Insatiable Force
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An invisible entity attacks a female lawyer as she works alone late one night.

Maria was working late again; it seemed to be that way every day lately. The 24-year-old attorney was swamped with a heavy caseload. She had earned it, being among the tops in her class at law school. Now she worked at a prestigious law firm in the city and was really becoming a workaholic. Her co-workers frequently told her that she had nothing to prove, don't push herself so hard, but that is how she got through her entire life. Anyway, on this night she was working on yet another corporate case, they all seemed to blend together. Nights like these, she was thankful for her very large office. Maria's office would qualify as an apartment for some, large conference table in the front area, then set back by a semi-wall was her desk, and a large leather sofa, wetbar, bathroom, and in the back, there was a small nook where she had a recliner placed so she could take a break without leaving the office. Of course, all of this contributed to her workaholic attitude.

Tonight, Maria was really beat, it was Friday night, 8pm, and all the other attorneys had left. At 7:30 the cleaning crew stopped by to wish her a nice holiday weekend. The building was completely empty (or was it?).

Now, Maria was a looker in addition to being very smart, although she had no time for dating, she had offers almost daily. Today, in fact, a client of another attorney asked her out on his boat for the weekend. Of course she declined, citing her workload. She sat back in her leather chair at her desk and sighed, setting her glasses down; she stretched out her legs and kicked off her high heels. Maria today was wearing a very sexy, smart business outfit. She wore a cream colored suit jacket with black buttons up the front, a slim black skirt that came down to 3 inches above her knee, and the white stockings really looked fine against the Latina's dark skin. She had long, dark brown, curly hair that fell several inches below her shoulders.

Maria sighed again and decided to head home, she simply couldn't concentrate on the cases anymore. She was shutting her computer down when something caught her eye... Her office door was shut; she could've sworn it was left open after the cleaning crew left. She shrugged it off to her being so tired and rose from her chair. Maria walked around the desk to get her heels that she had kicked off, and as she walked she thought she heard a noise. Impossible, she thought, she was in the fifth floor of a 5 floor building, and the entire building was empty, she could see from her window that the parking lot was empty minus her own BMW.She must be hearing things, although it sounded like breathing. Ugh, must be her mind messing with her, she thought, and she bent down to grab her heels.


"Agghhhhhhh!!!" Maria was grabbed by something behind her; she was led by her hair and thrown onto the sofa.

"What? All right! Where the fuck are you?" She angrily yelled as she looked around her office and saw nothing. She tried to get up, but was shoved back down.

"Wha-!! Ughhhhh!" She shrieked, as there was NOTHING there! But she knew she felt something pushing her. Maria again attempted to rise, and this time was pushed back down and held down by something she felt, but could not see!

"Whatthehelll?Helppppp!" She yelled on instinct, but in fact she was all alone with the FORCE, there would be no help coming, not until Tuesday!!!

She was in a panic now, frantically flailing about and trying to get free from whatever was pinning her down.

"Noooo, this isn't real!!!!""Ughhhh... ahhhhhhh" Maria cried out.

The FORCE was pinning the gorgeous Latina attorney down on her soft leather sofa. The FORCE had followed her from the moment it noticed her that morning. This was inevitable, but of course Maria had no idea.

The FORCE pulled her suit jacket top open button by button, exposing the young Latina's lacy white bra.

"OhmyGod!!!Whatshappening??"" Maria yelled as she was unable to free herself, her top opened, and then she felt her bra being taken from her body.

"Nooooooo!!!!" She wailed as her dark tan tits bounced out of her bra.

To her horror, she felt something warm and wet moving all over her chest, as if someone or something was kissing and sucking her tits!!

Her hair flailed about as her head moved from side to side in a panic.

"OhGodddWhatisthis?!!!!!!... NOOOOOOO!!STOPPP!"

She felt the weight of something on top of her as her breasts were mauled, but she SAW NOTHING!! The FORCE loved to play with his victims, and this would be no exception... after sucking her tits a little longer, the FORCE got off of Maria.

"Ughhh, what... what?" Maria was confused, panting, topless and she felt the thing lift off of her, she got up from the sofa, slowly, the quickly made her way for the door. The FORCE knew what would happen and he was ready. Maria only made it a few steps.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Maria was tackled from behind as she tried to flee; now she felt something on her, as she was face down on the carpeted floor.

Her eyes grew wide in terror as she felt the zipper of her skirt being lowered!

"NooooooooOHMyGod!!!! WhatsGoingONHELLLPPPPPSomebody!!!!"

The black skirt was pulled down Maria's awesome body, sliding down her luscious thighs and down her legs and tossed aside. The young Latina was now clad in only her top, which was open, leaving her naked chest exposed, and white thigh high stockings and a matching set of white panties.

Something was sexually assaulting her, but she could not see or stop it from happening, and nobody was around to help her!

Maria was rolled onto her back."Helpppppp!!!! GetOffmee!!!!!!!"

The FORCE grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her feet-first to the recliner in the corner. She was lifted up and dropped on her back in the recliner.


She was not alone in the chair for long as she felt the FORCE touching her legs, sliding up over her knees, and up her thighs. Then she felt her panties being pulled down!

"Noooooo!!Stopppp!! Helpppp!! RAPE!!!!!" There was noone to hear her cries.

Each time she attempted to get up, she was slammed back down onto the chair.

Meanwhile, the lacy white panties were now passing her knees and were pulled completely off and tossed, seemingly by nothing, onto the floor.

Maria did not know what to do, each time she tried to get free, she was stopped, there was noone to help her and if there were, what would this insane scene look like?

The dark brown haired attorney was lying back in her recliner, her top opened, her bra removed, her skirt and panties removed, and wearing only white thigh-high stockings on her lower body. And noone else was visible in the office.

Maria felt the FORCE climb on top of her, she felt her legs forced apart.

"OhGodd!!!!NooooPleaseeee!!! PleaseDon't!!!!!"

The FORCE covered her dark red lips with his mouth and forced his tongue deep into her mouth.


Her shouts were muted by the Force's mouth.

Fulfilling her worst fear, she felt whatever was attacking her start to enter her pussy.

"MPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!" Her eyes were as wide as saucers.

The FORCE pulled his mouth from hers and began to rape Maria.







The FORCE pumped into this very sexy woman, raping her in her office on her leather recliner. The FORCE knew this was only the beginning, with the holiday weekend, he would have Maria as his sex toy for three more days!!



Maria's head thrashed about as she was raped, she felt the FORCE lifting her legs up as he continued to pound her.

The scene was amazing, Maria, in her recliner, her tits exposed, wearing only white stockings, both the chair and Maria shaking as an invisible being had his way with her.




After the first rape, the FORCE climbed off of his prey.

Maria was stunned, tired, bewildered, and sweaty. She lay panting on the chair.

She felt the FORCE get off; she again decided to try to escape... no chance.

As Maria ran by the sofa, the FORCE grabbed her again!


She was tossed onto the sofa, the FORCE jumped on top of her again.


Maria had tears running down her cheeks, which smeared her makeup somewhat, with mascara dripping down. The FORCE took Maria a second time, this time fucking her on the sofa as she sobbed and pleaded for help.

"OhhhhhhhNOOOO!!! OWWWWWWWWW!!!"








After raping his prize a second time, the FORCE again got off of her and waited to see what she would do.

Maria was exhausted, panting heavily, her naked dark tan tits heaving up and down, as she lay prone on the sofa. She was coated with sheen of sweat from the two rapes.

She also knew that the last two times she tried to leave she was caught and attacked.


Maria called out to the thin air. Of course, there was no answer.

She decided to run to the bathroom. Her cell phone was in her purse, which hung on the rack, she could lock the door to keep the FORCE out, and call for help. And the bathroom was only 5 feet away, while the front door was over 20 feet further.

She counted to herself 1,2... 3!

Maria jumped up and ran into the bathroom and slammed and locked the door.

She made it!!

Sighing in relief, she walked to the rack to get her phone from her purse... then she heard her cell phone ring... from out in the office!!!

Oh Shit! She forgot that her sister called her earlier and she left the phone on her desk! Now what?

Well, she thought, at least I am safe in here, there are some clothes in the closet and I can take a shower to clean up. Maybe I can wait out whatever that thing is.

She walked to the closet and never knew what hit her.


Maria was grabbed and dragged into the shower stall; the FORCE had expected her to run to the bathroom and was waiting for her!!

The attorney was pinned to the wall and her legs were lifted up as she was raped again!

"OhhhhhhhNOOOO!!! OWWWWWWWWW!!!"



"OHHHHHHHH" Her cries echoed in the shower stall."OHHHHHHH!!"




The FORCE pounded into the Latina's hot pussy again.

This rape lasted seemingly forever to Maria, probably because she was so tired from the first two, and she was being pinned against a wall this time.

Finally, the FORCE let her legs go and she slumped to the ground, defeated.

Crying and panting, Maria was in sexual hell. After several minutes, she had to try to get up; she did and slowly and on wobbly legs, made her way out of the bathroom.

Walking over to the couch, she sat down and wept.

But, it wasn't over yet...

The FORCE grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to the floor then spun her around and pushed her face down on the sofa, with her knees on the floor.

Before she could even worry about what was next, the FORCE mounted her from behind, violently taking the Latina beauty again.



Using her hair as a reign, the FORCE fucked Maria savagely from behind.







The FORCE enjoyed the panic in her yells as her took her in a way she had never been fucked before.

After he finished, the FORCE let her hair go, her head dropped onto the sofa cushion.

Completely exhausted, Maria curled into a ball and cried herself to sleep on the floor of what was her office, but this weekend, was her sexual prison.

This is just day one... three days to go...

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