M & M'z
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She comes for a weekend visit, and all her expectations are exceeded by the couple she is visiting. A story of lust.

It all started with a phone call. Melissa finally worked up the nerve to call Michelle and the next thing I know, I have flight information and instructions to pick her up at the airport in a couple of weeks. Needless to say the next two weeks were a blur as we sprung for a hotel room for Chris (my roommate), Mel had to clean the apartment, twice, we both had to get haircuts, and she got her manicure and pedicure.

She sent me to the airport because she wanted everything to be perfect for Michelle's arrival. Mel was cooking dinner, setting out the table, with the nice plates and silver from her place. Even her hair and makeup had to be perfect. The two of us had abstained from sex for the two weeks leading up to what was being known as "the visit." Well, she had done a better job than I had, couldn't resist a couple of "Yankees" in those two weeks.

Then the day arrived, Friday, October 13th. I should have known then, being superstitious and all that this was going to be a weekend that I would never forget. It was a sunny, if somewhat cool day, the temp in the low 60's in the early evening as I drove to LaGuardia to pick up Michelle. Of course, had to drive down with the top down, and then pulling into short term parking, closed up the car. Walking to the concourse, my mind wandering, I almost got run over by a bus. Good thing I didn't I mean, how bad would that be, getting run over on Friday the 13th, sheesh.

So, anyway, I get into the terminal and I pull out the sign that Melissa made. It was so cute, it had Michelle's name printed on it in lovey letters, and, if you really looked at it, there were drawings of a sexually suggestive nature, but, the normal person wouldn't have seen that. Hearing the announcement, I head over to baggage claim three. From there I can see the stairs from the gates and the baggage claim. I can't remember if Michelle is bringing bags or just a carry on, but with today's problems, I assume she is checking something. People are starting to come down the stairs when I see her. She is wearing a short black leather skirt, 3 inch heals, a black top and leather jacket. My mouth drops open, she is even more gorgeous in person than in all the photos I have seen.

I can see her looking around, and then resigned beginning to walk to the baggage claim, to pick up her bag. Then I see her look my way, the recognition is immediate, but I hold up the sign and she breaks into this beaming smile, running over and jumping into my arms like a long lost lover. Catching you, surprised, and pressing my lips to yours for a not so quick kiss, then putting you down.

"Hi Michelle, Wow, you look, Wow." Stumbling over my tongue which has to be dragging on the floor at this point. "You have a bag checked, not that you are going to need much this weekend."

"Yea, they said it should be out in a couple minutes" you respond. I watch as you look me up and down, the same way I am you, comparing what you see to the pictures. Of course, by now, my mind is racing with visions of you and Mel, and there is a growing bulge in my jeans.

Thinking to myself, thank god I wore jeans as we head to the carousel to pick up your bag. Going through all the small talk as we wait for your bag to come spinning around. It finally shows, even though it's one of the first ones off, it still seems to take forever at NY airports. Of course, it's a large suitcase.

You look up at me, eyelashes batting, a flirty smile "A girl never knows what she's gonna need when it's play time." You turn and head for the exit with me following carrying your heavy bag.

We head out to the car, talking about how nice the weather is for a mid October day. As we approach the car I ask "So, Michelle, you want to go topless?" The question always gets a questioning look, well, almost always, you start taking off your jacket and pulling up your top, stopping after you have uncovered your bra. I am standing there staring, not believing when you break out laughing.

"Mel told me you were gonna ask that if it was above 40 out. I can see I got a rise out of you." Your eyes traveling down to my now fully hard cock, you lick your lips and walk right to the passenger side of my car, fixing your shirt and putting your jacket back on. "You going to open the door, or just stand looking stupid all day?"

This breaks me out of my reverie and I hit the button unlocking the car door, getting in and starting up the car, putting the top down. We start the hour and a half drive back to my place. I give you the phone, New York law, can't talk and drive, so you can call Mel and tell her we are on our way. The two of you are gabbing away for the first little bit, giving me ample time to look at your legs, down your shirt, that is until the chill gets you and you pull your jacket tighter, prompting me to put on the heat.

Finally, you hang up the phone, handing it back to me and we drive on in silence, letting me watch you take in the Bronx and the Westchester countryside as we drive North, the sun beginning to set and the temperature dropping. "You want the top to go back up?" I ask. You shake your head no, then turn to me.

"So, Zach, what happened to the road head you asked about?" Reaching out to the gear shift, stroking it up and down. Taking your hand and placing it on the re-emerging bulge in my pants, words not necessary, you know what to do, you undo your seatbelt, kneeling on your seat and undo my pants, pulling my semi hard cock from my pants. Licking your lips you bend down over me, taking the first few inches into your hot wet mouth, your tongue circling over the head, instantly hardening it the rest of the way. You begin working up and down my shaft, your hand jerking the lower half, while your mouth sucks and teases the head of my cock. My groans the only approval you need. You look up at me "Warn me before you cum." Then back down, working your hot mouth up and down.

My hand works it's way over to your ass, squeezing you through the leather skirt, wondering what sort of view the truckers I am passing are getting. Pulling the skirt up, you swat my hand away " No no, not yet." Plunging your head down, I feel your nose hit my thigh, and then back up, as we pass over into Connecticut.

"God Michelle, I'm close" I warn you. You pull up off my cock, squeezing the base, smiling at me. "Not yet Zach, you have to wait til we are all together." Looking over as you sit back in your seat, your skirt rides up, showing me you left your panties at home, giving me a view of that cute little pussy, the slit capped with a small landing strip. My cock jerks sending a little stream of precum dribbling out of the head and down the side of my shaft. You scoop it up with your finger, offering it to me. "Don't want Melissa to taste it on my breath." You smile, releasing my cock, as you feed me your finger.

"You know too much about me" I say, laughing as my cock begins to soften slightly, that is until you put the seat back, your skirt hiked up to your waist and begin to tease yourself. The car accelerates as my cock hardens again, wanting to touch it, but knowing I will probably be punished if I do. I reach over and replace your hand with mine. Running my fingers around the outside of your lips, feeling them begin to open at the touch. Teasing your pubic hair, my fingers running up and down it, stopping, just like the hair, just short of your clit.

Circling your pussy, your hips rocking, trying to get my fingers into your center. Wanting to feel them inside you, but it's not allowed yet. My fingertips circle down to your ass, circling the little hole, knowing how you like that. "It's a good thing I know all about you too." My fingers move up, pushing inside you, once, twice, then pulling out, offering them to you. "Wouldn't want Mel to taste you on me either."

You smile at me "Touchee" You suck my fingers into your mouth, teasing them like little cocks, getting all your juices off them as I pull down the road leading to the house. You recognize the small house from the pictures we have sent you, and smile as you see a sign out front "Welcome Home Michelle!"

"We wanted you to feel at home here, my house is your house." Leaning over to you, I give you a soft kiss on the lips. Pressing the garage control, the door opens. "Hey, why don't you get naked, surprise Melissa." Pulling down the driveway, you quickly shed your clothes, all but your 3 inch heels. In the meantime, I shove my hard cock back in my jeans, painfully, knowing that this meeting is about the two of you. I get out grab your bag and open the door, letting you in, "the kitchen is down the hall, that's where she is" I whisper to you. You take off down the hall, and I hear squeals from the kitchen followed by the sound of two excitedly naked bodies coming together in an embrace and a kiss.

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