Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Safe Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young girl with many changes to come. A business man keeping secrets. Will she find what she is looking for? Will he tell the truth?

She sat alone on the bench and watched the neighborhood kids play. She is not your average type of girl, a little on the not so skinny side but that was okay too. Her long waist length brown hair had tints of blonde, which was the only concession she would give her stylist instead of giving in and letting her cut it. At about 5'3" she looked tiny and like a little girl, bright blue eyes peaked out from under the feather bangs she had also allowed. A quiet girl, keeping mostly to herself, even at her job, she liked to read and relax at home when she was not working.

However it had come to her recently that she is lonely, not only had she not had a serious relationship in some years but not many friends either. The ones that she does have are all married or about to be married, her being the only single one left. So many times she heard, 'Oh Blue when are you going to be a bride' or 'Always a bridesmaid never a bride huh Blue?' It was annoying and sickening how people treated her. Like she didn't try to find a guy ever! She tried, found one and got hurt. Of course everyone else moves on but it was hard for her. Then to have that ridiculous nickname that had never left her since she was a child, Blue, did not help matters at all. All because of a bad experiment that she has with some food coloring and icing, no one was ever going to let her live that one down, Christ, she was 4 when that happened. But still now at 25 people loved to bring it up, which is all great except when she wants to impress a guy and all her friends are talking about how her nickname is Blue because she tried to make something special for her father and ended up wearing it. How ridiculous!

So now that she had decided she wants to fulfill her life and find a man to settle down with, she needed to make a list. Things that she needs to change about herself to find the right catch. Interesting, she thought, maybe I should ask my male friends and see what they have to say. No! That would be horrible, well maybe after she made the list for herself she would ask a trusted friend to help her out. She also needed to make a list of what she was looking for. So, there she sat with a pen and some paper while the children played near by on the set of swings, writing a list of changes to be made for her and another list about what she wanted in a man.

It should not be to difficult, she thought; she would just have to work up the nerve to go and get these changes done. For starters she needed to go through her clothes and get rid of the older ratty things that she had for years. Of course some she would not get rid of, she did want to keep some jeans and sweatshirts for when she was home. Although maybe she should since they were 2 sizes to big and looked horrible on her. She would have to find some fashion magazines or something to find a new style to wear. Maybe she should call her sister n law to help her with this transformation. There were so many decisions to make and so little time, especially if she wanted to look good for her friends wedding and have a date. Three months to transform herself into something sexy, she could do it she thought carefully.

Once the two lists were finished, she got up and started toward her apartment which was only a block away. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there were so many people out and about going in and out of the shops, talking loudly with friends and neighbors. She walked slowly with her book bag, gazing at all the people that walked along with her and the vivid colors from all the shops. Everything was so beautiful and fun; it made her want to be that too. Well, with all the changes she was about to make she was going to be beautiful and fun, she just knew she was going to be.

Once at her apartment building, she heard Ms. Kowalski yelling at her son on the second floor and Mr. Jammison playing his piano on the fourth. She walked up the steps saying a brief hello to Mr. George and Mr. Wallace as they sat and argued over some television program they both watch. She smiled softly to herself as she started up the stairs to the fifth floor; the elevator was never trust worthy so it was pointless to try it. Her apartment building was rather simple; in the middle of the street with other buildings near by, it was a style of its own. It was probably about 80 years old and it definitely showed, vines growing up the sides, the old balconies attached with ladders as fire escapes. It was interesting and fun to live there. Each floor had three apartments that were pretty good sized. When she moved in the owners had just renovated it so that the fifth and sixth floors were combined which gave her apartment and upstairs and down stairs. Since before they had renovated there were about 5 apartments on each floor the size of a cubby hole, the owners made a wise choice to re-do everything and make more space for the tenants.

Once on her floor she started to dig into her bag for her keys as she looked around and noticed tons of boxes, already opened boxes. The door to her neighboring apartment was wide open so she peaked around and saw more boxes. Someone must be moving in, finally, she thought to herself as she brought her keys out of her bag and started to insert her door key into the lock. She glanced behind her as she swung open her door and saw 3 men coming through the door to that floor.

"Hello" she said.

"Hi" one of them replied.

"Y'all moving in," she asked.

"Just one of us," he replied again.

"Oh, well welcome to the neighborhood, I'm Jae," She told them.

"Nice to meet you Jae, I'm Ryan; this here is Greg and Tony. The one moving in is Chase, he's downstairs yet," Ryan replied.

"A pleasure, well good luck on getting everything in, it's supposed to rain by dinner time," Jae told them as she went the rest of the way into her apartment and closed the door.

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