It's a Job But Someones Got To Do It
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - One day you're above them the next day you're under them

Bridget, the daughter, Bernadette her mother, the two solicitors and a few friends of the late Maxwell Harper stood in the drawing room of Piermont House and chatted quietly about the virtues of Maxwell.

At the daughters request the funeral had been a quiet and dignified occasion. Bridget stood with, Allrode and Blount the family solicitors, Bernadette stood talking to someone she had never met before and others helped themselves to as much free food and drink as their greedy little bodies would allow.

Bernadette and Bridget took up their normal stance with each other that of back to back, as they never saw eye to eye; Bridget being the clever businesswoman and apple of daddies eye. Bernadette the woman who spent it as fast as they made it just to impress the ladies of the golf club or the fitness clubs and most of all the lavish parties for the bridge fraternity.

The reading of the will was arranged for the following Thursday at 10am and all banking, investments and assets would be frozen up too and including that date until then Bernadette went to her part of the mansion and Bridget to hers.

Bernadette had Bridget when she was eighteen, she got pregnant deliberately, Maxwell was a rich man and she was and still is, one of life's beautiful people, as she used to say, "I'm prime real estate and worth the best".

As for Bridget she had the best of both worlds; her mothers beauty and her fathers business brain, never one to miss an opportunity to make a killing and kept the money hungry admires well out of her way.

As always the two women travelled in separate cars and Bridget was the first to arrive, punctuality a must in her world, she sat with the two solicitors until twenty past ten when Bernadette arrived. She swept in, her clothes tailored perfectly. She wore a grey and red suit, the short waisted jacket matched the short pleated skirt, the collar of a red blouse showed over the jacket lapels, her hair pulled tightly back in to a bobbing fully styled ponytail was covered by a red hat, her very expensive Charles Sinclair sunglass's covered the top half of her stunning features as her pouting mouth apologised for her lateness explaining. "I saw this most adorable hat, just perfect for my Gucci exclusive and I just had to have it", she laughed when she admitted that it was so expensive that it had taken the last of her cash and she was broke but that would soon be sorted.

Allrode dismissed her remarks by ignoring them and began his reading, "The last will and testament of Maxwell Richard Harper, is very simple, he leaves everything and that literally means everything to his daughter Bridget Kathleen Harper".

Bernadette stood up ripping her sunglass's from her face, "You can't mean this, do you mean this conniving little daddies girl gets the lot, what do I get, there must be something, I always got an allowance every month so what's to become of that"?

Blount held some more documents, "The only mention of you, Mrs Harper, is that he hopes Bridget will pay off the outstanding revenue bill you have incurred, the company share holders would be very critical of that amount of monies outstanding, they will vote and insist on police attention, now Mr Harper is no longer able to cover it up your indiscretion".

Bernadette, still standing was totally dumbfounded, her eyes scanned the three people before she composed herself, "What the hell do you mean, I have a revenue bill?"

Blount continued, "You allowance was taxable and to date they have cost the estate some 750,000 making a taxable payment of 84,000 which your late husband has put against tax deductible items from the business. Now he is dead and Bridget is now over eighteen she makes the decision as to A. Carry on hiding it until such time as you can pay it back or B. She discloses it to the share holders who will demand police involvement which will as in, Lloyd's verses Lonsdale could land you in prison for a minimum of eight years".

Bernadette sat, "That's ridiculous, I never signed for a wage there's no proof".

Allrode picked up a pile of papers, "These are copies of slips you signed when your allowance was paid to you, is that not your signature"? He pointed at the top slip.

She was now very flustered, "Yes that's my signature but I have never signed anything like that".

Allrode put the papers back down, "I don't think that will stand up in a court of law, they are counter signed by Mr Harper who is no longer able to corroborate your denial".

Bernadette looked at Bridget, "Well young lady you will get this sorted won't you, it's just to ridiculous to even be considered".

Bridget had on her business face and that was set in stone, "Of course I will sort, you will pay, its not a problem, I will put it down to an oversight by father and the share holders will have their pound of flesh, ether from criminal compensation when you go to prison or your immediate payment".

Bernadette was visible shocked, "But, but you can't I'm your mother, this is absurd, your joking, yes that's it your trying to frighten me".

Still the face stared blankly at her, "On the contrary mother I have never been so determined in my life, you killed him, you killed my father as much as if you had done it by hand, you knew he was ill but your bloody parties came first, he just had to keep you in money and safe, that's why I hate you but now I'm in charge its going to be pay back time".

Bernadette looked round, each face as cold as the other, her eyes wet with tears stammered, "You can't mean this, me, your mother in prison, I wouldn't survive, I, I", the tears finally won and she broke down, her head went down to her hands and the hat fell to the floor.

Bridget rose from the chair, she bent and picked the hat up, turning to the wall mirror she put it on, the trilby style suited her. She turned back and looked at the sobbing woman, "Mr Allrode and Mr Blount have a proposition if they agree it can work then, and only then, will I consider it but it will be up to you to conform and up to them to assure me it will work". She looked at the two solicitors, "I expect to hear from you before the end of trading today, tomorrow I have a share holders meeting, I wish to be fully aware of the facts before I submit my findings, good day and above all thank you for your loyalty".

The men had a last glimpse of the red hat as the door shut behind Bridget, Blount was the first to get up and approach the cowering woman, Bernadette looked up at him, "What does she mean by a proposition"?

Allrode had gone to the desk draw and took out some papers and a small box, he handed the papers to Blount, Blount slapped them down hard on the desk in front of Bernadette, "Read and sign, that's the choice, oh I'm sorry I'm forgetting, there's always the little grey dress with the number stitched over the left breast".

Bernadette's hands shook as she picked up the paper, her eyes scanned the paper; slowly her mind took it in.

This document is final and binding.

This document is between Bernadette Louise Harper and her employer.

This document states that Bernadette Louise Harper will do what ever her employer demands,

Her employer will have complete control over all demands.

For this the employee, Bernadette Louise Harper will be paid 1,000 per month, these monies will be paid to Messer's Allrode and Blount who will hold this in trust until the outstanding 84,000 debt has been resolved.

The afore mentioned Allrode and Blount will insure that the employer will give health care, feed and clothe the employee until the debt has been resolved and they take responsibility to monitor any problems the employee may have with the employer, meetings will be arranged on a fortnightly basis's.

This document calculates that the debt will be paid in 7 years, until that date the employee will stay, reside and not leave the employers address, namely, Piermont Mansions.


Should at any time the employee withdraw her employment or terminate her duties the monies accumulated will be returned to the employer and the full amount (84,000) be payable to the debtors concerned.

Signed the Employee Mrs Bernadette Louise Harper________________________

Signed the Employer Miss Bridget Kathleen Harper_________________________

Dated, this day_______ this month________this year_______


In the presence of___________________

Bernadette sat in silence for at least two minutes, she looked at them, "This means I have no say in anything for seven years, it's a nonsense what can you do if I refuse"?

Both men sat on the desk ether side facing her, "You are a little naïve, we are solicitors of very high standing, you don't think we don't have all the avenues covered, a mere phone call, someone finds an over looked accounting problem and tax fraud are already primed and waiting, I'd say three days and you would then be well aware of what we can do if you refuse".

She laid her hand over the paper, "You mean seven years in one prison or eight years in another".

Allrode picked up the small box, "You could say that but just think you will at least know the inmates of one and escape the stigma of public humiliation, that's if we tell Bridget it can work".

"Will it work, have I any other option"?

Allrode opened the box, "Only if we tell Bridget it will, she would love to see you humiliated in prison so you have no options, I'd sign if I were you".

Her hand reached for the pen, picking it up she signed, Blount took the paper, "That's the easy bit, now you must prove to us that we should recommend this document to our client".

She looked quizzically at him, "How"?

"First stand up and you may lift the back of your skirt up to your thigh", she went to speak, "The time for talking is over just do as your told, in fact we think you should be a little less shall we say abrasive towards us and do a little more sucking up, you should remember its up to us, your fate and future is in our hands".

She slowly straightened her long perfect legs and stood, her hand went to the back of her pleated skirt and started to gather the material up, her skirt moved up revealing her dark stocking tops and then her white thighs with a glimpse of frilly black panty.

Blount moved quickly, she felt a sharp jab in her thigh making her scream out, her head swung round to Blount who was giving a syringe back to Allrode, who in turn put it in the box, before she could speak he said, "Its what vets use to locate lost pets only that one is a lot, lot more powerful, it's a homing device so we know where you are at all times".

Bernadette let go of her skirt, "Oh no Mrs Harper keep your skirt up; it's rather a nice sight and I want to put some antiseptic on the wound".

Bernadette bunched her skirt back up again; bit her lip as she felt Blount's hand on her thigh, slowly making circular movements over the painful wound, pressing the antiseptic pad hard as she groaned, "Am I hurting you Mrs Harper"?

She quietly said, "Just a little", he pressed harder, she gave a little squeal, "Am I hurting you now"?

Trying to control her fear and not to cry Bernadette said, "Yes".

Suddenly a stinging slap forced her forward over the table, before the shocked scream had finished escaping her throat her skirt was flipped up revealing her black panty clad ass and a second hard slap had stung her bottom.

She quickly put both hands on the table to push herself back but Allrode grabbed them and held her firm, Bernadette eyes fixed on to his, "For pity sake let me go, what are you doing? I demand to be released".

Allrode's face broke in to a huge grin, "Demand, release, who are you to demand anything, you have signed all your rights away. Now as I said you should be very nice to us if you want us to look favourable on your situation and your situation at the moment is to let us relieve a little of the tension this day has brought, so you just shut up and take your punishment, the alterative is to horrible to contemplate".

Another slap then another, it took another six to have her sobbing and for Blount to move away. Bernadette heard a noise but before she could turn to see, Blount was walking round the table in front of her, holding a long cane that he whipped threw the air.

He smiled in to the tear stained face, "Your stunning ass ever had the cane"? Unable to speak she shook her head, "Well another new experience for you today", she struggled in Allrode's grip as she watched Blount return around the table moving behind her.

She looked at Allrode, took a deep breath and went to say, "Now listen to me", but all that came out was, "Nowooowwwoo", as Blount delivered the first strike.

Thwack, thwack, thwack, the whipping sound filled the room along with the sobs and squeals of the helpless woman, her knees dropping and straitening as at each blow, the fire burned in to her ass, Allrode had all on to hold her. As Blount stopped she slumped over the table openly crying, "Lovely sound don't you think Mr Allrode".

"Certainly is Mr Blount and such a lovely sight, black lace panties over firm round ass".

Blount pulled the waistband up so both men could look down at the superb round globes and the deep dark crease that separated them, " What do you think, maybe some red horizontal strips to complement that black ravine"?

Bernadette didn't even feel her pants being pulled down until they reached her thighs, she tried to wriggle free only to hear, "That's it wiggle it I love a moving target", thwack, thwack, thwack, three red lines started to appear on her white round flesh, as her straggled, a pathetic cry filled the room.

Her head, laying on the table turned sideways her voice no more than a pathetic whisper pleaded, "Stop, stop no more, no more", thwack, thwack, thwack, "You sure you want me to stop"? Thwack.

"Yes, yes please oh god please no more".

Blount stopped and lay the cane were she could see it before he put a chair behind her, Allrode let her wrists go and she slid back, Blount guided her on to the chair. She sat there her pants around her thighs; her skirt barely covering the dark thick covering of her cunt bush.

Allrode came around to join Blount in front of the broken woman, "You want more cane", she shook her head, "Then you remember I said you should suck up to us and be more friendly", she nodded, "Then suck up to us you will".

Bernadette stared in horror as both men removed their jackets and trousers, she half staggered from the chair before Blount shoved her back down, she put her hands up only to have them slapped away, "You can't do this to me, this is an outrage I will", a stinging blow to the side of her face silenced her.

Allrode grabbed her ponytail, "You have no more, I will's, in you, you do it our way or not at all, do you want us on your side or against you, now open your mouth and suck my cock, I want to know what a blow job for 84,000 feels like, so get it in your mouth and start using those lips".

Bernadette tried to argue but Allrode just pushed his cock at her mouth, yanking at her ponytail the beautiful mouth opened and the thick hard meat jabbed in to the back of her throat, her eyes wide open to the excessive force, her hands pushing hard on his thighs trying to stop the viscous attack on her mouth, she looked to Blount for help. Blount just lay back against the table stroking his cock, waiting his turn.

Allrode pounded the cock in to her mouth, silly ug, ug, ug noises came from Bernadette, his hand went under her jaw and cruelly dragged her head further on to him, "Come on Mrs, suck like you would on one of your olives out of your dry martini, now come on suck".

Nothing that made any sense came from Bernadette's mouth, gurgles, gasps, and sobs accompanied Allrode's grunts as he pushed his cock hard down her throat, exciting himself towards his climax, until he suddenly pulled back and used his hand to spurt his juice over the chocking woman, "Oh yes, yes that was good, you do a nice blow-job Mrs Harper".

Blount bent and picked up Bernadette expensive silk scarf, wiping the sticky juice from her face as he laughed at her sobbing and coughing, she tried to move but a quick grab of her hair held her, "Blow your nose, there's cum dribbling out of it". With Blount holding it, Bernadette, this beautiful, elegant woman blew her nose in to her own scarf like a little obedient schoolgirl.

Throwing it to the floor Blount pulled her hair back forcing her to look up at him, "My turn for a high class sucking, don't even think about arguing just get it in your mouth, and if your looking for options, your ether sucking with plenty of tongue around the head or I'll do the same as him and that cock-head will fuck the back of your throat, what's it to be"?

She couldn't control her sobbing, Blount shook her, "What's it to be"? Bernadette looked down shaking her head, "No, no, no more, my mouth is so sore please have mercy".

Still holding her ponytail Blount grinned as he pulled her head back up, "Well then if not your mouth then where, that nice stripped ass looked good or do I get what's between your gorgeous thighs"?

Those words really brought the tears flowing, "No, no you can't mean it, you wouldn't, you just wouldn't", Blount put his other hand round his hard rigid cock, "Wouldn't what, Wouldn't fuck you, my dear lady that's all I want to do and fuck you I will, now you choose the hole and be dam quick about it".

Almost inaudible she blubbered, "Not my mouth," Blount pulled her hard up with her ponytail and dragged her forward, "Then get over the table and spread them legs nice and wide while I make my own 84000 choice".

With her pants still around her thighs, she fell forward, Allrode pulled her skirt up and over her back, the red lines looked fierce against the white flesh, "No, no you can't, I won't let you", Bernadette squeezed her legs together.

Blount grabbed at the cane, "Then all beat you till you do". Allrode grabbed her arms and twisted them up her back pinning her over the table, he moved left giving Blount a clear shot, which he took, not once but twice.

It was not really a scream more a gurgled cry but the words were audible, "Stop no anything but stop oh god it hurts, no more please", the whimpering dissolved in to a whisper, "Please no more".

Blount tapped the table, "It stops when your legs are wide open and your ass is up showing me both holes".

Both men smiled as the long naked legs parted, Allrode let go of her arms, "Further, you can do better than that", the long legs continued to widen, the lips of the snug slit peeling open with them.

Allrode couldn't resist the sight, his hand cupped her left cheek and squeezed the sore globe, she wiggled and squealed as he slid his hand over and pushed his thumb in to her puckered ass hole while his fingers pushed the folds of her cunt lips apart, "You lucky man, looks warm, snug and very inviting".

Blount gripped his cock and aimed at the soft flesh of her cunt, "And I'm going to except the ladies invitation", slowly his cock replaced Allrodes fingers, pushing it in accompanied by the pathetic moans of the prone woman.

The thick cock finally buried it self up to the hilt before he got in to a rhythm, his hand gripped at the ponytail pulling it hard back as he drove in, her head pulled up off the table as she groaned.

"This is going to be interesting Mrs Harper, are you going to get wet while I fuck you? You going to do some moaning before you cum? You a slut that likes a fucking and I am in no hurry to find out, how shall I use you? Let me think, maybe first a few fast thrusts", he banged in fast humping her hard, then he slowed off, "How did that feel? Next what do you say to a few nice easy slow ones maybe I should try a little moving around up there just to find out if you have any excitable places that will start your cunt wiggling again".

He drove hard then slowed off moving left and right, thrusting at her as he changed angles, he sensed she was getting wetter, her breathing had defiantly got deeper and the occasional moan was enough to make him work harder on her, his torment made easier as he gloated, "Well, well you are getting wet, am I to believe that the elegant, well mannered Mrs Harper is a slut who will fuck and suck like any two bit whore, you certainly feel like one and I do believe your starting to act like one".

Much as she didn't want to, little moans escaped between the sobs as the continues thrusting up her cunt forced her body to respond, she tried to stay still but Blount knew how to move with his hips pushing at her as he moved up, down side to side.

Unfortunately for Blount with all this movement and continues thrusting he could feel himself about to climax, with a cry "Oh shit", he grabbed her hips and drove himself hard at her, pushing her further on to the table her feet almost leaving the floor until he deposited his juice up in to her, pumping at her until he spent every last drop.

Bernadette slumped back on the table sobbing, Blount pulled out; slapping her ass, she lay there, his cum slimy and wet on her thighs as she heard, "Fucking lovely, Mrs Harper your cunt is a treat and should be used at least ten time a day".

The sobbing had now become crying, it didn't have any effect on the two men, who each took an arm and pulled up off the table, Allrode turned her to him, "Well that was a very enjoyable morning, but its time to take you to your employer, of course you no longer have a car so we will drive you, we have to present the necessary paper work, so clean yourself up, stop your blubbering and pull your knickers up or we will never get going".

Bernadette used their bathroom and tried to make herself look as presentable to the outside world as possible. With all the dignity she could muster she walked between the two men to the garage at the rear of the office block, they both smiled as they approached the large new red Rolls Royce, Allrode looked over to Blount, "Such a pleasure to do business with Miss Harper", Blount smiled as he said, "Almost as much as Mrs Harper only in a different way", he grinned at her as he opened the door.

The drive to Piermont Mansions was quite, only half a dozen words passed between the two men in the hour and twenty minute journey.

The car purred up the drive and stopped in front of the large oak doors, Fraser was waiting and opened the door to Blount; nobody opened the door for Bernadette.

Once inside the four made their way to the long drawing room, Fraser opened the door. Stood by the French windows holding a large gin and tonic was Bridget, she turned and faced them, lent forward and shook hands with both men, Bernadette went to sit on the long sofa only for Fraser to hold her back, Bridget looked over, "You sit when you are in your quarters and never in my presences unless I allow it", she turned back, "Now gentlemen to business".

Bernadette and Fraser stood silently as Bridget talked to the men. Allrode and Blount listened and nodded virtually agreeing to everything that was being said to them, Bernadette heard little snatches of words.

Bridget was making sure that Bernadette had signed and knew that her duties included, entertaining, making money for the firm, keeping the house clean and above all doing exactly what she was told and without question.

The solicitors showed Bridget the signed document, which she read, nodded and signed, the two men counter signed and the document was returned to the attaché case, Bridget looked at Bernadette.

"You will answer to Bernie and your new quarters are in the south wing, Fraser will show you, there you will find food and your uniforms, each day of the week you will wear what is provided for you, this will depend on what is happening that day".

She took another drink, "You will notice the wardrobe is glass fronted so you will be able to see your uniforms, but I have the key and I decide what you wear and when, understand"?

Bernadette went to speak but and sharp tug on her arm from Fraser silenced her.

"Fraser will show you to your quarters, there is food and entertainment, other than that I will see you in the morning at eight along with the other domestics, that will be all, your dismissed".

Fraser pulled her towards the door; Bridget called after her, "Remember any deviation from the contract and you and I part company for a very long time and believe me nothing would make me happier".

Fraser walked her down the top corridor of the south wing she fumed at the humiliation and the word domestics screamed in her brain.

The room was large but not what she was used to. A large bed on the right hand wall, she recognized it as one she had thrown out two years ago, she hated the brass fittings, and to have rails at both ends was never the height of fashion.

Next to it was the door to her bathroom, then round to the bay window, a dressing table sat in the curve.

Bernadette's eyes fell on the wardrobe, the glass doors and what hung inside. She expected stripped smocks or dark suits but what she could see was small low necked tops and short skirts, some looked ridiculously tight, the shelves were full of little bits of lingerie, most of the pants looked like two triangles held together with ribbon and some of the bras had holes in the centres, she could see stocking, even suspender belts, lots of high heeled shoes, she slumped down on the bed, just how much humiliation was she to suffer?

She didn't remember falling asleep, she hadn't even washed or changed but it was morning, on the table beside the wardrobe was today's uniform. She stood, her ass still sore from the beatings of yesterday and slowly, her throat sore from fucking and dry with fear she walked towards the table, her hand went up to her mouth but the words, "Oh dear god, no", could still be heard.

On the table lay a short top, just straps and enough material to reach her navel, a very short tight skirt, hold up white stocking with a wide pattern at the top. The bra was half cup with push up inserts, the pants were nothing more than a G-string, sat on top was a pair 4inch ankle strapped high-heeled shoes.

As she entered the drawing room, Fraser, Robert and Mark were already stood in front of the desk, Bridget looked up, a small smile could not be hidden as she watched Bernadette walk to the end of the line. The high heels accentuated the firm muscles of Bernadette's shapely legs, and the white stocking could be seen right up to the pattern as the skirt barely reached to cover them.

Her breasts, being pushed up, showed her cleavage above the scoop of the halter neck and there was at least two inches of bare midriff on display, even with the traces of a tear stained face below the ponytail hair, the beautiful features of her petite face looked out of place dressed like a hooker.

Bridget started her morning brief, "Robert, check the barn, I want to know if we can convert to a conference building and I will be using it for the party".

"Mark I shall want to gravel the back drive and cut an opening between the rose garden to the back of the barn, you can transplant the roses to the front forecourt".

"Fraser, I shall drive myself to the meeting, I shall go on to the Ambassador Rooms for a business dinner with Mr Sawang, I'll be back by 11 or just after, tell cook to prepare for you and the others, you know something you can micro or salad then I will see her in the morning about the forthcoming Asian party".

She looked at Bernadette, "Fraser make sure Bernie has some idea of the cleaning rota and I'm sure she has no idea where the cleaning equipment is stored, but I leave you to sort, I will see you later, the rest you can dismiss when things are done, your reports I will expect by this time tomorrow, now I must dash so thank you".

The four didn't move until Bridget had left, then Fraser took Bernadette out to the kitchen she was aware of two sets of eyes feasting on her as she walked out of the room.

The rest of the morning she busied herself cleaning and tidying, she kept seeing the three men virtually running at their duties, it was twelve when Fraser came back and told her lunch was in the kitchen, she went and picked it up and returned to her room.

She ate the salad and reflected on what she had become, what her posh friends would think and what could she do about it, the answer was nothing she had no choice.

She returned the plate to the kitchen, the three men sat, they said nothing but they watched her, the way she was dressed left little to the imagination. She noticed a lot of empty beer cans in the waste bin and a few empty plates to be washed up and as cook had gone then that was one of her duties, she filled the sink.

It wasn't until she heard, "Now that ass looks fantastic, especially with those red strips, some bodies been a naughty girl", that she realised that as she was bent washing dish's they could see everything, nothing was covering her, the elastic ribbon of the G-string firmly between her ass cheeks gave them a complete view of the lower half of her sore ass, she fought to get the short skirt back down.

There was movement and a hand touched her just under her skirt at the top of her thigh, "What's it like to be one of us now"? Bernadette tried to move away from the sink, "Please Mark stop we have work to do, lets just get on with it", the three men laughed as Robert got up and moved around the table he said, "Oh no, we seem to have done all ours, we thought that now we could just, shall we say, give you a hand".

She felt Marks hand slide round and touch her bottom, "What's needed here is some of cooks famous goose grease, takes the sting away and helps the healing process", Robert closed in on her other side pinning her against the sink.

Fraser said, "Well if you're quite sure I know were she keeps it".

Bernadette tried to move but Mark and Robert held her hands in to the sink as Fraser went to a cupboard and took a jar. As he approached the trio Mark pulled the back of the skirt up to Bernadette's waist.

Squeals of protest echoed through the kitchen, "Please stop it, you know who I am; you will leave me alone, stop it stop it at once".

Fraser pushed his fingers in to the jar, "Yes we know who you are, your Bernie the domestic and you've got a pretty sore ass and I'm going to do something about it", he slapped his grease covered hand hard on to the exposed ass and started to rub. Wailing with pain she fought to free herself but the two men held her firm.

He rubbed the grease all over her ass, laughing at the way it wiggled as she tried to escape, but she stopped and froze when she heard Mark say, "I wonder if they beat her tits, would be a shame not to do the gentlemanly thing and look after them".

Bernadette struggled as she realised what they were going to do, Robert shouted, "There's a knife in my back pocket and rope just inside the bottom cupboard".

As soon as Fraser had cut the lengths of rope the two men dragged Bernadette back to the large kitchen table, they pulled her over it, Mark held her hands together as Fraser and Robert grabbed at the bottom of the tank top and pulled up capturing her bra at the same time, pulling both up and off.

She struggled and yelled at them to stop but Mark let Robert take one wrist and quickly they secured them apart and to the each table legs. Her legs kicked out but to no avail as they were held by Fraser until the other two came and pulled her skirt off then fastened each ankle to the bottom legs, her yelling became pleading as she looked at the three men, who she used to order about, gazing at her almost naked body.

"Now stop, look I won't say anymore about this just stop, I think you know that I eerrr", not one of them was listening to her pleadings as Mark said, "You'd think wearing little pants like that she would trim herself, shame to see hair just whisping out, nice though it is", she stared at them as Robert said, "Maybe, it would be nice, as colleges you understand, if we did it for her, it wouldn't be a problem my razor is in my room".

Fraser slapped him on the back, "Then go get it", as Robert made for the door, Bernadette screamed at him, "For god sake Robert no, don't, you can't", but she was too late he was out and the door was closing.

She was brought back to the others when she felt her hairs being played with, she looked at Fraser as her pulled at the hair sticking out from the side of her pants, "Get your hands off me, both of you untie me now, I demand aaahhhh", she cried out as the two men laughed, each one plucking a hair from her cunt.

She started to cry as Robert came back; even through her tears she could see his razor, scissors and a can of shaving foam, a last futile, "Noooo", came from her mouth as Mark grabbed the scissors and cut the two side ribbons of her pants and ripped the little triangle of material from her body.

She lay there naked, she could see the lust in their eyes; Mark looked her up and down, smiling at her, "God your fucking gorgeous", Robert pushed him away, "I'll give you that, now lets shave the cookie pot and do some gorgeous fucking", he smiled in to Bernadette's face as he snapped the scissors before lowering them to her cunt, she squealed as she felt the cold blades start on her curly bush of hairs.

She begged and pleaded with them to stop, but as all she heard were crude remarks, "Oh you made a curl like Elvis", or, "You've missed a bit here let me hold it for you", as fingers pulled he hairs up for Mark to cut.

She jumped as she felt the cold foam hit her, then the scrap of the razor on her most private parts, she was unable to stop the tears, "Aaaahhh, Bernie's crying, don't you worry we will lick them off for you", Robert smiled at her, "After we've all licked something else".

"There how's that, first time and no nicks, looks good enough to eat", Marks positioned himself between her legs, eyes stared at Bernadette as his head lowered, she groaned as his mouth made contact with her cunt, he mimicked her with a long, "mmmmmmmmmm", as his tongue snaked up in to her. Her torment was made worse as Robert, said, "Left or right", Fraser moved left and the two of them went to work on her tits, their tongues flicking over her nipples.

Little sobs and moans came from Bernadette's lips as the three men licked and sucked at her body. Hands squeezed at her tits as tongues continued to flick at the hardening buds and lips pulled them to their extended maximum. Fingers played around her cunt, a tongue darted over her clit and round the flesh of her swollen labia, but her moans were silenced as Mark said, "If you two gentlemen will excuse me, I'm going to have to fuck this beauty, then you can tie her how you like and fuck anything you fancy, but for now".

She made a last plea as she saw Mark drop his trousers but he wasn't taking no for an answer. As he pulled his sweater off she felt his cock touch her ankle, he smile and moved it over her foot, then he lifted himself on to the table, he knelt grinning at her as he picked up the jar of goose grease, stuck his cock in it, pulled it out and used his hand to smear the grease up and down the long hard shaft.

"The times I have thought about this moment, the moment I stick it to your cunt". He lowered himself, she looked away as she felt his naked hairy legs against her soft smooth skin, suddenly she felt his cock-end touch her opening; her hips moved trying to escape the inevitable rape.

As the meat started to penetrate, sinking in to the warm opening, she moaned, Robert grabbed her hair, "You know what they say Bernie, if its going to happen lay back and enjoy it, well you got a lot of enjoyment coming in you for the rest of the day", Mark started to move, his hips thrusting, pushing all the way.

Bernadette struggled against the ropes as Mark started to drive hard up her, Robert and Fraser stood ether side watching, her eyes looked at both of them as her head shook left and right. Mark grunted the words, "Come on Bernie loosen up and enjoy it", as he thrust his cock up in to her as far as it would go.

His hands mauled and squeezed her tits pinching her sensitive nipple until she squealed then he bent and covered her mouth with his, pushing hard until he hurt her enough for her mouth to open, his tongue explored the inside, pushing at her tongue the same way his cock was pushing at her cunt.

Mark pulled himself up on his arms and stared down at the spread-eagled beauty, he had wanted to fuck for a long time, so now he was fully concentrating on this fucking, pounding in to her watching the bouncing of her tits as he forced her body to rock back and forth on the table. She could feel he was about to empty himself up her, she moaned, "No, no please not up me", he gasped the words, "Don't worry you can't be knocked up", as the first of his juice leaked out, a few more hard thrusts and the rest of his juice squirted in to Bernadette's body.

Mark lay for a short while, but he could see the others wanted their turn at her. He pulled out and slid back off the table, he put his hand round the base of his cock and slid it up taking the smear of cunt juice and his semen off, then he went to the head of the table and wiped it all over Bernadette's mouth, he tried to push it in, "Something to remember me by", but Robert was already pushing him out the way.

"Come on just cause you've been up her don't mean you can clear off, now tie her bent over this side of the table, legs wide, use this rope and tie her legs to each end, wrists tied behind her neck".

It took the three about four minutes to have her bent as Robert wanted, he walked round in front of her, her hands tied behind her neck, with the rope wound around her mouth and neck it took her all her time to breath let alone speak, she could only look at the lust in his face.

He looked straight at her as he pulled his clothes off, "A little rectum rape is next I think, still it may not be rape at all, lets see if I can make you enjoy this", he slapped his hard cock on the table opposite her face, "Gona stick this up your ass and from what I've seen it looks almost virginal tight".

Her eyes widened as what was going to happen to her sunk in, she tried to move wiggling and struggling which only inflamed Robert more, "Hope you wiggle like that while I'm up it", he picked up the goose grease, "Reckon I'll need some of this and you will as well".

Robert repeated the same procedure as Mark but instead of rubbing it all over his length he just left the glob of grease on the end, he blew her a kiss and walked behind her. She moaned and made an effort to lift herself up but the feel of Roberts finger pushing at her ass-hole forced her to drop back on the table.

"Oh yes this is going to be a tight one, need plenty of grease up here". The squeals got louder as Robert pushed grease up her ass, working his finger round inside her, he slapped her ass hard, "Stop making such a fuss, I'm only going to fuck your ass, I don't think it will kill you", remembering the pain of the last spanking she stopped, squeezed her eyes tight shut and waited for the next violation of her body.

She didn't have to wait long, she felt the end of Roberts cock push at her entrance, "It will be easier for you if you just relax, I'm going to fuck you ether way", she lay on the table and let him push in, the grease made it easier.

Slowly it slid past the opening, then, just a little back before another shove drove it further up, the movement repeated again and again as his cock invaded her, all Robert did was laugh as little whimpers greeted every inch he shoved up her.

Soon he was rutting in and out of her, burying himself fully up her rectum, as she squealed in agony he lent forward and grabbed her elbows and hauled her back off the table, he started to ride her like a baying horse, all the time she had to listen to him explaining to the others the beauty of fucking a tight ass.

He was now brutally fucking her, stretching her hole wide as he embedded himself up the shapely woman's ass, her arms dragged back thrusting her tits out as he bowed her back, he bent his knees allowing him to drive up in to her, Robert was pounding her ass as he felt his balls tighten forcing his juice up his meat, with a great grunt his cock exploded, spewing its cream in to the virgin ass.

He let go of her arms and grabbed her tits in both hands, he held her back, impaling her on to his cock as he banged her ass forcing every last drop of seed up in to her before he let her drop back on the table, then he just stood back to watch her ass-hole slowly shrink.

Robert looked at Fraser, "Which do you want", Fraser was taking his clothes off, "I'm going to be greedy and have all three", with out another word Fraser walked behind the bound woman, gripped her hips and inserted himself deep up her ass.

The force of his attack made Bernadette grunt, every time he banged in to her he was driving her in to the table, he was loving the ah, ah, ah sounds the came from behind the rope gag. The way her legs were tied allowed him to slide his hands round and feel for her bold cunt, pushing his fingers in to the freshly fucked hole.

Peeling her cunt lips open he bent his knees and pulled out of her ass and slid it up in to her cunt, where he continued his assault, fucking her with long slow strokes, pushing in to the hilt, then he would pull out and push back up her ass.

He did this about four times before he looked over to Robert, "Just outside the door there are some green rose canes, get me one would you I seem to be a little stuck at the moment".

The word cane brought little squealing sounds from Bernadette; Robert brought the thin green stick in and laid it on the table in eye line with Bernadette, Fraser reached over as he drove up her cunt, picked it up and tapped it on the table, "Now come on you've had a spanking before, we have all seen the marks and I bet you enjoyed it, shall I find out just how much pain you can take", squealing even louder she shook her head.

He pushed his cock deep in to her cunt, "You feel that", she grunted and nodded, "All the way in", again she nodded, then my little Bernie you have a choice, ether all the way down your throat, or past the pain barrier and beyond, just wiggle your pretty ass if you want to suck cock".

Slowly her ass moved from side to side, "Come on you can wiggle better than that or I may think you want me to play headmaster's on your ass". Her ass started to move quickly; he rubbed his hand over the firm round globes, "Pity but still there could be another time", then he asked Robert to unwind the rope from her mouth.

They left her wrist tied in front of her, untied her legs, Fraser sat on the edge of the table, dangling his wide spread legs as she stood in between them. He played with her tits as she stood silently waiting, then he ran his hand up the side of her neck, slid round and tugged her head down to his hard wet cock, "Go on Bernie taste yourself, and remember all the way down", as if to emphasize what he meant he took the cane and tapped it on the table.

The other two men admired the beautiful sight of this elegant women bent, her ass sticking out, her legs wide as ordered, they wanted to make sure they could see both her holes, while her mouth was bobbing up and hard down on to Fraser's rigid meat.

The choking sound of her gagging as she pushed the full length down her throat was the only sound in the kitchen, the two men playing with their semi erect cocks waiting to see if she would swallow it all, they didn't have to wait long, soon she started to retch as Fraser held her head down in to his lap and jammed his flooding cock up in to her mouth.

Fraser pushed her to one side, she slumped back on to the table, he looked at her coughing and spitting, trying not to be sick, "You want to go back to your room"? Bernadette nodded, Fraser told the other two to dress and clean up, which didn't take long, then they got her clothes, Fraser dressed then took hold of the rope that was fastened to her wrists and pulled, her arms jerked forward as she stumbled behind him, following like some tethered sheep.

Fraser pulled her through the door of her room, Mark dropped her clothes outside, her uniform always had to be moved at night, a new one would ether be out or brought by cook, Robert shut the bedroom door.

She stood in the middle of the room, "Will you please untie me, I have to go to the bathroom", Fraser smiled, "I think we will untie you after, tell you what lets all go to the bathroom", his grin grew wider, "I like to watch". She knew there was little point in arguing, she turned and walked to the door the rope from her wrists trailing between her legs.

She sat in total humiliation as she relieved herself in front of the grinning men, Robert told her to use both hands to wipe the drips from her cunt then lick them, she glared at him in hateful defiance as she did but he just laughed bent and grabbed the rope, pulled her fingers from her mouth then yanked her back in to the bed room.

Still trying to hold her dignity she calmly said, "Now you've had your perverted fun with me will you untie me"? Mark untied the rope from her wrist, as she rubbed the circulation back, Fraser and Robert grabbed her and threw her on the bed, held her tight as Mark straightened the ropes then jumped on her as well. For the next two hours the three men took turns tying her in different positions and raping her again and again.

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