All You Have To Do Is Keep The Servents Busy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Blackmail, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Being lady of the manor has its draw backs.

I thought, that tapestry could be repaired, it wouldn't take long; after all I had been schooled in fine needle work and I, oh god who cares about the stupid pictorial depicted on the wall, I was only thinking about it to blot out what had happened to me and would happen again and again. What happiness I felt as I remembered those words, It was going to be so easy, he said, I would be lady of the manor, he said, just rule the home and keep the servants busy, he said.

Just likeI remember when my father said, Miss Sara Morton Brown would one day be a lady; he would hold my chin and with his warm smile spread across his lips tell me that my charm, sensibility, demure disposition and beauty would be irresistible to any man, his loving words were always followed by, as long as she kept herself to herself. I didn't realize what he meant, how could I, having never been involved with other women, but I had to keep something called virginity safe and let no man touch me until it was in my own matrimonial home but I don't think he meant it, well not like it is now.

Oh Father why did you go and have to die, I stayed with you, never left your side, you meant everything to me after our lose when my mother died at my tender age of six, that was bad enough, but for you to go when I was but seventeen, how could this be what did I know of this world?

Male tutors taught me knowledge, I am well versed in our empire, our Queen Victoria, how industry would change our world, new horizons in India, the Americas and my religious education is second to none but I knew nothing of what a girl should know.

I thought I had beauty, my father had told me and he would never lie. I would look at myself when I would bath, a nice 5foot 6 frame and what I thought was the right proportions. I knew about breasts and thought mine a little large but having seen pictures of my mother thought it natural. The nipples, from what I had read about were for breast feeding my young but they seemed excessively long, they would sometimes hurt when they rubbed on my bodice and how they thickened when I was cold was but a mystery to me.

My waist was very slender, it seemed the curve of my bottom almost disappeared in to it and I used to think about the things in books, one such book said a baby would form inside my stomach, I remember shaking my head as to how the tight firm skin would hold such a thing and when it would happen. I even wondered about the hair that neatly curled above the hole for losing my water but when I started bleeding the words, its what women do, from my embarrassed tutors had me more than confused.

No, I knew nothing of the world but I did know that outside my front door it was a place that frightened me.

That fear was soon realized at the funeral. I met my aunt and two cousins, young uncoothed scruffy men, slightly older than me, I felt sick as I saw the grins on their faces when their mother told me I was to live with them, she just droned on as my young mind tried to understand that due to some over seas business failure my fathers house, our family home had been forfeit to the debtors, she sneered at me as she said anyway you'll like it, it's a nice room and you better be grateful.

I couldn't believe it, I stood there staring at the three of them, my jaw dropped and all I heard was one cousin say to the other, "Looks nice with her mouth open," as I turned to hide my tears the other said, "Any ideas what we should put in it?" if only I had known what they meant.

My so called nice room was in the attic, Andrew and Roland shared a large room under mine and Aunt Miriam occupied the front of the house, the housekeeper had a room but living close by, she hardly used it, I hated the house there were no locks on the doors, which meant I had to use the bathroom when no one was about.

I kept myself to myself, I had brought my books so I studied, using the excuse that I must learn to make my way in the world so I may repay her kindness, that was what I hoped she thought not that I really wanted to get away from her and the continual nasty remarks and unnecessary touching of my body from the other two.

My sanctuary lasted but three weeks. It was a Tuesday night, I sat in my room, I had finished work on my tapestry but I couldn't sleep even though it was late my mind wrestled with the fears people instilled in me now I was alone in the world, suddenly my thoughts were disturbed by squeals and slapping noises coming from downstairs. I was worried, what could be happening, so I took the decision to find out; with my heart thumping fast slowly a crept down the stairs.

As I crept further down the grunts and slaps got louder, surly my Aunt wasn't having to chastise her sons at their age, I knew they were unruly but, if in body alone they were nearly men.

I could see my Aunts room door, it was slightly open, light came from the crack at the side, I crept closer, the noise's from the room masking any sound I made.

I had to clasp my hand to my mouth at the sight that greeted my inquisitive eyes.

On the floor knelt my Aunt, she was naked, her hands clasped behind her head, Andrew was naked and standing in front of her, he had something between his legs, it looked attached, it was long and thick like a pole, pink as his own flesh but hard and it was pushing in to my Aunts mouth.

Behind her stood Roland, he to had a similar thing between his legs only it wasn't hard, it hung down with a fleshy pouch behind it, in his hand he held a riding crop which he flicked viciously at my Aunts naked buttocks, it was her that was making the squealing, grunting noises.

I stood there mesmerized by the scene before me; the more Roland slapped her bottom the more my Aunt wiggled it around at the same time moving her head quickly back and forth, the thing in her mouth seemed so long. I stifled a gasp as she let go of it, it was huge; she kissed and licked up and down what looked like a roll of meat with a large bulbous head; I felt sick as she kissed the tip before starting to lick it, her mouth then moving down to the weird pouch under it, I gagged as she tried to get it in to her mouth.

Roland bent behind her, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, he put his hand down and played with her bottom before I watched it slide under and between her spread thighs, he was pushing his fingers up inside her water hole, my Aunt was wiggling even more as she started to suck Andrew's meat back in to her mouth.

Roland was giggling, saying things that were strange to my ears, "Mothers a fine cock sucker, still the best, what say you brother?" Andrew was pumping his hip towards my Aunt and this long thing seemed to be completely in her mouth, I was wondering how she could do it as he sniggered back, "Sucks all the way as long as a finger is stuck up her, you want to fill her mouth before with both take her to the bed and do her other holes later?"

There seemed to be urgency now, they all moved franticly, then it happened; Andrew held her hands to the back of her head and pushed. At the same time Roland thrust his fingers up inside her and I gasped, it must have been heard because at the same time Andrew suddenly pulled the thing out of Aunts mouth and white globs of sticky juice spurt from a hole on the end covering my Aunts face and breast's.

She didn't move, she swayed as the stringy white stuff covered her face but she still stayed knelt and her hands stayed clasped behind her head, as I stepped back I could still see Roland as he moved, he came around in front of her and my Aunt started licking his long thing, I nearly stumbled as I watched it grow long and hard before my eyes.

As I turned to go back upstairs I saw him push it in to her mouth. Slowly I crept back, my mind in turmoil as I tried to understand what I had seen. I lay in bed, if I couldn't sleep before I certainly couldn't now.

Thankfully I must have dozed off because it was Jane the housekeeper that woke me, telling me breakfast was ready, a quick wash and I was down.

"My you look like you had a bad night," I jumped Roland was behind me he hadn't gone out, I said something like I stayed up finishing my tapestry work, stammering as I added, I didn't realise how late it was, he just grinned at me as he said, "Oh I thought it was something you'd eaten or is it, wished you had," I ignored him.

I quickly ate and returned upstairs, my aim to catch up on some sleep. I must have been successful because when I woke it was dark and I was hungry. I went downstairs but the house was empty, grabbing some cheese and bread I scurried back upstairs, rushed through the door and put the chair back under the handle.

"Hello cousin Sara," I froze in horror as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I went to move the chair, as I did I dropped the plate, but it was to late, other hands grabbed my arms and dragged them behind me, I felt rope roughly binding my wrists, I struggled to get away only to hear Roland mocking me, "Got you now little Sara, you're not going anywhere."

Andrew joined in, "Enjoy the show last night well we think you can do better then ma-mar and as dear ma-mar has gone out we have all night to prove it."

My squealed protests could never be heard, I knew we were too high and so did they as they dragged me to my bed.

Their evil grins will live with me the rest of my life, my pleas for mercy were just laughed away, I knew nothing of the plans, why me, what had I done that they should force themselves upon me, I begged in the name of all that was good to be left in peace only to get Roland laughing at me as he pushed me on to the bed, "The only good piece right now is you."

I struggled as I watched them remove their breeches, their long things daggled obscenely between their legs; soon they were on me, positioning me the length of my bed as first Roland then Andrew climbed on.

Roland attacked my blouse, unbuttoning it, pulling it from my skirt then dragging my bodice down until my breasts were bare before him, as he did that so Andrew pushed my skirt up until he could pull on the ribbon of my bloomers, loosening them so he could pull them down, it seemed my begging only increased the crazed actions.

Roland bent his head, his eyes feasting on my naked breast's, in a crazed laugh he almost shouted, "You have got to see such nipples," Andrew stopped, he slid up my body as both of them started to suck at my naked breast's. They made me cry out as their teeth pulled at my nipples, I felt finger's touching me between my legs as digit after digit pushed in to me, Andrew stopped sucking my nipple, he looked at me, "My, my cousin Sara you have got great nipples, the like of which I have never seen before and I will use them time and time again and in the none to distant future you can be sure but now I must taste what must surely be a sweet tight virgin cunny."

Roland was now free to molest both my breasts as Andrew slid down and down the bed until I felt his elbows thumping in to my thighs as they forced my knees apart, Roland grinned at me, "Come now cousin, don't disobey us or life will be the worst for you. There's no need of shyness your only going to get your titties sucked and your only going to get your cunt fucked and maybe your cute bottom will take a stiff cock tonight as well and there's nothing you can do about, we will fuck you tonight and many more nights, get used to it, its you roll in this house the same as ma-mars and your first duty is sucking my cock, don't fight it, its what women are for, so just open those pretty lips."

I tried to answer but all I could do was jump and squirm as I felt Andrews tongue, he was getting some sort of satisfaction licking my water hole, pushing his tongue inside and sucking at the hard nub at the top of it, his fingers were pulling the hole open giving himself access to my innermost parts.

Roland could see I was shaking, he straddled my chest and daggled his fat meat over my lips, "Come on little miss innocent, I saw you last night and you saw ma-mar as she sucked us off so now its your turn to get on with the same, what we call paying lip service to your masters."

He put his hand back and pinched my nipple, the pain was such that I had to open my mouth, his foul meat shoved inside and he began to pump it in to me, pushing it to the back of my throat. I tried to stop him, I was confused all the time my mouth was being used Andrew was pushing his fingers in to me, deeper and deeper, he hurt, my dry hole wouldn't accommodate his continual thrusting, much as he kept fingering me then licking and spitting on his finger before continuing his assault, he still hurt, I wanted to protest but couldn't as Roland's fat meat was now getting fatter, harder and longer, completely filling my mouth.

Roland grinned down at me, "Is cousin Sara enjoying her face fuck, you do look splendid with a cock in your mouth, it really suits you, I knew it would from the first day I saw you, quite a complement to think that I had decided there and then to fuck every hole you have for many years to come." He was now breathing heavy, he grabbed my hair and dragged my head up and forward as he crammed his meat further in to my mouth, I squealed around it as I felt a sharp pain between my legs, my squeal around his meat must have sent Roland over as he shouted, "And here's your first load, here you are cousin swallow this for your fucking supper."

My mouth filled with a strange salty taste then spurts of warm liquid hit the back of my throat, I gagged, I thought I would drown in the filth. He pulled back, back enough for me to gulp air as well as this juice but all he did was laugh as I swallowed and coughed, groaning for what seemed to be his pleasure.

I had only just caught my breath when he slapped the hideous thing back on my lips, "Lick it clean, you won't want a dirty cock up your bottom later," as I tried to comply with his order I heard Andrew say, "You can use her cunny next if you want, my finger went all the way, our pretty little cousin isn't a virgin any more so we may as well enjoy all of her goodies."

"You clean her cunny up," Roland grinned in my face, "Hear that cousin, we are going to clean your cunny up, then fuck it all tonight and then night after night after that, I bet you're going to look real nice with out these silly clothes, I know you have a hell of a body and later I'm going to love stripping you and playing with it."

They both got off the bed, as Andrew rubbed a wet cloth over my abused hole I heard Roland say, "Right, tie her legs, then I think first we will take a beer, find the riding crops in mothers room, then a satisfying cigarette before back here for an amusing night of just fucking our cousin Sara," he turned and grinned at me, "You thought you were tired last night, well tomorrow I don't think you will be fit enough to get out of bed in fact I bet you will still be here when we come to use you again, which I can promise you will be much more fun as tomorrow night we will have you and dear ma-mar to play with," I lay there bound hand and foot as he went down stairs laughing at me, "You will love the taste of her cunny in your mouth as she will licking yours."

I fought hard against the rope, it wouldn't move, I was in a panic, was this it, to spend the rest of my young age having these awful things that seemed to have no meaning at all being done to me by this strange family, suddenly I remembered my tapestry box, there were sharp scissors in there.

With in five minutes I was pulling my clothes straight and sliding quietly down the stairs, I grabbed my purse and coat and was out the door and away, away where, the housekeeper Jane, she lived somewhere near the embankment.

The fog got thicker as I struggled through the narrow streets. I tried to remember her address, I thought Blake street or was it Burn or Blaine street I looked everywhere. As I dodged horse's and carriages I knew I was getting close to the river, the smell of seaweed and the rattle of carts along with the noise of rowdy bars frightened me, my heart pounded as I searched street names, suddenly an arm gripped mine.

"What's the hurry little lady, lost or something?" I looked round only to see a large ugly man, his arms covered in tattoos, behind I saw three more, one, a black gentleman grinned at me, his gold teeth shone in the dim lamp light, the first one spoke again, "I said are you lost, can we help, you know a nice little thing like you shouldn't be out here alone." I stammered, "I'm looking for a street," he stifled a giggle, "There's a lot of them around here love, which one?"

I was in a panic, "I think its something like Blake or Burn street, its near the docks," the one with gold teeth tapped the first man on the shoulder, "Burn street is down that alley," his finger pointed over my head, as I turned to look in that direction I was propelled towards a dark alley.

I tried to speak to them; I remember I nearly fell as my head turned up, turning to speak, they were so big but I tried, "Please are you sure this is the way, it doesn't look the type of place she would live," but they still jostled me, pushing me in to the gloom of the alley, I was about to say that they were wrong and it was a dead end when suddenly they stopped.

I turned to see where we were but all I could see was them, I tried to explain, it's a dead end I told them, I need to look elsewhere, thank you for your help but I should be going, but they took know notice of my trying to get past, they pushed me further back, hands grabbed at me, some one got behind me, holding me, I struggled but I was held tight as the leader grabbed my jaw, "There's only place your going and that's down on your knees," he looked at the man behind me, "Get her down and hold her, I'm first in her mouth."

I had no chance they were far to strong, I soon found myself on my knees as was the man holding me, I couldn't scream his arm held me around the throat his other hand gripped my hair, all I could see was the glint of the gold teeth as the black man watched the leader unbuckle his trousers.

I could only squeak my pleas for mercy, please gentlemen stop this, its wrong I beseech you to stop, its, it is unchristian of you, you are breaking the law, I am refusing your attention so release me, he just laughed at me, "The only thing I'm breaking is my balls so stop talking and start sucking," his filthy meat pushed at my lips.

The pain in my head forced me to surrender I opened my mouth and for the second time in two hours I found a man's meat thrusting in to my mouth. I tried to concentrate, again I was trying not to choke, he was yelling, "Suck it, suck it," I still didn't understand but I wanted to live so I tried doing as he told me, then I heard the others talking.

There were gruff voices, "You going to fuck her?" then another voice, "No I'll wait until we get her on the boat," I panicked as much as I could as another voice said, "She'll be good for the voyage, use her as fuck meat until we get to Edinburgh then we can sell her to one of the dock whore house's."

I struggled but still I was held, the foul meat tasted awful but it was filling my mouth, the huge head rubbed in to the roof of my mouth running along before jabbing in to my throat, I could hardly open my jaw wide enough to get it all in, it was much more than Roland's, even while my mouth was being abused I thought why were these things different sizes, as I thought that I felt it swelling even more as his thrusting became faster, the fear returned as I heard him boast, "Watch me fill her mouth lads, watch me make her swallow but I tell you this ones a innocent we'll enjoy fucking her every day for the next two months," I still didn't understand what they meant, what these words meant but now I had other things to worry about I was trying to swallow as more warm fluid filled my mouth.

A gruff voice almost deafened me, "There you go sweetheart, enjoy having a face fuck did you well get used to it, your pretty little mouth is going to be sucking cocks and swallowing cum all the way to Scotland."

Hands were all over me, pulling at my bodice gabbing at my breasts as the man behind shook my head making me swallow all the warm salty liquid, I was trying to cry out, begging them to stop but all I heard were voice, "Come on, knock her out lets get her back to the boat and get her strung up and naked, I can't wait to start fucking her cunt," all these words were foreign to me but I was still frightened, then suddenly without warning the shouts changed, they became cries.

Thumping noises and shouts, more like screams of pain filled the air as they suddenly left me. Frightened I looked up, a huge man stood over me, a club in his hands and I could see blood dripping from the end, I waited for him to strike when a gently hand took my arm, I looked up, my eyes fell on a kind mature face, his eyes smiled back at me, "Come my dear, don't worry, they won't be coming back, Danvers has seen to that.

I tried to thank him but all he did was smile and point to a grand carriage, "Lets get you cleaned up young lady, I didn't think you were the type to invite that kind of attention," with his help I staggered to the carriage.

The huge man walked in front, nobody stood in our way, nobody dared. I found myself in the warmth of the carriage wrapped in a large cosy rug as I explained my predicament.

He listened to my plight, shaking his head as her heard how I had given my trust to family and strangers only to find myself abused. I ended up crying like a baby until he patted my hand and said, "I think a few days in the country would do you a lot of good young lady," he lent out of the window and said something to the big man and the carriage lurched forward.

The ride took over two hours and as we rode through the country side. My life, being simple was easy to tell. I found out he was a widower, his wife had died at child birth and he made no means that he was a man of wealth but had not been well sense his wife died and his house keeping had gone to ruin, no control over unruly staff, there was no one to keep the servants busy, the house keeper, gardeners and men servants were a rule unto them-selves and he had business elsewhere so control was lacking, he smiled as he suggested that maybe I would like to earn my keep and live safely at Highgate Hall by being head housekeeper.

The next three months were heaven, we all worked together, Mr Highgate was amazed at the way I controlled the staff, though myself I didn't think I did anything but they worked well and they gave him respect, it was then we became close. It was as we approached the time for his first business trip away that he intimated his feeling towards me, he loved my innocence's, I remember he laughed as I asked what those men had been saying but he didn't answer, the fact I was chaste and of good character made him warm to me and that if I stayed that way on his return we could became more than just friends.

My heart jumped, was this to be my matrimonial home, was I to be lady of the manor?

He enjoyed being able to continue his business ventures, as he said, that was where the money was. His first wife had always begged him not to go, he knew she fritted as when he returned she always looked tired and would keep by his side when he was home, but now he felt better knowing I would always be my charming innocent self.

I watched his carriage disappear through the gate, I gave a little prayer that the next three months would pass quickly; as I turned to go back up the steps I stifled a tear, his last words filled my mind, remember my dear all you have to do is see that the servants are kept busy.

I went to my room to compose myself; I knew I couldn't be seen by the staff in this state, I waited about half an hour then thought a walk in the grounds would be beneficial and refreshing.

I walked to the sculpture garden expecting to see the gardeners busy but the rakes lay on the ground and the wheelbarrow lay on its side. My next stop must be the stables, again no-one, in a hurry I made my way back to the house.

I passed bucket and cloth at the windows but where were the servants, as I made my way to the back door I could hear laughter from the kitchen parlour.

My stomach turned over as I approached the parlour door, there had to be an explanation maybe just a misunderstanding, I gently pushed at the door, I first saw Rogers the groom, he roared with laughter as he saw me peeking around the door, "Well if it isn't the young Miss Morton Brown come in and sit yourself down," I went to move as I heard Todd the stable boy say, "Ya come in here darling and sit on this," I was confused, I pushed in but I couldn't see another seat.

Mrs Dorking was very silly, giggling for no reason, I bit like my two cousins when they had been drinking but surly not her, but like the others she was laughing and I felt at me as she said, "Hello lovely, just been talking bout you, your ears burning?" it was then I was sure Sugget the gardener said, "I'd like to burn her but not her ears," then he used a strange word, "More like her cute arse."

They all laughed so I thought I better do the same, laughing along with them, that seemed to break the ice as they laughed even more, it was Reith the house man that suddenly said, " Mr Rogers I thought you were going to suggest to Miss Brown that now that the master has gone away she should learn to ride, you do still have the ladies saddle that the late mistress was trained on?"

I was taken aback as Todd threw his head back and roared, And we all know what happened to her after her riding lessons, she had to--," Rodgers snapped, "Silence boy," he looked coyly at me, "Sorry marm we let him have a little drink, the boys not used to it, now where were we, oh yes what do you think about doing some riding?" Todd got up and pushed past me, he had his hand over his mouth but I knew he was still laughing.

Reith came up to me, "We will try a session this very afternoon, shall we say around three, I'll make sure I have finished my duties and be on hand to assist Mr Rogers should the need arise, would be nice to have one over on Mr Danvers when he returns, he does have a tendency to think women are not for the great outdoors, don't you agree?" he smiled at me, I thought how kind of him to think of my welfare.

As I returned to my inspection of the cleaning I noticed all the male servants scurrying about their business, everything was once again fine at Highgate Hall and I thought how good of them to be concerned over me now my protector, Mr Highgate was away.

It was ten minutes to three, as I walked towards the stable, I must admit to being a little fearful but Reith's remarks about showing off to Danvers was exciting, I hoped I had dressed correctly, I had thought of a long loose fitting dress, I had left my bustle off, instead choosing bloomers and firm under top, short but strong boots and my hair tied up top and tight, there was most certainty a tingle in the air.

Rogers and Reith stood by a brown fine horse, it looked enormous to me, and it was fitted with a saddle, I had never seen a saddle before and I thought how strange that it should have a short pole like thing fastened in the centre but what did I know of such things. They turned as I entered, gave a courteous nod and with a smile beckoned me towards the horse.

Reith took my hand and told me that he would watch and be on hand should I fall, we were only going to trot around today, Mr Rogers would lead but not let go, then he waited while Rogers fetched some steps, with them holding the horse I attentively climbed upwards.

As I reached the top Rogers explained that I should let my dress billow front and back and not to let it bunch up under me, this was a learners saddle built to give added security to the novice, I was to sit astride and get comfortable, I took a deep breath before I threw my leg up and over and while pulling my skirt out from under me lowered myself down.

The nub shaped pole felt uncomfortable, I didn't know how it fitted, Rogers told me to move around until it felt secure but I could hardly say it felt easier when it was in my water hole, but the material of my bloomers helped cushion the pressure and fortunately I had just finished that strange time when I bled. I smiled and nodded that I was ready, Rogers ran his hand over his thick beard then looked at Reith before saying, "Walk on," and we moved out.

As we left the stable Reith shouted, "Just rock gently to the movement of the horse," I did and it did feel easier especially as the nub pushed in deeper and felt securer.

Roger's walked a little further, he turned and nodded, I nodded back, "Just squeeze the saddle a little, use your thigh muscles as I may walk a little faster, maybe even run a bit then back, just to let you get the feel, remember what Mr Reith said, bounce with the rhythm of the horse," he started to quicken the pace.

The nub thing seemed to slip out then in again, it made me feel strange, not uncomfortable but it seemed to slip in easier as though I was wet. I must say I felt dampness around it but a slippery damp, and it seemed as I got damper a little tingling sensation filled my stomach, I was a little pleased when he went back to a walking pace I found I could catch my breath again.

Then without warning he started to run, we were moving in a large circle and as the horse seemed to lean to the right the nub was rubbing me, I suddenly realised that the moister had made my bloomers so wet that they had torn, the pole thing was actually now rubbing inside me and the tingling was making me dizzy.

Roger's ran, walked slowly, walked quickly and ran again now moving the horse in a figure of eight, as the horse changed direction so I bounced around, like-wise the nub moved all around inside me, I began to swoon, the sensation was making my head spin, I could see, but only in a blur that we were heading back into the stables.

As we came to a holt I started to faint, I could just feel Reith lifting me from the horse, I must have been a handful as he was actually lifting me by holding and squeezing my breast's, he held me like that for a few moment. Then he passed me down, Roger's must have tried to grip my legs, in my state it must have been difficult as I felt his hand slide under my dress, as I lowered so his hand travelled up my bloomers and slid in to the torn gusset, his whole hand was over my naked water hole.

I was very over come, so they held me like that for a while before lowering me to the ground. In my confused state I heard Reith say, " Her dress is too tight," Roger's laughed, "Well we know what she needs she needs air," with that I felt fingers on my dress, all the buttons on the front of my dress were undone, and my bodice top dragged down my arms. I felt cold hands on my now naked breast's, squeezing them and my nipples, which were now very long and thick were being pulled; I knew I must awake, fortunately I must have mumbled something because my bodice top was quickly dragged back up my arms.

The next thing I heard was Roger's, "Oh well done miss, you're all right, did you enjoy that?" while quickly buttoning my top I struggled up, I could see the concern on their face's so I said that I was fine, apologizing for my silliness and that it must have been the excitement, Reith laughed and said, "Good, same time tomorrow then and we will take it a step further."

I tried my hardest to walk out of the stable, I didn't want them to see me, the wetness between my legs made me embarrassed and I still felt quite dizzy. Some how I found my way back to the house and literally dragged myself up the stair by gripping the banister rail, not knowing where the strength was coming from as I made it to the top. My room swayed in front of me as I clutched at the handle, the door opened and I crumbled to the floor.

Like a distant voice I heard Mrs Dorking, and I seemed to be lifted on to the bed, it was like a muffled voice in another room as I tried to make out what it was she was saying, "Well, well dearie they have got you in a right mess, well lets have these clothes off and take a peek, looking at you maybe there's time to have a taste and see what all the fuss is about."

I was pulled, pushed and tossed around but I didn't have the strength to open my eyes let alone help myself, then the weirdest sensation, it was like but not like what had happened with my cousin's. Between my legs felt wet and something smooth was playing over my hole, the tingling came back. As I felt a strange feeling in my nipples my body must have jumped and I know I groaned because I'm sure Dorking said, "Mm dearie, you taste as sweet as nutmeg no wonder the boys what some of that to play with, be soon like the old days, another helpless little fuck toy to be used while masters away," but I was to exhausted to understand and the words seemed to jumble in my head.

I must have fainted because when I woke I was in clean under garments. I hurriedly dressed, checked myself in the mirror and raced down stairs to find out what was going on. To my amazement all was quite, the dish's were done, the house was clean, I looked out side all was neat and tidy and no one was to be seen, I knew Danvers would be back tomorrow but I didn't realize they were that bothered, I smiled as I remembered the words, they are an unruly lot, I smiled to myself, how wrong could he be.

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