Lust Begins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Cheating, Group Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom meets a young married woman at the city park and they hit it off from the start even though they've never met or even spoken a word to each other.

April was one of the most interesting young wives and mothers I'd ever laid eyes on. She caught my eye and I was pretty sure I caught hers at almost the same time. We were at a community picnic, and my chance encounter with April was just one of those things that happen, and a man and woman begin a relationship that leads to an end result that sometimes they would never have seen coming.

April had several features that really brought me to focus on her; there was so much about her that was sexy and very seductive as I watched her. At first, I couldn't tell that she'd noticed me at all so I had lots of opportunity to ogle her and enjoy mentally undressing her. I figured April was in her late 20's or maybe a few years older but her age wasn't any issue at all. What I was watching was a very lively and vivacious young woman. After only a few moments, I could tell that April was a young mother of two and that she was married to a good-looking guy who I assumed was her husband. Husband as compared to a guy she was living with.

April was wearing an outfit that many might not call "sexy" but I quickly realized that virtually anything on April's sexy young frame would appear hot. I'd become a pretty good judge of various things whenever I looked at a sexy woman that I had the hots for, and as I watched April, I tried not to make it too obvious that I already had a bulging hardon in my pants from mentally wanting her. I stood there, eating a hot dog and enjoying a cold beer as I let April go about her own activities and family responsibilities while I stood there watching her. April was wearing a rather comfortable looking pull-over top and a pair of nicely worn blue jeans that framed her body just right. I'd guess she had very nice B-cup breasts inside the bra she was wearing and she had one fine ass whenever she turned her backside towards me. I wanted to grasp her sexy rounded asscheeks and squeeze them firmly and let her know how much she was turning me on. I tried to keep looking April's body up and down all over, but it was her pretty face, her hair and her sexy eyes and mouth that kept drawing my eyes back to them.

I finally decided that I was so taken with April, that I'd either have to make some moves on her or turn and walk away and find myself wondering for the rest of my life what might have been if I'd only taken a chance with her. I stood there a few more moments, marvelling at the normal things of a wife and mommy that April was doing and in my head I was trying to imagine what it would be like to take April off by myself and see how hot she really was. I finally decided to move over closer to where April was sitting and moving around and let her see me and see if she noticed the huge bulge of hard cock pressing against the front of my pants.

I walked over and actually struck up a conversation with April's husband, Bill. Bill and I seemed to hit it right off, and as I tried to act like I was consumed in talking to him I found myself watching April's body language. I had one heck of a hardon in my pants and I could almost feel April's eyes caressing the thick hard bulk of my big aroused cock that was totally impossible to conceal by this point. I wished more than anything that I had already made my move on April and taken her off somewhere private. I wanted April's mouth and hands on my cock, I wanted to see if she loved to suck a hard horny dick that had gotten that way all because of her beauty and sexiness. And, I wanted to see if April would not only suck me but take my cumload in her mouth when she brought me off orally to a strong powerful orgasm.

As I stood talking to April's husband, my mind was trying to act like I heard what he was saying, but I was also verbalizing in my head what I wished I could turn and say to April.

"April, you're the hottest babe I've seen in a long time. Wow, you're making me so horny, baby, I want to take you off away from all this right now and fuck your gorgeous sexy brains out, lady!!" I knew I might say that to her in person with no one else around but there was no way I would blurt out my most basic sexual desires for April there in front of her hubby, kids, friend, and everyone else in hearing range.

I continued to watch April and finally she walked over and stood there next to her husband, Bill, and he went through the motions of introducing me to her. That was really fun because April and I had "already met" in the way that two horny people meet with their eyes and their overt body language. I almost laughed as I watched April trying to act like she'd never even seen me before that moment. But, as I stood there, I let my eyes wander all up and down over April's body and I first noticed that her nipples were hard and poking firmly against the cup of her bra and the cotton T-shirt she had on. Then, when I looked down over April's lower body and then let my eye glaze over her crotch, I saw the very clear telltale sign of arousal because April's jeans had a definite wet spot there where they covered her pussy. Yes!!!!! I knew then that things were headed in the right direction and it would only be a matter of time before April and I would be naked or at least semi-naked and in each other's arms as I fucked her sexy gorgeous brains out.

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