Vanadaga... what a strange name.

It was exciting to know he was watching her, watching her body!

Could she do it?

Could she go through with it?

Her heart was in her mouth as she turned to the sink. With her back to the guard she bit her lip. She controlled an urge to roll her hips. If she went through with this she could never tell her husband! Imagine, though how she could tease him with hot stories once she had discovered for herself what it was really like with an African.

Somehow she knew the real question was how? She fingered the silk warp. With her heart in her mouth her fingers glided down the edge of the wrap. Parting it. Pushing it apart so the sides of her full breasts peaked into view, She swallowed, unsure, nervous. Her wrap was open at the front now down to her waist. Splaying back in a vee that would expose her upper body. She tightened the belt at her waist. Anxious to ensure that her wrap below the belt did not slip open!

Finally she turned back to the guard with his coffee.

She sipped her own, and watched the guard. His eyes swept her exposed flesh and the firm thrust of her breasts peaking from her wrap. Her nipples, hard and pert, were still covered the fine silken material of her wrap.

His eyes seemed to widen. Kate could feel the material of the wrap struggle against the belt and its tendency to be pulled in line with the wrap on her upper body. She struggled to remain composed as the belt failed and the lower part of her wrap flowered open.

Kate closed her eyes, fighting the embarrassment.

Fighting the urge to pull the wrap firmly closed.

She leaned against the kitchen unit, and sipped from her coffee.

The guard's eyes had widened as her robe slipped open. She watched the sudden realisation on his face, as she did nothing to close her wrap. He looked up at her. She lowered her eyes and sipped her coffee.

The next time she looked the guard's expression had changed.

Gone was the surprise, the nervousness. There was lust in his eyes.

Fingers of emotion, both fear and arousal ran up and down Kate's spine.

He caught her eyes again. There was confidence in his eyes now, having caught her eye his gaze dropped to the exposed soft skin of her upper thighs, to the lightly covered mound of Kate's loins. His eyes rose to meet Kate's, who flushed and sipped her coffee.

The guard followed her example, sipping on his coffee.

Kate drank the last of her coffee, and then placed the mug behind her near the kitchen sink. She turned back to the guard. She leaned slightly back against the sink unit. Her hands to each side of her grasped the edge of the counter. With tremendous difficulty she steeled herself not to pull the wrap closed. She looked up at the guard. Her face was nervous, unsure. The guard grinned back at her. His grin was feral with lust for a cornered prey.

He drank his coffee, and then he set the mug back on the table.

Her eyes met his, and she was lost.

Mesmerised in the big dark pools of his eyes.

Kate swallowed heavily.

Vanadaga stood and looked down at Kate.

She looked so sweet, so demure, and so small.

But her body give her away.

Those hard nipples protruded sharply through the thin silk, from full heavy breasts.

His nostrils flared with the scent of her arousal.

This woman. This pretty white wife, looking so demure and sweet, was a bitch in heat.

A white bitch stinking with her hot arousal!

Hot for his cock, his black cock!

He grinned, and his large black hands reached for the fastenings of her wrap.

Kate could not stop herself from trembling as the black fingers loosen her belt. She shivered. Her skin was covered with goose bumps. Her nipples were hard and throbbing. Her wet pussy leaked with excitement.

It was going to happen.

She was going to fuck with a black man!

If only her sister could see her now!

As her wrap fell open, those large black hands reached inside for the sweet white skin within. They grasped Kate's waist tightly and pulled her forward. She gasped and her head fell back, to be met by his hungry descending mouth.

Her lips parted in eager acceptance of his thrusting tongue. She mewled her pleasure. All pretence abandoned her tongue duelled with his. His hands pulled her wrap from her shoulders and down behind her. The combination of his powerful hands and the folds of her wrap pinned her hands behind her as his mouth devoured her.

She was pinned, as though a prisoner, while this black Zulu savage preparing the plundering of her dainty white body. Kate was faint with excitement. Eager to be plundered, penetrated, and savagely fucked by this huge, strong man.

Her legs splayed open as hips pressed between, and she felt for the first time his cock! She gasped to herself. Black men do have huge cocks! She hungered and humped against him.

A wanton bitch in heat concluded the guard. No ladylike traits remained in the whirlpool of her loins as she humped and lunged at the man who had her pinned to the table.

Vanadaga laughed as he pulled free.

Kate's fate was decided the moment she opened the door and called out for him! Vanadaga relished the image of this pretty white woman being delivered to a Shaba drinking den for the entertainment of his friends, the rise in status that this would bring him. His cock throbbed in excitement at the knowledge of her fate, and how he would be the first African between her slim lithe legs.

With an eager laugh his mouth descended, dodged past her mouth and fastened on her neck. Whimpering with eagerness Kate through back her head and surrendered to the eager passion of the guard.

His lips and teeth seemed to tear at her neck, and Kate writhed in response to the sheer animal passion unleashed on her own sweet white body. His large bulk dwarfed her slim frame, and she wriggled excitedly. She was still pinned by her wrap. Her full breasts pushed into his body. Her nipples grazed his chest. She pushed her breasts against his chest hard anxious to feel his muscular strength. Thoughts of her husband were banished by the heat in her loins.

Vanadaga grinned as he raised his mouth from her neck. Let her explain that to her husband, as he gazed down at the slim white neck marked by his passion. Her full white breasts were exposed to his gaze. The taut pink nipples, darkened in passion.

His mouth dropped again engulfing first one nipple, then the other. His lips nipped, and pulled the sweet orbs. His tongue lashed in wide stripes, and then played lightly over the aroused points. He crushed his face into the white creamy flesh and his teeth nipped and grabbed.

Kate squealed in excitement and shock as his teeth gripped and played with her nipples. Tingles of pain and pleasure competed with each other. She pushed her breasts hard back into his face. Delighted and excited by the contrast of his black face buried in the full white flesh of her breasts.

His hands dropped from her wrap to grab and steady her gyrating hips. With her freed hands Kate grabbed his head and eagerly fed her aroused plump breasts to his ravening mouth. Never had she known such animal passion. Her husband had always been so gentle so caring and understanding. This animal was concentrating on his own pleasure, and in doing so he was feeding the flames of her own passion.

She humped her hips with splayed thighs against him.

Come and take me. Her pussy was demanding!

I want your cock. Her vulva literally throbbed with need and desire. Kate wept with hot eagerness. She had only briefly felt his hard cock pressing into her, now she was anxious to discover the full joys it. To discover what a big cock would be like inside her.

Vanadaga released his grip on her nipples.

His head dropped lower.

Kate squealed in shocked delight.

His tongue had drove without hesitation straight for her hot wet pussy. He tasted the hot leaking wetness, while Kate writhed and humped her hips into his face in tense frantic excitement.

She could feel that hot thick lingual member invade her leaking inner self. Its hot eager swipes licking up her juices, lashing from side to side, along the edges of her excited pussy lips. Then in long sweeps up and down the length of her wet parted lips, before thrusting inside to lap up the wet interior. Then his style changed. His head rose. His tongue softened.

It found her clitoris, and Kate went wild.

It played softly delicately over the nub.

Kate shook with pleasure and excitement, her hands grabbed futilely at his head to no avail, this was just too much, too exciting, she struggled to free herself. Her struggles had no impact on the muscled strength of the guard.

Vanadaga laughed as he stood up. He looked down at Kate. Her trembling lips were a luscious red filled with passion. Her eyes were hooded and glazed in passion, her pert nipples dark and full with heat. Her breasts rose and fell with the fierceness of her hot eager breath.

He pulled apart his denim top. Grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her forward. Her eyes fastened on his own hard nipples as he drew her closer. Eagerly she opened her lips and fastened them around his hard nipples.

She sucked and nibbled.

Her tongue lapped and probed gently.

Below she could sense him unfastening his belt, unbuttoning his trousers.

Her excitement rose. Then his hands were on her head pushing her lower. Surprisingly he stopped at his navel, but Kate's tongue never ceased its lapping. She delved into his navel with a pointed eager tongue. She lapped at the soft inner skin, she licked around and around, then thrust deeper. Teasing the twisted knot of flesh within.

Vanadaga laughed, and Kate squealed as he lifted her high and slung her over his shoulder as easily as though she were a pillow. He turned and headed for the bedroom with Kate bouncing on his shoulder. His hand rose and gripped her soft round bottom. He moulded the firm white flesh. His actions stilled Kate's wriggling as she was hauled off to her bedroom.

She was dropped onto her own bed. Legs splayed, hands grasping the sheets, she stared up in eager lust and the strong man standing above her. She watched as he pushed his trousers down. His cock sprang free, and Kate stared. Her lust was too high to be scared, but the cock in front of her was monstrous.

Ooh, it's true. It's true, black men do have huge cocks!

She trembled with shock and desire. Instinctively her lithe legs inched closer together. In contrast her hips humped upwards in need. Her mind was rebelling at the size of that black cock, while her pussy was hungry for it.

Vanadaga grinned. Her confusion was obvious. Once she had his cock up inside the confusion would be banished. He leaned forward and pulled an unresisting Kate towards the edge of the bed. He gripped and pulled on his cock. It was stiff enough already, but he loved to watch the eyes of white women, as his cock was primed for action in front of their eyes. He was not disappointed.

Kate's eyes were wide and round. Her pupils dilated. She was mesmerised by his thick black snake, a snake that would soon be spitting its own particular venom deep inside her body. She watched his hand pump that thick cock to even greater hardness. She watched the foreskin roll slowly back revealing a thick mushroom head. She shivered at the thought of what it was going to feel like when that mushroom headed cock pushed apart her vulva and drove inside.

Her hips rose. Slim white hips, with lithe white legs, parting again in anticipation of the sexual feast to come. Vanadaga pulled her hips closer and wider. Kate was gasping, panting her excitement. He stood by the end of the bed. His strong hands gripped the eager white hips. Kate was arched backwards. Only her shoulders and head remained on the bed.

A long thick black cock was poised, pointing like a spear at her defenceless open body.

Kate looked up into his eyes. She was shocked to meet a cold hard gaze.

"Please," she gasped. "Please fuck me!" Vanadaga grinned.

His cock teased the wet opening, and Kate flowered open in wanton invitation to her own debauchery. Vanadaga pressed forward and the bulbous tip pressed inwards. Her pussy offered little resistance.

Kate shook with pleasure and shock as that thick tip pushed on and in. She had never felt so stretched. So full, and only the tip had penetrated. Nothing had prepared her a sexual experience like this.

Vanadaga pressed deeper, and Kate's slim white legs rose and wrapped around the muscular black waist, gripping him tightly. Her heels pressed into his buttocks pressing him closer. Vanadaga obliged with another few inches of his black meat.

Kate squealed.

Vanadaga relished the tight grip of Kate's pussy on his cock, very tight indeed. Her husband had probably never given her the sort of ride he was going to give her. He pushed deeper. He could feel Kate flexing and stretching as his cock invaded her pussy. Her pussy walls grasped tightly. She was so hot and wet. Her tightness did little to prevent his next lunge as his cock disappeared another six inches deeper.

Kate's body was shaking with the excitement and pressure this African cock was giving her. She was impaled deeper than she had ever believed possible and there was more to come! Her trembling increased. Her shoulders ground against the mattress as she was pushed further on to the bed. Vanadaga's body hovered over hers. All Kate's senses were focussed on her impalement. Dimly she became aware of the hulking body above that driving cock. Her eyes rose to the calculating gaze of the security guard.

Did he feel no passion?

Vanadaga's passion was driven by money, and the desire for conquest. It was the taking that counted with him. Taking another man's wife. It was just like stealing only better. He would fuck her into a quivering wreck, and tomorrow night he would do the same! The tribal customs would never be suppressed by the new government, stealing other men's wives was a tribal tradition that would never be suppressed. It was so much the better when the wife was a pretty white woman.

She was rich.

Her husband was wealthy beyond any dreams he could ever have.

But her husband could not compete with Vanadaga's dark good looks, his muscular strength, and of course, his huge black cock.

Kate was his now.

His plaything and possession at least until he passed her on.

His black body fell on top of Kate's white slimness. His black body crushed her beneath him as his cock drove home the final length, deep, so deep.

Kate's first orgasm engulfed her.

Vanadaga drove on, his body pounding Kate beneath him.

"Oh! No! Please enough. I've come!"

Vanadaga grinned and humped long slow, deep humps above Kate.

"No! No, it's too much!" She tried pushing him away. The sensations in her pussy were exquisite, and it was driving her crazy. It had to stop. Always her husband had stopped when it got like this! It was far too scintillating to continue.

But the African didn't stop. He kept on thrusting, his huge cock ploughing her tight white pussy. Driving the sensations even higher. Kate gasped. Her face strained with the pressure of the sensations within her over excited pussy.

Vanadaga speeded up his pumping hips. His driving became harder. More determined, almost vicious.

Kate ceased her struggles. Her hands grasping at his arms, slid higher. Her slim hands locked behind his head. She looked up into the driving black face above her. A thin line of sweat had finally broken out on his forehead.

"Oh God! Yes. This is fucking!" Her hips began humping back at Vanadaga.



She could feel the terrific sensations as the thick black snake inside expanded and thickened within her. She grasped it eagerly, milking it with her tight pussy walls. Then the first shots of black sperm spurted inside. Deep inside. Hot scalding spunk that drenched her pussy jetting into her womb.

She rose to another orgasm.

But this African cock did not slow.

It did not wilt or soften.

It pounded!

And pounded!!

Kate gasped in shocked surprise. This African was a real man. A real stud! She groaned her surrender. Her total surrender, and her hips humped frantically back.

Vanadaga's thrusts were so driving and forceful she felt skewered to the bed, by his large cock. Her legs splayed open and wrapped around him when not flailing the air in excited passion. She felt like a trapped animal, small and fretful, as her body was worried and ravaged by the black animal above.

She loved it, every minute of it.

She was so helpless she had no alternative to surrender herself up to this man, to let him do as he wished with her.

Her only responsibility was to as he wished, and enjoy the consequences.

The so delightful consequences!

As her pussy throbbed it's delight and pleasure at the thick pulsing driving black meat that so filled her. Her attempts to grab and milk it, to squeeze and caress it, were overborne by the savagely driving thrusts between her legs.

Vanadaga paused he looked down into Kate's face. She was dripping with sweat and passion. Her eyes were glaze, pleading at him to continue. As he paused he could fell her pussy go into action trying to milk his juices from him again. He laughed throatily. He liked a woman who was hot for it. But now it was time for something new.

Despite her passionate arms and lunging hips he withdrew. his cock was just as thick, hard, and long as when he had started. Wet now with this white woman's passion. He pushed Kate back down as she rose to query him. He leaned back and with casual ease flipped Kate over on to her stomach.

His gaze took in the nicely rounded bottom. She may have a small bottom, but it lacked nothing in womanliness. He gripped those round white cheeks and pulled them apart. Kate mewled in anticipation of what she guessed was to come. Her passion overcame a fear that his huge tool would rip her apart.

She gasped as she felt his tongue sweep up between her the parted cheeks. As his tongue began its dance in this sensitive area. She squealed with excitement at the feel of the hot wet thickness trailing upwards, passing lightly over her bottom. Then back down again, so enticingly. Finally it settled on the dainty rose between. As it licked and lapped Kate pushed backwards willing her back passage to open.

Her husband's cock had long ago opened her nether hole. Kate was more than willing, though somewhat nervous, to receive his long thick black tool back there. Her hips humped up and back in invitation, in open eager lewd invitation.

Vanadaga raised himself above Kate. He pulled apart her lithe white legs, and pushed down on the small of her back. This white woman's tight ass, was not so tight. It winked at him as Kate wriggled in response to his hand in the small of her back.

"Be still woman!" Kate immediately froze.

"You dun this before woman!" Kate looked over her shoulder at the handsome black guard. His ebony body was now shining with sweat. Butterflies took flight in her stomach. What a man! His finger dipped down and pierced her rose. It slipped in easily through the now wet opening.

"You dun this before?" He asked again. His thick finger circled and played with her inner muscles, sending lewd sensations straight through her body to her pussy.

"Yes." She gasped. She looked back at him. An embarrassed sheepish look came over her face. "My husband... he... I... that is... sometimes he likes to pretend I'm a boy!" Her face flushed red, and she buried her face in the bed sheets.

Vanadaga grinned with relief.

"Perhaps, when your husband is back, perhaps I should show your husband what it was really like to be boy! Would he like that?"

"Please no! My husband must never know!" Kate was alarmed, the last thing she wanted was for her husband to discover she had slept with an African.

She looked back again at Vanadaga.

"My husband must never know. There will be other times. When he is away. You can have me every night he is away."

"What kind of offer is that? You want by big black cock anyway."

"Oh God yes I want your big black cock!"

"So what is in it for me? You want my cock. You get my cock. What do I get?"

"I'll be good for you." She wriggled her bottom back at him.

"Hell, why would I want you to be good?"

Kate giggled.

"I'll be as bad as you want! Really down and dirty for my lover. You can take me anyway you want. Will you fuck my bottom with your big cock?"

Vanadaga grinned again. His white teeth gleamed in his coal black face.

Tonight his luck was in.

He aimed the thick head of his cock between those parted cheeks, towards that puckering entrance to a hot tight garden of delight, and thrust.

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