Soccer or Succor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A trio of soccer moms decide to broaden the education of the team's two eighteen year old players.

Tom Davis

"Hey, Tommy! Great game!"

At the door of the van, I turned to see Phil Liggett run up and jump into the van in front of me. Phil had played mid-field for most of our 3-1 win over Madison Central High School. Now, with the game over and everybody having had a chance to cool down and rehydrate with water and Gatorade, we were boarding our transportation for the short drive across town to our own neighborhood.

Our school, even though it is in a suburban metropolitan area, is a relatively small one and soccer does not get a very big cut of the monetary pie set aside for sports activities. Thus we relied on the graciousness of parents to shuttle players and coaches to and from away games. I had been assigned today to ride with Phil's mom in her van, along with Assistant Coach Bill Vaughn, who opted for the shotgun seat, and juniors Trey Boutton and Lee Anderson, both of whom were in the back seat behind me.

Everybody had piled into four vehicles for today's game. The head coach, Mr. Weyland, drove his car, while Mrs. Liggett, Mrs. Sanderson and Mrs. Corwin, all players' moms, drove their own vehicles. Since we had three vans, there was plenty of room without crowding. Each of the players in our van had CD or MP3 players and we settled down for the hour's drive. I stretched my feet into the empty space between the two front seats and settled back in the bench seat.

We weren't on the road ten minutes before Coach Vaughn began softly snoring. A lot of good it did for him to have the best seat in the vehicle. I glanced over at Mrs. Liggett and the thought occurred to me that she was a very nice looking lady for someone of her age. I pondered how old she might be. I knew her son Phil, a sophomore, was 16 and she obviously had not been an old woman when he was born because she still had a very shapely body and a pretty face. Guessing that she had been somewhere in the 20 to 22 years range when Phil was born, that put her at 36 to 38 — not that much more than my 18 years. Certainly not enough to keep me from finding her very desirable.

It suddenly occurred to me that I was on track to embarrass myself. Wearing just my uniform shorts and jersey plus our warm-up jacket, nothing covered my quickly inflating cock except a thin layer of cotton & rayon and my jock strap. Neither of them were strong enough to keep the tent effect from showing. I had nothing to cover it with either so I had to ignore it, think about non-erotic things, and hope that it went unnoticed.

I looked around the van, everywhere except at Mrs. Liggett. If I looked at her bare legs or the bulges in her white blouse, I knew I'd never lose my erection. I was successful, too — right up until I glanced in the rear-view mirror and found her big brown eyes gazing right back at me, the hint of a smile curling the corners of her mouth.

I looked away but was drawn back to the mirror and there it was again. She had checked the traffic in front of her and back to the mirror. Was she making fun of me? Had she spotted my problem? Did she know what had caused it? From the smile on her face, I guessed that she knew she had caused it. For the rest of the ride home, our eyes kept meeting at the mirror every few minutes.

As we were getting into our home territory, Phil leaned over and said to his mom, "You remember that I'm going home with Trey so we can go to the Scout Jamboree tomorrow, right, mom?"

"Yes, I remember," she replied. "You want me to drop you at the Boutton's?"

"Nah, we're getting off at the school. Trey has some books to pick up and its only a two block walk so you don't need to wait for us."

"Okay, sweetie. Have a good trip."

The coach was awake by then. Since he had left his car at the school, that was our first stop and it turned out that everybody else was getting out there.

I said, "Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Liggett. I can just walk home too."

"Tommy, do you have to get home right away? I have a little problem at home and I was hoping I could ask you to help me."

"Really? Sure, I don't mind. My folks don't expect me until later anyway."

"So come on up to the front seat with me. If you'll help me, then I'll take you home later. Okay?"

I nodded and climbed into the front seat, the only remaining passenger she had.

It only took us a few minutes to drive to the Liggett's house. She pulled down the driveway and turned into the garage at the back of the house, pressing the opener to send the double garage door up. As soon as we were inside, she pressed the button again and the door began to close.

She unlocked a door and walked into a utility room with me following along, unable to keep from thinking about the way her round buttocks swayed back and forth as she walked. No matter how I tried, my cock kept pressing against the front of my shorts. We walked through the kitchen into the den before turning to a stairway.

"I've got a new set of drapes I've mounted on rods," she said, "but they are too heavy and too high for me to reach to get them on their brackets. I hope you don't mind helping... ?"

"No, ma'am, I sure don't mind," I stammered. My gaze was still on her sexy ass as she slowly climbed the stairs. She kept turning slightly sideways to look back at me as she talked. I wondered if my predicament was as obvious to her as it seemed.

At the landing, she turned to her left and entered a big bedroom. It was rather dark, with the only light being the afternoon sunlight filtering around the thin-slat blinds over a single window and a double window. However I could see the drapes on their rods laying on an unmade bed.

"Forgive me," Mrs. Liggett said. "I was lazy this morning. When I got out of bed, I was running late and didn't make it up."

I grinned. "That's okay, Mrs. Liggett. That's the way I leave mine all too often."

"Hey, how about you call me Phyllis when there's not somebody else around, okay? It makes me feel so old when someone calls me Mrs. Liggett or ma'am."

"Uh... well, if you're sure... Phyllis."

Handing me the heavy double window rod, she smiled, "I'm sure, Tommy. It sounds so much friendlier, don't you think?"

"Yes, ma'am... oops, Phyllis."

I took the rod and drapes from her and walked to the double windows. Carefully I lifted the left end of the rod until I got it mounted on the bracket, then settled the rod onto the center support. I sidled down to the right end and worked the rod into the bracket. Brushing against me, Phyllis worked the cords to make sure that the drapes opened and closed without binding.

Picking up the single window rod, I carefully held it up to keep from walking on it while moving around the bed to the window. Just before I arrived, Phyllis darted in front of me and bent down to straighten some blind slats that had gotten turned the wrong way. As she bent over, her bottom pressed into my throbbing erection and I felt a fire course through my body.

She stood back up, saying, "See if you can get it in place now, hon."

As I raised my hands to put the rod on the brackets, Phyllis turned herself around, still in front of me. I felt her hand wrap around my penis as she asked, "Isn't this pretty uncomfortable in there, Tommy?"

I just groaned and kept fumbling with the rod, trying to get it onto the brackets. Her hand slipped into my shorts, inside my jock strap and her fingers closed around my spear. As the left end of the rod fell into place, her left hand tugged on the waistband of my shorts from the back side and they quickly pooled at my feet. I struggled to get the right end of the rod into place and felt the jock strap pushed down until her little hand cupped my balls.

"Oh, baby, I love the heft of these beauties," she whispered, her head pressed against my chest while she looked down at my family jewels. The rod fell into place just as I was about to give up on it. My hands came down around her and tugged her against me.

I felt her heavy tits press into my chest and wanted access to them. I lifted the hem of her shirt and she obligingly raised her arms, letting me discard the shirt and unfasten her bra. Her boobs seemed to tumble out. They were big and oval and creamy smooth with huge dark red areolas and pebbly little pink nipples that sprang back when I rubbed my thumbs over them.

Phyllis put her hands on my chest and pushed. I went to take a step backwards but stumbled over my shorts and abruptly sat on the edge of her bed. She dropped to the carpet, stripped away my shorts, pulled the jock strap down and off, and recaptured my cock in her tiny fingers. Her little pink tongue darted out and licked at the tip of my cock, creating a string of pre-cum from my purple head to her mouth. It was oh-so-sexy.

She sank her head down over my cock and I could feel her tongue swirling all around my member. Then she began to bob up and down on my shaft, slowly, then fast, then slow again. One hand cupped my balls and every few seconds gave me a little squeeze.

"If you keep this up, you're going to make me cum, ' I whined, wanting to be able to slide my cock into her pussy.

"Um, hum," she murmured, not taking her head off my cock nor stopping her actions. I looked down at her and our eyes met and I knew she fully intended to make me cum.

It didn't take much longer either. I sensed the point of no return feeling that, between my balls and prostate, meant that I was going to cum and there was no way I could stop it. I grunted and the cum spurted through my shaft into her mouth. I watched Phyllis gulp once, twice, then three and four times, and only a hint of what was happening appeared at the corner of her mouth.

She kept sucking and swallowing until the last drops oozed out of my one-eyed Cyclops. Only then did she begin a slow retreat, swirling her tongue all around my shaft to garner any missing drops. When the head popped out of her mouth, she licked her lips and sighed loudly. The smile on her face said that she was proud of herself.

She kept her hands on me though, fondling my balls and stroking my cock until the deflating stopped mid-stream and it began to grow stiff again. Phyllis stood up and tugged me by my third leg toward the bed. She climbed up and settled onto her back in the middle, spreading her legs and looking in anticipation at me.

I followed closely behind her and knee-walked up to her bottom. She propped herself on her elbows and lustfully watched as my cock moved inexorably toward her pussy. Very carefully, very slowly, I pointed my rod at her lacy opening and watched as it pushed the tender flesh to the sides oh-so-slowly. I kept glancing at her face, intrigued by the desire she showed as she licked her lips and watched unblinkingly.

Still unwaveringly, she watched as inch after inch slowly disappeared inside her. Every few seconds, I felt her Kegel muscles grasp my shaft and squeeze. It was one fantastic feeling. As soon as I hit bottom, I started banging her hard and fast.

Phyllis clamped her legs together behind me and tugged me into her pussy hard and held me there. She whispered, "Not so fast, babe. I like it slow and easy to start with. That makes it last so much longer and that's good."

When the light dawned, I started again but much slower this time, just barely moving. She smiled at me and nodded her head, then her gaze again moved to our point of contact as she watched my cock slowly moving in and out of her pussy. Every so often, she would encourage me with, "That big cock makes me feel so full, honey," or "I love this pace, babe," or "This is so sweet, lover." And every time she spoke, a new little shock wave rolled through my body as I realized that I was screwing this beautiful older woman.

The more I fucked her, the more her little hood pulled back and exposed her clit. My pubis rubbed it rather gently on the in-strokes, when the lips of her pussy pulled inward and her clit made a little dive toward my intruding shaft. Then on the out-strokes, it stood tall and proud for us both to see.

Phyllis' head began to loll back and roll from side to side as I moved. At first I wasn't sure what was happening and wondered if I might be hurting her, but then she started moaning, "oh, yes, honey, oh, yes, I'm gonna cum, sugar, please don't stop, please don't stop..." I had never seen a female react that way but I liked it.

Then, by lifting herself on her elbows and the pressure of her legs around my waist, she raised herself completely off the bed and her pussy gripped my cock. I felt her body pulsating around my prong.

A few seconds later she collapsed to the bed for the first time, letting her legs drift down my thighs until her feet were flat on the mattress. I felt her pussy relax and resumed my slow pace. She smiled at me but it was a funny, crooked smile, as if she had no real control of her facial muscles.

In and out, in and out, in and out. It was magic. It was magnificent. It was electric. It was indescribably delicious. Maintaining my slow pace, I lowered myself above her until my weight was supported by my left arm, crooked and slid under her shoulders. I lowered my mouth to her lips and loved that she immediately opened her mouth and her tongue shot between my lips. My right hand captured her hefty left tit and began to knead that big globe, tweaking her hard rubbery nipple from time to time.

If I had any doubts about the advantages of taking it slow and easy, they were erased in the next fifteen minutes when Phyllis came three more times. Each time, her hot, wet cunt grasped my cock in a death grip and would not let go while the pulsing coursed through her pretty body. After that last one, she whispered hoarsely, "Now, honey! Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard and fast, baby."

Concentrating only on her mouth and her pussy, I banged her as hard and fast as I could. I was conscious of thrusting my hips forward time after time and feeling little electric shocks course through my body as my cock slipped into her velvety sheath, not unlike the static electricity from scuffing a shoe against a soft carpet. I felt the cum boiling up within me and it exploded deep into her twat, splashing off her sloppy wet walls and washing back out around my balls when she came one more time.

I started to ease my way off her but Phyllis wrapped both arms and legs around me and pulled me down on top of her until she was supporting my full weight. Her mouth again sought mine in a hungry kiss that seemed to last forever and when we finally broke apart, she said, "Oh, honey, that was so unbelievably good."

I thanked her profusely for letting me fuck her. There was no doubt at all that she had just given me far-and-away the best sex I'd ever had.

Phyllis Liggett

I had been without sex for most of the three years since my husband of seventeen years decided I had grown too old for his tastes. Oh, I had tried a few dates and even went to bed with two men in the course of those lean years but they had been out to satisfy themselves only so I didn't have much incentive to try again.

With the alimony and child support I received from my husband, I did not have to find a job and thus remained very active in the school events that involved my son, Philip. When he made the varsity soccer team in his sophomore year, I volunteered to use my van to drive some of the players to and from the away games.

I have to admit that I was horny frequently but few of the men that attended the kid's games were all that attractive and none of them were unattached. One thing I was not going to do was to become a home wrecker for someone else's marriage. Even the coaches were not candidates for my attention, although a couple of them hit on me occasionally.

Eventually my attention turned to fantasies of having sex with some of the older players on the team. I had no interest in breaking the law so I eliminated the younger players. There were only three seniors on the team and one of them was only seventeen. That left Tom Davis and Aaron Chambers, both of whom had celebrated their eighteenth birthdays after the newest school year started.

Both of the young men were a little on the tall, slender side and both were decent athletes. Tom won the starting right wing spot while Aaron was the number one goalie. Every day at practice, I sat with the few other mothers and two dads that came to the practices. We talked about everything, of course, but mostly I visualized what it would be like to have sex with such virile young men, although I was afraid to talk about it to the other women.

Two of the other mothers, Amy North and Glennie Patterson, had become friends of mine way back when Philip first went to junior high, because their sons went to the same school. They were both in very much the same boat as me, although for different reasons. Amy's husband was a workaholic, manager of a local manufacturing plant who seldom came home from work while Glennie's hubby had been killed in an industrial explosion just months before I first met her.

Amy, Glennie and I often found ourselves sitting apart from the other parents and watchers. Glennie, a short curvy but beautiful woman about my age, was the first to bring it up, as if she was in a dream. Amy, the tallest of us but also with the biggest bust line and a couple of years older, chimed in that she thought about having sex with Aaron and Tom often and frequently masturbated to dreams of being fucked by one — or even both — of the young men. I had to confess that I also thought about the same kind of fantasies. After that, we even shared our dreams some days while we watched.

I figured my dreams of sex with the two eighteen year olds was just that — a dream. It recurred at every practice and at every game as I sat and watched the boys compete. Sometimes it was late in the practice or game before it consumed my thinking but sometimes it hit me as soon as I sat down and spotted the two lightly-clad young men and then it would stay with me throughout the practice or game. The imaginary sex ran rampant on those occasions and I went home with my panties soaking wet.

Once the season got underway and Tommy climbed into my van for the first away game, I began to concentrate my daydreams on having sex with him. After the first two trips, I went home and locked myself into my bedroom and masturbated from the memories. I figured that was as far as it would ever go but then, after the third game, Tommy and I were the only ones in the van after the stop at the school. I decided to go a little further and see where it went.

Tommy is such a nice young man. He is very polite, so much more than most of the kids these days. And I had been changing the drapes in my bedroom that afternoon before I had to leave them to go to the game. I asked Tommy to help me hang them but in the back of my mind, I knew I would make a little more of an advance and see where it went.

I already knew that he was horny. I had seen Tommy's erection on the drive back from the game and hoped that it was because he was thinking about me, although it could have been from thousands of other possibilities. But when I smiled at him in the mirror, he smiled back and then avoided my gaze, which indicated to me that he was embarrassed that he'd been thinking about me. I took that as an encouraging sign.

In my bedroom, I got Tommy to lift the rods with the drapes to the brackets over the windows and then, under the pretext of straightening the blind slats, I rubbed my ass back into his crotch. I could feel his big cock and it felt wonderful. When he didn't try to back away, I was encouraged again and turned around and stroked his cock through his shorts. From the sounds he made, I wondered if he was going to shoot his load right then.

I know it was naughty of me but I stuck my hand into his shorts and touched his cock and balls and knew that I wanted him to fuck me more than ever. While he struggled to put the drapes in place, I got his shorts down to the floor and stroked him some more, watching the beautiful, big blood-engorged penis as it flexed in my hands.

Just as Tom settled the drapes in place and lowered his arms around me, I pushed him back onto my bed and dropped between his legs to take his cock into my mouth. I loved the feeling of it and the electricity between us was almost palpable. I assumed that Tommy had some experience but, like most young men, would be only too quick to finish the first time. So I decided that I'd make him cum in my mouth first, then get him hard again and let him fuck me silly. And that is exactly what happened.

I loved the taste of his cum and Tommy seemed so appreciative when I swallowed his load. And it took just a short while to get him fully hard again. When we scrambled onto the bed with him between my drawn-up legs, I just had to watch his beautiful cock as it slid inside of me.

Tommy started off much too fast to make it last so I calmed him down and convinced him to take it slow so we could enjoy the fuck so much longer. I was surprised at how easy it was to get him to follow my instructions but he seemed very eager to please me. It paid off big time too because he made me cum more times than my husband ever had during our marriage. This young man was a sex god by comparison.

When he finally came again, I pulled him down on top of me and kissed him forever, holding him with arms and legs and lips. I finally eased my grip on him and said earnestly, "Oh, honey, that was so unbelievably good."

We rested for a while, looking at each other and giggling. My hands fondled his cock and balls and his fingers roved gently over my tits and ass and before long I was horny again. I knew he was too, as young men are want to do, because his cock kept poking me between my legs.

I kissed Tommy and then whispered, "Would you like to do it doggy?"

He looked puzzled so I said, "From behind."

"Oh! I've never done that."

"It's one of my favorite positions, honey. Let's try it." I turned over on my stomach and worked my knees up until my ass was in the air and my legs spread. Tommy got the idea quickly and settled on his knees between my legs. His big cock drove into my sloppy wet pussy with ease and it felt like the head of it stopped in my throat. Such a wonderfully full feeling! I loved it when his balls slapped against the lips of my pussy.

"Slow again?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, hon. At least in the beginning. Let's enjoy it. Then later you can really pump me hard, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am... er, Phyllis."

Tommy began a slow in-and-out pumping motion that felt like one of those really slow oil well pumps, the kind that you have to look at twice to see if they are working or not. His big hands began to rove over my hips, then moved to my lower back and waist and eventually up to my shoulders. He was so slow and gentle and sensual, I couldn't believe he was as inexperienced as he was.

ommy figured out that he could reach under me and cup my hanging tits and do pretty much whatever he wanted to with them, even while his cock kept up the steady pace. His hands kneaded my globes and then squeezed my hard nipples and finally pulled them away from my body, all things that were guaranteed to make me that much hornier. If I had been writing up a script for what a lover would do to me, I would have been hard pressed to improve on what Tommy was doing.

I guess curiosity got the better of him and one hand left my tits and trailed down my stomach, over my recently trimmed abdomen and around my little mound. The instant his finger touched my clit, I had a resounding orgasm. It was pure bliss.

Either by knowledge or luck, Tommy seemed to know enough not to keep rubbing my clit, which became instantly sensitive. He held his cock deep in my pussy with his crotch mashing my ass into a wonderful feeling, spooning until the tremors passed through my body.

I give him all the credit in the world — he resumed the same pace as before without speeding up. His hands repeatedly followed much of the same path he had already explored, touring my hips, my waist, my back, my stomach, and then my tits. He was gentle beyond my wildest expectations — until after my next orgasm, when I asked him to pound my ass hard and fast and fuck me as hard as he could. Just a few minutes later when I felt his hot cum splashing against the walls of my pussy, I came one more time and then collapsed as he rolled off of me. With him laying on his back, I raised myself enough to lay across his chest and hugged him close.

Talking softly while my hand roamed over his chest, I told Tommy that he was a great lover and I really loved the way he had made me feel. He grinned and hugged me tightly. I put one leg over his and started moving my thigh over his flaccid penis. In a couple of minutes, I felt him starting to grow again.

"You're going to make me hard again," he whispered.

"I know, honey. Do you mind?"

"Heck, NO!" he spit out with feeling.

"Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?" I asked.

"No, not yet."

"Would you like to?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"Well, I like to do it that way. You'll have to be careful though. It's been a long time since I've done that and it will take a while for me to get used to it. But I'd like to if you want to."

"Oh, please. Just tell me what to do."

I pulled a tube of KY Jelly from my nightstand and squeezed out a big dollop. I thoroughly covered his new erection, giving it a little more loving attention than was really required. Then holding his hand, I squeezed out another big dollop and said, "You're going to have to work this into my anus. You don't mind, do you?"

"Oh, no, ma'am... Phyllis. I don't mind."

"Okay. Start slowly with one finger and then two and make sure you get it well-lubricated."

I turned on my stomach and raised my ass in the air. With both hands behind me, I pulled my cheeks apart and offered myself to him. Tommy did exactly what I asked him to do. He used one finger very slowly at first, working it just over the top and gradually easing it into me. I concentrated on relaxing the tight muscle and when his finger slipped inside, there was no pain. A few seconds later he added a second finger and I was already beginning to feel good about what was going to happen. Those fingers had the nerves in my anus perked up and singing.

When I told Tommy that I was ready, he got behind me in the doggy position again and carefully put his greased cock at my hole. I reminded him to go slowly and he did, just barely popping his cock head into my bowels before he stopped. There was an instant's pain but it quickly passed and I urged him to go ahead. My head was filled with visions of the exquisite pleasure my husband used to give me when he fucked my ass.

Tommy took several minutes of rocking slowly back and forth before he pressed his crotch against my ass. If I had felt full with his big cock in my pussy, then this was a "cram-packed, pressed down and overflowing" feeling. But I loved it! I asked him to just hold my hips and keep us pressed together for a while so I could savor the feeling. Time after time I squeezed my muscles around his shaft and he always responded by flexing his cock inside me. It was oh-so-luscious feeling!

When I finally gave him instructions to start pumping slowly and then gradually pick up speed, it only took a few strokes to make me cum again. I felt the juices flowing freely from my pussy down my thighs as Tommy pumped into my ass. I could not help but keep squeezing my sphincter around his cock every time he pulled out and it seemed like no time at all before Tommy was moaning that he was going to cum. I encouraged him to give me everything he had and I felt his hot cum spurting into me. That was all it took to send me over the edge once more and we finally collapsed together. I was, at least for now, completely sated.

It was funny. The following afternoon, I walked up to the sidelines to watch the practice and spoke to Amy and Glennie, who were already there. Glennie studied me for a minute and then exclaimed, "You did it, didn't you? You got laid yesterday. Don't deny it, girl. The signs are all over your face. You got fucked!"

So I told them all about it.

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