Mikey, Bi-boy Toy 1 How It Started
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, BiSexual, Swinging, Group Sex, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mikey, a young college student enters the worl of Bisexuality and swining. Part 1, Mikey meets a couple who open him up to bi swinging.

Beep! Beep! the alarm clock rang as Mikey rolled over in his

bed. He slapped the clock hard to make it stop. He strained his sleepy

eyes at the number on the clock. The bright red glowing number of

'6:20' glared back at him.

He groaned and rubbed his eyes. It was time for him to get up. He

had to pick up his Freshman info package. He didn't want to get behind on the first day of college. He stretched his slim 5'9" frame in the

small bed of his two room apartment.

He climbed out of bed and tried to walk to the bathroom. He only hit

his toe on two boxes that were scattered over his place. He Finally

stumbled into the bathroom and over to the mirror. He rubbed his face to see if he needed to shave. He didn't.

He had always had a boyish face and still did at the ripe old age of

19. His parents always said he was cute. The girls at school had

thought he looked too young. They wanted older looking men. This really

narrowed his fun at high school. But maybe now at college he would finally come into his own. At least he hoped.

Mikey turned the hot water on and climbed into the shower. He

soaped and washed his slim and smooth frame. He had a runner's body; thin with some muscle and a good 'six-pack' he had worked hard to get. He quickly dressed in short and tee shirt. It was still hot in the late part of summer.

He left his apartment. As he locked his door two people came by. The

first was Ms. Chang, his landlady. She was an older widowed Chinese

lady who owned his apartment building.

"Remember No party." She said. "Young kids party too much, but none here, ok?" She said to him for the hundredth time.

"Yes Ms Chang." Mikey said. As she left, a tall older man with

graying blond hair came up the stairs and by Mikey.

"Don't let her get to you, son." He said.

He was Mikey's neighbor a retired mailman named Rodger. "She little obsessive." He told him as he shifted the brown bag filled with magazines in his hands while he looked for his keys. "I think she is just lonely. So don't let it get to you." He said.

"Thanks." Mikey replied and headed out for the college.

He was glad he dressed in shorts and tee shirt. The line to get freshmen packages was huge and out in the sun. During the wait he had been bombarded by flyers from Frats and College clubs wanting him to join. Finally he got to the window and received his package.

"And here is your Campus Computer set up information," the girl

behind the widow said.

"What?" he asked.

"The College has a new online system. You get a free email account,

internet access, and the ability to take online courses. But the only one who takes it is the football team so they can cheat for an easy grade," she told him.

Mikey thought 'what the hell, Maybe I can do some net surfing while I am here so the day won't be a total loss.'

Mikey sat down in the Computer lab. He was the only person there

except for the lab monitor and two frat boys goofing off on the net. He

started off by setting up his account on the college system. The frat boys kept laughing and messing around as they surfed Porn sites. The lab monitor ignored them.

"Hey check this out," one of them said.


"A swinger site."

"A what?"

"You know swappers and swingers like you see on TV talk shows," he

said. "Look there is a whole bunch of people from around here."

"Really?" the other one said. "Man who knew the freaks that were

around here. Hey check out this women and horses site."

Mikey listened to them talk and an odd kink idea ran through his head.

He got up and acted like he was throwing something away and saw the

swinger site the guy was surfing as he and his buddy checked out a site

that had people pissing on each other.

He got back to the computer and typed in the address. The site came

up. He saw the ad for free basic membership and clicked on it. The site

offered a basic membership that allowed you to surf the ads.

He started an ad.: 19 year old male curious and looking for fun, 5'9", 180lbs, light brown hair and brown eyes.

He up loaded the picture of him from the online freshman introduction book the College had online. Well after he blacked out the eyes.

He then began to look around the site at the ads. Most were of couples

looking for females to join them. But one caught his eyes.

It read: Couple-42/37. Looking for male to join us for hot fun

times. Both are bi and love it both ways.

He looked at the picture they had up. It showed a slim dark haired

man and a blond woman with large round breasts and slim waist. It gave him a hard on just looking at them. He saw that he could send a wink (a

free way to get members to notice free members).

He thought about it a minute. He had never been gay all the way. But

he and a neighbor boy had played around a little bit. Some jacking each

other off. He had been interested in trying more but was afraid too.

He thought 'what the hell'. he sent them a wink. He notice the time and

logged off to go get some lunch.

The next two days was spent learning his way around campus and unpacking the boxes before he killed himself on them. About halfway

through his first day of classes he had a three hour gap and decided to head to the computer lab.

It was crowded and he finally found a free computer and logged onto

his College email account. He had a message from an old friend from

high school and ten email messages from people trying to get him to take a college credit card.

After he deleted the credit card offers and replied to his friend,

he thought he would check his ad. He logged onto the Swinger site and

was surprised to see an alert flashing that he had a message waiting for him. He opened it. It was from the couple he winked at.

It read: Hi, We got your wink and saw your add. You are very good

looking and sound fun. If you are still interested in us please email us at... And it gave another email address.

Mikey got an instant hard on. He looked around to make sure no one was looking over his shoulder and then logged back onto his email account and emailed the couple.

He then left hiding his hard on with his backpack. The rest of the

day was torture. He thought the day would never end. As soon as his last class was over he headed for the Computer lab to check his email. He was delighted to see a reply from the couple in his mail box.

He opened it and read: Hi, Thanks for the fast reply. I am Jen, the wife. My husband is at work but I thought I would write you back. You did read that we are a bi couple, Both Bi. He likes to have fun with you as well as Me. Are you 'up' for that? If so get back to us.

He wrote back and told them of his experiences with the neighbor kid

and that he was curious about more. He sent it and raced home. He

could not wait for tomorrow to see if they replied back. As soon as his mid day class was over he ran back to the lab to check his email. There was a new email from the couple waiting for him.

It read: Hi, this is Ed, Jen's Husband. We just read your reply.

You sound great. As for being curious, I can help you out with that. Are you doing anything this weekend? Maybe get together for dinner Saturday night? There is a nice bar and grill next to the college.

Mikey quickly replied yes and they set up a time to meet at the Bar

and Grill. He told them what he would be wearing and they did the same.

The next two days seemed to Mikey as being a year long. But finally

Saturday night came.

He got dressed in his nicest pair of slacks and shirt. He headed for

the bar and grill. His stomach was tossing and turning as he entered

the place. He stopped and looked around. At a corner table he saw them. They looked better than their pictures.

The husband, Ed, looked to be about 5'8" an inch shorter than

himself. He had dark black hair cut short. He was slim like Mikey. As he got closer he could see he had dark brown eyes as he stood to greet him. The wife, Jen, sat next to him in the booth. She looked maybe 5'3". Her large breasts strained against the thin summer dress she wore. Her blue eyes sparkled in the light of the Bar and grill.

"Mikey?" Ed asked offering his hand to him. Mikey nodded yes as his

nervousness got stronger.

"Ed?" he finally was able to ask.

"Yes and this is Jen." He said turning to his wife. She offered her

hand to him. He shook it nervously. "Please sit down. " Ed said and

motioned him to sit in the booth between them. He settled in and smiled

at them both.

"Nervous?" Jen asked. Mikey nodded yes. "Don't worry we won't

bite." She said patting his hand.

"At least not on the first date." Ed added.

"ED!" Jen said slapping playfully at him. Mikey smiled and laughed.

"Don't listen to him he's just an old satyr," she said opening the

menu. "Now lets order, this place has a great surf and turf."

Ed and Mikey laughed at her. Over the next hour and a half they talked and had a great meal.

Mikey learned that Ed owned a local store and Jen had been a Nurse

but had since retired young after the store took off. They had swung

before when they had been young, but fell out after they had kids. All of their kids have left home and married and they decided to get back into swinging.

Ed had a couple of Bi and gay encounters in his youth. After they

got back into swinging; they had begun to experiment with Bi fun. She had liked being with another woman, but loved watching Ed with other men as well as having two men at once.

As the diner neared ending, Mikey felt a hand on his knee work its

way up his thigh. Then he felt another hand do the same on his other

thigh. He looked at Ed and Jen. Both smiled as their hands met in his

crotch. Mikey had to fight not to cum in his pants right there.

"Looks like someone's ready," Jen said squeezing his hard cock in his pants making him groan.

"You want to come over to our place and keep the party going?" Ed


"OH Yes!" he said a little too breathy than he wanted.

Jen giggled.

"Ok." Ed said standing up after giving his cock a squeeze to. "I'll

go pay and meet you at the car" he said.

Mikey and Jen headed for a four door SUV. Ed came a little later and they all climbed in. Ed drove up front and Jen got in the back with Mikey.

All along the drive to their house, Jen was kissing and necking with

Mikey as he felt up her large round breasts and felt her large nipples

stiffen under his touch. When they finally arrived at the nice two story house, they all ran into the house giggling like kids.

Once inside, Jen asked if Mikey wanted a beer. He said yes as did

Ed. She left to get them as Ed turned on the TV and put in a porno video. On the screen a couple was making out then another young man joined them in kissing and fondling each other. Soon they were in a daisy chain sucking and licking each other.

Jen returned as the action got going with one guy fucking the girl

in the pussy and the other in her ass. "Oh that is really fun to do,"

she said handing the beer to Ed and Mikey.

She then sat next to Mikey. Soon the action turned to one guy fucking the other in the ass as the other fucked the girl. "Now that is the best," Jen said with a smile.

"I love this movie," Jen said breaking the silence. "But I hate

the music," she said as she got up to turn on the radio and Ed turned the sound off on the TV. She found a good dance song playing and then began to dance seductively. She smiled at Mikey and moved over to him and held out her hands. He looked at Ed who nodded yes and he took her hands.

They began to dance slowly at first. Jen's large tits pressed into

his chest. Mikey let his hand move from her back to her round firm ass and fondle the round orbs. She then pulled away and turned around and

rubbed her ass against his hard cock trying to burst out of his pants as he reached around to cup her large tits and rub the nipples through the thin dress top.

Jen turned and maneuvered him toward the couch. With a soft push she

pushed him back sitting on the couch. She kicked off her shoes and

hiked her dress up. Jen then straddled Mikey's lap and sat down facing him. She leaned over and kissed him hard and deep. Her tongue explored him mouth as he did the same.

His hands ran up and down her back and around to cup her breasts. As

soon as she broke the kiss he dove between her tits licking

and kissing the tops of her wonderful mounds that were sticking up out of her dress top. She ran her hand though his short dark brown hair as he nibbled on the top of her tits.

Jen pulled free of Mikey and crawled off him. She then moved to

unbutton his pants and unzip them. With a little help from Mikey she

pulled his pants down and took his shoes off. Then she pulled his pants the rest of the way off. They then moved to the lump in his white jock

shorts. Her small hand ran over the lump making him moaned loudly.

With a smile she leaned over to smell the musky odor of his crotch.

Then she planted a small kiss on the lump as her hand slipped into the

waist band and pulled them down. Mikey's hard cock popped out. It

almost hit her in the face which made them both laugh. His cock stood a good six inches up and was then with a small crown on the top.

"Wow!" she said. "Look at that cock, Ed." She looked and winked at her husband.

Jen ran her hand over it and down the smooth skin to the patch of curly

brown hair at the base and the firm ball sack waiting at the bottom.

She planted small kisses on it's tip and down it's under side. Ending with the base where she sucked and nibbled on his balls. Mikey moaned.

"It is a nice young hard cock" she said. "Just like you like Honey."

Then she took the tip in her hot wet mouth. She sucked and swirled

the head with her tongue moving lower and lower till her face was in

the brown curls at the base. Soon her head was moving up and down as his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Mmmm. So good," she said.

Mikey didn't hear Ed getting up from his chair or him kneeling down

next to Jen, but he did feel the lips touch his balls and the warm

mouth sucking his ball sack as Jen was nibbling on the tip of his cock. He groaned his mind not processing the sensation. He was lost in the

feeling. Then the two lips and tongues licking his cock brought the

information finally to his brain.

Mikey looked down as he saw both Jen and Ed licking and sucking his

hard cock. They both smiled up at him. First Jen took him deep in her

warm wet mouth. Then it was Ed's turn. He took him all the way and down his throat. His face buried into his brown curly hair in his crotch.

"Oh God!" Mikey said.

Jen backed off and Ed took over. Mikey reached up to run his hand

through Ed's short dark hair as his head went up and down his hard cock. His tongue licked and tickled the under side of his cock and he licked the head. Jen smiled as she watched her husband suck the young cock of Mikey.

"You like that cock don't you Honey?" She asked. Ed just moaned around Mikey's cock.

She backed up and stood up. She began to remove her thin dress. The

summer dress slipped off and fell to the floor as she stood in a half

bra and panties. She reached around and unhooked the bra and let it fall, freeing her large tits. Her nipples were hard and pointy.

She slipped her hand in her panties and slid them down her legs and

kicked them off. She stood for a moment looking at her husband suck the

young college guy off in their living room. Her hand cupped her round

tits and rolled the pointy nipples in her hand before moving lower. Her

hand delved between her legs over her shaved bare cunt and inside her

wet juicy lips of her pussy.

Jen moved back to the couch and sat down beside Mikey. She reached

out and added her hands to the top of her husband's head as he dove up

and down on Mikey's young cock.

"Yea suck that young cock!" she told her husband.

She smiled as Mikey looked at her and leaned in to kiss him. "You like my husband sucking your hard cock?" she asked.

Mikey nodded yes. Hard and deep she kissed him. She let her tongue explore his mouth again as he did the same to her.

Mikey reached up to cup one of her large tits and toy with them. Jen reached up under his shirt and rubbed his smooth chest. Ed looked up

to see his wife and the young man making out. He smiled around the cock in his mouth. He reached up and helped push Mikey's shirt up as his wife pulled it over his head, forcing Mikey and Jen to stop tongue kissing. But as soon as she had it off and thrown aside they were back at it.

As Ed sucked and licked Mikey's cock, Mikey buried his head between

Jen's large tits licking and sucking each tit and stiff nipple. Soon Ed

took one last deep suck of Mikey's Cock and pulled back giving it also one last lick.

"I think he is ready for a ride" he said with a smile. Jen smiled mischievously back at him.

Jen rose up and moved to straddle Mikey. She reached down and took

his hard prick in her soft hand and guided him into her warm wet

passage. Mikey reached out to grasp her round hips as she eased herself down onto his cock.

"Yea that's a nice cock!" she said.

She sank slowly down his six-inch hard cock. She felt the young cock slip deeper into her as she went further down. Finally she came to

rest on his leg facing the young man. He was groaning in pleasure at the way her cunt wall squeezed him. She smiled as she leaned over for

another long deep tongue kiss.

"Fuck Me!" she called out to him.

She then began to rock back and slowly forward teasing and toying

with him. It made him groan more. Soon she was rocking back and forth on his cock in a steady rhythm. He grabbed and squeezed her round firm ass as she rocked faster and faster on him. Mike leaned forward and took one of her swinging nipples in his mouth and sucked hard at them, making her moan more.

Ed stood up and watched his lovely wife Fucking the young college

kid on their couch. "Fuck that young buck!" Ed called to his wife."

But she was lost in the hard fuck she was getting. He smiled and rubbed the lump in his crotch. Then He reached up and pulled his own shirt off

and threw it aside. He exposed his smooth chest. Then he quickly kicked his shoes off and pulled his pants down. It was soon followed by his underwear.

Ed stood there watching his wife fuck another man totally nude. His

nipple stiff and his hard eight inch cock standing out from the curly

black hair that covered his crotch. He reached down and slowly stroked

the thin long cock with his hand. He moved over to the couch and next

to the faces of the fucking couple.

Jen looked over as her husband's cock came into view. She smiled at

him and took his cock into her mouth. Sucking the tip and nibbling on it as she road the young college kid's hard cock. She let it go and turned to Mikey.

"Suck it," she said. "Suck my husband's hard cock," commanding the young man.

Mikey looked at the hard eight inch cock in front of him. He felt

his mouth water and leaned over to take the tip in his warm wet mouth. It felt alive in his mouth. He sucked the head as Ed pushed it deeper in his mouth.

"SUCK IT!" Jen moaned as she bounced up and down.

Mikey choked a little on the cock but kept sucking and licking it as

it moved in and out of his mouth. It was his first time sucking another

man's dick but from the way Ed was moaning he was doing a good job at it. Soon all three got in a rhythm, Jen riding on his cock and he sucking her husband's dick.

"Yes Suck him good," Jen would yell to encourage Mikey. "Fix the floor honey." Jen took him. "I want a good Hard fuck." He just smiled and pulled free of the two of them.

He turned and moved the coffee table over to the wall and went to the

closet to get a large blanket. He spread it out in front of the couch

and the two lovers fucking away and groaning.

He smiled and moved up to his wife and whispered into her ear as she rocked on the young cock, "The floor is ready, honey."

Then he leaned in and kissed Mikey. It surprised Mikey that he liked the kiss.

"Mmmmmmm," Jen moaned tearing her mouth from Mikey's. "Yesss," she

Said, nibbling on his ear. "Let's get on the floor, so you

can fuck me good and hard," she whispered. Mikey nodded as she wrapped

her arms around his neck.

Mikey's gripped her round ass cheeks and lifted her up. Ed guided

them both down as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Soon she was

laying flat of her back on the pallet with Mikey on top of her still

wedged inside her warm wet cunt.

"Now Fuck me Big Boy!" Jen said pulling her legs up to give him

better access to her wet cunt.

Mikey needed no encouragement. He began slowly at first testing the depth and the softness of the floor. He sped up, pound long thrusts into her building up to a faster and faster pace.

"YEA!" she cried. "That's it! FUCK MEE!" she moaned and he did.

He fucked her long and hard. He was a blur as his ass pistoned up and down on her. He hooked his arms up under her knees to spread her wider and give him better leverage to fuck her. She took it all loving every

minute of it. She groaned and met each of his thrusts calling for more.

Soon she was too far gone to stop. His eyes were blinded by a flash

of light and his body convulsed as he shot his load deep into her warm

wet passage. He just grunted and groaned as he froze above her cumming

so hard she could barely breathe. She was close behind him. Her legs and her cunt gripping him in a death squeeze that was both painful and


He laid there for several seconds enjoying the after glow of the

hot sex he had just had with this man's wife. He then rolled off and to

the side of her. His cum ran out of her gaping cunt. Ed lay next to

his wife who was still panting and shivering from the orgasm she had just had. He smiled and took one of her large tits in his mouth and gently sucked at it.

She moaned as he nursed at her tit. "That was so hot!" he

said. "I am rock hard."

"Well just climb on. You know when I get started I can't turn down a hard cock," she said with a smile as she sat up on her


Ed moved between his wife's legs and eased his hard cock into

her wet cum filled cunt. "Yea Fuck my cum filled cunt," she told her


He was fucking in the young cum of the man lying beside them.

It was a turn on for him to think of it. "You like fucking in that

young cum don't you?" she mewed at him.

"FUCK ME! " She cried.

Mikey lay beside the two of them as they began to fuck harder. Ed was soon fucking like a man possessed. He pounded his wife hard and fast. Mikey laid there watching the man fuck his wife in his own cum. It soon made his cock rise as he watched the two of them rut beside him. Soon Ed stiffened and Jen screamed as they both came again filling her cunt full of more cum. When he pulled back it was running out the sides of her cunt then gushed out onto the pallet.

Mikey looked at the frothy mess between Jen's legs. His mouth began

to water and he wondered what it would taste like.

Jen smiled at him. "You like it?" she asked. She ran her finger down and into her cummy pussy. Taking a cum covered finger out of her cunt she sucked it into her mouth, cleaning it. "Mmm Good."

She then dipped it into her pussy again. "Here have a taste," she said offering the cum covered finger to Mikey.

Mikey opened his mouth to take in the salty finger and sucked it clean. Jen smiled and spread her legs wide and offered him to taste it from the source. Mikey crawled between her legs on his hands and knees

and moved down to the cum filled pussy before him. He could smell the

odor of sex and cum as he licked at her cunt. He tasted the gooey mess

with a long lick that made Jen shiver.

"You like my cum filled cunt?" she asked.

Then he moved closer licking more and more. Soon he was licking away

trying to clean her messy cunt.

"OH YESS EAT MY CUM FILLED CUNT!" she screamed as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him deeper into her gooey snatch.

He licked and sucked her faster and faster his butt pushed up into the air... That is when he felt Ed again.

He felt Ed's hand run over his ass, and down his legs. His hand stroked

his hard cock and rubbed his ball sack. It was soon replaced by Ed's

tongue. He ran his tongue over his cock and balls licking them clean as he kneaded his ass cheeks. Ed licked his way up his ass as his hand

pulled Mikey's ass cheeks apart. Then he licked around the brown hole.

Mikey moaned into Jen's cunt. "Yea lick his ass," she told her

husband. "Rim him out good," she said as Ed's tongue dove into Mikey's


Licking and teasing the young man's ass to a point he was mad with pleasure. He moaned and licked till Jen had another orgasm and finally was able to pull free of the woman's wet and cummy pussy.

"Mmm that was good," Jen said as she watched her husband rim out

Mikey, who was moaning and clawing at the pallet. She turned around and

crawled up to Mikey and kissed him hard and deep. "You ready to get

fucked in the ass?" she asked.

Mikey's eyes got big and he shook nervously. "I don't know," he said

unsure of himself.

"Don't worry dear," Jen said. "It will hurt a little at first but

once you get a big cock in your ass. You will think you have gone and

died and gone to heaven," she said kissing him again. "I you will want

your ass fucked all the time," she added. He nodded yes. She looked at

Ed. "Go get the lube."

Ed got up and came back in a few seconds with a tube in his hands.

"Use a good bit. It is his first time," she told him.

"I know, I have done this before," Ed said and the cold lube touched

the edges of Mikey asshole.

Soon it was cover inside and out with the cool grease. Ed then began to coat his own hard cock as Jen kissed and rubbed Mikey's hard cock.

Then it was time. "Get ready," Jen told Mikey as he felt Ed's hands

on his ass cheeks. "Now relax," she said stroking his face. "Let him

slide in," she told him.

The tip of Ed's cock slipped into his ass. Mikey grunted and fought the urge to squeeze. "Easy," Jen cooed.

Little by little the eight inch cock slipped deeper into Mikey's ass.

He clawed and dug at the pallet. Jen would stroke his face and urge him

on. "Little more, just a little more." It did hurt at first. Then he

was all the way in. Mikey could feel the rough hair of Ed's crotch against his smooth ass cheeks.

"You did it!' Jen told him." You took all of him in you."

Mikey felt stuffed to the gills with Ed's cock buried in his bowels.

Soon he felt Ed move. Slow and easy at first. The big cock moved in

and out. Soon the pain was gone and Jen was right it felt great. After Mikey had become used to his cock Ed began to moved faster and faster. Soon he was fucking Mikey with deep strokes.

"Yea fuck his ass," Jen would say.

"Mmmmmmm," Mikey would moan as Ed grunted as he fucked him faster. Soon

Mikey was meeting his thrust, pushing his ass back to meet him. Mikey's

cock bobbed up and down with each thrust.

"God this is so hot!' Jen said as she frigged her cunt as she

watched her husband butt fuck the young man in front of her.

Soon she couldn't take it. "Aw fuck it!" she said and crawled under Mikey.

As Ed fucked his ass with fast deep strokes, she took his bobbing cock into her warm wet mouth. Mikey looked down to see Jen's wet cunt under his nose. He dove into it as he felt the hard cock fuck his tight ass.

All three were groaning and rocking with the hard fucking motions Ed

was causing. It built faster and faster till it reached its crescendo.

Ed grabbed Mikey's hips and slammed hard into his bowel as he shot load

after load of hot cum deep into his intestines. This caused him to yell

into Jen's cunt and shot his hot load into her sucking mouth. That in

turn caused her to cum all over Mikey's face. All three collapsed onto the now messy pallet.

Mikey lay on the floor panting. He could feel the cum running both

out of his sore asshole and his sore cock. He also felt the heat from

both Jen and Ed as they laid on either side on him. Both of them were

panting from the hot sex they had just had. Mikey marveled at the last few hours. He had fucked and been fucked. He hoped this would never end. He wondered what lay in store for him next.

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