The Tease Has A Very Bad Day
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough, Leg Fetish, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 18-year-old hottie is taught a lesson after she reports a coworker for theft.

Melissa had just graduated high school, and the eighteen year old was very proud of her first "real" job. She was working as a receptionist for a contracting firm that designed and built decks and patios. She fully enjoyed the fact that while her former classmates were flipping burgers, she had a regular 9 to 5 job.

Another thing Melissa really enjoyed was the leering looks she got from all of her male co-workers. As the only female employee, she received all of the wanton lustful thoughts from everyone else. The young girl was a sex object, and for good reason, she had lovely large tits and spectacular legs. Melissa's golden brown hair matched very well to her nice tan body.

Purposefully trying to arouse the men, she often wore short skirts with stockings or hose to show off her luscious legs. Coupled with some very tight blouses, seeing her usually brought a smile to the guy's faces, as well as a stirring in their pants.

That said, she was a diligently hard worker. She had never worked much with computers before getting this job, but she was becoming very PC friendly. The main boss noticed when he came to check out how the office was running. He had never seen the expense reports and account files kept so up to date. He even gave the young girl a raise after she was only working there for two months.

One day, while sorting through the financial records, she discovered that the account for petty cash was repeatedly coming up short. Using her newfound computer skills, she searched and figured out that one of the foremen, Jim, was regularly shifting money out of that account, but there was no record of him spending it on business related expenses. Realizing that she had found someone stealing money, she gathered the info together and sent an email to the main boss.

Nothing much happened about the email for a while, then one day the main boss came by to inspect things again. He stopped at Melissa's desk, and waited for the men to leave to their job assignments. Then he told her that he appreciated the fact that she found out where the money had gone. He said that it wasn't necessarily the amount of money that bothered him, it was the fact that it was one of his best guys who was ripping him off. He told Melissa that he just came by to thank her and to vent about the fact that he had to confront his best foreman. She asked him what he was going to do, he said that he would give Jim a chance to pay him back with weekly garnishments, or he would fire him and press charges. Whatever happened, he told her not to worry and that she did a fine job.

Melissa felt very proud of herself as she was not only working a real job, but she helped catch a thief in the company. She was a bit surprised that Jim would be the guy stealing, he seemed like such a nice guy. She went about her business and didn't think much more about it.

The following week was pretty much like normal, fairly steady work, the guys coming in and out. All of them ogling Melissa as they passed by her desk. On Thursday, she got an email from the boss who told her that he was going to confront Jim that evening and he hoped it went well. He also thanked her again for her assistance.

Thursday night as Jim returned from his job, he found the main boss sitting in the office. Curious, he asked what was up.

"Why don't you tell me?" the boss asked.

"Excuse me?" Jim replied.

The boss went on to tell him what he had found out and flat out said that if he did not want to be fired and face charges, he would have to reimburse all of the money.

Jim was humiliated, but grateful that the boss gave him a chance to keep his job. He apologized, and then asked the boss what gave him away. The boss just said he crunched some numbers and it just became clear. They shook hands and the boss left as Jim went to clean up before heading home.

As he emerged from the restroom, Jim noticed that Melissa had left her computer logged into the system. He went to shut it down when he noticed the email page, he looked and read the messages the boss sent to Melissa. That bitch! He thought as he shut down the system. He was furious as he stormed out and went home.

The next day was Friday, and Melissa came to work anxious for the weekend. She was dressed to go out right after work. Her outfit today was a short black skirt, tan hose, and white blouse with a black vest. As she sat at her desk, the guys started to head out to their job sites. Jim came by her desk.

"Melissa, we need to clean out some old files tonight after I get back, it shouldn't take too long, okay?"

"Sure, no problem." She replies. The boss had mentioned a few weeks ago that there was going to be some housecleaning coming up, she figured Jim probably got the job due to the theft.

It was actually a pretty slow Friday at the office. There were only a few clients coming in and out. Melissa was not very busy, so she killed time with a couple games of solitaire. Finally 5 o'clock came and the guys were returning from their jobs. At around 5:30 Jim showed up, his was the last group to return. The other guys in his crew were Terry and Steve. The three men walked passed Melissa and went into the back. After a few minutes, Jim came out to her desk.

"Are you about ready to help get rid of this junk so we can go home?" he asked the hot brunette.

"Yeah, let's go." She said.

As the two of them walked into the back room, Steve and Terry heading to the front door passed them.

"Have a good night, boys!" Jim called out as they passed.

"Yeah, you too, boss!" Terry says and winks at him.

Melissa barely noticed the wink and thought little of it as she continued to the back room with Jim.

The back room was a combination storage room/office. There was an empty desk, a couch, a file cabinet, and stacks of old files along the wall. Those must be the files they are going to shred, Melissa thought.

Melissa walks to the row of files on the floor, and then she hears the door close behind her. Startled, she spins around, her skirt flying up a bit, showing her sexy, hose covered thighs. She sees Jim with a very mischievous look on his face, approaching her.

"What are you doing? Why did you close the door?" she asked, with pangs of fear hitting her stomach.

"You fucking little bitch! Why the hell did you rat me out?" Jim angrily asked her as he continued to walk closer.

"I-I-I'm sorry, b-b-b-but you were st-stealing." Melissa stammered in fear of what this large, angry man planned to do to her.

"Dumb cunt! We have always dipped into the petty cash account, it's basically a fringe benefit for all of our hard work." He told the frightened girl, who was backed against the wall.

"Now, it looks like I have to find some new fringe benefits..." he snarls as he strokes her hair with his hand.

"No! Get away from me! Don't touch me!" yelled Melissa.

"Touch you? I'm gonna do more than that, honey, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!" Jim grabs her arm and pulls her away from the wall. Suddenly the door opens, and Steve and Terry enter. Melissa breaks away from Jim and runs towards them.

"Oh, thank God you're here! That bastard was going to rape me!" She told the two men.

"Really?" Steve asked. "Not without us, he ain't!" He then takes Melissa by her arm and pulls her back to where Jim stands near the desk.

"Wha-Nooo! Let me go! Please!! Stop!!" She cries out as the three burly men surround her small, sexy, quivering frame.

Melissa is backed against the side of the desk, the three men all around her. Jim in the center, and he starts to smile at the terrified girl.

"You just HAD to be a snitch, didn't you? Well, I'm gonna take that money I used to get in other ways!" He says as he starts to undo her black vest buttons. There are only four buttons and they are opened quickly.

He brushes the back of his hand against her cheek as she starts to cry.

"Please... please don't do this... please!!" The brunette whimpers.

Jim rolls his eyes at her pleas. "Bitch, shut the fuck up and take off that shirt before I rip it off! Do it NOW!" He demands.

Crying and scared, Melissa starts to unbutton her white blouse, exposing her lacy white bra covering her large luscious tits.

The three men smile in approval. Jim's smile, however, fades quickly.

"This slut is too slow, come on boys, hold her steady." He says and Terry and Steve each grab one of her arms, pinning her against the desk. Jim reaches down and grabs her hose covered legs under her knees and lifts her ass onto the desk.

"Noooo! Stop!! HELLLPPPPPP! RAPE!! HELLPPPP!" She screams as loud as she can. But Jim just laughs.

"Damn, nice pipes, but don't you know anything? This building is solid cinder block, baby." He knocks on the stone wall. "Ain't nobody out there gonna hear a goddamn thing!"

He starts to stroke his hand up her legs and her thighs, and then he pulls her legs apart.

Jim stands in between Melissa's sexy slender legs as the other two men hold her in place on either side. He reaches under her skirt and fondles her pussy through her hose covered crotch.

"You like that, you fucking slut?" He snapped. Then he grabbed the waistband of her hose and pulled it away from her small frame. Jim reached down and with a very violent pull he tore her panties from her body, and then tore her hose in a "v" shape down the crotch panel.

As she cried even harder, Melissa tried again to beg the men not to rape her.

"Ohmygod!!Don't do this!!!! Please, take my money, anything but this please!!!!"

The men laugh. "Bitch, we already took your purse and everything you got. We also decided to take your car, too! You may get the car back Monday, maybe... it depends how good you are!" Jim tells her.

"Damn guys, check out these tits!!" he says as he starts to squeeze them inside her bra. Then he tires of the bra and pulls it from her body as well. Melissa's golden globes pop free and bounce around. The three men all fondle them a bit.

"Shit! Enough foreplay, I want this sexy slut right now!" Jim announces and drops his pants.

"OhhNooooooo!" Melissa cries out as Jim shoves his rock hard cock into her pussy.

There, in the back room of her place of work, is Melissa. She is seated on the edge of a barren, metal desk with her vest and blouse undone and her bra removed. Her large, sexy tits are bouncing about as men on her sides hold her arms in place. The girl's black skirt is hiked up to her waist as Jim is banging her while her hose covered legs dangle from the desktop.

She is crying and still trying in vain to plea her way out the assault.

"Ughhhhh... ughhhh... NOOOOO... Please... STOPPP!!"

There is no stopping Jim as he slams her harder and harder, finally shooting off into her cunt.

"Ohhh yeahhhh... goddamn it!... that was some good pussy! Who wants next?"

The panting Jim asks as he pulls his pants back up.

"I do!" Yells Steve. "But not here, let's get this bitch on the couch." The three men grab the crying tease from the desk and take her to the couch and drop her down in the middle. Soon Steve shoves her onto her back, and Terry grabs her arms and pins them over her head. Dropping his pants, Steve looks over at the sexy brunette and smiles. "Goddamn this bitch is hot!!"

Steve mounts her and grabs her exposed tits as he fucks her roughly.

"Yeah... OhYeah... Take it slut!!!"

Melissa's face is reddened by her tears, and she is still crying as Steve rides her harder and faster. Her hose covered legs kicking in vain on either side of her attacker's waist. Closing her eyes, she feels him tighten up and deposit his load into her as well.

"Yesssssss! Oh hotdamn!!" He exclaims and dismounts the girl with a final squeeze of her tits.

Finally Terry gets set to have his shot at raping Melissa. He drops his pants and climbs onto the brown haired beauty, who is still sobbing. He shoves his tongue into her mouth, grabs her tits, and thrusts his dick into her. The silky smooth feel of her skin really gets him excited as he pounds her.

Melissa is on the couch, her arms pinned over her head, and her naked chest shakes from the motion of her rape. Her legs, covered by tan hose, flail about as Terry rapes her. As Terry gets more excited, he lifts her legs up beside him. Her hair is strewn all over as she shakes her head in pain while she is fucked very hard.


Terry finally drops her legs back onto the couch as he spurts his seed into the eighteen-year-old sexy tease.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... ohhyeaaahh!"

As Terry gets his pants on, Jim walks over to Melissa.

"Now, you little slut, don't you EVER snitch on anyone in this office again!" He brushes his hand against her tear-covered cheek.

"You know, we are going to make you our new fringe benefit every Friday. And if you tell anyone, you will see that what happened today was nothing, I got some mean friends, Melissa. So next Friday, you dress up like this and we'll do this again. Now get the fuck out of here before I decide to sell your ass for cash!"

Melissa gets up from the couch, pulls her blouse together over her tits and staggers out of the room. She is still crying as she buttons her blouse and heads out the door quickly.

As she heads out onto the street, which is in an industrial area where the businesses shut down at 5, she finds it deserted. She checks the parking lot and, as she was told, her car is gone. Frantically she tries to think of how to get home. She spots a cab driving toward her, she waves him over in a panic.

"Oh, thank God you came by! My car was stolen and I gotta get home." She explains.

"That's what I'm here for," says the cabbie "Where's home?" as he starts off down the road.

"It's just across the bridge, off highway 12 in Northside" she responds.

The cab moves on, and then Melissa remembers the guys stole her purse!!

"Um, excuse me, I'm sorry," she tells the driver "My purse was stolen and I don't have my money, but when we get to my house, I promise—"

"Say no more, miss" the cabbie replies, then calls in to his radio. "Yeah, Butch here, I got a no-cash fare, I'm gonna swing by for a 2X1 form."

"I gotta stop off quick to fill out a form, we had some cabbies giving free rides to friends and some skipped fares, it's no biggie and it's on the way" He explains to Melissa.

The cab swings down a dark street, it was December, so even though it was just 6:30, it was already dark. As the cab stops by a building, a skinny man looks in the back window at Melissa.

"Yeah, that's her. Stolen purse." Butch says and rolls his eyes.

Melissa catches this and responds "I'm serious, it WAS stolen and I—"

"I thought your car was stolen, which is it?" Butch asks her.

"Well, both actually, but really I have money at my—" She starts to answer him, when the door opens and the skinny man pokes his head inside.

Butch cuts her off. "That's alright, we have ways to attain payment." As he says this, the skinny man climbs into the back seat with Melissa and shuts the door as the cab drives off.

"Hey!! What are you doing?" the eighteen year old asks. Then she gets her answer as the man begins to grope her body, and climbs onto her small form.

"Noooo!!Heyyy!GETOFFMEE!!!! AGGHHHHH!" She screams as the skinny man tears open her blouse, scattering the buttons throughout the cab. He starts to maul her tits with his hands, kneading and squeezing them and playing with her nipples.

He grabs her legs and pulls them up onto the seat and pins her on her back, forcing his body between her legs.

He rises to his knees and unfastens his pants and slides them down, and gets on top of Melissa. Her arms are pinned down as the skinny man starts to rape her in the moving cab. Her feet are up on the seat, her knees bent as she desperately tries to push away from her attacker. It was no use as he entered her unprotected pussy with a violent thrust and rapidly began pounding her.

As he was still raping her, the cab came to a stop. She looked over and saw that Butch, the driver was turned around and enjoying the sight of her violation.

Melissa's golden locks fell across the seat toward the floor, her naked tits were bouncing as she was fucked. Her tan hose covered legs, bent at the knees were on the seat and the skinny rapist was in between her silky smooth thighs fucking her mercilessly.


He cries were for naught as he drove into her until he came.

She noticed that the man raping her had not said a word, the only sound he made was the groan of pleasure as he came in her pussy.

As he was coming, the driver opened his door and got out of the cab and opened the back door.

Melissa noticed the skinny man back off of her and leave the car, she tried to get up but was quickly thrown back onto the seat as Butch was gonna take his turn.


But there WAS more, Butch quickly got his dick out and shoved into the crying teenager, pounding her with a speed and ferocity that caused her even more pain.


Not very long after he began, Butch had come into Melissa's sore pussy.

She was now bawling loudly, as she lay in the back of the cab. Her blouse was torn open, her skirt bunched up over her waist, her nylons had tears and runs in them from the five rapes.

She gathered herself enough to sit up and saw the two men standing outside the cab laughing and smoking cigarettes. She grabbed the door handle and fled the taxi, running into the night.

The men called after her.

"Hey, we can take you home now!!" Butch yelled, but she was off into the darkness.

Melissa had no clue where she was running to, she finally came to a street with some streetlights and looked for a phone or a store, gas station, ANYTHING! She saw nothing but dilapidated buildings and an empty street.

She finally smiled as she saw a police car coming by. She waved wildly for them with one hand, using the other hand to hold her blouse closed. The cruiser turned around and pulled alongside the eighteen year old.

The cops were looking at this young teenage girl, dressed in what was once a very sexy outfit. Her blouse was ripped so badly, that she had to hold it closed, her skirt was all wrinkled and kind of dirty and damp, and the tan pantyhose she wore were torn and tattered. They asked her what the problem was.

"These guys just raped me in a cab!! I had to run away, and I need to get home to Northside." She explained.

The officer driving looked puzzled "Northside? What the hell are you doing down here? Turning tricks?"

Melissa was insulted, he thought she was a hooker!

"No! I work down at Miller and Sons, my car was stolen, and..." she stopped herself, remembering what Jim said about turning them in and what he would do.

She just sighed, "Never mind, could you just take me to the station so I can call someone for a ride?"

The cops look at each other and smile. "Sure, get in honey." Melissa gets into the back seat. "Yeah, we'll give you a ride, and you look like you can give US something, too!" The officers high five each other as they drive off.

Melissa screams "NOOOOOOO!"

The two officers drive off, with Melissa the sexy tease in the back, heading into the night...

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