The Tease Is Taught A Lesson In Jail
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Rough, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sexy tease learns that flirting only goes so far behind bars.

Melissa, a gorgeous 21 year old with auburn brown hair, grew up not listening to authority. She never obeyed her parents, her teachers in school, nobody. Well, after getting busted for a DUI, Melissa was about to learn to do what she is told, the hard way.

Melissa loved teasing guys, she had a great body and she knew it, and she loved to manipulate guys with her body. She had nice, large tits and long, sexy legs. Melissa loved to stay nice and tanned, which made her even hotter. She loved to go out to clubs and watch guys stare at her sexy figure; she would let them buy her drinks, and laugh to herself as she turned down their numerous requests to dance or for her number. If she needed something, she would play a guy as if she liked him, then when she got what she wanted, she would turn cold and ignore him.

One night, after a night of drinking and teasing guys at a bar, she was driving home when she saw the lights in the rear window. Busted! Now, as the cop checked out if she was drunk, Melissa pushed her tits toward the window, flirting with the deputy. It worked as her did not give her a breathalyser, he just cited her for suspicion of DUI, and gave her a summons. The gullible officer even followed her home to be sure she made it! After getting off easy on that near arrest, she figured the court date would not be too bad. At court, the judge did sentence her, but to the work release center rather than county jail. Here, Melissa would be able to leave for work each afternoon for her swing shift at her job, then she would return and sleep at the facility. She was handed a packet of information, including a clear list of rules and regulations. Ignoring it until she got home, when she did look at the rules, she sniffed at those involving dress and attire:

  • No skirts

  • No hose

  • No shorts that are higher than the top of the knee

  • No halter-tops

Melissa didn't really worry about the last one, but most of her shorts were very short. She figured she would just dress it up on her first day and they would surely bend the rules for her, wouldn't they?

The day to turn herself in finally came, and Melissa made her way to the WR facility. It was a warehouse style building, inside there was a receiving area/office area, and then a large open area with TV's, tables, board games, etc. And lining the back of the open area were four separate pods, or large rooms. These were the living quarters, pod A is for the women, B and C are for men, and D is for prisoners from county jail who are in the county's WR program-men who stay at county jail on weekends, and here during the week.

As Melissa went to the WR center, she had purposely dressed in a short skirt, tan hose, and a normal top. She figured showing off her legs to the male officers would make them show her an easier time. Walking to the entrance, several WR inmates en route to their jobs did a lustful double take at the sexy brown haired girl striding to the doors. Melissa enjoyed their stares. Once inside, she went to the desk to register, first she surrendered her driver's license, and then she began to fill out the forms. When she finished the officer told her to walk through the door into the main area, but stopped her.

"Excuse me, miss, what are you wearing?" The guard asks, looking her up and down.

"Is something wrong, sir?" Melissa coyly asked, looking innocently at the guard.

"You were given the rules in the courtroom, I was there. You are in violation, and your sentence may be extended!" he sternly tells her.

"You've got to be kidding, you know you like it!" she tells him, wrong move on her part.

"All right, miss, your attitude needs to change immediately," the guard warns her.

"What are you, gay or something?" she asks, laughing.

The guard motions to the other guard and he grabs Melissa's arms and handcuffs them behind her back. "Ma'am, you are being detained for violation of the good terms of the Work Release Facility"

Melissa cannot believe it "No! Wait, I'm sorry, I was kidding."

"That's fine miss, I am going to take you to see the warden." The guard tells her as the he leads her to the back offices.

"Wait! No, please! I fucking said I was sorry!" Even Melissa's pleas include insults.

The guard takes the brunette to the office in the back, where an older man sits behind a desk. He has a quizzical look on his face as he sees his guard bringing in this handcuffed young woman in a short skirt.

"Sir, Miss Melissa showed up refusing to adhere to the guidelines for attire, and when I informed her of her infraction, she insulted me and mocked the rule!"

The warden gets a grin on his face as he walks from around his desk.

"Well now, Melissa is it? Why did you show up in this outfit when you were given specific rules about what you can and cannot wear?" The warden asks her.

"Um, I didn't know the rules, I swear!" Melissa says.

"Excuse me sir, that is a lie. I was in the courtroom as she was sentenced by Judge Smith, the rules were handed to her, and a comment was directly made to her as the outfit she wore to court would have been a violation also" The guard replies.

"I see what is going on here," the warden says, brushing Melissa's hair with his hand.

"You wear these skimpy clothes to curry favor, don't you? Well, don't you?"

Melissa's face got red. "Yes, yes sir, I am sorry"

The warden smiled again, "Well Officer Miller, what is the penalty for such a blatant violation?" he asks, even though he knows the answer.

The guard responds "Serious violations of the basic rules within the first week normally result in a revoking of the work release sentence, and the inmate serving their time in county jail."

Melissa shook her head, she couldn't go to jail!

"No! Please, I promise I won't do it again, Please give me another chance!"

The sexy girls pleas drew a smile from both the guard and warden. The guard closed the office door behind her.

There Melissa stood in the warden's office, wearing a white shirt, short peach skirt, and tan hose. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and the guard and warden each walked towards her.

"Officer Miller, what do you say, should we let her stay?" The warden asked, as the guard nodded and walked in front of Melissa while the warden walked behind her.

The warden crept close behind her and spoke tersely into her ear:

"Ok, bitch, you can stay, but you will have to pay for your insubordination, you will suck Officer Miller's cock and swallow all of his cum, do you understand?"

Melissa shook her head, her head was pushed forward and down from behind as the guard undid his pants and removed his hard cock.

As the cock was shoved into her mouth, she was ordered not to let her teeth scrape, or to allow s single drop to spill.

Melissa began sucking off the guard, as tears welled up in her eyes. Meanwhile, behind her the warden groped the handcuffed girl's hose covered thighs, and then lifted the back of her skirt.

Her eyes got big as she felt the back of her skirt lifted, and her hose and panties pulled down.

She knew what was coming and shut her crying eyes in anticipation.

The warder began fucking her ass as she blew the guard.

Melissa was sobbing now, still having the guard's cock moving back and forth in her mouth. The warden's hard dick was pounding her ass, which forced her body to lunge forward with each thrust, pushing the cock deeper into her mouth.

The scene in the warden's office was of a young brown haired girl, hands cuffed behind her back, standing up and bending forward sucking off the guard who stood before her, and at the same time being raped in the ass by the warden who stands behind her. Her hose and panties were pulled down to her knees.

The guard came first, and obediently Melissa gulped it all down. The warden then grabbed her hair, pulled her upright and continued to ram her sexy ass, soon after he came into her as well.

He pulls out, and then slaps her ass, "Nice ass bitch!" he says; "Now go clean up and change and then go back to the registration desk"

Melissa could not believe what just happened, she felt nauseous from all the cum she swallowed, and her ass was sore from the pounding rape she just endured. She pulled her panties and hose back up and got her bag of clothes and took it to the bathroom. While she cleaned and changed, she cried softly, but composed herself. She put on jeans and put the skirt and hose away.

Much more compliant now, Melissa registered correctly without further incident. She entered the back area, and was guided to the women's pod A. As she entered she noticed that there were enough beds for 12, but only 4 women were there. She asked why so empty and was told that there were only 6 women in the WR facility. The men's pods, she was told were completely full all of the time, with 12 men per pod.

After becoming more at ease by talking with some of the other women there, she felt a little better. She would never tell anyone what she had to endure from the warden and guard. The women repeatedly warned Melissa about the swing shift guard, it was a female and her name was Sandy. The women all said that Sandy was very hard on the female inmates and many suspected that she was either gay or jealous. Jealousy could be true as Sandy was overweight and kind of nasty looking, Melissa was told. Just don't piss her off, she was repeatedly told.

The first day was uneventful, then 4pm came and it was time for Melissa to leave for her swing shift, she signed out at the desk in the open area, and went to the registration area and got her first look at Sandy.

Now, Melissa had changed into white shorts, but she felt they clearly went to the tops of her knees; she also wore a light blue button top. Sandy stopped her as she walked past the desk.

"Excuse me, miss, could you come back her please?" Sandy asked of Melissa.

She walked back to the desk.

"I'm sorry miss, I believe those shorts are too short." Sandy tells Melissa, who is incredulous.

"Um, I don't think so," she says and points to her tanned leg with her hand holding the bottom of the shorts as it came right to the top of her knee.

"I apologize, miss, please proceed" Sandy says.

Melissa mutters as she walks past "You're just jealous, you fat cow"

Unfortunately for her, Sandy heard what she said and stared hatefully at Melissa as she exited the facility.

Sandy would make Melissa pay for that when she got back.

After Melissa and the other swing shift inmates left, Sandy called the senior member of pod D and the night guards over to the desk. She told them what happened and what she wanted to plan for Melissa. The men eagerly agreed and anxiously awaited her return.

Melissa returned to the WR facility at around midnight. She passed through the front desk, and Sandy smiled at her. Melissa didn't find that odd, as maybe she WAS gay and just enjoyed looking at her body, after all most guys did.

She entered the open area to sign in, as she reached the desk in the middle of the open area, she noticed how quiet it was, everyone must be asleep,

As Melissa finished signing in, she was grabbed by several sets of hands, holding her arms; legs and one covered her mouth! The hands lifted her up and carried her off, her eyes were huge in fear, but she had no chance to fight off this many people.

The men carried her past pod A... B... C... and took her into pod D! She was placed on a bed, hands pinned her arms over her head, and held her feet down.

A man leaned in close and spoke into her ear...

"All right, Melissa, listen up! Sandy has given you to us for the night for you insulting her this afternoon. If you scream, or if you report this to anyone, things will get so bad for you, it will be beyond your worst nightmare!" With that, the door for pod D closed, and a voice announced "Yeah! It's on!!"

Hands came from seemingly everywhere around Melissa, fondling her body groping her tits, her legs, her pussy. Then the clothes began being torn away. Her light blue top was ripped open, and her bra lasted only a few seconds before it was gone as well. Her large golden tan globes were squeezed and mauled by the mob. She was crying and thrashing in vain. She felt hands pulling violently at the buttons of her white shorts, the buttons popped off and the shorts were torn in half! Hands were rubbing up and down her sexy legs and her pink panties were ripped right off, leaving her completely nude! The mass molestation continued as some guys started sucking on her tits, some kissed at her neck, she felt others still manipulating her pussy with their hands. Then a loud voice spoke again. "Ok, we drew numbers, who are the first guys up?" A few voices answer me! The mass groping ceases, except for the hands that hold Melissa in place on the bed.

One man climbs on top of her and mounts Melissa and starts to fuck her, then her head is turned to the side and a dick is shoved into her mouth as the second guy fucks her face. The man fucking her grabs each of her tits and squeezes as he pumps into her. Melissa was now just a sexy, golden tan fuck toy!

The gang rape continues, as one guy finishes cumming in her pussy, another promptly replaces him. The same thing is occurring in her mouth as her mouth is fucked repeatedly.

Then things get even more wild, as a man gets on top of her and lifts her legs up and slams his cock into her while another guy straddles her stomach and sticks his dick in between her big tits and fucks them, and finally she is still being face fucked.

Three men are now raping Melissa at once! And THAT pattern continued for a while, as she became covered in sweat and semen.

Then the same voice speaks again "Now, let's get at that ass!" Melissa managed to utter a soft "No!" as her mouth was briefly free from cock as she was flipped over on the bed. But soon enough, cocks resumed fucking her mouth as her hair was pulled back by the men who took turns banging the hell out of her sexy ass. Now she was back to taking two guys at a time. This went on for a while... and then...

The voice spoke up asking the men if anyone had anything else they wanted to do?

Melissa couldn't hear what was said next, but the main voice said, "That's a good idea!" And she was pulled up to her knees on the bed as a man climbed into bed and lay on his back in front of her. The main inmate spoke in her ear again, "He wants to to fuck him, Melissa, do it!"

She is lifted up and placed on top of the man, his rock hard cock sliding easily into her well-lubricated pussy. "Fuck him, bitch!" Melissa was told in her ear.

She begins to ride up and down on his dick. Other men's hands resume groping her large tits, and she bucks wildly as the man beneath her is thrusting upward as well.


Melissa moans.

She is forced to repeat this act a few times. And then she is pushed back onto the bed and forced to suck off several cocks yet again. Her head was swirling, it was becoming a blur.

The hot naked brunette was guzzling cum left and right as she saw the door open and Sandy enter the pod. She had a huge smile on her face.

The men finally stopped face fucking her as Sandy approached, she came over to Melissa "You see what happens when you fuck with me, you skanky bitch?" sandy then slaps Melissa's face.

Melissa falls onto her back on the bed. Sandy speaks again "Oh, no honey, you ain't quite done yet! Get her up!" Several men lift Melissa up from the bed, Sandy is removing her pants, and she sits on the bed. "Now slut, get down there and make me cum, and you better do it good!"

Melissa is shoved face first into Sandy's snatch; she begins working her tongue into her pussy.

"You guys, feel free to take her ass again!" Sandy tells the men behind Melissa, and they quickly take her up on the offer and start raping her ass again.

Melissa is a mess... naked, covered in sweat and cum. She is on her knees on the floor, orally pleasuring Sandy the guard while being fucked in the ass by several inmates. Finally, Sandy reaches her climax.

"Ohhhhhhh... yeah, slut... ohhh yeaaaahhhhhh!"

She grabs the back of Melissa's head and forces her to taste her cum.

Then she lets go, the guys cease the anal rape, and Melissa falls in a heap onto the floor where she curls into a ball and sobs.

Sandy pulls her pants back on, and looks over to Melissa on the floor. "Now, you really better learn to behave, missy, or I can make tonight seem like a walk in the park! Now get to your pod and clean up and go to bed, it's 5am and breakfast is at 7."

Melissa slowly got up as the men dressed around her; it was then she noticed that the two guards were also in on the gangbang. She stood, very wobbly on her legs, and, still naked, made her way from pod D back to the showers in pod A. She cried softly as she tried the wash the cum from dozens of rapes from her body.

As she entered the sleeping area, the other women were asleep, or pretending to be. Melissa saw a piece of paper on her bed. She opened it and read it and started to cry some more. It read:

Melissa, you are now the whore of the facility. You will do as ordered by any authority figure or face dire consequences. Meet me in my office tomorrow morning at 9. (And bring the skirt and hose outfit). Signed, Warden Jones

Tomorrow would be more of the same, she knew it, and she had four months to live like this!

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