The Sickle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - People are dying. Who's doing it and why? This is a Halloween story. Some gore, some sex. Lots of catagories, but didn't want to give the story away.

I'm Tammy and, about two years ago, Rita, one of my co-workers at the bank and also a close friend, and I attended a Halloween party in an old West Virginia mansion. We lived in Ohio at the time about sixty miles away. One of our customers invited us to his shindig. He says that Halloween is his favorite holiday and throws a party very year.

Rita and I talked it over and decided to go. She dressed as Peter Pan and I was dressed up as Tinker Bell. I had the coolest costume and everyone said I looked just like Tinker Bell except for my red hair.

The party was going pretty strong when I decided I needed a cigarette. I went into the back room where they had stored our coats, purses or whatever we brought with us. I opened the door and kind of screamed out. What I saw was a man dressed like a horrible ghoul creature. He looked like he came from 'Night of the Living Dead' or the movie 'Scream'; he had on a hideous mask and a black cape. The only part of him I could see was his cock as he pushed it in and out of a woman dressed up as a witch. She also had a mask on and was lying forward over all the coats as she was being thoroughly fucked by the ghoul.

They looked toward me in their masks. I apologized for being there and said that I was just going to go get my cigarettes and then leave. I found my purse and grabbed it; all the while, he was pumping his cock in her big white ass. It was all I could see of her. I quickly left by the same door I came in through and closed the door, leaving the couple to their sexual escapade.

I found Rita when I came out and told her what I had seen. She laughed and said there would probably be a lot of that going on. I was having a good time dancing with all these people in costume. I knew hardly anyone since I wasn't from that area. Brett was another friend from the office that was there also. He was quite the dancer. I got groped a little more than I cared for but didn't let it get too far. I was standing at the drinks table when I turned around and screamed. I got everyone's attention and felt like an idiot. The man in the ghoul outfit was standing there holding his fake sickle.

He quickly pulled off his mask and told everyone to go back to what they were doing. After I started breathing normally again, he smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Glen Raven. I'm sorry I startled you so. I just wanted to apologize for what you saw earlier. Sometimes these parties get a little wild."

I introduced myself and we just started talking. He was a cute hunk of a fellow. He was gorgeous if you can say that about a man. It made me wish I was the one being hammered from behind.

"Would you like to go outside on the porch and get some air?" he asked.

I thought it would be a good idea since he was making me hot. We sat on the porch swing and I lit up a cigarette.

"That will stunt your growth," he said jokingly.

I told him, "I used to have a lot of bad habits but smoking is the only one I haven't been able to conquer yet. Maybe someday but not today."

He asked me about myself.

I told him as little as possible. "I recently graduated from community college and work at the bank full time. I enjoy the work even though it doesn't pay that well."

He said, "I'm a lineman for the phone company. I have a home up in the mountains but have about a six month job running new lines along the West Virginia-Ohio borders. I'm working near the town where your bank is located. And I'd like to see you again."

"I would like that," I replied, and we went back inside.

I danced most of the rest of the evening with him. Brett cut in once in awhile. I guess he had a light crush on me. Glen really didn't try anything with me; he was pretty much the gentleman. As Rita and I got ready to leave the party, Glen kissed me goodnight. I could have melted in his arms. Rita Robin Hood was kissing a guy she had met too. We said our goodbyes and headed for home.

Rita and I talked about the men we danced with. She said her friend kept feeling her ass but since it was a party she let him get his jollies. I told her about what a good dancer Brett was; she agreed and said she like dancing with him also. "Who was the ghoul you danced with? He gave me the creeps till he took off his mask. Damn, what a hunk."

"He said his name is Glen Raven and he lives in the hills somewhere. He said he wanted to see me again."

"Do you think he'll show up?" asked Rita.

"I sure hope so! I wouldn't mind getting some of what that witch was getting." We both started laughing.

Neither of us knew who the witch was, but it was odd we never saw her the rest of the night.

Let me tell you about my life up to now. It isn't a pretty one. I was from a broken home and as a pre-teen was pretty negative. I got into a lot of trouble. My mom remarried a slob who tried to molest me till I kicked him in the balls. My idiot drugged mother had me sent to a school for unruly kids.

I started high school and lived in and out of foster homes. I started smoking as a pre-teen and still smoked today. I'm still trying to kick the habit. I did try drugs and went to counseling. I was eventually put with a foster family that cared about me, not just the money they received for putting up with me. They really helped me. I gave up all but smoking cigarettes. My grades improved and I was able to get a small scholarship and go to community college.

I took up banking because I was pretty good with business machines and numbers. I worked at a carry-out to earn extra money while going to college. I stayed at a rooming house with six other girls, including Rita. At least it made it affordable for all of us.

I dated a few guys while in college. I no longer just slept with anyone. I decided that I wanted more then just sex with every guy. I wanted relationships and friends. I wanted to be part of a family. I wanted the dream house and a nice husband and kids.

As far as my looks go, I'm a decent looking gal. I was almost anorexic from doing the drugs. Now I'm clean and eat a lot more sensibly. I've really tried hard to shape up and stay clean. It isn't easy but I'm doing it. Rita calls me a red headed knock out. I will admit that since I gained a few pounds my clothes do look a lot nicer on me. I really liked the Tinker Bell outfit I rented. It fit so well and I felt sexy wearing it. A few of my dancing partners must have thought so too the way they kept trying to grope me.

After we graduated, Rita and I shared an apartment; of course, we now worked at the same bank. Life was finally getting better for me. I was kind of hoping that Glen might call but tried not to think about it.

On Tuesday, I was in the copy room and didn't notice someone come up behind me. He tapped me on the shoulder and I quickly jumped and gave out a slight squeal. It was Glen, standing there grinning at me.

I smiled when I saw who it was. "Would you stop sneaking up on me and scaring me half to death?" I smiled at Glen. He was even better looking dressed in his tight shirt and jeans.

"I told you I'd be by to see you. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" he asked.

God, how could I say no? I told him where I lived and we set up a time. I did tell him only dinner and conversation and he just laughed. I didn't want him to think I was too easy.

As soon as he left, I went up to Rita to tell her the good news. She was already grinning; she saw him when he came in.

Our first date went well. We had a nice dinner and he was telling me a lot about his job. He told me that he stayed at a motel in town and went home about sixty miles away on the weekends.

"Would you like to spend Monday through Thursday evenings with me? I'm pretty much alone here and would enjoy your company."

"Can we take it a day at a time for awhile and see how it turns out. After all we've just met and had one date?"

He agreed and, when he took me back to my apartment, he just kissed me and left. He didn't even try to go further.

On Thursday Glen called. "Would you like to go swimming?" he asked me.

"Where could we go swimming? It's nearly freezing out?"

"My motel has an indoor pool and the water is heated."

I smiled at him and of course I said yes to him.

He came by to pick me up. I didn't own a car yet. Rita and I usually rode to work together or I took a cab.

I went to his room and changed in his bathroom. I wore my green two piece suit. I put on a cotton bathrobe and went into his room. He was standing there in a tight bathing suit which didn't hide a lot. He had a sculpted shape body with six pack abs. He slipped on a robe also and we headed to the pool. There were only a few people there. We took off our robes.

"My God," said Glen. "You're so beautiful and I love the way your green bathing suit makes your red hair stand out."

I felt a little embarrassed with his attention as we got into the pool. The water felt great.

Glen came up to me and squeezed me to him as we kissed. It was too hard to resist. He was rubbing my butt under the water; I let him. We only stayed in the pool for a short time. We both knew that we were going back up into his room and make love, have sex, do the nasty. You can call it whatever you want.

When we got back to the room, I didn't even waste time going into the bathroom. I took off my swim suit and lay upon his bed. He climbed on and started by rubbing my red hair-covered mound. It wasn't long before he was mounting me and driving his hard cock into me. I came twice that evening. When he took me home, it was quite late but Rita had waited up for me to hear all the juicy details. She then told me she got laid herself that night. Her boyfriend had just left about an hour before I got home.

After that night, I went out with Glen every Monday and Thursday and we had our sexual encounters both evenings. Life was really starting to look bright for me. Glen was the only man that I was seeing.

After a couple of weeks, I asked Glen about his family. I had explained to him about my past and that I had no one. He told me that I had him.

He revealed a little bit more about his family. His parents had died three years before in a fire at their house. He had a sister, Doris, who was a few years older than him. He also had twin brothers who were mentally challenged. He said that was the new word for them being retarded. They were twenty-one but had minds of six year olds. He went home on weekends to make sure they were all taken care of.

I really felt sorry for him and thought what a good man he was, taking care of his family. He told me family was very important to him.

One day, Rita called me into her office. She was in charge of accounts information. All loan processing for our bank went through her.

"Tammy, I'm updating files and came across Glen Raven. I know I could get in trouble for showing you Glen's background but I just thought you should see it."

"Is it bad? Am I going to be truly disappointed?" I asked Rita.

"On the contrary, Glen has A+ credit. He borrowed three hundred thousand dollars around three years ago and paid the loan off in six months. A year ago, he borrowed thirty thousand dollars and paid it back in less then two months. According to his balance sheet, he owns a mountain. It doesn't list net worth but I don't think he has any money problems."

"Thanks, Rita. It makes me feel better knowing he wants me for something other than my money." We both had a good laugh from that one.

Rita said, "Don't let him know you found out any of this information from me. We could both get fired. Oh, one more thing I should tell you."

Rita hesitated.

"Well what is it?" I asked.

"On his last loan form from last year, it had him listed as a widower. Just thought you should know."

"Wow, he never mentioned that. It might still be too painful."

"Tammy, I'll let you know if I find out anything else. I know you are pretty serious about Glen. It's beginning to show through your happiness."

Glen and I had been dating over three months now. We really seemed good together. Once in awhile, we double dated with Rita and her boyfriend. We also went out with a couple of Glen's friends and their wives or girlfriends, depending on whether or not they were married; most of the time it was just Glen and me.

Glen came and picked me up for a date and he seemed very serious. We went out and while we were waiting for our meal, Glen asked me to marry him.

I was dumbfounded. "Glen," I said, "We have only been dating a few months and hardly know each other. Why the sudden rush?"

He told me he was due to go back home to his regular district in two weeks. He wouldn't be coming down this way very often.

"Tammy, I love you. I know we haven't known each other very long. You said you don't have any family and I will be going home to my sister and brothers. I want us to be together. I don't know what it would be like without seeing you and I don't want to find out. We're good together and I believe we belong together. Please say yes and I'll take you home with me."

"Glen, there are so many questions. I know very little about you. I have a job here at the bank and where would we live? I don't know Glen, it's so sudden."

"Look, Honey, I want you in my life. I have a home, a job; I'll take good care of you. That's not what I mean. I want us to be together and share our lives. I'll tell you anything you want to know. Just ask me."

I thought about asking him about his dead wife, but if I did he might get aggravated. After all, he hadn't done anything wrong and asked me to be his wife. Why was I so skeptical? Damn me! He's the best thing that had ever happened to me and it might all end if I don't say yes.

"Glen, just tell me more about yourself and family and I'll just listen. I'm mixed up and feeling kind of crazy right now. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don't want to lose you."

"Okay, Honey. I was born and raised in West Virginia. I've always lived in Ravens-Glen. It was named after my grandpa and it was my dad's name and then mine. We all had different middle names so I'm not a 3rd. I'm just good old boy Glen Bob Raven. I have an older sister, Doris, and two brothers which I already told you about. My grandparents were killed about ten years ago. My parents were killed three years ago and... And I didn't tell you but I was married for a month and Amy Lou was killed in an auto accident just a year ago. If you don't mind, I would prefer not to talk about those deaths right now. It's not something I talk about to anyone but I will tell you about them later if it's all right with you."

I could see he was tearing up. God, that must have been hard for him. He continued to tell me about his life and how he played sports and was the hero a number of times. He could have gone to college on a scholarship but said he wanted to be a telephone lineman. He liked to watch the men climb poles when he was a kid and said that's what he wanted to be when he grew up. He went to a tech school and then took schooling through the company. He's been climbing poles for about four years now. He said he was twenty-six. I asked him if I was crazy enough to run off with him, what about my job and when would we get married.

"Well, Honey, the bank you work for has an office about ten miles from my house on the mountain. I figured you could transfer there. I think with a little pull there wouldn't be a problem. My family has been banking with your firm for a good number of years."

"Glen, I don't have a car."

"I'll buy you a car. Any kind you want. Just say yes."

"When, Glen? When do you want to do this getting married?"

"I figure in two weeks after I finish this job, you and I can fly to Las Vegas and get hitched. We can take our honeymoon there and then we can come back and I'll take you to your new home as my wife."

I was crying. It was like you would read in a fairytale. We would live happily ever after.

I said, "Oh, what the heck! I only live once." I leaned over the table and gave Glen a kiss and said, "Yes."

For the next week, I ran around like crazy. Everyone was congratulating me on landing Glen. I told them I didn't land him. I was surprised when he asked me but I was glad he did. I talked with my boss and when he found out I was marrying Glen Raven, he okayed my transfer. Everything was set as I kissed and hugged my friends at the bank goodbye. Rita and Brett both said they would come over some weekend to see us.

Our honeymoon was great. We ran around Las Vegas by day and made passionate love by night. The first time he took me from behind at the motel I remembered that's how I met him. Ramming the pussy of some women. Well, he was royally fucking me; I asked him who that woman was. He stopped pumping and reminded me that both of our sexual pasts would be just that, our pasts. I didn't say anything to him again about it. I just enjoyed the hard pumping he was giving me.

Our week went by too quickly. Now I was headed for parts unknown with my husband who I had only known for three months. On our flight back, we stopped in Ohio and I said hi to my friends and picked up what few possessions I owned, mostly clothes. The furniture I had bought with Rita I told her she could have.

Glen had to stop by the Ohio office and pick up his last check and a few belongings. I walked in with him and was in the waiting room. I heard a loud conversation going on in one of the offices. Being nosy, I got up and walked slowly back and I could see Glen arguing with a woman. She was frantic. She reached up to slap him and he caught her arm and squeezed it.

I heard her say, "I'll kill the damn bitch, you bastard." Then, I couldn't believe what happened. Glen backhanded the woman and knocked her to the floor.

"If I find out you bothered her in any way, I'll come back and kill you." Glen was in a mad rage.

I didn't know what to think as I hurried back to where I belonged in the waiting room.

Glen came out and said, "Let's get out of here."

I didn't know what to think or do. I hurried behind him and out the door we went. He seemed to calm down as we crossed the bridge into West Virginia.

I asked, "How far do we have to go now?"

He told me, "It is a good twenty miles to Parkersburg and then another good ten miles up the mountain."

As we drove through Parkersburg he pointed to the bank I would be working at. He started up the mountain roads. He knew them like the back of his hand, twisting and turning.

"You will have to drive a lot slower and be careful of the curves. The roads are all paved but if the speed limit says 25 M.P.H., they mean it,"Glen said.

On the way up the hill, we went through a little burg where he stopped. "I want you to meet a few people. I only live about another six miles up the road."

This burg had a combination gas station and general store and a bar. There was also a small motel for the wayward traveler who either lost his way or was with a woman he shouldn't be with. Glen said the motel was always full.

We entered the bar and it was loaded with - what should I call them? Country hicks, back woods people. I think a cowboy hat and boots was a requirement to come in this place. The women wore halter tops and either shorts, jeans, or dresses with their tits hanging out. Everyone said hi to Glen and he introduced me. It was odd that every guy gave me a hug but not one tried to touch my boobs or butt. I think they were afraid of Glen.

The women were all hugging and kissing Glen. I knew he was getting quite a few feels. Just hearing the talk around the bar, I would bet Glen laid every one of these women. The guys were nice enough to me but I felt that something wasn't being said. I didn't know at the time but there was a lot of history on this mountain and in this burg.

We had a few drinks and of course Glen grabbed my ass and kissed me in front of everyone. I guess he wanted them to know I belonged to him.

We headed up the rest of the way to his - and now, of course - our home. When we got to the middle of the mountain, there were two houses. We drove through an open gate with a steel sign above it saying, "Ravens-Glen."

One of the houses looked brand new, a long ranch type with a fenced in pool and three car garage. This was a beautiful looking place. The other house sat upon a hill maybe fifty yards from the newer house. It looked like it was ripped out of the pages of the movie, "Psycho." It was an old two story but did have a newer garage built next to it.

I looked over at Glen and asked, "Which house is yours?

"Both of them. Doris and the twins live in the new house and you and I will be living in the old mansion. It was willed to me by my grandparents. You'll love it, believe me; it's full of antiques and old pictures and everything." He was smiling at me.

I didn't want to hurt his feelings; I was not an antique lover. I bounced from house to house, foster parent to foster parent. Old pictures of people I didn't know didn't do a lot for me. I couldn't hurt Glen's feelings; it would be too cruel. Besides I now was going to be part-owner of a house of my own, even though it looked like a Halloween mansion.

As we drove up to the newer house, out came two men that could have passed for Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, from Alice in Wonderland. They were both built like pears and had their heads shaved. There was his sister, Doris, a really hard looking country woman, wearing a dress but no bra, probably no panties either.

Glen got out and rubbed his brothers' heads and then gave his sister a hug and kiss. It didn't look too sisterly but I just noticed them when they separated. I could have sworn he grabbed her ass. God, I hope not.

He introduced me to everyone. Doris gave me a chilled hello but the twins with minds of six year olds couldn't believe my red hair. I really couldn't tell Larry and Harry apart. One of them asked if he could touch my hair. I wasn't sure what to do. I've never been around retarded adults before. Glen said to let them feel my hair. They would never hurt me.

I leaned over and they both started rubbing my head. For some strange reason I wasn't afraid of these two big guys. They were just like two big kids. I gave them both a hug and told them it was nice to meet them. They both kissed me on the cheek. Doris kind of kept her distance. She talked a lot to Glen but hardly gave me the time of day.

Our first night together was again special. The old house made all kinds of creepy noises but I wasn't afraid. I was busy making love to Glen. When I asked him about all the house noises, he said it was probably his grandparents watching us and deciding to do the same thing. I told Glen that his grandpa would be worn out by morning. We both laughed as he pumped his hard cock into my waiting moist pussy.

Our first night together was great but the house still was pretty creepy with all the old furniture and pictures of people from God knows how many years ago. I did feel safe because Glen was there.

The following day we headed off into town. We were headed to see his attorney.

Glen said, "I want to make sure that you know I love you." He had both houses transferred into our names and had a will made out as me being the lone beneficiary.

I told him, "You don't need to do anything like that, Honey. What about Doris and the twins?"

"There are provisions in my will to make sure they are well taken care of."

After doing the legal stuff, he headed to the car dealer. He told me to pick out any car I wanted.

I couldn't believe it. I have never owned anything and here I was picking out a car. I went to the used car department and he told me to get a new car. The used ones were driven too hard on the mountains and he wanted me safe. I explained to him that I knew nothing about cars except I had to have an automatic. I never drove a stick shift vehicle before. He started smiling. I think the word stick shift meant something else to him.

I asked him to pick out the car for me and I would say yes or no to the color. He picked out a PT Cruiser in a red color.

"Take the red one. It matches your beautiful flaming red hair."

"The car is awesome and I love it and I love you," I told Glen.

We went into town and had dinner while they prepped my new car. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I drove my new car very slowly up the mountain to my new home. It was a little scary driving this road for the first time. As we drove through the town with Glen following me in his truck, I honked my horn at everyone I saw. They all waved back. Life was getting better.

When we drove up to the house Larry and Harry came running out. They were like two excited little kids even though they were grown men. They asked for a ride and I told them to hop in the back and to buckle up. I asked Doris if she wanted to come along and she gave me a stern look and said, "No, thanks." I felt sorry for Glen. He was really trying to get us all together but Doris was being a bitch.

Anyway, the boys and I drove around for a half hour. They asked for ice cream but I told them they couldn't have it in the new car. I stopped at the store and went in and bought some to take home for the boys. Again they were two happy campers.

When we got back we all went into their house. Glen and Doris were there talking. Glen must have said something to her; she was a little nicer to me. I asked the boys where the bowls were and dipped some ice cream out for everyone. The twins told Glen they liked me. I thought all it took was a ride and a little ice cream to make friends with them. Too bad Doris wasn't that easy.

Over the next couple of months, things seemed a little better. Doris would talk to me but still wasn't friendly. The twins, now, were another story. Every time I pulled up in the cruiser they asked for a ride. They would get in and buckle up and I just drove around the two houses on a driveway and the boys were happy. I would sit on the porch and listen to them talk.

It was surprising what these two boys knew. I began asking them questions but wanted to make sure I didn't make them nervous or cry. They told me their parents died and were buried at the church. I guess they, the Ravens, had their own little church. The boys asked me if I wanted to see it and of course I was interested. They held my hand as we walked up a path and I could see the little church. It probably held maybe twenty people and had a little cemetery behind it.

"This is where mommy and daddy are buried." The boys showed me their parents' grave. They had tears in their eyes.

"Who are in the other graves?" I asked the boys.

"This is grandpa and grandma's grave here, and our doggies' graves are over there with just crosses on them," the boys replied.

When we got back, there was a woman there. The boys told me it was Hilda, their babysitter. It seemed odd that two grown men needed a babysitter but I kept forgetting that their mental capacity was limited.

I introduced myself to Hilda and she was friendly enough. She was a woman in maybe her early fifties and built like you might think a Hilda would look like; quite overweight, wearing an apron, standing taller than the average woman. She had these big boobs but wore a bra, although it didn't help much.

"Hi, I'm Hilda. I usually watch the boys whenever Doris goes somewhere," she said.

"How come this is the first time I've seen you here?" I asked her quizzically.

"I took some time off to be with my husband. We live near the country store and took a vacation. He's the caretaker of the store down in the burg."

"Who actually owns the store, Hilda?

She kind of laughed and said, "It is a relative of Glen's. Everything on the mountain is owned by someone in the Raven family."

Hilda did tell me she had been around in the last month but I must have been at work. She told me sometimes Doris would go down to the burg during the day and she would come up for a couple of hours. It answered a question for me. I wondered what Doris did every day. Now I knew she went out for a few hours each day. I didn't think anything of it. Everyone had a right to their own life.

I did ask Hilda if she could tell me about the accidents that befell this family and she changed the subject on me. I asked her again and she looked scared.

"Tammy, I can't talk about it. I'd get fired or maybe something even worse. I'm sorry but you have to find out from someone else."

"It's okay; I was just curious." Now I knew I had to find out.

I was surprised we had telephone service way out here in the boonies but then I remembered that's what Glen did for a living. I called Rita and asked her to find out what she could about the history of Ravens-Glen. I was really wondering now. Rita and I discussed everything that had been happening since I got married.

"Rita, I'm really happy here but the veil of silence surrounding the place is bothering me, although my life with Glen couldn't be better."

"It's so good to hear that. I was worried about you."

I told her about the twins and they were probably my best friends now. We both started laughing at that.

Rita said, "Tammy, I have to get back to work but my boyfriend is a reporter for the local newspaper and we'll see what we can find out and get back to you."

"I miss you too and hope you can come up to see me soon."

We said our goodbyes and I started to make dinner for Glen. I always make extra because I knew the twins would be up to eat. As I have mentioned, they always show up when either Glen or I come home. Glen lets them jump in the back of his truck and drives them around the property for a few minutes.

One day on a Saturday, I didn't have to work. I saw Doris pull out of the drive and knew she would be gone a couple of hours. I thought I'd go down and visit Hilda and the twins. The front door was locked so I went around the back and through the gate by the pool. The pool was still closed due to the cold weather. Glen told me they never opened it till around June. Anyway, I walked through the gate and called out to the boys.

They were in the living room and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Hilda was masturbating the two boys. I was shocked and wasn't sure what to do. The boys just glanced at me and smiled. I don't think they had any idea what was being done to them. Hilda had a nervous look on her face when she looked up at me. I had to say something to her but I didn't want to scare the boys. You have to understand that I'm not a prude but this did kind of shock me.

"Hilda, what are you doing? Do Doris and Glen know about this?"

About that time, the boys came. They both had on condoms. Hilda had a rag handy and wiped the boys off and sent them outside to play. They smiled at me and asked me to come play with them. My God, it was hard to keep my senses. I just told them I would see them later. I wanted to talk with Hilda for a few minutes. After they went outside, Hilda looked at me.

"Yes, both Glen and Doris know. They told me it was part of my job when they hired me. I was very embarrassed the first couple of times but now it's not so bad."

"What else have you done with them? You don't have sex with them, do you?"

"Listen, Tammy, this is the best paying job I've ever had. I do what I'm told to do. I know they have minds of boys but, as you can see, their cocks are those of men. In answer to your question, no, I haven't fucked them or had oral sex with them. Glen says just to get them off. Believe me, I've thought about having sex with them, but Glen says, 'No.' Jacking two big cocks off like that can get to me too. If I was told to fuck them, I would. They really don't know about sex. They've seen my boobs and have asked to touch them and I let them. For them, it's just curiosity."

I didn't know what to think. They were boys but yet they were men. It didn't seem right but... damn, I'm so confused. I told Hilda that I would see her later. When Glen got home, he saw that I was upset.

"What's the matter, Tinker?" He'd called me that every since I met him at the Halloween party.

"I went down to see the twins today and Hilda was umm... she was umm... she was masturbating the boys. I was shocked; I didn't know what to say. She told me that you said it was all right. I felt so..." Glen cut me off.

"Tink, I know they have minds of kids but one day we found them playing with themselves. I wasn't sure what to do so I talked with them. After that, we decided that the sitter could do that for them. They aren't allowed to have sex with them. The boys don't even know about that. Some day we might have to explain it to them. Hilda was told about it before we hired her. I'm sorry you saw it, but now you know. We take care of family here."

"I don't know how I feel about it; it just seemed so weird. I'm sorry I let it bother me and brought it up to you."

"Tink, if you have a problem, we'll deal with it. After all, you are my wife till death us do part."

I know I should have felt better when he said that, but I didn't. It just didn't seem loving. It seemed more like an ultimatum. It made me feel a bit uneasy but I did my best to smile. I didn't know if it was me or if I had a reason to feel this women's intuition. That night we had sex but it didn't feel loving. I began feeling strange inside and I didn't like it.

I went to bed early and Glen said he was going to the burg. I was actually glad he was leaving for awhile. I needed to get my head on straight. I must have fallen asleep and when I woke up it was totally dark outside. Glen wasn't home yet and I was a little worried. I went to the front door to see if I could see anything and I saw his truck parked down at the other house.

I decided to walk down the path to the other house and see him. I was hoping I didn't make him mad earlier. I keep thinking the worst about him when he hasn't done anything wrong.

I opened the front door and could hear a woman groaning. I turned the corner and saw Doris bent over the couch with my loving husband, her brother, fucking her from behind. I screamed out.

"Glen, what the hell are you doing? She's your fucking sister! You bastard, you're fucking your sister."

Doris looked up at me and smiled. She said to Glen, "Fuck me, little brother. Fuck me the way you've been doing for years." Then Doris started laughing.

Glen didn't stop. He was going to finish what he started. The fucking bastard was getting his rocks off inside of his sister. While he was coming, I ran out the door and back up to the big house.

A few minutes later, Glen came up the hill and into the house. I had locked the door but he had a key. He came upstairs where I was crying in our bedroom.

"Tink, you don't understand."

"I understand. You had your sister bent over the couch and were fucking her. I understand very clearly."

"No, you don't understand. Family takes care of family. Doris needed me and I went to her."

"Bullshit! You just fucked your sister. Don't you get it? You didn't help her with anything; you just plowed your cock into her and think that's natural. Well, dear husband, it isn't natural. She's a grown woman in her thirties. She could go down to the burg and get porked anytime she wanted. She just wanted you. She wanted to break us up and I think she's succeeding. Please get out of here and leave me alone."

"Tink, I love you."

"Just get out, get out!" I was screaming at him.

I watched him turn around and go out the front door. His car was still parked at the other house so he jumped in my car and headed out the gate.

I laid there and cried. I didn't know what I was going to do. One day I had it all and now I find my husband fucking his sister and thinking it's normal. I needed to sleep; I wanted a clear mind so I could make the right decision. I took sleeping pills so I could get some sound sleep.

I was awakened in the morning by Doris banging on the front door. I slowly got out of bed and answered it. When I opened it, Doris looked shocked to see me.

"What the hell are you doing here? Your car is gone. Where's Glen?" Doris asked me, knowing she knew the answer.

"He took my car after fucking you and hasn't returned," I yelled in reply.

"No, no! You were supposed to leave, not Glen." She started crying as she ran back to her house.

About an hour later, two Sheriff's Deputies showed up at my door. I was both scared and nervous when I answered the door. Both were men, one an older fellow maybe in his fifties. The other was a young, fairly good looking fellow. Of course at the time I wasn't worried about them. I was wondering why they were here, at my house.

The older deputy did the talking. "Are you Tammy Raven?"

"Yes, I am, officer. What is this about?"

"We found a car in the river. It was turned over on its top. Apparently the driver missed the big S curve. We dragged it out and took it to the impound. It was a PT Cruiser, red in color. It was titled out to you. Is it yours?"

"My God, where's Glen? He took it last night; we had an argument and he was going to cool off in the burg down the road. Where is he?"

"That's what we want to know, Mrs. Raven. We didn't find a driver."

"I don't believe this is happening. Where is he, where is he?" I started crying and had to sit down.

Right then, Doris appeared at the door. "What's happened? Is my brother alright?"

She started crying also. The deputy repeated the same story he told me. He told us that there was a diving team out since sun-up, but hadn't found any body.

It was at that moment that I thought that Glen might be dead. "God, please God, don't let him be dead. Please, we can work out our problem."

The officers asked me to come down and file a report for the car and a missing person report for Glen. I explained that I had no way to get down to the station. They mentioned that there were still two vehicles on our property. I explained to them that those vehicles, both trucks, were stick shifts and I wasn't able to drive them. They offered me a ride to the station so I could get the paper work filled out.

I quickly got dressed and when I came downstairs, Doris had gone home. I rode to town with the officers and took care of business. The younger deputy, whose name was Deputy Ryan, drove me over to the insurance company to file a claim for the car. He then drove me to the car dealership so I could get a rental until my insurance claim was settled. I just took any car for now. It didn't make any difference to me. I knew I had lost Glen. It would just be a matter of time till they found him.

I drove the rental car home and the twins were waiting for me. "Where's Glen?" they asked. "Doris and Hilda won't tell us."

I tried to explain that Glen took my car for a ride and they found my car in the river. "They haven't found Glen yet."

"Is he dead?" asked Harry. "Is Glen dead too?"

I thought to myself about all the death surrounding these two boys. They had been there for all of it. I tried to ease their minds but still be honest with them. They were crying.

"We don't know yet. Maybe he survived the crash. We'll have to just wait and see." I hugged the two boys as they turned and walked down the hill to where Hilda was. Doris must have left again.

I called off work for the remainder of the week. They said they understood; news traveled fast in this rural community. I went to the doctor the next day to get some kind of nerve pills. I was out of pills now and knew I would have trouble sleeping like the night before.

I kept hearing strange noises. It was bothering me being in this big old house alone. I would glance down at the other house and see figures walking around. I took some pills and went to bed hoping to get some sleep. The noises seemed to get louder and louder. Maybe it was the medication or maybe someone was trying to break in. I couldn't take it and I called 911 and told them there were strange noises.

They sent a cruiser out and knocked on my door. I screamed out but then saw the flashing lights. It was Deputy Ryan.

"I cruised around the property and didn't see anything," he said.

He saw how drugged up I was and told me I was probably hallucinating.

"Why don't you just go back to bed and I'll ride by every couple of hours to check the property." It did make me feel a little better, so after he left I just walked over and slept on the couch.

Three days went by and there was a knock on my door. I was scared to answer it. They knocked again and I went to the door and saw Deputy Ryan. He was with a female officer. I opened the door and let them in. I knew it was bad news. I could see it in their faces.

"He's dead, isn't he? Glen is dead," I repeated myself.

Deputy Ryan spoke, "Mrs. Raven, we found your husband's body today. It had drifted downstream about three miles. Some loggers came across him while they were working. We're very sorry."

I started crying and grabbed Deputy Ryan and cried on his shoulder. The female deputy went to stop me but Deputy Ryan told her it was alright. I must have cried for what seemed like five minutes and then backed up and apologized to the deputy. He asked me if I wanted to identify the body, but I told him I couldn't do it, I just couldn't. He told me he understood and would have someone else verify the remains.

The deputies asked me if I would be alright and I told them I would be okay. The hardest part was over, the not knowing. It will drive you crazy. At least now that I know he will never return, I can figure out what I was going to do.

I cleaned up and went and told Hilda and the boys that Glen had died. Hilda told me that she knew. Doris had called a few minutes ago from the burg. As I had mentioned, news travels fast up here on the mountain. Hilda did ask me to tell the twins. I called them in and explained to them that their brother went to heaven to be with their mom and dad. It was hard for me but the boys seemed to understand. They did cry and asked me if I was going to stay there with them.

How do you explain all this to kids? That's what they were. I told them that I would have to talk with the attorney and see what happens. I couldn't promise them anything right now.

I had to make all the arrangements myself. Whenever I went to talk to Doris, she always said the same thing. "It was supposed to be you. You were supposed to leave, not Glen."

I made the funeral arrangement and had a closed casket. A lot of people that I have never seen showed up to pay their respects. I held the services in the funeral home and a wake at the bar in the mountain burg. Hilda talked to a few close cousins of Glen and they carried his body up to the little chapel at the cemetery where we had a private service for Glen. The only ones attending were Doris, Hilda, the cousins I mentioned, the twins and me. After our private service, Glen's cousins lowered him into the ground.

We all headed back to the wake. I looked up and was so glad to see Rita there with her boyfriend, the reporter. Also Brett showed up for the service.

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