Brother John's Benediction
Chapter 1: Tempted Teen

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, First, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Tempted Teen - Brother John learns that Father Murphy breaks his vow of chastity and pretending to be the priest he violates the sanctity of the confessional to take advantage of an ingenuous housemaid.

Father Murphy had been brought in as a substitute while the regular priest was ill and the Parish had sent a young monk from a nearby monastery to assist him. The priest didn't welcome the assistance, especially since he had discovered the pleasures of giving some of his more naïve female parishioners instruction in the carnal aspects of their faith.

Brother John was only twenty and he had taken his vows because one of the many girls he'd been dating thought she was pregnant. Now, after more than half a year of enforced celibacy during which his hand was his only source of release, he was being sorely tempted by the ripe, young schoolgirls in a Convent that was nearby and the buxom maids who worked on the farms. At least, in the monastery, there had been no temptations.

Two days earlier the monk had seen a young girl slip in the side door of the church and had wondered about it. It was almost dark when she came and she had seemed somewhat furtive in her actions. He had thought that she might plan to steal something. By the time he got to the basement, the door to the priest's office was closing and, at that point, Brother John was sure that the girl had theft on her mind.

Fortuitously he had not burst in there after her. For some reason, he had paused before opening the door and then decided it would be better if he spied on her, just in case she wasn't there to steal.

The church was old but he could not find a gap or hole that he could peek through. By then, anyway, he had heard Father Murphy's voice so he knew the girl's presence was authorized. Curiosity, however, along with boredom, made him keep looking for a place to spy on them and, finally, he found a way.

Some old, unused stairs angled up over the office and, when he climbed up about ten feet, he found that he could see almost all of the office through the open transom. And, by the time he was sprawled looking down into the small cubicle, he got an eyeful.

The girl was sprawled nude, on her back, and she was fingering her smooth, nearly hairless pussy. He could see, however, that although she was still only lightly furred there, her breasts were nicely developed. And then, for the next while, he had watched the immoral priest seduce the young virgin.

After his lengthy abstinence, the young man was almost frantic with desire. And, he thought, if a priest can do that, then a monk could certainly do it also. He had watched and heard everything that transpired and, when the young girl walked gingerly away, he was already formulating a plan to get her too. He envied the priest for having got the nymphet's cherry but he knew he could still surprise her. The priest, he had noted, was of average genital size. Brother John, on the other hand, was extraordinarily well endowed which was one of the reasons he had been in possible trouble and had entered the monastery. The girl was rather small, John thought. He'd never had anyone as young as she and, from experience, her knew that the small ones often were too scared to enjoy him. Nonetheless he believed that the threat of exposing her transgression would make her amenable to his advances.

It so happened anyway that the nymphet whose defloration he'd watched did not turn out to be his first conquest as a celibate monk. The following day, the priest had to visit the hospital to see the man he was replacing and he asked John to look after things. Brother John could not, of course, hear confessions, but when a big woman came through the door of the church and headed for the confessional, his eyes lighted up.

As soon as he could, after she had entered, he got in position and, through a gap in the drapes; he got a closer look at the big woman. He had intended, originally, to tell her to come back tomorrow but, when he saw her, close up, he changed his mind.

Vicki had just come here to work as a housemaid at one of the larger farms. She was from a strict, Catholic family who had sheltered her carefully during her eighteen years of growing up. And, for the last seven years, since she turned eleven, it was with good cause.

She had bloomed early and, from the age of eleven when her figure developed precociously, all male heads had turned to look at her. Now, at eighteen, she was truly statuesque although somewhat overweight. The young monk could see that the kneeling woman was tall. Vicki was, in fact, only two inches short of six feet. He could see also that she was a very shapely, if somewhat plump, young lady. After being protected so carefully, the eighteen year old was almost completely innocent and, in that innocence, she was wearing a comfortable but snug-fitting stretch jogging suit that outlined every curve and fleshroll of her large body.

Hearing the rustling behind the drapes, the girl assumed that the priest was there. She was very nervous. For the past ten years she had gone, once a week, to the elderly priest in her home parish and confessed her minor transgressions... and she'd had no others to confess. She had heard that the priest here was quite young and she wasn't sure if he would be as easy on her as the other one.

"Do you wish to confess, my child?" Brother John asked, his voice quavering nervously for he knew that Father Murphy would be extremely displeased if he found out. But, he thought, I have a defense against him. The Bishop wouldn't be very happy to hear that one of his shepherds was fucking the juvenile parishioners, either.

"Oh, Father. I have sinned." Vicki said in a quiet, nervous voice. "I have come to ask for forgiveness."

"How have you sinned, my child?" the monk asked, smiling inwardly because the girl must be nearly as old as he. He wondered if he was going to hear a juicy tale about getting fucked by her boyfriend. He wondered also if her boyfriend had enough to satisfy her Amazonian body.

"I have committed the sin of gluttony, Father," the girl said for her parents had constantly prodded her about eating too much.

"You do not need to confess that, my child. You are a big girl and you need food to help fight off Satan's wiles."

Heartened by his response, she continued, "I have sinned Father, by spying on my employers, Father. I have watched them when they didn't know I was there."

"That does not sound serious, my child. What did you see?"

"I watched them in bed, sir. I watched them being man and wife. They were... like? You know? And? And? Oh, Father? It made me think unclean thoughts."

"What did you see, my child? And what were your thoughts?" the young monk asked, glad that he was going to hear something interesting.

"I saw... Oh, Father. They were joined together, sir? Part of him was inside her? Like they were gonna make a baby. And it made me want to have that part of him in me too?"

"That is natural, sister. But you know it is only permitted by God when you're married... except in special cases... Did you do anything else, my child? I mean, while or after you watched them?"

"Yes, Father. I did. Ohhh, Father. I touched myself?" and the big, young woman's voice grew weaker for her priest always got angry when she confessed this sin. "I pretended my employer was making me his wife?"

"That is not good. Have you done that before, my child? Touched yourself. And pretended you were with him?" Brother John had a raging erection now as he listened to the girl's unintentionally lascivious tale.

"Oh no! No sir! Not with him. I mean... I've touched myself, Father, but I've never thought about a man while I did it."

"This is serious, my child." the young monk said as his huge member throbbed in full erection. "How old are you."

"I'm eighteen, sir." the girl replied in a faint voice.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Oh no! No! My parents said I couldn't have a boyfriend until I'm twenty. And they have to pick him out."

"This may be one of the special cases I mentioned, sister. I think we should go to my office and talk about it. I need to know more about last night before I name your penance and give you absolution. Do you know where my office is, my child?"

"Oh, sir. I'm new here. I don't know where it is?"

The horny monk gave her directions and told her to wait in the confessional for a few minutes while he prayed for guidance.

The monk was bursting with lust for the young girl. He could not believe that she was as naive as she sounded but he was sure that, with her big, buxom body, he could ride her with no concern about her ability to take the thick nine inches he possessed when fully erect. On the other hand, the other girl, Debby, would likely have required him to use restraint because of her age and, particularly, her small size.

Five minutes later, Vicki knocked timidly on the door and, when the tall, young monk opened it, she was surprised by his youth. She noted also that he was big and good looking, despite the dark grey robe of his order. But he was, or so she thought, a priest, and obediently she did as he directed and sat on the low, narrow sofa.

"Now, my child." the monk said, "It appears that you need help. From what you told me, I assume that you are still pure? Are you still a virgin, sister?"

"Oh, sir? Yes. I'm pure. I've never been with a man. Except last night, sir, when I pretended?"

The horny monk felt a thrill of delight. This statuesque young woman was not only built to take what he could give her but he would also be her first. He had not had a virgin since he was in his early teens and, after seeing Debby being deflowered yesterday, the thought of initiating this one into the joys of sex made him hornier than ever.

Tell me, sister. Do you touch yourself very often? I mean, in a sexual way? Was last night unusual?"

"Oh, sir? I? I? Like? Father O'Brian knows, sir? I confessed to him. I did penance for it before, sir?"

"I'm sure you did, my child." and by calling this girl, 'my child', the young monk serendipitously gained further control over her, "But you must tell me. How long have you done it? And how often?"

"Oh, sir? Like? It's been since I was eleven, sir? And, like. at first it was just?... like... once in a while. But lately, sir... like? I guess I do it every week... maybe more?"

"I don't know what I should do, my child. You are a special person. And God gives us some guidance in what to do, but? I'm not sure yet what we must do to help you quell your evil desires. You are lusting after another woman's husband, now. And that puts you in danger of doing even more sinful things, my child. It is wrong."

"Oh, Father? Tell me what I must do. Should I say a thousand "Hail Mary's, sir? I'll do whatever you say."

"Pray with me, my child. Pray for guidance." the young monk said and, compliantly, the girl knelt with him beside the low sofa.

"Help us, Lord. Show me the way to guide your innocent lamb. You know Lord, that what she has done is because of the way you've made her. It is not her fault, Father. Give us a sign so that I may know what to do." the monk prayed although he knew it was blasphemous to use this as a route to seducing the big, young woman.

He remained kneeling silently beside her for a few more minutes before saying, "I think that God has given me some guidance, my child. I believe that He is telling us to find out how much you have been corrupted by what you've done? Did he give you any direct guidance?"

"Oh, no sir? I don't think so, Father?"

"What is your name, my child."

"It's Vicki, sir."

"Well, Vicki.You will first have to tell me more about last night. You have to tell me exactly what you saw and did."

"Oh, Father? Like? I? I? Their door was open and the light in the bedroom was on. And? Like? I heard a noise, sir, and I just sorta peeked in. I thought Mrs. Crisp was crying, sir. I thought that maybe he was beating her? But? Like? They were doin' it, Father."

"Just what, exactly, were they doing, sister?"

"Well, Father? Like? They had all their clothes off. They were both naked, sir. And Mrs. Crisp was on her knees beside him. And she was... like? He was puttin' himself in her mouth? His thing was all big and hard and he was puttin' it in her mouth! And she wasn't tryin' to stop him, neither!"

"That is perfectly all right, Vicki. They are married and that is one of the things married people do, my child. What else happened?"

"Oh, sir? I didn't know that? Anyways, Mrs. Crisp did that for a couple of minutes... 'cept she may have been doin' it longer 'fore I saw them? She was makin' sorta cryin' sounds. That's what I'd heard. And then she stopped and told him he hadda do somethin' to her?"

"Tell me more, Vicki. Tell me everything. What did she tell him to do, my child?"

"She told him she wanted him to... like... Oh, sir? I ain't s'posed to say words like she used, sir?"

"You can say anything, Vicki. You're telling me what they did and said. Remember, we're doing this to get more guidance in how to help you. Tell me what she said."

"She said... oohhh Father? She said, 'Fuck me. You gotta fuck me, Charlie.' And then she laid on her back and pulled him over on top of her. And? And? Like? Well, Mr. Crisp, he got on top of her and he... he... Like, he put it into her. He put his whole big thing right up into her?"

"What did you think about that, my child? Had you seen that happen before?"

"Ohh, no, sir? I never seen nothin' like that before. I couldn't believe it, sir. I thought he'd hurt her when he done it but she didn't act like it hurt? And then he started goin' up and down on her and she said some awful things? She said awful things 'bout me, too, Father?"

The pseudo-priest was surprised at that. His organ was now throbbingly erect from the breathlessly innocent way the big eighteen year old was telling her story and this was a new and exciting twist. "Oh? What did she say about you, Vicki?"

"She said... oohhh sir? It makes me embarrassed? She said she'd seen how he wuz lookin' at me and she wasn't gonna let him fuck me like he done to their last maid? She said she wuz gonna fuck his brains out so he wouldn't have nothin' to fuck me with. And she? Like? She got her legs 'round him and she sorta wriggled under him. And? Oh, Father? Do I gotta tell yuh everthin'?"

The monk could feel the big girl stirring restlessly beside him and she was breathing rather hard, as if she'd been running. He guessed correctly that she was being affected by her tale. "Oh yes, my child. You have to tell me all. Every word she said."

"Well, sir? She talked 'bout how much she liked his... his cock in her... her... cunt, sir. And then she started movin' real fast and he did too. She asked him to do it harder. And she kept sayin', more! more! deeper! deeper! Like as if he wasn't goin' in her enough? She got real loud, sir? And then she made a sharp, sorta cryin' sound and she got real quiet, 'cept he kept on movin' on her?" and the girl paused.

"And was that all, my child?" Brother John asked in a lust choked voice. "Did she say anything else?"

"Well, sir, she got kinda upset, then, and she pushed him off. She said that he wasn't wearin' a safe, sir. And she couldn't let him go off in her? She said she din't want no kids yet. Then he pushed her head down and pushed his thing in her mouth again. He started to grunt and sorta push it into her mouth faster and then she lifted her head off him and a lotta white stuff shot out of his thing. Some of it got on her face and I guess he'd shot some of it in his mouth 'coz she sorta spit it out and acted kinda mad, sir?"

"Like, tell me Vicki. What did she say?"

She told him he knew he wasn't s'posed to go off in her mouth. But then she took it in her mouth again and she sorta? Like? It looked like she was suckin' on it, sir? And after a minute, she told him that she'd make sure he din't have nothin' left to fuck the maid with. I think she meant me, sir? And she said he wasn't big enough to satisfy a big girl like the maid... I don't know what she meant, Father? And that's when I went to my bed."

"Tell me how it made you feel, Vicki? What did you do, then?"

"Oh, Father? I got? Like? I felt all funny. It was like when I've touched myself down there? Only diff'rent? And, like, when I got into bed, I did it? I touched myself and? Like? I tried to 'magine that he had his thing in me, sir. I sorta pretended that he was doin' it to me?"

"Did it feel special? I mean, when you touched yourself, Vicki? Did it help you to quell your adulterous lust?"

"I? I? Like? Not 'zackly, Father? Like? Before when I done it, I got kinda relaxed and sleepy? But? Like? Last night, even after I done it, sir, like, I was wondrin' how it would feel? Like? To have him inside me, sir? And when I heard someome... I think it was him... in the bathroom... ohh, sir? I wuz hopin' he'd come in my room and try'n do it to me? And I know that's even worse than just touchin' myself?"

"Yes, that's right, my child. Now we must see if God has given us any sign about what we should do next to protect you from Mr. Crisp... and from yourself. Stand up, Vicki. We need to look for a special sign."

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