Leasa - A Southern Belle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cuckold, Interracial, White Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A prominent white socialite from America's Deep South learns that in Africa the black man rules

The following story is 'incomplete' in that it was written in conjunction with the lady in question. Unfortunately her trip to Africa did not work out quite along the lines she had planned at one point events overcame her and she no longer was willing to describe what happened. Leasa was an exceptionally beautiful blond lady, rather high powered and dominant in nature. She also had a rather twisted nature and in some respects I tend to think she received her comeuppance in Africa. I suspect she was not entirely honest about her past, or at least honest with herself. She lost her virginity at early teen age to black American employee of her father who 'she' manipulated into having sex with her. Ah Hmm, I wonder just who manipulated who! She was a wild child who suppressed that wildness and married the Harvard trained wimp her parents chose for her. He was wealthy and from the right east coast pedigree. Her social standing was of the highest. Her sexual preference was dominating men. She believed African men would be no different to black American men, or even white men.

When she went to Africa she had been determined to humiliate her husband as much as possible, including sexually. After this story unfolds she succeeded in that, but lost control of her own sexuality as African men 'just took over.' They 'made her' do disgusting things like licking their cocks clean afterwards, licking ass, they conned her into allowing them to tie her down over a bench then encouraged the dogs to fuck her. She used the gang bang to shame her husband and she delighted in offering cream pies. Though always insisting it was just her excitement. Andy worried but she dismissed his fears. Sometimes with contempt at other times with reassurance and passion. She delighted in fooling her husband, particularly encouraging him to lick after she had been fucked. Andy greatly feared that his boss had become her lover, but was unable to prove or discover anything. In one of the particular nasty sides of her character for nine months she encouraged Andy to believe the baby was his.

When it popped out black, she just laughed...

Andy and Leasa arrive in Africa

(No disrespect to Andy, Leasa's husband, is intended by this story. Andy's role has been twisted by me for the 'further enjoyment' of the readers?!!!)

Andy stepped through the oval of the plane's door. He flinched at the wave of heat and stepped back.

'Ouch!' Hands shoved him sharply in the back. 'You stood on my toe!'

He lurched forward back into the burning heat.

'It's hot!'

'My toe!... if it is bruised I'll never forgive you!'

Andy grimaced. There was not much his proud wife did forgive him for! Ever since she had granted him her hand in marriage, she had made it very clear what a privilege it was for him to marry into the Jackson family of Charleston.

That Leasa was one in a long family history of classic, blond, southern belles and he was a very lucky man to marry her!


Andy was beginning to think he was one of a series of dupes to marry yet another Jackson snooty bitch.

Not that he thought that when she smiled at him. Nor did he think that when Leasa persuaded him to try and create another generation of southern belles by getting her pregnant.

Unfortunately, that endeavour had proven useless and that had only added to his lovely wife's edginess.

Leasa shuffled forward as the press of passenger's seeking to leave the aeroplane pressed close. She shoved her husband in the back again. The heat seemed scorching but she was not going to deign to comment on it after her husband's embarrassing display.

Hot! What did he expect in Africa?

At the bottom of the aeroplane's steps she looked around. Where was the coach to take them to the terminal? Andy had already sussed the situation and turned to Leasa even as other passengers began the trek across the concrete apron of the runway towards the run down looking building that made up Harare International Airport.

'We are going to have to walk to the terminal.'

'Walk!' Leasa screeched.

'I don't walk anywhere!'

'Honey, we don't have a choice, please don't make a scene in front of all the passengers.'

Leasa glared at her failure of a husband. His inability to earn enough to pay her shopping bills had led to his asking for a transfer to the Harare office as a means of escaping his credit card debt! After three years of marriage he had failed to provide her with a baby girl to carry on the Jackson southern tradition. For over 300 years the Jackson family had produced a series of aristocratic southern belles and family pressure for her to do the same was high. Her own acceptance of Andy's transfer was largely to escape the pressure from her own family from her failure to get pregnant.

As if it was her fault!

She let Andy make love to her whenever she thought she was fertile. Though Leasa had not bothered to attend those embarrassing sex education classes at school and her mother had not bothered to give her a woman's talk. Which was just as well as she would not have born the embarrassment of such a talk!

Andy turned away, hefted the travelling bag they had been allowed inside the cabin and set off sullenly for the terminal.

Leasa glared daggers at his back. Then she pulled herself together, and followed her husband. Her make up was not going to survive in this heat. The sooner she was under cover the better.

In the terminal Andy was looking nonplussed and to her surprise was shaking the hands of a black man. She frowned and moved closer. Andy turned to her.

'Oh Hi Honey. This is Mr Hooper. He is the manager of the Harare Office and was kind enough to meet us and see us safely through the airport.'

Leasa's eyes widened. Her husband's boss was a black man!!!

As he ushered them towards the baggage conveyor she leaned closer to her husband.

'You didn't tell me your boss would be a black man!'

'I didn't know... Mr Hooper... it doesn't sound like an African name.'

'You are going to have to take orders from a black man!' Andy looked distinctly uncomfortable. 'Our families will have a fit if they ever found out you took orders from a black man... it's disgraceful!'

'Honey, this is Africa.'

Leasa's whispers were not quite as low as she wished. Ferak Hooper kept his face impassive as he realised that his new employee and his wife were racists. That would make it difficult, and he would stamp down hard on Andy at every opportunity. Leasa was everything he had been told about. A classic blond beauty. She would do well in a public relations role but he would have to deal with her racist attitudes. On second thoughts making such a beautiful white racist submit to black cock would have its own piquancy among his business contacts.

Andy would have been shocked to know his boss back in Charleston had discussed with Ferak the usefulness of Andy's wife might prove in satisfying the sexual needs of their African clients. Mr Johnson had taken a perverse delight in transferring Andy to Harare. The snooty haughty bitch would soon get broken in to black cock and that would teach her a lesson for snubbing his advances towards her at the last company barbecue.

Mr Hooper had promised a video of her in a compromising position, which he would circulate around the executives in Charleston if she refused his advances when she returned...

They all gathered around the packed crowd at the conveyor belt. African porters Darted through the throng sweeping up indicated suitcases and loading them up on trolleys. Leasa give a start as a warm hand cupped, and caressed her bottom. A hand that was clearly underneath her short dress!

Leasa struggled to turn in the crush. She looked behind her as she sought to turn in the press. A grinning black porter leered over her shoulder as the hand casually squeezed the soft curve of her bottom. He winked at her and his hand sought to slip inside her panties!

Outraged Leasa finally turned. Like lightning her hand rose and slapped his face. The African's grin widened. His hand now that she had turned sought out her feminine centre. Shouts of glee from the other porters indicated their enjoyment of the show.

A shiver passed through Leasa as a black hand lightly stroked her white southern womanhood! She slapped him again and pulled free, flushed and shaken at the lascivious thrill his hand had generated.

'That black bastard touched me!' Leasa yelled at her husband. Alarmed Andy looked around at the sea of black faces and the disapproving glance of his boss.

'Honey, watch your words.'

'Words! If you were more of a man these black bastards would not dare touch me up.' Andy flinched at the uncalled for words of reproof from his wife. But he was even more nervous of the effect of his wife's words on the sea of black faces around them.

Mr Hooper stepped forward, taking the arm of Leasa possessively. The act served to warn off the porters that she was spoken for, and they laughed and moved on to recover the baggage and harass the other pretty white ladies who had just arrived.

Andy swallowed as he watched a black hand rise from the waist of a girl and casually squeeze a developing breast. God, the girl could only be 14, and she was being groped and fondled sexually. His own cock stirred as he thought about what the Africans would like to do that fresh faced teenager if they could get her alone. The girl herself, flushed and her handbag rose in front of her. To his surprise he realised she was hiding the actions of the black hand rather than seeking escape!

The young tramp was letting that African fondle her!

No wonder the African porters were so forward if white women here were so permissive!

Leasa glared at him.

'Wasn't that our baggage?' She nodded to the set of Louis Vitton suitcases that were now 10 paces off further down the line. Ten paces crowded with the press of bodies. Andy struggled through the crowd.

Mr Hooper led Leasa through the press towards customs and immigration. She tried to pull free of this impertinent black man's grip and was astonished by the strength of his grip. She looked sideways at him, then quickly looked away. It was embarrassing to be led like this, but at least he was keeping the riff raff Africans away.

She looked around the hall. She was being stared at. She was used to men staring. But this was different. It was black men openly staring. They wouldn't have dared stare back home. These men didn't just stare their eyes were filled with open hunger as they lingered on her. She sniffed and glared back.

Nevertheless she could feel her body responding to the sexual tension in the room. She cursed her womanhood, while her mind retrieved the feel of that black hand caressing her womanhood. A shiver went down her spine.

It was going to be more dangerous here than she had thought. Danger in a way she had not expected.

Andy struggled along behind. His wife's words had meant no porter would carry their luggage and he was struggling under the load. All of the baggage trolleys having suddenly disappeared! He watched as Mr Hooper breezed through customs and immigration and he struggled to keep up so that they would realise he was with Mr Hooper.

Outside the airport he looked on in astonishment as Mr Hooper escorted his wife into luxurious Mercedes and the car then whisked away without him! His wife's startled eyes looking back for him.

He had just started to panic when another African rushed up.

'Mr Jackson?' Andy was slow to realise he was being addressed. Even after three years he was not comfortable with being forced to take up the Jackson surname, rather than his wife accepting his.

Her looked away from the disappearing Mercedes to the deferential bobbing African in front of him.

'Mr Hooper asked me to bring you your company car.'

Instantly diverted Andy glanced in the indicated direction where there was a brand new 4 wheel drive Range Rover parked by the roadside.

'Can I take your luggage, Sir.'

Sir! This was getting better! He offloaded the luggage and admired the new car. His wife could look after herself for a while. Serve the snooty bitch right to have to spend time with his African boss one to one. If she was going to survive in Africa she was going to have to learn some new ways.

He walked around the car, admiring its shiny polished exterior. He was tempted to start tinkering with the engine. He put his hand on the bonnet and pulled back quickly. He had burned his hand! The shiny metal was hot enough to fry eggs!

Ah well, he would look at the engine later.

The deferential African was holding the door open for him and he slipped into the driver's seat. His hands caressed the steering wheel as his eyes flashed across the unfamiliar English control panels. With a start of alarm he realised it not automatic.

Was he going to make a fool of himself in front of this African employee?

Leasa was distinctly uncomfortable at being alone in a car with two African men. Mr Hooper's chauffeur drove the car while Mr Hooper sat beside her in the back. She was alarmed at sitting so close and casual with a black man.

Suddenly she missed her husband. She glanced behind her as the airport disappeared in the dust behind.

'Your husband is being given his new company car. He will be along shortly.'

The drive took half an hour, and Leasa struggled to pay attention to Mr Hooper. Half annoyed that she was obliged to listen to a black man, half distracted by the vista outside the limousine's windows. At least it was cool in the car.

She stared with suppressed awe at the vibrant colour of the flowering trees and vividly coloured bushes. Expensive looking luxury villa's lined the road. At one point they briefly passed through a poor area. Africans stared at the luxury car as it passed, and Leasa stared in turn at homes made from corrugated iron, breeze block, and what looked like sheets of garden trellis fencing. Thin children that played in the dust, African men sipping beer as big African women berated them.

Back in a wealthy area the car swept through the open gates set in the midst or pristine white washed walls. The car pulled up in front if a villa that could have been taken straight from a film set. Leasa tried not to be impressed as Mr Hooper announced that this would be their new home.

It was magnificent!

Suddenly things seemed much better and she actually thanked Mr Hooper.

A young African boy of 17 rushed from the now locked gates. To her surprise it was to Mr Hooper's door that the boy ran. Opening the car door for Mr Hooper and bowing low with a mixed look of deference and fear. Leasa was startled by that look of fear. Why did the boy fear Mr Hooper?

After Mr Hooper had left the car he rushed around the car and open for Leasa. Again bowing low deferentially, as she swung her legs out of the car she caught another look pass across his face before it was quickly suppressed as his eyes raked her shapely legs. She was familiar with that look, and suppressed quite satisfaction. She would make this immature boy's life a sexual torment with her teasing!

Though as she stepped out of the car and he stood up Leasa was struck by his dark flesh, and the rippling muscles that seemed to shine in the sunlight. The boy was wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else. His flat stomach was ridged with muscle, and Leasa felt a ripple of butterflies inside her own stomach.

Mr Hooper ignored the boy. He waved at the long low covered garages and his driver edged the car carefully within where the interior would be protected from the searing heat of the sun.

Then he took Leasa by the waist and urged her towards the house. Leasa tried to squirm free of the black arm around her slim waist and was reminded again of the extra-ordinary strength of her husband's African boss.

She could not contain the roll of her stomach at being held by such a strong man. They passed down a shrub lined tree shaded pathway to the entrance to the villa. Another African was waiting at the door. An old man, who held the door open for them both, as they entered. He lacked the fear of Mr Hooper displayed by the boy and nodded casually to him while stretching out his hand to shake her hand.

'This is Solomon. He will be your gardener and head of household. My family has employed him for over 40 years. He will see to your needs, and those of your husband. I will expect him to be treated with the respect of a long serving employee.'

Leasa nodded, and without realising she had done it she was shaking hands with Solomon.

Shaking hands with a black man!

She, Leasa Jackson of the Charleston Jackson's was shaking hands with a black servant!

Her family would be turning in their historical graves. At least the male members of her family would be. The female members of her long dead family would be nodding and sharing knowing looks.

The large black hand of the African encased her slim white hand. Leasa looked up at the tall rangy African. No muscles and glistening skin on this 60 year old man, with grey haired at his temples. He was a head taller than her, as she looked up at him her eyes met his.

A dark frisson of emotion passed through her. She could not pull her eyes away from his as an electric glow seemed to pass from his hand up through her arm to her eyes before sinking into her stomach. Then it settled lower and her loins flared with heat.

Her eyes widened, the soft skin of her face flushed a delightful pink. Butterflies flew around her stomach like a tornado. Shocked she realised that her nipples had hardened! Her knees felt weak.

No man had ever feel like this!

No man, not ever, and all he had done was take her hand!

Solomon held her hand in his, and watched the flare in her eyes. He recognised that look. It would only be time. His face remained impassive.

Animal magnetism flared between them and Solomon held her hand and let it flow.

He released her hand and a shaken Leasa entered the villa.

She struggled to pull together her emotions. To retain her cool demeanour as Mr Hooper showed her the kitchen. Solomon followed paying close attention and explaining points. Mr Hooper walked through the villa explaining the usual use of the various rooms. The living room was spacious and sumptuously furnished opening through patio doors onto a paved circular patio trimmed with colourful flowers. Leasa stepped onto the patio. A variety of colourful birds she had not seen before sported and fluttered around a number of bird baths.

Sunlight glittered and shone from the surface of crystal blue pool.

Leasa realised she had entered paradise.

Mr Hooper stepped out on the patio to join her. Solomon stepped out and passed by. His large hands scooped up the handles of a wheelbarrow and with a whistle wheeled it off across a particularly well-manicured lawn.

'Solomon looks after the garden. He used to work for the British Governor before independence, but it would be best if you remembered that Africans run this country now. It is our country, and we have little time for racist colonial attitudes.'

Leasa bridled at the rebuke, but curled her tongue. He was right after all. This was a black man's country, and while Leasa was uncomfortable with that it would be wise to remember it.

'He is tremendous in the garden. Natural magic in his hands, flowers seem to blossom and bloom under his care.'

Leasa nodded, if a little grudgingly. In her set it was not fashionable to consider black men to be competent or capable, irrespective of the reality. Nevertheless this garden had a wondrous charm that was evidence in itself of his ability.

'Best to just leave him to get on with it.' Leasa nodded her acceptance. The most she knew about gardening was that the grass should be cut now and then.

'Be careful around him. His talents in the garden are a reflection of his potent virility. You would not think it to look at him but he has 25 children.'

Leasa reeled on her heels.

25 children!!!

'I should mention he has five wives. None of course are allowed at the villa. He is entitled to two holidays a year, one for a month, and another for two weeks.'

'But if he only gets home so... ' Her words trailed off.

'Oh Africans have never put a high store on monogamy or faithfulness. Half the brats in the area are his bastard children. I would be careful around him.'

Leasa flushed at the implication.

'Not something I need to consider I can assure you. I am happily married.' Even as she said the words she realised the mockery of them. She was not happy at all. Not satisfied and not happy. She would not allow this smug rich African to think so.

'I love my husband, and I believe in the sanctity of marriage, and respect my vows.'

Behind her back Ferak looked at her. He was going to bugger this sanctimonious bitch. Filled with her pretentious and southern American airs. He would make her scream in pain when he buggered her and would delight in it. He would thrust his black cock into her tight back passage and savour her desperate wriggles. Yes he would make her scream with pain, and then he would delight when her screams switched to whimpers of pleasure. He would savour the moment when her soft rounded hips started to hump eagerly back on his skewering cock.

He would make her beg for more of his black cock thrust up inside her. Oh how he would savour her desperate begging for more...

Leasa turned and looked at him.

He smiled politely.

The boy appeared through the patio door. He held a tray with two dark drinks. Leasa was surprised to see the drinks served in a large English style beer jug. The drink itself was laced with ice and fruit. Mr Hooper sighed with pleasure and nodded to the drinks.

'Pimm's Nr 1... one of the good things the British left us.'

He swept up a glass and drank deep.

Leasa carefully sipped the drink and was astonished at the wonderful balanced taste, obviously alcoholic, but not powerfully so. The ice had cooled it delightfully. She looked in the glass. There was so much fruit in the glass that it was too tight for the contents to float. She looked as slices of apple and banana, segments of orange, sliced strawberries and various berries all mixed in with crushed ice.

She sipped deeper. She could get to like it here.

A horn sounded in the street outside.

'That will be your husband, it is best to keep your gates locked at all times. Only you, your husband, and Solomon should have a key. I could not emphasise enough the importance of that. An African could steal everything in the house in 10 minutes.'

He paused, a moment and looked at her.

'You should be aware Mrs Jackson that while Africa has progressed far in the modern world there are still some practices that persist. While most African governments are enlightened and progressive.'

Leasa kept her face impassive at this last comment. The idea that the Zimbabwe government was enlightened or progressive was laughable. Her own country's state department had carefully advised them what to expect in Zimbabwe. Mr Hooper continued.

'There are also evil and exploitive people here.'

He looked at the beautiful white wife of his new employee. Admiring her classical beauty. Leasa could see he was being diffident and careful in his thought.

'Let me be blunt Mrs Jackson. There are men who will not simply rest at stealing. Most African men will not hesitate to rape such a beautiful white woman as you if given half the chance, or even worse than rape.'

Leasa raised her eyes as looked at her husband's boss. There was a mocking look in her eyes. She was not going to allow him to make her scared.

'Worse than rape! I think most women would consider rape worse than death.'

Mr Hooper nodded his acceptance of her words.

'No Mrs Jackson, I was not thinking of rape. Your ancestors enslaved many Africans. There are Africans even in this country who consider white slavery as a fitting response to your country's past crimes. Yes, I am afraid that a thief might steal you as well as your TV. There are places where a pretty white woman like yourself can still be put on a slave block and sold to the highest bidder.'

Leasa was rocked by his words, and the casual way they were spoken. She was alarmed not just by his words, but also by the gut reaction in her loins. What would it be like to be staked to a pole while dark skinned men bid to buy her? Her knees felt weak and she sank onto one of the patio chairs.

Andy appeared in the door.

'Is there a drink for me then?'

Leasa looked away from him into the garden where Solomon was trimming firewood. She shivered. That man had sired 25 children! She looked away quickly.

'Andy this is one of Solomon's sons Nigi. He will do any work required around the house. Make sure he washes his hands before employing him in the kitchen! I must leave you now. I will expect you in the office at 8am.'

He nodded and left.

'Are you alright Leasa?'

She looked at him, before nodding. She was more shaken than she realised.

'Is the gate locked?'

Andy nodded.

Over the next few weeks' matters went downhill as the reality of living in Africa became apparent. On their first afternoon, a white man had arrived with two big German Shepherds. He announced himself as Mr Johnson, Mr Hooper's security manager. He then give them a 'pep talk' on personal security that had left Leasa close to tears with worry. Even Andy had been perturbed. But Andy was not a pretty white woman. Leasa was a very beautiful white woman and all the African men were very aggressive around her. They wanted her and she knew that only too well. She was both scared and aroused, and scared of being aroused!

The dogs were an enigma. To her shock and secret pleasure she discovered they were racist. They barely tolerated Solomon and Nigi, and that only because the two Africans fed them. If any African came to the gates the friendly dogs became snarling savage beasts that scared the hell out of Leasa. That was enough for most of the visiting Africans to scarper before she had even reached the gate to enquire what they want. That was good she realised as any potential burglar would know about these dogs and stay away.

They had savaged one African who had walked through the gates and down the driveway before they could get to him. To her surprise the local police had not been bothered by this, and had dismissed it as deserving. That had shocked Leasa almost as much as the event.

Yet a completely strange white man could walk right up to the house and the dogs would just lie in the sun! She had decided to feed the dogs herself, and hoped to ensure their loyalty to her. Apart from when an African was around they were placid, and friendly if powerful dogs. She had never had a dog as a pet and had been startled at how much pleasure it was to play with them.

They were a bit over friendly at times and sometimes they would dart in with intimate sniffs and licks that embarrassed Leasa. Sometime the meaningful way they looked at her as though expecting something from her, made her glad she was not a bitch dog!

Inside the villa was indeed paradise.

Outside was Leasa's closest appreciation of hell.

Shops! She snorted.

When she had discovered that if she wanted bread or flour she had would have to join a queue of 500 African women she had raged with Andy for an hour. Sometimes after queuing for an hour in the sun she would discover it all sold out and would have to wait for another delivery.

She had learned the trick was to pay a bribe to the manager of the African department store and he would telephone when a deliver was due. She had to pay him weekly, and he expected a free grope as part of the process!

Groping! Andy had given up trying to stop the African men copping a feel when they were out together. It was too much effort he said. Get used to it, he had said! She had barred him from her bed for a week in punishment!

The local water made her ill.

The power supply was sporadic.

The telephone worked sporadically and any request for repair she was told had a six month wait!

Andy! He worked from 8am to 6pm then came home and fell asleep from the heat! He was tired touchy and insensitive to her needs.


Andy's credit cards did not work here!!!

Not there was much to buy, but she was going to have to wait for his first month's pay before she had any money to spend.

One evening she had been sitting at her dressing table when she had been shaken to see Solomon approach the bushes on the far side of the garden. He had then casually pulled aside the flap of his overalls and relieved himself into the bushes. Leasa had been shocked at the size of the black hose that peed a flood into the bushes. She had not quite believed it was true, but had secretly watched through the lace curtains on numerous occasions since. He did indeed fit the stereo that black men had big cocks.

The one surprise had been Mr Hooper who had surprised her by being a perfect gentleman. Understanding her needs on their third day he had arrived laden with flour sugar, bread, fruit, bottled water. Whenever Andy was away he had provided a security guard. Had even taken her out to dinner in surprisingly good quality restaurants. His casual hand on her thigh had been enough to deter other Africans from making advances and so she had allowed him to leave his hand on her thigh.

Nor had he pressed himself on her, which had surprised her. Her disappointment that he had not pressed her had also been a surprise. She was grateful he had not pressed her on the issue.

She was confused.

Which only made her more irritable with Andy.

That lunchtime he had announced that he had been asked to go to Mutare and would be away for a while. Leasa had been frightened, but could not allow that to show. Her fear had found release in a furious row. Andy had rushed off with a hastily packed bag.

Now she was alone. It was late in the afternoon. Normally when Andy went away a security guard would arrive before he had left. Had Andy forgotten to arrange the guard!

A very nervous Leasa paced the lawn.

Solomon sat easily on his favourite log and watched the stupid white woman.

She was a very beautiful white women, but also very stupid. She did not look after her husband. In Africa a woman needed a man to look after her. This stupid woman drove her husband from her regularly and did not understand her own needs. For three weeks she had flaunted herself before Solomon and Nigi. Solomon had remained impassive and aloof. Poor Nigi was driving himself crazy with the local girls.

Solomon's needs were easily met. He had many local friends with pretty daughters who did not mind if he fucked them. Why should they mind? He let them fuck his daughters in return. It had been three days since he had fucked pretty little Maia. He was ready to fuck again and Mr Hooper was getting impatient.

It was time...

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